How to Make Miracles Through Conscious Thinking with Dr Mark Mincolla, PhD on The Healers Café with Dr M (Manon Bolliger), ND

In this episode of The Healers Café, Dr. Manon Bolliger ND, talks with Dr Mark Mincolla, PhD about The Way of Miracles: Accessing Your Super-consciousness.


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Superconscious is when we take our pure consciousness, blended in the sea of universal consciousness. So, the collective divine consciousness that that is the universe, that is the universe, that’s the identification point of the universe, when we connect with that, when our awareness merges with that, that universal consciousness, that’s when we become super conscious that we have no limitations, at all my opinion, there are no limits whatsoever. So, I think that’s how we make that work. That’s what makes that happen

Dr Mark Mincola  06:05

Where is the universe, what is the universe number one, it’s not a place, the universe is not a galaxy, it’s not a planet, it’s not a specific environment that we can actually take a rocket ship to, or anything like that. The universe is pure consciousness. We are the universe, we are we don’t have consciousness, we are consciousness. So I think those standards are really important to ground ourselves for starters, and to and to be aware of the fact that we are pure awareness. And to be aware of our pure awareness is to activate our universal connection, our super consciousness


Dr Mark Mincolla, PhD

I think the message is pretty simple. If you take that with the beautiful awareness that you are the beautiful consciousness that you are, and merge it with the Divine Consciousness, that is God consciousness, that is the highest elevation of universal presence. Universal is this universal essence. You can heal anything you can, you can do anything. And that’s the message. That’s what ‘The Way Miracles’ is all about

BIO: Dr Mark Mincolla, PhD

Mark Mincolla Ph.D. is a Nutritional Therapist and Quantum Energy Healer who has transformed the lives of more than 60,000 people over the last 35 years. Through his innovative genius, he has integrated ancient Chinese energy healing techniques with cutting edge nutritional science in what he calls Electromagnetic Muscle Testing, a one-of-a-kind approach that zeros in on each individual’s unique nutritional needs. Dr. Mincolla was awarded the 2021 Divine Contribution to Humanity Award, and his new film The Way of Miracles was awarded the Best Health Awareness Film of 2021.  He has authored 7 international best-selling books to date, and Dr. Mincolla has appeared on Dr Oz, Better TV, ABC Talk Radio, WFXT FOX25 Boston, KCBS in Los Angeles, along with numerous national TV & radio show, and in regional and national magazines.


Core purpose/passion: Mark Mincolla, Ph.D., is a nutritional therapist and quantum energy healer who has transformed the lives of more than 60,000 patients over the last 35 years. Dr. Mincolla was recently honored with the 2021 Divine Contribution to Humanity Award for his years of research and work in promoting a deeper awareness of consciousness and healing for mankind.

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Welcome to the Healers Cafe. Conversations of health and healing with Dr. M (Manon Bolliger), ND.

Manon Bolliger  00:16

Hello, and welcome to the Healers Cafe. And today I have with me Mark, Dr Mark Mincolla. He’s a PhD, nutritional therapist and quantum energy healer, who has transformed over 60,000 people’s lives. In 35 years, you’ve authored many books, and you’ve been on many different talk shows, and namely, some of them Dr. Oz, better TV, ABC, etc, etc. So I’m really thrilled that you’ve decided to share with our audience a little bit about your journey. So first of all, welcome. And secondly, let’s, why don’t you share a little bit how you learnt to go through your own experience of healing, and how that brought you on the path of really discovering what it takes to heal.


Dr Mark Mincolla  01:14

Thank you for having me, Dr. Manon, it’s great to be with you. It’s great to meet you. It’s great to be on board. So healing to me can be summarized by the present book that I’ve published. And the present film that is circulating as well, there’s a book in the film that I just released in June. And the book and the film are both entitled The Way of Miracles. And if folks are interested in the book, of course, Amazon has access to the book The Way Miracles. And the film is actually accessible by going on But the message in the book and in the movie, summarize my whole life’s direction about healing, in that the book in the movie are all about exciting people, inspiring people to become aware of the fact that once they get over their spiritual identity crisis, they’ll find that their miracle making people, miracle making beings have the potential to make miracle miracles onto these far up things that we don’t have access to the only Mother Teresa can do or anything like that. So miracles are commonplace, when we’re in that when we’re in the land of the soul. So by identifying with our core source, by filtering our life emanating our life. from that place, by flowing from the deeper source of soul, from within us to like us to overcome our personality crisis, identity crisis. Because I think, our …


