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Manon Bolliger (Deregistered with 30 years of experience in health)

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Art Giser

Art Giser

How To Find Your Miraculous Self Using Energetic NLP– Art Giser on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger, FCAH, CBHT (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks with Art Giser about Energetic NLP which works to align your consciousness, unconsciousness, spirit, soul, and body.


Highlights from today’s episode include:

Art Giser 

Well, there’s a lot more to all of us in that you have a spirit, you have a soul, you have a conscious mind, you have an unconscious mind that we’ve seen, energetic entropy is not a monolith, it has all different aspects to it.


Art Giser  18:26

So that let me introduce one other concept that’s important for what we’re doing that again, it’s unique to energetic NLP. And it’s called your miraculous self I’ve mentioned it before. But what it is it’s when your spirit with its vast awareness and your deep inner human wisdom become aligned to guide you, nurture you, heal you, and support you.

– – – – –

Art Giser  30:08

We all tend to get into resistance to things and that’s normal. And it’s so healing when you kind of go, I’m not…I’m not playing the game, you know, I’m, I’m promoting, I want in the world, I’m not doing it if I’m the battle.


Art Giser is the creator of Energetic NLP, a special blend of NLP & Neuro-Linguistic Programming, spiritual principles, and transformative energy work. He is an internationally renowned NLP trainer, executive coach, intuitive, and master healer.
 Art is known for his humor, caring, miraculous remote energy work, and his ability to help people release energetic and unconscious blocks and limitations and open up their miraculous abilities.

Core purpose/passion: Two things: simply put, making things/people/life better. And opening up people’s amazing untapped spiritual and energetic abilities.


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As a recently De-Registered board-certified naturopathic physician & in practice since 1992, I’ve seen an average of 150 patients per week and have helped people ranging from rural farmers in Nova Scotia to stressed out CEOs in Toronto to tri-athletes here in Vancouver.

My resolve to educate, empower and engage people to take charge of their own health is evident in my best-selling books:  ‘What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask: The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship’ and ‘A Healer in Every Household: Simple Solutions for Stress’.  I also teach BowenFirst™ Therapy through Bowen College and hold transformational workshops to achieve these goals.

So, when I share with you that LISTENING to Your body is a game changer in the healing process, I am speaking from expertise and direct experience”.

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Welcome to the Healers Café. Conversations on health and healing with Manon Bolliger. A retired and deregistered naturopathic physician with 30 plus years of experience. Here, you will discover engaging and informative conversations between experienced healers, covering all aspects of healing, the personal journey, the journey of the practitioner, and the amazing possibilities for our own body, and spirit.

Manon Bolliger  00:40

So welcome to the Healers Café and today I have with me Art Giser. He’s the creator of Energetic NLP, it’s a special blend of NLP and neuro linguistic programming, spiritual principles, and transformative energy work. He is an internationally renowned NLP trainer, executive coach, intuitive, and Master Healer. So, I’m very excited to find out what is this difference that, you know, between you’re using NLP but there’s more to it. Tell us a little bit about what you do and how you got to this actually.


Art Giser  01:25

Thank you and I’m really happy to be on your program. I so appreciate what you’re putting out in the world. Yeah, so I can briefly explain what NLP is. And what energetic NLP is. A lot of people nowadays think they know what NLP is. And I’m always amazed at how many people who’ve been through NLP classes don’t have any clue as to what NLP is. NLP is really the study of the subjective nature of experience. And it stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. And what they mean by the subjective nature of experience is the people that started NLP, we’re looking at different approaches and traditional psychology at the time. Because if the time traditional psychology, was you had to be in therapy for five years, 10 years. And it was all about if you just understood why you were the way you were, that eventually it might heal and get better. And the people who started NLP went, well, there’s some therapists that get really fast results, you know, with most of their clients. So, what are they doing differently? And by studying them, that was the birth of NLP. And in NLP, we’re less and I’ve been an NLP trainer since 1985. And I said, with all the developers of NLP, and in NLP, while we deal with the past, the emphasis on NLP is more like what’s going on in …


the present. So, let’s say somebody has a bridge phobia. Well, no matter how they got that bridge phobia, every time they get to a bridge, their brain has to create it again. So, in NLP, we start with like, what’s going on in our minds that create either our problems or our skills, abilities and things that empower us. And so, a lot of NLP is about finding out people that have abilities, whether it’s painting a picture doing math, or having great relationships or, or being intuitive, and finding out what are they doing in their thinking processes consciously and unconsciously, and then how do you teach other people how to do it. Energetic NLP combines that with spiritual principles, transformative energy work, particularly remote energy work, and spiritual principles. So, it brings together essentially everything I’ve learned that I think really helps people over the last 40 years.


