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Peter Benson

Peter Benson

Using Ascension Copper Tools to Balance Your Energy with Peter Benson on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks with Peter Benson about aligning one’s energy using copper and crystals.


Highlights from today’s episode include:

Peter Benson 

The first one was Archangel Michael pendant, which was that version. So, it was same shielding effect. But it was calming and clearing your energy field and emotional healing. And then it just continued on and on.

Peter Benson 

Where she put on the Archangel Michael pendant, and all of a sudden everything got quiet and calms her down and now she’s actually very stable. And she was wearing it to bed. And she’s like, that’s the best night’s sleep I’ve had in you know, ever.

– – – – –

Peter Benson 

So, you have five crystals in there from the Metatron, which is shielding effects. And that creates that protective layer that we’ve actually seen anecdotal evidence on. But when you put it on, the first thing you really feel is like a calming right over your field. You just feel calm.


Peter is a global public speaker and CEO of Energies of Service. His powerful copper healing and grounding tools are inspired by and channeled from the quantum field of creation. His handcrafted products are carefully attuned to help people heal, balance, and live harmoniously with their resonance field. They genuinely are energy tools for ascension and conscious living.

Core purpose/passion: Bring tools to those that need them. Many can utilize these tools to advance themselves and protect themselves.

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As a recently De-Registered board-certified naturopathic physician & in practice since 1992, I’ve seen an average of 150 patients per week and have helped people ranging from rural farmers in Nova Scotia to stressed out CEOs in Toronto to tri-athletes here in Vancouver.

My resolve to educate, empower and engage people to take charge of their own health is evident in my best-selling books:  ‘What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask: The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship’ and ‘A Healer in Every Household: Simple Solutions for Stress’.  I also teach BowenFirst™ Therapy through Bowen College and hold transformational workshops to achieve these goals.

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Manon’s show is the #1 show for medical practitioners and holistic healers to have heart to heart conversations about their day to day lives.

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Welcome to the Healers Café. Conversations on health and healing with Manon Bolliger. A retired and deregistered naturopathic physician with 30 plus years of experience. Here, you will discover engaging and informative conversations between experienced healers, covering all aspects of healing, the personal journey, the journey of the practitioner, and the amazing possibilities for our own body, and spirit.

Manon Bolliger  00:40

So welcome to the Healers Cafe. And today I have with me Peter Benson. And he’s a global public speaker and CEO of Energies of Surplus. Now, I know it’s about copper healing, but I am and it’s to do with quantum field. And let’s stop there, because I’m going to say something not quite right about this. And I’d rather you know, just welcome you, and maybe just start with what …obviously, this is for healing and protection, but what got you into this field in the first place?


Peter Benson  01:23

Um, about six years ago, we ended up going through a, let’s just put it nicely a family restructuring. And I was doing a bunch of research, do a bunch of reading I should say, did Michael Weiss, Brian Newton, or Michael Newton, Brian Weiss. Sorry, got those mixed up. Dolores Cannon, you know, the regressions. And with all of the stories that came across with, they seem to correlate quite well, with the multitudes of regressions and information. I’m like, okay, so if this is true, and there is this much supposedly going on, on the other side, what’s going on here? So, I started realizing more and more, okay, so we’re not seeing everything that’s here. And I ended up finding Slim Sperling, and his tensor technology. And, you know, with my background as a mechanic, and engineering technician, I’ve been working with, you know, with metals, and precision and torches, and all these things in order to make these tensor rings. I’m like, alright, let’s make this work, make get a go at it, see what we can do. Took me a while before they’d actually start to work. But they did start working. And I’m like, Oh, this is pretty cool. And really the first time I was able to actually get some feedback, I wasn’t sensitive to really feel them. It was actually a friend of mine, who was actually doing sound bats. And she was using the tensor rings around her crystal bowls. And I gave her four rings to experiment with and she texted me back can I have 10 more, because she had the chakra balls, the higher chakras and lower chakras. So, she had 14 bowls. And she was like, yeah, it was just they got louder, they resonated longer. And it was a physical change in the crystal bowls, which nothing else that she had could do. So, it was …


planet you’re on.


Manon Bolliger  02:18

You mean like spring edible flowers, or medicinal flowers that…?


really interesting.


Manon Bolliger  03:21

Like the frequency that they emitted?


