How to Use Choice and Research to Heal with Dr. John Coleman, ND, on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks with Dr. John Coleman, ND from Return To Stillness; Naturopathy & Bowen Therapy.


Highlights from today’s episode include:

Dr. John Coleman, ND   21:57

And healthcare was self-help and family help and community help with all that support around them with wisdom from people who didn’t necessarily go to college but had the life history and background and experience to say this is what worked.

Dr. John Coleman, ND

I go back to saying, yes, all these things, these diseases were caused by the same processes. They’re just a set of symptoms. And so, to change my health, I need to change the processes and I need to change my attitude. Me. I have to do it, not someone in a white coat with a bottle of pills, although they can be useful. But I have to make the changes

Dr. John Coleman, ND

But what people’s choices are, are their choice. So, it’s fine. And many people we know, are very lazy, they don’t want to do research. They don’t want to know; they don’t want to find out. They want to be told what to do. That’s fine. That’s their choice.


By August 1995, Dr. John Coleman, ND   was wondering how he could go on living.  Suffering symptoms of stage IV Parkinson’s disease and early-stage Multi-system Atrophy, diagnosed by five medical and complementary practitioners, and severely dissatisfied with the treatment and prognosis he received from western medical practitioners, John decided to pursue other pathways to health and was completely symptom-free by April 1998.

John was co-founder of Very Special Kids in 1984 and founder of the neuro recovery foundation in 2002, conducted sixteen Neuro Recovery Pathways programs in NSW and Melbourne, plus practitioner training around Australia, USA, Germany, Austria and UK.

John is one of Australia’s most experienced naturopaths in treating Neurodegenerative and Autoimmune disorders, plus Lyme disease and co-infections, utilizing a wide variety of strategies to improve health together with specific neuroregenerative strategies plus antimicrobial & detox herbal remedies as required.

John now conducts his Naturopathic Clinic in Lancefield, rural Victoria.  His book, “Rethinking Parkinson’s Disease – the definitive guide to the known causes of Parkinson’s disease and proven reversal strategies”, was released by Hybrid Publishers in 2020. “Shaky Past” autobiography  was released in 2012. He presented at the International Parkinson’s Disease Conference in 2001, two posters at the 1st Tick Borne Diseases Conference in 2013 and two case histories at the 3rd Tick Borne Diseases Conference in 2015.

John received a Tattersall’s Award for work with VSK in 1985 and an ANPA award for Community Education in 2005. He was a finalist in the Pride of Australia Medal in 2007.

Core purpose/passion: Empowering people to find their own way to wellness; finding the fundamental causes of an illness process; changing social attitudes from find a cure to, find out how to get well.


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As a recently De-Registered board-certified naturopathic physician & in practice since 1992, I’ve seen an average of 150 patients per week and have helped people ranging from rural farmers in Nova Scotia to stressed out CEOs in Toronto to tri-athletes here in Vancouver.

My resolve to educate, empower and engage people to take charge of their own health is evident in my best-selling books:  ‘What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask: The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship’ and ‘A Healer in Every Household: Simple Solutions for Stress’.  I also teach BowenFirst™ Therapy through Bowen College and hold transformational workshops to achieve these goals.

So, when I share with you that LISTENING to Your body is a game changer in the healing process, I am speaking from expertise and direct experience”.

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Manon Bolliger 00:34

So welcome to the Healers Cafe. And I’m sitting here today with Dr. John Coleman, ND, who’s a naturopath, and he does Bowen therapy, and so many more things. But we’ve actually talked in 2020 on a podcast there, and maybe I should read your bio, just so people who don’t know you have a sense of who you are. But especially, your own experience in life, you had suffered symptoms of stage four Parkinson’s disease, and early stage multi system atrophy. And you were diagnosed by five medical and complimentary practitioners, and severely dissatisfied with the treatment and prognosis that I don’t doubt that you receive from Western medical practitioners. So you decided at this point that you’re going to find your way out of this. And I know that our first podcast was really all about that. So I’m not going to repeat all of this. I just really welcome you in our time period now, because like we were just noting, we haven’t talked in two years. And there’s a lot going on. So anyway, welcome. Thanks for reaching out.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   02:12

