How Withholding the Pfizer Trial Documents Denied Us Informed Consent with Amy Kelly on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks with Amy Kelly the Program Director of War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Doc Analysis Project.


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Amy Kelly

what that bio distribution just means how the ingredients and a drug travel through your body. And what it showed is in that biodistribution study, it did not stay in the animal’s muscle to which it was injected. It traveled all throughout the body, the ingredients, in particular, the lipid nanoparticles, lodged in organs throughout the body, they were found in bones, bone marrow, the blood itself. And so, when we were being given the messaging that oh, you’ll get this shot in your deltoid muscle, and it’s just gonna stay right there, and nothing’s gonna happen. They knew that wasn’t true from their own study that they had done

Amy Kelly

One thing that I learned about fairly recently, let’s say in the past month or so, is, there were about 44,000 people in the Pfizer trial. Good many people, the emergency use authorization that was granted for Pfizer’s product was granted based off of 170 people. So, 0.4% of the clinical trial population is what they based it’s good to go on.


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Amy Kelly

Like I was telling you before this show, like, I tried to concentrate on shining light into the darkness. And, you know, whether that’s, like darkness of hatred or darkness of people being ignorant and not knowing or, you know, just fine, get just a little pin of light in there. I feel better about things and like I’m making a positive difference in the world. And that’s all we can try to do.


Amy Kelly is the Program Director for the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project. She oversees the approximately 3,250 volunteers who are reviewing, analyzing, and reporting on the court-ordered, FDA-released Pfizer documents, as well as overseeing the approximately 350 volunteer attorneys who are identifying legal actions to be taken based on findings from the Pfizer documents. Additionally, she does research and provides answers to the public’s questions about adverse events found in the documents.

Ms. Kelly has over 20 years of experience as a Project Manager. Additionally, she is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, certified in change management methodology, and has experience as a Business Analyst, Product Manager, and Strategist. Prior to working at DailyClout, she worked primarily in the telecommunications, transportation, and medical devices industries. Outside of work, she volunteers for education-related causes and in county political organizations.

Ms. Kelly earned a Bachelor of Arts degree, graduating summa cum laude and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, from a liberal arts college in the Southeast.

Core purpose/passion: Making sure people have true informed consent, the right to bodily autonomy, and a functioning healthcare system based on a relationship between Dr and patient not Dr and Big Pharma


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Manon Bolliger 00:43

So welcome to the Healers Cafe. And today I have the honor to have an interview with Amy Kelly. She is the CEO of Daily Clout, Dr. Naomi Wolf’s tech company. And she’s the Program Director of War Room Daily Clout Pfizer doc analysis project. You have tons of experience she oversees approximately 3250 volunteers who are reviewing, analyzing, and reporting on the court ordered FDA released Pfizer documents, those that were apparently going to be kept away from us for 75 years, as well as overseeing approximately 350 volunteer attorneys who are identifying legal actions to be taken based on findings from the Pfizer documents. I think I’m gonna leave it at that. It’s just such an honor to be able to speak with you and share with people the findings that this incredible team managed by you are coming up with because to say it’s scary, is an understatement. When I first looked at the Pfizer documents, I thought, like, wait a minute here. Oh, there’s Oh, yeah, they have protocols for pregnant women. We should, you know, make sure to report it. And I thought, Okay, this is fine. I shared that actually with my daughter. She goes, Oh, yeah, that’s very normal, you know, and then to find out what actually happened, which I am gonna let you speak about a little bit. It was very shocking. It’s like several wakeup calls. It could this be really happening. I feel like we’re not living in the same reality. You know?


Amy Kelly 02:47

Yes, I do know. Yes. Very much. So. And thank you for having me on. I really appreciate you inviting me here.


Manon Bolliger 02:55

So, well…so what drew you to focus on this type of research? And what compelled you? I mean, it’s enormous work. Yeah. What? Yeah, what made you feel like this is, you know, this is what I’m meant to do?


Amy Kelly 03:18

Well, so I am a mom, and I, and how I initially got involved, was that I signed up to volunteer for this project. And I had been watching everything happening with the vaccine all along, and the pressuring by all different angles of people to get it. I was dealing with my teenage daughter, who had all these people in her friend group that were getting vaccinated. And I liked to immerse myself in research when there’s something like that going on, so I can really understand what’s going on. And so, then I heard this call was put out for volunteers. And I went and signed up using their form. And when you sign up to volunteer, they ask you what your skill sets are like doctor, nurse, attorney, all these other things, and none of those are mine. So, in the other section, I put project management and business process improvement because that’s what my background is then. And a day or two later, I got a call from the CRO of our company, Craig Klein, saying what do you think about coming on in managing this project? And I was like, wow, I don’t know. I’m not sure it’s a lot of people. It’s huge. But I just felt almost like it was providential. And a door was opened for me to have that opportunity to be involved in that level. And I have felt this whole time like we’re in a very big historical moment in something where I hope to be on the right side of history and make a …


positive difference. And this gave me the opportunity. So that’s how I got involved initially.


