Your Body Mind Reboot®

Relieve Pain & Optimize Healing


How often do you find yourself relying on pain medications, sleep aids, or other pharmaceuticals to get through your day?

Perhaps you are suffering from gut issues, headaches, and muscle tension or you have gone through a traumatic event in your life either emotionally or physically that continues to cause you chronic pain, stress, or anxiety.

All of the symptoms above are your body’s way of speaking to you, 

guiding you to the source of the problem, but often we don’t know how to LISTEN

So, we rely on pharmaceuticals to cover up our symptoms, never focusing on the source of the problem which leaves us in a constant state of dis-ease.

STOP the Symptom-Pill Cycle!

Learn how to ignite your body’s innate healing power with a 



By discovering how to LISTEN to your body’s language so that you can get to the root cause of your symptoms and begin to REBOOT® your body!!


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Starts again on Wednesday, 7th September at 2pm Pacific Time


Your body is NOT your enemy! 

If you are living with pain and anxiety, or if you have been diagnosed with a condition 

that is causing undesirable symptoms, I invite you to go from 

dis-ease to optimal health by participating in 

Your Body Mind Reboot. 

You will receive the skills and the tools needed to REBOOT® your body naturally

without relying on fads or quick fixes that never work long term.

Yes! I Am Ready to Discover How to Listen to My Body and
Get The Tools To Heal My Body!


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Here’s what is included with Your Body Mind Reboot®

7 Instructional Videos – with an easy to follow step-by-step process which you can incorporate easily into your daily life including:

  • starGuided exercises and worksheets for each module. 
  • starLive zoom day to learn Reboot®
  • starComplimentary information and resources. Watch them as often as you please!
  • star24/7 access to the members area to support your healing. 
  • starPrivate Facebook Community support to inspire your every step.


Go deeper into your healing process with Manon’s individual coaching

so you can LISTEN to your body and discover true optimal health.

By participating in Your Body Mind Reboot® program, you will experience the L.I.S.T.E.N. Principles and REBOOT® Your Body through guided audios, videos, images and worksheets that will guide you through your healing journey.


It does not matter where you begin, support is there for you all along the way.

“I’ve been where you are. 22 years ago I found myself in the oncology ward and the treatment protocol for stage 4 cancer in situ was a hysterectomy. Nurses were hovering around me telling me that it was standard procedure, I had just signed the document. I had 3 kids and if I cared for them, it was an absolute must, according to well-meaning nurses, to proceed with the surgery. This was a turning point moment.


I made the decision to walk out of the oncology clinic, despite all the guilt and fear techniques because I knew how important it was to be aligned with my core health values. It is what saved my life. I knew not to create CHAOTIC VIBRATION in my body. And I am here to tell the story….over 20 years later.


As a result, I found a solution…but why am I the one to help you?


As a board certified naturopathic physician since 1992, I’ve seen an average of 150 patients per week and have helped people ranging from rural farmers in Nova Scotia to stressed out CEOs in Toronto to tri-athletes here in Vancouver. I’m the best-selling author of ‘What Patients Don’t Say If Doctors Don’t Ask’ and coauthor of several prominent books on healing. I teach the BowenFirst™ therapy around the world and hold transformational workshops.

So when I tell you that my LISTEN Formula was a game changer for me, I am speaking from expertise and direct experience!”

We’re all agents of our own health and we can actively make a change.”

 Manon Bolliger 

While discovering how to LISTEN, through the Your Body Mind Reboot® you will also discover the tools needed to 

REBOOT® Your Body in order to relieve pain, reduce stress, improve circulation, and much more!

It does not matter where you begin, support is there for you every step of the way and once the 6 week program is completed, you will continue to have ongoing access to the L.I.S.T.E.N.  Principles allowing you to revisit any section or exercise you wish to repeat.


Are You Ready to Invest in the Health of Yourself and Your Loved Ones

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Total Investment $1111 

Total Value $2,500


Discover the 8 steps to this journey…

Step 1: “Love” – Wednesday, 7th September 2-4pm Pacific Time

Chronic Pain, Illness, and Medical Diagnoses can set our minds on a path of resenting our bodies. You may look in the mirror and feel betrayed by your body as it aches or feel shame for not caring more for your body throughout the years. 

You may also find your reactions to situations come from fear, anger, self-loathing, or confusion. 

By learning the emotional mastery behind LOVE, you will begin to approach all situations in a self-love manner.


Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • starDiscover your obstacles to healing.
  • starUnderstand what causes your stress and how to recognize it.
  • starUnderstand how you can interpret your diagnosis another way.


Learning to LISTEN with LOVE is the first step to discovering the hidden meanings behind your well being and health.