Thank you. The two years, and I felt it was much longer because of everything that’s happened in the interim, and the turmoil around us. But it’s been an adventurous and exciting time and a time of discovery as well as disturbance, I guess, in those two years. So very briefly, yes, you’re right. In 1995, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and I recovered. And that’s been my work for many years. And then in 2015, I was diagnosed with stage three colorectal cancer, and chose a combination of Western medicine and complementary medicine with that. And recently, I’ve been discharged both by my oncologist and that is a surgeon that I chose, and nobody wants to see me for another five years or so. If I’m still here, and then I felt it was time to condense my experience and work into another book and really try and be comprehensive about treating neuro disorders. So, on the 21st of October 2020, we released the Thinking Parkinson’s Disease, which has been exciting for me because it incorporates all my background, all the causes that we know about the trauma the toxins, infections and talks about strategies. But on that day, I also decided that I’d have a massive heart attack…


Manon Bolliger 04:17

Oh my god


Dr. John Coleman, ND   04:19

And it’s what they call a widow maker heart attack. And that’s been a time for reflection because obviously, as a naturopath I’m supposed to maintain wellness. You know, and so, a lot of people asked, and I had to ask what’s going on and when I think back, of course, Parkinson’s, cancer, heart disease, all has the same causes…our life choices, the toxins, our response to traumas, and in some cases infections. So that was a time of reflection and recovery. And yes, some my cardiologist has discharged me. He said he doesn’t know how I survived, but you know, I did, and I’ve got no deficiencies, etc., etc. So that’s fine. Excellent Western treatment again, I had a stent placed but then looking at complementary therapies. But then of course, in the middle of all that or around all that really, we had the ridiculous or evil pandemic manipulation and that affected so many of my patients and affected us also in that my wife has a traumatic brain injury from falls into 2018 through 2019 that restricted our access to medical and non-medical care.


Manon Bolliger 06:10

Right, so how explain a little bit like in Australia, these lock downs…did they use the same sort of excuses as here, it’s full up and they can’t deal with anything that isn’t the big C word related, even though many of the hospitals were not at all full up. Was it the same kind of thing or different?


Dr. John Coleman, ND   06:38

Yes. And I happen to live in Victoria in the Southeastern State, almost the most southeastern except Tasmania. And this was probably subject to the severest restrictions for the longest period of time. And most of the lack of access to care was caused by staff being either restricted in their activities or dismissed.


Manon Bolliger 07:20

Yeah. Yeah.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   07:22

And, this is still the case, we have very severe delays in our ambulance service. Because of restraints on employment. We have delays in emergency rooms for the same reason. And we have ridiculous anomalies where, you know, the big sport in Victoria is footy, right Australian rules football. And 100,000 people can go to a football match, unrestricted unmasked, but we can’t go to a hospital without the severe interrogation on vaccine stages. And patients have to be masked, as well as staff and is longer license. You know, it doesn’t make sense. And it’s certainly not based on science.


Manon Bolliger 08:31

No, no, it’s definitely not science. And I mean, it wasn’t the science 15 years ago, and despite these two big studies that they pretty well had to retract because of conflicts of interest. Now, the latest study says that, you know, masks are not helpful at all, but we know that but what do you think, is behind that, because we have something similar here, you know, and definitely in the states in BC, places where everything’s completely open. But what is it that like, in BC, particularly, they won’t let up on, on the health care providers, you know, like…my dentist, you know, like, I don’t know if I’m going to stay in practice because I’m not going to take this poison.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   09:22



Manon Bolliger 09:23

And, you know, of course, he doesn’t want his staff to get it because he’s a principled person, you know, do unto others what you wouldn’t do to yourself, you know, and so many of our naturopaths are not sure what to do. It’s fighting in courts now, but in Canada, you pay for the right to be heard. And, you know, that’s, it’s almost prohibitive.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   09:52

Yes, yes.


Manon Bolliger 09:53

Because, you know, when we get the whatever, I forgot the name…prosecutor, right the one that we pay with our tax dollars to go against us. It gets really complicated. It’s like, oh, now we just have to find another million dollars. You know, it’s like, it’s almost impossible to even have a voice, you know, but why are they…why do you think health care in particular? Like, I’m not saying it’s worse than pilots or this or that because I’ve been looking at everyone. But why is it they’re not letting up with that? Do you see the picture there?


