Natural Medicine for Cancer Prevention with Dr. David Lemmon, ND on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger, FCAH, RBHT (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks with Dr David Lemmon about being told she was healthy even though she was suffering and how essential oils changed her life for the better.

Highlights from today’s episode include:

Dr David Lemmon, ND 

So the emotional pathway, the physical pathway, the energetic pathway, the molecular pathway, genetic pathway, social pathway, spiritual pathway, these seven pathways of healing, create this well rounded, holistic


Dr David Lemmon, ND

be integrated. And you don’t have to lose your hair and you don’t have to be vomiting 24/7 after chemotherapy treatments, and so it’s just really powerful and beautiful to be able to either integrate with conventional therapies, if that’s your choice, or to just create a comprehensive, holistic, natural program that can help with cancer as well.


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Manon Bolliger

You know, but yeah. There’s still a lot of waking up necessary, you know, for people to really come back to understanding that they are in charge of their health, you know, we can have experts, and we can have many opinions, many paths, and then it’s really up to us to feel into it.


Dr David Lemmon is a Naturopathic Doctor and an alumnus of National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He has a deep and abiding faith in the human body and its abilities to heal. His practice emphasis is in supporting his patients through safe and natural treatments for chronic pain, mental health, cancer, autoimmune conditions, and more. He has advanced training in nutrition, herbal medicine, frequency medicine, and homeopathy. He has worked with hundreds of patients throughout the country.

He is the author of Natural Home & Herbal Healing, a guided tour through the healing remedies in your home. He invites all to open their hearts and minds to the infinite possibilities of health, balance, and healing that nature has in store. Dr Lemmon approaches health with the basic premise that every human body has unique needs and challenges. By addressing the entire body-mind system, the patient is able to overcome many challenges that were previously thought incurable.

Dr David and his wife are the proud parents of 6 children. He has a passion for teaching the principles of health, nature, and empowered living. When not working with patients, he enjoys painting, reading, movies, cooking, martial arts, weight training, hiking, and camping.

Core purpose/passion: I am on a mission to impact the lives of over 10,000 cancer patients each year.


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As a recently De-Registered board-certified naturopathic physician & in practice since 1992, I’ve seen an average of 150 patients per week and have helped people ranging from rural farmers in Nova Scotia to stressed out CEOs in Toronto to tri-athletes here in Vancouver.

My resolve to educate, empower and engage people to take charge of their own health is evident in my best-selling books:  ‘What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask: The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship’ and ‘A Healer in Every Household: Simple Solutions for Stress’.  I also teach BowenFirst™ Therapy through Bowen College and hold transformational workshops to achieve these goals.

So, when I share with you that LISTENING to Your body is a game changer in the healing process, I am speaking from expertise and direct experience”.

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Introduction  00:00

Welcome to the Healers Café. The number one show for medical practitioners and holistic healers, to have heart to heart conversations about their day to day lives, while sharing their expertise for improving your health and wellness.

Manon Bolliger  00:20

Welcome to the Healers Café. And today I have with me Dr. David Lemmon, he’s a naturopathic doctor with a specialty or we shouldn’t say that word with a focus on cancer or lots of experience on cancer. And what can I say about you, you also are an alumni of the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland. And your clinic name is Rediscover Health, Natural Medicine. So I’m really happy to have you here and to have a discussion on on health on life on you know, everything and of course, on the cancer treatments that you’ve come across. So why don’t we start what got you interested, one in that subject and also in generally natural health.