Manon Bolliger 05:06

Wow. And how has it been? I mean, I’ve been following Naomi Wolf’s channels saying all these things that are happening. And then obviously all the research that’s coming out, how has it been for you to realize that it’s not just that we’ve been lied to, it’s really, it’s, it’s a crime to people, you know, to unsuspecting people who were just trying to do the right thing, you know, in that sense, you know. You’re told by the people that you, you respect in a society, you know, so that could be your doctors, it can be your government, and, you know, go ahead, and do this for the sake of others right? Which, you know, now that we know that it doesn’t even protect it doesn’t none of the things that were sold to us were actually true. And that’s one piece of it. But the harm that it’s causing, how has that impacted, well, you personally, but the whole team of volunteers that are dealing with this?


Amy Kelly 06:32

I think is a big motivator, because I, I tend to always say nobody likes to be lied to. And when they find out, they’re being lied to, they’re like, I’m going to do whatever I can to get the truth out. And so, I feel like the team of volunteers has been very motivated by that. But I mean, it, it is heartbreaking to realize that all these entities that even the past trusted, and you thought, you know, had your best interest in mind, it turns out, not only do they did they not inform themselves, maybe but maybe had nefarious purposes in mind. And that’s a lot to absorb. And a big shift in my worldview has happened over the past two years, and especially as I learn more and more from being part of this project.


Manon Bolliger 07:28

Yeah, because it’s one thing not to know, and not to do your due diligence. And I’ve talked to so many doctors, well, it’s like, well, we only have a few hours of vaccine stuff. So, if they tell us it’s safe. And they call it a vaccine, it must be okay. It’s almost it’s not my job. Right? And I’m like, Well, wait a minute here, you have to get informed consent.


Amy Kelly 07:59

Right, which was impossible. I was just going through that with somebody today, really. Prior to these documents being released and gone through by the public, informed consent wasn’t possible. And I even feel like medical practitioners did not have the information to give to patients in order for them to be informed and consent. Therefore, it shouldn’t have been done, right. Because there were potential rewards you were presenting what you’d been told were rewards, but nobody was presenting the risk side of things. And those were known prior to the rollout, the public rollout of the vaccine.


Manon Bolliger 08:49

Right. Can you go through a bit for the skeptical people? That aspect that this was already known. Like tell us a little bit more about that.


Amy Kelly 09:04

Okay, so when you look at the Pfizer clinical trial documents, you know, they go back well before, I’d say, I guess it’s probably about eight to ten months before the vaccines were actually rolled out to the public. And so, when you go through them and you see harms that are occurring throughout the documentation, things that are being advised against, for example, pregnant women not being exposed to the vaccine was a big part of it. You see things like that, you know that they knew while they were going through the trials, that things were happening like that. And another example is Pfizer has something called a bio distribution study. That’s part of its documentation. And what that bio distribution just means how the ingredients and a drug travel through your body. And what it showed is in that biodistribution study, it did not stay in the animal’s muscle to which it was injected. It traveled all throughout the body, the ingredients, in particular, the lipid nanoparticles, lodged in organs throughout the body, they were found in bones, bone marrow, the blood itself. And so, when we were being given the messaging that oh, you’ll get this shot in your deltoid muscle, and it’s just gonna stay right there, and nothing’s gonna happen. They knew that wasn’t true from their own study that they had done. So, there’s, there are a few examples.


Manon Bolliger 10:39

Yeah, and that was even later, more confirmed by the biopsies that showed it was, you know, in the bone marrow in the ovaries, etc. But the fact that they knew this before it, the same way, it’s like, when I was reading, there was 20…is it 28 out of 29, of the woman that they knew about miscarried? Do I have that right?


Amy Kelly 11:05

I believe it was 28 of 34 maybe or so. But it was, it was a significant percentage of…and for those who may not have the background, what we’re talking about is during the trial, women were not allowed into the trial if they were already pregnant. And they tested the women as they came in to ensure that, but women became pregnant during the trial. And many of those women were allowed to remain as part of the trial, I still don’t completely understand that. And there were in total about 270 women, and they essentially lost the majority of those women, there’s no, they just fell out of things. There’s no documentation on them. They’re allegedly lost to us. But there were, let’s say, these 34 or so women, that they were tracked and remained in the study. And then as you said, I believe it was 28 a very large percentage of them miscarried. If I remember the analysis that Dr. Pierre Quarry did, it was an 85%, spontaneous abortion rate in those women.


Manon Bolliger 12:20

Because I remember at the time, you know, reading different things that came up, general press, you know, and it was like, oh, there’s no harm to women. And then you have the heads of, you know, gynecology and OBGYN and all that saying, you know, it’s recommended, it’s safe. It’s, you know, at a time where they, they knew it wasn’t.


Amy Kelly 12:49

Well, I always ask myself, like, did those doctors actually know at that time? Or when we say they knew to me, I’m saying like Pfizer knew. The FDA knew. I feel sure the CDC knew. I feel sure Health Canada knew, you know, and, but what was actually communicated out to the doctors? I’m not so sure about, yeah.


