E for Engage



The T in L.I.S.T.E.N. stands for Engage, engage possibility.

Go beyond fear and embrace a more natural way of healing.

By Becoming Empowered, engaged and committed to your health ignites your healing potential by going beyond fear, embracing your intentions for your health, and making sure they are aligned with your core values. Understand the origin of your pain, and how you can align yourself with this deeper understanding and find your source of empowerment.

Avoid potential roadblocks by questioning your thoughts and looking into the underlining assumptions. Discover how to tap into the knowing that comes from intuition, and how to separate instinct from intuition and commit to your health and well being. Let me give you an example. What if more was not better? pain was not getting and harder was not more fruitful? What if removing the organ did not remove the cause of its disease state? What if attacking the bacteria and the virus did not actually improve your immune systems resistance? What if drugs were actually not an answer?

What if instead, you asked yourself a few questions? You took your health in your own hands, you discovered therapies that would assist you with the vision you came to realize about your own healing potential.

What if you entered the world of health instead of disease management

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