The Conscious Mind & Subconscious Mind Re-programming: The Healers Café with Dr. Manon & Carl Hunter

In this episode of The Healers Café, Dr. Manon chats with Carl Hunter, a subconscious mind re-programmer.

Highlights from today’s episode include:

At 2:10 – Learning to tap into the subconscious mind

At 3:40 – His heart’s desire At 7:45 – Band-aid therapies

At 8:55 – The subconscious mind affects how the body manifests all kinds of things

At 10:00 – What influences our behavior

At 11:00 – We can change anything, including our health

At 12:10 – Power declarations to write

At 15:40 – The conscious mind controls as little as 1% of our behavior

At 23:22 – Subconscious Programming Alignment

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About Carl Hunter

Carl Hunter is an artist, entrepreneur, transformation coach and subconscious mind programming expert. He is also the creator of the amazing new MindPower Acceleration Technology™ called MindFlavors®. He began the self development journey as a young child by seeking ways to improve his own behavior in order to get better results in all areas of his life. He started pursuing it seriously in 1987 when he discovered a powerful method to reprogram his own subconscious mind. This led to him achieving his dreams by the age of 31, of traveling around the world, getting into the diamond business, and moving to the Virgin Islands where he spent many years enjoying the tropical island life. In early 2015, while continuing to pursue faster and more powerful methods for transformation, Carl discovered some ancient power secrets. Using these new found ideas, he invented this revolutionary technology that has trumped all of his previous techniques for harnessing the power of our subconscious minds.

Core purpose / passion: | My dream is to free humanity from limited thinking… so we can fully awaken our true genius potential!

Freebie: | Yes. It’s my Mindset Magic™ Ebook. How to program your subconscious mind for success in any area of your life.



Dr Manon:                          00:17                    Welcome to The Healers Cafe and today I have the pleasure of interviewing Carl Hunter and he’s with mind flavors, which is written on the screen there and I’m just going to tell you a little bit about him and why I’m super excited to have this interview. So Carl Hunter is an artist. He’s an entrepreneur. and a transformational coach and subconscious mind programming expert. He’s also the creator of this amazing new mind, power acceleration technology called mind flavors. He began the self development journey as a young child by seeking ways to improve his own behavior in order to get better results in all areas of life. He started pursuing it seriously in 1987 when he discovered a powerful method to reprogram his own subconscious mind. This led to him achieving his dreams by the age of 31 of traveling around the world, getting into the diamond business and moving to the Virgin islands where he spent many years enjoying the tropical Island life in early 2015 while continuing to pursue faster and more powerful methods of for transformation, Carl discovered some ancient power secrets and using these new found ideas, he invented this revolutionary technology that has trumped all of his previous techniques for harnessing the power of our subconscious minds.

Dr Manon:                          01:54                    So I am super excited to have you on this show and for you to, to share with our audience your journey. Like some of it is stated there, but like really like how does that happen?

Carl Hunter :                      02:10                    Well, thanks for having me on the show, Dr. Manon and it’s, it’s great to be here. I have had a very unique journey in life and I, it’s because I’ve, I’ve learned to tap into my subconscious mind and we really have amazing powers that are within us. We all have them. And we’ve largely, as a society being conditioned to be limited in our thinking. And it’s, it’s not necessary. And so many of the patterns of difficulties that people experience really are not necessary and can be easily turned around through programming, reprogramming the subconscious mind. So that’s what gets me up in the morning and that’s what gets me excited about my day and my interaction with the world.

Carl Hunter :                      03:09                    But so what was happening, you know, I will say for you, but possibly at that stage you might’ve interpreted as to you when you were young that made you realize you had to, to go deeper. Like what were you experiencing or what were the signs that you, you know, you’re, you’re becoming a type of healer or that this is the journey you’re on. What, what yeah, what happened?

