Spiritual Science & Healing on The Healers Café with Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND & guest Susan Kennard

Susan Kennard (6:41)….And what I noticed very quickly is that all the veterans I’d worked with had early childhood trauma. So what we were actually doing was working with the early childhood perception of belief that led them to have a predisposition to the raise cortisol and adrenaline. You know, and then looking at the science of that, and many times it was epigenetic.


Susan Kennard (7:40): …But now I would say what I specialize in is people come to me that seem to be stuck and have tried everything and they’re very, very aware that they need to step forward on their mission here. This time being a soul in a body, having a human experience. And so what I do with them as we work together to release the trauma and the perceptions of belief that stopped them from aligning to their mission. So I feel like my mission is to get people on their mission.

Susan Kennard (16:08)…Sometimes it’s in a child, sometimes it’s akashic records. Sometimes it’s, you know, really looking at past lives. Sometimes it’s a rebirth thing, looking at the conception, pregnancy, birth process and healing, all of that coming into the world, you know. And yeah, sometimes it’s healing relationships. That’s a favorite one. Cutting the ties with forgiveness with relationships. So it’s like, you know, a smorgasbord of ways that we can have fun and share these things without seeing trauma. 

About Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND:

Dr. Manon is a Naturopathic Doctor, the Founder of Bowen College, an International Speaker with an upcoming TEDx talk in May 2020, and the author of the Amazon best-selling book “What Patient’s Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask.” Watch for her next book, due out in 2020.


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About Susan Kennard:

Susan who is known as a spiritual scientist originally trained in psychology and psychotherapy over 20 years ago.  In the last 10 years added many energy healing modalities to her practice. Susan has an extensive tool box which has allowed her to create her own unique way of working. Susan has been a therapist for 20 years and in that time has specialised in helping people to clear their trauma. She has practices in London’s Harley St, East Sussex and International Skype. She speaks about her work and research at conferences and events all over the UK and at the European Energy Conference. She is a specialist in PTSD and has worked with many veterans and those who have experienced significant trauma.  

Susan has a clear channel to spirit and the higher realms making her work fast, direct and accurate. She is a medium and channel and now over the last year works with her galactic guides.  She channels, tones and speaks light language to help others heal their heart field allowing them to create and manifest more easily. Susan noticed that when trauma is cleared, more success and love is able to come into your life.  She is the founder of Awaken Your Gifts – Sparkle to Success, 60 seconds of colour and many other classes that she runs live and online. 
Susan speaks publicly about her work, is regularly in the media, featured on British BBC2 and ITV TV, Sky and interviewed on many international tele-summits and pod casts. 
Susan is passionate about helping you to remember you are a creator being able to heal from within creating a remarkable life. 
She helps you to align to your true mission, the one you were meant to live by clearing blocks from childhood and beyond. 
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Speaker 1:                          00:00                    Welcome to the healers cafe Conversations on health and healing with Dr. Manon

Dr. Manon:                        00:28                    so welcome to the healer’s cafe. And today I’m really excited because I have with me Susan Kennard and she is a spiritual scientist, which I will get you to explain a little bit more, but you’ve been basically working as a therapist for the last 20 years with a background trained in psychology and psychotherapy and your, focus is and your specialization is in PTSD and working with veterans and people who have experienced significant trauma. So I was really excited to work with you because that’s also an area that I focus on and I think it’s like, it’s just amazing to share this work to Let people know other ways. And so thank you for accepting this offer.

Susan Kennard:                 01:27                    You’re welcome. Thank you for finding me it’s great to be here.

Dr. Manon:                        01:32                    Thank you. So I’m going to ask you an odd question to start with I want to know, some people say, , that t they realize they have calling in this kind of field because of something they just felt they knew right from the first day. Other people, it takes, you know, a life event or their own pain or trauma or whatever their situation is. And so I want to know, what made you realize that this was your calling? That this is what you’re here to do. So if you could speak to that.