Manon Bolliger 13:15

Yeah, I don’t think. I mean, it would just, it would ruin my vision of humanity. If that many of them actually knew and did it anyways, you know, or, were paid or, I mean, we know there’s paid actors, we know that that’s not…that’s not hidden. Because you can always follow money trail. But, you know, the people who look after your health. I mean, that just seems like beyond you know, and I think, you know, it may be that they also got taken into this narrative that there’s no way. You know, what was his name, the Belgium guy, Desmet, you know, talks about…


Amy Kelly 13:57

Yes, yes.


Manon Bolliger 14:01

What is it…not muscle


Amy Kelly 14:03

Mas formation.


Manon Bolliger 14:03

Mas formation.


Amy Kelly 14:05

It is kind of like mass psychos. It’s a little bit like that. Yes. Yeah. But the one thing though, with the physicians, okay, let’s say in January 2021, February 2021. Maybe they really didn’t know yet. But what has bothered me is I’ve watched it progress is we know, they know now. You know unless they have their head in the sand under a rock or something. It’s obvious what’s going on. And so many medical professionals are still promoting these, like you said, even for those who, when I say most at risk, I mean, like a pregnant woman who we typically give as minimal of drugs to as possible, and yet it’s still being pushed even upon them and upon infants.


Manon Bolliger 14:57

Infants just got decided right?


Amy Kelly 15:00

Yeah, not too long ago. Oh, that one?


Manon Bolliger 15:03

With the CDC saying that we’re gonna go ahead and put that as part of the vaccine natural rollout natural.


Amy Kelly 15:12

Yeah, it’s the childhood schedule in the US. So, in a lot of states, children who don’t take vaccines on the childhood schedule aren’t allowed to go to school or play sports. Yeah. Which, so that’s shocking.


Manon Bolliger 15:31

Yeah, no, it is shocking, because they know. I mean how many people can you fool with, you know, these sudden adult deaths that are everywhere, and then this increase of myocarditis, and it looks like, especially in teenage boys, but, you know, it seems to be, I mean, many groups are affected, and all the athletes. And you know, we’re not seeing it on the regular news, or we’re seeing it, but not quite…not with any analysis right. Sudden surprises, you know. And I don’t know how it is. I mean, I used to believe that, you know, that when you look things up, scientifically, we were we were sort of told us naturopaths, you know, you’re flaky, unless you really use the science. So go look things up. Now, I realize that even the science, so called it’s not, it’s always a moving thing. Have vested interest, there’s people paying for the results that they want. It’s…by the industries, it’s not neutral anymore. It’s not like, Oh, you get in the Lancet, and it must be real.


Amy Kelly 16:56

That’s right.


Manon Bolliger 16:57

Now you have to actually take the literature, be able to analyze it, and do the money trail.


Amy Kelly 17:04

Yes, one of our volunteer medical doctors who I’ve worked with a lot, he’s really amazing. He just did an analysis about a month ago, of an article that was in the New England Journal of Medicine, saying it had the data to show that it was safe for pregnant women to get the vaccine. And he in his background was not only a medical doctor, but also, I can’t remember the exact term for it, but it’s essentially a forensic medical doctor. So, he knew how to look at things forensically as well. And he went through that article and did a very deep dive analysis science like what you said everyone was working for everyone else. And they were tied together with, you know, the NIH and the CDC and the FDA. And you don’t know that unless you comb through who all I think this, I think it has, like 42 authors or something on that article, unless you comb through all the authors and look into their backgrounds and see what is really motivating everyone. And it used to be like, you would never think that about the Lancet or the New England Journal of Medicine.


Manon Bolliger 18:16

No. Because, you know, when this all started, I was like, Okay, let’s find out what this you know, Spike protein is all about and can it harm people? And it’s like, yeah, there was research that it can, you know, so it’s like, okay. And then it’s suddenly it’s like, then there’s nothing to compare the impact of the vaccine with endless supplies of Spike protein, you know, cell generated and blood supplies. Well, you know, if a little bit that you would get by chance, and that you have your, you know, your complete immune system to be able to ward off right, we’re not that simple right. If you breathe it in, then you’ve, you know, or smell or take it into your nose, you have many different levels of innate resistance possible. But anyway, when we compare them what was said about the vaccine, it’s like, suddenly, we don’t need to worry about this insane production.


Amy Kelly 19:30

Yes, and not only that, they were encouraging people to go back before it’s had time to somewhat dissipate out of your system and re amp that up. So, it was like just layer on top of layer of it until the immune system just freaks out and can’t handle it, you know.


Manon Bolliger 19:50

Right and they had this analogy, like recharge the battery and I thought, oh my god, like they have paid, and they have paid unbelievable amounts of money from marketing.


Amy Kelly 20:03



Manon Bolliger 20:04

To think that you’re like, because antibodies disappear, which is only a tiny piece of the entire immune system, well, because antibodies start eventually going, we need to tap into this recharging. All along. The immune system is weakening with every dose.


