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There is a new paradigm, which we can choose to ignore or embrace. An emerging movement of consciousness about the health of the planet, and our individual health, is empowering people to take a more active role in their health, rather than just “blindly” following the advice of their doctor or health practitioner. This was certainly the case for me as you will discover in my book as I have experienced both sides of the relationship and have overcome both cancer and MS.

“I was born an open skeptic, which really means I require proof of everything, in some form or another, while at the same time holding all options as equal possibilities. My driving force has always been a search for the “truth.” I’d never be satisfied with treatments limited by statistical probability or research with operating models that are too limited to allow one to make an intelligent or informed decision. It had to apply to me personally. And thus it became evident that I found myself to be the “variable factor,” the “player” that would make all the difference on how the statistic about “me” would fall.

It is with that realization that I understood that how you live is how you heal. This necessarily led to making an inventory of what I called “living” and what I wanted in my life. The more I discovered about myself, the more I appreciated my values and the pillars that they are supported on. They were fundamental to my choices and were the backbone for my commitment to the directions I took. Why this is a personal journey is because it mattered to me; there is nothing inherently right or better in those values and so my path is my own, as our patients have their own.

Not only did I overcome some serious “diseases,” I became particularly attuned to both the process of disease and the process that led to health…….”

During the past two decades, I have treated thousands of patients from rural farmers in Nova Scotia to corporate stressed out CEOs in Toronto, to Tri-Athletes in BC. This diversified experience, not only in the range of required skills in health care and in pain relief, but also the differing mindsets that people have towards their bodies, has really helped me hone down the importance of the doctor-patient relationship thus being able to truly listen and relate to where people are coming from.

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Dr. Manon Bolliger promotes patient consciousness in the healing process as an author, radio host, Naturopathic doctor, founder of Bowen College and director of Cornerstone Health Centre. She has served as department head at the Boucher College of Naturopathic Medicine since 2004. Over the past two decades, Dr. Bolliger has treated thousands of patients and taught hundreds of professional medical health care providers. Beyond trauma and pain relief, her diversified experience guides individuals through a healing process, which is both empowering and nurturing highlighting the importance of truly “listening” in the doctor-patient relationship. She resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with her family.

Dr. Bolliger is well positioned to portray both sides of this patient-doctor journey, having personal experiences with scoliosis, Cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Throughout her personal and academic journey, Manon is lead by her desire to understand what makes people change, grow, heal and celebrate life. Dr. Bolliger currently lives in Vancouver, BC. having established a successful following from her earlier practice in rural Nova Scotia and Ontario.