Susan Kennard:                 02:14                    Yeah, sure. So II’m going to have a podcast, a spiritual awakeness. So essentially what you’re talking about is where did your awakening happen and how, how did that lead to service and really helping others in service? Well, if we’re looking at the science aspect of it first rather than the spiritual, we look at the science. Well, I was brought up in a family where I had a mother who was on vallium basically the whole of our young life. And so obviously I had a situation that where I was with an emotionally unavailable parent, even though she was present and my dad was present, actually emotionally quite unavailable. And so I suppose what happened was I, I didn’t notice at the time of course, but as time went on, I started to work with children. I started to specialize in psychology of children and then ended up doing my psychothreaphy training in, you know, early childhood trauma.

Susan Kennard:                 03:22                    And as I worked in child protection for 15 years as a trauma specialist, that led me to do a huge amount of incidental research where I’d seen trends alongside that. So that was my kind of basic story of perhaps why I was led down the path to work with children and the inner child, you know, healing, healing, that trauma. But the spiritual aspect of it came around about the same time I worked in child protection where I had a spiritual awakening, hence my podcast called the spiritual awakener. And,, essentially, so, so what happened was I had a friend who, who took his life and then came to me a couple of months later. And of course I was a psychologist, a psychotherapist. I was a scientist. I liked evidence. I was no way into anything, being a medium or anything like that. Anything spiritual. I was very cut and dried.

Susan Kennard:                 04:28                    Yeah. So this was quite a shock to me and obviously very scary as well. So then a few months later I actually was given a reading and was told everything about this person and how he’d come to visit me to let him know that life goes on, et cetera, et cetera, and that, and by the way, you could be doing this. And I was like totally resistant for ages and ages and ages and ages. And then I started to do transcendental meditation, which led me to really concentrate and open my mind and stay grounded. And my whole world just opened up literally. So I’d say the spiritual awakening was definitely my friend visiting me and coming to me. that was definitely the spiritual awakening, which led me on that path. And then now, all these years later, I’ve actually been 30 years as a therapist. All these years later, I incorporate over the last sort of 12 years, the science and the spiritual.

Susan Kennard:                 05:41                    So when I work with trauma, I’m actually given exactly,where the trauma was pinpointed and, the early aspect of it. And I’m told it and I’m shown it. So like videos, screens, clairvoyantly and my guides were telling me. And so then we’re able to clear it and adapt really quickly, i do like language, I,, get channeled, all this sound healing, so it’s, it’s on lots of, lots of different levels. So depending on who I work with, depends on what toolbox, you know, we use. so the PTSD and the trauma, I found a trend and, an incident of every search, that I started getting veterans coming to me through friends of friends of friends. And, uh, they said, Oh, well if your stuff works with them, would it work with this? And I said, well, we can give it a go.

Susan Kennard:                 06:44                    And so that time I was doing a lot of the ft, which is emotional freedom technique for anybody who doesn’t know where people tap on certain points of body, and the face. And so I started using EFT with PTSD. And what I noticed very quickly is that all the veterans I’d worked with had early childhood trauma. So what we were actually doing was working with the, early childhood perception of belief that led them to have a predisposition to the raise cortisol and adrenaline, dah, dah, dah. You know, and then looking at the science of that, and many times it was epigenetic. So it was something they’d actually brought in, you know, to this life. There wasn’t even that theirs ,so fascinating. Fascinating. And I did that for about two and a half years working with it And, it was, it was a fascinating journey.

Susan Kennard:                 07:41                    It led me to speak about my research at different conferences. But now I would say what I specialize in is people come to me that seem to be stuck and have tried everything and they’re very, very aware that they need to step forward on their mission here. This time being a soul in a body, having a human experience. And so what I do with them as we work together to release the trauma and the perceptions of belief that stopped them from aligning to their mission. So I feel like my mission is to get people on their mission. And the way we did that is by clearing the trauma because that’s held in the field as dust, I suppose, going out to the world. So our vibrational field is beautiful, our Heartfield, but it has the little dusty bits, which reflect back, you know? And when we clear out those dusty bits, the outside world looks a better place and we obviously receive more so much more i could talk about.