Dr David Lemmon, ND  01:21

For me, it was a really, yeah, thanks for having me on the show, as well. Yeah, for me, it was really a gradual organic process where I was in a totally different field and different major. But then in my early 20s, I discovered naturopathic medicine that it was this thing and that, and it just kind of lit up like all of the things that I had discovered that I didn’t really know that I loved. But I was kind of in the, you know, the beginning years of college and studying on my own, I was just really thriving in the health and wellness classes and the psychology class and the anatomy and physiology class and getting straight A’s in all these classes. But then in the field that I was in my current major, I was getting all these C’s and B’s and really struggling with that. And because it was a very subjective kind of art program that I was in. And so I just discovered this magical, holistic medical field of naturopathic medicine that kind of combine all these things that I was interested in and passionate about and thriving in my college courses. And so I set …


an intention to eventually go back to naturopathic medical school. And so I had four children at the time, went back to pre med for three years, and then five years of naturopathic school in Portland, Oregon. And then we had our fifth child in the middle of medical school, and then another sixth after graduation. So yeah, having six kids and going through medical school with four kids and five kids is a just a wild roller coaster ride and story itself. So just kind of prove to myself that I can take a beating and, and kind of just keep putting one foot in front of the other and, and having a good time and I love to learn and so that’s what kept me going through it all and, and that passion and that curiosity just really just really helps to support through those just crazy times.


Manon Bolliger  03:31

Hmm, yeah, I think in our class, as naturopaths we were like, by year four, there are gray hairs, and not in people who should have them. Something very intense about the program, but also about also about the passion. So what is it that made you passionate about it?


Dr David Lemmon, ND  03:56

I don’t know. It’s just that curiosity that how does the world work? How does how does the body work and then kind of seeing, you know, going to…I mainly went to conventional doctors growing up in the 80s and 90s. And it was just kind of seeing the side effects seeing the the doctor only sees you for two or three minutes and then gives you a drug and then there’s all this, this big list of side effects and then the TV commercials that started going with the pharmaceuticals and slipping in really fast, you know, fine print may cause death and may cause cancer and may cause serious infections and that kind of thing and the TV commercials. And you know, it’s fun to make fun of but it’s it’s pretty deadly serious when they’re spending billions of dollars marketing these things that are incredibly harmful and not native to the human body. So yeah, just kind of seeing the conventional medical world and how it wasn’t working. It was kind of a broken system and, and realizing that God and nature and the universe have provided us all these wonders of mind body medicine and herbal medicine and nutritional medicine and energy medicine, just so many incredible healing modalities that we’re surrounded with, if we take the time to educate ourselves about it.


Manon Bolliger  05:26

Yeah, and I was gonna say, you know, I have not I did actually have cancer. But I, and I treated myself naturally, and got through it. But I know when I was researching it, I was, it just seemed like there’s nothing to be done, or you go to Mexico to some clinic. And then, you know, you have what’s his name, that doctor with brain. He was working on the glioma cells or whatever were, you know, there was like 40 cases against him. And yet, he had all his patients saying that they’ve been cured, you know, and they were can’t come into the court case. And there’s so much against natural ways of dealing with this. And so it always sort of struck me that with cancer with chemotherapy with all of that, which is, it’s quite toxic, right? Like, you know, minimally, we should be able to figure out a way to help the body detox faster, or, you know, so that it clears all of this. I don’t know what’s your main approach? And how do you look up, you know, for people who are interested, in a second opinion, another way of looking at it, I’m not asking you to prescribe here, just to be clear, but just how do we look at things like that?