Peter Benson  03:27

Yeah, they changed, it changed a lot of things. So, it was like, so they got louder. By general budget, this got generally louder, what was like, over like mallet magnitudes. But they got louder, the resonant frequencies of the bowls got higher a little bit. So that did change the frequencies. And then when you spun them up, they would stay spun up for a lot longer, probably 10-20 seconds more easily. So, you know, when you spin them up, they usually don’t last that long. You spin them up with a tensor ring I was like, and they just kept on going and going and going. And so, she had to change the way she played. So, it was really interesting. And that was really the first time I had actually seen a physical, real-world change from a tensor ring. So that was really cool.


Manon Bolliger  04:13

This may sound crazy, but a tensor ring just to make sure we’re on the same page. What is that?


Peter Benson  04:22

Let me grab one real quick. I have honor here. Tensor ring is something like this. This is a small one you could use for like a pendant size. Right. And it’s copper wire. That’s actually straight wire gone out, it’s folded over, twist it up, and then cut to specific links that give you a different frequency. In the tensor rings are dialed in by their frequencies. The ones we have now are, you know have frequencies from the root chakra to star chakra and there’s a few more in there as well. So, They’re different, they do different things. So, it’s pretty cool.


Manon Bolliger  05:03

Because I know, I have some time, two years ago, I interviewed this fellow, and I can’t remember his name. So, no disrespect to him, if he ever listens to this, but he was from Germany, and he created these, like, so they were in copper. And his background was engineering, as well. And he was making them like, into, I wonder if I have one of these hanging around? Yeah, I gave one to my kids. And, you know, and my family and they all think I’m crazy, but that’s okay. But he said that it was that it would really help with protecting from excess electromagnetic influx. And so, and they were, you know, quite big ones. So that’s all my knowledge of it I have. I don’t know, you know, I mean, I have them. I’m willing to try. But I, I can’t know before and after, because I, I don’t know how to judge it. So how can you tell me a little bit more? Because I should have asked more questions.


Peter Benson  06:17

Oh, no, no worries whatsoever. I want to give up just to go for about five minutes on a little bit of the history on where what led up to where we are today. So, I was making the tensor rings, and I started making them with a tensor ring like this. And I would actually do wire wrap and crystals and put the crystals wire wrapped in the middle. And they would just float. And it was actually a friend of mine actually loved them. They were a super strong, powerful, you can feel it and all that fun stuff. So, it was like, okay, so this is interesting. So, we have tensor rings it to audio tensor rings with a necklace to do this. At which point, I had a channeled message from Archangel Metatron that came in and says, Okay, you need to make some anklets and he said use a tensor ring, put the crystals inside a tensor ring and cover it with a copper mesh. And this, this tool, these anklets will basically allow people to keep their vibration. You know, there’s while we go through these times, and this was about six years ago now. And it took me about a year and a half to actually iron that out and get them to actually be viable, usable without completely breaking down really, you know, it’s just trial and error, multiple prototypes to make it work. And it was just like, Okay, this is cool. And it went from anklet to a pendant. Just because I had a friend of mine who was an accountant. And her husband was very much grounded in a 3d and saw those and she couldn’t explain them to him in a way that made him just accept it. So, he was actually explained that he was thinking, Oh, that’s woowoo. Why are you wearing that? You know, it’s like, this does this not real science that’s not real, and basically gave her such a hard time. Three days later, she gave them back. But they were working, and she liked it. And it was very helpful for her. This you know, it’s because it’s actually protecting your energy field and she’s doing what she’s doing and you know, she’s doing taxes, right this is tax season. So, she’s dealing with people that are extremely emotional about having to pay taxes, how much money do I have to pay taxes? Am I getting any money back? So, it’s a kind of very much emotional protection. So that’s where the pendant came from. Basically, they came in it’s like okay, you can do this put in the pendant like you were doing with the wire wrap but do it differently. And that’s why we started using resins, and that’s where the Metatron pendant came from. And then from there as I was building the anklets and the pendant, you know the Metatron pendant, I would be getting channeled messages, okay. Take the Metatron and add these. And then when you use that one that’s going to be the energy of it was completely different. And that would be that one. The first one was Archangel Michael pendant, which was that version. So, it was same shielding effect. But it was calming and clearing your energy field and emotional healing. And then it just continued on and on. And it’s like we have a multi-dimensional now and we have a post-traumatic stress one right now. That is extremely powerful. And it’s for first responders, military vets and stuff like that. We have it in the hands of ex-military police and vets right now. And they absolutely love it. Absolutely love it,


Manon Bolliger  09:40

I mean, again, it is it’s an unfair question. I’ll admit it because to get in like because I’ve tried to get you know, money to do research and it’s really difficult to get financing if they’re not interested or if it’s something that is not going to make bazillion dollars in their, you know, in their ideas. So, but do you have any type of, you know, before and after you know people feel good. But do you have it any way documented for those people that might be sceptic.