Susan Kennard:                 08:47                    But really that, that essentially in a nutshell is how the combination of the spiritual and the science and the spiritual came together because I’m such an evidence girl. Like I like evidence of everything. So when I work individually with people, I teach them how to tell if something’s still running in their field or not. Because I want to know that that has been cleared. And that’s my evidence. That’s how I am as the scientist. Yeah. So if I’d had gone into it not being a scientist maybe, and I’d just gone, that’s fine. But, but I actually like to know, so, and I like people to feel empowered that they’ve walked away and they’ve released that trauma that’s within and you know, it’s gone. So it’s great fun, I’m sure as your work is and it’s not like work and I have such a great time with it.

Dr. Manon:                        09:42                    Yeah. Well I’m super identifying with this because I too come from a finance background, right? So with my training, I’ve just left brain and you know legal stuff, which was my original training. But I also, , am an osteopathic physician. So you, it’s all science. It’s all science-based. And, and it’s funny because, you know, as I’m sort of really working on the mission that I have and what I’m putting out in, in this world, I realized that I discovered a gift that I hear sound in the body and like literally vibration. And I did not know that that was a gift. I assumed everyone had this. And so I do, I work with the body, but on the body, you know, I have other aspects as well. But it’s interesting how, you know, sometimes something happens that just like wakes you up, you know, literally. And then, you know, I, that’s why I appreciate it that you, you’re checking what was before. So that, that’s the empowerment piece. Because if you don’t have, you know, the person, it’s like wow, strange, unbelievable. But if they can sort of see before and after and test it, it really, it anchors a much more deeply. So I love it.

Susan Kennard:                 11:15                    you know, do you find with as well, like if someone has a,a message in the body as how I like to see it, a message in the body and that is showing up,when they can actually heal the causal, I trained in, Metta health and naturopathy many years ago, but MettaHealth, you know, if you heard about where we’re looking at the brain, you know, relay and we’re looking at the emotional cause or reason metaphysically. And so when you can look at that and say, ah, so for example, um, skinny is usually separation. So I hold the vibration of separation of source and it’s yes. And then when we clear it, it’s a no, it’s like, Oh my goodness. Wow. Yeah. Like my body may still show that skin irritation today in this moment in time, but I’ve cleared the cause or reason or why it’s showing it to me. So then it’s just literally, you know, that trust isn’t it. And then the body can get on with healing itself beautifully because it doesn’t have to say that message anymore.

Dr. Manon:                        12:19                    Exactly. Yeah. I mean you’ve actually highlighted what, cause the skin rush was the symptom, the way that the body communicates in a sense to us the most visible way. And then like, you know, now you get to the bottom of why, you know, so, what is your method that you’re using now that you’ve been sort of guided to at, to help people with this process?

Susan Kennard:                 12:55                    So it will be my channel. I mean, I essentually i created this program called sparkle to success, which was born from when I used to teach EFT. And I just couldn’t teach it how it was taught, how to add all of my processes to it. And then it just got too long the training. So I actually created a new training with all my processes in it. And so now I have a all day program on my website sparkle to success, which is, which is my book that I wrote my manual of how to do it all but also what it means and so I use those processes, but I use a lot of guided in a child processes where we get to really give that child the compassion and the love that they didn’t get in that moment. So with the guidance, with the channeling, with the, listening, I guide my client how to really feel where that child is, how old they are.

Susan Kennard:                 14:01                    We did really quickly how old they are. So they don’t get in their head. They get in their real heart. And then to heal that child with, with processes, it’s really fun and then bring that child back in. So that the integration, that child’s no longer outside of them saying, I’m not enough. I’m not worthy. I’m, you know, I’m clearing entities. So, you know, what I’ve found with shock and trauma is that pretty much all the time, especially with PTSD, is that there was held in their entity and attachment, which is, it’s not bad. It just is attached to the fear and the trauma. And so it was not good or bad. So when the trauma is healed, the entity shows itself to me and we’re like, okay, thanks very much for showing creator or the ,airs take it away, you know, to unconditional love.

