Podcast-apply – Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND Podcast-apply – Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND


I am so excited to have you as a guest

on The Healers CafĂ© 



I am looking forward to engaging conversations with healers who are interested in sharing all aspects of healing- the personal journey, the journey of the practitioner and the amazing possibilities for our own body and spirit.


Here’s how you can apply:

  1. Fill in the form and submit it.
  2. Please fill out every section or the form will not send, even if you put n/a
  3. Email your image and social media profiles to support@bowencollege.com.
  4. Book your appointment, I am booking 1 hour, we can chat 1st and then if good to go we can record right away.
  5. Althought it is a podcast, I will be using Zoom, to do video and audio recording.
  6. You will receive a zoom link in your emails as a reminder zoom room 767-411-7331

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