Dr David Lemmon, ND  07:01

Yeah, so I developed the the seven pathways of healing program to kind of create this, this holistic model of, of looking at the world and seeing through this lens of, if you’re missing, kind of using that analogy that’s often used in life balance wheels of the, you know, the bicycle wheel analogy, where all the different spokes. If one of the one of the spokes of your bicycle wheel is missing, that gives you a flat tire, and then it’s harder to move forward smoothly on your healing journey. So the emotional pathway, the physical pathway, the energetic pathway, the molecular pathway, genetic pathway, social pathway, spiritual pathway, these seven pathways of healing, create this well rounded, holistic approach. And within that, you can either choose an integrative path, where you’re adding chemotherapy is one aspect of the molecular pathway. And radiation therapy is one aspect of the energetic pathway. And surgery is one aspect of the physical pathway. But if you only have those three of that triangle that conventional medicine uses with radiation, chemo and surgery, if you only have those, then your wheel is a triangle and you can’t roll on a bicycle wheel that has a triangle wheel. It doesn’t work for us. So that’s kind of the metaphor is that well rounded. If you’re limited to those three of chemo and radiation and surgery, then you’re kind of stuck in that box and in that system. But if you expand out and add in the other seven pathways of healing and all the other 1000s of potential natural remedies that actually have been studied and used, either studied scientifically or used traditionally, for hundreds or 1000s of years, successfully, then you can either use it as a framework to integrate with conventional medicine. Or if you are philosophically against that, or if the doctor say there’s nothing more we can do for you or you’re not a candidate or you’re you have like my younger sister was told you have 100% chance of death from cancer and so not even giving that 99%. The idea was just…just made me so angry. But so it’s a really flexible, adaptable program that you can use for 100% natural healing or integrative healing and combining it with because there are so many remedies that have been discovered to actually enhance radiation therapy to enhance chemotherapy to make them more effective to target them to the cancer cell specifically, and also to reduce the side effects of the chemo and radiation as well. So it’s an incredible world that we are entering as far as the research and the experience that that we have where these things are kind of known and available by a few rare practitioners out there. And that’s why I’m trying to get the word out to help people understand what their options are, and what is available and how it can be integrated. And you don’t have to lose your hair and you don’t have to be vomiting 24/7 after chemotherapy treatments, and so it’s just really powerful and beautiful to be able to either integrate with conventional therapies, if that’s your choice, or to just create a comprehensive, holistic, natural program that can help with cancer as well. So it’s really adaptable and flexible and able to personalize for each person.


Manon Bolliger  10:59

Yeah, I mean, I think that the personalized is a huge part of it. That, you know, you have to do something that you’re aligned with, you know, and I think the reason most people choose conventional is because that’s all they ever get told, in that. And the doctors themselves will tell you, Oh, the statistics, in your case, are whatever it is like in your sister, I’m mean I can’t believe 100% death, I mean, how could a person be so arrogant as to believe that, you know, like, there’s no hope for anything that is individual to that person. And then it’s based on stats that are not necessarily what an individual might do for themselves, as they take actual care of themselves and look after themselves, and, you know, do all the things that are, you know, pro life in the sense of embellishing your own immune system, your body are healthy, you know, all of that. So we hear these statistics, and you look them up, that’s the same, you know, same place, same funding, same everything. And, you know, and with the help of the, you know, the big Google industries and all the tech, you can’t find a lot of the other evidence, you know, to show that there, there really are other things that work. What’s your, your feeling on that yourself? I mean, you have the experience with helping people.


Dr David Lemmon, ND  12:43

Yeah, the…I just love how the prognosis issue is just, it’s based on statistics of people who go through the conventional medicine box, right, they’re going through that assembly line, cookie cutter approach. And those are the statistics that they have as the people that are going through their medical system. And so of course, that is a skewed demographic, because they are ignoring all those other healing pathways. And it’s that limited box of chemotherapy and radiation and surgery. And so if they say you have a 60% chance of dying, or a 20% chance of survival, or whatever it is, that if you go outside of that box, and if you decide to do integrative medicine, or natural medicine and add in all these other approaches, then those statistics that prognosis that is completely erased, like it has no bearing on your personal life whatsoever. Because statistics are just averages. And so every single person is an individual bump on that curve, and so you’re basically erasing every individual to create an average or a statistic, anyway. And then if you add in the actual procedures that you’re adding in with the modalities of healing, then it completely changes though. So you can really like I like to teach that you can really flip around that if they say you have a 20% chance of survival, you can completely flip that around to an 80% chance of survival when you add in. You can obviously never make any promises and guarantees about any outcome with cancer. But the probability of a long and healthy life can be completely turned around, the more you do to increase your level of health but it’s just common sense.


Manon Bolliger  14:41

I mean, that’s the thing about common sense that’s all out the window.


Dr David Lemmon, ND  14:46

Not common enough.