Peter Benson  10:23

No, we haven’t you know it’s one of those things it’s like, as you would know, it’s like you if you’re running your own business, you’re wearing all the hats.


Manon Bolliger  10:31

Exactly, I totally get.


Peter Benson  10:33

Um, so I’m still I’m doing my own business wearing all the hats and still working full time. And I don’t have the bandwidth to do research on that level. Yeah. And I wish I did, I really do wish I did. And what I want to do is I’m trying to get a connection with a group, maybe you know, wounded warriors Foundation, or something like that, and volunteer some product and let them do their own before and afters and let them do the, you know, the research. So, the only thing they’re going to be utilizing is time. Everything else. And that way they can do the research on that. That’s my goal right now is to do that type of research.


Manon Bolliger  11:16

I mean, a lot of people don’t require this, they’ll just do it and see what it feels like and if it feels good. It’s good. If not, you know, but, but I do think there’s a lot of, like potential to reach a lot of people if that bridge is sort of linked, which is why I have tried for in not 30 years, but for at least 20 to get research funding. And it’s like, oh, I can’t do all hats either. So, it never happened.


Peter Benson  11:47

That’s always the thing. There’s never enough time in the day.


Manon Bolliger  11:51

I totally get it. But so, what, what kind of benefits? Like do people get that you’ve, you know, you’ve heard them say, or just to get more understanding of it.


Peter Benson  12:07

Um, it’s been, it’s been all over the place on how people respond is everybody’s different as you would know, you get, I mean, we had a young lady who has always been emotionally sensitive, where even when she was little, she could feel how other people are feeling. So super open Empath and never shut down to the point where she would have nightmares or dreams that were very emotionally charged because of how sensitive she is she’s even receiving while she’s sleeping. Where she put on the Archangel Michael pendant, and all of a sudden everything got quiet and calms her down and now she’s actually very stable. And she was wearing it to bed. And she’s like, that’s the best night’s sleep I’ve had in you know, ever. And that was just one. We’ve had it with…


Manon Bolliger  12:58

Let me just ask you a little bit more than let’s say in that particular case, does it…did she find that it allowed her body to come back into balance, and therefore, she could take it off, or she needed to have it to create that balance?


Peter Benson  13:19

Well so the energy field that dependents create is like a shielding effect.


Commercial Break  13:26

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Peter Benson  14:09

Oh, it is. So, some data that I do have I don’t have specifics because the individual that went and got this information and gave me the information so it’s anecdotal at best at what we can talk about is they were wearing the Archangel Michael pendant going into a MUFON event here in Phoenix area. And somebody was walking around with an EMF meter and playing because everybody’s got their cell phones and, you know, testing everybody’s cell phone like you’ve got an EMF meter on there. Is that working? Nope. Okay, is this one working? Nope. And he was having fun with it and came up to the pendant and it went quiet.


Manon Bolliger  14:46

Yeah. Interesting.


Peter Benson  14:47

So again, I don’t I don’t have the information on the meter. I don’t know if it’s 3g, 4g 5g Wi Fi Bluetooth. I don’t know what frequencies it was. But it does say that it does do something for electromagnetics, which was interesting. So, we need more studying on that. It’s, it’s like, time. So that one it’s so it does, it does, you’re wearing it, it does do the electromagnetic fielding protection. But it also protects you from the emotional. So, when you’re dealing with…a lot of people that tend to be overbearing emotionally, not just you know, they’re, you know, they kind of be animated and overlap, but their energy is really, really pronounced. It allows you to actually work and judge and you know, when you want to call it analyze, based on what they’re saying, versus the way they’re saying and projecting, so you can actually remove your emotional output, and actually logically deal with what’s in front of you. So, people really enjoy that aspect of it. And I utilize that aspect of it in my day to day. So that actually helps a lot.


Manon Bolliger  15:58

But you mean like it balances, you as the one who has too much energy or it balances you as the empath that receives all this energy.


