How Does Homeopathy Work to Treat Illness with Danielle Zinaich on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger, FCAH, RBHT (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) Danielle Zinaich about how homeopathy changed her life when her dog was saved naturally.



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Danielle Zinaich 

So, he gave us this remedy to administer to our dog which was very easy. She ate the sugar pellets right out of my hands. I think we gave two doses every day. And within a week, the tumor was completely gone


Danielle Zinaich 

And what happens when the substance is taken in the mouth, is that the body it’s curing, like with like, right, similar substance to the suffering, so curing like with like. And then what happens is it triggers an immune response

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Danielle Zinaich 

So, the idea is that the body or mind can become stuck, right? For whatever reason, it could be low immunity. It could be trauma, stress, grief. It could be a sickness, an illness, viral, bacterial, and then the vital force become stuck. There’s no movement, there’s stagnation of energy. So, we need to help facilitate that to move out of the body


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Manon Bolliger  00:15

So welcome to the Healers Café. And today I have with me Danielle Zinaich and she is a homeopath with an extensive education now she’s a registered member of the Royal Society of Homeopaths. So UKRS poem is the degree that you get at the end of that. And while we’re going to talk about homeopathy, one of my favorite subjects. So, first of all, welcome to this podcast, and maybe tell us a little bit how you found homeopathy and how you did or how did they find you or a little bit of your history.


Danielle Zinaich  01:04

Thanks so much for the introduction, Manon. And I’m happy to be here today. I found homeopathy about 28 years ago. So, it’s been a long ride with this medicine. Wonderful medicine. I found it actually through my dog. She received a Parvo vaccination. And after the vaccination, she developed a huge tumor on her eye. And the conventional vet veterinary medicine wanted to cut the tumor off because it was obstructing her vision. It was making her blink, making her eye water. There was no swelling, she was pawing at it, it was very irritated. And she was going to need stitches from that and eyedrops for perhaps the rest of her life with that surgery. So, I said, let me see what I can do first holistically. And I went into a local pet food store and found a card for a holistic homeopathic vet. His name was Dr. Roberto Gill. He’s originally from Mexico at the time, I think he was practicing on a horse farm in New Jersey. So, I took my dog to go see him and I said, can you please help us here I really don’t want to do this surgery. She has this tumor. And he gave her a remedy called Thuya, which is a remedy that is made from …


a pine tree. They’re very tall, skinny pine trees that are often planted between homes for privacy. I’m sure you’ve all seen them. And Thuya has a doctrine of signatures and that it grows big, massive tumors on the trunk of the tree, which often look like warts or tumors. And it’s also a big wart remedy. So, he gave us this remedy to administer to our dog which was very easy. She ate the sugar pellets right out of my hands. I think we gave two doses every day. And within a week, the tumor was completely gone. It’s completely dissolved from the eye. No cutting, no stitches. No medication. No eyedrops, and I brought her back to the conventional vet I showed him couldn’t believe it. From that moment on I then switched to a holistic vet. And I was blown away by this medicine and I said what is this. Can you refer me to a homeopath for people? And he did he referred me to my homeopath of 28 years her name is Sue Anello she practices in London. She’s treated my whole family. And she pushed me to become a homeopath. She said you have a real knack for this. I loved the way she taught remedies. And I eventually went to the school, Center for Homeopathic Education where she was one of the professors and got my degree, my four-year degree. And then this past year, I went back to the same school to get my Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in homeopathy. I did an add on degree.


Manon Bolliger  04:45

Cool. Well, that’s dedicated but once you see it work, right, it’s very hard to you know, to ignore. You know, and I know that in the UK I forget which journal medical journal they did this…it’s like a so-called research. But it brought homeopathy down. It’s a, it’s no better than placebo and it doesn’t work. And do you know which study I’m talking about? I forgotten the name.


Danielle Zinaich  05:22

Maybe the Jama.