Carl Hunter :                      03:40                    Well, I actually, from, from childhood, I was always interested in improving myself and always having a better experience in my interaction with other people. So I just naturally on my own, I, when I was a kid, I was, I would create charts and I would rate myself every night. I would check if I did these different things to get myself to kind of get ahold of my behavior and get my actions in alignment with what my heart desires were. And my heart desires were to have wonderful interaction with people. And I love assisting people in their transformation and awakening to new levels of consciousness. And so that’s early on in my life ] ,would do those types of things to measure myself and I didn’t realize until later, these are things, similar things that we do in our program today with our members. So I was doing things naturally as a child, but I got into the adult world and the working world. And initially I started my own diamond business and that’s kind of where things started out for me as far as understanding how my programming in my subconscious affects my outer experience. And

Carl Hunter :                      05:11                    My business started off great. And then things started falling apart and I didn’t know why. And it caused me to really go inward. I was not a stranger to going inward. But it, when, when the world is showing up in that way, it’s kind of in your face and you have to figure out what’s going on. At least that’s what was happening with me. And I went inward, I started asking questions. Why, why is it that I’m seem to be doing everything the right way, but the results I’m getting are not matching what I feel like should be happening. And yet I saw other people who were very lackadaisical about their business and yet they always seem to produce a good bottom line. And so that didn’t make sense to me and II realized that I had to do something to change what was happening.

Carl Hunter :                      06:05                    And I started attracting information. The funny thing about this is when you, when you really are hungry and you put it out there and are truly focused on the outcome, the essence of what you’re seeking, the universe brings the answers to you and it’s up to you to take those steps forward and, and pursue those opportunities that show up. And so one of those opportunities showed up for me and somebody gave me some information that started teaching me a little bit about the subconscious mind. Most importantly, how I could retrain my subconscious mind or reprogram it to produce a different outcome.

Dr Manon:                          06:48                    [You know, what’s what’s interesting just listening to your journey, it’s, you know, cause I’m always trying to figure out where does information come in? Where does your own insight and when does your intuitive knowing come in and where does all this, you know, this jumble all happen too. And when does what play out? And it’s, it’s interesting you said I was as a child, you were, it was your heart’s desire. It was, it started with not so much a thought or how you’re thinking, but the, the desire to connect and your heart’s desire. Right. And then later on it’s like, you know, reality, the reality, you manifested obviously, but you know, how, how did you know that it had to do with you? Like, how did you, because most people, at least, you know, I’m in the health field, it’s like diseases are happening to them and you know, and so, you know, happening to them and it’s like we got to figure out how to, it’s like an external outside force and that’s why we look for bandaid therapies that cover up symptoms when really the work is inside and the answers are inside, you know?

Dr Manon:                          08:07                    So how did you, how did you know this? Like how did you know to look inside?

Carl Hunter :                      08:16                    Well, in some ways I didn’t have much of a choice because of, like I said, the outer external reality that I had put myself into, but I wasn’t a stranger to doing that. Maybe that’s just something that I naturally did as a child. I, I didn’t realize till later, much later in my life that I was naturally meditating as a child when I would just go lay on my bed in the middle of the day and just sit there and allow myself to my mind to just let go. So those kinds of things were natural in a sense. But I was very much stuck in my head from all the programming that we all have programming. Yeah, absolutely. And we pick up along the way and as I, as when I, as I got into understanding that the subconscious is what’s running most of the show and it’s affecting our bodies, it’s affecting how our bodies are manifesting all kinds of things.

Carl Hunter :                      09:14                    And Louise hay is a great resource for information about the metaphysical causes of different ailments and the good thought patterns to replace those with. One of the things that I find her stuff is very useful for referencing the specific details about the specific conditions and ailments. What I do is I use a special writing process to take her statements as well as others, but specifically I do like hers for, for healing and health and program those into my subconscious mind because we can have all the conscious desires in the world to be healthy. But if our subconscious has a program that says that that’s not going to happen, then we’re working against the majority of our power. Because most of our what, what influences our behavior and the outcomes that we attract draw to us in our experience is coming from our subconscious programming.

