How to Use Homeopathy to Activate Your Power to Heal with Dr Parvin Zarrin on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (Deregistered naturopath with 30+ years of experience in health) speaks with Dr Parvin Zarrin a Homeopathy and Integrative Medicine / Bio Quantum Academy.


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Dr. Parvin Zarrin 08:03

That’s why we are just nature’s assistant to help you to give you tools, you know, the tools and remedies in order to heal. The healing principles is within you. So that’s why we don’t call it cure. So, because cure as I said cures an internal domain of each individual. So, that may be subconsciously sitting somewhere there.


Dr. Parvin Zarrin

That’s why we are just nature’s assistant to help you to give you tools, you know, the tools and remedies in order to heal. The healing principles is within you. So that’s why we don’t call it cure. So, because cure as I said cures an internal domain of each individual. So, that may be subconsciously sitting somewhere there.

Dr. Parvin Zarrin

You don’t have to make any efforts to remove those manifestations, you just have to go within, by healing from within because we all are born, we are all as human beings and all living beings are born with this power. With this ability to heal ourselves, we can fix this ourselves, our wisdom, our intelligence knows how to fix itself, when to fix itself. As long as we give them raw, the raw materials the body needs, we give them the right tools, then the body’s intelligence and wisdom knows how to do it on itself.


Dr. Parvin Zarrin

Human beings have the biggest factory and manufacturers of medicine and remedies within. So, the only thing you have, yeah, you have to just activate it, you have to just support it, then that healing power will surface and would cure the person on its own.


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Manon Bolliger 00:42

So welcome to the Healers Cafe. And today I have with me Dr. Parvin Zarrin, and she’s the founder of several clinics, the Integrative Medicine and Nutrition, the founder of Homeopathy Nutrition Clinic, and also Bio Quantum Academy in Canada, and she had her PhD program was awarded excellence for her achievements. And well, okay, lots and lots of information. We’ve been on several conferences together, and she’s an absolute pleasure and wealth of information. So, I’m really excited to have her here today. So welcome, Parvin.


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 01:27

Thank you. Thank you so much.


Manon Bolliger 01:29

So, I start with the same question for everyone. Because people who come to listen to these conversations are always curious about how did you step into what you stepped into? How did you go into these healing arts? And so, I think if you start a little bit with that, that would be fantastic.


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 01:54

Mm hmm. How did I come in? Hold on a second. Please. Just let me get back here…yeah, I have you right here. How did I come to be a homeopath? To be a nutritionist?


Manon Bolliger 02:20

Exactly, the beginning.


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 02:21

The beginning. So first of all, what I would like to say that I’m not a healer, so we are nature’s assistants. We are practically I don’t call myself healer, but I try to help people to heal themselves. So, I have a lot of stories to talk about. Why did I come to nutrition? Why did I come to homeopathy? It’s gonna take hours if I want to talk about how, I don’t know, universe brought me you know, to this. It was a calling or something. I don’t know. But I think my healing journey, maybe it started from my childhood. You know, what I remember, as my recollection allows me to, you know, talk about it. I was a very sick child. I can say I was a very sick child. We were six siblings. I was, I think the only child that was almost encounter all the childhood diseases. I was suffering from very severe, very severe life threatening, for example, anemia. I was having asthmatic attacks, I was having recurrent infections. I was having rheumatism. I was in deathbed two times, as…


