Let Go of Fear’s Hand to Find Your True Calling – Lisann Valentin on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks with Lisann Valentin about her journey to awakening by letting go of fear’s hand to find her calling.


Highlights from today’s episode include:

Lisann Valentin  13:14

This is the caveat, if people love to talk about awakenings, right, and I love hearing about it. And I also want to say, and it won’t be the only time like, it’s not going to just be the one, like, there’s cycles and cycles and cycles, if you’re open.



Lisann Valentin 

And so, the journey was for me to finally allow myself to let go of the hand of fear, who had been my companion, my dutiful companion for most of my life. I made many courageous leaps. But some of the most important leaps I needed to make, I was gripping fears hand.

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Lisann Valentin 

You’re only ready for whatever you’re ready for. And that’s fine. You know, but for me, it was like I was on a death grip. Like, I need to let your hand go. Because it was me doing it. So, fear wasn’t like this nemesis, right? It was me.


Lisann Valentin is a Film; TV Actor, Best-Selling Author and Shamanic Amplifier who jumped from Wall Street to the red carpet while on her meditation mat. An intuitive coach for professionals, this 5th generation shaman blends the practical and the mystical to help her clients upgrade from old stories, and amplify their gifts on the stage of life.

Core purpose/passion: Living an inspired life that inspires others to connect more deeply and amplify their own gifts so they can live fuller more vibrant lives.

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Manon Bolliger  00:34

So welcome to the Healers Café. And today, I’m with Lisann Valentin. She is a film TV actor, and best-selling author and shamanic amplifier, who jumped from Wall Street to the red carpet while on her meditation mat. Now that’s very colorful. She’s an intuitive coach for professionals, this fifth generation shaman blend, or blends, pardon me, the practical and the mystical to help her clients upgrade from old stories and amplify their gifts on the stage of life. So very colorful, I can so see it. Alright, so why don’t you start maybe, well, first of all, welcome. And why don’t you start sort of explaining how that happened?


Lisann Valentin  01:43

Which part?


Manon Bolliger  01:45

Well, no, I mean, I guess it’s just as interesting that you were in kind of a corporate world as it is that you went on a yoga mat, and that everything happened in the moment, probably because that’s how all healing takes place. But your version?


Lisann Valentin  02:05

Well, I’ll say, I like to do things in reverse a little bit. So, answering the call of the Shaman, happened rather late, but my Intuitive Life and my spiritual gifts for what led me to meditation and what guided me through each stage of my journey. So even when I was practicing law in Wall Street, and then when I made the leap and became a full-time actor, and then from there being guided to write and becoming a best-selling author, all those things have the undercurrent of my intuitive gifts, my active, colorful spiritual life and the way I decided to paint that life. And so, I would say the undercurrent was the common theme, even though my, my role or the label that I used to define myself at the time kept shifting. And so, the law came about because I saw an actor on TV, who was playing a lawyer, and I wanted to do what she did. And I was told she was a lawyer. So, I said, oh, so I have to do that. That’s what I …


have to do.


Manon Bolliger  03:11

This is really funny; you know how I became a lawyer? That’s my first stage, too. I was told I could argue well. I said who does that? Lawyers. Oh, I’ll become a lawyer.


Lisann Valentin  03:27

Oh, my gosh, how long did you practice?


Manon Bolliger  03:29

Well, I actually did all my training, including up to my masters. And then I kind of got really disappointed with law in general, because, well, because it’s easy to be and now even more so whenever. I didn’t see what it had to do with justice. Oh, so it was like, okay, law has very little to do justice. Oops, wrong field. Then I went into medicine, right. And then I realized that medicine had little to do with healing. So it’s like, Oh, wrong field. Okay, go on, it’s your story.


Lisann Valentin  04:07

I think it’s so interesting how old souls will jump from career to career like, Oh, I did that. Okay, I did that. Oh, I did that. No, no, no, that’s not the thing. And so, we’re like, oh, no, this is the thing that I want to do for now until the next thing he becomes, and we evolve and we allow ourselves to evolve and to allow us guide us where we’re going to fly to next. So, I think that’s fabulous. I also will say I do love when people love the law. I do love when people are very good as attorneys or very good doctors. And people just love…


Manon Bolliger  04:44

What they what they’re meant to do.