Amy Kelly 20:26

Yes. Yeah. And especially since we now know, I don’t know the exact timeline of when all this was known, but about how it almost reprograms and negatively impacts T and B cells


Manon Bolliger 20:43



Amy Kelly 20:44

And so, then the cells that could help you with some of these issues and fighting aren’t…they don’t get the signal that they need to be helping. And so, you know, they don’t get their marching orders. And like you said it just further and further suppresses your immune system.


Manon Bolliger 21:01

Yeah. Which then we see like, you know, like the rises of cancers and rises of autoimmune diseases. It’s, really shocking. What have you found in the research that was the most shocking to you? Unexpected, or I don’t know how to put it.


Amy Kelly 21:27

Yes. I mean, there’s been a lot of shocking things I found. One thing that I learned about fairly recently, let’s say in the past month or so, is, there were about 44,000 people in the Pfizer trial. Good many people, the emergency use authorization that was granted for Pfizer’s product was granted based off of 170 people. So, 0.4% of the clinical trial population is what they based it’s good to go on. So that’s, yeah, so that was it actually looks like data should have been thrown out for I believe it was seven of those people. And so, if you take theirs out, then you’re down to 163. And it wouldn’t have qualified at that number of people for EUA approval, which was also interesting. But all kinds of things have been just so crazy and shocking to me, like how they were basing saying this is safe for pregnant women on 44 pregnant rats, who they didn’t let the babies come to term. And they didn’t because they aborted the babies out of them, then, of course, they weren’t following the offspring to see what happened. And we’re more complicated than a rat, you know, and nothing was done in that regard.


Manon Bolliger 22:57

I mean, it’s not even a logical study, if you want to know the impact on, I mean, I’m just using common sense, which I think is missing a lot. But you know, it’s like, I remember having a discussion with my daughter, too. It’s just Oh, there’s a new pregnancy study that says it’s perfectly safe. I said, how long is the study? Oh, two months. I say, well, doesn’t pregnancy the last I know, take nine and then you’ve got to actually have a baby in the end, right?


Amy Kelly 23:26

Yes. And see what happens with the baby. Yeah,


Manon Bolliger 23:30

Exactly, you know, so it’s like this, this overall desire. It’s not to be right. I don’t think that it’s to not have your entire world of trust shattered.


Amy Kelly 23:47

Yes. Or, you know, I feel like a lot of times when I interact with people who are vaccinated, but are now curious, like about what’s been found. There is a level of almost not wanting to know but wanting to know, because then you find out like what’s going on in your own body? And that’s hard information to take in especially like you said when people you really trusted gave you the information said, No, it’s good, you’re safe, and then you find out that’s not the case.


Manon Bolliger 24:21

Yeah. And I agree, I think and the other problem, too, is that…and this is a paradigm saying a lot of the unbelievably well-meaning doctors who are you know, have spoken out, risked their positions and you know, all of that they’re still trained in the paradigm of, you know, modern or not modern…conventional medicine. So, often, they’ll say, there’s not too much more that can be done. Because when you look at it from a holistic perspective and healing possibility. The human is so much more resilient.


Amy Kelly 25:10



Manon Bolliger 25:11

Then every…then each part of us, you know, so, so yes, you know, there are all these detox protocols, there’s all these things to do on the biological level, which I’m not saying don’t do. But we have to look at the stress levels of people, we have to look at also how, you know, how people have been left alone, separated and segregated and judging each other, and now we’re going to tell them, you’ve got this bioweapon? And, you know, what are you going to do with this? I mean, it’s, it’s horrendous news. And I feel like it has to come with hope. There has to be understanding that there…yes, there is more, you know, there’s all kinds of things that are being now discussed, whether it’s scalar energy, there’s all kinds of things that are having impacts on the whole person that can help, you know, because otherwise, it’s…I mean, I’m a parent as well, I have three, three children. And two of them, you know, for their own separate reasons have gone ahead and, and taken two shots. And it’s devastating as a parent, when you know the information, and yet, because of the difficulty of discussing this subject, it’s very hard to help.


Amy Kelly 26:44



Manon Bolliger 26:45

And it’s very hard to say, hey, you know, I understand why you did it? Like, there’s no judgment, you know, and there’s things you can do.


Amy Kelly 26:57

Yes, we all value different things. We value things differently at different times in our lives, like what the motivators may be for doing things. And, you know, when you go to young adults or teenagers, and you cut them off socially, unless they get this vaccine that allows them back into those worlds. I mean, I completely get saying, I’ll just do it at that point.


Manon Bolliger 27:25

Absolutely. I mean, that’s devastating to be the kid left out, you know


Amy Kelly 27:30

Yeah. Yeah.


Manon Bolliger 27:31

And it’s, it’s hard like, it’s hard for the parent to be that terrible parent. And it makes sense how confronted with such intense propaganda. And I call it propaganda because I don’t know what else to call it. It’s, it’s marketing that is dishonest, and harmful.


Amy Kelly 28:02



Manon Bolliger 28:03

Right. And that’s how I see propaganda. You know, it’s like, even the making this, you know, gene therapy and calling it a vaccine.