I remember. But actually, what I’m talking about now, I was talking to my kids last night. That’s why I remember what I what I told them. So, I was like bedridden for almost maybe eight months. I went through anaphylactic shock, you know that they gave me antibiotics after antibiotics. And I was not responding to allopathic medications back then. Not whatsoever. You know, I remember that maybe 20 Different kinds of medication were administered. I was in hospitals. You know, I remember exactly when the doctor was talking to my mother and my parents were beside my bed. I was just maybe eight years old. I exactly remember the conversation that the doctor told my mother, you got to take this girl home, she’s not going to last. She’s not going to survive. And you know, because it was a combination and mixed of so many different kinds of back that they call it diseases in which they were not developed just one disease with lots of different manifestations. But anyways, to make my story short, definitely parents don’t want to give up their children, you know, definitely. So, it was heartbreaking for my mother, I remember exactly how much she was crying that when they told her that this girl is not going to last. So, I remember that they hold me, my father hold me and brought me home, I couldn’t walk, because I was completely, you know, paralyzed. And so, I remember about the conversation and people come and go in my house and everything. My parents, my mother did not give up. So, she was calling a lot of herbalist. She was calling her a lot of people, you know, to come and see, maybe they have any solutions or answers or whatever. I remember a lot of techniques were applied to me a lot of herbal things, a lot of things that they asked me to take. But there is something that it was inspiring to me. It was a philosopher, it was like a ancient philosopher, Persian philosopher. It’s called Avistano, I think sometimes I talk about it. And I have it in my book. Actually, I just recently I talked about it. In my book, I remember I don’t know if my mother borrowed that or bought it or something that the book was called Cure. That book was called Cure. And that book, actually, the principles of the that philosophers, treatments for patients was like cures like, exactly based on the homeopathic principles. So, my mother was not a home yet, but my mother didn’t know homeopathy. But she, I think precisely followed. It was a lot of nutritional facts, a lot of nutritional recipes, holistic and a lot of herbals and everything. So, as I remember, she was following it precisely. And she was telling me, listen, I want you to live, you got to take this I want you to live. So anyways, um, that took, I think, a year or a year and a half, I was completely recovered. I was completely recovered from almost all the so called diseases, and all the symptoms were gone. And I started growing, my growth had stopped. And I started growing and growing and growing, and I became a beautiful girl, like, and then my mother took me to the same doctor, and she told him is the same girl that you said she’s not gonna last. Well, and that, you know, that allopathic medical doctor said, I think I have to change my job I said, and now I am saying that all of them, they have to change their jobs. You know,


Manon Bolliger 07:45

You know, it’s funny with what you say to it. Like I also practiced homeopathy as a naturopath. And but my specialty oh, we’re not even allowed to say specialty either.


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 07:57

Yes, yes, yes.


Manon Bolliger 07:59

But we can never use the word cure, which is quite funny. Exactly. So


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 08:03

But the book, that book was called Cure, it’s still you know, but anyways, because we don’t cure that. Maybe we don’t cure the cure, you cure yourself. That’s why we are just nature’s assistant to help you to give you tools, you know, the tools and remedies in order to heal. The healing principles is within you. So that’s why we don’t call it cure. So, because cure as I said cures an internal domain of each individual. So, that may be subconsciously sitting somewhere there. And but again, I was admitted to university when I you know, after high school, into engineering program. Because of my faith or religion wherever I was like expelled from university, so I they told me you cannot come to university. So, because, you know, it was a religious, you know, revolution happened in back home, and whoever were not in the same religion, they could not they were not allowed to continue their education. I was, as I said, I was admitted in engineering program. But after eight years of being expelled from university, they told me you can come back. You can come back but you’re, you’re not allowed to be an engineer because woman cannot be an engineer. So back then they only gave me choices to go to either biology or chemistry or nutrition. So, I chose to go to nutrition, but anyways, I came to Canada afterwards on a continuing education here I became a nutritionist, but that nutrition with nutritional sciences was very clinical. It was not satisfying for me somehow, I just wanted something holistic. Again, I went back to the, to my childhood, the way that I remember my mother was, you know, what was treating me with holistic nutrition. So, I started, you know, learning things on my own. Maybe that was that ignite to bring me, you know, in mostly into holistic fields. But the main thing that brought me into homeopathy was my postpartum depression after my third child. So, it was very debilitating. It was very paralyzing. And I was not responding to allopathic medication whatsoever. And I was experienced a lot of adverse effects. Somehow, for some reasons, I was not kind of responding to allopathic medications, and I was practically refusing to take, you know, refusing to take and then somehow, I came to cure myself, to heal myself, again, to find a solution through something holistic. So, I found homeopathy, homeopathic remedies. The only thing I went, you know, I went to a nutritionist, actually. And she said, I think if you go, we’ll give you some homeopathic remedies back then in Canada. Homeopathy was not, you know, everybody could prescribe it. And is now as well, you know, but I mean, a nutritionist told me, I said, what is homeopathy? She said, it’s based on like cures like, I said, oh, it is based on like vaccination. She said, yes. So anyways, I started taking some remedies, and I got better and better and better. And I definitely I did not, you know, continue to allopathic medications. And then after that, I decided to go to homeopathic school. I said, I think this is time, because I went for to get my masters for nutrition was not satisfying. I didn’t want to, honestly, somehow, that the cold settings and the whole healthcare system was not resonating with me. So maybe that was another ignite to just take me to homeopathic school. The very first, you know, I found that in a vitality magazine, I don’t know, if you know that vitality magazine, the very first school or I saw, we were on the second page was homeopathy College of Canada. And they said, wow, there is a college in Toronto. So, it’s just 20 minutes apart from the distance from my house, what is going on here? So, I just called the college, and they answered the phone. Tomorrow, it just in 24 hours, I registered. And it was the best four years of my life. And the most challenging years of my life. Because coming from clinical background, into holistic, completely opposite. Because what you learn, it’s the training, even in nutrition, nutritional sciences, the training is more in it towards allopathic, you know, a model. And imagine coming from a you know, to into, homeopathy was a completely different world. It’s a different world. You know, I remember, the very first week I started crying and crying and crying and said, but remedies helped me. But the philosophy and everything, be, you know, behind this modality, it was very, very hard to understand and learn and, you know, but at the end of the day, you know, I mastered that, and I got the honor, and you know.


