Are World Events Being Caused or Are They Divine Intervention?

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger, FCAH, RBHT (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks with Robyn Peterson, a foresight consultant for high level government officials, Hollywood elites, and royals.

Highlights from today’s episode include:

Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)

Everybody just assumes specially with God, this is the biggest thing that God is spying on us and knows our every thought. So he knows what I mean. That one thing if people could erase that from their minds, they would have a lot more detailed power and what they’re asking for, and they will receive it so much more faster.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)

When anybody is removing free will and choice or agency to choose, to me, that’s the definition of sin. When you are trying to manipulate either for good or for bad, that’s still sin if people don’t have the right to choose for themselves.


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Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)

So now that it’s being reported, people are praying about it on mass scales, they’re calling upon all this intervention. That’s why this reckoning is starting to happen. So this is where I was saying the specifics matter.



They don’t call her Amazing Robyn for nothing…
The clandestine healer whose reputation precedes her. For many years, Robyn has been quietly working behind the scenes as a foresight consultant for high-level government officials, providing guidance and advice in preparation for catastrophic events. Her impressive client roster includes Royal Families, Government officials, Hollywood elites, and global business leaders, all of whom keep her services under wraps like a prized secret.

Robyn’s journey began as a humble gospel teacher, but she quickly ascended to the ranks of the most revered oracles in the world. She’s been featured on globally recognized platforms such as National Geographic, CNN, BBC, and the Discovery Channel, as well as making appearances on news specials in France and Timeline films in the U.K. Thousands of radio shows and podcasts have also featured Robyn’s expertise.

Robyn is the ultimate secret weapon for both individuals and companies. Hailed as a SEER and divine in her gift, she possesses an unmatched ability to detect past, present, and future blocks that may be affecting people and businesses. Her extensive experience in serial entrepreneurship, education, Holistic medicine, Quantum physics, frequencies, mathematical codes, and energetic medicine, along with her expertise in retraining the brain, has made her transformational breakthroughs legendary. Additionally, she is a trained sniper, NRA-certified firearms instructor, and survival Instructor, in a combination of her oracle abilities sets her apart from the rest. They don’t call her Amazing Robyn for nothing…

Core purpose/passion: Resetting every back to the point where they become blocked, or dammed

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Introduction  00:00

Welcome to the Healers Café. The number one show for medical practitioners and holistic healers, to have heart to heart conversations about their day to day lives, while sharing their expertise for improving your health and wellness.

Manon Bolliger  00:20

So welcome to the Healers Cafe. And today I have with me Amazing Robin. And she’s got her name for many interesting reasons, and we’re gonna go into it. But she has been working behind the scenes as a foresight consultant for high level government officials providing guidance and advice in preparation for catastrophic events. And her impressive client or roster that’s in English, right, yes, includes the royal family and government officials, Hollywood elites and all kinds of leaders. So and then needless to say, she’s been on all kinds of, you know, televisions and all of that. So I’m really looking forward to finding out a little bit about, well, you, this gift, and what you’re seeing so welcome, first of all.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  01:20

Thank you, I love when we get to discuss all kinds of depths of healing and gifts and different modalities. It’s such a beautiful thing, and people will find the way to what they need through your channel. And I appreciate that.


Manon Bolliger  01:34

Thank you, well, why don’t we start with how did it start for you? How did you know you had these gifts? How did it come about? What was your first sort of signs?


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  01:49

When I was a kid, I used to have like, very wild dreams and a lot of it about catastrophic natural events. I started to pick up on it because as a young kid, I would then see it on the news. I would talk about it a lot. You know, my parents thought that maybe I was depressed or something was wrong. And I wasn’t, I wasn’t scared of those things necessarily. I just would talk about them. One day, though, in elementary school, I remember I was sitting in the grass and I was staring at the squirrels. And what I was doing, looking back was kind of tapping into the squirrel. And I had this thought like, oh, there’s something wrong with his vision. And he’s gonna fall he can’t see where those branches are. And then, like it was about three to five seconds later he fell. And then I…so that’s when I really started to pay attention. But I did assume everybody was that way. It wasn’t until my 20s where I really started to seek it out. And one day, I had a very prophetic dream three days prior, where I watched this flash flood in Texas, and I live in Colorado. And I was watching this flash flood happen. And it happened so fast that it made all these cars pile up. And then I zoomed in. And I saw kids in the backseat. And it disturbed me because I was a young mom, I had just had my first child. And I was so disturbed by it, it kept me up. I just was like why is you know, why would I have a dream about this? And then I saw it on the news that it happened, like…