Amy Kelly 28:13

Right, and then changing the definition of vaccine to fit the product,


Manon Bolliger 28:18

The same kind of, you know, so it doesn’t matter what motivation people had, I think you’re right, you know, and sometimes it was, what was available in the science at the beginning, you know. Which, you know, so it seems, you know, I read some of the stuff at the beginning everything and was thinking, well, maybe the spike protein is an issue, you know, but hey, hey, let’s just common sense, you know. You’re in the bracket of the 99.7. But it’s like, all because of all this crazy modeling. You couldn’t bring it down to simple numbers and just look at what are the risks/benefits, right?


Amy Kelly 29:01

Mm hmm. Yes. And the cycle thresholds being set so high on test, so that you’re getting all these false positives that make things look worse than they are? Yeah. They’re, like you said propaganda really.


Manon Bolliger 29:16

Yeah. Yeah. And I think that’s one big thing that’s coming out. But now, I mean, I’ve always believed that once you have the facts, it’s going to change things.


Amy Kelly 29:30



Manon Bolliger 29:31

Is that…do you feel that way?


Amy Kelly 29:36

I feel like if it can, yes, I feel like if it gets disseminated to broad swaths of the public, that it really will change things and more of it is happening than was happening at one time. Clearly, we still have quite a way to go with the suppression and censorship that’s happening, but I do feel like when you come to people with the facts in primary sources, like directly from the vaccine company’s own documentation, that hard to argue against it at least gives them food for thought.


Manon Bolliger 30:14

Yeah, I was gonna share one of the websites. Let me just see if I can get this up properly here.


Amy Kelly 30:25



Manon Bolliger 30:27

I think it’s this one here. Here we go. Yeah. The abstractor. How to use the abstract or tool to search Pfizer documents and data. Can you just say a little bit more? There’s a video here, so but what people an example of what people could do with this.


Amy Kelly 30:52

Yes. And as you can see, up in the right-hand corner of your screen, there’s a green box that says abstractor. And that’s how people…come down a little bit. No, you were up there by it, I just since I can’t point to it. But yeah, right there. That’s how people can get to it. But about the tool, it’s fantastic. Daily Clout has partnered with the developers of it to sponsor it. When you go to the website, you can enter keywords, and it searches all of the Pfizer PDF documents that have been released, I believe there’s 259, or 289, I don’t remember off the top of my head. So, you can put in a search term. And hit search, it will return results. In the far-left column, it’s the term you put in, then it gives you links to the different Pfizer documents with that term in it, as well as in the next column, the page number. And then, when you click on the hyperlinks that result from it…or come up there and the results, then it takes you directly to the page it’s on, which is nice. And on the far-right side of your screen. When you do a search, it shows a little extract from the page. So here on the left-hand side, for example, if you wanted to type in myocarditis. And then you click search. Yeah. I know, give people a feel for what you get back. And so, then you can see all the different documents it shows up. And as you can see, down at the bottom, it says there’s 26 entries for it. That doesn’t surprise me that there’s not more in the documentation, because this was during the clinical trial phase. And we’ve discovered so much about myocarditis after the fact. But it gives you the example there of how you can see which documents it’s in, the page number, and a little excerpt from it. And at the top there, on the pink bar graph on the left, it’s showing the top 10 queries of all time for the tool. So, you can see what people are looking for over there on the left, I believe it says death, pregnancy, HIV. And then the graph, the bar graph on the other side is the last 10 unique queries. So, what people have been searching for just recently. And you can up across the top green bar there to the left-hand side right now, Pfizer’s highlighted, but the trial XPT data. So, there’s two features there. One is track a trial list and one is trace a site. I wouldn’t suggest running it right now, because it does take quite a while. Pfizer has also released, or the FDA has released tons of Pfizer’s data in things called XPT files, which are data files. And this team has pulled those data files into a database and is setting up tools to make it searchable for things they think people would be interested in. So, for example, if you enter a trial participants unique subject id, which every trial participant has, in here, it will go through all the database files and return results showing you where they appear in there and you can click on it and get additional information about that particular trial participant and similar kind of thing with the sites. I believe there were…I think 254 sites I can’t remember off the top of my head, but it’s a pulldown menu for trace of site and you can select this site and hit search, and it will go and pull all the information in the database as related to that particular site. Some of the sites, we call them internally in the project, we call them dirty sites like ones that tended to have more errors. And I’m like dosing problems or not following protocol, things like that. So that gives you the opportunity to go look at what’s actually in the files about those sites. Yeah.


Manon Bolliger 35:31

Yeah, that’s quite an incredible amount of work to do to do that. But it just shows that if people want to find out, they can.


Amy Kelly 35:42

And another couple of things I’ll just tell your viewers and listeners about the tool is one to always remember, don’t just search the term we may use, think in medical terms, because that’s how a lot of it’s written. And an example I often give is, for example, you can search for lung and see what comes up. But be sure to search pulmonary because you’re likely to get a lot of pulmonary results. And the other thing is, is the documentation tends to be in British English, and not American English. And so therefore, there’s some differences in spelling. One example is, there’s one more A and the British version of hemorrhage than there is in the American. So, you want to search both spellings to make sure you get thorough results. And the results can all be exported, as you may have seen across the top into CSV or Excel files, or you can print them or email them. It’s a great tool.