Dr. John Coleman, ND   10:35

Yeah, because health care providers are very influential people. Now, even little guys like me, you know, I’ve just got my little clinic out in the country. But people listen, because patients come to us seeking advice, support help solutions. So, the authorities know that no matter where we are in the health field, people, at least some people are going to listen to us. And because there is a message that’s been pushed, anyone in the healthcare field who doesn’t push that message becomes a danger to the profitability of the producers. And it all boils down to dollars.


Manon Bolliger 11:46

So, yeah, I mean, yes, I agree with you. But I wonder though, you know, now that some of the research has come out that, like, a third of the doses may be placebo. And the doses are not all the same, and the ingredients are not all the same. And in fact, there’s no supervision pretty well, whatsoever. And the people who have been whistleblowers have been absolutely shut up. So, you know, we may never get to the end of this. This, you know, horrendous thing. But do you think that they’re, like, do they need doctors? Like, I’m just wondering whether I know…and I do think the idea of that is maybe a genocide or like, is not so far-fetched, given how many people have died. But there’s also the creation of endless chronic diseases that will fill coffers for a while for those that are not taken out from the get go. But are they…do you think they’re doing something different for doctors and healthcare? Or do you think it’s all the same? They just, it’s like, they don’t need them either. Like they’ve almost become just drug peddlers so many of them?


Dr. John Coleman, ND   13:21

Yeah, I think, yeah, I think they want a controlled industry. And we have an authority here called the AHPRA, Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority. And AHPRA appears to have a lot of power. The interesting thing is that doctors, chiropractors, certain osteopath are registered. And the statement from AHPRA is that health care providers will be disciplined, if their advice various from the authorized health statements, health care statements, not from the science.


Manon Bolliger 14:25

No, no.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   14:26

It’s nothing to do. AHPRA doesn’t say if it varies from the science or if it is not evidence based. It says if a various from the health message and we know that the mainstream health care message is not based on scientific evidence.


Manon Bolliger 14:43

Correct. Yeah, exactly how they had it in in Canada. Those notices we got that was part of, you know, the wrongful doing that some of us participated in, because the thing is, you know, what’s more important your oath and your relationship to people or being just saying the lines, we’re supposed to say yes, it’s safe and effective, though I’ve never read the ingredients. Those aren’t available. There’s almost like no reporting because many doctors are so afraid to report.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   15:23

True, true


Manon Bolliger 15:24

It’s almost impossible because they get targeted, they get.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   15:29

So, naturopaths in Australia is somewhat luckier. Because we’re not, we’re not doctors of naturopathy in Australia. So, we’re not registered with AHPRA.


Manon Bolliger 15:46



Dr. John Coleman, ND   15:46

We have our own regulatory bodies. Now, there’s been a lot of pressure over the years to standardize regulation. And there’s been pressure, particularly from Western medicine, to register, naturopathy with AHPRA. However, we’ve said, yes, we want national registration, but not through Western medical model. We want it to be a naturopathic model, so that the regulations are compatible with health. And so at the moment, even though we have to be very, very careful, because they can target us through audits and seizing of patient files, etc. through different authorities using the police in some cases. We haven’t had that immediate pressure of regulatory authorities that you’ve had both in in Canada and I think in the US as well, where doctors of naturopathy are registered with this mainstream regulatory body


Manon Bolliger 17:02

Correct. Yes.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   17:03

So, I’m still practicing.


Manon Bolliger 17:05

Uh huh. Okay,


Dr. John Coleman, ND   17:06

I remain cautious about what I’ve put on record. But we have also been very lucky, we’ve got a couple of wild card senators in Australia, in the national parliament, who are demanding inquiries and asking a lot of very awkward questions to. This has been a boon for us. And it’s helped the push towards more openness and less onerous restrictions. I don’t think we will get a big move in Victoria, until the end of the year when we have a state election. And, you know, hopefully the person we call the chairman, will be replaced by someone who has a little more humanity.