Manon Bolliger  14:47

Not common enough No, but but it’s it’s nonetheless true, right? It’s like you know you you have a say in how the statistics about you fall. That’s the truth. You know, and if you’re watered down to seen through only certain eyes, it’ll never change. Right? Like, you know, I know that many of my, I have to say, my old patients I have. But in the past, you know, they would go to their doctor and say, you know, what they’re doing and things that are different, and whatever, and they were, there’d be no interest in anything else, it would just be, did they do the steps that were given, you know, and so and that’s very discouraging, you know, when there isn’t that…that honesty of sharing, you know, for the benefit of the patient. Because, I mean, what else are we doing? If it isn’t to help, you know, like, what’s our profession about, you know, good question, more these days anyway,


Dr David Lemmon, ND  16:04

it’s challenging to have such a broken system that is geared more towards profits and more towards the, the health of the giant corporations, then in the health of the people that the doctors are supposed to be helping. So it’s a, it’s definitely a challenging world to, to live in, to have the right education and have the right information available, and then have the right practitioners that are knowledgeable on these things that can actually serve and directly help people.


Manon Bolliger  16:35

And I think a lot of people don’t realize, you know, we’re so used to…we go to our doctor, we, you know, we tend to at least in Canada, even in Canada, we’re very, we follow orders, and we’re generally seen as even nice people that don’t want to, you know, upset anyone, right. And, and I, you know, I’m from BC, and the here, there’s, there’s a massive exodus of people of health care workers. Because, and nobody knows why, in the sense, it’s not discussed, because our media is bought. So nobody knows what’s happening. It feels like, there’s just no care, you know, we don’t have a primary doctor, the hospitals have to close because they don’t have nurses. You know, and we’re like, what type of system is this? You know, and you would think that what, with what we went through in the last four years that people would wake up, I think they are starting to go what is this about? You know, but yeah. There’s still a lot of waking up necessary, you know, for people to really come back to understanding that they are in charge of their health, you know, we can have experts, and we can have many opinions, many paths, and then it’s really up to us to feel into it. But when we’re in this system that is profit driven, as you were mentioning, and it’s it’s like, cookie cutter methodology, you’re either don’t feel like you have any agency. And if you don’t follow that, then you’re out of the system, and then suddenly, you don’t even get care. Right. So this is kind of what we’re experiencing here. And there’s so many things like that, that, you know, we need to we need to wake up and question and not take it for granted that you know, what we hear is that truth, you know, so?


Dr David Lemmon, ND  18:47

Yeah, there’s a lot of information and misinformation battles. For sure.


Manon Bolliger  18:54

Yeah, for sure. So, what have you found? And again, I’m getting you to generalize, which is not not really the intention, but what like, if you were to say, have your own practical experience, what are the aspects are the things that when people have cancer, that seems to really make a change, like if you were to generalize, again, this is not prescriptive, and I know it’s a generalization, but what have you seen?


Dr David Lemmon, ND  19:28

The most simple way that you can put it is the two words, cleanse and nourish. So we have bad things in our bodies and our environments and our food or diet, our thoughts, all these negative things that we need to detox and cleanse and get out. And then we have a lot of good things, nutrients and love and joy and gratitude. mood and positive emotions and feelings and exercise and all the good healthy things and we need to nourish our bodies and get those good things in. So that is just the the most basic and simple way that you can put it is just getting the bad out and getting the good in.


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Dr David Lemmon, ND  21:31

And then the naturopathic medicine is that detective work of figuring out specifically for that individual. What did you go through? Did you have traumatic, emotional things? Um, are you familiar with Dr. Hammers work with German new medicine.


Manon Bolliger  21:46



Dr David Lemmon, ND  21:48

So that was a really, really interesting experience that he had where his son passed away violently. And then he developed testicular cancer within a few months after that, and he kind of discovered this connection with severe emotional traumas and the body’s survival mechanism of trying to repair recreate that reproductive system, to replace the loss of his son, and then that is kind of what stimulated and created that cancer. And so the more you can heal and work with, through counseling, or so many other different ways, those emotional traumas. So emotional traumas are massive chemicals. And chemical toxicity is massive, and toxic energies, we talked a little bit about in the pre show. So the energetic pathway, there’s good healing energy that you want to add into your life. And that can be healing. And then there’s negative toxic energy, like radiation from X rays, and CT scans and nuclear fallout in cell phones and cell towers and Wi Fi, and all those kinds of things that just add a layer of stress to, especially to susceptible individuals. But all of us, it’s just Dr. Jack Cruz calls it just non native EMF or non native electromagnetic fields that are not natural frequencies. They’re not natural wavelengths. They’re manmade energies that are traumatic and toxic to the body. So the there’s a really interesting book called The Invisible Rainbow that kind of goes through the very beginning. Have you read that one?