our identity crisis, I mean, we spent a whole day thinking that we’re thinking that we’re a person, we spend all day thinking that we’re a physical being and material being is going to hold they think that we’re a personality and ego, we have an identification, we have a name, we have titles. And we think that this whole form based reality is what is what our life is all about. It’s a distraction. It’s like, it’s what keeps us from being miracle makers. So I’ve learned a long time ago that if I were focused on getting to the core of my being, and emanating in my energy from that place, and if I get distracted and fall off the horse, I get to get back on. So the objective is to dedicate myself to being real, to being soul, to cutting from a source to emanating from my source to be aware of the fact that I’m pure vibration content of consciousness. And that that frequency puts me in a zone of potential that has no limits, that I can actually become a remarkable healer in my own life to myself, and I can be a lot more healing to whomever I encounter as well. So as a practitioner, and as a person in general, I feel like I’ve made the difference in my life. By making that making good on identity crisis, I’d say


Manon Bolliger  04:12

That it’s interesting you bring that up, because I’ve seen so many times that in healing. In fact, how we choose to live our life, without consciousness, is often trying to resolve an identity crisis that we’re not aware of. So even when I noticed you said here and there just resonated a lot. You said subsequently, “Many of the relationships I formed throughout my life were unconscious reactions to my wounded child self route, rather than the conscious action of my higher self.” And you go into the, you know, I become selfless to the point of debilitation, I was the initiator, caregiver, apologizer. And so many times, people going in the healing space, that’s sort of their identity role. And they don’t see it. And I found in sort of reading a little bit about your story, how there’s that association as in, there’s this life that continues with the half to’s and shoulds. And routine, as your body is clearly crying out messages. And, and then there was like a turn around where you become, you start to connect to what you call superconscious. I wonder if you could expand a little bit on that, because I think that’s, I very much relate to that. And I think it’s a very interesting process.


Dr Mark Mincolla  05:57

I think, first of all, the universe comes into play here in this conversation. Where is the universe, what is the universe number one, it’s not a place, the universe is not a galaxy, it’s not a planet, it’s not a specific environment that we can actually take a rocket ship to, or anything like that. The universe is pure consciousness. We are the universe, we are we don’t have consciousness, we are consciousness. So I think those standards are really important to ground ourselves for starters, and to and to be aware of the fact that we are pure awareness. And to be aware of our pure awareness is to activate our universal connection, our super consciousness. To me super consciousness, we have conscious, the conscious mind states are conscious, your conscious mind produces 2000 bits of information per second, can process 2000 bits and trades per second year as your unconscious mind can produce 400 billion. So the deeper down we go, the more reach we add more outreach, we add more more potential greater our potential. Superconscious is when we take our pure consciousness, blended in the sea of universal consciousness. So the collective divine consciousness that that is the universe, that is the universe, that’s the identification point of the universe, when we connect with that, when our awareness merges with that, that universal consciousness, that’s when we become super conscious that we have no limitations, at all my opinion, there are no limits whatsoever. So I think that’s how we make that work. That’s what makes that happen.


Manon Bolliger  07:43

So the process of healing itself, in your, in your experience, then you had gone to see a whole bunch of therapists of all different types of training. And then, how did this, how did this connection to superconscious take place? So that you understood in a profound way that you are healing energy? I mean, in the sentence, I’m simplifying it, but it’s like we can do things to ourselves for ourselves. But in and of ourselves, we are we are miracle potential that I mean, it’s, it is about…can you explain that? How would you explain this phenomenon?


