Restoring Your Health Through Detoxing, Gut Health & Mindset with Steve Q Wiltshire on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (Deregistered naturopathic physician with 30 years of experience in health), talks with Steve Q Wiltshire, Coach and Gut Restoration Expert

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Steve Wiltshire

I thought everything that I was doing, eating was ideal. You know, my body fat was low. I was very active, not just in fitness, but in what I thought I was eating was great. And mindset to my mindset coach, and I had no signs leading up to my illness. I remember being at a vegan restaurant with my son. And that was the day my gut just quit, and I ate food. And I was so bloated, my stomach got so large. And then I call it my doctor scheduled an urgent appointment. And I got these tests back, test results back and all my blood panels looked ideal. And I kept thinking, this is wrong. There’s something happened to me. There’s something that I’m manifesting.

Steve Wiltshire

So, I had so much inflammation that they thought it would lead to like low on the auto immune would be like fibromyalgia, lupus would be a little higher MS would be very high. And so, when your guts compromised, which is the engine of the body, it is the part of our body, like think about our Creator, it’s right in the center of the body. And when that microbiome and that that lining of the gut starts to go like delta virus is a very good example of when they these doctors started opening people’s bodies to see their intestines. They were all wrapped up. Well, it just like triggered all these things. It’s it gets to be pretty complicated.

Steve Wiltshire 15:23

Sugar, stimulants, you know, I had all this fake energy that was so subtle, because you know, I kind of lived a flight and fight life, you know. And I love where you’re going with this. And then these radical meal plans like Ketos, beans, a lot of things, but these radical meal plans that can’t sustain us, as we age, they’re so challenging on our pancreas, on our liver, our gallbladder, you would not believe what they do, they can just put your body in this altered state of illusion.


Steve Q. Wiltshire has made fitness, health & mindset a priority for 3 decades! Shortly after winning the Mr. Oregon Body Building Competition, Steve developed an autoimmune disease that originated from a serious gut complication that almost ruined his health.

Most everything Steve learned from experts, radical meal plans and harsh chemicals in supplements compromised his gut health. 18 months after being diagnosed, Steve healed himself by following the philosophy and wellness practices taught by the Hypocrites Institute in Southern Florida.

Through Steve’s journey, he has developed a process that has led him to assisting thousands of people how to reclaim their health & power! Steve is a Keynote Speaker, Author and Mindset Coach and the founder of Body Temple Health & Wellness.

Core purpose/passion: To heal 1 million people by 2025 – To honor their bodies for the duration of their lives – Take Charge of their health, body and mindset!

Most of the population subconsciously believe their bodies can sustain their poor choices, especially gut health. It affects every other area of their lives and can substantially ruin their lives.

Freebie: During our interview, Steve generously shares his exact process on his detox process that restored his health and his complimentary ‘15 Day Kickstart Gut Detox Plan!’


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As a recently De-Registered board-certified naturopathic physician & in practice since 1992, I’ve seen an average of 150 patients per week and have helped people ranging from rural farmers in Nova Scotia to stressed out CEOs in Toronto to tri-athletes here in Vancouver.

My resolve to educate, empower and engage people to take charge of their own health is evident in my best-selling books:  ‘What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask: The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship’ and ‘A Healer in Every Household: Simple Solutions for Stress’.  I also teach BowenFirst™ Therapy through Bowen College and hold transformational workshops to achieve these goals.

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Manon Bolliger 00:40

Welcome to the Healers Café. And today I’m super excited because I have Steve Wiltshire with me, who, as you will find out in great detail is really a gut specialist. Now, he’s made his fame, and his name and fitness, health and mindset for over three decades. And he won the Mr. Oregon bodybuilding competitions. I don’t know what that is, but you were more than able to share a little bit about that. But then, you developed autoimmune disease that actually started with or originated from serious gut complication. So, I’m gonna just start, because I always want to know what gets people on the journey. And, you were already into health and fitness before this happened. So, if you could go back to what actually, how did you see the world to make you decide that this is something you’re passionate about? And then obviously, you continue your passion even more deeply? But why don’t you take us on that little journey?


Steve Wiltshire 01:56

Well first of all I want to really take the time to acknowledge the work that you’re doing in the world, your podcast is super amazing, and I am so excited about catching up on episodes. I’ve been on about 150 interviews, and when I started, when I read the description, I knew you were somebody I wanted to know. And then I started listening to a couple episodes. I can’t wait to catch up. Everybody’s in the right place. You’re such a philanthropist and all about helping people in a big way. Well done my friend. Well done.


