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Manon Bolliger (Deregistered with 30 years of experience in health)

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Shaman Shu

Shaman Shu

Sacred Plants Help Connect Your Body, Mind, and Soul – Shaman Shu on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks with Shaman Shu about his journey to discovering his inner being through sacred plants.


Highlights from today’s episode include:

Shaman Shu  07:15

I’ll say it, you know, there is a there is an herb that deals with every medicinal ailment in our bodies. But that’s the physical side, people forget that there are herbs and sacred plants that deal with every spiritual element in our bodies


Shaman Shu 

So, we as humans, or as children have that same power, we can think something, or then we speak it, and then it becomes a living manifestation. That’s what we’re all about. And that’s what the Sacred plants have been teaching us throughout this time period

– – – – –

Shaman Shu  28:07

I teach that people have 60 to 80,000 thoughts a day, most of those thoughts are negative, and most of them are not our own. Did you catch that? They’re not even our thoughts. These are programs that were plugged into. And so that’s the power of the sacred plant


In this journey of discovery, his love for spirituality and healing has led him down this unique path with a history of more than 5,000 years.   

Meet Bobby Shu, affectionately known as Shaman Shu or Dr. Shu, who founded Soul Tribes International Ministries in Detroit, Michigan. Shu is a gifted spiritual healer passionate about empowering individuals toward self-discovery and inner peace through the gift of human connection.

Melchizedek initiated the Munay Ki rites, which help individuals connect with the energy of the Earth and the cosmos. As a Shaktipat initiate, Reiki grandmaster, breath coach, and sacred botanical alchemist with a Ph.D. in sacred botanical alchemy and a student in acupuncture specializing in energy medicine, Shaman Shu offers a unique and holistic approach to healing. Shu also profoundly understands shamanic traditions, including the order of helping individuals harness their inner power and access their highest potential.

Shaman Shu’s compassionate and intuitive nature has made him a sought-after practitioner in spiritual healing. His unique blend of expertise makes him an asset to the spiritual community. Shu has created a safe and welcoming space for individuals to explore their spirituality and connect with like-minded individuals through the organization. It uses sacred plant medicine to help heal people with trauma and promote emotional and spiritual growth.

Through his practice, Shaman Bobby Shu’s bio is a testament to his commitment to helping others on their journey toward self-discovery and inner peace. To learn more, visit

Core purpose/passion: Shaman Bobby Shu is committed to ensuring plant medicines, safe and responsible use, focusing on education, research, and community outreach. Additionally, he is passionate about providing mental health resources, workshops, and support groups to help individuals heal.




As a recently De-Registered board-certified naturopathic physician & in practice since 1992, I’ve seen an average of 150 patients per week and have helped people ranging from rural farmers in Nova Scotia to stressed out CEOs in Toronto to tri-athletes here in Vancouver.

My resolve to educate, empower and engage people to take charge of their own health is evident in my best-selling books:  ‘What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask: The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship’ and ‘A Healer in Every Household: Simple Solutions for Stress’.  I also teach BowenFirst™ Therapy through Bowen College and hold transformational workshops to achieve these goals.

So, when I share with you that LISTENING to Your body is a game changer in the healing process, I am speaking from expertise and direct experience”.

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Welcome to the Healers Café. Conversations on health and healing with Manon Bolliger. A retired and deregistered naturopathic physician with 30 plus years of experience. Here, you will discover engaging and informative conversations between experienced healers, covering all aspects of healing, the personal journey, the journey of the practitioner, and the amazing possibilities for our own body, and spirit.

Manon Bolliger  00:41

Welcome to the Healers Café and today I have with me Shaman Shu, affectionately known as the Shaman Shu. He’s also Dr. Shu who founded Soul Tribes International Ministries in Detroit, Michigan. He’s a gifted spiritual healer passionate about empowering individuals towards self-discovery and inner peace with the gift of human connection. Now, the ministry through the healings use a secret plant medicine including psilocybin mushrooms, Ayahuasca, iboga and others to transform mind body and soul. So welcome. And I guess my first question to you,


Shaman Shu  01:33

Thank you for having me.


