L for Love


Listen is an acronym and L stands for love, love for yourself and your body is important in any healing journey, because ultimately we need to work with our body. In what way are we fighting our body.

Emotions carry an energetic vibration and one emotion that restricts that vibration or flow of energy is fear.

Fear is usually caused by lack of information, lack of sufficient insight and perspective and lack of connection to our inner sense of what is right for us. Love, on the other hand, is an abundant, open, expansive vibration that holds acceptance, trust, empathy and cohesion.

The more we can physically and emotionally embrace that type of energy, the easier it is for our body to heal. The important thing to recognize is when our vibrations are out of alignment with our intuition.

Let me give you an example. Are your eating habits nourishing your body or are they feeding an ulcer or stuffing your guts the way you do things and the energy around how you do them affects how your body will receive the information.

Bringing consciousness to the process itself helps you work with your body in a more loving way.

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