Manon Bolliger 18:14

Right. Yeah, yeah, we don’t, yeah, here, it’s a little bit harder to know how that will go. Because our health, I guess, puppets is all I can say. Because they’re really never been in practice. So, it’s not about that. But I mean, they’re being charged, there’s all kinds of things, but there’s nothing, you know, our court systems are so slow, that, you know, half the world can be dead before we get heard, you know. So, and that’s part of the system. But I think what I’m, in my reflection of what’s going on a little bit is and I think I shared that the very beginning. It’s there’s a sense of freedom, to realize now that, you know, education and knowledge is one thing, you know, but integrity is integrity with that and with your relationship to others is the most important thing. And do we really need the systems and the structures that are in place, you know, and that I think this is the big wake up for so many people that are willing to walk away from their licenses. I mean, we have to do it carefully and figure out how you can still…because you can’t practice medicine, as that’s an owned term, but you know, what type of medicine really would we want to practice? Why are we calling it that and it’s, it’s actually opened up so many very powerful discussions.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   20:02

And that was one of the reasons we went ahead and published my book because we had locked downs in 2019 as you know, and, and my publisher called me and said, look, you know, we’re ready to go. But with all these lockdown restrictions, many of our authors deciding not to release their book because they feel they won’t get traction. And I said, no, I want you to go ahead, because what we need now is for patients to say, this is our power. In fact, we are restricted from the direction from dictatorial medical professionals, and that’s certainly not all of them. You know, I’ve met some wonderful doctors. But some of them choose to be controlling and dictatorial and demanding. And I said, we want people to move away and become empowered in their own right, as they were because let’s go back to a traditional model of healthcare,


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Dr. John Coleman, ND   21:57

And healthcare was self-help and family help and community help with all that support around them with wisdom from people who didn’t necessarily go to college but had the life history and background and experience to say this is what worked.


Manon Bolliger 22:20

Yeah, yeah.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   22:22

And that’s a model we need to get back to. And that’s a model that many general practitioners or PCP certainly want to get back to. But you’re right, in that in the moment, their muzzled.


Manon Bolliger 22:35

Yeah. I feel like there’s a real opening, you know, here, we call it a parallel society. It’s like, you know, based on, on giving the information that’s needed. And, you know, now because of the internet, that I mean, there’s always the bright side and the negative side of all things, but because of the internet, there’s lots of information. And now we need, you know, the more of a conscious community effort to help people absorb this and make the changes. You know, it’s, I mean, as per your life, miracles are possible. And same with mine, right? Like, I’ve had a ridiculous amount of things, you know, stage four cancer, MS, tuberculosis. You know, and here I am, you know, better feeling greater than, you know.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   23:34

And so, we need to demonstrate, and this is a demonstration of self-power creating health, and we can understand, and I’m sure you’ve reflected and said, why did this happen, and I have. And I go back to saying, yes, all these things, these diseases were caused by the same processes. They’re just a set of symptoms. And so, to change my health, I need to change the processes and I need to change my attitude. Me. I have to do it, not someone in a white coat with a bottle of pills, although they can be useful. But I have to make the changes. And this is just the challenge we have with my wife’s injury, the traumatic brain injury and her dysautonomia, and ocular jorik crisis etc. Caused by those because these are not disturbances that you can change with a pill.


Manon Bolliger 24:58

No exactly


Dr. John Coleman, ND   24:59

And when we go to neurologists, they want to find something that they can change with a pill or surgery. And they can’t find that. So she’s dismissed.


Manon Bolliger 25:13

Yeah. Why is it? And it’s the same, the prognosis is based on the diagnosis, which is limited by the cocktails available to treat, right? Like, you know, my book, What Patients Don’t Say, if Doctors Don’t Ask, which is my first book, actually, I have also written a book in between since we talked. I mean, at least time to write, reflect, and then put things together, I wrote a book, it’s actually based on my Listen Program, which is all about listening to yourself on all the different levels. It’s, it’s an acronym, actually, I’ll just tell you, because it was only two years from now. But L is for love. So it’s about how that fits into our whole listening ability to listen. If you don’t do it with love, you’re not going to be doing it at all right. And I is inquiry. It’s really looking into our thoughts and beliefs. S is symptoms, often as symbols. And I’ve noticed that many times people speak symbolically. And if you bring that to consciousness, it changes things. So that’s S, T is touch. And, and I find that well, obviously, everyone’s needs touch. I mean, look at what you do, look what it’s like, how could we not have touch. E is engagement, and to engage is really our energetic being our bodies to really feel into what we’re doing. And N is, is now. Why wait. So that’s my program, and I ended up giving it a title, which I’m forgetting what the title was, it was the same title as my TEDx talk, which I did in January, which was, oh, Your Body is Smarter Than You Think. And then my TEDx Talk got also banned, because I talked about the immune system. Interesting, interesting life. But it’s really, I think we’re, I think this what we’re discussing is so also important, and we haven’t focused now on the patients as much or the clients in that, you know, for people to know that there’s possibilities and there’s there is hope. You know, like, I must say, it is the thing that has brought me to tears, many, many times when I realized that these, these bioweapons were literally dangerous, that they were killing people and giving them you know, minimally chronic disease, if not, you know, immediately strokes and heart problems. But I just thought, well, gosh, can the body heal this? And I was really…because I know so many people who did and so many, you know, beautiful caring people who, you know, they said oh, well you know, we’re told to do and it’s it’s for whatever, grandma or it’s for this or for whatever, and they’re all like normally values I wouldn’t believe them. Except that they’ve been lied to. Not just lied to by the state and the government, but lied to by their doctors who also didn’t do due diligence you know, they like when you get things that have no ingredient says you can’t put that in people’s bodies and tell him it’s safe and effective. Like I don’t care how rushed this is, you know, we have an immune system is good for something so I just…anywhay. But the constant like the intensity of the propaganda, which still continues. It’s very hard to see through that. When you’re in fear.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   29:01