Manon Bolliger  01:35

Just gotta get right to it. So, what inspired you to go down this particular journey? Or was this in stages? And yeah, what’s your what is your story?


Shaman Shu  01:52

Well sister Manon, thank you for having me, first and foremost, truly an honor to meet a kindred spirit that’s all about healing our people. Myself, I never would have thought that I would be talking about Sacred plants or shamanic work ever in my life. You know, my past life, if you will, was a businessman, I bought sold companies grew up major private equity firms, traveled around the world, corporate raider, have bought company sold companies, that type of thing. And along the way, I kept hearing this inner voice saying that there’s more to life than those experiences and things. And so, I would say about 15 years ago, I started moving down my other path. And in order to do that, I came with this crazy idea to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. So, coming into this universe, having asthma and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, those two things didn’t connect. And so, in order to do that, I had to spend some time with other shamans to learn how to breathe, they taught me different breathing techniques, they taught me different breathwork techniques, and I use those things, to face my fear to face my issues. And I climbed …


Mount Kilimanjaro back in 2010. That was an amazing experience to having asthma be having that challenge on the mountain. And so, I realized that there were some other things outside of myself, I spent time literally having conversations with ascended beings, angels, and fairies and things that I never, never really believed existed. I thought, was just a Marvel and Avengers movies, you know, I thought that that’s what that was. And so, along the path went from that to spending time I spent many years on the continent of Africa. You know, hanging out with, you know, ancient leaders, chiefs, and tribal leaders also understand the business side. Then in COVID, COVID was the real pivot for me. They say many people actually physically died of COVID I died a different type of death. And so, you know, my wife now, we were just dating at the time we’re living together. And, you know, dealing with the trauma that I had in life, that trauma showed up in me hurting other people. And so I realized that, you know, I put my wife in pain I put myself of course, first you always start with yourself with pain. And I could not get on a plane and leave, I would have said, I’m sorry for the errors and the pain I caused you. But normally, you know, we apologize, we get on a plane, and we do other things. I was forced to sit in that house for a year, and to deal with my ugly self, to see me in a place that I didn’t want to be. And so, I decided at that moment, I will never be that type of person again. I will be the best version of myself. After that experience. I wind to go into Costa Rica right after that. And I spent four days with Shamans in Costa Rica, literally with an Iosco ceremony throwing up in a bucket. Blew me away. And you know, we’ve never tried I was literally there on a fluke trip. I always thought that it was it was a European thing was something that you know, only White people did those psychedelics and ayahuasca and those types of things. But at that moment, I realized that these indigenous plants are for everybody. And they came from the original indigenous people. And so that forced me to go further with my journey. After coming back from that experience in Costa Rica, came back to Detroit and said, Wait a minute, what can I do to liberate people that cannot afford to go to Costa Rica. And with that, I hired a law firm, hired a lobbyist, and we wrote a petition to decriminalize Sacred plants in Detroit, Michigan. And so now we trace the largest city in the country that people can go and have access to their healing. And that’s how I got started in a short version.


Manon Bolliger  05:43

That’s quite something that’s interesting. So, I mean, it’s interesting, because I’m in British Columbia, you know, and they’re decriminalizing, but not necessarily Sacred plants. It’s more like you know, other kinds of drugs, and we’re having all this issue. And so, it’s funny that they would actually decriminalize something that has true healing potential. It’s funny,


Shaman Shu  06:12

I put, I put it on the ballot, and what was interesting, you know, Detroit’s a major urban city, and people said that there’s no way that that’s going to pass what I share with you, based upon my limited knowledge, I didn’t believe that people of color would do Psilocybin mushrooms would do Ayahuasca but then when you go to the continent of Africa, and throughout the Caribbean, that’s all that life. And so literally, it’s just having disconnection from our birthright. So, when I wrote the petition, we put it on the ballot, and people came on a vote at 61% of the people voted, and it passed. And that’s what happened.