Manon Bolliger  05:24

Jama. It was Jama. Correct. Yes, yes, you have that, you know, that study,


Danielle Zinaich  05:30

This whole last year was all based upon studies and scientific evidence and research of, you know, proven studies and studies that were obscured or hidden, or sort of, you know, changed, if you will. Very familiar with that study, and also what the AMA and America has done to suppress homeopathy, and to, you know, say, untrue things, that it’s placebo effects, and that it doesn’t work. And, you know, they say these things to hold us down. But we keep going.


Manon Bolliger  06:21

It’s funny, because I, you know, I made all my, my children on homeopathy, you know, because once you know, it works, I mean, you’re going to, you’re going to be using it as your primary option. And it’s very interesting, until this, so called, p@ndemic, you know, where now, all this fraud is being exposed. And, you know, people now realize, ooh, I don’t know if I would trust that journal. Oh, they published this, and they didn’t verify this, and, oh, there’s this and there’s that conflict of interest. Like, you know, they were all saying, Well, you know, what, I know, it’s 30 years of practice, but the evidence is not there. And I’m like, okay, you know, what people just sit in my shoes and see what I see. And I’ll tell you, the evidence is there and, you know, maybe the research and I’m not a researcher, so I, you know, I’m not adept at picking up where they’ve, you know, how they’ve falsified or what they’ve done wrong. I mean, some of it obvious, you know, you’d give the same remedy to everyone for a named condition. Well, it’s not going to work that way, because it’s individualized medicine. So, it’s not those kinds of, you know, it’s not one for all, you know, so


Danielle Zinaich  07:49

Thats true, you’re very right.


Manon Bolliger  07:52

I hope homeopathy makes it through this current time, because at least in Canada there, they think they’re going to remove 80% of all our supplements. Put it under the same rigor that they do these apparent bioweapons, you know, it’s like, no, there’s no rigor there. And that’s been well established now. So, it’s kind of like, what kind of rigor story are we talking?


Danielle Zinaich  08:21

Yeah, it’s very scary. You know, I am near the first outbreak area in New York, it was New Rochelle, and I’m in one county, not far from there. So, I got all of the patients that were rejected from hospitals, and there was no conventional medicine in the beginning of COVID. And these patients were really suffering gasping for air. We’re talking about delta early on, and we’ve had these medicines since the early 1800s. You know, medicines that are completely safe to use made from plants and minerals. A lot of you know remedies like carbo veg for example, which is made from charcoal we were using for breathlessness and trouble breathing. Briona for the dry cough for the more wet cough antimuonium Tortora calm we have all these pneumonia cough remedies that are so old, you know, that we know can work with breathlessness and these different kinds of coughs because it was exhibiting a little different in everyone. Some of it even looked like altitude sickness and we were using some of those remedies. So um, I got a lot of the turn aways from the hospitals and made a lot of new homeopath fans, you know, that might not have normally tried homeopath. But were really desperate for medicine for relief of the symptoms. And I think, I do think the points of view are changing, and people are standing up to the governments and saying, Look, we need alternative medicines, because some of the conventional medicines that they’re using now we’re seeing are causing rebound effect, right, or longer, a longer course of virus. So, the person could have been done within, you know, five to 10 days, and now it’s taking two weeks to get over this virus or long COVID.


Manon Bolliger  10:43

Like Renesmadeer and some that haven’t even been proven to be effective in the first place.


Danielle Zinaich  10:50

Yes, and that drug was actually found very, very hard on the kidney and liver, and many doctors stopped using it. And many of the other medications that did work were also suppressed because there was no money to be made by prescribing those old drugs that are do not have a patent on them.