– Jitka

“The most powerful message so far for me came in the ‘L’ unit. Since then, I have found myself asking the potent questions of ‘Is this loving to myself?’ daily. Almost subconsciously, I started to talk to my children in terms of ‘is this loving to yourself?’ which has already begun to shift how I, and they themselves, view what they say and do. The journey through the Program has been eye-opening in that it has brought me through the entire circle of my belief that ‘All you need is love’ and reinforced it in many ways. It has given me renewed belief in the power of loving and given me a clearer vision and perspective.”


Step 2: “Inquiry” – Wednesday, 14th September 2-4pm Pacific Time

To begin to fully understand our way of thinking when it comes to health and discover whether it is an inherited thought/belief or a core value, we must INQUIRE deeper. Rewriting your health story begins with a full understanding of your inner thoughts in order to use your values to benefit your health. 


Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • starDiscover how your thoughts and beliefs are contributing to your suffering.
  • starLearn how to run and audit on your thoughts and beliefs.
  • starAlign your life with powerful values that best serve your whole being.

Step 3: “Symptoms” – Wednesday, 21st September 2-4pm Pacific Time

Symptoms are your body’s way of speaking to you and to understand their meaning, you must LISTEN and learn to hear your body’s messages. 


Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • starIdentify why blaming your circumstances for your challenges increases your stress.
  • starUse the “Sherlock Holmes” method to transform your symptoms into clues so that you can accelerate the healing process.
  • starGet clarity around your current treatment choices and know what your next best steps are.

“I learned a lot about how my body communicates to me during this program. It taught me a lot about my core beliefs and values and it empowered me in new ways. The beauty of this program is in how it allows for our very individual healing processes in a way that we can take it as deep as we would like.”

~Saphire Vanderlip, Norway

“I believe this program could help anyone to be empowered to create the life they want and give clear guidance to creating optimal health and passion. This program is certainly for those with symptoms but still extremely beneficial for those who yearn for a deeper understanding of themselves and what is holding them back from creating a life they love.”

~Katherine Giovando, Canada

“This is a great course for anyone interested in healing. The course was fun, educational and insightful. As a massage therapist-in-training, it is a whole new way of looking at the healing process. It is about taking a step back to look at the bigger picture, then with this perspective, focusing in on the actual issue.”

~Mike Burnett, Moncton, NB

Step 4: “Touch” – Wednesday, 28th September 2-4pm Pacific Time

TOUCH is scientifically proven to speed healing, increase circulation, boost positive emotions, and is the key to trusting your body for true transformation. Your body stores memories both positive and negative. Discover the connection between your body and your mind to enhance your journey to optimal health.


Inside this powerful module, you will:

  • starLearn how to undo patterns of pain… even if you’ve been suffering for decades.
  • starRelease trauma and energetic blocks that prevent you from moving forward.
  • starDiscover how to literally put your body into ultra “healing mode” so that it does the work for you.


“You have helped me immensely and my life has a renewed sense of purpose. I believe you have alleviated my severe spasm problems and I am no longer afraid to go out in public. Thank you for giving me my life back.”                                                                                                                                                         

– Arlene McKinlay

Arlene McKinlay

Step 5: Movement & Reboot® Info Saturday, 1st October  11am – 3pm PDT / 2-5pm EDT

Go deeper into TOUCH by learning the tools needed to Reboot® Your Body in order to discover proven methods of relieving pain, reducing stress, releasing stored trauma from the body’s cells, and so much more.


Inside this powerful presentation, you will:

  • starLearn about a movement technique that is so simple you will feel confident using them after your first time trying them
  • starEffectively prime your family’s health by rebooting their systems and helping them achieve optimal wellness

    Learn more on how REBOOT® can transform your body!


    Step 6: “Engage & Empower” – Wednesday, 5th October  2-4pm Pacific Time

    As you follow your path to LISTEN to your body, you must now ENGAGE your new found information and EMPOWER yourself to better healing. 


    Inside this powerful module, you will:

    • starEliminate any self-doubt or insecurities keeping you from appreciating your new vibrant and spacious life
    • starEmbrace the new possibilities that are available to you now that you feel fully connected, confident and healthier than you have before…and never feel that you have to compromise what matters most to you ever again
    • starTrust your body again and know that you are taking the right steps in Intelligent healing.

    Step 7: “Now” – Wednesday, 12th November  2-4pm Pacific Time

    After discovering the steps to LISTEN, you need actionable plans for the future to continue your journey to optimal health.

    Inside this powerful module, you will:

    • starDiscover whether you are disconnected from your life purpose or spiritual path?
    • starUnderstand how to address a deficient diet, inefficient movement, inadequate stress management.
    • starReceive an action plan to implement as of NOW.