three days later. And so that’s when I started having it out with God and actually is kind of when, like, why would you show this…why would you sell me something that I can’t do anything about. And then from that I actually turned it off a little bit. Because I didn’t want to see the bad, the ugly, the sin, what people called darkness or evil. And then I realized I hadn’t had some profit of dreams and a long time. And then I you know, was inquired of God about it. And he reminded me of that day where I was having a chat with him and said, Stop showing me these things that if I can’t do anything about it. And I was like, oh, yeah, that’s right. And he said, If you want to gift you can’t selectively choose to only we see this. Yeah, right. And that’s when I had to make the decision to be open and willing to see it all the good, bad and ugly, right and even the darkness. And that’s, you know, through years and years of seeking it out. I’ve had a lot of extensive training. I’m a holistic doctor, I’m a herbologists I’m a homeopathic my specialties in quantum physics. I’ve had training on my spiritual gifts. I have more than one. And quite frankly, if you have one gift, you can have them all and they will show up whenever you need them. And everybody’s that way there’s nothing stuck is all about me, I think every single person can develop that at the highest capacities. The only difference about me is that I seek it out, I inquire of it I demand confirmation, and training and development in every capacity because that’s who I am in my character, I want to know what I made of and what I can do with everything that I have. So that’s kind of how it started. But my career as far as like really getting into a higher platform, with higher end like clients. I was building survival communities with some really big boys in the industry, I was preparing some governments and I kind of got into that, I became like a firearm and survival instructor and all those things, because for the things I was seeing in the in the future I wanted to be trained for. And if I was giving counseling advice to these types of organizations, I also wanted to advise them up properly, and correctly. And that’s just good business, right. But three days prior to that really large earthquake in Japan, when that huge tsunami hit all the radiation. I had some prophetic dreams three days prior to that and had positioned them so well. That it got noticed by CNN, and they named dropped my name. But that’s how they knew. And so that’s kind of where it started. You know, that’s what led me into like, you know, discover channel and all this stuff. But that’s like the doom and gloom side. And I’ve noticed that a lot of people hyper focus on that. When they want to hear like, oh, what’s coming? What do we got to be prepared for? That’s great. But there’s a perfect balance in that. So there’s a 10 point earthquake, that means there’s like a 10 point healing a 10 point, Miracle blessing activation, something like that happening, and the perfect scale of things, and nobody really wanted to inquire of that. So I shifted a lot of my gifts into the healing side of things, and started going into the healing arts more and more and more and using my gifts for that. I mean, I can do a lot of different things. But that’s why I kind of transitioned out of that work.


Manon Bolliger  07:20

Wow, it’s fascinating, but it’s interesting, that you also see when people have one gift, they have others. And I think we’re coming to an era that more I mean, the veil is thinner and thinner, and more and more people are starting to perceive more and therefore allow themselves to allow for more, right. But I also like, when you pointed out that when you said to stop it, you know, you ask and you shall receive it stopped. Be really careful what you’re asking for, you know, so interesting.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  07:57

Sometimes we’re not even clear on what we’re asking for. And I’ve noticed that a lot with even clients, you know, they’re like, I just want to be successful. And I’m like, what does that mean? What’s your definition of success, and they have no idea. And it’s like that with everything and asking to stop showing me this and turn this off. I don’t if you don’t know or haven’t mastered the skill set of being specific. In your definitions of things. That’s where your power is. Everybody just assumes specially with God, this is the biggest thing that God is spying on us and knows our every thought. So he knows what I mean. That one thing if people could erase that from their minds, they would have a lot more detailed power and what they’re asking for, and they will receive it so much more faster. And in great detail to where they’re like, Wow, I can’t make this up.