Dr Mark Mincolla  08:36

Yeah, in my case, in my case, we were the producer, who I work with on the film. And we were mapping out the film that we were about to produce The Way in Miracles, we were mapping out the film, we were working hard on it. And as part of the film, we were going to interview six patients that had miracle stories, and stage cancer, brain tumors, blah, blah, blah, people had 100% recoveries, miracle miraculous recoveries. And we were going to detail the proceedings, how that all happened. We thought that would make a great film great, interesting stories that bring people hope that you think that you’re never down and out. There’s always. There’s always hope, there is always a possibility to heal, to have a miracle healing. So we were thrilled to produce a film like that. We were mapping the whole thing out and smack dab in the middle of it. I got hit by a lime tick. And I didn’t get paid by any tick. I get bit by the worst tick in history. I mean, I got bit by a tick basically was a neurobiological nightmare. So I mean, I lost my balance. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t do anything. I was literally just shut down. neurologically shut down. I mean, I was paralyzed. I was a mess. I was like that for the better part of two and a half weeks. But at one point I’d fallen on the bathroom floor because I couldn’t walk. Like I said, I found the bathroom floor hit my head on the tile floor. Hard tile floor. I was there for 14 and a half hours. And I was drinking, cleaning liquids, solvents, there were bathroom cleaners and things like that, because I knocked them over when I fell, and I couldn’t move. So I was soaking them in breathing and drinking them down. I was…it was…the nightmare was horrible, absolutely horrible. During that 14 hours, I can try confronting myself because I was brought to a very deep, dark place. And I had to get in touch with something very big, I had to get in touch with something that was as big as I could get in touch with because the place I was in was huge. It was huge, hugely overwhelming was a tidal wave, and I needed to be able to surf the tidal wave. So I talked to my soul, with my mortal self, I said, a conversation between the mortal self and my soul. And I asked if I want to live, if I have to live without a body, if I was in a wheelchair, and quadriplegic don’t want to. Do I want to, do I want to present this book and film so I’m going to do what I plan on doing. Because I still do it from a wheelchair, do I care to live anyway? And I didn’t have an answer. So, but 25-30 minutes goes by and out of the blue. Unexpectedly, I started screaming for help, as loud as I could help, help, help, help, help hoping somebody would hear me. But I noticed that showed me that I wanted to live, I didn’t know I wanted to live until I started screaming for help. So, but I went through a period where I, in that conversation between my mortal self, my immortal self, I became convinced that I could have that I had the potential to access one of business, but I could actually heal myself and I could actually make my body come back to normal again, make my life come back to normal again, I was, I just out of the blue is convinced that I could do that. And I said, this may be crazy, but I’m but I’m buying it, I’m buying it. And it started with that seed that germination of a seed of thoughts within my being my soul. And I started setting that up and I showed him inhaling, then I started drinking that down as best I could. And I took that into my being and I said, this is going to change soon, it’s going to change forever, and it’s going to actually fit with our film with our bookings. It’s, there’s I see that I see that the divine nature of this whole process coming around full circle, this big picture, you know. And sure enough, I mean, I spent two weeks in hospitals and rehab centers, and they like that, and they said, you’re never you’re not gonna walk again. Sorry. That’s not true. I mean, I just, I just walked 10 miles last weekend. So the point is, I made it through, I did heal myself and I did have a remarkable recovery. And in the bigger picture was pretty unique and pretty remarkable in the fact that the universe had me go through what I went through at the time that I did. And under the circumstances that I did improve the result that it did, is such a remarkable, miraculous reality that I just, I just think that it’s it’s symbiotic with, something much bigger than I ever knew about, you know, just divine divine, God consciousness that just remembered that I merged with and it just made a difference in my life. And I think the message is pretty simple. If you take that with the beautiful awareness that you are the beautiful consciousness that you are, and merge it with the Divine Consciousness, that is God consciousness, that is the highest elevation of universal presence. Universal is this universal essence. You can heal anything you can, you can do anything. And that’s the message. That’s what ‘The Way Miracles’ is all about.


Manon Bolliger  13:50

Now, I really…I resonate with that profoundly. My own experience taught me quite a few things as well in my own journey. And I remember them, the first time I became aware of it was a glimpse. I was under a very traumatic circumstance, like held at gunpoint, and I had to, to get out of this situation. And I became aware of this incredible beauty and the word divine came to me as this divine light and sense of being. And this was when I was quite young. Then later in life, when I developed cancer, I had stage four. I became aware that I should not go ahead with a hysterectomy and all these things that were recommended to me. And it was the same sense of this. It’s almost, if I would say this is here for a reason, but I didn’t look at it quite that way. It’s more like that retrospective point of view is I taught me this. But it’s like there’s emerging in the moment that you just know beyond a doubt that that you will heal that you are healing itself that it. It runs through you. I don’t know if this makes sense.


Dr Mark Mincolla  15:19

To you, just remind me of you, remind me of, you know, retro causation is?