Carl Hunter :                      10:23                    And that programming was developed when we were children most of the time. We had no idea that that’s what we are doing. Most people don’t know that. I actually don’t know anybody that knows that that’s what’s happening while it’s happening and we get impressions that influence our our views on the world. And it’s those views that, that we interact with, that influence how our bodies are expressing, what kinds of things we’re experiencing in our world. And so it’s all connected. And so your question was how did I know to go inward? Well let me, let me jump forward a little bit. Actually, once I started, once I started understanding this the correlation between these two things, I realized that we can change anything including our health. And so I, I learned about this writing process that allows you to put new programs right into your subconscious mind and you can start seeing results literally overnight.

Carl Hunter :                      11:38                    So when you say writing you mean …handwriting.? Yes. There’s a very specific way that you do it and at a certain time you do it in cursive and you do it just before you go to sleep. And there’s a real art to the structuring of, of the different things that you program and to get different results. So I’ve spent decades experimenting with cause and effect. If I program this, what’s the outcome? But that’s one that, those are the things that I, like I said, when it comes to healing, Louise hay has some fantastic work on that where you can use those power, I call them power declarations to wright. Just before you go to sleep, you’ll be amazed at what kinds of outcomes come from it.

Dr Manon:                          12:28                    [ I know we’re jumping around everywhere, but I, I’ve, that’s curiosity for me just in all directions. But I think you’ve answered and it’s like about how you, because a lot of practitioners that come for training one point something in their life, you know,they feel on a different path and, and it’s, I just find it fascinating to find out what is that moment where the curiosity brings you towards, you know, towards healing, towards understanding that that’s something that you’re here to participate in and contribute to You know? So that’s why I was asking a little bit like that. But it sounds for you it was, it was an innate curiosity about like yourself, it’s self development and like stretchingr your limits almost, right? It’s almost like you, you want to be the best version of yourself or something like that. And then and then it’s just like free life presents, you know, something that you noticed in this case, you notice that the business isn’t going well and you, you knew to, you know, not to blame the outside circumstance, but to, to do the, that in our work. So I think the, do I have, I understood that. Is there anything else on that?

Carl Hunter :                      13:55                    Yes. Now I will say that it was a process. I didn’t take full responsibility all at once. Now as my, as my consciousness evolved, I would see further and further how we really are in control of everything that through our, what we are attracting. So yeah, that’s a pretty good pretty good.

Dr Manon:                          14:16                    So, okay, now I’m curious. So what we’ve been told many times, at least, you know, I’ve learned that write it down, whether it’s your mission statement or your goals or write it down, you know, don’t just think it. And even in the work of Byron Katie where you know, she gets you to rethink the truth behind your statements and to see if there’s something that’s closer to true. She says don’t do it in your mind because your mind will fool you. Write it down. So what, how did you come to know this the writing and also it sounds like there’s a, a way of writing. So how yeah, tell me more about that. I’d love to know more.

Carl Hunter :                      14:58                    Sure. most of the time when people talk about writing things down, they are working with the conscious mind. And it’s, it’s a kind of a funny thing because when I first learned about how to do this, I got so excited and started seeing results that I, that’s where my passion came from at that point of, of sharing it with other people. And I did it just because I love seeing people have transformation. And but I also found that not everybody is as hungry as I was, so I wait for people who are ready for that transformation. But with it, with regards to the writing, most of the time when people are talking about writing goals and, and those types of processes, that’s great, but you’re only working with the conscious mind and the conscious mind is controlling literally as little as 1% of our behavior on a day to day basis. And so that doesn’t mean that goals don’t have their place and that the conscious mind has no value. It definitely has value. And, and however, it’s much more powerful when it is not fighting against old subconscious programming. That’s it. Yeah, exactly. Exactly.