Susan Kennard:                 14:56                    So essentially, um, those entities and attachments were serving a purpose, but they no longer serve a purpose. So they then are able to show themselves and leave doing the job that they did. And any way with anything that’s hanging around. So it’s, it’s non-prescriptive really because I can’t really tell you exactly how I would work with someone because there are so many things that we use. But the main thing is drawing on all of the knowledge now that we’ve, our traditional training of knowledge, but also our wisdom from the universe. and trusting wholeheartedly that what is happening is for the highest and best good of that person and not taking the responsibility for their journey to allow them to take responsibility for their own healing. Yeah. So that’s kind of, you know, I can’t really pinpoint it, but that’s kind of how it happens.

Susan Kennard:                 16:08                    Sometimes it’s in a child, sometimes it’s akashic records Sometimes it’s, you know, really looking at past lives. Sometimes it’s so rebirth thing, looking at the conception, pregnancy, birth process and healing, all of that coming into the world, you know. and yeah, sometimes it’s healing relationships. That’s a favorite one. Cutting the ties with forgiveness with relationships. So it’s like, you know, a smorgasbord of ways that we can have fun and share these things without seeing trauma. And Oh my God, that’s awful. You know, but actually acknowledging it, but, but just knowing it’s energy and it was, it is what it is and that was then,

Dr. Manon:                        16:57                    yeah. Yeah. I mean that is definitely one of the aspects is the retraumatization right. That happens because it’s, it’s there and the person may be unaware. And so, you know, especially if it’s like incest or very early childhood, trauma. There’s no memory. Exactly.

Susan Kennard:                 17:27                    fine. Counseling doesn’t work for many because not now. I think it used to, I think as a psychologist all those years ago, you know, 30 years ago, I think it worked because that’s where we were energetically. But I think energetically now, you know, it just doesn’t, doesn’t cut the mustard does it, it doesn’t go in deep enough because we don’t know what we don’t know.

Dr. Manon:                        17:53                    Right. So how do you, I mean, because it’s such a shift of perception. In fact, it’s just enlarged perception. But how do you deal with, your colleagues that are psychologists?t, , it’s hard to explain it if you haven’t experienced it. Like, like all things, it’s, it’s very hard to communicate this, the shift that happens when the shift happens So how do you deal with that? Because I mean that is a definite, you know, and it’s, it’s not the most stupid level. I call it stupid. It’s like, you know, even a, a paradigm shift from like not taking drugs to doing something naturally, that seems like it should be a really easy shift. Right. But it’s not, you know, people are very stuck with this.but when you’re dealing with, the level of, of treatment that you’re talking about, it’s not in the books. It’s not, I mean, we have ways of trying to explain it, but how do you deal with that or, I mean, I know you haven’t told me. Tell me.

Susan Kennard:                 19:21                    Yes, I came out of the closet a long time ago. There was a time when I’d hide behind, being in Harley Street I don’t know if you’ve heard it a bit in London, Harley street. It’s a place in London that is kind medically world renowned, right? I used to have a practice there, so it was, I was in Harley street as a psychologist. I was a psychotherapist and I did a bit of EFT. Right. And, I felt like I was hiding behind that because of wanting to be, you know, recognized for somebody who,I I suppose, I suppose I thought perhaps I wouldn’t be able to reach people if I was, you know, the spiritual person, even though that’s who I was. So when I stepped out of the closet, not in that way, but in the sense of being a spiritual, working spiritually, what I noticed was that I was able to speak 100% my truth.

Susan Kennard:                 20:30                    So I worked with a lot of doctors. I,work with a lot of psychologists i work with counselors. And a lot of them came and did my courses. So the training that was added to EFT, so they came and did that and a lot of them use it now, um, you know, in their daily practice and, and talk to me all the times like, Oh, I did that process with my client. They were like, they loved it and yet they just mainstream psychotherapists or mainstream psychologists, but they were very open. But then I think that I attract really open conscious people and it just seems to be that every single person, wherever I speak, whatever place it might be, I think because I feel completely in alignment with my authenticity, I firstly don’t really care if somebody doesn’t believe me.