Manon Bolliger 02:33

Thank you.


Steve Wiltshire 02:35

Great question to start out with. In fact, this is something that I don’t always talk about. And here I was if I go back in time, I was born into a family of athletes. And I was not one I was the middle son of three boys. And my dad was in college pretty much close to pro in baseball and football. And I came to the world uncoordinated and thin, and I just wasn’t his ideal. I just could not get interested in sports. And so here I am successful as an entrepreneur at 27. And I happen to be at this Entrepreneur Convention. And Patricia Fripp a keynote speaker in front of 4500 people got to the end of her message got very quiet. She said, I have a question for you. And I swear there was about two minutes of silence. And then she said, what in your life are you sick and tired of being sick and tired of? And I wrote, I hate my body. And so, I came…


home, I was ready for my 10 year reunion and decided I was going to get into fitness. We’re going back, you know, 30 years ago, that was 30 years ago. I didn’t know where to start. There wasn’t like the common gyms that we know. And my wife was a choreographer for a top 10 Miss Olympia. And that was meaning all bodybuilding. So, I ended up with this, you know, neighborhood gym, and all these, you know, athletic people, I felt really incompetent. And so, what I’m getting at is I started out in this journey that wasn’t really what I was interested in. I just wanted to get into health. So that’s where I started my journey. And I started being educated by people in the bodybuilding industry. And I can tell you now looking at that, you know, even at 40 or 35, or now currently anyone it’s just a pathway that can lead to destruction because a lot of what you’re taught through supplementation…I remember when they asked me if I wanted to do steroids, I’m like, What do you mean? Do I want to be steroids? No, I don’t want to do steroids. But the radical meal plans and the supplements that they take that are just loaded with, with chemicals and toxins. I mean, I’ve been on three interviews where I’ve had, I’ve never heard of a supplement hacker. I mean, these three interviews that I had are companies that reveal all of these toxins and ingredients in supplements. I mean, 92% of the supplements on the market have chemicals in them and 87% are owned by pharmaceutical drug companies.


Manon Bolliger 05:25



Steve Wiltshire 05:25

Disguised as supplement companies that just are…they are…some of these chemicals are worse than a straight shot of 151. Isn’t it crazy?


Manon Bolliger 05:37

Well, I mean, they have glycol phosphate. I mean, I’m sure you’ve all the it’s just, it’s the residues of the industry. You know, I mean, and you gotta be careful, because I mean, I do think there might be some supplements, you know, if people had taken a little bit more vitamin D, and zinc. In the last, you know, couple of years or so, you know, I think a lot of people would have done a lot better,


Steve Wiltshire 06:02

Oh, you are right on with that


Manon Bolliger 06:04

We’re chronically low. But I do agree there’s an entire industry that is not about health, that has sort of taken over the so called health industry,


Steve Wiltshire 06:17

Overloaded with content, you know, I mean, we don’t often know where to start. And that’s what I love about what’s happening in this world though, with all these podcasters that are really pretty much revealing their information, truth about the passion and usually comes from something they have gotten through the other side.


Manon Bolliger 06:43

So well, I think, you know, let’s jump right into it. What happened? You know, to you, what did you learn from this? I bet you that what you’ve learned isn’t really well known. Like, other than, I don’t think it’s discussed because I mean, I went 30 years ago to a naturopathic school. And we weren’t talking about that,


