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In this comprehensive program you will receive easy to follow and apply lessons that will help you have a tremendous impact on those you care about. This course is for ANYONE who wants to help improve the overall health of family, friends and our pets*, and wants a simple technique they can use right in their own home. No healthcare background required. This course was designed with the philosophy that anyone can heal, and ANYONE can be a healer.

Reboot® Your Body is designed to address:

  • check_circleStress & Anxiety


  • check_circleHormone imbalances


  • check_circleA slow and broken metabolism


  • check_circleLack of vitality


  • check_circleLack of proper and restorative sleep


  • check_circleRepetitive pain cycles


  • check_circleInefficient absorption of vital nutrients


  • check_circleImproper detoxification and elimination

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Check out what these people had to say with just a short intro to Reboot®


For years I lived with pain and not just one type. I had hip pain, shoulder pain, headaches, TMJ issues, basically head to toe. After trying numerous things in an effort to get relief I gave up thinking it would ever get better and started living my life around it. Luckily, the hopelessness I felt turned out to be unwarranted because, through the most unusual circumstances, Bowen Therapy came into my life.

There on a writing assignment, my introduction with Bowen Therapy had nothing to do with my pain issues at all. Having only heard of Bowen days before, I had no idea what to expect. The best way I can explain how profound the experience was is to say that when the session was over I got off the table and, other than reveling in the deep relaxation I felt, all I could think was, “I have to learn how to do this!”

After a couple weeks of struggling with the idea of straying from the path I had put in place for my life, I just knew that I couldn’t ignore the draw. I had to share what I experienced with others. Further to that, I didn’t want to just tell people about it, I wanted to be able to offer it to them. So I took the leap and registered with The Bowen College. As I learned Bowen and received more treatments, I only grew more and more certain that I had made the right decision. Not only because I became fascinated by learning about the body, cause and effect of pain, and the healing process, but mainly because every time I had a treatment my own sources of pain were being healed dramatically.

By far the most powerful things I took away from this journey though, was not to give up hope and not to settle. The body is incredibly resilient and can heal from things thought to be long past a turning point. The trick is to take the time to find the right tools to help it on its way to healing. Don’t just settle for covering up symptoms; get down to the triggering issue. You’ll be grateful you took the time because there are incredible things to do and see. Don’t let pain keep you from doing them!

I feel truly grateful that now, as a Bowen Health Therapist, I get to use what I learned to help others on their own path to healing.
                                                                                                                                                                           A.L. Alberta

It is time to unwind, let go and heal!

When I left Nova Scotia, my patients asked me to create a home-study program that they could learn so that they could continue to help their aging parents or young family…and sometimes even their spouse.
Actually, Reboot is a wonderful relaxing treatment that parents should give to each other. Take turns and reboot your system so that you have the energy you need and feel relaxed.
It is so unique to be able to give this gift of deep relaxation which tells the body that the stress is over. That your body’s nervous system can go into a state of rest, digest and repair.
We find ourselves way too often in overdrive.
It is time to unwind, let go and heal!

This program consists of a five part video training that is designed to give you the necessary tools to “Reboot Your Body”- that is to address pain patterns and trauma, help you get recuperative sleep, optimize digestion and elimination, and leave you feeling grounded and energized. This home study program offers a step by step process that you can apply to family and friends.

This home-study guide will not only benefit the people you touch, it will also leave you feeling relaxed and confident applying new and easy skills. Imagine the power of touch combined with healing.

  • forwardStep by step illustrated manual
  • forwardDiagrams to complement each procedure
  • forwardPhotography of each section
  • forwardInstructional Voice over video
  • forwardSet up and post treatment considerations
  • forwardQ & A support
  • forwardFacebook group support
  • forwardWhat to do and what not do,how to exercise…etc



Bonus **
You can apply to have the opportunity to join a live class at no extra cost. This is by application only. Once you are approved, you will be invited to join for the LIVE REBOOT®  TRAINING at available locations.



Lesson 1

The Bowen Method and Your Family


Lesson 2

Moves for the
Lower Body


Lesson 3

Moves for the
Upper Body

Lesson 4

Moves for the

Lesson 5
A Full feature video from start to finish of the Reboot Treatment

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