Susan Kennard:                 21:36                    It just is what it is. and I don’t have any attachment to it, but also I hold the space that everybody remembers who they are. And so whether it’s today, tomorrow, next month or next year, or never in this lifetime, but in another lifetime, I hold the space that they remember who they are. And so I don’t really get attached. If somebody doesn’t follow what I believe, but sometimes it is like changing your religion. So I hear what you’re saying because it is literally like saying to someone be a different religion because it’s changing a whole mindset isn’t it? when we’re using energy and we’re using work with guidance, yeah. It’s literally, you know, the whole mindset has changed and it’s the open open possibility that we’re connected and we’re all one, well my goodness, what responsibility is that then the people, and I know you’love that.

Dr. Manon:                        22:36                    you’re seeing it from the other side. Yes.

Susan Kennard:                 22:39                    Yeah. So, um, you know, I have many,people in my family that are not open to thinking about that they, their body has a message or not open to thinking about, you know, that we have guides and helpers in an inner guidance. But if you can just be who you’re meant to be in the world and be that representation of authenticity, then you know, maybe the seeds planted on some level and so not to get attached to it really, I think. Yeah.

Dr. Manon:                        23:18                    Yeah. No, I think that is the big piece the non-attachment and the, self value of you are where you’re at at the right time. And you don’t need to be anything else or be anywhere else, you know? And it’s like, that’s it. And I do think we, you know, we do attract, for me, it’s like, it’s, it’s called, you know, I remember when I was in the one stage, my practice, probably about 10 years into it. And, and I had patients coming in saying, Oh, I’ve got this like really intense neck pain and I’ve got this and that. And, and I would like have this like feeling sense, visual flash of like, Oh. And I felt like, Oh, I know why. And then I thought, well, no, no, wait a minute here. I’m not going to share what I think is, it’s not about me. Let’s find out what more they say And, and then I would follow that and you know, and they would share, you know, do you think it could be, from a past life do you think, and they would share all this. And then I had never experienced at that point any past life. So I’m like, okay, it doesn’t, I said, sure it couldn’t be because honestly I don’t know. And who am I to judge whether,

Susan Kennard:                 24:39                    well, yeah, it has to be open, isn’t it?

Dr. Manon:                        24:44                    it is. And the thing is that was their experience. So how could it be wrong? Like it doesn’t work that way. You know? So I, I then did my work, I continued, without negating or inflaming, just allowing the story and then they would get really clear. Signs that they were right. That this is what happened. It was like they got the flashbacks and then some, and then they would share and it’s like, wow, this is interesting. But I kept a lot of this to myself because I didn’t know how to place it. And I didn’t want to like the empowerment of the patient is so important.

Susan Kennard:                 25:33                    Oh yeah, absolutely. It’s not about us. We’re not the healer

Dr. Manon:                        25:36                    Exactly. But as a healer or you know, in that journey you’re like, Oh my goodness, interesting. Wake up. Like see this, you know, and then when I discovered my own past lives, I went like, Oh, Oh my God. Like they’re such teachers. So it’s been a very interesting, you know, fascinating To hear, you know. Yeah. your stand on this. Cause I, I think that’s so important. You know, it is just be who you are, wherever you are.

Susan Kennard:                 26:07                    I think it’s helps,, as I’m sure it has you, but it’s helped having the background and the experience of working in a traditional setting, holding a safe space with trauma, et cetera, et cetera. I think that really helps. And then to combine it with what we all really know, which is our complete inner knowing, but I think it helps people feel really safe in that space. And, and so, I feel very honored and blessed that people feel very safe to work with me. And I work just like this. So as we’re recording this on zoom, this is, I work all over the world exactly like this. So it really, you know, I don’t have practices anymore, um, and run groups this way as well. So healing is just energy. So, you know, um, there’s no barrier is there with that and it’s just really about knowing and trusting.

Susan Kennard:                 27:13                    Um, and I, you know, and it, it’s a hard thing for some people to step onto that path and say, yes, I was abused as a child, or yes, I was, you know, whatever happened to them. But once they can heal it without telling a massive story about it, without needing to say it again and again, which is happens in traditional therapy quite often. And that’s why I think I worked with that for so long because they said, I don’t want to be with anyone who asks me to tell them any more what happened.i Just want someone to help me. And so I didn’t need to know anything because I get told it, you know, and it’s none of my business anyway. So it’s like I, I it’s on a need to know basis. Yeah. So it’s, you know, so basically, so basically, you know, I don’t remember, you know, I get tunneled it, I don’t remember half of it.

