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My TEDx Talk – January 2021 in Tenya Paseo, Las Vegas

I gave my TEDx talk January 2021 in Las Vegas and have been waiting to find out why it never got published on YouTube.  Now we have some answers. It’s all about the one narrative when it comes to our health and the suppression of information that can empower people. These are indeed strange times.

What I have decided to do is to turn the premise of my TEDx talk into a full-fledged book and since I actually liked the title of the TEDx talk, I am now calling my book What If Your Body is Smarter than You Think instead of Your Body is Speaking, Why Aren’t You Listening?

Here are a few short clips, taken by an observer during the actual day of the TEDx talk. Unfortunately, I cannot give you access to the entire talk since it goes against TEDx policy.

Antiquated Conventions

Innate Healing Intelligence

Mind and Body

No Anti-s Needed

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