Steve Wiltshire 07:06

MmmHmm. No, yeah, functional medicine is the place to study. You know, when I go back, and I think every…I mean, I was into fitness. I thought everything that I was doing, eating was ideal. You know, my body fat was low. I was very active, not just in fitness, but in what I thought I was eating was great. And mindset to my mindset coach, and I had no signs leading up to my illness. I remember being at a vegan restaurant with my son. And that was the day my gut just quit, and I ate food. And I was so bloated, my stomach got so large. And then I call it my doctor scheduled an urgent appointment. And I got these tests back, test results back and all my blood panels looked ideal. And I kept thinking, this is wrong. There’s something happened to me. There’s something that I’m manifesting. Well, the good news is his mother, who’s my partner with body, Temple Health and Wellness, had been on this two year journey of healing herself from third stage cancer. It was genetically that adversity card was dealt on her mom’s side of the family. When Lynne was 12, that’s her name. Her sister died at 21 with Cancer, her whole mother’s side, she had eight siblings, they all died of cancer, grandparents, uncles. So even in Lynn’s mindset, it was like cancers, evident, that was kind of what she started with Intel, she started to be able to realize that part of her thinking was probably manifesting it. But at that time in my life, when she decided to go alternative and follow the methods and philosophy and practices taught at the Apocrates Health Institute in southern Florida, and opted out of surgery and I thought to myself, you could die and leave our 12 year old son, I mean, we were divorced and really, really close. And so, I couldn’t get my mind wrapped around it until I got sick. And then when she started to lead me to these natural paths, you know, I hired a naturopath prior to my show, but he was a body builder, naturopath, he had a whole different idea than functional medicine. I wasn’t aware of what I was doing. We know we know. We know. We don’t know, we don’t know, we don’t know. So, I just started on, you know, working with these naturopaths and going through these treatments. But when I got my bloodwork back, it was different you know, he they realized I had a very serious case of Candida. All of my gut was just almost destroyed with Candida, bad bacteria. And I had no clarity I had never experienced no clarity and so I started doing colonics, a couple of times a week it was, you know, after about a year, it was about $10,000. And colonics is like a spot and an experience, those of you that have never done it, and if you have blockage or you can’t eliminate, or it’s a good place to start, because it gets your body naturally into this rhythm of letting go of waste, especially waste that is turned into tar in your colon, and you need to release it. And it’s, I remember, I was really uncomfortable with it until I did it. And then I realized that they’re very much like massage therapists, you know, it’s something that you can do on your own, or they can actually even detoxing the liver for people that have had drinking issues, or consistency with drinking. So, I went down this path, and it changed my life, I did not understand that there is a different way. And even though I didn’t really eat a lot of sugar, I was eating a ton of white rice, which is really like eating pure sugar. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.


Steve Wiltshire 07:44

So, what were the changes that…because you had an immune autoimmune condition, right?


Steve Wiltshire 11:18

It was actually celiac, and they knew it was leading to other things. So, I had so much inflammation that they thought it would lead to like low on the auto immune would be like fibromyalgia, lupus would be a little higher MS would be very high. And so, when your guts compromised, which is the engine of the body, it is the part of our body, like think about our Creator, it’s right in the center of the body. And when that microbiome and that that lining of the gut starts to go like delta virus is a very good example of when they these doctors started opening people’s bodies to see their intestines. They were all wrapped up. Well, it just like triggered all these things. It’s it gets to be pretty complicated. But my story was I was, you know, 20 or probably about 15 years at that point on my health journey. 27. Yeah, about 42 years old. And my male friends are like, when are you going to do a show, you got to do a show, I wasn’t really interested in doing a show. But they’re like, you’re just so in such good shape, when are you going to do show you need to do a show. And so, I remember meditating about that one day, and I thought I don’t, I think I need some accountability. And it’d be fun to do a show. I don’t really care if I win. But I want to be in the best possible shape of my life, mentally, physically and spiritually. And I was a person that was an entrepreneur, coach, speaker trainer, traveling all over North America, very little time, very invested in helping people transform their life and really make a big impact. And I thought, I’m gonna do this for myself. I’ve got 16 weeks before the show, why not? So, what I couldn’t believe that I want all of you to hear is about three weeks into it. I was wondering, man, why am I so happy, because I study core values. And I take clients through these core value exercises. And I realized it was because everything that I was doing, no one had control over. Now think about it. Every move you make, or every move somebody makes in our in your life, whether it’s coworkers, staff, family, friends, it affects your life. And I just created these non-negotiables around my time when I was going to do cardio when I was going to meditate when I was going to meal prep, everything from workout to posing, which I was so not good at I ended up becoming this like, written up for like this excellent master poser meaning we can create anything. You know, I love my story. Because I want people to see, I was not good at a lot of things in my life that I just simply applied effort to. But what I realized by how is that you know what, when you create these non-negotiables you have full control over your thinking, your choices, your disposition, action steps, and it’s one of the only things in our life that we’re blessed with, that we only get for a duration of a period of time while we’re on this planet that we have full control over. It’s just amazing, isn’t it?