Yes. Absolutely. And the message so this is the so-called health message or the illness message, as I call it, has now been forced through the major communication channels so that we’ve got, you know, mainstream media, television, radio, newspapers fueled by the news. And only one message can ever be broadcast on those media streams. Even our social media is now being controlled and censored and banned, because we, I believe there’s profit in this message for the owners of those social media outlets. But, you know, from a personal perspective, I was very stretched, you know, I’m not sure you know, but in 1983, my eldest boy died from leukemia. And that was difficult now, you know, my youngest son is now 49. And he works for not for profit, he’s a fine person. He’s married has a young son that they longed for, for years before they were able to conceive. And, so with the best will and pressure from his employer, he was jabbed. And now, he’s diagnosed with thrombocytopenia. Which his doctor says, oh, that’s genetic. Well, genes are switches, they need triggers. And we know what the trigger was. But, you know, my boys now. I don’t think he realizes he’s in danger. And each being a danger caused by as you say, lies and deceit.


Manon Bolliger 32:10

Yeah. Yeah.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   32:12

And distortion. So, you know, even in the family, we can’t get away from it.


Manon Bolliger 32:19

No, no, no, I mean, it’s the same in my family, too. I have three adults. And two of them have, you know, have gone for it. And they’re, you know, they’re intelligent, they’re bright, they’re caring, you know, and, I mean, and they even did, you know, research. But it’s…I realized that how…it’s like, I think this time, it’s like…you could say, you know, historically there’s this is not the first time there’s deceit and all that, for sure not. But the thing is, I think it was so intense this time. And it was also in the research itself there was deceit.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   33:16

Yes, yes.


Manon Bolliger 33:17

You know, and, and that’s like, that’s beyond even what I expected. You know, it’s like, well, if it’s in the Lancet, you know, and I knew there was bad research, you know, it has happened, but it’s like, I shouldn’t really believe it, you know, on some level, they’ve done their job, you know, and then I’m looking at the parameters of what they’re researching and seeing, and even the Pfizer work. I mean, how that was even considered research is beyond me, you know, but at the time, it’s like, well, I had questions, but I’m not a researcher. And that’s the thing a lot of doctors aren’t researchers, you know, they will get, they’ll read the conclusions. If it looks like the numbers are possibly, right. They may not ask all the questions, you know, and I remember having discussions with my daughter saying, well, but look at the statistics, and I’m like, okay, you know, I’m not an expert in statistics, what are they comparing to?


Dr. John Coleman, ND   34:22



Manon Bolliger 34:23

You know, and then it’s like, it’s so deceitful that I couldn’t pick it up to give a true counter argument last year, now, I can, but last year, I didn’t have it within my means to, you know, to change that course of history. And, you know, and it’s …and, I was, I don’t want to end on a negative note. I mean, people who have survived it, still are alive.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   35:00

True, true.


