How to Reinvent Yourself with Michelle Barrial on The Healers Café with Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND

In this episode of The Healers Café, Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND, chats with Michelle Barrial, a Life transformation coach, intuitive healer, author, speaker, hypnotherapist and yoga teacher

Highlights from today’s episode include:

Michelle Barrial (06:06):

So really we have this energy flowing through us and then there’s energy all around us in our environment. So you’re really connecting to that universal energy. And what you’re doing is you’re acting as a channel so that the energy flows through you. And that’s where you can sense if there’s blockages in the person’s, I call it their highway, their bio highway. So if you can sense that there’s a blockages much like traffic it’s blocked sometimes and backed up, it’s the same way with our body. So when you can sense that there’s a blockage in the area due to a physical symptom, or again, due to some kind of spiritual or mental block, then what I do is just transmit the energy through myself that I channeled it as a channel. And then that’s when I can feel that it starts to break up or sort of dissolve, I could feel and have that sensation that it’s, it’s opening up the channel.

Michelle Barrial (17:42):

So our conscious mind is what we’re in most of the time, but in reality, our subconscious mind is the mind where your memory is longterm memories, part of where your imagination is. So, and it’s also where you have a lot of beliefs from childhood traumas and things that you don’t remember that come up that are still affecting you today as an adult.


Michelle Barrial (40:02):

In my book, I talk about the ways that you can create a healthy life, body minded spirit. So I talk about how to relax physically like mind hacks for sleeping. I talk about breathing how important it is to, to maintain your breath control, particularly when your emotions try to take over, and then you wanna help yourself to be calm again and, and feel like you’re not losing control, but rather that you’re are in control of your emotions. So I teach steps in there for breathing with a few exercises.

About Michelle Barrial:

I am a Life transformation coach, intuitive healer, author, speaker, hypnotherapist and yoga teacher.  I have been a guest on radio shows  podcasts and a TV program on a Spanish cable for a segment on sound healing.  I was a writer for a ezine titled Divina as a expert on holistic health.  Book titled: 7 elements of total health.

I serve professional women by helping them to release their stress through healing techniques  becoming confident and resilient by creating work/life balance and fulfillment in attaining their life goals.

My core purpose and mission is empower women to live fully to manifest from their heart authentically.  As women I believe we need to nurture ourselves first so we don’t become depleted and cannot continue to serve others in our life. Living a balanced life requires commitment to honoring self.  I am passionate about Self love and self care since it is what creates healthy happy relationships instead of power struggles and conflict. 

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Dr Manon (00:01):

Hello and welcome to the Healers Cafe. And today I have with me, Michelle Barrial  she is a life transformation coach, intuitive healer, author, speaker, hypnotherapist, yoga teacher, and a certified certified in healing touch, crystal healing, FITA healing, hypnosis, EFT sound healing. And what else? I mean, you have so many things I’d like to share, but you’ve been healing people in transition from physical body to…….

Michelle Barrial  (00:43):

Well, I’ve been working with people in transitions, people that have been experiencing a loss through loss of a loved one through cancer, through other types of terminal illnesses. because I actually experienced a lot of that myself in my early years. Unfortunately, I had a lot of deaths around my immediate family and extended family. So I kind of really took in that sensation that I wanted to help people get through their grief because I had experienced those losses and my family and I wanted to support people that were going through that clients and people, even just people would even just call me like, Oh, can you come and, and pray with me. My family is, you know, at that final stage. And so I feel like I’m like the person they call when they need that moral support. During that time of, of transition that they know what’s happening for their loved ones. So that’s something that, is work that I can say that I enjoy, but yes, I enjoy supporting people through a difficult time.

Dr Manon (02:02):

And so, tell us that’s when you went through your, your own losses, which is what sort of awoken you to this, this ability you had.

Michelle Barrial  (02:17):

Yes, I noticed, I noticed that I had abilities as you would say when, since I was a child, because I actually noticed that i had a lot of sensitivities and that I could notice where people were hurting. Like I would put my hand on them and Oh, is this where it hurts? And they would tell me, yes. How did you know that? And I’m like, I don’t know, but this is what I feel called to do. So eventually I, once I experienced a loss again through my family members, I decided to go and receive some healing myself. So I attended my first Reiki circle, I don’t know, 1998 or 97 somewhere thereabouts. And I felt really euphoric about the experience. I was so happy that I felt the sensation of just light coming down through the ethers. And I just felt so much weight being lifted off of me.