Manon Bolliger 14:44

But so just to get the story straight in my own mind. You are you’re building your health, mental, emotional, physical, your confidence, challenging yourself into something that you’re not fit for but obviously can create. And you are taking at this time a prescribed supplements?


Steve Wiltshire 15:13

Not prescribed $822 of supplements that I had no idea I had…


Manon Bolliger 15:21

But prescribed to you.


Steve Wiltshire 15:23

Yeah, right. Recommended for my show. Sugar, stimulants, you know, I had all this fake energy that was so subtle, because you know, I kind of lived a flight and fight life, you know. And I love where you’re going with this. And then these radical meal plans like Ketos, beans, a lot of things, but these radical meal plans that can’t sustain us, as we age, they’re so challenging on our pancreas, on our liver, our gallbladder, you would not believe what they do, they can just put your body in this altered state of illusion. And so here, you know, 16 weeks before my first show, and then I ended up doing another show. So, I just continued this regimen. Eight months later was Mr. Oregon bodybuilding competition. And then I stayed on this regiment for two years $822 of toxins in supplements, and I think I’m eating good. Now it’s like, I didn’t even hardly eat any greens. It wasn’t part of it, like ice lettuce for God’s sake. And now 90% of my health regimen, my meal plan is produce and sprouts I grow sprouts, they’re super easy to grow. They’re like live produce. So that’s what happened. And it just destroyed my gut. And it took me 18 months to get back to restoration


Manon Bolliger 16:58

To get very specific here. Because otherwise I’m gonna get a lot of questions. Well, what did he do? And what did he then change? So, you were you doing a ketogenic style diet? Were you doing a meat eaters diet?


Steve Wiltshire 17:17

Good question.


Manon Bolliger 17:18

What were you doing plus?


Steve Wiltshire 17:20

Combination is terrible for your digestion. So here, I’m having some kind of meat three times a day, steak, close to the Show more like lean chicken, like chicken breast. I’m eating a ton of white rice. And I’m eating some kind of lettuce. That basically was my plan. And then as I got closer to the show, things started to change. You know, I ate eggs as well, like egg whites. Pretty simple. But what happens when you’re combining a carb and meat, meat takes a long time to digest, sometimes up to 14 to 21 days, believe it or not, and then your carbs are elevating your glycemic index, and it puts your body into flight and fight. I would say that if I were to give you the answer, if I were hanging out with you at an airport, we’re in at a gate and you know what I do? And I know what you do, and you say to me, so I have to board? Can you give me some advice? I would. And I’m simple. The reason I don’t need to look at ingredients is because I don’t need…it’s mainly produce. We even have an eBook. We have a free program. And you’ll notice we have an eBook called chemicals and toxins to avoid they’re completely listed all these toxins and online companies that you can order from we even have a program called body temple shopping guide that we make available to you as well. But I would say first sweat. I can tell you the first thing that I would do like if I if you were to see pictures of me, I’m 57 right now, people are always amazed at my age. I was just to get comments, especially in the sauna, but I’m in a sauna five to six days a week. The other two days I’m doing Bikram Yoga because you sweat externally, you sweat internally, and you do both. So externally means that you have a forest like a sauna. Externally means cardio, both would be like Bikram yoga, and those of you that have like fibromyalgia or lupus, oh, this just tears my heart up like and simultaneously. It makes my heart happy when people that have neuropathy, and I lead them to a really inexpensive sauna or a place they can go in their local community even I have gotten them into hotels, where they just can’t afford it and talk to a manager and they let them go in and get into sauna. When you start to sweat, the neuropathy goes away, the toxin goes away. Second, go green. You can’t go wrong with produce. And there’s all these recipes that you can make that are just simple you know, after a while, you know, I think it’s interesting because when you look at a pond, that you’re trying to get the alkaline the balance of the pond, the bad bacteria, the good bacteria, the whole thing, it’s just like the gut pond and I remember how interesting it was to finally get it in balance. And here for years I mean, the same woman that I’m talking to that is that rocks health beyond me that’s healed herself not once but twice from third stage cancer never made me Mills so like I just kind of went with my own thing she’s receivable we had kid like she just never made bills, it was really interested. And so, I didn’t ever eat produce, and now my body craves it my body craves grains.