Dr Manon:                          16:17                    So how do you know that you have, other than by experience and your, and by questioning the experience you’re experiencing. But how do you know, cause we all have unconscious thoughts but, and we understand that, you know, I think it’s before the age of seven that, you know, we don’t even have the capacity to question it. But the thing is this subconscious, how do we know that we’re, let’s say, programmed to fail or not succeed in business or that we’re going to be sabotaging this or that. How do you get to that root

Carl Hunter :                      16:53                    Well, that’s a really good question. And one of my most favorite things to talk about because the subconscious is very good at resisting change and it’s, it’s a master at camouflage, if you will. And it hides its ways of keeping you the same. And so we, we often don’t even realize what’s happening and the way that it can work is through causing us to think different thoughts or attract different circumstances to us that mirror what is in the program. So the reality is, the best way to see what’s in your program is to look at what’s in your outer world. Everything you’ve experienced is an exact reflection of what’s in the program. So recognizing how do you know what’s a program? Well, if you have a belief about something that about about reality. And I know this is a pretty broad statement, but reality is not fixed and most of us are conditioned to believe that it is fixed, but reality is not fixed. So if you find that you have a belief about reality of, Oh, people are this way, or Oh, I can only make this much money, or Oh, people are only willing to spend this much, or all of those things are all beliefs in the subconscious. You can change those beliefs through the processes that I’m talking about and completely change what kind of experience you attract. And when you do that, you prove to yourself that reality is not fixed.

Dr Manon:                          18:30                    Okay. So can you give me I mean, either your own personal life and getting out whatever you want or you know, somebody else you’ve helped with? No names, just in case it trespasses, any kind of thing. But I want to, I’m a visual and I kind of want to get it like, so the process, how do you get to, you know, whether it’s your business or any other business that could be and should be flying because other people with, as you say, with less effort are making it. And yet, you know, it’s not really happening. And, and, and I see this in my practitioners, they all know the same methodology or they had the same license or training. Technically the world has as many opportunities in the same areas and yet some of them are flourishing and others are like,

Dr Manon:                          19:24                    They don’t know what’s happening. So how do you like take us through that process? Like, I don’t know if you’ve had a client like this or your own. Like I said, how do you, how do you resolve that? How do you deal with that? How do you, what’s the process?

Carl Hunter :                      19:41                    Well, it’s funny thing is we feel that’s so important that we, we decided to create our entire program and our first level program around people who are exactly in that situation. Entrepreneurs, practitioners, folks who are, have great work to bring out to the world, but have a challenge with either manifesting the business side of things or integrating that side of things. Usually what’s, what’s going on is there’s a, there’s a correlation between a belief about their healing work and deserving to be paid for that work. Most of the time that’s, that’s a big factor that’s involved in it. And that’s 100% of that is subconscious programming. So 100% of that can be transformed. And what we do is we guide people through this process and they, with the writing process, you can, I recommend that people focus on initially on core. beliefs So for example believing that it’s safe to earn money, safe to be paid for my work.

Speaker 3:                          20:58                    These are programs that you can put into your subconscious mind because the subconscious is all about protecting your safety. So if you expand too much and you’re and you get too rich and your family won’t accept, continue to love and approve of you, then your subconscious is going to say, no, I got it. I got to stay small. I got to stay within this so that I’ll be loved and accepted. Now those are important. Being loved and accepted as important when you’re first coming into the world because you’re a baby and you’re, you don’t have the ability to take care of yourself in that way. But as an adult, we don’t continue to require those same types of assistance and we can change that programming. And that frees us up tremendously. So when, when it comes to earning an income form from our work that’s something we can program and put into our subconscious to the point where people just show up and we don’t…..