Manon Bolliger  15:24



Dr Mark Mincolla  15:26

It’s fascinating. There’s a study that was done in Israel. I can’t remember the researcher’s name right now. But he engaged in a study on retro causation. And others were used to thinking in terms of things happening in the present tense, obviously, things happening in the future tense, things happening in the past tense, retro causation. In this study, they proved that people in this group, this control group, that prayed for people that already that already existed, events started took place, hundreds of years ago, they could affect the end The end product of those experiences, but by praying, not ahead, praying back. For causation, retro causation, studies have proven to be proven, here’s the bottom line they’ve done. They’ve proven that quantum mechanics is real. That’s what they’ve done, they’ve proven quantum mechanics is real. Time doesn’t exist. Time is an illusion, time and space are just total illusions. And that the only real is the assigned value of the conscious person that’s addressed in those thinking about them.


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Dr Mark Mincolla  17:47

But in point of fact, they prove that things that have happened in the future can be affected by you, and things that haven’t been past can equally affected by you. Because time doesn’t have any biases. And the most people say okay, I believe if you program yourself for positive thoughts about your future, you think positive thoughts, pray hard, visualize and think great stuff, you’re gonna probably do great things to your future, you know, Tony Robbins style all the way. But who’s thinking about the fact that time is unbiased? If it exists at all, if it even exists, I’d say there is no such thing as time. But if you want to make that argument, fine, it’s got to be unbiased, it’s not going to say that you can actually move into the future, but you can’t, you can’t change the path that’s crazy, does that that’s inconsistent. So these studies indicate that we can change the past by projecting ourselves in those environments. And we report any reproved programming. And the people in the study, there was like 200 people in a study. And they found that their lives changed. By changing the past, they change the sequence of events that led to the present. And by doing so, they changed the quality of their lives.


Manon Bolliger  18:55

So is it? Or is it Are you talking about like a type of reframing as in you have an experience and then you saw it a certain way…


Dr Mark Mincolla  19:09

One of the reasons why this took place in Israel, yeah, there are a number a number of people who sign up for this study, who are family members of, of Holocaust victims. So because they had horrible family stories, they had hoped to go back and influence the energetic properties that had already existed in the past in one context anyway. And to actually help bring that total sequence forward to the present tense. And again, there were stories that people told from the study. That like one one woman said my grandmother was always such a dark negative. Such an imprisoned soul. And my mother and father were negatively affected by that. I was negatively affected by that. And after they did this work. She felt very different, radically different. And she wasn’t the only one, there were a number of people that said they call radically different choose two situations. They said they themselves felt radically different than their parents make a sort of transfer and are still alive and aging changed radically as well. So, again, you can dip into any space you want. And you can bring frequency at any level at any space you want. That’s what I’m all about. I feel like I see no limitations. I’m not, I’m not, I’m not cherry picking limitations. Here. I’m saying there are none. You’re operating from the level I’m talking about. So I’m like really pleading with the world to awaken unto themselves and to awaken them to the limitless potential of the other source. And to tap into the fact that there’s a quantum mechanics at work here, that dispels the myth of limitation, especially in time and space.


Manon Bolliger  21:13

So how would you start? I’m sure your book has all the details, but in a shorter interview, to get a flavor of this, where does a person start? Like if people resonate with what you’re saying? How do you…how do you start? Because you have some of the awareness? But is there a method or a way, a path?


Dr Mark Mincolla  21:39

That yes, yes, yes, yes, at the end of each chapter, in my book, I have exercises that have been helped that encourage that process and assist in that process. One of my favorites, my absolute favorites, is, hold on, actually really great. But it’s the idea that you can stop what you’re doing. turn your attention to each breath, within each breath there exists in this lifetime, timeless space that is created within every breath creates an infinite space for our undivided presence, that’s the beginning of the exercises, then…


Dr Mark Mincolla  22:38

Look into the mirror. Ask yourself who you really are. Can you feel your mortal self being observed by your immortal self? Can you feel the connection? If you can, you’re witnessing the conscious soul that you are. I think these are beginning places. They’re just a little…there’s this little introductory doors that open for us. You know, I think that it’s just it just enables us to, again, think about that. Welcome to the mirror, ask yourself who you really are. Can you feel the mortal self being absorbed by the immortal self? If you do that, when you feel that it’s essence that you’re tapping into it’s just the essence is soul? It’s pure consciousness? Can you feel that connection? So that’s, I think those are examples that I give along the way that are designed to kind of help you take in that consciousness to manifest that concentration so that it has the ability to feel the essence, perceive the essence. Because I mean, we can talk about the fact that we’re still you know, we just did. We have a conversation about that. But we can actually put you in front of the mirror, looking in the center of your own eye is looking at AI core to core and feeling the essence of your soul thing, just pure essence. Just energy, pure energy. No personality, no words. No concept. no interference, no interruption is pure essence. That puts you in the place that we’re talking about that puts you right there instantaneously. There’s nowhere else to go. You’re there. You’re just right there in that place. So I think those are exercises that are designed to take you right there. And is to put you in constant connection, I should say, with your essence, your frequency, your vibration, your soul.