Manon Bolliger  06:49

That’s quite a story. Yeah. So why do you feel that these substances these, you know, tinctures from the earth, basically. Because while we make them tinctures, but what do they…why do you feel they heal? Like, what is the process what is your experience with it?


Shaman Shu  07:15

I’ll say it, you know, there is a there is an herb that deals with every medicinal ailment in our bodies. But that’s the physical side, people forget that there are herbs and sacred plants that deal with every spiritual element in our bodies. So, the Sacred plants themselves are teachers. And so, if you can kind of imagine that, you know, they’ve been on this planet long before, I’ll call it, you know, long before human consciousness was here. They were here. So, if you think about this, from this perspective, if you study the Quran, or the Bible, or even the Panica some of the great books, most of the prophets sat with trees. And so, if they say in that whole conversation, if a tree could talk, what would it say? The tree was there when Abraham would be called Abram, you know, we’ve talked about the Abrahamic religions, the trees were there. So just from that perspective, alone, they became teachers, because they had access to all that knowledge. If you want to go further than that, you can talk about as like, you know, people like Nikola Tesla talks about energy, and that they say it’s not destroyed, it’s only transformed. So those teachers, the Sacred plants, rather it is ayahuasca, that’s essentially primarily in the Americas. Mushrooms are on the caps of mushroom capsule on the pyramids in ancient, ancient Egypt, and Cush, that if you think about Iboga, that’s big in West Africa. The Dogon tribe, if you know, you know, say the Dogon there was a tribe in West Africa. And they will talk about the Sirius star, this was a star that before the 40s, the Dogon would always say, based upon their experiences with their teachers, obolga that there was this big star that people could never see with the naked eye, but they could see because they said they actually had been there. It wasn’t until after man created the scope, this telescope that they now call the Sirius star. And so, these teachers have been here since the beginning of time. Of course, is what’s interesting is that, you know, in America, they’ve incarcerated the plants. These plants were incarcerated and the people that do that do the time. And so, me having that experience myself, never would have believed that that was the case. But my teachers the plants begin to teach me they begin to share with me my true birthright of shamanism. Begin the RE configuring to Rick make me remember who I actually am. It was not the physical avatars you see today have been in this world war, you know, eons of time. So that is what Soul Tribes Ministries is all about. We’re literally one connectivity with different tribes from all over the planetary system coming together for our healing. We do things like teaching people the significance of breathing through breath work, just the significance of just like taking a moment to still your breath, your listeners, your viewers, just that connectivity, that is the breath of the Creator. Just that one small thing makes a difference. We teach breathwork. We teach, we teach meditation, we teach the significance of mudras, you know, hand moves, we teach the significance of mantas, and we teach the herbs, we teach all these different things, we teach the elements fire, earth, air, and water, that we actually have dominion over all those things. They were created. And if there is a believer, people call him or her the Creator, or the creative of the universe. But then they gave us the keys after the universe was created. We as humans, if you will, that were made in his or her image, we’re given the keys and the authority over all these things. What would it mean, if we can go have a conversation with a glass of water? What would it mean, you know, Emoto, if you’ve heard of that person, that brilliant doctor did actually scientific experiment around water. And so, he would put water in a petri dish, and he was like good water, good water, good water, and then put the same water and another petri dish bad water, bad water, bad water. And then we’ll put it under a microscope. And it would literally show the significance that what we say words matter. And so, if that’s powerful, but then you go back and talk about the sacred plant, because you know, a sacred plant grows with water there, it’s all connected. We’re all connected from that perspective, when you know, and if you talk about, I’ll call it the Bible. One of you know, one of the mysteries systems in the beginning, they said, they never, never talked about God created water, it was just here, the face of God looked in the water. And I believe that that’s just him and her as a mirror image to ourselves. So, once we spoke, and he says, once he spoke it, it’s separated and affirming. It separated the heavens from the earth. So, we as humans, or as children have that same power, we can think something, or then we speak it, and then it becomes a living manifestation. That’s what we’re all about. And that’s what the Sacred plants have been teaching us throughout this time period. And as you notice, you’re in British Columbia, there’s an awakening happening all over the planet, they’re saying, we need to come back and heal our world. And so, they came to talk to me, I never would be doing this. Like it wasn’t, it was nowhere in my goals. No where at all, not at all. So here, I am now focused on helping to transform our planet, utilizing all the things, all the modalities that the Creator has given us, including the sacred plane.