Lisann Valentin  04:45

What they’re meant to do, like when they’re in it, and you can feel it and it just like bounces off of them. I’m riveted it’s just as good as anything. I think I saw on TV as a kid like I’m like, oh my god, this is delicious that you love what you do. You know.


Manon Bolliger  05:00

Yeah. It’s interesting, though, because it’s the passion that they that they bring in that they have, which makes the art form that they do resonate if you’re gonna resonate with it, right?


Lisann Valentin  05:15

Yes, to what it does, it has a trigger. It affects other people, right? Because inspired lives Inspire. You see that passion? And you’re like, Well, I want that. So now, what do I need to do to allow myself to be in embody that? I don’t know how we got here, but I’m very.


Manon Bolliger  05:34

I was thinking other people. Yeah. Dr. David Martin, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him. But anyway, he’s just so passionate. It’s just, it’s incredible. And you know, it’s a good cause humanity in general. good cause. Just yeah, you should definitely listen to him. He has something special. So, it’s so succinct, so clear, so connected. You know, and like, and from a legal perspective. You there’s no flats. It’s, yeah. Now, we don’t know how the legal system will play this card. But from everything I’ve learned, it’s the right. He’s doing the right thing. So, we’ll see.


Lisann Valentin  06:26

I will look up. Dr. David Martin.


Manon Bolliger  06:28

Yes. Okay. Back to you. It’s gonna be a very circular conversation I can see.


Lisann Valentin  06:34

I’m so excited.


Manon Bolliger  06:38

Okay, so where were we?


Lisann Valentin  06:43

I saw an actor on TV. And that’s why I was guided into law. And so, I did that. But to rail against the machine of that I ended up teaching, I became a teacher. So, like, my backup career was to be an elementary school teacher, which there’s no, it’s not a backup, it’s a call, right. But it was my backup career at the time, because I was, I was like, raging against the machine or whatever. So, I went to do that, and I loved teaching. But I also saw how teaching in that capacity. How teaching in that capacity would be all absorbing. And it wasn’t enough for me, there was something about even the rules within that system that was restricting to me, I could feel like I was being caged. And I think I felt the same thing in the law. When I was practicing law, I saw a lot of disparities in treatment I saw on either side, so I was a civil defense attorney. And then, you know, I thought maybe I need to go on the other side. And you know, for plaintiffs, and I was like, No, it’s the same thing. It’s like, it’s all the same, I can’t do this. And, and a lot of the time, I was also fighting the path I set out for myself and a think, and maybe this is the thing, because we set a beautiful intention at the outset that the people that need to hear this will. You know, I had decided, with air quotes, that a linear life was successful. Rather, that is the system I was in, and I decided to acclimate to the environment. And being linear in that way, even the way I revolted was a linear way a linear path. It was not serving me. And once I broke the limitations that I set on myself, a whole new world of possibilities opened. And the excuse that I gave myself was that I would try acting to be a better litigator. But really, that was just the key to a door that I had yet to unlock. Once I stepped through that door, a whole other world of possibilities open to me, the writing that I had sort of doing my whole life finally came into play, because I opened up the playful part of myself, which was the acting so that the acting open the back me back to writing. And then all the time, I found myself in conversation with the divine within me all the time and how I structured those conversations. Again, we’re breaking outside of rigidity. We’re breaking outside of a set of rules, it was all about walking in the line to learn to color outside the lines. And so, my life does look like coloring outside the lines and I’m all the better for it. By the time shamanism came into all of this and for me to understand what my lineage was, and what I learned growing up, I was like, oh, oh, that makes sense. But when you’re within let’s say, like, let’s say you’re on a highway, and all the cars are moving in one direction, and you’re going in that direction. You might fail to see the landscape of the world around you. You might fail to see the car that you ran the road that you’re on the direction that you’re going the sky in front of you. And once you look around, you’re like, oh, this has been here all along, just waiting for me waiting for me to look up. And so that’s what that felt like.