Manon Bolliger  03:49

Okay. Wow. Yeah. So how do you define then sort of spirit spiritual and energetic principles like that? What does that mean to you?


Art Giser  04:03

Well, for one thing, I define everything very loosely.


Manon Bolliger  04:08



Art Giser  04:09

And the reason for that, when I teach a training program, I have something I call the energetic NLP pledge. And I won’t go through the whole thing. But what they have to pledge is they’re not going to believe anything I tell them. And I go, I want you to explore what I’m saying, and use it to find and connect with your own spiritual information. And I made up a term belief du jour like soup du jour. I tell people I don’t believe what I’m saying. This is what I think today and 10 years, I say something different. So my goal is to get people in touch with their unconscious and spiritual wisdom, and to bring that into their lives, and to bring up more and more of the amazing potential that we all have.


Manon Bolliger  04:56

Yeah, that’s interesting. So, in a sense, making a distinction between what you not identifying basically with what you believe. Right? Because the belief is, is a temporaneous event? Because it’s just thoughts and thoughts change. Right. So, yeah, so and then…so in a sense by reconnecting to a deeper, intuitive knowing of what feels right or not, is that…am I a little bit on track there?


Art Giser  05:32

Yeah, you’re totally on track. And I don’t know if you’re familiar with the term grok or grokking.


Manon Bolliger  05:37



Art Giser  05:38

It was made up by an American science fiction writer named Robert Heinlein wrote a book called Stranger in a Strange Land, but it’s actually in the dictionary now. And grokking something it’s like when you know, like, sometimes you just know something, you can’t even say describe it. But if you’re one with it, you get it. The painter Paul Klae, Klae, who’s considered one of the greatest painters of the 20th century, was known for his use of color. In his autobiography, he talks about something happened, he was in the desert at night in Tunisia, I think, somewhere in North Africa. And he goes, I became one with color. And so, it went from being he’d studied color, and he knew it intellectually, but he became one with it and could use it in a whole different way. So, people have always talked about in spirituality, like the great mysteries, and that certain things are ineffable, in an energetic NOP, we tried to describe things because you have to, but the description when you get into energy work, and spirituality to me, is always a little tiny box of a great complex reality. So, an energetic and a peewee really emphasize grokking that you really, you know, something, it doesn’t mean you can put it into words, but you know, it, you become one with it, like you said, it’s a deep understanding. And so, to answer your question, what is spirituality to me? To me, it’s our thoughts, our feelings about our relationship to life, the universe, and beyond. Merely thinking of things in a directly physical way. You know, it’s whenever we think, you know, whether you’re an atheist or you’re religious, or you’re quote, unquote, spiritual, we all have beliefs about what all this is, and some people believe, well, none of this means anything. It’s purely accidental, by of molecules way back when, and then evolution and other people think it’s all divinely run and everything in between. So, to me how whatever people’s thoughts are, and all that is their spirituality.


Manon Bolliger  07:59

Yes. Sorry, I’m going back to your other point, I agree with that completely, but grasping, you know, what it’s like, it’s to me it’s like resonating, is that? It’s almost like you’re on the same wavelength, which is why your body absorbs it as a yes. You know, it feels right, right? Is that another way of looking at grokking?


Art Giser  08:24

Oh, exactly. It’s like when somebody goes, Oh, I know what you’re going through. And sometimes you realize, no you don’t, I mean, they can use the words. So, like, you know, I will never know what it’s like to be pregnant. I, you know, I’ve had enough female clients that I have maybe more ideas than a lot of guys, but, you know, but I will never totally grok…I mean, I will never understand it fully. You can tell sometimes when somebody is grokking your experience, you can feel it, you know, that they really are getting it, you know, and it’s not the words they say it’s something else.