Manon Bolliger  08:58

And I think too, there’s the fear that what you’re asking for, is too much of the paradigm in which you belong. Therefore, you know, one of the tricks I was told is, it’s not a trick. I mean, it’s just a thing, but you say, or more, you know, like that, or more as a new you leave it larger. Like let’s say, you know, I’m a happy person I so I’ll be very happy with many things. So it’s very hard to define. What do I really want? More, I mean, anything could be good. Like if you’re like a flexible, happy go lucky type of person. You may not have this very clear thing, but you have to choose something and then open it I think I don’t know. That’s how I’ve come to see this.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  09:51

Yeah, I actually have something similar where when something good happens that I enjoy, I say, show me how it gets even better than this.


Manon Bolliger  10:01

Interesting, okay.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  10:03

Always inviting better and more all the time. And I think, you know, I was a gospel teacher for like 15 years, and there’s a lot of that burden of asking for too much. And then also, if you are asking you better be worthy, and you should be content with what you have, count your blessings, be grateful. And that type of mentality is actually very limited and very restrictive. And you do not allow or allow yourself to receive more. And so that’s part of why I say statements like that.


Manon Bolliger  10:39

That makes total sense. Yeah. So can we go a little bit into your without giving away any personal or secrets or whatever, but in your…in your work with, whether it’s the royal family, or it could be Hollywood too I mean, there’s now after this last few years of, I don’t know, chaos in the sense that, you know, many people have been lost in this have had their faith really destroyed, their trust in structures and governments and you know, all of this, at least they’re having to question all this. What do you see, or what was your experience dealing with the Royals now that, you know, they’re not doing too well, as far as they’re mostly missing?


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  11:40

Well, I’m gonna probably say some things that a lot of people are might be surprised by. Because my vision, my sights, my gifts, see very dimensionally meaning, I can see things like who people were before this world, why they came here, where we’re going with this. And like, that same information is very tied to how God became God. And so I’m looking at this as almost a three part play. Whereas everybody else is only looking at the middle of the play. And they’re missing a lot of information when they’re casting a label or judgment on something. But in all reality, yes, there are some horrible decisions being made. And some things that are could look very dark and evil. Okay. But when people are in positions of power and influence over mass amounts of people, and they start to get information, like, the world is not sustainable. You know, the population of the human race is not sustainable, we have to intervene. And then they have a thought, because of information, like people are too stupid, or too naive, they can’t handle this type of information, we have to make decisions for the masses, just for the human race. So that’s sometimes a lot of their thinking. And we all know that when we have trauma, or we have subconscious beliefs, even if we’re wrong, we are proving ourselves right. And that’s why we have patterns. So even if they’re 100%, wrong, they are collecting evidence in their subconscious minds to prove themselves right. So let’s just say they make a decision to release a virus for population control. In their minds, they feel justified because they are trying to save the world. They’re trying to save the human race. But you could look at it as a very kind and compassionate thing. That’s a hard judgement call. So you see how there’s always two scales here happening. It’s not always about darkness and evil. It’s really about the individuals about where they’re at and why they’re there. Where did this programming come from? Did they have the skill sets to discern? Are they connected to God? Are they seeking truth and light? Are they willing to see things differently? That’s really the bigger issues. And they’re stuck in the middle of the play versus seeing the first part of the play and the end of the play. So they’re very limited what like most of the people in the world. So what I do is I come in and and take a look at those things, and try to find out how they got there. Same with a serial killer. You know, how did this happen? When did their spirit change? When did their mind change? When did they start viewing the world this way? What were they saying to themselves? What happened? And I can go in their timeline, I scan timelines like that. That’s why I move my hand. I can scan a timeline and see what happened the moment it happened, what they said, and then the pattern of why they have to keep proving themselves right, right? So there are an equal exchange of what people would say darkness, or I call it manipulation. When anybody is removing free will and choice or agency to choose, to me, that’s the definition of sin. When you are trying to manipulate either for good or for bad, that’s still sin if people don’t have the right to choose for themselves. And so there’s a reckoning happening right now, because that is now off balance so dramatically. And people are starting to feel that shift, because people of influence are manipulating people’s free will and choice on a on a large scale. So every time they pull those triggers, you’ll notice that something starts to really dramatically happen, natural disasters to you know, viruses, and then something has to intervene. And you guys just don’t see the bigger picture. And so I look at all those things in the future to why certain things are taking place.


