How To Honor Mother Earth on Earth Day with Kerri Hummingbird on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks with Kerri Hummingbird – Inner Medicine Training – teaching the Medicine Wheel for inner power and guidance.


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Kerri Hummingbird

Okay, so we’re in a global human initiation, so how can you discern what’s true, and what’s not true? And the answer is, the answers are inside your body. So that’s why I said, becoming one with Mother Earth, for the survival of humanity, because your body is made of earth, that nobody can dispute.

Kerri Hummingbird

when I started taking that perspective, that the earth is conscious, and is interacting with us all the time through our bodies, I started listening to my body in a different way. Like when my stomach gets upset, I stop and go, what are you trying to tell me? What’s going on? What am I doing?

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Kerri Hummingbird

if you’re connected with the planet, you’re just connected, just like all the mycelial network and all the mushrooms are connected, and the trees are connected, they communicate through mycelium networks, and science has shown this and proven it. So therefore, we’re also connected with everything to, and we’re not separate.



Kerri Hummingbird, Medicine Woman, Mother and Mentor, is the Founder of Inner Medicine Training, a Mystery School that shares potent ancient traditions from the Andes and Himalayas for owning your wisdom and living your purpose.  She is the #1 international best-selling author of The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama; l bestseller over 190 weeks  and  Love Is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound ; which describes the most direct path to self realization. As the host of Soul Nectar Show, Ms. Hummingbird inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with an authenticity, passion and purpose that positively impacts others. As a healer and mentor, she catalyzes mind-shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom. Her newest book, to be released on Earth Day 2023, is  Inner Medicine: Becoming One with Mother Earth for the Survival of Humanity

Core purpose/passion: Revolutionizing the mental illness industry into mental/emotional/physical/spiritual wellness.

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Sometimes it feels like the whole planet is going through a dark night of the soul. As we know from personal experience, what is on the other side of the dark night is a new dawn.

In her new book, Kerri Hummingbird Sami shares insights into the new humanity forming from the ashes of human history and rising like the phoenix into a new period of peace and harmony.

“Inner Medicine: Becoming One with Mother Earth for the Survival of Humanity” shares ancient wisdom and new evolutionary frequencies for reconnecting with Mother Earth so we can navigate the current and future challenges to our species.


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Manon Bolliger 00:34

So welcome to the Healers Café. And today I have with me, Tanya Baldwin. And she goes by the name of a cosmic trauma priestess who gently guides you through your trauma, igniting your self-love and empowering you to step into your light. Now she has a combined education of nursing, education and nursing with also lived experience and healing with ancient practices metaphysical, spiritual and holistic aspects of healing. And you’ve also done plenty of work in trauma with well-known founders, like Gabor Ma Tei, Peter Levine, Steven Porges, and Pat Ogen. And well, I think that’s probably enough as an intro. And it’s one of my subjects of well, I guess, you know, from trauma is trauma, right. And we are definitely in an age where uncovering trauma, and getting past it, especially is what so many people are being called to do so. Welcome.

Manon Bolliger 00:34

So welcome to the Healers Cafe. And I have with me Kerri Hummingbird for a second time because we are going to talk about Earth Day, where there will be an amazing ceremony available to everyone who registers, and also her new book. Well, she’s a medicine woman, mother and mentor, and is the founder of Inner Medicine Training, a mystery school that shares potent ancient traditions from the Andes and Himalayas, for owning your wisdom and living your purpose. So, you have other books that are out there and that people can read already. But you have your new book, I’m just looking for that it’s actually called Inner Medicine, right? Becoming one with Mother Earth for the survival of humanity. Kind of poignant times right now for this.


Kerri Hummingbird 01:46



Manon Bolliger 01:47

Yes. So Well, thank you for being here. And where to start? I don’t know, start with the why this book and why now. And why don’t we just go right to the subject matter?