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Steve Wiltshire 21:51

Third, diminish or eliminate the sugar, there are 68 bar coded ingredients disguised as sugar, and five of those sweeteners are worse than some of the strongest alcohol. And they’re all in that eBook that will make available to it’s just this concentration on that like it’s just amazing. I have, we have watched 1000s of people heal by taking them through this process we call our ideal wellness plan template make a decision, you’re ready for change. And that’s what this free gift is all about. It’s called the kickstart the 15 day kickstart detox program. But it’s a lifestyle. And the first part of this 43 minute videos make a decision, you’re ready for change. Second, create your customized wellness plan. And the reason I say customized is what took eight months was getting us to think about the different kinds of people that would watch this. People that need just baby steps, people that are sick or know they’re manifesting something that they need to go narrow. And then people that want to take their health to the next level. But I found that all these old models man in that are all about taking, like making people make these radical changes. The two simplest questions I asked people is, what do you know you eat and drink that’s good for you? Are you used to? And then I pause and write a lot of notes. And then what do you know you eat and drink that you know is not good for you. One ideal wellness plan is about a lot of things. It’s not just about fitness. It’s about water, it’s about food source, it’s about meal plans, it’s about meditation. And then third is shifting your poor habits to ideal habits because there’s all of these things that happen in the body. When we start to change, what is the habit when the body becomes the mind? And so, we get these triggers, and we have to be gentle and loving through the process and be gentle with our bodies because we’ll go radical sometimes, you’ll find yourself going through a drive thru and think what the heck am I doing?


Manon Bolliger 24:06

So, as you know, trained as a naturopath, right, which is, you know, we look at diet as one of the things and that’s not actually the area I focused on. For me it was more general health, health as in mental health and the way people take on stress and what they make stress mean, both physically and emotionally. So, it’s a little bit different, but I mean, of course I looked at diet too. And I found that people seem to require many different I say, you know, different strokes for different folks, right. I have had people that have had such horrible Candida that they did way better on a like…on a carnivore diet that wasn’t a pesticide eating mammal, but that actually, you know, had a chance to eat, you know proper grass, or you know.


Steve Wiltshire 25:12

I agree with you.


Manon Bolliger 25:13

Yeah. So, have you found that because I know…what’s the school in Florida…oh, Hippocratic…Hypocrites? Yes. That is very much focused on plant based exactly. And I’ve had I know people who have who have been there and have had incredible results, you know, using that method. So, when you say that, or at least I’m wondering if I’m hearing this correctly? Do you feel that it’s the vitamins, the toxicity of the types of vitamins you took or the quantity? What was the thing that really made you ill that you had to recover from?


Steve Wiltshire 26:12

This is a great question. And I want to validate what you’re saying. First of all, I want to acknowledge your open mindedness because being an expert, you know, I mean, even what I noticed my entrepreneur brand, people would hire me to build a we had several coaches to build these thriving businesses. But what they didn’t realize is we weren’t just about business, we’re the all-inclusive program about life. And the same with body too. But I didn’t want to just be about health. Because I’m a mindset coach, I wanted to be about health and life, their marriages would get better their health, whatever that they wanted in their life, the things that…you know, we had exercises that we took them through questionnaires that helped us see what they want. But going back to what you were saying is that there’s some blood types that do great with animal protein. And when we start to think about where we came from, you know, we were all born in different parts of the world. And there was different kinds of food available. But the big thing that I think is not talked about is food combination. So, I am not completely a vegan. And I definitely am careful about my source. Like you said, there are 80 to 120 average chemicals in fish, unless you find an ideal source, especially like I’m in Portland, Oregon, where if I mean…water everywhere, but those these rivers are so full of toxins. I mean, there’s so much toxins just in our water source. When you think of fluoride, you think of pharmaceutical drugs, and so doesn’t matter as much when you’re younger. Doesn’t matter as much, if you’re not sick, it just is noticing, when you need to go narrow. And that’s often when we feel we don’t feel right, and our blood work comes back, looking like we’re fine. And what I feel you’re leading to is meditation. You need a to have a relationship with your soul. That’s one step ahead of you. And whether you call it Jesus, Buddha, soul, higher power, universe, you have a source that is one step ahead of you. And when you start to get present, and slow down, you can feel air on your exposed skin with nothing, even hardly than a breeze. But do you know what your body wants? And I see that with just giving people this platform on meditation. I, nobody gets my morning, but my Creator. And I mean, I literally go through this meditation process to tap and tune in. And the information that I’m given is discernment and wisdom. And a lot of people don’t know how, and just FYI, since we’re here, a Facebook community that we started this year, actually last year called Body Temple Community, jump in the Facebook search Body Temple Community and ask for approval. We have lives. The File section is loaded with content and my miracle morning ritual is the thing that people are always interested in these podcasters just want to talk all about it because do we have a hub for our life? You know, if you’re married, you’re listening. Let’s say you’re married, and your marriage is going south. You don’t wish it into existence. You are usually going to find an environment that supports you and healing that marriage, you’re going to go to counseling or you’re going to go to Marriage Encounter, you’re going to go to maybe your local church and jump into a program. Well, who has a hub for their life? You know, you’re living through osmosis instead of design. My first I love it to be 45 minutes, sometimes it’s 15, the first part of my day, I’m reading affirmations that are training my brain, how to think around relationships. What are the four commonalities that we have? Relational, physical, spiritual, professional, and you start to train your brain how to think. And that’s when you start to realize that you can shift your brain to think a way that you want to track the thing that you want. And that’s after you of course that you have a plan. But it’s a huge part of transformation is to be tuned in to your body, because your body will tell you a lot.