Manon Bolliger 36:44

And I also want to just mention “The Bodies of Others”, which is an incredible book with research. But also, what helps there is for those who are not into research, because it’s a whole other thing. It’s like, an easy conversation with well documented facts, you know, so I think that’s, an incredible book from Naomi Wolf.


Amy Kelly 37:18

I really enjoyed reading it. It was so relatable, and I felt very validated, and a lot of what and I learned all kinds of new things that I didn’t know about. So yeah, I highly recommend it to everyone,


Commercial Break 37:34

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Amy Kelly 38:19

Okay, here on the homepage of, you can go to this red box on the right-hand side, click the link that says read the latest Pfizer reports. And it will take you to the latest Pfizer reports and they’re numbered. You can see there’s 45, 44. So it goes in reverse number back to when we started. There are some gaps in there for ones that ended up not being published online, mainly because they didn’t translate well into being put into WordPress, which is what we use on the back end. And the visualization was going to be really off. But almost all of our reports are available here. So yeah, and then if you’re on any other page at some other point, looking at other Pfizer information, you can click this Pfizer Reports tab and it will take you back to the list.


Manon Bolliger 39:15

Okay, great. Yeah, this is such a great resource.


Amy Kelly 39:20

Yeah, there’s all kinds of great information here. And I’ve just been amazed at the level of engagement and talent and passion from our volunteers because all of these reports are written by volunteers of ours. I think I’ve written a couple that are in there but other than that, they’re all volunteers and really giving of themselves and want to get the word out about what’s happening.


Manon Bolliger 39:50

And all based on the actual documents right, they’re not…


Amy Kelly 39:56

That’s right. They’re cited to throughout each one. Yeah, you’ll see links throughout it. And it will take you to the original Pfizer documents, or sometimes there’s other medical documents cited. But whatever it is, there’ll be linked to, and you can go right to the source to see where it came from.


Manon Bolliger 40:17

You know, I just thought there’s something with this too, people, I’m sure you’ve come across them to where they go on or No, it’s not the vaccine, my vision has gone way down, but it’s not the vaccine, or I’m getting these headaches, that’s, you know. I mean they can really look it up and see whether they’re alone in this, you know, and I think that also can dispel a bit this idea that they’re now needing to search for another type of diagnosis, you know, they don’t need another diagnosis and more drugs.


Amy Kelly 40:50

Right, exactly. Yeah, they’re not alone. And that what is happening to them is actually real, is very validating. Because a lot of times, they’ll go see, you know, a nurse or a doctor or something, and they’ll be like, Oh, that’s all in your head, or, you know, you’re having anxiety or something like that. And there really is a cause behind it. Yeah, and people are always welcome to reach out to me directly as well, if they have any particular inquiries, and we didn’t talk about this during the interview. But something you may be interested in sharing with your, the people that get your newsletter or something like that, I can certainly help you with some. There’s a couple of documents, they’re called post marketing documents that Pfizer has, and what post marketing means in the clinical trial world is it’s when they’re looking at what’s happening after a vaccine or drug has been rolled out. So, for example, one document is a snapshot from I believe it rolled out on December 11, 2020, through February 28, 2021. And it’s all the adverse events that were happening and broken out by countries. And the report where you were talking about with 34 pregnant women, which that’s part of that one, also the appendix, the appendix of that particular document, is eight pages long margin to margin top to bottom of adverse events. And I had my husband show me how to pull them out and put them into an Excel spreadsheet, so I could count, 1290 adverse events they knew about by February 28.


Manon Bolliger 41:15

Yeah. February 28th, 2021.


Amy Kelly 42:50

Yes, yeah. So about less than three months after the rollout. And then there’s another adverse events document that went through March 13, 2021, was the cut off of that, and that document is, if you can believe it, it’s 3645 pages long. And it’s just different trial participants with all of their adverse events that are happening to them listed. And it’s really crazy to see what all is in there.


Manon Bolliger 43:23

And how does that compare to the adverse events that are showing up in VAERS? Or the European one, are they there’s consistency to all of that?


Amy Kelly 43:35

Yeah, I would say that what’s coming up, like in yellow card, and VEARS is validating what was being seen in the trial, as well as adding additional information to it, for example, like that myocarditis search that didn’t bring up tons of results. Now, if you go into any of those systems, or TGA, in Australia, you see just myocarditis everywhere. So, it’s showing what they knew about just right after the trials but didn’t tell anybody as well as all the other things we found out since then.


Manon Bolliger 44:10

Yeah, that alone, the fact that by them, you know, by February they knew so much, you know, that that alone should be…I mean, that’s it is a crime, even if they’ve legally found ways of, you know, getting everyone on …. It’s still it’s still non unacceptable thing. It’s just unbelievable. Anyway,


Amy Kelly 44:37

Yes. So yeah, the Pfizer knew by that time and then the FDA had received that document on April 1, 2020. So, they knew by April 1, 2020, and everybody just remained silent like nothing was happening. So yeah, it’s sad.