Manon Bolliger  11:15

Yeah. Well, it’s kind of…it’s clear, and getting clearer and clearer what the, what is actually happening. And, so when you offered to speak a bit on homeopathy, I thought this is so perfect, because more than ever, people need to look at other things that work. That are, you know, fairly simple. I mean, I don’t want to oversimplify it. Because studying 13 years to get really good at homeopathy, it wasn’t simple. But, you know, for most of the basic stuff, it’s very easy to get results. And, you know, the more complicated a case is, and the more you need to know about pathology and understanding all that, well, that’s not for the average, just pick up a remedy. But, you know, like you were saying for, you know, colds and coughs, and earaches and tea laying and all of these things, and even after side effects of, you know, vaccination, which we call vacsynosis. You know, that’s actually a rubric. As you know, there are key remedies that have seen to help expel the toxin that is coming from it. And that’s the reaction of the body to the toxin, right, because, you know, and now more than ever, and you know, so it makes so much sense that, you know, when you think about your dog, it’s, yeah, it’s a godsend to have these things.


Danielle Zinaich  13:02

Absolutely, and I do believe there is a time and a place for medicine, as well. And we can work alongside with doctors and conventional medicine. And we often do, you know, we often do work with people that are on a lot of medications. And I often encourage my clients to look at the side effects of these drugs, because they’ve come to me and they’ll tell me, you know, their whole list of symptoms. And I’ll say, Well, did you have this before taking the medication, and oftentimes, it’s no, I just developed this and this is odd for me, I don’t normally have these types of symptoms. So, you know, doing your own research around that is really important to working with your doctor bringing things to their attention. And often sometimes people see specialists, I see this a lot. So, they have three doctors involved. And the three doctors are not communicating with one another. And even though the drugs are listed on their chart, there can be interact, interactions, you know, or side effects from now new symptoms, side effects from a combination of all three of those drugs.


Manon Bolliger  14:25

Yeah, yeah, exactly. So, I’m thinking there’s five people listening to us that now are intrigued, but they don’t know what it is. Do you want to sort of explain how the principle of how it works? You know, and yeah, the easy version of it, otherwise, we could be here for hours trying to explain it.


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Danielle Zinaich  15:58

Yeah, I’ll try to simplify it. So, homeopathy is energy medicine. And we take a substance and we put it through a process of dilution, trituration and succession. So many times, that is just an energetic imprint of that substance. So, it’s very different from herbal medicine, which is the crude form of the substance. So, you actually ingest the plant. And this process is what allows us to use…oops, sorry, getting a call. Sorry about that. This process is what allows us to use many different substances. And the person will take this substance which has been put on to little sugar pellets or saclac. And often under the tongue, like 15 minutes away from food or drink. And what happens when the substance is taken in the mouth, is that the body it’s curing, like with like, right, similar substance to the suffering, so curing like with like. And then what happens is it triggers an immune response. Or it strikes up, I like to say this, it strikes up the vital force, or the prana, or chi, some people call it this energy center that lives inside of us, right. The remedy fires that up, and gets the body actually, and the mind and spirit to heal itself. So, the homeopathy is just a little stimulus, if you will, to help you heal yourself. And I like to use the example of poison ivy, I use this example we have a remedy called rustocks. And rustocks is great for skin rashes, arthritis, inflammation. really itchy allergic reactions. Sometimes we use it for eczema, there’s a lot of things we use this remedy for restlessness of the mind, restlessness of the body. And so, what is that? That’s the picture of the person and it’s also the picture that you would see when a person has touched poison ivy or has a poison ivy rash, right? They’re very itchy, red, irritated, restless, can have swollen joints. So again, this is curing like with like, so we give back the substance that exhibits the same symptoms to the body, the body recognizes it, and the symptoms then go away.


Manon Bolliger  19:12

So that notion, because you know, I know in my practice, we would say, Why would you give the same energetically as what the person has? Like what’s the idea behind that? Do you want to expand?


Danielle Zinaich  19:28

Yeah. So, the idea is that the body or mind can become stuck, right? For whatever reason, it could be low immunity. It could be trauma, stress, grief. It could be a sickness, an illness, viral, bacterial, and then the vital force become stuck. There’s no movement, there’s stagnation of energy. So, we need to help facilitate that to move out of the body. So, it’s really about firing up that energy center, and helping trigger an immune response or some movement to the case. And because of the body’s innate ability to heal, and intelligence, once you give that little stimulus, it responds in such an intelligent way, and just knows what to do.