Carl Hunter :                      22:00                    The mind thinks, in order for me to have this success, I have to do all these things and it’s going to bring all the excuses is going to bring all the things that are going to get in the way so that the success matches what’s in the program of what the person believes they deserve on the subconscious level. So the real answer to all of that is I like working from the inside out. So you go, you go right down to the core and you say, you program that it’s safe for me to be paid for sharing my work with people. I people pay me money and my parents still love me. As crazy as that sounds, the subconscious has funny associations with things like that. So if a person is dealing with the challenge of being paid for their services it might be because of something to do with a belief about their value, about their worth or about what their time is worth or about whether or not people believe that they have credibility.

Carl Hunter :                      22:59                    There’s so many different factors like that that can influence how they come across. And therefore may affect the outcome. So we’ve had numerous practitioners that come into our program who were just kind of stuck and they had great ideas. They couldn’t quite get things to gel. They couldn’t quite get people to line up with things, get a lot of interest, but things just weren’t quite lining up. That’s subconscious programming alignment. And when they, we guide them through this process, they use our technology they do some of the writing. We also use a special breath technique to release the cellular memory from the body because we work with both the mind and the body. And what they find is things just start happening. They start showing up. They, they’re no longer in fear of what to do because they just naturally know what to do because they’re no longer stuck with those old belief patterns that were keeping them in that limited space. It’s amazing how powerful we are as beings. We are so powerful that we can create the same limitations over and over and over again every day. Even though we have the ability to create anything that we can imagine. Most people are recreating the same thing over and over again.

Dr Manon:                          24:18                    Yeah. But if you’re not aware, but let’s say, I mean, I agree with you. Sorry, I’m jumping ahead. Absolutely. but let’s say that, you know, back to these health practitioners some of the, the work that I do when I helped them position their practice and all of this is I talk about, you know, you deserve. And so, you know, and worthieness and all of this and, and you can tell I’ve triggered something, what I don’t do is, is then take it further. Right. Which is why it’s like knowing a thing isn’t how, how much is knowing that it’s the issue. How much does that give in your, in your experience? beause we have obviously different domains, but they’re related to this. But when you know something, how much power do you have by just knowing, compared to, let’s say if the subconscious did not know that that was, or you did not know that your subconscious was driven by this belief. If once you know that that’s the belief, does it end to change the change? Yeah, that’s a long sentence.

Carl Hunter :                      25:46                    Well, I, I guess I see where you’re going with that. Definitely. And, and that is the great question. And because we, we have a tendency to think we are our minds. And so the answer to that really is about 1%. However, however the conscious mind is it’s very valuable for the recognition. If we do something about it and we know how to do something about it, then we can program the subconscious mind and then we open it up even further for the conscious mind to have more influence on things. Initially, the awareness of just being aware of it. Like so many times I’ve talked with people who have become aware of a pattern. They’ll tell, tell me about a pattern and they know about it and they’ve had it for years. They’ve known about it for years. They know it’s in their subconscious, but they continue to be affected by it even though their conscious mind is doing everything they can to overcome that. Because if you don’t, if you don’t rewire the brain and the subconscious, it’s it, it’s gonna continue to override. And it’s very tricky. It’s, it’s amazingly tricky. The subconscious and, and keeping people the same. So

Dr Manon:                          27:01                    Right? So even if you make habit changes, right? Because let’s say some people will take the, what they’ve understood and they, you know, like for example diets would be an example. It’s like, yeah, so, so how much further can you go if you actually deal with subconscious in your, in your experience?

Carl Hunter :                      27:26                    You can, you can completely transform your world and your experience. And the key is to live from the inside out. Most people are living from the outside and dieting is an outside in concept. When, when people work with us, they often release weight and excess weight and they don’t do anything at all differently. And the reason why is because they’re no longer experiencing the same patterns that are holding on to the weight, essentially. And, and even using the same, having the SIM, same type of, of behavior in the external world when they’re not holding onto those thought patterns and the subconscious mind, that’s the, the body reflects that and, and shows up differently. So these things are automatic. So the willpower is what most people are working with when they’re talking about doing a diet. And willpower is that 1% battling against the 99% that the, the diet is a great example because it’s the same with everything.