Kerri Hummingbird 02:01

Yeah, absolutely. When I was feeling into what book I was going to write next, because I knew there was another one coming. What I felt in my heart was this transformation I’ve been making in my own life, into inner medicine, rather than looking for the expert out there that had the medicine to like, fix me or make my life better, or somehow heal my broken parts. It was learning how to come inside and be with myself. And you know, as a teacher of healers, that’s what that is. That journey of being a healer is being like the most sacred witness for someone’s journey. But the acknowledgement that that person is actually doing the work and can’t work any other way. Like nobody else can do it for you. You’re the one taking that journey. And it would probably amaze many people that that hire healers to go, to learn that, oh, I’m the one doing the healing on myself. Yes, you are the one doing the 


healing on yourself. It’s just that we’re opening up a space for you to do that. And we’re giving you access to the work the inner medicine, that we as healers have claimed for ourselves, by doing our own deep shadow work and our own self-love work in our own nurturing and our own realization work. And that work becomes…every time we learn something new every time we integrate it into our way of being every time you walk in the world a new a new way, we share that inner medicine with everybody freely through our auric field. Through the photon beacons of light that emit from our auric field and from the voice. And the voice…the thing I love about my journey is listening back to me on the beginning of my journey as a messenger to my voice and to the resonance of my voice. And hearing the difference, a way that my voice has opened up with that love because the more we do self-love work, the more our hearts get connected with our throats and when we speak, we have this amazing love that just pours out, you know, through the sound that we emit through our throats. And that’s how we put love in the world too. So, I just think now is the time that kind of like most of the planet is going through what you and I and other people went through like decades ago, you know, and we went through our awakening. And when the light came in and asked us to heal the shadows, and the shadows came up, and they were very dark, and it was very dark and cloudy and murky for a while. And we got really interested in healing. We got really interested in inner medicine, and we took the journey and so this is the opportunity for people now on the planet to do what we did. To go oh, this is my journey. This is my initiation. This is my awakening. This is the mystery calling me forward to know myself in truth. And in order to know myself in truth, I have to move through all the shadows in the lies. And collectively we’re doing this because the planet herself is shifting us into a higher vibration. So, the planets already doing this. We can go kicking and screaming, or we can consent and accept and allow and work with the earth to ascend human consciousness to the next place. And that’s why the book is important at this time.


Manon Bolliger 05:32

Hmm, yeah, that’s a great explanation. So, I’m not going to…Devil’s Advocate isn’t really the right word. But, but actually, it’s a propo in some weird ways.


Kerri Hummingbird 05:46

I hear you, already okay.


Manon Bolliger 05:50

Anyway, inside jokes, no coincidences. But when you’re saying that the earth is shifting anyways, you know, to people who are, they’re still seeing the trees there. Maybe now they’re seeing that there, the sun is being covered more and more. And, you know, there’s obvious signs and that there’s, you know, some atmospheric changes, manmade changes, not so much other ones on that level. And then we’re dealing with this whole environmental thing, which, okay, you know, there’s plastic in the oceans. And yes, that’s a problem, but maybe co2…we’re made of carbon. And maybe that’s not the issue and what are truths? And what are lies? And what is it that objectively, Mother Earth is saying that you are picking up and hearing?