Manon Bolliger 44:55

That’s where you know, it’s evil and there’s, with the FDA and all that, there’s obviously deep corruption, you know?


Amy Kelly 45:05



Manon Bolliger 45:06

It feels like that is another element, you know. And when we put together you know, these passports and this digital ID and all these control techniques that are coming, you realize that there’s way more at play here than what they’re…I think part of the so-called satanic cult or the Cabal or whatever they’re supposed to tell you what they’re doing. Okay, let me look into this. I you go Oh, yes, here I’ve been told. But putting it together is, is so emotionally challenging. It pushes so many buttons, because it’s hard to believe that, like, you know, like we said that there’s this much evil.


Amy Kelly 45:55

Yeah, if you haven’t watched it, I just over the weekend watched the documentary Uninformed Consent.


Manon Bolliger 46:02

Oh, I saw that…unbelievable.


Amy Kelly 46:05

And that for me, like, because I knew all this stuff was happening in different agencies and stuff, but it really tied together, like how interwoven it all is, and that big pharma really is running everything, things you would never even think about, they’re running. So.


Manon Bolliger 46:24

So, I have one, one more question. I don’t want to take over here. But have you come across research now on breast feeding? What I know there’s been deaths of babies, obviously in utero, but also after breastfeeding?


Amy Kelly 46:47



Manon Bolliger 46:50

Yeah. Tell us. Is it a one off? Is that what’s what are we what are you seeing?


Amy Kelly 46:56

Well, we actually have several reports related to it in our Pfizer report section on And you can search for breastfeeding or babies, and they’ll come up that way. One thing we have seen is, and that was just also brought out in a JAMA study, is that mRNA is indeed going through breast milk, and then going to the baby when it feeds. So, we now know that’s happening for sure. One thing we also know is that there’s been a lot of, I would call it not normal behavior in babies that are breastfeeding, and whether they’re fussier than usual or inconsolable, or just not themselves, like the moms can tell. Especially ones who got weren’t vaccinated and then got vaccinated while breastfeeding and could tell the difference in their babies at that time. There’s a good good many VAERS reports on issues related to babies having problems breastfeeding, so it’s definitely affecting them. I also am quite concerned about if lipid nanoparticles which are also part of the vaccine are being passed on through breast milk to the babies. That’s what we were talking about gathering in all the different organs. And we just don’t know the implications of that on such a tiny, delicate little system.


Manon Bolliger 48:32

Yeah. Because, I mean, in another interview that you did you mentioned children of vaccinated parents who were not the kids were non vaccinated.


Amy Kelly 48:47



Manon Bolliger 48:50

Ended up basically being as if vaccinated, right. They have the spike protein. So, you know, again, it’s that how do you balance this reality with all the benefits of breast milk and you know, all the things it does for the immune system, you know, and also we say, you know, don’t detox when you’re pregnant, but I’m wondering if people…if women are pregnant, whether they should consider, you know, taking much of what’s available to detox and get it out of their systems to, you know, help their babies not get this, you know.


Amy Kelly 49:32

I know because breastfeeding is just the best thing you can do for them. But in this scenario, it’s hard to know and you don’t want to potentially put the mom at more risk physically than they may already be from the vaccine. And then the baby it is put at risk. One thing that’s come up to and related to pregnancy is the lipid nanoparticles. So, they knew quite a long time ago that those cross like the blood brain barrier, the, I can’t think of the word for right now, but what coats the brain and protects it. And that’s also true with the placenta, it crosses through the placental barrier. So, babies are getting exposed that way as well.


Manon Bolliger 50:22

I’ve not read about that through the placenta.


Amy Kelly 50:25

Yeah, it crosses all those tissue barriers. And that’s what they’re designed to do. It was originally designed in order to get medications into the brains of people that needed those treatments. If you know, since it does that, effectively, it also crosses the other barriers effectively.


Manon Bolliger 50:46

I mean, I heard an interview from Borlaug this morning, it was just a little cut from when he was discussing with Schwab, you know, and yeah, you know, he talked about the effectiveness of this, once people are injected, there’ll be so much easier to get drugs, you know, through them, because it goes, they can go, they can reach every place, you know, and it’s like, okay, but then if that’s true, then it’s, you know, and you’ve just said it out loud, that, you know.


Amy Kelly 51:26

Yeah, it’s scary. What is especially scary in light of, they are in phase three of an mRNA influenza vaccine now that they’re…I imagine they’ll roll it out by next fall would be my guess. And then they have just started talking about an mRNA cancer drug they’re developing, which is absolutely horrifying to me, given what you and I were talking about earlier, with how cancers have already exploded from these mRNA Vaccines or shots. And so, I’m like, how can they even be thinking about using that to treat something like cancer, but it seems like it’s the new hot thing in that industry, and they’re gonna do everything they can with it.