Michelle Barrial  (03:10):

I had a real transformational experience. So I was like, I love this and want more of this. I continued going to the Reiki circles. And then finally I said, I want to learn how to do this. I want to feel that I can serve people this way. So I wanted to continue as a practitioner instead of going to the circle. So I received the attunements and that’s when I first became Reiki certified. And then I went on to actually do the whole mastership program and everything. So when I felt more confident as I kept practicing working on people as a volunteer in the Reiki circles and I started working in a centre for people that had AIDS and that were in the stage of basically arc as they call it where they’re having some symptoms, but not full blown AIDS, but then finally other patients or clients that had AIDS.

Michelle Barrial  (04:00):

So I worked there as well for a few years as a volunteer. So I really built up more strengthening my abilities and helping a lot more people. So I felt very called to do that because I lost my brother through AIDS. So I felt that I wanted to support that community as something to give back. And so that’s really where my journey started. And then I continued taking on other classes. So I started learning with healing, touch the American holistic nurses program. And then I wanted to actually incorporate more mind body techniques. So not just focusing on the physical body and its symptoms and its illnesses that were created, but wondering, what was the root cause of these symptoms or illnesses. So, I studied hypnosis and did more advanced courses in hypnosis. So that’s where I finally, in 2001, I created my company called healing hearts and minds because I felt that was the synthesis.

Michelle Barrial  (04:58):

If you will, of both, you know, the mind being what, where the creation process begins and then the body, the physical manifestation of what’s …


what’s going on, the symptoms or illnesses or physical challenges that we experienced in our day to day life. So that way I was able to, I feel like treat the person holistically using those techniques.

Dr Manon (05:19):

So for some of our listeners may not really understand what Reiki is. And maybe you can explain it and also explain how you saw it, helping…… In terms……… How does this work?

Michelle Barrial  (05:39):

The Reiki is actually utilizing or tapping into the actual energy that exists all around us. There is energy in the earth and there’s electromagnetic fields and there’s energy everywhere. I mean, if we think of our bodies are really like one computer and there’s always processes going on that are electrically stimulated through our brain and so forth and our brainwaves.

Michelle Barrial  (06:06):

So really we have this energy flowing through us and then there’s energy all around us in our environment. So you’re really connecting to that universal energy. And what you’re doing is you’re acting as a channel so that the energy flows through you. And that’s where you can sense if there’s blockages in the person’s, I call it their highway, their bio highway. So if you can sense that there’s a blockages much like traffic it’s blocked sometimes and backed up, it’s the same way with our body. So when you can sense that there’s a blockage in the area due to a physical symptom, or again, due to some kind of spiritual or mental block, then what I do is just transmit the energy through myself that I channeled it as a channel. And then that’s when I can feel that it starts to break up or sort of dissolve, I could feel and have that sensation that it’s, it’s opening up the channel.

Michelle Barrial  (06:57):

And that way the energy can just flow naturally through the body. Like it usually does when you have a healthy body. So it actually is just releasing a disturbance and helping to unblock the flow of the natural flow of the energy through the body. So it’s helping the body to really heal itself naturally. That’s what I feel like it’s a natural process and it feels very good. People feel very relaxed, much like a massage, but they go in a very deep way more often than not people have fallen asleep during sessions, or they feel like they woke up from a long sleep because of the way that there’s just so relaxed, mentally, physically, and emotionally, some people have emotional releases and that’s really the healing. The healing is transforming something that was a disturbance at a physical level, or again, something caused by emotions that are trapped in the body and repressed, which we often do with our emotions.

Michelle Barrial  (07:53):

So that way the healing can, again, clear the way for all of that to be dissolved and released.

Dr Manon (08:00):

So I’m going to bring it back a little bit and go into detail, but that’s a beautiful overall description of this. So, and the way I want to look at it is somebody who is still saying, okay, we got energy all around us. What is that? What do you mean? So how do you know that we have energy around us? How could a person find out or tap into that, that you’re talking about?