Kerri Hummingbird 06:59

Oh, that’s such a great question. You know, the Mayans have a number of prophecies about this time on the planet. And actually, all indigenous cultures have prophecies about this time on the planet, they all have them. And they’re very similar, by the way, but the reason I like the Mayan prophecies is because it talks about the river scorpions that we have to pass through in order to awaken into this new age. And the river of scorpions is the truth or lies. How do I know what’s true? And how do I know what’s a lie? And you can tell very clearly that we’re in the river of scorpions, like we’ve been in that since the pandemic started. Okay, so we’re in a global human initiation, so how can you discern what’s true, and what’s not true? And the answer is, the answers are inside your body. So that’s why I said, becoming one with Mother Earth, for the survival of humanity, because your body is made of earth, that nobody can dispute. What else are you made of? If you’re not made of earth, what are you made of you know, so you’re made of earth, you’re part of the planetary system, I think we all can agree you’re an Earthling. So therefore, in your body are the keys. And I was, this piece came in, and it really helped me so much when I realized if my body is made of earth, and the earth is not just an inanimate object floor that I walk around on, but is actually alive and conscious, which I realized during plant medicine ceremonies that opened my consciousness to Earth. Wow, that means the Earth is actually speaking to me through my body all the time, like the earth is my teacher. My soul is inhabiting an earth vessel and the earth is teaching me through this earth vessel, many lessons about life and love. And when I started taking that perspective, that the earth is conscious, and is interacting with us all the time through our bodies, I started listening to my body in a different way. Like when my stomach gets upset, I stop and go, What are you trying to tell me? What’s going on? What am I doing? And I take a look, what are my thoughts? Oh, I was getting anxious. Oh, I was starting to push instead of listen and flow. Oh, and then might because it’s, it’s regular. Like if you actually start to listen to your thoughts, you’ll notice that the signals are repeatable. You know, it happens every time you do that thing. Like every time I get anxious or try to force my body would do the same thing. And the more I tried to force the body would strengthen the signal. Oh my gosh, oh, okay. So, I’m out of alignment somehow. My body’s telling me I’m out of alignment. So how do we know this is actually happening? Listen to what’s going on with your body and I already know the answer, because I hear everybody out there talking about it, the mental health crisis, they can’t even have enough licensed psychotherapist to work with people because they’re so full. And they’re like losing empathy for people because it’s an inundation of like so much darkness. They can’t even hold it. And I’m like, Why don’t you call the healers? Because we’re sitting around waiting for you. But anyway, over here, you know, there’s like legions of healers are ready for this, this next part, right? Because once you get once you help somebody realize that their body is, you know, as the bulk of the body holds a score that their body is Mother Earth talking to them, and that they can’t ever be separate from the planet because they’re made of the planet. So how could you be separate? That’s ridiculous. And if you’re connected with the planet, you’re just connected, just like all the mycelial network and all the mushrooms are connected, and the trees are connected, they communicate through mycelium networks, and science has shown this and proven it. So therefore, we’re also connected with everything to, and we’re not separate. Which means anything I do to myself on my piece of Earth and my body is affecting the rest of earth. And the planet is going through massive changes. It’s like which came first, the chicken or the egg is a planet responding to us? Taking drastically self-limiting actions like polluting the oceans and tearing and burning down jungles. And jungle medicine from around the galaxy, by the way that’s in the jungle, like powerful medicine teachers in the jungle, don’t want to don’t want to burn that down. All of those things that we’re doing, polluting the water, fracking the earth, right? Big piles of pig manure, you know, because we just can’t get away from the pig. There’s so many examples. And you can’t point to one thing, because it’s a combination of mentality. It’s a mentality of separateness, and ego driven greed, and survival and fear, and limited thinking, like, I want what I want right now this minute, and I don’t care what happens tomorrow, or even in the next hour. That’s what we’re up against right now.


Manon Bolliger 12:08

Which we have created by participating in highly skilled general propaganda, you know, system that has sold or sold us outside the good instead of inside good. Like, it’s interesting, and because it’s, it’s like, where does that start? You know, how, when do you begin? I mean, unless you’ve always been an outsider, which I guess I guess I have, didn’t have a television. So, my kids were never exposed to that, you know, so we didn’t bring that outside, in. But then you have schools, there are little indoctrination centers, and then you have, you know, all this social pressure between kids and opinions, and this and that. So, the outside finds a way to have a prominent place if you allow it right. And, and it’s just an endless distraction from that connection. You know, and I was thinking, when you started speaking about this, I was thinking, I was having a very scientific discussion with one of my, I call them children, my adults. Well into their adulthood, and, you know, trying to be very, very scientific about the spike, you know, protein and the science available that shows and this is in 2020, right, that there’s definitely a risk about, you know, spike, and nevermind where it came from, who created it in the engineering and Wuhan lab, and the bio weapon free and all that stuff for just a minute. We’re just looking at the science of this spike. And after doing the research, where, you know, we else, there appears to be some problems with the spike. There’s an avalanche of the solution. Right? Which, okay, again, if you do your homework, you know, it came from DARPA, it came it was, well, the patents existed ages ago, you just got to follow David Martin. You know, you can do the education, but it wasn’t all immediately available when you’re just opening up the door, right? And I remember saying, because I’m, well, I was a naturopath, I had to give that up. But I said, how do you. You know, that’s what my, my child was saying to me, how do you know that it’s just not right to take anything? And I said, I think that’s called, like instinct. I’ve checked in. And it was quite funny because it was juxtaposed to, you know, very limited scientific review. And now we know that all of that was, you know, kibosh and there was a whole bunch of, you know, really illegal things that were happening that, you know, should never be allowed, and censorship and blah, blah, blah. But let’s pretend it is a perfect world. You know, we’re talking about what we see. And what we see, compared to what we know. It’s two different worlds, right? And one of them, for me was so much stronger. It was just like, Yeah, I can read all that, but my whole essence, knows that there’s something wrong with this.