Manon Bolliger  23:47

No, I haven’t. No.


Dr David Lemmon, ND  23:48

Excuse me. That’s more about the creation of radio waves and radio towers at the beginning of the century, and how that kind of coincided with the 1918 flu pandemic and things like that, how that was connected with the invention of radio and the propagation of electrical transformers and the beginning of the electrical grid. Throughout the civilized world at that time. It started this massive spike of deaths that coincided almost exactly with the invention and propagation of electrical technologies in the early 1900s. So that’s a really interesting book, very in depth, very scientific about that kind of phase from 100 years ago. And then we’re having a new phase of 100 years later, with the cell phones, the 5g networks, the Wi Fi revolution with every child having a cell phone, in their pocket or purse at all times. And even though it’s really hard to find those studies, common sense and some of the studies that have made it out there and a lot of case reports of, you know, women putting their cell phone in their bra and then getting breast cancer on that on that breast right where they are storing their cell phone against their body. So the personal experience that I went through, my wife and I were living in Portland, Oregon, and just absolutely beautiful northwest, just similar beauty to where you live in BC. But yeah, just the big city, kind of right around the time of the 5g rollout, and then 2018-2019. Around that time, there was just massive explosion of cell towers. And there’s an antenna search website that you can kind of map out where the cell towers around where your house are, things like that. And my wife basically had this mystery illness, she was getting bloody noses, difficulty sleeping, just weakness and paralysis passing out and just fainting and being taken into the hospital and kind of giving getting an IV fluids and, and then sending her on our way over and over. So there’s this kind of mystery, dehydration and just other things going on. And she always knew that she was sensitive, like just a regular cordless phone that you’d have in the 80s and 90s would just give her headaches instantly. But she never really made that conscious connection. And so it was when we moved our Wi Fi router from the third floor of the house in the basement to the second floor right under our bedroom, and then her systems doubled overnight, we were kind of finally able to put two and two together. Oh, it’s this, the Wi Fi the cell phones and stuff. And so we started instantly, you know, putting our cell phones on airplane mode, we wired our entire house for Ethernet wired connections for the Internet instead of Wi Fi. So we got rid of the router, got rid of the constant cell phone signals and only turn on the cell phone on power when we actually had to make a call. So we did a whole lot of things to remediate the situation. And that really did really help improve her health and turn around very quickly. But then we have a giant ice storm that came through Portland and a bunch of our trees just froze and just cracked in half. And so a lot of the trees that were shielding our bedroom from our neighbor’s Wi Fi were destroyed. And then that doubled their symptoms again. And so just the overlapping Wi Fi cloud of all the houses close together in our neighborhood. And the electrical power lines were across the street, and they would always crackle in the rain and you’re getting constant rain in Portland. And you can just hear it crackling and sizzling on the high tension power lines. That was a little too close to the house. And it’s probably causing issues and different magnetic field issues that we measured. And so we kind of were thrown in the deep end of discovering the energetic pathway of my seven pathways of healing. Like I said, there’s a good side to energetic healing. And then there’s the negative side of destructive energies, and especially for susceptible sensitive individuals. It does create these mystery illnesses. And when you look it up online, it says it’s a made up thing and people shouldn’t people shouldn’t be made to think that their lives will be better by reducing their Wi Fi and their cell phone exposure and things like that. And so there’s a lot of unfortunately misinformation and whether it’s out of ignorance or whether it’s out of protecting the giant corporations. I don’t really know what the all the motivations are. But these energies have been linked to cancer and it is common sense if you have these high frequencies, just like X rays and CT scans, and obviously radiation from Hiroshima and Fukushima can Chernobyl have been linked to cancer, it’s just different degrees of radiation. Whether it’s ionizing radiation or non ionizing radiation, it doesn’t really matter, it can still cause this the chronic irritation to the body that can eventually lead to the development of cancer. And we’re seeing so many different cases of brain cancer on the rise on the side of the head where people have their phone and things like that. So there’s these correlations, and a lot of the sciences really difficult to find, but it’s out there and it’s just an unfortunate situation but we were able to, you know, move many, many states in way and two, out in a rural area in the country on a few acres and just, we don’t even get cell signal at the house most of the time because it’s the opposite problem where it’s hard to communicate sometimes, but it’s worth it to have that those health benefits for my wife because she is so sensitive to different energies. And so, I just want to encourage anyone that’s listening that has a mystery illness, that’s one of the big things is electromagnetic fields. Other things obviously are, you know, mold toxicity, other chemical toxicity that conventional medicine is kind of completely unaware of, and never tests for, but there are tests out there that you can do to test for mold for Lyme disease, for chemicals, for food sensitivities, things like that, that just aren’t on the radar of any conventionally minded doctor. So functional medicine, integrative medicine, naturopathic medicine doctors are all kind of educated in that field of that detective work to look outside the box and kind of figure out what’s happening with that mystery illness.