Manon Bolliger  12:51

Yeah, so, like, it very much came to you like a calling, basically, you know, that’s what it sounds like, you know, to me. I mean, I’ve had interviews with people who, who also, you know, talk to angels, and they’re a part of their life, and they’re sort of like, the voices they hear and connect with and sort of helps them make the next step. And then, you know, next decision, you know. And I came from a place where, I guess I didn’t really think that all of that could possibly be true. You know, though, if I think about my early childhood, I was full of that creative energies and very comfortable with, you know, other entities that are around and, you know, it’s funny, it’s like, there was a moment in which I could see like, disconnecting from it. And then I went through my course I did the lawyer stuff first. And then I became the doctor stuff. Just of more trying to figure out how to empower people, because both it’s understanding the systems, we’re in. Finally, liberate ourselves from the systems and actually reconnect to who we really are, you know, so.


Shaman Shu  14:18

Very powerful. That is so true.


Manon Bolliger  14:20

Iowasa that was a big part of my, my awakening to


Shaman Shu  14:24

Ayahuasca. I love it. Yeah, yeah.


Manon Bolliger  14:27

I remember asking. You’ll laugh at this. It’s like, you know, you had to figure out what question do you want to put out there? So, I had two primary questions. My first one is, it’s funny. I need a business plan. Just like, typically what you ask iowasca, but I’m very passionate about the school that I run and how it leads to people, and I wanted to have like, clarity on what it is I’m not seeing, you know. And the other one was to reconnect me to my intuition. Because I had lost track of that. It’s almost like I didn’t you know, when you stand in that, I don’t know, but you’re not comfortable with it?


Shaman Shu  15:17



Manon Bolliger  15:17

Like you, you don’t know where the answer comes from your mind, you can see doing rational things. You know, other parts of you, your body might be expressing signs and symptoms, but it’s like, like, we’re all separate, instead of being all in one right. I went to many sessions saying, show me my, you know, give me more because, you know, me, show me what intuition is, you know. It took a while, in just, you know, a sign of how disconnected despite doing, you know, great work in naturopathic medicine and really, you know, facilitate the healing. In the end, I think, you know, all healers, so called healers have to have their profound healing, and there’s no end to it, it just goes in phases every day. Yeah.


Shaman Shu  16:13

Everyday thing, I, I say, you know, it’s, you know, having those experienced people used to call them trips, but they’re really not trips. No, it’s a journey. It’s a journey, because trip is a destination, and you never finish that process. So, every day, I’m focusing on all my healing, and, and utilize me as my own testimony to share with people, you know, I am the miracle, if you go back and look at my background, look at where I came from, how they say they never choose the guy that qualifies. So, you start talking about who you are you, you’re never qualified to go on this path. I was never qualified to talk about shamanism and be in that space. And it just happened. It just happened because I listened to my teachers. And so, I was a very obedient student, you know, and so there’s anything just being obedient students, that process gotten me to where I am now. Literally have an Iowasca is proud never would have tried it. But as you said, they call me call me to Costa Rica. And literally, I thought we’re going to on a plant-based retreat, but it wound be in an Iowasca retreat. And so, you know, literally was the unique sprays after that moment. So, we’ll go back to Detroit to liberate urban people. I said, Wait a minute, nobody’s going to do this. No, this is a white person thing. I’m being you know, totally transparent. And that but wasn’t the truth. Those are the things those were the those we’ll call it parts of the matrix that were lies that we’ve been taught. And we’ve told ourselves over this time period. So then coming back, taking each right now they trace the largest city in America for plant medicine, the whole this just one expert has been obedient. We just recently just acquired a church, a 62,000, square foot church, a whole city block, and we’re getting ready to renovate this building so people can have access to their healing. And so, I’m just lead, I keep saying, I am the miracle. I’m the miracle like me. And so I believe that everyone that has experienced, they get to be the miracle as well.