Manon Bolliger 31:00

No, I totally agree with that part. And I and in my clinic, and now just in my online courses I am I teach people how to start to pay attention. And, learn to trust that source, that intuition. Because it changes.


Steve Wiltshire 31:22

I listen to about this. That you you’ve recorded.


Manon Bolliger 31:27

Oh, I see. Okay. I probably did, because it feels like, that’s definitely something I’ve, you know, it’s we’re so accustomed to thinking about the rational mind, and therefore, everything we know, is all we know. And it’s all there. It’s all in the background. It’s part of the larger spectrum. But what we need right now, in this moment for this body, at this time in this state, is a very internal question. You know, and it’s…


Steve Wiltshire 32:02

Internal question. Mm hmm.


Manon Bolliger 32:04

Yeah. And I think that’s what we need to, we need to ask,


Steve Wiltshire 32:09

Do we ask ourselves like, to the body do we say, what do you need? Can I find it interesting how my cats just, when I talk to me, and I, I, you know, I’m going back, like thinking I was never this guy 30 years ago, and I saw things very logically very pragmatic, than even this plant that I just brought back to life. Like, I mean, I’m just like, what do you need? What do you need, and I heard I need Miracle Gro. This plat is like, old was almost dead flourishing. But it’s the same thing. We just have to, we totally have to tap in. But I think most people are looking for a plan, like I, I will tell you that when the three things that I mentioned about produce going green, most of the time, you know, you just can’t lose, and detoxing and shifting your poor habits to ideal habits. And often we’re just not always aware of them. Our Creator gave us what’s called a frontal lobe. And 40% of the human brain is the frontal lobe. And I believe it’s the blessing of freedom. Because when you start to study, the only animal that remotely is close to humans mind is a chimpanzee. And you know that many times if the chimpanzees child is taken from them at a young age, they will hang themselves. What’s that tell us? Now, dog maybe has 6% of the human mind and cat has 3%. But most of us scientists say the frontal lobe has a capacity of 2 trillion megabytes. And most people are using 2000 and are operating from the primal mind, which is the flight and fight mode. So, can you start to slow down and get clear about what you want? Like that’s what brought me to coaching. I had a rock star life at 32. I mean, people wanted my life, and I didn’t know I wasn’t happy. And I remember, Manon just praying, like why am I not happy? My life looks so great from the outside this is about 12 years prior to me getting sick. And I remember praying for support. And then all of a sudden, someone that I hadn’t seen for eight months, had made all these changes in her life and she had hired this coach, and she lost a lot of weight. So, I just said you hired like a fitness coach is about 1998. And she said no, I hired a life coach. And I said, well, can I have her number? And she said, Yeah, I should probably give you a session. I think what if I never made that call? She in two sessions realized I had created this life based on illusion, as to what I thought other people thought of my success. It wasn’t even real. But I was raised, meaning, you know, we are programmed at a young age, and then we get to our adult life, our teenage years. And we’re undoing the work like you said earlier, right?


Manon Bolliger 35:21

Yeah, no, absolutely.


Steve Wiltshire 35:22

It was all about my mama show up, be responsible, self-sacrifice, everybody, this is what we do, right. And then by God, then that was the life that I live. I don’t even know what made me happy. But I remember, it was all about these questions. And that’s why I love the art of a question to people and just sit in it for a bit, you know, it’s amazing.