Carl Hunter :                      28:37                    Whether it’s someone is seeking to increase their financial situation or improve their love relationships. It doesn’t matter what the area is. It’s always the same if you’re doing it with your willpower. The old program is gonna. Eventually it’s gonna win out. Most of the time. People don’t change what’s in the program for the most of their lives and unless, they discover somehow to get in there and, or they’re really good at meditation, which most people have a tough time doing because it requires a lot of discipline one way or another. If we don’t change what’s in the subconscious, we will continue to live out what’s in the program.

Dr Manon:                          29:20                    Well it’s, it’s interesting because I think it’s perfect, like the universe provides perfectly what I, what I need and what I need to learn from. So my, my understanding or belief is that it’s working for me. And it’s interesting ,because I’ve come across a, a real new challenge and I’ve had, you know, I’ve had a whole bunch of conditions and diseases that I’ve been able to treat naturally and that could be absolutely life-threatening. And I’ve come out the other way and now my, my big battle is actually weight and I was looking at ’em cause I used to be very skinny. I eat really well. I’m, you know, there’s no reason for it that I can see. So I’ve been searching what is it that’s, that is actually happening cause this is, doesn’t feel like me. And the thing is, my personal, you know, vision of myself is I still think I’m, I’m a, I’m a beautiful self and I just go, Oh my God, that’s the size is must be wrong. Know what some people might call delusion. But the thing is like, it feels as if the, the internal feeling of me, it doesn’t quite measure up to the image because a lot of people, it’s the other way around. They, it doesn’t matter. You know, how beautiful they are. They see, they see something that is, you know, ugly or too big or too fat. And that isn’t my, my personal issue. But I have been searching what is it? And then I discovered just recently I’m doing these new tests that there’s this mitochondrial dysfunction. So I’ve been taking supplements and though I’m a Naturopathic physician, I’m not a big proponent of taking tons of stuff because I know how deeply the, the emotions and the, and the mind and everything plays, you know, with it. And I’m not a big proponent of diet because the word itself says that anything with die that causes concern for me. so I’m always saying, well, you know, do what feels right for you. Do you know, kind of, you know, and I’ve seen my celiac patients go to Italy and eat pizza and it’s like, Hmm, interesting what, what’s going on that can shift this? Because scientifically it should be one or the other. And I know that life is bigger than that, but I was thinking, you know, my, my dad was became quite obese and and I would say possibly over ate, but over ate, a lot of healthy things, you know? And so I’m thinking that may be a piece that I’m not. Yeah. And like that could open that door because not a hell of a lot of shifting. And you know, and it’s, it’s, and I, I, I’m thinking there’s so many, you can say it’s hormones. You can say, you know, and I’m looking at patients, some of them I have help. Sometimes it’s just take the time to enjoy the food, you know, stop like this whole guilt thing about whatever it is that they do. But yeah, when it comes to your own personal journey, you go, Oh, you know, what is this that is now coming from me to to, to expose myself to solutions that I have, not yet. You know, and I have done some you know, mind movies, different things, you know, but I have not seen a shift.

Dr Manon:                          33:14                    Yeah. I was wanting to address is what is it that because you, you are the creator of this new system. I mean, it all came from somewhere, but everything does. But what is it that, why do you feel and why do you get the results? Like, you do

Carl Hunter :                      33:34                    Well, yes. What, first of all, the beautiful thing I would like to tell you is that you don’t have to know the cause of any of these things. It’s not necessary to know the cause, especially with this new technology. Now it’s true. It’s true with the writing process. But even more so with this new technology, we have people who in four and a half minutes completely have a major shift in their consciousness from the first time watching this and what I believe the reason why things shift so much and so quickly, including people dropping weight and getting to their ideal body weight. So this is the focus. If your body, if your internal thermostat is set to be at your ideal body weight, then it doesn’t matter what you eat, you’re going to naturally align with the things that show up that, that produced the end result that’s living from the inside out was .what I was talking about. So what I believe is happening with, with with our minds as we experience the mind flavorsavors technology is that it is rewiring the neural pathways in your brain and immediately eliminating those limiting thoughts. Mostly that negative mind chatter people report almost a hundred percent of the time cause we meet with people one on one and have them experience the technology. We give private screenings for free at this point still. And we allow people to experience the technology. And we do before and afters and you can see it’s just night and day difference.