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Shaman Shu  19:19

They themselves gonna say well look at me look at where it came from. Whatever that life looked like, maybe you’re you came this world impoverished, maybe you had domestic violence or maybe you had parents that didn’t believe in you. They told you what you couldn’t be. And all of a sudden you listened, and you got it. And then you became the miracle you became the guy or the girl that didn’t qualify.


Manon Bolliger  19:39

Yeah. Yeah.


Shaman Shu  19:41

They always choose the guy that doesn’t qualify. This is historical. You know, if you look at biblical times, Moses was a stutterer. But they chose him to have him go to say, Let my people go. Like, you know, and as Abraham was a father of many nations, but him and Sarah could even have any children. It was a joke. Like, you know, the universe has a sense of humor. So, from that perspective and, and maybe look at, you know, rather it’s, you know, the Bible or the Pawneesha or the Book of the Dead, it’s always some strange thing that doesn’t make I’ll call a logical sense. But yet if we pull ourselves out of the matrix and understand that it’s just you, being obedient to your great teachers, and our great teachers are the elements until we understand that power of it, we get to be empowered, if you will.


Manon Bolliger  20:30

Yeah. So why do you think that, you know, some people call it the Great Awakening, or what is happening now, there’s seems to be a much higher frequency, much more awakening much more people aware that there is a matrix, why do you feel that this is happening now?


Shaman Shu  20:53

People, there’s more information out here than ever before, due to social media, you know, there were there was always somebody in another part of the world. And as they say, you know, the world isn’t really round, it’s flat. And I mean, it jokingly but, but because that now we’re actually able to connect with social media and internet, we can talk to people all over this planet. So that information is now being connected back to the people and because so many people are being awakened, and are not being tricked, because people perish for lack of knowledge or lack of information. And so, when there is information, you have people seeking the truth, it forces to the truth to show up. Well, you can…to forces that experience, that’s just an alcohol it in a humanistic perspective. But I always say we teach this this message that we’re all spiritual beings wearing leather suits. And some people have darker skin suits. Some people have light skin suits. Some people have suits with long hair. Some people have suits with short hair, but we’re all spiritual beings, rocking leather suits. And so, from the time I leave this to me jump into another suit or another avatar, I get to take that knowledge back. So, what the sacred plant does it remind you that wait a minute, you’re just in a leather suit. This is who you really are. And I had forgotten who I was, it was a trick, you know, and they call it rather you talk about the Anunnaki, or some of those great writings. It was this fallacy to have us believe that we were not who we really are. And so now I have been in a position to know who I am, or also who’s I am, and gives me great power. And plants are doing it. Think about it, I was never to get qualified, I’m talking about being a corporate raider. And now I’m gonna say Let’s heal people like, like, it was not all mine. It was not all my mental perspective. But really, if I go back in my entire life, I’ve been on this journey the entire time, I just forgot who I was until, literally, the scales came up from my eyes. And I said, Wait a minute, this is why, and this is how I’m able to be my best self, and be my best. So, I get to be the miracle to show people that wait a minute, you can transform yourself.


Manon Bolliger  23:04

So, what do you think then looking at it, you know, over your own life? What is the the purpose of all this?