Michelle Barrial  (08:33):

Well, if you even think of like static electricity, when you, your feet rub on the carpet and you feel, you know, you touch, put your hands up above your head and you feel that electrical energy. So again, that’s a very simple way of testing energy that it exists in the environment that it’s real, and that you again, are acting as a channel through your body.

Michelle Barrial  (08:52):

And that electrical energy is going up through your body, into the top of your head and making your hair stand on end when you practice that by rubbing your feet on the floor, on the carpet or something like that. So again, energy is something that like electricity itself. We take it for granted that it’s always going to be there as we plug in something electrical product into the wall that it’s going to turn on when we press that button. So it’s much the same way. The electricity is always there. It’s always flowing through our body. If we think of the sun’s energy, we receive that energy through our bodies and it helps our bodily processes so that we take in energy all the time. If you think of the way you relate to people, sometimes you say, I don’t know when you meet someone, I don’t know.

Michelle Barrial  (09:37):

There’s something about them and it’s, again, the energy or the vibration that you’re picking up from that person. Maybe it’s that they’re had a bad day or a bad experience, but yet, because their energy is closed, then you don’t feel comfortable with them their energy, their vibration, their aura field, and all of that around them. It means that it’s not open to you. You don’t feel that you can connect with this person. And that’s very often what we can’t name it, or really describe it. But we know we don’t feel comfortable sometimes with our interactions with people. And it’s again, because our energy field is coming up against their energy field. And there’s a disconnect. There’s no mutual connection of, Oh, it’s welcoming and wow, nice to meet you. And Oh, I think this person and I could get to be friends or like each other and so on. That’s, that’s how we, as humans connect energetically to each other.

Dr Manon (10:31):

That’s a great description actually. And it’s true because sometimes I find that it’s understanding the basic things and realizing that you can notice these things, right? Like people who, might be interested in learning this because obviously I’m going to ask you more how you found it helpful. But, it’s just to know that it’s something we can learn to observe .and, and notice now the other thing I work with…….. Feelings. Like we’re always trying to think things through and be so analytical. But if we really get more in touch with our feelings, that’s really the compass. If you will, for where we need to go or it’s our intention that we need to Pay more attention to. And so, so when you have a a person that you’re helping and you can feel that there’s a stuck energy, that there’s something not flowing. What is the process with in Reiki that you,re transmitting? So you’ve noticed what’s not feeling right. And, with skill and time, you can fine tune this clearly. Or sometimes I think some people have it more instinctively as you might have in your childhood, but how, what is it that you’re bringing forth? What’s that? What is that like? Is it an intentional energy?

Michelle Barrial  (12:09):

I think at least for me, the way that I learn this process and the way that I explain it to students, even that I teach the process too, is to connect with divine love. So if you’re connecting with the most powerful force on earth and coming from above, you know, from a place of, pure, intention, to help, to be of service, to provide love to this person that’s in pain, physically, emotionally, or mentally they’re suffering. That’s why they’re coming to receive this energy from you is because you can provide them something that they’re missing in their life. Maybe they don’t have that unconditional support and that sense of love in their life. So this is what you’re offering to them. You’re just, again, I call it divine, love divine light, and that’s, that’s really what you’re supposed to do. You’re just, you just let it flow through you like water through a hose. You just let it happen. And you know, you have no preconceived ideas about what’s going to happen. You just let it flow. And so that way, as I learned that it has, it knows where to go. You’re not really even directing it. It just knows where to go. All I’m doing is feeling an area that may have a dispersion. So maybe I just kind of opened the channels even more or allow more flow to happen.

Dr Manon (13:36):

So it’s like the connection with the overall intent and the patient who’s asking for help that starts Reiki working.

Michelle Barrial  (13:55):

They have to obviously be willing. And when I come to meet with someone, I always say, you know, that I’m going to ask for guidance or a prayer to open up the channels for them to be open, to receive. And for to, be able to provide the highest and best like I could say, I, as in best service to them, for them to be able to receive the energies. So that way there’s a mutual agreement, if you will, between me being the provider of this energy and them being the recipient to be open to it, to receiving it. So it’s like a contract.

Dr Manon (14:38):

And so as far as I know I’m taking you down on a completely left brain intellectual currently for whatever reason.