Peter Benson  16:11

It’s protecting you from being overwhelmed with their energy. But the Michael actually has turquoise, which is a calming stone Selenite, which is a clearing of energy, people put Selenite bricks in their houses to clear energy. And it has green mica, which is an emotional clearing crystal. So, you have five crystals in there from the Metatron, which is shielding effects. And that creates that protective layer that we’ve actually seen anecdotal evidence on. But when you put it on, the first thing you really feel is like a calming right over your field. You just feel calm. And we can’t separate is it the shielding effect? Or is it the turquoise? Or is it the Selenite clearing your energy? Or is I can’t tell which aspect of the pendant is doing it’s you know, doing that. Because they kind of overlap in their work. But it’s amazing on how people feel. And what’s really fun about them is it teaches people how to really function with intentions. So, I tell people, it’s like we’ve been doing this for the last month and it’s been so fun working with people this way. We tell them, Okay, put the pendant on, and the anklets on we have them put them all on. And it’s like, okay, so now tell the tools to clear all intentions. So that, you know, internally, they don’t have to say anything, they just think it and say okay, it’s good. It’s like okay, now tell them to go to full power. And it basically allows the pendants to go to full power. And all of a sudden, the next thing you know, they’re like, Okay, that’s interesting. I’ve never felt that before. And then from there, we tell them actually, okay, bring it down to a comfortable level. And then then the next thing, they’re very, very comfortable. And then we start working with them. It’s like, okay, so if you want to work on something that they’ve been, like, emotional stuff, it’s like, okay, let’s work with this is intention-based tool. So, let’s work on how it functions. So, we tell them like, okay, let’s work on something that’s really deep rooted that we want to clear, that’s been causing you issues, you know, that you want to get removed from you, so don’t have to worry about dealing with it anymore. Like, let’s pull from that. Let’s pull that out from the roots. And see how that works. And I’ve had multiple people in front of me just literally feel it’s like, you kind of feel them pull forward and the pendent. It just kind of like, all of a sudden, they kind of feel like there’s something being pulled out of their chest. It’s really interesting how that works. And it’s like, okay, it’s, um, I’m just relaying how people are however, they’re working with the tools. It’s been, it’s been quite the ride on how these things function and how they work. It’s like, okay, I would have never thought to put those five crystals together in an anklet ever. I wasn’t a crystal guy. I was never was crystals.


Manon Bolliger  19:03

You weren’t I was gonna say from because you said you were a mechanic, right?


Peter Benson  19:07

Yes, mechanic and an engineering technician. I wasn’t. I wasn’t looking through the crystal X. Aquafina go. Oh, I couldn’t do that. No, I had no idea.


Manon Bolliger  19:17

Is it true download. Yeah, yeah.


Peter Benson  19:21

And yeah, so these are angelic tools. And it’s really interesting how they function, and work and they work with you and for you.


Manon Bolliger  19:30

So have you worked with people who let’s say that I am obviously open and curious. How do you decide on what would be beneficial for a person?


Peter Benson  19:45

Well, it depends on…like for in general. Most people would be really good with just a Michael pendant. Right? That one gives you a shielding effect common clearing and healing. It’s like a daily, it makes you go through your day really easily. Especially if you know, you’re dealing with other people. Or if you have to go out in public, you put  the tools on. And then they don’t tell you, you’re actually not exposing yourself to others. The biggest one I noticed when for people is like, are you going into Costco, all ready to go and get what you need to get in about 10 minutes in, you’re like, Okay, I need to get the hell out of here. Because you just feel overwhelmed. That’s the energy of the 200 people in the building. An it’s becoming…so, and if they’re super, super sensitive, I would say you know, you’d put on do the anklets first, because those are the extremely powerful grounding, and protective energies that Metatron came through with. And then from there, if you still need more, he would actually get the Michael pendant on top of that. If you needed to do, like the post-traumatic stress, somebody that’s dealing on a lot of trauma, a lot of buried, buried, buried stuff that they don’t really want to manage, but they don’t know how to deal with it. The Post Traumatic Stress one has crystals in it that are designed to actually allow you to release to the point where I had somebody was arguing with me about the pendant and I reply, I sent an email back to him. I’m like, well, the pendant is obviously working. Because are you really that mad at the pendant or something else? The pendant is pulling something out that you wanted to get rid of. He replied back to me. He’s like, Yeah, you’re right. And he was really mad at something else. And he wasn’t mad at me or the pendant. It was just it was helping him pull it out. But you wouldn’t believe the words that came through on you know, the, you know, the, you know, the typewriter, like keyboard cowboy thing going on. I was like, wow, he was mad. And it’s actually I sent it back. He’s like, Yeah, you’re right.