Manon Bolliger  16:21

So what are you thinking about, like the child trafficking, which, you know, is now more and more exposed, and, you know, has been a big part of Hollywood, as far as the Adrenochrome. And all this is starting to come out? You know, there was pizza gate that was totally manipulated. Yeah, saying, Oh, no, that’s nothing. And then and I, you know, and it’s like, Okay, now, it’s clear what it was. You know, and a lot of it has…and it involved the Royals too. Its involved parliament and all, like, you know, 8 million children’s a lot of children gone missing. Um, so how do you see that? Is that like, a collective? I mean, there’s some people like Rockefeller, who, you know, who will talk negatively, clearly, almost evilly about the I forget what he calls them. They’re the people who, who eat for nothing. What does he call them? His word that was quite strong. It’s escaping me right now. But he, you know, he talks in terms of, yeah, they’re not even worthy feeding.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  17:42

Like the sheep? Like us sheep, like, were the slaves.


Manon Bolliger  17:44

The sheep and… Yeah. But there’s a better word he used anyway, it’ll come back to me doesn’t matter. But you know, where there’s clearly it would look like intent, you know, because I do hear what you’re saying prior that it may be part of the intent to do good and misinformation or mis situation or seeing it differently. So I believe that there’s flexibility for all of it. But how do you explain the depth of suffering and depravity?


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  18:25

Let’s have a…we need to have a really deep talk about that. And this will help free some people up if they’re really willing to have the ears to hear. Okay. And this has a lot to do with God, this has nothing to do with Christianity. Okay, this has to do with why we’re here, who we were before we got here and where we’re going. And a lot to do with how God became God. So, let me just break this down a little bit. Okay, because you’ll start to see that the world is perfectly fucked up. Let’s just if we, one day I was having it out with God about these things that you’re talking about. And I’m like, yelling, and I’m like, Where the hell are you in this? This is absolutely ridiculous. Like, what kind of God are you? You know? And I’m just infuriated by this kind of stuff sometimes. And this was like years ago. And he said, Robin, if there’s, if you will remove one thing from your belief system, this will all start to make sense for you. And I said, Okay, I’m willing. What is it? And He said that God is all knowing, and all seeing. And I’m like, Okay, what does that mean? So let’s just start there. Okay. First of all, God is the title. Just like being president of a country is a title. Okay, to receive that title, you would have to have major qualifications as a practitioner. Okay. And you would have to have a lot of experiences. So God didn’t just create himself. Okay. So let me just put that little bit of information. If you were all knowing how many experiences would you have to have?


Manon Bolliger  20:48

You mean in order to…


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  20:51

To be all knowing.


Manon Bolliger  20:53

To be all knowing, yeah.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  20:55

Just to be all knowing. If I said, I am all knowing about everything, and everyone every type of experience.


Manon Bolliger  21:03

Yeah, then you’d have to have them all. I mean, in the sense.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  21:07