Susan Kennard:                 28:09                    I don’t remember because I don’t need to. And it’s not until I see the person in front of me, I will remember session or I remember everything we need to know because it’s almost like a video screen that comes in. But yeah. So basically it’s, it’s about that person’s journey, isn’t it? And honoring it, you know, as you do, you know, we honor whoever comes into our experience. It’s not about a hierarchy. I was saying this to my mentor group tonight before I, before it came on and spoke to you and it was, they said, thank you for being a teacher. And I said, well, thank you for being a teacher because it isn’t about one being the teacher and one being the student. It’s about us all being students and all being teachers, you know, I like to look at it that way. You know, every, every client that I work with is actually evolving me and teaching me something about me. So yeah.

Dr. Manon:                        29:08                    Well that’s the openness That’s right. And the true openness to possibility, righ

Dr. Manon:                        29:17                    Well, you don’t have to anything truly, what I’m trying to say is that once you see or feel that, then I think it happens just that way. You know, you’re more open to things that come your your way. I have a couple more questions that come to mind. So I have been with a belief and an experience I’ve been doing this 30 years that some people need to, to heal through touch, literally through the body. And it’s, I mean, it’s a reinforced belief because I’ve witnessed it over and over. I, you know, I see about 150 people a week. It doesn’t take them long to heal

Dr. Manon:                        30:10                    Three to five sessions. It’s extremely gentle. What I do, he barely, barely touch. Um, you’re not like hands on like crazy, but I have this idea that we need to use in that sense that we need to connect to the body. Now this is partially based on the gifts. I didn’t] I’ve got own reasons why this is, you know, and and here , I’m hearing you and you’re doing work that is on zoom. Clearly you don’t need to touch, I don’t mean emotionally touch, but touch at you. You don’t need the story, which I, I agree. Um, I understand that repeating it and all that, you’re just gonna, you know, get those loops running like a broken records. I understand that. So how, like, I guess I’m just, you know, it’s interesting to see. Yeah. You know, it’s like, okay. You know,

Susan Kennard:                 31:14                    I believe so. We all have, you know, I believe some, wherever they’ve come from, from our experience, it’s my belief there’s about connection to source. So, our feeling of what you’re obviously doing is helping people feel connected to source and however we do that. And so when I worked with addiction or, , yeah, addiction of any kind, it’s always the feeling that we are disconnected from source. Okay. So, rather than looking at as I’m suppressing something or I’d like actually really needing to connect with source and it’s about finding that piece. So what I feel about the body is it’s the vehicle that we’ve chosen to inhabit this beautiful being of light that we are. And so it’s when we feel really connected to our mission, to who we are, unconditional love, and we’re a work in progress of course. But when we feel that deep enough connection to who we are, then would I need anybody else at all around us?

Susan Kennard:                 32:28                    Of course we’re sharing the world and that’s beautiful, but we don’t actually need anything else. So I suppose the angle that I come is, is that when somebody feels that connection, they don’t need somebody to kind of do it with them, do it to me and, or for them. So that’s just how, that’s just how I, that’s my belief. That’s my feeling about it. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that we do need essential touch. We are a physical being, we are having a human experience. And it’s interesting because maybe you attract people that need that, which is beautiful. And I attract people vibrationally like that need. lwhat I do. And I always believe that. I believe that, you know, we find the vibrational match for what we really need.

Dr. Manon:                        33:36                    Yeah, I really, think it’s all about alignment, you know, now and you know, and it’s, it’s interesting cause, um, of course I’ve had my belief system, um, the question clear because I, I invite that at every possibility. Um, but I can see that. Um, but I, I had, uh, one of my, um, I, I was running an online program, uh, which was all about listening to your body. And I, I think how it happened is he hadn’t done some reading about the work. I do, but not, he didn’t get stuck in it. He thought if he was on the call with me, the work I do will work. So he was of course. And so it was kind of like, it’s like, wow, you had like this knee major knee issue and it’s really, really functional physical. It’s well in your body. And next call he says it’s, it’s all gone. It left and it’s like, you know, it’s interesting. It’s fascinating, you know? And then I realized like, wow, this is, you know, it’s, it’s bigger than what I know or what I know to be true. And I know that, but it’s just, you know, again, you learn, you have to be open and vulnerable to whatever comes your way, you know, so,

Susan Kennard:                 35:06                    and maybe that’s your way forward.

