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Simple Solutions for Stress
Full Series.

Dr Manon Bolliger, ND 

Module 1

The Fundamentals of Stress

Module 2

The Repercussions of Not Addressing Stress and Chronic Disease

Module 3


Module 4

The Role of Cellular Memory in Trauma & Healing

Module 5

Mental Health

Module 6

Stress Management

Reboot Home Care Kit

Investment In Your Health

only $997 USD

Reboot® Home Care Kit Includes


20 HD videos

covering how to heal the entire body- all fully transcribed and downloadable in video/audio formats. These videos show you how to perform the healing techniques one area at a time so you learn fast and start seeing pain-relief right away


Step by step fully-illustrated manual

This is perfect for those who prefer to learn through reading. The manual includes descriptions of the techniques, an easy to understand overview of anatomy, and how to perform the techniques so you can relieve your loved one’s pain TODAY



To complement each procedure- Use this as a visual aid while performing the moves on your loved one. With this diagram you can follow along visually and increase your own knowledge at the same time


Access to Reboot® Home Care Kit FOR LIFE

So that you can achieve mastery of each component of the healer’s path.


Photography of each section

So that you know exactly what is being talked about


Tips for how to set up for your treatments

Easy tips for how to set up for your treatments and best practices for how to support your loved ones after treatment


Q & A Support

Get expert advice for your questions


Exclusive Facebook Group

Where you can connect with other members and get group feedback and support.



Guide to “commonly asked questions”- What to do and what not do, how to exercise…etc


Bonus #1 – “Synergy Dialogues: How to Find the Right Healthcare Team"

A detailed how-to blueprint for connecting and communicating with your healthcare team in a way that has them fully embrace your suggestions and give you the best care.

Bonus #2 – “Healing Frameworks PDF”

Understand the different methods for working with the body so you can take control over your healthcare

Bonus #3 – “Remedies for Acute Injury”

Audio and PDF Guide

Bonus #4 – “Remedies for Trauma”

Video Guide

Bonus #5 – “Hydrotherapy: A Function of Water”

How to use water as a powerful home remedy to increase circulation and decrease fever, and provide pain relief.

Bonus #6 – Stressors

How to champion over them

Bonus #7 – “Lymphatic Detox and Breast Health”

Essential info for you and your loved ones’ health

Bonus #8 – “Reboot For Families”

Teach your family and children to use these pain-relieving techniques so they can feel proud and help out

Bonus #9 – Your exclusive opportunity to be first in line

When we start our upcoming live classes. Seats are by application only, and we will notify you FIRST so that you can reserve your seat and avoid missing out

Bonus #10 – A chance of a copy of my bestselling book

“What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask: The Mindful Doctor Patient Relationship” PLUS you will be put on the notification list for when my new book is released

Some amazing feedbacks from the people who have joined our training program and made their life better by finding effective ways to Deal With Stress

I had sciatica pain for 20 years and had Bowen done once.  It changed everything.   I was so impressed that I signed up to learn how to do it right away.


 I have been living in these pain loops for years.  You are giving me hope that this can be addressed and changed with Reboot®


This helped me realize my own body mind connection or rather lack thereof.  It’s been fantastic to get back to deeper learning.



Dr. Manon Bolliger

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

For over three decades, Dr. Bolliger, has trained health care practitioners on how to integrate body and mind while addressing pain, trauma, and health. Dr. Bolliger’s unique methodology guides people on a path to physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, reminding them of their life’s choices and agency.

As an International Speaker, Educator, Best Selling Author, Naturopathic Medical Doctor, and Founder & CEO of Bowen College, she has trained over 2500 healthcare practitioners in her “body-mind” methodology. Dr. Manon Bolliger (AKA Dr M), helps you take ownership of your choices in health and be your 2nd best opinion.



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