Dr Manon (14:52):

But what are the differences in them, the way it works, like Fiji healing or crystal healing or healing touch, what do you see as differences and, or maybe you can speak a little bit about those therapies.

Michelle Barrial  (15:10):

Yes. each of them are very powerful in their own right. And with healing touch because it came from a nursing background, it was more analytical. We tested the client beforehand with a pendulum. So would use that as your scanning device, if you will. To note, if the areas were opened or blocked, depending on the spin of the pendulum, and then you would make notations or notes in your client chart. So it was very much following, you know, a protocol of being able to document before and after treatment. With as you said, with crystal healing, I use crystals sometimes to accompany me when I’m doing Reiki as well.

Michelle Barrial  (15:58):

I may do a placement of crystals on the body, and it’s really for amplification of the energies. And again, for if there is a person that’s deficient in a particular vibration or colours, because of course the crystals come in various colours and those colours represent like if you would call them grades of energy. So if a person needs more of a particular, let’s say the energy of love in their heart. So maybe more of the green, I would, might put a green crystal in their heart chakra. So then that would stimulate more than receiving unconditional love. With crystal healing you mentioned data healing with data healing. It’s, it’s both, it’s actually, you’re stepping out of the way completely. You’re tapping into the, all that is the creator of everything. And you’re really a witness to the healing that’s going on.

Michelle Barrial  (16:49):

So you’re not transmitting energy or sending energy much in the same way that you’re just a clear and open channel,its about your more standing behind like a witness to what the creator is doing to manifest the healing. And then you, what you’re doing is also working on limiting beliefs. So data healing, you’re going to be asking questions to the client, asking them more. So where they might’ve picked up this issue. If it was from the past or a current situation. You do muscle testing, and then you also clear the issue.

Michelle Barrial  (17:22):

So from the mental body as well. So it’s that one, it’s more of a participatory for the questioning, but then you, you step out of the way, step out of the way to allow the healing to take place, right? Once they have clarity on, what the issue is that they want to work on and then hypnosis, I mean, besides getting into a A state where you’re more able to kind of release the subconscious, let’s say what is the, what’s the difference in hypnosis is as you said is the state of you’re focusing on your subconscious mind. So our conscious mind is what we’re in most of the time, but in reality, our subconscious mind is the mind where your memory is longterm memories, part of where your imagination is. So, and it’s also where you have a lot of beliefs from childhood traumas and things that you don’t remember that come up that are still affecting you today as an adult. So by doing hypnosis, you’re able to go back in time in a way to process and connect with those memories, even if you don’t really remember them consciously, but those memories or those feelings really come up and therefore being resolved. That’s the idea. So with hypnosis it’s to have the connection to the past, to be able to take care of what’s going on in the present that’s causing, you know, money issues or health issues and so forth.

Michelle Barrial  (19:05):

So it’s to go back to the initial sensitizing event of what happened to be able to set it free and like release it, completely reframe it. So you see how it taught you a lesson, you know, what was the purpose of it in your life? And it was because you learned something valuable through that experience. So you just have to honour all your experiences because they all are in your life for you to learn something valuable, even if you don’t recognize it at that time when it occurred.

Dr Manon (19:39):

So you as a practitioner with different options and different ways of helping how do you then decide this is what’s going to be right? Or what’s your internal process?

Michelle Barrial  (19:57):

Well, i,ve been in conversations……… Pre dialogue with the client. Then I’ll ask them where they’re, if it’s a physical pain, that’s manifesting of a disease so forth. And I have an idea of where to go with the process. So sometimes I could do a physical treatment, but if the pain continues or again, if it’s a long standing problem, then we’re going to go and try to work through the mental body to be able to clear out what’s actually was, like I said, that event or the experience that set the seed, planted the seed in a way of them manifesting at the physical level, something that’s causing them to have this illness or having the chronic pain and so forth. So, but in a way, both. So I really have to go working through the physical body. because most people come in when they’re already in pain, like an ailment, they come already when it’s, it’s been a while that they’ve had this problem.

Michelle Barrial  (21:01):

So I’ll go through that with them. And then if I find that there’s still something like that, I may feel that’s coming up for them. And I’ll just say, it seems like this has been there a while. Did you did this happen when maybe I sensed that there was like a feeling like a broken bone in your body? Did you have an accident a while back? Was there something that caused that, you know, and then I’ll just pick up on a thread of something that I sense in their body and then that’ll lead me to, Oh yes, I had this problem at that time. And so it unraveled, it slowly unravels. And you get to really, again, the source of what is the problem they came in for one thing. But usually that’s not the underlying issue. There’s always something else that it really was the cause.