Dr Manon:                          35:19                    But so can you have a thing like to me, I always thought, Oh, I’m at the normal metabolic sub-point. My body knows what to do. It always did. Can, can this unconscious or subconscious programming come in at some point like it can it be triggered later or triggered at all? Like how, or you know, cause I’ve never been super careful cause I’ve never thought of it that way cause I just, I like healthy foods by nature, you know? So how does that work? It can, we, can we have subconscious programming that just shows up at some point in life?

Carl Hunter :                      36:02                    Yes, Absolutely. , and we are very complex beings. We certainly are. And Andy at most, most definitely. So, and the good news is, is that everything can be changed at any given time. There’s no such thing as fixed it then nothing is fixed. In this sense. We’ve been conditioned to believe that things are fixed because people are working from the outside in. They’re doing what they can in the physical world. To affect the more subtle vibration world. And it’s the other way around.

Dr Manon:                          36:40                    Interesting. Well this is fascinating. So I’d love to continue, but I am going to ask it just do you have anything, any way I’m going to put, you know, your, your bio and your website and anything that you would like to you know, to offer or information so that my listeners can go a little bit deeper with you. Yeah. So if you could speak to that.

Carl Hunter :                      37:06                    Sure, I’ve written an ebook about how you can program your subconscious mind and it gives you all the details of exactly what to do step-by-step. This is what I’m talking about, the manual way with the, with the writing process. I’m very passionate about this. Everybody can be doing this, anybody can be doing this, they should be teaching this kind of thing in schools for children to learn. I’ve seen children use this and have great results. I’ve seen as much as 96 year old a woman getting overnight results with just with the writing process. So I’ve created an ebook and I’ve written all this. I’ve given, give you templates that you can use and so that you can reprogram those, those core beliefs that I was talking about early around safety and security and, and so on. And you can get that, you can download that for [email protected] forward slash ebook. And if you feel like you would like to take things to the next level and you’d like to exp experience, the new mind flavors technology, you can go to mind forward slash VIP and at that page you’ll see, you can see some before and after videos of people who are experiencing the technology for the first time. You can also see their experience of ongoing how they’ve

Carl Hunter :                      38:36                    Been progressing, continually progressing with this technology. Over the last year we’ve been doing these 30 day transformations now for just a little over a year and we’ve had a hundred percent success with our members. Wow. That’s, that’s amazing. That’s really great. Well, I’m certainly hope that my listeners will help spread your message and yeah, and thanks for being so open to the discussion of this. Cause I do think there’s a, there’s so many different beliefs of what we’re able to do and, and a lot of it is, seems to be very much governed by the mind. You know, what our mind is able to do and then there’s what our heart is, is capable of admitting, you know, which is a whole other kind of field. But I’ve, I’ve found the subconscious fascinating because in, in my own work, things come up in a, when the body is ready to release, but then it’s like sometimes that completely resolves both the emotional and the physical issue. But I’m an, I’m a learner so I keep like what else, what else is out there? So anyway, I really have enjoyed you sharing all this and I really want to thank you for being on the show. Well, thank you for having me. Dr Manon on my dream is to free humanity from limited thinking so that we can all experience and awaken the genius that’s inside of us. So thank you for assisting me in getting the word out and sharing this important message.

Speaker 1:                          40:34                    [Inaudible]. Thank you for joining us. For more information, go to [inaudible] dot com [inaudible].