Manon Bolliger 14:01

Let me stop you there for a second because what is it that you found? Because obviously, you’ve had you had experience, so you knew that it could work. What is the resistance that you actually experienced? And in which way do you find that it was different than, you know, Clinical Nutrition, which is based more allopathic model? Like, can you explain a little bit what that is? Because I think it’d be really interesting to you know, because it’s like, it’s hard to convince people like someone they’re desperate and they’ve tried everything. Then people try just about anything, including homeopathy, you know, but you already knew it worked. So, what is that resistance? What is it that was difficult in your experience?


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 14:59

Difficulty to understand because, for example, the allopathic model that, you know, it’s a mainstream, that’s how this the system of medicine works, that is anti-something antibiotic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti this anti that, and from that kind of perspective, you’re coming to like cures like means similar, you have to give a medicine that is completely similar to your disease completely similar to the totality of symptoms, that’s a very challenging to understand how similarity works, you know, and then actually, then, when you understand, then I completely understood the fundamental aspect of it, that the concept of similarities, then I said, Okay, this is based on vaccination, you know, the immunization that is, you know, then I again, it’s like a flashback to my childhood that, you know, that book was talking about, but the challenge to come to understand that profoundly was, you know, coming from anti something anti, you know, symptoms, suppressing anti symptoms, coming to similarities, it was challenging to adapt, and to adapt. And then that adaptation period, was very challenging for me. And that’s great that I was not the MD, you know, for MD was much more challenging. But as soon as I understood fundamentally, and fundamental aspects of these principles, and the concept of cure by this system of medicine, then everything became easy for me.


Manon Bolliger 17:03

So, that’s a very interesting point, because, you know, we’re still dealing with that general schism, of philosophy on whether we fight the, from the outside we attack, you know, it’s the same we do in war, it’s the same way. It’s the same philosophy, right? Or do you work with the inside, you know, of the of the person and you present something that your immune system, you know, your vital force reacts to, and you trust the innate healing capacity.


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Dr. Parvin Zarrin 18:27



Manon Bolliger 18:27

You don’t trust blindly you observe, you take notes, I mean, you know, for homeopaths have had many physicians come to observe the detail of their interview process, because it’s one of the most detailed. I know, Harvard University used to send its medical doctors to observe the depth of case taking of homeopathy. Because, you know, we ask questions that for typical medicine, they don’t need to know because their primary function is to match a drug to a symptom.


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 19:10



Manon Bolliger 19:11

That’s it, right. So, they’re not looking at healing, they’re not looking at the possibility to cure. It’s really management of symptoms, you know, and that’s such a different way of looking at, you know.