Manon Bolliger 52:14

But that’s where it’s like, we, it really comes to, you know, We the People.


Amy Kelly 52:21



Manon Bolliger 52:22

In the end, it’s like, they know, the science, they may not have known, you know, whether…and it depends, you know, I mean, if you take it on one level, the agenda was depopulation, right? I mean, you know, have we all gone mad, or is this or, you know, will there be something that changes the fate of all this? You know, I don’t know, I just find it…it is so hard to think that there was this much evil, like, really, what else is it?


Amy Kelly 52:56

That’s what I view it as I feel like we are truly on this debt in spiritual warfare, and it’s good versus evil. And I didn’t realize what level of evil existed until I…well, until the pandemic started, and I started learning what all was going on. And, and I do think that is one of the blessings of it all is many people have awakened to what’s really going on in the world. And when you’re awake, you can fight against it.


Manon Bolliger 53:30



Amy Kelly 53:30

And I just I think a lot of us didn’t have any idea beforehand.


Manon Bolliger 53:35

No, I know. I mean, I, I suspected there was Ill play, you know, because I looked at you know, as doses, I looked at these industries, you know, Monsanto, you know, I understand they’re all very profit driven. They’re not necessarily you know, trying to increase the quality of our foods or… you can’t pull all that over my eyes anymore. But I yeah, I just did not. Yeah, it’s the evil piece, you know, it’s the…


Amy Kelly 54:08

Depopulation is a whole other level than just like, being profit driven. You know, that’s, it does seem just truly evil, that people would be seeking that out. And shamelessly as well, just,


Manon Bolliger 54:24

Exactly, you know, and proud of it. Like, I just, it’s like, am I hearing…I listened to over and over like I it must be, you know, maybe somebody played with the video…I tried everything. Oh, it’s actually admitted and, and with pride, you know, so, yeah, that will work in me the…yeah, well, one, the resilience that we are those of us who are aware and as long as we can come from this loving inclusive place. Of everyone who has also was taken it because they, they, they may have taken it for personal reasons like travel this whatever or for the kids playing, you know, it doesn’t matter or because they weren’t coerced for work or because they need a paycheck, it doesn’t matter. Or they did it because they didn’t pay attention and they don’t care. It doesn’t matter. Yes, we need everybody now to wake up to stop this. And we have to…we have to come from another place to have an impact, you know, we need the information. Because it’s such a mindset to realize that they know and they still know, and they’re still going forward.


Amy Kelly 55:47

Right. Well, you don’t win allies by hate and shaming and judging and all of that you now like, we really are called to love one another. And more than just our mind and our actions. And I agree with you about being inclusive and helping people understand what’s really going on.


Manon Bolliger 56:08

Yeah, yeah. Because I think you know that we’re already a large group. I think that, but not, I think, to bring people who are, you know, living in shame that they’ve done this, or, you know, maybe ego gets in the way sometimes, you know, it’s like, especially when you are so for it. But a lot of people didn’t they were not for or against the they decided to do it, you know, because and not worry about it, which is maybe the right way to do and if you’re gonna do it. Don’t go into fear, right? Like, I mean, I think I’ve been more in fear than the people who took it.


Amy Kelly 56:52

Yes, yeah.


Manon Bolliger 56:54

But I think it’s time to just, you know, drop the fear and fight this thing and expose it. Anyway, so that why…


Amy Kelly 57:03

It’s heartening to see the low uptake in the boosters. So, and to me, I take that very much as an indicator that people are like, there’s something not right here, you know. I know my neighbor who had a heart attack, and this person had a stroke and this person who died or, you know, or who has some kind of permanent condition going on, where they’re in pain or something. And when enough of those things pop up around you, I think people start saying something really is not going on the right way here.


Manon Bolliger 57:38

Yeah. And I think too, you know, when governments or like the EU, finds out that they’ve, you know, got 10 doses for every one and forget Trudeau who already ordered it two years ago.


Amy Kelly 57:54

Trudeau’s a piece of work.


Manon Bolliger 57:57

Definitely, you know, but then you wonder, like, you know, what, where does this come from? And, yes, we are definitely,..I think we’re winning. I think that, you know, I mean, I do believe that truth always wins. And we’ll get there. Soon, sooner than later before they go after the young, the young kids, you know,


Amy Kelly 58:24

Yes. Yeah. Like I was telling you before this show, like, I tried to concentrate on shining light into the darkness. And, you know, whether that’s, like darkness of hatred or darkness of people being ignorant and not knowing or, you know, just fine, get just a little pin of light in there. I feel better about things and like I’m making a positive difference in the world. And that’s all we can try to do.


Manon Bolliger 58:54

Well, I just want to thank you so much for spending this time and sharing your knowledge and the tools and how people can find out more, and also your heart.


Amy Kelly 59:05

Oh, yes. Thank you. I enjoyed it so much. It’s really a pleasure to talk with you.


Manon Bolliger 59:12

Thank you very much.


Amy Kelly 59:13

Okay. You have a good rest of your evening.


ENDING: 41:33

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