Shaman Shu  23:17

I think Michael Jackson said at best, I’m going to look at the man or woman in the mirror. And I’m going to start with me. And so rather than you know, complaining about sex, drugs and violence, on the VCR to sex, drugs and violence on the television, or the sex, drugs and violence on your social media channel, you get to determine who you choose to be. Where it was a period of time that you were told you have to be this certain way like you know, and America you know, people of color always told them this is what you’re supposed to be in this all you could do. But it doesn’t say that if you read the ancient writings, as you think your thought were deep, the ancient Kemetic pyramids that thought your word and deed. And so, if you understand that, that perspective, you can get here in this lifetime or another but if you continue to stay on that path that will happen for you. So, the purpose I learned you know, I don’t know if there was who had this movie called The Jerk with Steve Martin. He was a famous guy in the movie.


Manon Bolliger  24:13

I know Steve Martin, but I don’t think I know the Jerk.


Shaman Shu  24:15

So, it was a funny movie. And he was you know, he was like, I’m trying to find my purpose. And so, this is my purpose. We would go get a cheers and my purpose of the chair that didn’t get a book in the dark. This is my purpose. But really, I’ve learned that if you’re trying to find your purpose, if you live in excellence every day to be the best person that you can be purpose will find you. You have to go find purpose. If you live in your best self-purpose will find you and that’s exactly what is showing up for people that live being their best people, their best selves. It will find you.


Manon Bolliger  24:46

it’s the reverse of what you imagine.


Shaman Shu  24:52

That is true it will find you will you live in your highest brand your highest self will find you i It wasn’t on any play way short for former passion to be a shaman that didn’t exist anywhere in my life. I thought that was like what who me like, but I knew that if I were obedient to my teachers and obedient to what I was learning, it found me. And so now I’ve traveled around this planet, some people that I’ve taken through these sacred plant medicine journeys, that would have never tried that before. But because of my background, and my profile, my experience, and my losses, and so they get to see that I am the miracle like I teach people with your purpose, you are the miracle be the miracle, you get to say that you transform your life a different way. And you can walk in that space, and that keeps you at the higher vibration, any and all the time.


Manon Bolliger  25:38

So, when people use the word healing, what comes to your mind? How do you explain healing? Is there such a thing? Are we doing this? What is healing to you?


Shaman Shu  25:52

That’s a tricky word. You know, it’s a tricky word. It is an internal thought process, what is healing to you, um, there are things and I go back to the ing. The ing is always is, you know, healing, feeling. from that vantage point, you’re always moving to something, something different, that you’re not healed, you’re healing. And so that keeps a work in progress. You know, as you know, I was a vegetarian for many years, and I thought I was onto something because I’m a vegetarian, I’m different. But, you know, guess what? They now see vegetarians died at younger ages. Why are they dying? Because they focused on the external food, they were put in their bodies, and they forgot about killing themselves from their own traumas. And I’ve seen other people that eat everything, but they have dealt with trauma. They’ve dealt with their higher selves. So they live and have a longevity in a beautiful life. It has we forget about the healing is mind body spirit. It’s just not one. No, it’s amazing. It’s not one, it’s not one piece its everything. So I still healing every day.


Manon Bolliger  27:05

I had this, this kind of thought, you know that. I have had a clinic, I called Healing What Is? Then I thought, hmm, is that actually true? You know, and then I came up with another thought is that how you live, is how you heal, because really what we’re doing is living, like, living consciously, because the idea that we have to heal something that we aren’t already good enough as we are also kind of, you know, a journey that one can take. But is it really true? You know or is it just that we’re liberating ourselves from conceptions and misconceptions and thoughts that don’t serve us that are, you know, the antithesis of our sovereign being, you know.