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 19:26

Yes, yes. Do you know, as I said, there are two completely opposite perspectives? They call diabetes a disease they call depression a disease they call a high blood pressure, a disease they call this human being has only one disease with countless manifestations of disease. The way that I had in my childhood is only one disease one disharmony. One chaos internally that has to be addressed that underlying causes should be addressed, should be found, then the manifestations which are the symptoms, and they call them disease cannot be removed on their own. You don’t have to make any efforts to remove those manifestations, you just have to go within, by healing from within because we all are born, we are all as human beings and all living beings are born with this power. With this ability to heal ourselves, we can fix this ourselves, our wisdom, our intelligence knows how to fix itself, when to fix itself. As long as we give them raw, the raw materials the body needs, we give them the right tools, then the body’s intelligence and wisdom knows how to do it on itself. That’s why we don’t call ourselves healers, because the healing terrain super healing power is in within you within us. So that is completely ignored and is missed in allopathic model. So that’s a challenge for example, medical doctors, when they come to homeopathy. They think by external field given external like medication, you can heal the person. There is no way. Human beings have the biggest factory and manufacturers of medicine and remedies within. So, the only thing you have, yeah, you have to just activate it, you have to just support it, then that healing power will surface and would cure the person on its own. So that’s a challenge that does a lot of, you know, medical backgrounds, no matter what, they have to go through homeopathy, that’s what we had, we had a lot of drop outs, you know. I stayed to the, to the end, and now I am the biggest advocate for it, because it’s just true science is just true science. You know.


Manon Bolliger 22:07

It really is when you think about, you know, how they, they prove the remedies, you know, even the whole process, taking down every symptom that it can produce, and then matching, like you said, the similarity of the symptoms that, that we produce when we’re not in tune. Right. So, it’s, it’s so it is so scientific, actually,


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 22:36

The true science, that’s the true science, you know, that the other one is the philosophers and fake narratives. To me, true science is you can find that in in homeopathy and all the holistic, you know, modalities that they you know, they can help the person to heal.


Manon Bolliger 22:57

So, yeah, let me ask you this, because I see Bio Quantum Academy, I wanted a chance a little bit to what then happened, what is Bio Quantum? Yeah, continue with your evolution.


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 23:14

Okay. My evolution has started from my nutrition background, you know, I was a nutritionist for four decades, then I went to homeopathic school, I graduated I, you know, opened up established, homeopathy clinic then established integrative medicine, like, a decade after. And that’s another story behind that I don’t want to get, you know, take off your time. But there was always there is always the reason that I did it. So, I was the pioneer of one of the pioneers of frontliners of the homeopathic regulation. That’s what I taught back then is going to be something nationwide. But it didn’t happen. It just happened in one province or of certain province. And I am a Canadian practitioner, it means that I work nationwide, and I also work internationally. So it doesn’t make sense to me to just one state among, you know, 10 provinces and three territories, only one record when the state has regulations that doesn’t and plus what we felt for it was to get into the healthcare system, which they did not allow us again, and also even back then we had the insurance then after regulation that cut off the insurance. So, it just doesn’t make sense to me, you know. So, it was a challenge. You know, one of the challenges that I faced then I established integrative medicine because I wanted to have the umbrella for almost everything underneath and then when you get to the point that you think that you never have enough knowledge that’s the…pool of knowledge is, is an ocean of knowledge, you know, you’re just that I personally I drop of that ocean, but to a point at the physical, you know, dimension you see that you have enough knowledge to pass it to the others. And plus, homeopathy is being suppressed, oppressed, it’s been attacked, it’s been dominated, you know, it’s been looked down a little and a lot of things happen. So, I just wanted to…I just wanted to teach it, you know, to medical practitioners, and then I established my institution. So, that was the plan to do it in 2015 Then I took it so, so time, you know, to establish it, so by 2017, I established it, then I started running it by 2018. So, now that Bio Quantum Academy is went much further than what I dreamt, you know, and now is a partner of global scientific year, they are the partner of conference now is at the global level. So, this is something that I always wanted to bring it to practitioners mostly, because for the for the public, you know, I have mass education for the public and media. You know, I always try to educate people, you know, this is something that comes from my heart. But when it comes to practitioner always wanted to create something, because it’s very hard to teach practitioners, it’s very hard to educate practitioners, you know, I think the best happened to me is just to partner with the with the conference. Now, as you see Dr. Manon. They’re all like you, top experts. All of you guys are top doctors, top scientists joining our conference. And this is something that I always you know, dream about that we can bring this and as you know, that I always talk about this modality and now, a lot of, you know, doctors practically who are joining our conferences are all like-minded, you know, people like us.