Manon Bolliger  20:31

But from the perspective of…like I totally agree with you, it’s a trigger, it’s it starts a process. But how, what’s the idea of giving some of the same that, like, I mean, there’s Par Celsius, you know, who was a philosopher in the fifth century, who noticed that the law he created he said, it’s a law that like cures like, you know. Hanuman in his discoveries of malaria, for example, you know, what he was working with quinine, right, as you know. And he noticed that there was intermittent fevers, and they had certain hours for thirst, certain hours for the fever for the sweat, for, you know, the chill etcetera, which is all in the repertories. And so, he found like, that malaria has kind of the same thing. So that came the idea, oh, let’s see if we can find the symptoms of malaria, that somebody actually has a patient and match it with the, it’s not just Peruvian bar, that’s quinine. It’s not just that there’s many different remedies. But the remedy that had that chills at the same time, the fever at the same time, the etcetera. And what he found is, if you found the match, then what Par Celsius said, became true, like cures like. And that’s kind of like my understanding of how that came, you know, to be, do you have more on that, or from the history or another way of understanding why we’re not just giving…like in botanical medicine, we wouldn’t give the same we would not give a child with a who’s screaming and whatever with an earache, and, you know, wants to be carried and put down. In homeopathy would give them camera while as a remedy, right. But in Botanics, when you give chamomile tea is known for resting and relaxing, and you know, all of that, right. So, you know, most of our culture thinks, oh, we need to do the things to soothe. And then you’d think allopathic medicine, you know, does the things to band aid, like, they’re never gonna get to the cure. They’re just covering most of the symptoms, right? And I’m not denying that there are things out there, I’m just saying, as a philosophy in principle, they’ll patch up and most of…I’m not saying botanicals does that, but there’s the tendency to, to work in the same mindset that you’re soothing or you’re decreasing inflammation, you’re the one doing the thing, rather than triggering, like you said, the body to have a response and it’s like, why is more of the same gonna do that?


Danielle Zinaich  23:56

Yeah, well, we need a stimulus sometimes, you know. I like to use the analogy of getting stuck. I think that Hahnemann also found you know, the way homeopathic proving things are done is taking a group of healthy individuals and giving them a substance that they don’t need because they don’t have any symptoms. They don’t have mental or emotional symptoms. They don’t have physical symptoms. Over and over and over again, right, you give the substance, and this is how we get our books or Materia Medica has and our homeopathic repertories. And then they record amongst all of these healthy individuals a common theme of the remedy. So, all of these people took the same substance. They all developed a dry cough and a headache for example. So now this goes into our books. And we can see that this remedy can, you know when proven, give these symptoms right. So now the individual that’s sick, somebody outside of this study, that has a cough and headache, a dry cough and a headache will now need this remedy bryonia for example, which is a plant remedy. So, and then in the example of Hahnemann with Chin Chona bark, he actually did these experiments on his poor family that did not have malaria. Right and they took this substance, and it made them very sick, he almost killed his family from what I understand. And I hate to laugh, but, you know, he was very experimental in that way. And we can see with this remedy China, which was another big remedy that we used during COVID. And we use it a lot post viral China, for dehydration, loss of fluids. We can use it for malaise, which often, you know, looks like malaria, sometimes they use that remedy with Lyme disease when there’s you know, symptoms of malaise brain fog. And we learned this because at that time, he was using the crude form of the substance. This was before he knew he had to dilute Tryture and sucust the substance. Right. So that’s an example of not of herbal medicine and why you can’t give certain herbal medicines to a healthy individual. But again, back to the stimulus, right? We know this from the proving’s, we know that the body will recognize the similar remedy to help facilitate and to help unstick the case and we all get stuck, you know, we all can get stuck. Even the healthiest individuals should be getting sick a couple times a year. And that also shows us that the immune system is working when you know when stressed or when exposed to certain things, chemicals or medicines, you know, whatever it may be trauma, grief.