Kerri Hummingbird 16:10

Exactly, exactly. And that is the shift between external medicine and inner medicine. So, it’s this it’s a decision point, between following the mind exclusively, or following the heart body, including some mind, right, heart body, including some logic, some mind, right, it’s all of it, is the totality. And most of the world is following in Western world’s following mind only and ignoring everything else. And what I’m suggesting is that inner Madison is following listening to take into account all the aspects that totality of you, what your body is saying to you what your muscle testing is saying to you what the Earth is saying to you what your meditations, right your meditations are saying to you opening up information, what you’re hearing what you’re reading, what you’re, what you’re reviewing, who you’re listening to, and then really refined like how you’re testing that information with your body wisdom. And, then coming to a decision that’s right for you and being with that decision. And I think part of this is is like you wait reawakening intuition…


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Kerri Hummingbird 18:10

…As a force of good on the planet, because it’s been shunned for so long exclusively why for disempowerment, but what I want to do at this moment is go Okay, that’s interesting. So like, there is like the they have, you know, created systems, they have created systems, so that we would be disempowered that we would have our, our intuition cut off, we would have our ancestors cut off from us, because it’s evil to talk to them beyond, you know, all this kind of stuff, we would have the earth cut off to us because the Earth is evil, and you can’t trust the earth in its savage, and so don’t do that. And then you have to just come to this church and pay your money every week. And, you know, so these and then they colonized and actually killed people in the name of religion and God, right. And Jesus, by the way, took the full banner and like killed all these people. Because they were indigenous, and they were connecting with the earth and using their intuition and looking at things in a very different way. Right, and now that they couldn’t kill them off, that wisdom is growing back, that wisdom has been growing back for quite some time, kind of like in in really like secret places and, and held sacred, sacred secret, sacred. And now we’re ready to share it on mass because the systems are of disempowerment are there to catalyze it can such a constriction of energy that then at the time of the awakening, which is now there’s like an alchemy that happens through that, that force of constriction, desiring freedom and truth. Yeah, and it opens up. So, like all alchemical processes require pressure and force in order so that the materials will combust and have friction and transform and alchemize. And we’re at the time of the Great Awakening, where at the time of a whole new species on Earth, of human coming into play, and that’s the conscious human, that’s a divine human as a three strand of DNA, the divine wrapped around the two strand of DNA. And so we’re here at that moment now, and the understandings of science, even science are bringing us to this revelation through the fact that, you know, they saw Einstein’s equation, and they found out that, oh, this means that the universe is at the center of every single one of your 75 trillion cells, well, then, in that case, you know, you can’t be anything but divine, or universal energy, because it’s at the center of you, and it’s animating everything you are, which you already knew. I mean, just watching somebody die tells you that, like, they’re there, and then they’re not there, but their bodies there. So, you know, it’s like, we’re moving from this clamp down, controlled, literal 3d, you know, box that’s heavy, and dense and pokey, and really, you know, struggle and difficult and all of this and all controlled by the mind, into this, like, expansion energy that’s coming through the divine going, like, pushing it apart, you know, and now we’re getting we’re opening up that divine feminine energy, right, the Divine Feminine of chaos and turbulence and change in motion and diverse forms and expressions and, and play and, and sexuality. And the sexual force by itself erupts this thing, right? Because the Kundalini energy is what opens it up, you know, as sex, you know, so. So, we’re getting…and I had my moment of that, too, you know, where I didn’t even know that’s what that was. But it was like, as soon as that Pandora’s box was open, there was no going back, it was like, Nope, no going to put myself back in that cage. And so, you know, some people have got their heads in the sand, like, because I know if I, whatever, I know, I can’t I know, whatever, I realize I can’t unrealized, so I’m trying to not realize anything else. And so, they just put their head in the sand, try not to realize anything else. But that’s gonna get a really uncomfortable place to be, you know, Manon that’s, that’s not a fun place to be.