Manon Bolliger  21:56

It’s interesting. Yeah. Another thought I had just with PTSD, though, right, because a lot of that does lead to, you know, to different habits, you know, whether it’s alcoholism or drug abuse or whatever, that probably would be a study that you could get maybe funding for, you know. Or especially if they call it you know, psychiatrists or psychologists get involved if the association’s interested in that, because you would have a clear, you know, once the PTSD is dealt with, then the habits are not that hard. It’s really the trauma that keeps things alive, right. So that would be interesting.


Peter Benson  22:46

Yeah, no, no, yeah, the pendants have a tendency to as you know, as we were saying, before, it’s like you ask it to pull it out, the post-traumatic stress pretty much brings things up to the surface, so that you can work it, work it through. So, you’re not going to be doing it alone, you still have to go through, you know, working with others to help you get through it. And it’s not a replacement for doctor in any way, shape, or form. But it allows you to work through. And what we’ve noticed is it allows you to…I shouldn’t say allows you to it more of a compresses your emotional response. It’s kind of interesting, when you put it on, you just feel very calm, very stable. So, it doesn’t allow the crystals in it, keep your emotional state from going too high to too low. So, it kind of keeps you very stable. So as things come up, you’re not going to overreact or do whatever, you know. So, this is what we’ve seen with it so far. And it’s been rather profound. And I’ve like I said, it’s I really want to get this in the hands of people that can do some testing and work with it be nice.


Manon Bolliger  23:42

Yeah, for sure. So, it’s crazy. Our time was already pretty well coming to a close. Any last comments or ways that people could get in touch with you or things that you offer for people to learn more or something you want to end with?


Peter Benson  24:01

Yeah, well, I have the YouTube channel and we’re on Facebook and the web and stuff like that. So, all the all the tools have a very long description on the site. It has bullet points up there. It’s like do you need this and that like, Okay, this is what it can do. And it kind of goes through walks you through is it right for you kind of thing, so it helps there. But yeah, the website is And you can find it under on YouTube is energies of service. Energies and forever, it’s everywhere. And yeah, I’d really like to see people that can utilize these tools, get that get out there and try them. It’s more I get a lot of testimonials where people just absolutely love the tools and it’s impacted their lives dramatically. And that this is what we want to do. It’s like, again, it’s like when I’m going back six years ago, I would have never thought I’m making crystal pendants based on Archangels. You know, they came through with, you know, I swear to God, they have a sense of humor. They’re like, hey watch this what happens. Oh, yeah.


Manon Bolliger  24:37

I can just see I’m now retired and I can just see something like that coming through. I actually had a guy who fascinating fellow who really works with these angels. And he says, oh, you know, you have them coming all over their all over you, you know, you just once you open up that possibility, you’re gonna be in for quite, you know, quite a surprise. So, I’m like, I think I’ll wait, I’m not quite ready.


Peter Benson  25:48

Oh, yeah. Once you allow a man they start, it’s Michael. Michael comes in and I channel Michael at times. And when he comes in, and he wants me to understand this is something of an important message. He will literally open up the floodgates to unconditional love and I’ll end up crying like a baby then I’m like, Okay, I have to try to compose myself. And then okay, this is what he was trying to tell me. Because I can’t talk it goes that deep.


Manon Bolliger  26:15

Right. Yeah. Well, I haven’t noticed, you know, when I when I was working with patients. And I do, I was a naturopath. But one of the special times we’re not supposed to say specialties. One of the fascinating things I love is called Bowen therapy. And it’s a physical therapy. And I’ve often felt extremely connected to the person who actually invented it his name’s Tom Bowen. But also Archangel Michael. I was like, I know I’m hearing like literally feeling hearing guidance, you know, what to do when to step back and I’m like, you know, is it all in my head or is there more, you know. I’ve allowed myself to, you know, to believe that there is more but when I first started, I was like, Okay, this is annoying. This is me, but it’s not.


Peter Benson  27:21

Coincidences and the synchronicities that go along with it. When you start following that little doodle point you’re in your head going oh, do that and then do that. Okay, back off. Okay. Do that. When you start following that the coincidences and synchronicities just start adding up.


Manon Bolliger  27:36

Yeah, no, no, that’s what I found. I thought, What is the point of this level of resistance? You know, who’s it serving? It’s certainly not me and not the client either. Anyway, great. Well, it was it was really fun having you and thank you for sharing your invention and contribution to all of this.


Peter Benson  27:59

Well, thank you very much for having me on. I appreciate that very much.


ENDING: 41:33

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