Manon Bolliger  27:50

Yeah. But it knows how to how to react. Yeah. I mean, I used to tell my patients is like, you’ve got XYZ as symptoms, you know, and I’m gonna give you an energetic X, Y, Z, that’s going to irritate your body and shake you up. So that your own vital force will want to get rid of that, because that’s the external thing. And in doing that, it’ll now improve all the symptoms that you have. Because in a sense, it’s gotten unstuck. It’s got a reason to fight. Because if you give the wrong remedy, nothing happens. Like, if you…I don’t mean like if you do it as a herb different, but if you’re given the wrong one, and the money goes woah, whatever, what do you have to do with me? Nothing. So, I’m not gonna respond. Right? You know, so


Danielle Zinaich  27:54

I love that like, crazy analogy. That’s, that’s really good. Yeah. And the body is intelligent. It knows what to do.


Manon Bolliger  28:59

You know what, we’ve talked half an hour, can you believe this? It was like, that was what we. Anyway, may I’ll leave you maybe the last words on it. Other than I want to just want to say that people who have not discovered homeopathy, go find it. If you can’t find it on Google. then look on Duck, duck, duck go or, you know, look elsewhere. Because it is clear that we’re not having access to all the things that really help us and things that don’t make immediate money for certain corporations. We’re going to see less and less unless we say no and put our foot down and actually take our health into our hands. So, I’ll end with that. I’ll give you the last word.


Danielle Zinaich  29:54

Thank you so much, Manon. I completely agree, you know, and I think that this is a very safe, effective alternative medicine that people can try, you know, and its very user friendly. It’s very easy. You can find advice. You know, you can ask a homeopath even look, I found this remedy, how do I use it and we’re happy to help you. You just follow the directions on the bottle. You know, according to the pharmacy, every pharmacy is different. Sometimes it’s one pellet, sometimes it’s five pellets. And, the law of minimum dose is important, you just want to take just a little bit to stimulate the immune system. And that may be all you need. Or you may need a few more doses and a chronic case, you may need to keep reducing, right. So, I would encourage everybody to find this medicine from your local health food store. Find a local homeopath to work with. And try it. It’s very safe and effective. It’s great for babies, pregnant moms all the way through the elderly. There’s really no issue that it cannot help. And like I said earlier, it can even help with side effects of medication. So, I would encourage everybody to try it. It’s awesome. I can’t say enough good stuff about homeopathy. I devoted my whole life to it. I’ve been in private practice for 10 years. I feel so blessed to have helped a lot of people with this wonderful medicine. And I continue to study it as we learn more remedies and more about homeopathy and its research and scientific evidence. And I just…I love it. You know, I’m so happy to have found to have found it through my dog.


Manon Bolliger  31:55

If people…where do you were, where’s you’re…


Danielle Zinaich  32:00

Currently I’m practicing out of New York, I do a lot of FaceTime. Mostly FaceTime, but I do have some office hours in New York and I’m going to be moving down to Savannah, Georgia, actually. And I’m looking to roll my practice down there for any southerners or anybody near Savannah that wants to come and see me. You can find me on Instagram. I do a lot of posts on there, Danielle Zinaich. And I kind of put some fashion posts on there too, because I’ve been a model in the fashion industry for over 20 years. And I treat a lot of people in the fashion industry to for various ailments and my practices, broad range anything from colds, allergies, eczema to more chronic disease, autism, cancer, end of life difficulties.


Manon Bolliger  32:58

Okay, well, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and we’ll definitely put your website up there.


Danielle Zinaich  33:04

Thank you. It’s been a pleasure joining you today. I love the podcast.

ENDING: 41:33

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