Manon Bolliger  08:59

Yeah. And I think that ties back to, I went back, but I’m now jumping back to what we were just saying or you were just saying about spirituality. It’s also that resonating in the vast pool of you know, made up by some elements or it’s, you know, orchestrated divinely or wherever in between. It’s like, there’s a there’s a piece at which we’re at peace with.


Art Giser  09:28

I think that’s a great description. There’s a lot of people go, I’m not very spiritual, but then you see him taking a walk in nature. They are still connected to everything. You’re just not labeling it as spiritual.


Manon Bolliger  09:42

It’s interesting. Okay, well, that explains a lot. So, okay, so how, how does it…can you give us an example or how does it work or how?


Art Giser  09:54

Let me start with a couple of concepts that are unique to inorganic NLP that will give us some work. One is what we call your miraculous self, which I always have to say is not your high self, your high self just exists, your miraculous self only kind of sort of exists until you start working with it. And it ties in with an idea I’ll get into called whole being permission and alignment. People tend to think…when people talk about manifestation and visualize what you want. They, you know, they usually turn back, consciously doing it. And then if they’re a little broader, they go, Well, there’s also your unconscious mind. Well, there’s a lot more to all of us in that you have a spirit, you have a soul, you have a conscious mind, you have an unconscious mind that we’ve seen, energetic entropy is not a monolith, it has all different aspects to it. It’s not some inner child work as inner children. And you have wide parts and playful parts and angry parts. We, which is great it gives us our complexity and our flexibility. So you’ve got your spirit, your soul, your conscious mind, the different parts of your unconscious mind, your body. So, all of those have their own agendas. And then along with that you exist, I believe, you exist in a karmic field, and you have what are called spiritual contracts, or agreements that your spirit or soul has made. So often people go, Well, I keep visualizing what I want, but it doesn’t happen. And when I’ll work with them, the communication I get maybe from the soul is like, I don’t want that. And one of my students compares it to like, think of somebody in the chariot with five horses, and they’re all running different directions. And they’re going well, but that horse is going that way, why am I not going that way? And I first noticed this in clients years ago, they really want something. And we work with a conscious and unconscious mind. But sometimes then, when we tune into their energy, their soul would be going no, no, or their body, something different. Or parts of their conscious mind would be in conflict with other parts. Doing energetic NLP, the goal is to have what we call whole being permission and alignment. So that your spirit, your soul, your conscious mind, your unconscious mind, your body are all in aligned and what they’re trying to manifest and with a person’s karma in their spiritual contracts, so that there is permission for all of that to happen.


Manon Bolliger  12:28

Mm hmm. Yeah, that feels, yeah, it feels very aligned, it feels…it’s true because if you don’t, if you don’t have all parts of you on board, something’s gonna give right or pull you in the other direction, right? And then your mind is stuck trying to figure it out, when it isn’t really a mind thing. It could be any of those layers. Yeah, that’s I, I love the way you put that,


Art Giser  12:55

Thanks. In the way it shows up. It’s either it doesn’t manifest or you almost manifest it but falls apart, or you manifest it, but you can’t maintain it, or the symptoms of that. They’re not being alignment. Or on the other side, we should just keep your life smaller, which I don’t think I don’t have a judgment on that. I mean, I think some people that’s their life path to keep, you know, like, small, I’m some I don’t mean, smaller is bad, but they just keep in a box. And that’s what they’re doing this lifetime. Those kind of people probably aren’t watching your podcast.


Manon Bolliger  13:35

I would agree with that. Let’s put it that way.


Art Giser  13:40

You know, and for the rest of us, we go. I know, there’s so much more to me and what’s…what are the invisible pages here? What’s keeping me in?


Manon Bolliger  13:51

Well, it’s interesting. I’m just doing some self-reflection as you’re sharing that, but though might, you know, 30 years have been in practice with people, you know, helping this whole process along doing, you know, different modalities. But I think very aligned with what you’re…what you’re saying, at least, my intuitive self has picked up on all this, these aspects. What was interesting, though, is when I took business classes, you know, the one thing missing that often practitioners don’t do, I didn’t need it for my practice, but when I wanted to get my college going, you know, Bowen College and get it out there and, you know, at least put it in front of the people who would benefit from learning it. Oh, my goodness gracious. You know, it’s I it’s like, and I haven’t resolved it yet, by the way. It’s still it’s like, you know, you get to the 95% and, and it’s like, why is it not happening? Why? Why, you know, it’s like, and it’s something beyond, like, it’s not because I don’t follow instructions or question the instructions and make sure that it makes sense. But they’re, you know that so that’s what I’ve been looking at. Okay, is it a soul contract? Is it not…is it being held back because it’s not the right time? The it’s almost the right time, you know, and I mean, I’ve trained, you know, like 2500 people, it’s not like it’s not burning, but what I see for it, and the need I see is much greater than what I’m manifesting and I’m a manifester. Right. So, what is going on?


