N for Now



The N in L.I.S.T.E.N. stands for Now, implement what you have learned in clear actionable steps?

If not, now, when?

Ask yourself these questions.
Do you suffer from structural misalignment? Or is your nervous system in overdrive?
Do you suffer from either a physical or emotional injury that has caused trauma for you?
Do you have a deficient diet?
Are you nourishing your body adequate? Or do you suffer from an adequate absorption of nutrients?
Do you have toxic relationships with yourself or your body? Or with others with the environment with food, alcohol or drugs?
Are you overcome by negative thoughts that you automatically accept as real instead of questioning them?
What is your truth?
What are your core values?
Are you disconnected from your life purpose or spiritual path?
What are you doing to manage stress?
Is it working? If not, why are your lifestyle choices serving you?
What is your plan of action?

Remember, this is about intention not expectation, that is allowing the possibility of change rather than trying to control the outcome.

It is about clearing chaos from your emotional and physical being so your body can heal naturally.

When you start to listen to your body, the benefits are numerous.

Your health will improve, but so will your life by engaging you will enliven and feel empowered.

Through touch you will transform and learn to trust shifting from symptoms to symbols, you will become skillful, investigate from inquiry to insight to intuition and from love. You will listen and feel liberated.

Now is the Time!

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If not, now, when?