Manon Bolliger 22:26

To, you know, how many, many healers or either self-identified or others identify them as such, you know, have come through a history of challenges or difficult times, or traumas or etc. In order and it’s a retrospective point of view to be here at the right moment with the right heart set, mindset and all of it right. But I’m curious with the fast awakening that’s happening, whether, you know, I shall just say one thing first before the question, you know, like for myself, at one point in my life, and in my awakening, I allowed myself to be in a very repressive relationship because I was an empath, right, and I was I am, you know, and then so I could come up with a million excuses for all kinds of behaviors, because my heart could feel the pain of the individual doesn’t justify the deeds, and etc. etc. And that’s where the growing up into really liberating the oppressed and dismantled sense of self. Because, you know, at the end of doing that for a few years, you don’t know who you are anymore. So, I kept saying, I don’t even know what my intuition is, I can’t hear anything anymore. So, a lot of my journey, you know, with plant medicine, and with many things was show me my intuition, where’s my intuition, like, it’s gone, right. So, so there was a really a difficult transition, which, thankfully, I am completely through at this stage. But my question is, it’s kind of like the hero’s journey, you know, there’s a, there’s this thing we had to go through blah, blah, blah. And I have this feeling that now it’s not needed. It’s almost like it may have been needed and I don’t know your story whether there was also a journey of this nature. But is it needed for people to flourish and embrace The New World. Do we really need that?


Kerri Hummingbird 25:03

That’s a really good question and I have an answer that’s for me, it was necessary. That was my life journey. Okay, so but I like to refer to Dolores Cannons work on this because in her work of QHHT quantum healing hypnosis technique, she was interviewing and guiding 1000s of people through hypnosis states to connect with their soul state of mind. They’re the part of their subconscious to access information like Akashic records, almost write about their past several lifetimes and what they’re here you’re doing in this lifetime. And, and that’s where she started learning about older first wave, I’m here my first wave where I came from this other planet or whatever, I’m a second wave. And that was the last book I came on here about what’s the second wave transcending the human drama. But you know, in that, in that…Dolores Cannon was a first waiver, you know, and the second I’m part of the second wave, and for my intelligence, the second wave is me through like my 23 year old son, you know, there’s a lot of like traveling through the darkness through the dark night of the soul. You know, really like deep roots in the earth healing ancestry being part of what I love, Richard Red talks about what the gene keys is that you know, when creation happened. And it’s split off into all these fractals, these three fractals and then three fractals fractalized and fractalized and fractalized. So when we bring fractals that are opposing together, they create a lot of friction and combustion, like we were talking about. That’s why you opposites attract, and, you know, you meet somebody who’s like, it’s just like BOOM, you know, it’s just explosion, you know, and it’s so hard to manage the tension of that. And what that friction is about is actually cleansing the fractal line. It’s a re heart harmonizing of the energy. It’s a built in harmonizing of the energy that happens when they come together, which is why we’re often seduced into having, you know, karmic relationships with somebody that’s like explosive like that. And I had one of those. And so, first wave and second wave have been doing deep work on that, you know, like, diffusing the tension, so to speak. And so, what I’m noticing now is, yeah, there are some light beings that like the third wave, someone coming in and out, don’t have to do like the deep dive stuff. They’re just showing up, like, what are you guys doing? They look back at me and say, Why are you talking about that? That’s not, you know, you just like, get on with it, like start making the plans and start building the structures. And they’re not diluted at all. They’re just like, we like the little girl talking at the UN And I can’t remember her name. But you know, the one that’s like, really? Yeah, and she’s just like, you need to do a better job. And this is what you need to do. And like, we need to do this, we need to make sure everybody’s fat, you know, they’re just coming in. Like, it’s very clear to them, like, it’s clear as day and they’re just like, but that is happening, I believe, because the first and second wave have been doing like, like this massive cleansing of the, of the fractals. And so yeah, it’s, um, it’s a big deal, what we signed up to do, right, that’s not an easy task. You know, I mean, but that’s look at the turning of the ages. Right. So, in the turning of the ages, from the Piscean, the whole energetics around the Piscean age was like so masculine, domineering, controlling polarized, you know, women versus men and in different tribal cultures versus other tribal cultures. And there’s like colonization that happened in the wars and you’re gonna do things my way because my ways the right way. That’s like, all Piscean Age stuff, you know, and, and we’re transitioning into the aquarian age, it’s got a very different energy. So, we are the ones that came and said, all sign up for that task. That’s interesting. You know, I want to be in a body at that time on Earth and see like, what that’s like to transition between completely different ages and different energetics. So, you know, I think we’re just in a mass, I think it’s all orchestrated. So, the Piscean age also has like that victim rescuer, perpetrator triangle thing. You know, Jesus is the ultimate savior. Satan as the ultimate doubt, you know, perpetrator, and then humans are just helpless in the middle, like, we can’t do anything about it. We don’t know what to do, you know, so, we’re moving out of that into like, no, grow up, you’re a sovereign, like, are you kidding? How many lifetimes have you had stop telling that story? You know, you had, like, 100,000 lifetimes, please show up, you know, so that that’s what this this new generation is like, what are you talking about? You’re like, ancient quit this, you know, like, show up, be real. And they’re just like, down to business. You know, so, I think that, you know, I think those of us in our age in the first wave in the second wave, we’ve done so much work, we kind of want to be applauded for it. But there’s like the river of life just moves on. It’s like, thank you very much going, you know, it’s done. Wherever.