Manon Bolliger  10:13

Oh, very interesting. It was. Yeah, I mean, I can so relate to what you’re saying. And it’s funny, it’s a calling and then, you know, now I might be not that age is a thing, but I might be older than you at this stage of this life. I wonder if that happens again, you know, because I felt so much like the calling to go into naturopathic medicine, specifically into homeopathy that was like, I, you know, I really wanted to get how that works. It just felt in needed felt logical, it felt holistic, and felt integral everything about it. And so, and nobody told me from my family, that my grandfather was a homeopath and that in Switzerland, he had a, you know, tuberculosis sanatorium and, and so I went through, you know, the whole pre-med four years for naturopath, graduated then did eight years of homeopathy specialization, and, you know, I’m there, I’m now doing my passion, which I still love, right. But, and things kind of shifted. And then I was told, you know, oh, by the way, this is in your, in your ancestry? And it’s like, oh, like, gosh, you know, like, I don’t know, would it make a difference if I had known earlier? I don’t know, it felt like the path you know, and, and then with just the way life happens here in BC, we are under extreme censorship, and you can’t share anything. So, I’ve managed to, to lose that the legal aspect of it that allows me to practice, and let’s put it in those simple words. But I feel like, even though that’s a fight to be had, if I want it, whatever, I don’t know, it doesn’t, I don’t feel called I feel like there’s a new calling. And I’m in that what is at calling stage anyway. So, I just thought you’re, you found this next level of you write in what you’re doing. And now I mean, you probably had to get over some things to allow it to let go into it fully right? To just, you know, like you write in your, in your bio, that it took the courage to release old limiting beliefs about your intuition, your spirituality and your heritage. And I read them I went, Ah, interesting. Could you expand on that and share what that process was really like?


Lisann Valentin  13:14

Oh, I will say there’s been cycles, right? This is the caveat, if people love to talk about awakenings, right, and I love hearing about it. And I also want to say, and it won’t be the only time like, it’s not going to just be the one, like, there’s cycles and cycles and cycles, if you’re open. If you’re open. Until your last breath, you know, the evolution of you, you willingly will expand into that space. And so, you know, as a child, I was very intuitive. I was very open and free I would talk to so I have no problem using the word God, but I use it interchangeably with the divine with source like my higher self, all of it is fine with me. Whatever resonates with those listening, you know, disregard anything, that doesn’t feel good. But for me, all of it feels fine, even though I grew up within a rigid construct. And so, my parents weren’t super religious, but they put me in a religious institution, like in a school, right. And I went to Catholic school for years. And then on the flip side, I had an aunt, who was very Christian, so Pentecostal, so Protestant, and so she was opposed to my Catholicism. So, I grew up with like, two really rigid structures that were opposed in some ways. And I was always railing against like, but why but why but I don’t understand. And I would just like always argue, I would argue, because this isn’t it didn’t feel good in my body. There were parts that felt really good that I learned. I learned a lot about prayer. I learned a lot about song as prayer or even a nun taught me how to meditate. And like that blew my mind because I saw the connection between meditation and prayer. And while some people consider prayer to be petitioning and meditation to be receiving, I consider it to be both, I consider it to be and, right. It’s this, this flow back and forth, back and forth, the greater I am in me talking to me. And so, I saw those connections really young, really little. And I was very open to speaking to the Divine, but I was not open to the structures, I was learning within my family, because that looked like another form of rigidity. So let me expand, there was like, there was psychic development, there was working with medicinal plants. There was a lot there energies moving, I can see, there was a lot there that I didn’t understand and I had no context for. So, I didn’t understand what the Tarot was about, I didn’t understand when my grandmother was channeling, I didn’t understand the laying on the hands. I felt good. But I didn’t understand what that meant. And because there was no religion, it was we would put our hands, my grandmother would put her hands on my grandfather, my grandfather would put his hands on our foreheads, my mother would do it to us. And then we would just breathe into that space. And all of a sudden, we feel better. And I didn’t know what it was. But that felt okay. Like, it wasn’t the same as like, oracle cards, or like all the other divination things, because within my family, I was taught to be afraid of it.