Art Giser  15:46

I’m seeing some things in your energy field, would you like me to comment on that?


Manon Bolliger  15:50

Absolutely, I’m open.


Art Giser  15:54

And let me just say to anybody listening to this, if you happen to be listening to this while you’re driving, I’m going to start using energy, and whether you believe that works, and whether you believe it works on recording or not, just don’t ever listen to anything I’m doing while you’re driving. Because a lot of the energies I use are high frequency and they put you in a bit of an altered state, which makes it easy to let go of the old programming, not how you want to be when you’re driving or chopping vegetables or anything like that. But when you said that, immediately, your heart chakra showed up, and it was like…just take this more metaphorically, but it was like there’s there was like a split down the center and the two sides of your heart chakra aren’t aligned on this. And I think there is some karma. There’s spiritual contracts involved. And if you want, at some point, you know, I could run some energy for you, but also for everybody who’s watching for whatever is going on with them.


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Art Giser  18:14

If that you think is something…


Manon Bolliger  18:18

I’m all for no expectations when I start these podcasts, but I’m, I love to receive.


Art Giser  18:26

So that let me introduce one other concept that’s important for what we’re doing that again, it’s unique to energetic NLP. And it’s called your miraculous self I’ve mentioned it before. But what it is it’s when your spirit with its vast awareness and your deep inner human wisdom become aligned to guide you, nurture you, heal you, and support you. And people often go on to naturally aligned and the answer that is simple like No. You know in some aspects of your life there are but many aspects. They’re not naturally aligned or automatically aligned. And aligning them is really simple. So, the first thing we’ll do is align your spirit and your deep inner human wisdom. And then you know, that will create your miraculous self. Then you’ll put your miraculous self in charge if you want to. And then when the energy runs, what will happen is what your miraculous self wants, it will pick the parts of the energy it wants to use, it will decide what unconscious programming or spiritual contracts or energetic programming it wants to change, it will replace them with wisdom and knowledge and concepts and skills from your Spirit and wisdom. So, in energetic NLP processes most of the time, the role for your conscious mind is you set an intention. You add the word or the phrase or better because miraculous self may have something better in mind than your thinking. And then you give 100% permission to receive the benefits. because just because we’re setting an intention doesn’t mean we’ve given permission, they don’t automatically go together. So you set your intention or better, you give permission to actually receive it. You give permission for your miraculous self to be in charge. And then the fourth ingredient is a really magic one. And that is, use your imagination and pretend. Because when you pretend something, you open up the abilities of your unconscious mind and spirit. And I’m using the word pretend because this isn’t faith healing, you don’t need to believe it’s working. But when the energy is flowing, just pretend that it’s happening. Because the way people block it is they go, is it happening and my feeling it should be feeling something different? Oh, I thought about something mundane, shall if you think you know, we get into this like hamster wheel of analysis. And if you just bring out your inner playful child and going, Okay, I’m pretending miraculous energies are coming into my body and energy field and making my life better, then later, you can analyze it. But while it’s going on, just proclaim that it’s happening. So does that sound good?


Manon Bolliger  21:06

Yep. No, it feels good.


Art Giser  21:08

And the creating of the miraculous self is so simple. People try to make it hard. You set your intention and get permission and Oh, and it happens. The other thing I want to mention is, this is a case for grokking. So, don’t try to figure out what is my spirit? What is my deep inner human wisdom, what is my essence, like your spirit knows all that. See it, set the intention to get permission and get out of the way.