Dr Manon (21:48):

So are you finding in your your experience that….. And again, I’m going to give a generalization, but feel free to completely change that if it’s not true. But that many, if not, most of physical longterm physical problems are, have a seed that comes from the emotional or subconscious body is that I believe that because again our emotions are very often repressed and repressed for many, many years. For one reason or another upbringing, culturally, a lot of things that go on in your life from childhood that, you know, you weren’t able to express for one reason or another. So they get trapped in the body and they get trapped, you know, guilt and shame and one part and anger and another part. And, and really if you map the body out, there’s actually regions of the body where emotions are stored.

Michelle Barrial  (22:50):

So that’s why it’s important to get to the heart of the matter is really emotionally……….emotionally is what’s the trigger, if you will, your emotions are what trigger physical responses in the body that eventually manifest either a short term problem. You know, it could be sciatica pain, or it could be, you know, something major, you know, again like heart disease or, or something else like that. So definitely as Louise hay, I followed Louise hay a lot when I was first studying and her, she wrote a lot of books about how to heal your body and in her books, she describes how there’s a mental connection between the body and the mind. So I frequently show that to people and say, look there’s, let’s say a toothache Well, they have a toothache on the left side. Okay. Let’s take a look at what this might mean here. Do you think that perhaps this resonates with you rather than me giving them my opinion? I just pull out like a third party reference if you will. And I show them maybe that’s a possibility for them to start thinking about.

Dr Manon (24:01):

And so, because you you’ve done a fair amount of work in hospices, have you noticed that the passing on to whatever one calls it after life or death or whatever, I don’t want to get into religious beliefs, but have you found that the way a person passes away is any, in any way correlated to the amount that they’ve cleared of their belief systems, their pains their past, or is it unrelated? Like people just, they die when they die? Like, have you seen anything? You know, because I mean, we spend our lives, especially as healers spending so much time, you know, almost like detoxing our, our bodies, our minds, our emotions, you know, bringing stuff up because I think part of being able to be there for another, at least that’s my belief is that you work on anything that comes up for you. Exactly. and the question is, is that even though it might be fascinating and interesting and all of that does it actually, have you seen an impact on it, on the dying process?

Dr Manon (25:27):

I think that we spend a lot of time detoxing ourselves and then, you know, helping others in this process. And I feel that as healers, we feel that, you know even we’re challenged, especially when it’s a loved one, even though we may have a strong belief that life continues and, and it doesn’t just terminate because you left this physical body and that you’re going to another plane of existence, at least in your, in your heart, I believe for myself that their life is a continuum, but it doesn’t take the pain away from your loss. I mean, we’re all human beings and we all experienced losses of loved ones and so on. And it doesn’t change your reactions, your emotional reactions to the situation. But I feel like it does affect people.

Michelle Barrial  (26:22):

I noticed that when they are clearing in the final stages, I find that the people had a stronger faith, if you will, or a stronger belief generally tend to go more peacefully than people that had no faith or no type of felt support that they didn’t know that they were going into the unknown and then they are more afraid than people that have at least a faith, or more faith based. I guess I want to say lifestyle, you know, if they have had practice all along a certain amount of faith prayers or whatever meditation, whatever it may be, that they seem to be more calm reaching the moment of transition and people that that didn’t have any type of strong beliefs in any type of religion or faith at all they practice. So I think that makes a big difference in the transition.