Shaman Shu  28:07

I teach that people have 60 to 80,000 thoughts a day, most of those thoughts are negative, and most of them are not our own. Did you catch that? They’re not even our thoughts. These are programs that were plugged into. And so that’s the power of the sacred plant. Or the power of breath work and some of those other things because it pulls you is so alarming, you talked about the Great Awakening, I’ll call the Great Alarm, like, it is so alarming, they go from this experience or another experience, wait a minute, you mean, I’ve been, I’ve been lied to. You mean, wait a minute, I thought it was really doing something. But when you get into the spiritual realm, and you’re starting to understand that we really are spiritual beings, because you can’t cheat it when you’re with a sacred plant. You know, it’s not like watching the movie, and you get to turn the channel, or you get to get in the car, and, you know, you don’t like the direction you’re going you get the change. know, when you jump into that sacred plant, you’re there for that six-to-eight-hour journey. So, you must, you can’t cheat the class, you can’t quit. You’re there until the class is over with.


Manon Bolliger  29:12

Right and, and is your understanding of that process, that the who is there is the part of you that, that you need to see the part of you that has to, or has to, I don’t want to use words like that, but that is dealing with whatever is happening in this environment, journeys, so to speak.


Shaman Shu  29:42

It’s a healing journey, when you have those experiences. We all have ancestral memory. And so, when you have the ability to go and connect into the ancestral realm, which is the true realm, that is what you’re experiencing, I’m not talking about you know, I know people do soothsaying and they do use mediums, but you get to eliminate all of that because you and the creator. It’s just you. And so, you’re actually able to see, as Michael Jackson says, A man or woman in the mirror, starting with me. But the mirror is unique, as I talked about water and the creator, looked at his or her face in the water in the very beginning, it literally is that you get to connect to your entire I’ll call it your entire consciousness of God. Consciousness, the consciousness of what they will call the Akashic records, if you will. But a little deeper than that, or a little Connect is the consciousness of the great I AM, you get to connect into all of that. And so, if you understand that they are teachers, you get to go to your teachers, they teach me about this class, you get to ask specific questions. And so, as you talked about a business plan, and so we can call it our human design, that anything is possible will be, as he talked about, and the Emerald Tablets up to Hootie, and those types of things, that literally your thoughts, then in your word, and your deed. Now imagine if you’re, you have elevated out of your physical leather suit your avatar, and you’re just a spiritual being, which means you can manifest anything at that moment. That is the power that we actually have. And so that is what we teach at Soul Tribes. And that is why, you know, why I’m having these conversations. Now we, we have a say, in our in our transformation.


Manon Bolliger  31:29

Right. So, but wow, I can’t believe how quickly that our time went by. But I have one other question. Just because it’s top of mind to a lot of people who are coming to realize that, you know, they’ve been lied to on many levels, many profound levels and many medical levels. And there’s, the information is coming out 3d level, what’s coming out is extremely scary. Very, and, you know, I’ve seen that healing and fear don’t work well together.


Shaman Shu  32:11

Right. Right. Right.


Manon Bolliger  32:13

But the thing is, you do have to see the reality. On one level, you have to accept what has happened on some level, I believe, to be able to, you know, to get to get through this, you know, and, and, yeah, I’m talking about like, like, I don’t know what I can say that. But anyway, I’m banned anyway so it doesn’t matter, we’re on Rumble. But, but, you know, when people realize that they have all these things growing in them, or they have these factories of Spike, and, you know, you’re, you hear doctors say that it’s like ticking time bombs. For me, I just, it doesn’t feel  that it could be true, it has shown true. I mean, some people are dropping, lots of people are dropping, and putting two and two together. Okay. But is everyone gonna drop? And I just feel like, no, there’s something that in this realm, that shifts that reality that the frequency of the 3d.


Shaman Shu  33:23

Right, right, right.


Manon Bolliger  33:24

You know, so I don’t know if I’m, I’m sorry, good question.