Manon Bolliger  31:13

What do you use for mold as test?


Dr David Lemmon, ND  31:19

Um, I just use different labs, there’s Cyrax, and a few others has different mold markers. And I think doctors data is another lab that I use that they test for specific mycotoxins and seeing pinpoint.


Manon Bolliger  31:41

I think Doctor Stata  has that. I remember, yeah.


Dr David Lemmon, ND  31:43

Yeah, there’s a book called Toxic by Neil Nathan, that dives really deep into mold toxicity. And he also mentioned some EMF sensitivity as well, that’s really, really great read, as far as going on that deep dive into the mold toxicity.


Manon Bolliger  32:00

And then with the EMF I know, I mean, I have this meter that I can kind of go around and just see. Because I’m, I’m very, very sensitive. So I can feel it at night, I could feel it before with, like you said with those old telephones. You know, if I use my cell, it’s on speaker and it’s away from me, because I immediately get like, hot and uncomfortable, you know, and kind of like it hurts. That’s the feeling I have. So I certainly feel that there’s some something going on. And you know, like, there’s quite a bit of research now with nanoparticles and the self assembling technology inside our bodies. For many of the people who did end up taking some of these shots, which I won’t use by name, but whatever has been going on for the last four years here. And I think that is there’s a link for sure, with EMF going on here. That is aggravating that very strongly. I don’t know if you have found that. But I certainly have in talking to people who felt coerced or felt they had no choice. That they’re very, very aware. It’s almost as if their body is electrified rather than…you know, they don’t need a phone anymore. I don’t know if you’ve had those kinds of sensitive people. Or have you come across that I mean, in the country, I guess less but yeah.


Dr David Lemmon, ND  33:45

I haven’t gotten a lot of feedback lately. Because I haven’t really talked about the vaccination status of a lot of clients little I’ve been a little bit more of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell kind of thing unless they Yeah, about how they’re triple vaccinated or whatever. But, so everyone’s on a different level, and everyone has different genetics, and that’s that biochemical individuality. So one size doesn’t fit all with diets and one size doesn’t fit all with EMF exposure. So one thing I’m curious about, have you experienced or not experienced, but have you noticed throughout your life do you feel like you’re more intuitive than other people are more psychically sensitive as well. So is it kind of across the board all energies you’re more sensitive to?


Manon Bolliger  34:36

Definitely yeah.