Manon Bolliger  16:25

Hmm, interesting,


Lisann Valentin  16:26

Because they weren’t going to teach me it was like you’re going to learn or not. And that’s it. Like, it wasn’t gonna be the structured thing. But so, it was so rigid, like only the adults and only us, and you stay over here, and stay away. Because you don’t know what could happen. And I was like, Oh, this is terrifying, who wants to be in that? Scary, you know, and then in church, I would hear like that that was wrong. And then that was bad. And then, you know, my aunt’s church, I would hear that all of it was wrong and bad. Even the church, I was going to say, like, there was so much wrong, there’s so much bad and I didn’t want to be wrong or bad. So, breaking from the illusion of me being wrong, me being bad, not good enough, or too much worthy illusions I had to break to allow myself to just be free and to own my gifts. And not to be afraid of like, the different levels of Claire’s that were popping up all the time. Because I was like, Who is talking to me? Why am I seeing that? Like, it was always like, safety, safety, safety. So, the biggest thing I had to learn was that I was safe within myself. That it was only a conduit of love, of ultimate love. And therefore, only love can interact or engage with me, and I need not be afraid of love. I needed to just change the lenses that was looking at it with and once I did that, like, oh my god, I can’t even tell you like I’m not even the same person. I wasn’t. If that me from Then listen to me from now she’d be like, she Luciana is crazy. She would not be on this boat with me. But I’m thankful for her. She gave me a beautiful foundation to see the life that I could have lived if I continued that way. And she gave me the courage to be me so I could be who I am now.


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Lisann Valentin  18:55

And that’s where breaking the rigidity breaking the old stories looks like for me. So, by the time the shaman came to me within my that space between sleep and wake that like feta and asked me if I was ready to answer the call and my heart said yes, like unabashedly said yes. Even though I didn’t know what that word meant the time because we didn’t use that word in my family. I woke up and I was like, What did I say yes to what does this mean? And then it was like Welcome to the new reality Welcome to your new life. You know.


Manon Bolliger  19:30

So, let me ask you on that so you and I appreciate the way you describe the letting go the inner work basically of questioning everything and coming back to deeper knowing of you have it all. It’s all within you if you only became more of you. Right so it’s a freeing thing I think you, you express that very clearly. But how did you the next day? Let’s say you’ve said yes. And in that experience of that type of dreaming, you know, and you feel good. And the next day, you still have thoughts, you still have beliefs, you might see them for what they are. Because you’ve done the work, so you go, here they are, again, thank you very much. We don’t need you at this moment. But how? What happened? What, like, propelled or allowed or what was the energy with which you move forward?


Lisann Valentin  20:49

So, this is what immediately happened after I said, Yes, with all this peace and love flowing through me. My human woke up and said, what is that? What did I say yes, to what kind of contract did I just enter into, Oh, my God, old fears, right, boom, right in front of me. And so, the journey was for me to finally allow myself to let go of the hand of fear, who had been my companion, my dutiful companion for most of my life. I made many courageous leaps. But some of the most important leaps I needed to make, I was gripping fears hand. And fear was gripping me right back saying, I’ve got you, right, we’re like walking hand in hand, like it’s gonna be, we’re gonna just be together. And you don’t have to do anything that makes you feel the intensity of what that could mean, or what could happen. So, I understood that my role I needed to let go of fears hand, fear was only going to…so, I’m talking about fear, like it’s a person, that personifying it allows me to actually see the process of like, releasing my fingers, right, yeah. And then using my hands with gratitude, to say thank you, and release it. And that was an emotional journey, because I was in partnership with fear for so long. And then it was like, literally this grieving this grief, this grieving process. And so, I ended up actually working with a shaman who I’d heard on this app called Clubhouse. And I and more I listened to him, I was like, Oh, this is the way grandfather used to do and this is what like, his grandmother taught him, and I was like, Wait, does my culture have something like this? So, I started digging my human brain was like, we’re gonna do research and we’re gonna either disprove or prove that this is real. Right.  Right, exactly. And so yeah, so the Taino our indigenous heritage is a Puerto Rican. Yeah. Um, we have to, you know, and that’s been almost like, disappeared within our culture, right? Like, didn’t we never talked about it. We never had labels for anything. But this was part of that that lineage. And our shamans were called boyteo and boytae. Boyteo, were the ones who would dance between realms and get all the downloads and the boytae were the teachers. Right? They would congregate with the boyteos, and then they would teach the people of which I’m learning all of that, with this gift of answering a call things that no one had told me. I just saw the patterns in my family, like, oh, we were doing this always like this made no, this made no sense. At the time until I met the shaman, the shaman walked me through the process of energy work, where I got to look and face fears that had nothing to do with this lifetime at all. So, this is where we get super mystical, right? Because I was always aware of other timelines. As a child, even I could see different…I don’t want to say it because in Spanish different I guess. And, and I just didn’t know, I just thought it was imagining it, you know. And then I became, I came to understand what I was seeing. And now in this space, I was able to untangle from the story that I would be killed, that I would be maimed that I would be made to feel like I was a liar, or that I would disappoint my family and all the different archetypes I played. And untangling from that was a huge release. And then it wasn’t just like the session. It’s like integration, right? What does life look like after you’ve gone through the processes and even before the minute you engage with an energy healer, whatever the label is, your highest self goes to work. Okay, the minute you decide, things start shifting and moving, it just happens that way. And so, before the session in the session, and after the session, I started seeing things unfold and change and like Shadow Work, right things coming up and allowing me to see what else I need to let go of what else and what else and how much baggage I could drop. And the more I did that, the more room I made for the light. The more love poured into me the more my gifts expanded. And then the more I wanted to share this, so I knew I needed to. I was gonna wait a little bit before I shared anything because I had a process to go through. But it looks like this intense process of letting go of a relationship I had my whole life. And yeah, it was as intense and beautiful as it was.