Ding ding ding. Yes. 100%. Correct. Okay. So this is the qualification of how you receive title. And actually, by the way, to have a title of God, it’s actually two beings, it’s a male and a female or masculine and feminine, has nothing to do with sex, it has to do with power. So it’s actually two becoming one and receiving the title. There’s a lot of patterns in this world, that you can see a why, just like a president has to be married. Right. So it’s a male and a female, we have a, you know, First Lady and a president right? Now, if my parents were amazing presidents, amazing human beings and a perfect world, and they had all these experiences and these qualifications, all these things, what would I inquire to be like? I’d want to have the same type of experiences, I’d want to follow down that path and experience as much as possible. We’re becoming like, right. So that’s a pathway. Now, here’s where the, and we all know, as healers and practitioners, there’s shadow work, there’s light, there’s darkness, there’s all these things. But we’ve also if we’re very experienced, we start to realize that there’s a play in that there’s a reason for there’s a balance, and it just like, I can’t see the beauty of the stars in the moon, or how vast the universe is, without the darkness of the night. And too much light will blind you. If I stare at the sun, I can lose my vision, I can permanently damage my eyes. So there’s one extreme to the next, but really getting into the neutral position to see how they both are collaborating. Okay, so let’s just say, I have all these 1000s of human experiences, I become all knowing I get this title of God. That means I’ve endured all of them. I’ve been a gay man, I’ve been a rape victim, I’ve been…and let’s go to the dark side. I’ve been a serial killer. I’ve had to be all these things. Because if I’m going to have all of these creations, and I’m all knowing that’s just it’s just the truth. Okay. And I look at a lot of the spirits like when I’ve done work on like mass killers, people who’ve done mass shootings, things like that. Their spirits are much more younger. It’s like, have you ever noticed the child step on a butterfly?


Manon Bolliger  23:46

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Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  24:57

Or a caterpillar or anything like that. I mean, I have five children, I’ve had foster kids. And I’ve seen that some children admire and then some children will smash a bug just to see what it looks like. Okay, doesn’t mean anything’s wrong with them, but they’re curious. They want to know what it feels like. And I’ve asked children who have done that, like, why did you do that? Why did you kill that, that bug or whatever they’re like, because I wanted to see what it would feel like or what it looked like. So it’s a lot like that, like darkness. And what we call evil is like, young, innocent, not innocent, I don’t want to use that word, but younger spirits that have not developed yet. And they’re starting to discern how it feels. This is not our first rodeo here. You know, people can have lives upon lives, it’s not reincarnation, there’s a whole process happening that people just don’t understand, or don’t have the depth of the capacity to understand. They’re not even inquiring of God of these things. So let’s just say I’m president of a country, I have a delegation system in place. I know what’s happening with my country, as a whole. But I also have a delegation system. I have FBI, I have senators, governors, mayors, EMT, school systems, everything that reports back. So I might not know the exact little thing about over here unless, it gets reported to me. So that’s where there’s a break in this system, where we’re coming off balance is because that delegation system isn’t working properly. So God is not all knowing and seeing because he’s spying and tapping into your every thought watching you masturbate, watching all these things that you’ve done and thinking. He’s all knowing because of experience. Now we can call the president we can call God at any time and report. And that’s where the break in the line is. Because certain things are getting…now all this information is coming to be the more eyes that are on it, the more information is being reported. And that’s why we’re getting all of the stuff being recovered. Where it’s getting exposed, it’s because agencies being removed, our will and choice is being removed. And that’s where divine intervention comes in. That’s why so many people are being exposed now. And but it’s also on the other side part of the process. It’s like getting from elementary school to college, right? We have all of these steps to get here. And we have to understand the differences of what is fruitful, what is productive, what feels good, what causes a ripple effect for good, what amplifies versus what is destructive. And we all day long had been being taught our whole lives by parents, by teachers, by mentors. They could give me advice, but how often do you actually have to experience it for you to learn? Pretty much always, always. I have to screw up. And then I’m like, damn, I don’t want to do that again, I didn’t feel good. And some of us are very beginners in that process. Some of us are further along than others, the homeless guy with the addiction could be so much further along than you and your spiritual exaltation. And this could be his last human experience, you know, to become like his parents. So we don’t know. And a lot of people are so quick to label one thing or the other, it’s good or bad or whatever. But in all reality, if I was a starving kid in Africa, and my parents were brutally murdered in front of me, I knew that before I got down here, I chose this for a human experience that I needed to have so that I eventually could be all knowing. Okay, when you start to understand that you are not looking at the world, that I need to help the world, I need to change the world, I need to change this person, I need to save this person and heal this person. Okay, because they’re choosing these experiences for exaltation in the long run remember, it’s that end of the play kind of thing, right? They’re wanting to be co creators to not everybody’s that the same, you know, not everybody wants to go all the way but some people do, right. So when you start to understand that, it makes you look at the world very differently when people are like, Oh, I just want to help others. That’s actually a low frequency. Because what you’re saying to the world and putting out is that something’s wrong and broken, when actually it’s perfectly fucked up.


