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Your Body Is Smarter Than You Think. 

Why Aren’t You Listening?

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My goal is to reach 10,000 views in short order. After I hit that number, YouTube will begin to offer it to others for viewing.

We expect the video release to be sometime May/June 2021.



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    • “This video gave me insights that I can use to help my family and friends take charge of their health, with her Body and Mind Reboot® Formula.
  3. On social media you could say something like this:
    • I love this video because Dr M, ND shares her passion of a Healer In Every Household
    • Dr M, ND on a TEDx talk, how amazing, talking about Your Body Is Smarter Than You Think. Why Aren’t You Listening?
    • I love this video as Dr M, ND, talks about releasing stored trauma, memories, and pain and ignite the body’s innate healing power.


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For More Information on Dr Manon’s Ted Talk CLICK HERE

Dr M at TEDx TenayaPaseo
Dr M at TEDx TenayaPaseo
Dr M at TEDx TenayaPaseo
Dr M at TEDx TenayaPaseo
Dr M at TEDx TenayaPaseo

Soon to be released book

This compilation of talks from TEDxTenayaPaseo is awesome!

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