    Step 8: REBOOT® Your Body Saturday, 15th October  9-4pm Pacific Time 

    Go deeper into TOUCH by learning the tools needed to Reboot® Your Body in order to discover proven methods of relieving pain, reducing stress, releasing stored trauma from the body’s cells, and so much more.

    Inside this powerful presentation, you will:

    • starPractice this hands on technique with a guided mentor alongside other passionate healers
    • starEffectively prime your family’s health by rebooting their systems and helping them achieve optimal wellness
    • starLearn a technique that is so simple you will feel confident using them after your first time trying them

      Lesson 1

      Moves for the Lower Body

      Lesson 2

      Moves for the Upper Body

      Lesson 3

      Moves for the Neck

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      Total Investment: $1111

      Total Value $2,500



      “LISTEN to your body, trust your intuition, 

      and engage the innate healing power of your body.”

       Manon Bolliger (Deregistered naturopathic physician)


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      Hear the stories of REAL PEOPLE who have 

      learned the POWER of LISTEN


      Many people suffer from chronic pain, have been diagnosed with a disease, or have come to fear their body’s symptoms.

      The beauty of our body is that all parts are connected. The power to heal is within you and it begins with learning how to LISTEN.

      When you can trigger the body to relax and let go, profound change is possible. Give yourself an opportunity to go deeper and work with your body and your mind. Try something different. Something that gives you lasting empowerment and allows you to truly be the AUTHOR of your own destiny.

      Please watch the video if you have not yet and learn to LISTEN to your body today.


      By Registering today and implementing the LISTEN Formula 

      into your life, you can expect to 

      discover how to eliminate chaos in your life

      for optimal health!



      • starYou will overcome your overwhelm and feel resourceful in minutes
      • starYou will gain confidence in your decisions and the path you have chosen
      • starTake back your focus and start feeling like you are moving ahead
      • starWake up joyful and excited in the morning
      • starDiscover how to switch your nervous system into healing mode
      • starAdvocate for your health and set yourself free


      Your Body Is Smarter Than You Think.

      Why Aren’t You Listening?

      Engage the innate healing powers of your body by learning how to LISTEN

      Why put all your faith in someone else when you have the power inside to heal? 

      The skills you will learn will apply to much more than health and it will change the quality of your life!


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      REBOOT® Your Body

      Learn How to Effectively 

      Regulate Stress & Pain


      with Manon Bolliger,
      (Deregistered naturopathic physician after 30 years of service)




      You or a loved ones feels:

      Overwhelmed, Stressed, Fatigued

      Sluggish, In Pain

      Unfamiliar with your immune system

      Unable to detox and digest properly


      Together LISTEN and REBOOT® are the tools you need to begin your optimal health journey. They will assist you on a restorative journey as you address pain and your current health challenges while simultaneously strengthening your overall immunity, wellness and emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health.


      Designed with the philosophy that ANYONE can heal, and ANYONE can be a healer.


      Frequently Asked Questions


      Do I need to be a healthcare provider or practitioner to understand and use LISTEN or REBOOT®?

      No healthcare background is required for either program as each is designed with the philosophy that anyone can heal so that we can have a Healer In Every Household!.


      What if I don’t have any knowledge of anatomy and I am not physically strong?

      Don’t worry- you don’t need to know any anatomy, and these methods won’t require you to use any strength.  There are diagrams and instructional videos that are easy to understand. The best thing about this program is that the techniques are so simple that you will feel confident using them after your first time trying them.


      I don’t have much time to study a new subject…

      You will be able to study the lessons and start implementing them on the same day. How’s that for fast!


      Why is this program ongoing?

      There’s a big difference between covering up symptoms and permanent healing. It takes time for the mind and the body to adjust to this new reality. You will have full access to the program for those of you who want to apply everything right away BUT I will be available on an ongoing basis as lots happens through this process and our body has its own timing. During the transformation calls, we will be integrating the process step by step, adding more transformation exercises and processes through these calls.


      How much time does this process take?

      An insight that changes everything can happen within the first moments of the training. The point is that healing into awareness and greater consciousness requires personal observation. For some, it will go more quickly and for others, it will provoke more insight and more challenges. We all have our path. The more challenges and trauma’s you have had in your life, the faster this process goes.


      Is it complicated?

      The body is not that complicated, but we tend to complicate the healing process. We are actually wired to heal and feel free in our bodies. You will learn to trust the process.


      Will I succeed?

      The more you understand about health and healing, the more you set yourself up for success. 


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      Total Investment: $1111

      Total Value $2,500


      Starts in:


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