Manon Bolliger  22:36

Lawyer.  Yeah. I love the…it’s not an analogy. Well, I guess maybe it is I’m not sure if that’s the right word, but fear as what you’re holding on to as a person because yeah, I never saw it that way. But it really it really hits home because often we you know, culturally, we’re also told, okay, you know, yeah, see your fear and do it anyways. But basically, what that implies is that we’re walking with our fear. We’re not changing anything. We’re just playing deep within the field of fear of which we have wins. Sometimes we overcome, but our focus is still in relation to our partnership with fear, right. So, when you when you say let go the hand of fear, it’s like suddenly Whoa. Not even it is part of the field. So, you’re in your own field now. So yeah, whatever field is there.


Lisann Valentin  26:21

And you can choose not to. I mean, there are people that do choose to walk with fears their companion and they do it anyway. I’m not saying and I’m not saying to minimize anyone that’s experienced either. You’re only ready for whatever you’re ready for. And that’s fine. You know, but for me, it was like I was on a death grip. Like, I need to let your hand go. Because it was me doing it. So, fear wasn’t like this nemesis, right? It was me.


Manon Bolliger  26:49

Right. Right. Right. Yeah. Yeah. You projecting it so much. Yeah.


Lisann Valentin  26:53

Yeah. And once you’re in your sovereignty, yeah, what that feels like, the only word that I keep repeating. And I know maybe it’s annoying at this point, but it is love. It is the ultimate feeling of just unconditional love. And there’s so much joy and peace and bliss in that, that you’re so in the moment you’re so in the now that there’s no room to hold any other hand. You know, this is like you’re in an embrace with yourself this whole time. You can’t hold anyone else’s head through this, you know?


Manon Bolliger  27:24

Wow. Oh, you have an incredible…well, I’m very graphic. So, I really appreciate the poetic graphic image you have, I’m just painting it right in front of us.


Lisann Valentin  27:40

Glad, I’m glad it’s helpful.


Manon Bolliger  27:44

Well it’s enjoyable. I don’t know if it’s helpful. It’s very enjoyable. So, we have a couple more questions for you. Um, have you? I don’t know if it’s, is it a self-identified or it’s you have now realized, I don’t know what the right word is. That you are a shaman.


Lisann Valentin  28:16

When did I realize it? When I answered the call. It’s been three years.


Manon Bolliger  28:21

Okay. And are you working with people?


Lisann Valentin  28:26

Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. So, I do take on clients, but I also say still have my mentors.


Manon Bolliger  28:34

Right, of course. It’s a process.