Manon Bolliger  21:33



Art Giser  21:34

The last little piece, when you do energy, work, emotions, different things may come up and thoughts and just whenever it comes up, just be mindful of it. And just notice it, don’t provide it, don’t feed it, just go oh, I’m releasing something. Just let it go. And again, for everybody listening just if you want to participate this just set your intention, You give 100% permission to an ad or better your intention or better. Give 100% permission to receive the benefits. Give 100% permission for your spirit and your deep inner human wisdom to come together now and to create your miraculous self. So your spirit your deep and human wisdom are aligning. And just pretend that’s happening. Give 100% permission for your miraculous self now to be in charge of the rest of this process. To your conscious mind, set intention gave permission. Now if your conscious mind put your miraculous self in charge. Then just take a couple easy deep breaths and just pretend this is just a fun little game. Let the energy come in and heal transform blocks. Whether it’s unconscious programming, energetic, karmic, spiritual contracts, and to replace those with the wisdom, knowledge, concepts, skills, abilities and attitudes from your miraculous self and your Spirit and wisdom. Let’s take a few easy deep breaths real easy ones. Smiling helps.  Easy deep breaths. And for you Manon, in particular and just for everybody. I never tried to speak the truth I’m…I don’t care how psychic Are you are you we all distort the readings, you know because it has to come through us. The way I would interpret what I’m seeing is that your college will get be even more and more successful, the more you get more neutral to the medical establishment that you don’t approve of. So just to not, I’m not saying go along with them. But just don’t you know that all What you resist persists, and just really become more neutral to what they’re doing and let the energy go towards blossoming what you’re doing. Almost sort of like just being Teflon to that other stuff. Easier said than done. But the message I’m getting for you is, the more you work on that the smoother it’ll go for your college and the more attractive it will be to the right people. Because it’ll really be coming from your authentic self, which is very loving. I don’t know if that makes any sense.


Manon Bolliger  26:58

Yeah, I can see that. It’s interesting, because I’m one of the marketing, you know, schoolings and stuff strategies is that they’re the people who would be attracted are the people who are fed up with, you know, the pain management and everything else, that through drugs. So they, the suggestion was to talk a lot about that, which is interesting. And I thought, oh, okay, I’ll try that approach, you know, but it’s, yeah, it’s not necessarily like, I see this truly as a, as it could be a standalone, it could be complimentary. I don’t feel overly attached that it…it’s definitely not a drug model. That’s the for sure piece, you know?


Art Giser  27:55

Yeah. And the thing is, I mean, in marketing with things that some people teach is, you know, create an enemy, you know


Manon Bolliger  28:02

Right, exactly, yeah.


Art Giser  28:04

Tobacco or the government you know, and that…and that works. I think it’ll work better for you, you can still appeal to people who are you looking for…are you tired of taking drugs or you’re looking for something you know, different blah blah, but it’s more your mental state of not seeing the other side as that you’re in resistance to them. It’s just you’re offering something you believe is better. You’re not again, I’ll go back to home what we resist persists. And that creates that tension. And you know what I’m talking about. So again, I’m not saying not to appeal to the people who are looking for something different or complementary but just doing it really checking your own energy and going I’m not in a battle with anything. I’m promoting what I’m…


Manon Bolliger  29:01

I do but you know, again, there could be unconsciously since you’re picking it up I’m gonna go up there’s probably truth you know, in naturopathy I definitely am because that is a different angle but in this work, it didn’t really feel it but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. So I will check in


Art Giser  29:25

Yeah, A I could be wrong and be you know, it’s not super strong, but I feel like on an unconscious level, there’s still a natural friction and yeah, because I get your real strength comes from you just really come from love on all levels. And Mother Teresa, apparently, according to a story, I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s a good story. It’s supposed to be true. Somebody wanted a good to an antiwar rally. She goes, Well, I won’t go to an antiwar rally, I will go to a peace rally.


Manon Bolliger  30:04

Right. Yeah.


Art Giser  30:08

And this isn’t just for you, this is for everybody listening. We all tend to get into resistance to things and that’s normal. And it’s so healing when you kind of go, I’m not…I’m not playing the game, you know, I’m, I’m promoting, I want in the world, I’m not doing it if I’m the battle.