Dr Manon (27:27):

So and that, that does make sense to me. What, I was also asking though, is, have you seen a correlation? So that’s a clear correlation you’ve seen is that people who have more faith or have done that kind of work, it’s easier because they’re supported may feel, they feel the universal support. What I’m wondering is the people who have done or who might, they might be healers, they might be I mean, it could be your brother. It could be anybody that is in a process, does the amount of work they’ve done in clearing their subconscious clearing, their pains, all of that. Does, do you feel that that impacts how they go? Does that make any difference? In other words,

Michelle Barrial  (28:25):

That they would, like you said that if they’ve been working on themselves and clearing themselves of different issues, I feel like maybe their passing is more peaceful. Their passing is even shorter. Maybe they’re not suffering as much or being through an extended illness like having to be in hospice or something, but even maybe the time in hospice might be shorter. So I feel that people that have more of clearing in their lives that they’ve come to terms if you will, with people in their lives that they’ve, they’ve done closure with family and friends and, and so forth, then they feel more complete to let go and ready really, to let go and surrender the physical body. So I think that those people have a much more calm, transition, or peaceful transition than people that are just still thinking about what they didn’t get to accomplished or suffering about things that didn’t do, you know, didn’t go as planned or go when they wanted them to go through their lives. So I think that people that can let go easier, you know, in that ending time is because they’ve already done their clearing process. Right. They realize the time was imminent and they already started to do that.

Dr Manon (29:52):

I think when you mentioned closure, I think……. Because I see the world, that’s one of the reasons that we become ill is an internal conflict. You know, something that that we need to realize that that has to be cleaned out. And in the end, it’s really about about loving yourself as well and nurturing yourself, taking care of yourself and by doing that, it actually, helps other people as well.

Michelle Barrial  (30:29):

Related, we’re all related. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world, we heal others, you know, it’s all, we’re all, there is no sense of separation. We as humans think of separation because you’re a different race, you’re a different colour. you’re just different. You live in a different city or state or country, whatever, but there, there are no, there is, there are no boundaries or separation in spirit, you know, when we all ascend and that’s, I feel when we all meet our maker, we’re all United, we’re all there. You know, we’re all together. We’re all one body. And that’s, that’s just my belief. So I think that if we all thought more about in the unity consciousness, it would be a lot easier to get along as, a human race and be more supportive to each other overall, you know, there would be a lot less conflicts.,

Michelle Barrial  (31:36):

One of my favourite songs now that I’ve been listening to is like the singer talks about we bleed the same. So there’s a lot of things that we have in common, you know, from just our humanity, having a physical body, having all kinds of emotions, experiences that are similar when people are sad, it’s all expressed through tears when people are mad, they, you know, they have same emotional reactions in a way. so I’m a little bit more heightened than some, but you know, basically the emotions are the same for humans and there’s so many things that are, is just part of the human experience that we all share.

Michelle Barrial  (32:58):

Very often I think that when I’ve worked with people, as you just said, like people through transitions it’s the most difficult part is to give that person, that peace to let go of everything that they know and everyone that they love and to just feel that they are going to a place that’s going to be, as we always say a better place, but nobody, nobody knows for sure. Like there’s, you know, people say, well, there’s no guarantees, but I feel that if you give that person that sense of peace as they are in pain or they are struggling and just let them know that, you know, they are, divinely loved and supported and they can make this transition as long as they open up to, to be ready to go. So if they feel like, Hey, I’m not scared.

Michelle Barrial  (33:58):

I’m going to be okay, just let go of the physical body. And now I’m going to come into a different kind of body, my spiritual body, and then I’m going to have different experiences. So, allowing yourself to just go through that process. So I think for me, the most rewarding time is actually helping people make that transition. And you know, I’ve done it even with a few animal fur babies of mine. And that’s very painful, but also very rewarding. because I remember that I was holding one in my arms ………….. just breathe, breathe with me. Just, just let it, go, let the pain go or let yourself being scared go. And, you know, helping even, you know, our animals for transition and that’s, that’s such a, I don’t know, it’s a rewarding experience in a way because you’re showing them the light, the light that you have inside in your heart and you’re offering them to go peacefully to the light.

Dr Manon (35:13):

Well, I’m actually going through that with my cat right now. So maybe I picked up on that. I don’t know…. I do feel that way. I do feel that way because they Provide so much unconditional love and then that’s, you know, were not even there, still don’t understand that. And so when you’re in that place of healing, that’s the closest that we can get to feeling that feeling that unconditional love for ourselves. You talked about self love, self love is the best gift you give yourself. That is by far the best gift that you have to give to yourself. Nothing material can compare. Self love is the most important quality,So that’s it. I mean, that to me is like the best gift you can give to yourself. And when you open your heart up to love another person or an animal, you know, and give them that kind of love, you know, it’s just unbeatable.