Manon Bolliger 29:46

It’s beautiful. I mean, it’s interesting to watch. No, but I often felt like why do we, you know, it’s like body pain. You know, it’s a teacher until you’ve gotten that lesson, right? And it’s the same emotional pain. It’s kind of the same, you know, but do we really need that piece? I don’t think so.


Kerri Hummingbird 30:10

Well, actually, I’m gonna answer that question a different way. So, you were talking about like, body pain versus emotional pain, right? And so well, the first brain is reptilian. Reptilian Brain is all about body and reaction, right? And it’s about mind body and reaction, it doesn’t have emotion and heart is separated. Much of humanity was in reptilian brain, right? And then the limbic brain started opening up, and all of a sudden, they had these really messy things called emotions, and they’re like I don’t know what to do with that. And everything’s like, wonky, and it’s up and it’s down. And it’s like, unpredictable, and I’m reacting. And, you know, and so that emotional brain once you kind of transmute that, the opening of that energy, the opening of that functionality, I guess, functionality is a good word functionality and human experience, then you modulate it, you just hit…you, you’re transmitting that now everywhere. And so, it’s much easier for people to catch on to it because you’re emanating the light rays of already having embody that. So, there’s tons of impasse on the planet right now. And they’re all complaining about the narcissist. And it’s like, listen to narcissists are just using the reptilian brain, they haven’t opened their limbic brain yet so stop, like judging them, they just didn’t, they don’t know what you’re talking about, they literally don’t know. Because they haven’t opened up their limbic brain yet, and their heart is not open. So, they don’t know what you’re talking about. They just think you’re like weird, you know, because you’re not matching their reality. And we’re actually here to stay and have presence with them as much as possible, because I know it’s annoying. But like open up the heart, open up compassion, open up understanding, help them open that link that limbic brain up. And once that limbic brain opens up, they’re going to be in sacred sons, they’re going to be a mankind project, they’re going to be all over the place, like Oh, my God, like what is going on inside of me. And I hear men saying that now they’re like, I didn’t even know what this thing this emotional stuff. But you have, we have to go through the limbic brain to get to the frontal cortex. And the frontal cortex is where awakening happens. That’s what you know and then the corpus callosum, and then the little tiny room, you know, like the upper room, as Paul Sellick calls it, we want to get to the upper room, the only way through is through those dang emotions, you know, you can’t get there otherwise, if you’re not hard open, you’re not going to get to the upper room.


Manon Bolliger 32:20

Now. Kerri, we have actually run out of time, but I wanted you to just say, just finish with a few words about the 22nd and also how people can get your book or you know.


Kerri Hummingbird 32:37

All that stuff. Awesome. Well, here’s the book. It’s very pretty. Inner Medicine, becoming one with Mother Earth for the survival of humanity. Notice it’s a very serious title, but it’s a really pretty picture. So, it’s gonna be okay, it’s gonna be alright. And you can get…you can pre order it and get invited to our free sacred ceremony to honor Mother Earth on April 22. It’s a global ceremony unless you’re in Austin is a global ceremony at 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific. And if you want if you’re in Austin, there’s also details for that ceremony in person and all of that is that all one-word inner medicine.


Manon Bolliger 33:26

All right. Well, thank you so much for coming back on and sharing. I’ve already joined so look forward.


Kerri Hummingbird 33:34

Awesome. Thank you so much, and blessings to everybody that was listening.


ENDING: 41:33

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