Manon Bolliger  30:28

And I think, you know, the point, I was thinking, you know, it’s quite my training as a lawyer, right? Like, I can argue very well. So I could, I guess that’s probably what it is this like piece. But, but I think in our times now, it really isn’t about, you know, sort of bashing, the misinformation, or all of that in must be highlighted. Sure. But what we need is the creative force of going forward of actually knowing, you know, how incredibly beautiful and powerful the body is, and how healing, you know, naturally is…not just possible, it’s possibly the best choice for certain people, right? That’s, you know, yeah.


Art Giser  31:23

So when I was a researcher years and years ago in medical school, now, I think this, you wouldn’t find this, but there was still a lot of doctors who didn’t think emotions had anything to do with health. I mean, a lot of them knew it, but a lot of them poo pooed it and, you know, and I’d have conversations with them, but I would try to do it from a place of that they just, they think they’re helping, and they think it’s like, you know, I mean, so just trying to not be in opposition to them, but just trying to open the door. If I can tell a quick funny story. One guy, researcher, really nice guy. And he wasn’t a medical doctor, PhD, brilliant guy. And I was studying NLP in energy work at the time. And he, you know, he made jokes about it to me, you know, like, you know, that it couldn’t believe I was gonna believe in the silly stuff. Not in a bad way. But in his girlfriend had a fear of elevators and a phobia of elevators. And we worked on the 14th floor. So one time, and I was learning how to work with phobias. And I went, I don’t know if it’ll work. But why don’t we make up a name, Susan. If you want, let’s have lunch. And I’ll take you through this process and to see if it works. And that was the end of her elevator phobias. And her boyfriend would still sometimes make jokes about what I was studying. And I go, so how Susan doing with the elevators, and he’d get all red and stuff because his belief systems were being so challenged. That actually, I had sympathy for him. I mean, I love teasing him. But um, but he was trapped in his, you know, he meant well, but he was trapped in his limited beliefs. So yeah, at my best I tried to be. I’m not saying I don’t get triggered. I do, of course, but at my best I tried to go, you know, they’re in a belief system that isn’t allowing them to hear what I’m saying, Can I find ways to start making that box bigger?


Manon Bolliger  33:31

Well, that’s a great example. Well, so our time is actually up. Is there any last statement you would like to make? And how do people get in touch with you or train with you or…


Art Giser  33:46

Really quickly. We all want to separate our energies back out. So imagine ask your miraculous self to put your energy out of my space. I’ll pull my energies out of your space, anybody’s listening and they can pull their energies back. Ask everybody ask your miraculous self to fill you up. Because you always want to fill up after energy work with more of your essence and supportive Earth and universal energies, just let your miraculous self figure that out. Then, in terms of getting in touch with me, I have a free video series that takes you get a video a day for four days, and it teaches people it takes people through powerful energy processes, and people learn how to do some of them on their own. And you can rewatch the videos and they can find those at So one word and sign up and they’ll get the videos. If they want to contact me directly. They can do it. It’s support at support that e n e r g e t IC and


Manon Bolliger  34:57

Okay, and we’ll put that at the bottom of the videos and audios will be harder. Okay. Well thanks very much for your time. And thank you for the insights. I appreciate that and, and I’ll keep you posted.


Art Giser  35:14

Yeah, you keep me posted and thank you so much for allowing me to be on your show I so appreciate what you’re doing in the world and I hope I’ve contributed to it.


Manon Bolliger  35:25

Well, thank you. Yes, you have. Thank you.

ENDING: 41:33

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* De-Registered, revoked & retired naturopathic physician, after 30 years of practice in healthcare. Now resourceful & resolved to share with you all the tools to take care of your health & vitality!



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Manon is a newly retired Naturopathic Doctor, the Founder of Bowen College, an International Speaker, she did a TEDxTenayaPaseo (2021) talk “Your Body is Smarter Than You Think. Why Aren’t You Listening?” in Jan 2021, and is the author of 2 Amazon best-selling books “What Patient’s Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask”  & “A Healer in Every Household”.


Manon Bolliger, FCAH, RBHT 

Facilitator, Retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice, Business & Life Coach, International & TEDxTenayaPaseo (2021) Speaker, Educator, 2x Best Selling Author, Podcaster, Law Graduate and the CEO & Founder of The Bowen College Inc.


* Deregistered, revoked & retired naturopathic physician after 30 years of practice. Now resourceful & resolved to share with you all the tools to take care of your health & vitality!

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