Shaman Shu  33:27

I’m connecting with you. Yeah, I’m connecting. I, you know, I’ll connect this way, as you say, we have a fifth-dimension experience, you only have a third-dimension vocabulary, how can you really express what you’re trying to say? So, I’m connecting what you’re what you’re what you’re saying, I believe in this, and I’ll call this this time. And, you know, this divine time because time is not a not a reality. So, but I’ll say, this divine discussion that we’re having right now, you’ll find that the avatars that we all live in will last longer. And the reason that they’ll lasts longer is because the spiritual beings have made a decision and connected to their ancestors, that this is what we need to do. We need to stay in this dimension longer, because we got more work to do. When we go back. Before, you know before that time period, of course, Westernized science, you know, came into this world. And, you know, that’s what they call the practice. These guys are just practicing. They’re practicing. So, and practicing does not make perfect practice just makes more practice. And so, but the Perfected systems were the elements, those things were perfected. That sun does not need to have an alarm clock and know what time to wake up every morning. He doesn’t even talk he doesn’t need to he doesn’t need an alarm clock to do that. Nor does the moon there is they just know. And so, it’s the same thing in our internal sales. There is a knowing that you know, you’ve always known you talked about, you know, when you were a kid. And so when we come into this world, we actually know ourselves as a kid and then matrix tells us we must operate a certain way, the uniqueness of you and I and others that are connected on this in this tribe, if you will, if you know about read, you know about reaffirming, reawakening, re alarming ourselves, there has been a trumpet that has been sounded and it’s our time to do the work we cannot have be afraid, you know, honestly, I heard you say banned, I’ve been, I’ve been through some stuff I understand. But you know, what’s so powerful about that? You know, and this is interesting. And this is an old hood cliche. Nothing can grow if it don’t have any dirt on it. All great things come out of the earth. All great things come out of darkness and come in a dark place, as we sit, in our mother’s womb for nine, sometimes 10 months in pure darkness, to become the manifestations that we are right now. When you want to grow in an orange blossom or an apple tree, it’s a seed that goes into the dark soil. And so, you gotta go for something to get to something. And so, we just have to remember that that is, you know, what we’re required to do right now. I myself would have never, like, I can’t even I would have never signed up for this. But I am being so obedient right now. Because I now understand that there was a trumpet that’s been sounded. I’ve been given a special set of skills, if you will, like the movie Taken to do certain things right now. So, what a short journey, we went from decriminalized in a city to set up a whole ministry, Soul Tribes International Ministry, people can go to our website, you know, to pick it up. And now we just bought a 97-year-old church that has an underground railroad tunnel in the building, could not have thought about this. And I got this building, which is interesting. I got it through a ceremony they told me you’re gonna have a church and I laughed and said its over hen I have this church, and I got up and I was obedient. And then I was able to get it done. That stuff happens when we are obedient to what we’ve been asked to do.


Manon Bolliger  34:02

Hmm beautiful. I’m gonna leave you with those last words and all the links will be under our, our booth, you know, wherever we’re showing up.


Shaman Shu  37:11

My sister, thank you so much. It’s been a blessing I love I see all those books. So I know you’re a great manifester, that you continue to manifest and do not let anyone distract you from what the Creator has told you to do. Fight, fight, fight to the end. And guess what, when you come back again, do it again.


Manon Bolliger  37:27

It appears to be the destiny.


Shaman Shu  37:35

Can’t stop that. So be obedient to the call. And in the end, when the trumpet is sounded. And when you actually go Ben have into your place of peace they will say good job, your good and faithful servant. Good job. Thank you, my sister.


Manon Bolliger  37:50

Thank you.

ENDING: 41:33

Thank you for joining us at the Healers Café with Manon Bolliger. Continue your healing journey by visiting and her website and discover how to listen to your body and reboot optimal health or

  * De-Registered, revoked & retired naturopathic physician, after 30 years of practice in healthcare. Now resourceful & resolved to share with you all the tools to take care of your health & vitality!  

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* Deregistered, revoked & retired naturopathic physician after 30 years of practice. Now resourceful & resolved to share with you all the tools to take care of your health & vitality!

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