Manon Bolliger  29:48

Perfectly fucked up. Yes. Okay. Yeah. No, I mean, I don’t disagree with that part of what you’re saying. I mean, I see it in a very similar way and It makes us…it’s a false sense of responsibility when you believe that you have more say over somebody’s life than their initial choice, right. But I find it interesting when you’re talking about the juxtaposition that it’s because we’re in a no choice or less choice way that all of this is coming to the surface. Right, I find that I’m trying to wrap my head around that part of it specifically. I’m not sure I can get that.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  30:45

In with why this was going on for so long is because the people involved in this actually have spiritual intelligence. And that’s why it was so underground. And so under cover, that it actually wasn’t being reported. So now that it’s being reported, people are praying about it on mass scales, they’re calling upon all this intervention. That’s why this reckoning is starting to happen. So this is where I was saying the specifics matter.


Manon Bolliger  31:21

Right, okay.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  31:22

Okay. It would actually be better and more powerful for those that are praying or meditating or trying to, you know, stop this, to really set the intentions of specifics for it. Like, it’d be more better to go, you know, I am actually asking for all of those that are participating in sex trafficking of children in Colorado. For them to have a great awakening, that they have so much guilt, that they stopped this immediately, that they can’t stand it, I want them to see all the darkness around them, that it freaks them out so much that they stop, they change their ways immediately. I ask for all of those kids, to be guided to know how to get away to have brave to strength, give them supernatural strength that they can run, and push and fight. Let them all unite together so that they can fight the people that are keeping them bound. That they war together. Lead them guide them send them an army of unseen supernatural power. Do you see how specific that is? I’m getting chills just even thinking about that. Versus God, please just put the stop to this.


Manon Bolliger  32:43

Right. Yeah.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  32:46

Very, very different.


Manon Bolliger  32:48

Yeah it has a definitely a different energy. Yes.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  32:53

It’s as big or as little you know, the other side of something little like if my daughter’s like, Oh, I feel so bad for my friend. You know, he has an addiction and he just relapse and, and I’m like, Well, why are you feeling bad for him? He’s just like, I just, it’s gotta be so tough and it’s so hard and I just feel so bad for him and I still go stop. You’re weakening him by doing that. You’re sending him the same confirmation in that subconscious brain.


Manon Bolliger  33:21

Right, right, right. True.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  33:21

Instead send him power. Even if it’s just in your mind or in your prayer, in your intention, just, you could just see him and just say, You know what, you’re strong, you’re powerful, you’re gonna overcome this, you can do this. I ask that you’re blessed. I asked that your mind is done with this addiction. I ask that everything gets sent to you that you are going to overcome this and be powerful and healthy in your mind body and spirit. Very, very different energy. We’re not utilizing it, or we’re not tapping into it. We’re not collaborating in that either. Right? We just felt like God dang it, you know, all this is just horrible. It’s so big. And so everything like what can we do about it? Right. And that’s another really different frequency.