Lisann Valentin  28:36

Yeah always. It’s always growing. And I love it. I love the constant exploration, especially now there’s so much shifting and changing. It feels like tangible, like, the air feels different. There’s just so much, I guess you could say about anything. So, like pull back the mystical stuff. When you create change in your life. And you really feel like you’re owning who you are as a person. It is like the air around you has shifted. It is like you look like a different person. It is like you feel like a different person. You feel like powerful like Wonder Woman or Superman or whatever. Like you just feel different because you are you’re stepping into a new you. And so, I feel like a lot of us are in that space regardless of whatever labels but the people that come to me are typically people who are keep hearing who are ready to let go of fears hand who are ready to do that. Just like embrace themselves. Yeah, it’s funny to say that again.


Manon Bolliger  29:37

Talk about your target market your story. So, I’ve taken too many marketing courses.


Lisann Valentin  29:43

Oh my gosh. Me, I don’t think I could do another one.


Manon Bolliger  29:48

But you know, it’s very interesting. Marketing is like the simplified version of this is a complicated thought it may take a moment to come down. But it’s like our relationship with clients and our ability to serve them at the highest level, when you really embrace that I have heard the best translation of that in marketing. Because so many healers are like, there’s not, I’m not saying you should have ego, but there’s not. There’s either lots of ego, and then that’s a different story, but it’s like, such a selfless way of being that sometimes you don’t see the bigger picture of what you’re in. And so, when I took marketing, it was sort of like, ah, that’s what they’re talking about, you know, that’s what this is. And it was very interesting dance. Definitely not gonna be a marketer, but it was, you know, I love just exploring life, you know, and opening to what shows up and, and comes and, you know, I’m playing right with it. You know, that’s, I think, probably one of the biggest joys. I think yeah. When you say you, you’re in your, in your, like, your freedom and therefore in love. And you are enveloped, I mean, that is life, right? How you live is, is how you heal, and vice versa. And it keeps going. It’s one happy circle. So yeah, at least that’s what I’m feeling from you.


Lisann Valentin  31:44

It is. You know, it’s funny, like, I could laugh, I totally laugh at myself all the time, because there was some show on TV. And my mother and my sister are watching it. And so now again, this is my lineage, but they didn’t answer the call. Their actually modalities are to work more with plants, and like making teas and like, and that sort of approach. Don’t give me a plant, it will not live. But like, give it to them, they’re great. You know, their magic is really aligned with that. And there was a woman on TV. And she’s, she’s a very like, hippy type of character. And she was like, I was outside in the garden. And then a butterfly was talking to me. And now I understand what the butterfly was trying to say. And the other people on the show are like, What are you talking about? Like, they were just like, not with her. And I looked at my family go, that’s like talking to me, right? Like, that’s what I do I tell you about my experience with the butterfly and make the connection. And they’re like, Yeah, you’re just like, like, you know, what I can honor that I can, I can honor that, that not everyone is gonna align with someone who feels the messages of the butterfly. Like as a profound experience. That’s okay. Like, that’s what we need both its yes and. Right. This and this beautiful painted story. And then you can combine it with something super practical, practical, and within that space, that union, therein lies growth, therein lies a message that will shift and change you because it’s a combination of modalities. And that’s the reason why we’re talking because you with your background, all these beautiful linear ways of healing, you found yourself within that space. And so, it doesn’t negate the things that we learned. It actually helps quite a bit. Yeah, it helps people in that linear world function and be not just not just function or withdraw that word allows them to amplify who they are. And fully align with the love that is them because they have someone who completely understands them.


Manon Bolliger  33:50

Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. And that’s the basis of healing is that absolute complete connection of being I want to use the word seen, but I know that that is not really the full meaning of it. It’s like seeing slash understood slash.


Lisann Valentin  34:16

Also held.


Manon Bolliger  34:21

All right, we’re out of time, but I’m gonna leave you with the last few words. How would you like to conclude this discussion? It’s really just discussion. It actually doesn’t need the conclusion. But I’m just offering it in case I can hold a view maybe something practical.


Lisann Valentin  34:44

You just find me on my website, lgvalentin.com. And all the links all the things are there, and I look forward to meeting anyone who feels like they want to walk along with me and talk to the butterfly.


Manon Bolliger  34:57

Perfect. Well, thanks very much for being here.


Lisann Valentin  35:02

Thank you.

ENDING: 41:33

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