Manon Bolliger 35:45

Yeah, but I think it’s, you’re right, it’s the sit in it for a bit piece. Because the thing is that, it’s, I mean, as we’ve seen, in the last, you know, couple of years, it’s great to have a frontal lobe. But if you put that frontal lobe into fear mode, and you’re now, you know, not using it, then you don’t have common sense you have, you know, everything is done from fear. And we’re just like, herd animals, you know, running after a total illusion. And I think maybe we had to go into this in order for more people potentially to, to see it on a greater scale, what takes us a lifetime to come to terms with I think, you know, a lot of people have had a quick, a quicker awakening into… and the word awakening bothers me, but I can’t think of a better one.


Steve Wiltshire 36:46

And this was actually all of you that are listening this I mean, Manon and I had this incredible conversation before. She kept saying, I feel like we need to push play. We were just like, from the get-go of meaning. Having this conversation, what it really came down to is personal power. And what does personal power mean? You love your thinking you love your choices. You love how you feel. You love how you handled some adversity, or someone just reacting to you with words that just were just toxic. You love how you handled something. And circumstantial power is circumstances that show up like I call them adversity cards, and you loved how you are with that you can’t control…even circumstantial power would be winning the lottery winning a million bucks. What would make it personal power would be what got me to buy that lottery ticket. What got me to open that email what got need to open that? there are miracles happening every day. Sometimes, I’m surprised that like a video that shows up in my YouTube feed that I’m like, whoa, where did this come from? I get analytics, I get the whole aspect of back in analytics with online. And it didn’t make any sense. And here it was a message. It didn’t just happen when you’re aware of everything around you. And you’re looking at like contrast is the gift, let’s contrast wanted unwanted conditions. And when you see an unwanted condition instead of saying dammit, why the hell is this happening to me? You say? Interesting. Interesting. And that’s how Manon started off. Like she started off. Like, we both have mothers that are ill. And she had some technical stuff. I had some technical stuff. So how do you do it? Oh, it’s been an interesting morning. In lightens up the load because law of attraction is a thing, man.


Manon Bolliger 38:49

Exactly. Listen, Steve, we are like, out of time.


Steve Wiltshire 38:54

I know this has been fun.


Manon Bolliger 38:55

And I also I wanted to mention because some people will resonate with, you know, some of the gifts you have like the detox 15 Day and all that. So, what we’re going to do is put a link to these gifts if people are interested to find out more and you know, I always feel like, you know, nothing’s for everybody, but some things are perfect for the right person at the right moment. So, you know, I think this will help many people and that’s the goal of these talks is to share information and get people’s journeys out. Oh, I can’t hear you.


Steve Wiltshire 39:42

Weird. Can I just spend a minute telling them about what it is?


Manon Bolliger 39:46

Sure. Go for that


Steve Wiltshire 39:48

Very quick. So first of all, just search Kick start…excuse me search You see it in the show notes, but body tempo is the name of the company kickstart is the name of the program. When you go to the landing page, just enter your email and name. And you’ll notice that there is an opportunity for you to enter your cell number and we’ll text you the link. We get hundreds of support emails every week that say, I didn’t get the link emails just not reliable anymore. It’s just a thing. And then you’ll see a 43 minute video, you end up getting an email and that’s you want to save that page, you can go back, and in that 43 minutes, we’re going to show you how to detox gut restoration. How to shift your poor habits to ideal habits. And the most important part we’re going to give you a template to create your ideal customized keyword wellness plan. Below the video, you’ll see five steps. The first step is a three minute evaluation. It is a wakeup call for you. Why is it three minutes, we’ve thought of everything that you would want and not want. You’re just checking a box. Be sure and save that or print that before you push submit it goes back to you but the same thing with email, people don’t get it. And in that 43 minutes we will show you how to completely restore your health and how to kickstart it for 15 days. And you’ll also hear from a representative we even reach out and say can we get you some ideal resources? That’s how it works.


Manon Bolliger 41:27

Okay. Well, thanks very much.


Steve Wiltshire 41:31

It’s been an honor my friend. Awesome.


ENDING: 41:33

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* De-Registered, revoked & retired naturopathic physician, after 30 years of practice in healthcare. Now resourceful & resolved to share with you all the tools to take care of your health & vitality!