Manon Bolliger 27:35

I think it’s the time you know, also I mean, because for me, my practice has been like 30 years. Wow, I got de…well I chose to deregulate


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 27:48

I love that. I love that de regulated, de registered, I really love that.


Manon Bolliger 27:56

I got I got suspended you know, for sharing information during the, the so called pandemic that would be helpful to people. But deregistered was actually my choice when, you know, when an association or a body no longer…when it keeps you small, and you know, you’re no longer in integrity, because they’re willing to follow rules that are not based on science. And I actually think science is important, real science not the science


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 28:35

Trye science. Yes.


Manon Bolliger 28:38

How it works, right? Like, that’s really, it’s really important to me, and also, you know, allowing people to heal and being super informed, you know, going the…like questioning, having an open mind and going, you know, I don’t know here I wonder what else you know that that type of spirit and I found that very much the case in, in the group. What is it called, again, the convention that we’re part of?


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 29:09

Global scientific guild, yeah.


Manon Bolliger 29:11

Global scientific guild. Sorry my memory for names is small, but I have absolutely loved participating in that because, like you say, it brings people in different backgrounds, but that are open. And I think that’s the key here, because we’re in a time where it’s obvious that the old paradigm has major limitations. So many people are frustrated. And doctors are frustrated. They feel like they’re drug peddlers, you know,


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 29:48

I know they become like an agent like sales agents. And they don’t feel good about it.


Manon Bolliger 29:54

They don’t, no, exactly as many doctors in my clinic and I was like, they say you’re so lucky, you’re so lucky, you know that you can actually help people.


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 30:05

Of course, of course, Dr. Manon. The world is in chaos. For the last past 100 years, the medicine has been monopolized by big pharma and also been applied and carried out by mainstream medicine, and there was no, you know, kind of situation, the right situation for our modalities. But I decided, you know, we all are like minded, we all are kind of working so hard towards the goal. But honestly, the world needs heroes now. The world needs heroes, because to fight, to fight the fake science to fight their fake narratives. And these heroes, you can find them across the globe. And I can see them in the conference. I can see them the conference and the world needs these people. And we have to unite, we have to be united. Because one person, yes, you are doing so much. I am doing so much. And definitely, we are helping people, but the world needs to be saved. That’s why I am collaborating globally with colleges with all institutions. I want to bring this, you know, integrative modalities, natural modalities to all, you know, different countries. Because, for example, homeopathy is being so dominated at this point, even though it’s been suppressed, oppressed and dominated, but is still the second largest medicine in the world. That definitely would be first if the medicine was not monopolized by the mainstream. So, what I’m trying to say is, I want to bring all medical practitioner because Dr. Manon, even medical doctor, we are not having anything against medical doctors. What we are against is the model. The model, the trainings, that every whoever comes to medicine wants to save lives. And we can see the medical doctor, whatever, you know, they’re sacrificing their time that everything in emergency rooms, for example. But when it comes to chronic diseases, they have no solution for it. They have no solution, but actually they mess up the system and mess up people’s body. But the trainings does not tell them what to do. So that’s my purpose is to bring all this to whoever has compassion for helping people to heal. And we leave out whoever doesn’t.


Manon Bolliger 33:14

No, I agree, that’s very much the same way I am. I see the world. And it’s, I think it’s come to a climax now. Not only are people like ourselves, and people that are like in that group are so needed, but people are starting to feel desperate. Because they’re seeing that the solutions are limited. And you know, rather than create a new division and a new war, which is the old narrative, it’s like, no, we should join together, put the best of our bests get rid of what doesn’t work, you know, and allow for real choice, you know, so, anyway, listen, our time is up last words, please. Anything else you want to share?


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 34:08

Oh, thank you so much, Dr. Manon. It was amazing. It was I was so excited to join you today. It was such a great pleasure to meet you at the conference. And now. We’re working together. Hopefully, our institutions also can come together and come up with a platform that’s the only way Dr. Manon that we can help people, especially practitioners who are open minded, who are like minded, and who wants to find the solution for this. Let’s save the world. Let’s save the world because people lost trust. People have lost trust in mainstream and politics. So, the point that let’s be just peoples practitioners come together and unite and just go forward.


Manon Bolliger 35:04

Thank you.


Dr. Parvin Zarrin 35:05

Thank you so much.


ENDING: 41:33

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