Dr. Manon:                        35:13                    There are no coincidences ever,

Susan Kennard:                 35:16                    and maybe that beautiful soul was showing you, you know, that, that you know, that, that we are all one. And so therefore, which, you know, so we’re all one through all in this world together as energy beings. And maybe on Atlantis, you know, we walked into healing caves and that’s, what we did. And we just did it in one second, you know, in that one second we healed our body in that second physical form. And maybe he remembered that. Yeah,

Dr. Manon:                        35:51                    exactly. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We don’t know, you know. Yeah. Fascinating. So, and so when people see you, cause um, yeah my gosh, we’ve gotten very close to them. Yeah. So if people want to work with you since obviously that’s available, on zoom and, and do you have like things that people could read to find out a little bit about?

Susan Kennard:                 36:18                    Yeah, my website, which is Susan, kennel.co. Dot. UK. Um, so I’m sure you’ll put it at the end, but yeah And I’m on all the, you know, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, all of that. Yeah. I run online programs. I run, self-help programs where somebody can do the work themselves, all sorts of offers. I do a YouTube channel, which is lots of free processes. I’m, I’m in the process of writing my book, awaken the light sparkle to success. So that, that’s going to be out next year. So we’re in 2019 we’re recording this right at the end of the year nearly nearly Christmas. And yeah, so in February that’s going to be completed. So that’s very exciting. And my podcast, the spiritual week will be out next year as well, so yeah, there’s many ways that people can reach me. but the website is probably the best. And then they can look at all the different services and group calls and individual sessions. And I get interviewed quite a lot on, telesummits, uh, spiritual radio shows. So I’m often doing something like that.

Dr. Manon:                        37:29                    Okay. So you have some of the, the case like the, the conditions or cases that people have so people can go through the experience.

Susan Kennard:                 37:40                    Yeah, yeah. There’s testimonials on there. And,I mean, just, just examples are that people say, you know, like they changed their relationship. So what happens, they might be in a relationship where they felt that that’s all they deserved. And they start doing the inner child work and the work on the trauma and the perceptions of belief. And they literally look at that person a completely different light and they’re like, Oh my goodness, I accepted that for goodness knows how many years. But the other side of it is, is that as they shift their vibration, so did the people in the family. So quite often, and I have a lady when she’s happy for me to talk to her about, or my mentor, my spiritual gifts mental program, which I’m running again in next year as well, and a, she’s on this one. And she said, well, I wonder what you’ve done with my, because he’s turned into this man that’s supportive and loving and appreciative of my time.

Susan Kennard:                 38:42                    And I said, well, that’s you. you’ve shifted your vibration and you’ve attracted now a vibrational match that’s completely different. So that I love so much. And then when people heal their bodies of course is just beautiful. Um, or after so many years, stop smoking or stop drinking or stop, you know, pornographic things like that. Any addiction, I love to watch that as well because I just think they just needed to be connected to source. But those children, they are outside of us saying,I’m not worthy. I couldn’t possibly do that. You know, when we heal those parts of us, my goodness, miracles happen. The magic happens. And people set out there and businesses, you know, really stand in line with their mission. So those sorts of things, you know, for me are just the best thing in the world. You know, I feel like I don’t work. Basically. I just have fun and live my mission, live my experience and attract incredible souls. I’m an incredible people come into my experience and just heal themselves, which is all we want really, isn’t it? Absolutely. Yeah. Well thank you so much. Thank you here and also sharing all your knowledge and um, I look forward to future conversations. Yeah. Thank you. I invite you on my podcast. Thank you so much. It’s been fantastic to me. Thank you.

Speaker 1:                          40:24                    Thank you for joining us at The Healer’s Cafe with Dr. Manon. For more information, go to drmanonbolliger.com