Michelle Barrial  (36:21):

It’s just really the ultimate. So I think that’s really important too, for us to love ourselves enough, to have enough to share. So when we fill our cups up, we have enough to overflow and share with everyone else.

Dr Manon (36:37):

Now, have you had anyone that has asked for help, but is absolutely resistant on like, you know, they’re like………..

Michelle Barrial  (36:56):

I’ve had people that I actually had a Reiki circle that a couple came in together and the man was sitting there like this, like right over his heart, like guarding himself. So that was definitely resistance. So he felt that he was doing this just to please his wife. So, you know, he was not really receptive to to that experience. when they came in for a group healing, but he was resistant to receiving. So, you know, because some people will say, Oh, you’ve got to try this, you gotta try this. But some people are just afraid of trying, you know, new experiences or new things. They’re like, and especially something that, you know, I can’t see, I can’t understand. I don’t get it. You know, this is not for me, so right. I think that’s the large, have you ever been called in by family members though? The dying person has no faith, no work done. A couple of people that were atheist. I mean, they were able to have families felt differently or grew up differently. But as they grew up, they chose to be atheist.

Michelle Barrial  (38:19):

So yes, I went because of family invited me to go and, and, and provide, you know, peace and comfort to their loved ones. And so we just joined as a circle. We all joined hands. So that way we could just actually transmit the energy of love between all of us that were in circling the person that was transitioning to feel more connected to all of us. And that was going to help to relieve their fear of going to what they felt was like the unknown, because they had no sense of ……It was just, it’s over, it’s over, that’s it. So, yeah, that’s how, that’s how I did it to be able to connect everybody together, to be able to feel that, you know, like a circle of love going around and just even could touch our hearts and it went like that. So I think that’s that’s why I said it’s a really beautiful experience. Many times you don’t, you don’t know what’s gonna transpire, not that type of experience.

Dr Manon (39:24):

So let me think if I had any other questions I had. Oh, let’s see. I’m trying to think what else so many things in your, in your bio, which I will be posting so people can get more more information on you, but well, let’s put it this way. Is there anything that you would like to as parting words at this point that you would like to share?

Michelle Barrial  (39:56):

Well, I would like to share that I created a book last year, the end of last year. So let me just show it on screen. If you don’t mind, of course it’s backwards, but it’s called seven elements of total health. And the little caption under here reads stress stoppers. So in my book, I talk about the ways that you can create a healthy life, body minded spirit. So I talk about how to relax physically like mind hacks for sleeping. I talk about breathing how important it is to, to maintain your breath control, particularly when your emotions try to take over, and then you wanna help yourself to be calm again and, and feel like you’re not losing control, but rather that you’re are in control of your emotions. So I teach steps in there for breathing with a few exercises.

Michelle Barrial  (40:48):

And also I talk about the power of gratitude, creating an attitude of gratitude, how important it is to like create a gratitude journal. And I talk about also the power of sound. Since I do healing with sound, let’s talk about how we can use sound and, and give different exercises. I also give a couple of meditation prompts in there. So you could either record, you know, read it and record it and then listen to it in your own voice. And then also I talk about how you want to just use these techniques for, you know, your everyday life and then also about grounding and integrating these things into your life. So grounding, meaning when super overwhelmed and you feel like you know, the stress is just getting over the top. So when ways that you can ground yourself is actually just walking in nature, coming back into your awareness of your being fully present in your body.

Michelle Barrial  (41:48):

So when you walk outside, I live in Florida, so I can take off my shoes and walk barefoot. And when I walk on the grass that really grounds and connects me to earth and, and the energies from the earth that really keep me centered. And so that’s one way for me, that helps me a great deal. And I recommend that to people that they could walk anywhere in nature, and particularly if they have forays or trees or mountains, or even the oceans nearby that nature is, is so beautiful to connect with because it really gives back mother nature’s always giving to us. And so when we are in those energies, that’s a form of healing, natural healing that you can receive from nature, all of the beautiful energies that are out there. So that’s what I encourage people to do, to be able to integrate fully in their mind and in their bodies, you know, the balance that we need every day.

Dr Manon (42:44):

Well, thank you for those parting words. It was lovely to have you on the show. Thank you, NEMA state. Thank you so much.

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