Manon Bolliger  34:09

Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Well, it’s funny because my own journey with God in that sense, I you know, I was not I was not religious. Or I think there was a lip service laid to you know the Catholicism and doing the right things and getting confessed and all that business. But I feel very spiritual, very connected. But I can’t say that it’s, you know, I’ve read in all kinds of different you know, religions, all different gods and entities that one, you know, can admire or learn from or lessons they’ve had or teachings they’re giving, etc. But it’s like in the end, it’s it’s really…it feels as if it’s truly within it’s, it’s within. And without it’s it’s much different than, I think how I was, you know, trained. And it’s funny in watching what’s happening these days, and you know, I’ve gone down since I lost my right to practice. I’m in Canada, and in Canada, especially in British Columbia, they, they put up some interesting rules, then if you didn’t, if you weren’t interested in taking the bio weapon, then you really couldn’t speak against it. And you couldn’t practice. So, yeah, so after 30 years of practice, as a naturopath, I had to put that aside. And it caused a lot of things into question for me, but also gave me time to deep dive. And one of the things that I’ve been…like it and that’s funny, because I’m sure a lot of people who hear like the Q movement or the Alliance or you know, and they’re very much a force of really believing in God, in the way that I see it. It’s not…it has that energy for, you know, for good, but it’s all from within, it’s truly an awakening. And I found this really positive for humankind, you know, and I, I don’t know, if I’m in one rabbit hole that eventually I’ll get out or whether there really is this awakening, but I feel extremely thrilled about what I see coming and when I was a child I I had visions, catastrophic, natural visions, as well, and I, you know, I was very careful, I knew not to go onto that airplane. Like, you know, I’ve, I’ve been I’ve trusted myself, I lost it for a while in between. But now I feel like it’s a time period where this is all flourishing. And, and I see very positively what’s happening to human kind. It’s, I don’t know, how…could you comment a bit on that? How do you see the future now and the present future?


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  37:31

Yeah. There’s a reason why in the scriptures, it says the great and dreadful day, but actually, the older translations said, The Great or dreadful day. And it will be dreadful for some and great for us. And there, we noticed, you know, there’s been a divide for a long time, way longer than people realize. But we really started to acknowledge the divide, like with COVID. You know, it’s interesting, I had a vision about two weeks before COVID happened. And I saw it affecting the whole entire world. And I’d never had a vision like that. And usually, it’s just like a one little area here and there. So I saw this small earthquake in Utah. And then I saw this something affecting the whole entire world, like the whole world was shook. And so I texted all my students and my clients, because I always warn them ahead of time, I said, Hey, we’re about to have this small earthquake in Utah, and then something’s gonna happen where it affects the whole entire world. And they said, No, Robyn, we’re not feeling it’s not time, blah, blah. And I’m like, Okay. And then I think it was five days, the earth, there was an earthquake in Utah in 2020, which was 6.9 in Salt Lake. And then, Angel Maronei on the temple, his trumpet, though, that was one of the major only damages to the major temple. So the trumpet falls, and then COVID, two weeks later, the whole world just shut down like that, right? And I’m like, Okay. And so that’s when we really started to notice this divide. Right? And that divide was actually very divinely given. It was when people started to question everything, question themselves, their government, their neighbors, doctors, everything we had to. And what’s interesting is where they started in the beginning, and their thinking is a lot of them are very dramatically different now. You know, I’ve had four clients this week for people with vaccination injuries that 100% believed in vaccinations. And they were very like liberal very like all for it, you know, masked Where’s all this and now they are 100% the opposite side. So all of this is taking place so that we can get to a mental and a spiritual place where we’re seeking and asking, we’re questioning. And then that’s where that divide is taking place right? Now, there’s a lot of very much beautiful things taking place, like you’re saying. And that’s when, and why it’s going to be a great day for them. But the turbulations that are coming, are on a very large scale. Because like I said, manipulation has taken place, it went off key. People have had choices to turn it around, and they’ve decided to use it to their advantage. Governments use remote viewers like me.


Manon Bolliger  41:01

Oh, you’re…yeah, yeah.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  41:04

I know about these events. They know about these events? Some of them are using it to their advantage. For more greed, more power, more position. Governments have betrayed their countries. And there are others who know about these events who are trying to do very, very good things. And on a very large scale to, right like organizations you’re talking about. And it’s not about political parties anymore. It’s not about who’s right or wrong. It’s about people looking and seeing who has more truth and light, who is willing to allow more free will and agency or who’s going to force and manipulate and lie. That’s where we should really be discerning like what we’re voting for, or what we’re looking into. So I can speak about some of the events and give you guys a couple of dominoes to look for, without trying to freak people out.