Dr David Lemmon, ND  34:39

Yeah, that’s something I have no idea if there’s a like a genetic or biochemical difference that is that are that’s more at the spiritual level that the person spirit is just sensitive to all energy more or their energy field is just more open and more vulnerable to all good and bad energies. But that’s definitely the way my wife is where she’s just very intuitive. And as a marriage therapist that was like her superpower where she would know what to say and what to do to help heal someone’s marriage or their emotional state or whatever it was, but, but then when it came to living everyday life, it was just like being bombarded by other people’s thoughts and other people’s feelings, and the cell phones and the energies and the headaches and the symptoms, and it just becomes really, really overwhelming to have that level of sensitivity. So that’s, that’s something that I’m still working on understanding and kind of researching, get to the bottom of it.


Manon Bolliger  35:41

Yeah. And I think it’s for one is recognizing that it’s so and then, you know, making decisions, you know, like the ones you can avoid. So the mental emotional ones, where it’s, people are giving you negative energy, or they’re sucking energy out of you. Those are…you can you can put an end to that, right, you can have boundaries, where Nope, you know, I can’t take that I don’t want that. It’s my choice. You know, I don’t mean, rudely, I just mean, you know, you just got to know that this is not for you, you know, like, I won’t watch horror movies, I won’t watch any of these things. Because otherwise, I’ll be feeling it and dreaming it for days, I will be in the movie. So I know, that’s just not a choice, you know, that I do. And then the rest I mean, it’s interesting. I met a man in, in Mexico, who was a shaman. And he was saying, your relationships to your, let’s say, your phone, you know that to the signaling, it’s about a type of adaptation, you cannot isolate yourself from it, because it’s everywhere. But you have to find a way to adapt. And if you think about it, you know, in 1918, and I have heard, I haven’t read the book, but I’ve heard this, this, you know, understanding of history, eventually most of us adopted. Right, who didn’t get sick. Or maybe the sickness was the adaptation? I you know, I don’t know. Right. But the question is, you know, are we just…is that part of, sorry, is that part of the journey is, you know, coming to an adaptation, but you can’t adapt when you’re bombarded.


Dr David Lemmon, ND  37:47

Yeah, it’s hard. There’s, there’s that bucket theory where you know, all you can do is kind of separate your, you know, you have your circle of concern, that’s really big of all the things you’re worried about, and things that are in your environment, you can’t control, but you’re concerned about, and then that circle of control is smaller. But all we can do is control what we can control which is our, our lifestyle, our diet our homes, what energies and EMFs that we choose to allow ourselves, if we have a router, if we keep our cell phone on all day, if we sleep with it next to our head, all those kind of things, those are choices that we have control over. But then the the cell towers and the satellites and all the things that are going to space we can’t control. And it’s just like toxic chemical exposure, you know, they found DDT, and all these benzene and all these toxic chemicals. And then on the North Pole, where it’s the most remote places get on planet Earth, and those places are toxified with chemicals, so you can’t get rid of it. You can’t run from it, you can’t avoid it. But you can avoid overfilling that the bucket theory, you know, if your bucket is overflowing with toxins, you can dump out half of that and detox your body, detox your home, your environment, your what you do have control over. And then that can reduce the spillover of symptoms and kind of bring it back into balance where you can have the energy in your body has the resources to adapt to it again.


Manon Bolliger  39:22

Yeah, well, I’m just looking at the time we are…we’re definitely over ourtime. But I think it’s been a great conversation. Is there a last minute statement you’d like to make to finish up?


Dr David Lemmon, ND  39:37

Yes, there’s always hope. And there’s always no matter what doctors may say you can always get a second or third or fourth opinion from not the same category of physician but look at different forms of medicine. Like I mentioned, integrative medicine, functional medicine and naturopathic medicine are very overlapping fields of medicine where are trained to think creatively think outside the box, and to be exposed to other things. So there are answers out there, and you’re never doomed by your genetics or your environment or a certain diagnosis or prognosis. I have a special presentation called that anyone can watch to check out. Just a quick 10 minute video about some of these ideas and the way to think about an approach cancer.


Manon Bolliger  40:35

Great. So what’s the URL? I’ll put it in the show notes.


Dr David Lemmon, ND  40:39

It’s just the number


Manon Bolliger  40:44

Okay, great. Super. Well, thank you very much for your time.


Dr David Lemmon, ND  40:48

Yeah, I’m great to speaking with you today.


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