Manon Bolliger 35:01

And they still like if, if they’re willing to look into this, they can then get the proper tests and get the D-dimer test and get, you know, see what’s going on and question their doctors, educate their doctors, I mean, if you’re on Telegram, or if you’re on any of the sort of, you know, whatever conspiracy, truth channels, and then I’m not saying everything is true, I mean, there are some pretty weird stuff out there. But there’s so many reputable scientists and doctors that are risking everything, they’re not making money from their coming out. And you just got to look at that and go, Wow. You know, I think once you open to that, then you will, you will find the solution. I think there are solutions, and, now I know of people being helped and I’m like thank God.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   36:00

Most people get through this to distress is that that a very important minority, don’t and, I want some, I want to say the rising, more compassion and understanding and flexibility. But what people’s choices are, are their choice. So, it’s fine. And many people we know, are very lazy, they don’t want to do research. They don’t want to know; they don’t want to find out. They want to be told what to do. That’s fine. That’s their choice. But my distress is when we see someone…I saw a beautiful young woman last week, 18 years old. Chronic Lyme disease, very fragile, very debilitated. For each of the first two services, she was extremely ill. And so what was the decision? Let’s go and have the third.


Manon Bolliger 37:14

Yeah, yeah.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   37:16

That’s the sort of lack of care. The biggest belief.


Manon Bolliger 37:23

Yeah, yeah. It’s, I mean, and I’m assuming is the same, but having a near death experience on the first one is not an excuse not to have the second.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   37:35

The only excuse for not getting the second or the third is to actually die.


Manon Bolliger 37:40

Yeah, it would appear. I mean, they it seems that way. I mean, it’s just, it’s their word in English unconscionable. Is that the word?


Dr. John Coleman, ND   37:49



Manon Bolliger 37:50

 But that is really, it’s, it’s very, very shocking.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   37:57

In the meantime, you know, I do get a lot of questions from patients saying, should I? Should I? And I say, I can’t tell you. Here’s my experience, and my choice, you need to make your own choice, and some do and some don’t. But whether or not I do, people are still getting well. You know, I see patients who are reversing their Parkinson’s symptoms, or the MSA or the PSP symptoms. They’re doing well with motor neuron disease, ALS. So, there’s still good things happening.


Manon Bolliger 38:37



Dr. John Coleman, ND   38:37

And people still standing up bravely and we have in Australia, our two senators who are standing up courageously, we are having people who are prepared to go to prison because they’ve made statements are good things are powerful things are happening. And I have faith that we will survived it.


Manon Bolliger 39:03

Yeah. Good. I’ll remember your words. No, I actually do too. I feel like, you know, they say it’s a great awakening and oh my gosh, you know, it’s a definitely compressed period of intense time. Which maybe is like an illness for people who don’t have one, right. In a sense, it’s like, you’ve had to deal with more…yeah, more impositions that allow you to sort of think about things, you know, and then if on top of that, you have side effects that you’re aware of. And nobody believes you then it’s like, you know, some way Fibromyalgia the way so many things were before they would say Oh, well no, that’s in your head. It’s like well, wait a minute here. You know, I think there’s enough work out there that you know, the complementary or I don’t know what to call us…the health focused doctors and practitioners, you know, have put out there that there’s enough hope. I think that if people go okay, there’s more going on here, I don’t feel well. And if I’m not resonating with what my doctor is saying that it’s all in my head, then you know, it’s there is definitely an openness to go find the answers there really is. And the answers are there. There’s some fabulous documentaries out now. There’s, you know, it’s out there.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   40:42

And if we think back to history, when societal changes were based on lies and you know, the big one was of course Germany in the 1930s, when the predication was that certain groups of people were non-human are subhuman and need to be eradicated. Now, of course, there was limited opportunity to spread those lies in those days. And what we’re seeing now is a much bigger broadcast with falsehood. But by the same token, we have, as you’ve said, before, we have now the opportunities to spread the truth through the same medium.


Manon Bolliger 41:34

Yes, yes.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   41:35

So, in the end, Truth Wins. A lot of people have suffered and will suffer. A lot of people will die and become chronically ill, but in the end, truth will win. Because it’s always the strongest.


Manon Bolliger 41:54

I would concur. And it’s what my heart says, and I’m gonna go with that. But listen, John, it’s been wonderful catching up with you and discussing healing life and what it’s like for us and for the people we want to help.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   42:17

Lovely to see you again. And I certainly wish you all the best in the future, and I’ll go on waving the flag and till I’m… till it’s time to give up. I’ll be 79 this month, so marching towards my maturity.


Manon Bolliger 42:38

Well, you haven’t lost your spirit, that’s for sure.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   42:40

Absolutely not.


Manon Bolliger 42:42

Well, thanks again.


Dr. John Coleman, ND   42:44

Thank you.


ENDING: 41:33

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