Manon Bolliger  41:25

And, yeah, and I just want to mention, we do have only about five minutes, because I have somebody else but I’d love you to end with that. And not to make you have to do too short.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  42:37

And we can always do another show about this on the healing. There’s a whole section in miracles of  healing. Yeah, yeah, the healing what’s coming and, and a lot of the healers that are going to be watching your show are such a big part of this of what’s coming, they have no idea on a mass scale of the awakening they’re going to have and using their gifts, their skill sets, they’re going to be some of the most wealthiest people in the world. And it’s a different type of wealth.


Manon Bolliger  43:09



Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  43:10

So one of the things I would say to everybody that’s looking into this, there is a new virus that’s coming. And this virus is legit. I’m not going to go into if it’s manmade or natural, because there’s actually two viruses that are coming and one is natural and one is not. And because that is being triggered, there will be another divide that takes place. But these divides are taking place in earthquakes. The first one will be in Utah, and it will be a catastrophic earthquake. There are many, many reasons why, or why Utah, and I could go into that on a whole nother podcast. But that’s almost a divide because foreign troops come in to aid to the United States. And it actually creates a barrier. It’s another divine intervention, because they’re bringing in a different virus. And the only reason I’m telling you guys this is because it’s one of the major dominoes, there’s a bunch of other little dominoes that they see, like, I see some missiles being launched from Germany to Russia over a large mass of water. And it’s at nighttime, that’s another cue. But I think that happens either right before the earthquake or right around the same time.


Manon Bolliger  44:42

What’s the time of the earthquake in Utah?


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  44:47

So the timelines get shifted, depending on the people that are of an influence making those decisions and calling those triggers. I can tell you this that it happens in fall on a sunny day. First thing in the morning on a Monday or a Wednesday morning. So this is one of the biggest cues that I could tell people, when that event happens, that’s when you know that one thing, that’s when you really got to dig deep. That’s when you need to be prepared spiritually. That’s when you really want to hone in on your healing capabilities, your skill sets, any commodities, be ahead of what everybody else, you know, don’t wait until something else happens. Because we know with COVID, like I told my clients, when COVID was happening, I told them, this is practice. This is for you to learn, see how people are behaving see if you can trust your neighbors, see who is a healer and a giver. See how the masses are acting at the grocery stores. See who is your tribe of people here. And this, that was practice. And now the next one is not going to be practice. One of the things that God told me years ago when he was showing me this earthquake in it, he said that we were two major events away from this, this earthquake. And he said that people are always trying to pray things away. And that’s not where power is, because it’s already here. And it’s already happening. What they should be praying for is that the first, second and third waves of events are strong enough and powerful enough that people have learned and changed and been prepared. They’ve gained strength, they’ve united with their families, because tragedy makes us do that sometimes. Right? So it’s that divide, right? So that when the fourth and fifth waves of events come, they will be able to withstand. So when people are like, oh, you know, pray for Oklahoma, you know, with the tornado, and like it’s already happened. So I pray that it was traumatic enough that it prepares them for what’s coming next. This is why our healing work, our strength, our power, our skill sets are the most valuable commodity we can ever have. And it’s above riches, it’s above gold and food and all of these things. Yeah, and the time has come to step into your truth and your power and to seek out what you’re made of and why you’re here.


Manon Bolliger  47:50

Well, it’s a strange place to end. But it means we need to seek well. So I would love to be in touch with you. And let’s focus on the healing part. Because I think the timing is pretty crucial. So thank you so much for your time.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  48:10

Great time. Great dispensation of time to be on for all of us.


Manon Bolliger  48:15

Well, thanks very much for sharing all that with us.


Robyn Peterson (Amazing Robyn)  48:20

I hope that it made sense. And like we talked about some deep, deep things without getting to explanation into it so your viewers ever have some questions or things that they want to go in deeper? Just let me know.


Manon Bolliger  48:33

Great, thank you.



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