Manon Bolliger  24:27

Yeah, it’s… I’ve heard this repeated by other children too. But I remember as a child doing that, and I thought it was like a type of magic. That’s how I felt I was in a magical space. But when I’ve been treating other people. I’ve heard it described this way where people are feeling as if they’re seeing the infinite itself, or I don’t know if we call it self, but the infinite being or I guess it’s the infinite soul. Right? That is that.


Dr Mark Mincolla  25:06

How about this? How about this? You just …


Manon Bolliger  25:11

Yeah. So how, how would you, because a lot of people now are in tremendous fear, fear for the future, fear for all kinds of, you know, we’ve been living under a lot of fear. And whether it’s, you know, I don’t want to get into politics or into biology on that level, but how? How do you reach people to be able to deal with that, because we say it’s going to be a huge spiritual awakening. This is a consciousness, there’s all of you know, in the, in that reality, people are talking like this is really an awake thing. But if you don’t know what that means, how would you reach those people?


Dr Mark Mincolla  26:05

Well, I think the first thing you need to do is eliminate the interruption, and eliminate the distraction, eliminate the attention deficit, eliminate the confusion, about past, or future. And to emphasize now, right now, right now to get really good at doing and now seem to get better and better and better at until you’re actually good at it. And to realize that now is representative of a repetition, you know, now, now keeps coming over and over and over. There’s not a tomorrow, there’s history repeating now. There isn’t tomorrow, there’s this constant. Now renewing itself. So I think when we take it, to that level to that when we move through that perspective. I think it frees us. The anxiety, the future, the depression, and the past. And I think now, is all there is. I think, in fact, you know, that’s all there really is in the real universe. That’s all there is anyway.


Manon Bolliger  27:18

Yeah, so the practice of being in the now to get I mean, because for a moment, you’re in it. And then the moment you catch your thoughts, they’re either in the future, or they’re rehearsing, or re repeating a past. So you bring yourself back, are you using sort of the breath and the body as a centering, grounding way of staying present? Or have you come to an understanding of other ways of really being in the present?


Dr Mark Mincolla  28:00

We just had a conversation about this recently, I think it was about concentration. And concentration, number one is interfered with, by distraction. The distraction that interferes with concentration is more or less distraction of some self imposed, self imposed. interference is a self imposed negativity, you know, it’s kind of like, we don’t think that we have the ability to fill up the now with consciousness, we’re more inclined to have distracted consciousness scattered thoughts. So the way I look at it is I always say that we’re reactive instead of proactive. So I think when we’re reactive, scattered, push those thoughts to pull us out of that flow. I think if you make it a point to become consciously proactive, super consciously proactive, it changes everything. I think, you know, we tend to be 80 to 90% reactive. I think we need to be at 90% proactive, not reactive. Because again, you start off the you’re asking how do we get there. I think the first thing to do is stop interfering with it. If you’re automatically going to get to go there you can’t help but go there. You don’t have to go anywhere you’re gonna end up there if you just don’t if you don’t ruin it I think the way the reason we ruin it is because we’ve become too obsessed to be reactive especially emotionally we’re very much they reacted with sounds are gonna say if I do this, what’s a sense like if I do that react react like do like you said a minute ago reacting but the virus reacting but the planet we’re living on reacts, React reacts is terrible is no proactivity. I see you take charge, you empower yourself by being proactive in a conscious way, and a positive consequence of positive, conscious, proactive as opposed to negative unconscious reaction, it’s a choice. It’s a choice, a choice. It’s a choice. And you can cultivate that, you know, it’s like, you don’t I would say, everybody’s cultivating all the time. Everybody’s cultivating all the time. Well, you’re always cultivating something, you’re always cultivating something never, never fails. So you can be cultivating positive, negative, you can be cultivating, reactive, proactive, you can be cultivating at any level. So I say most, if most certainly are your ultimate, you’re ultimately always cultivating something always. There’s never a moment when you’re not cultivating. So my question is, you’re cultivating unconsciously out of control without Be careful there, you better have very good, you know, it’s like driving a car without having any awareness, like being half asleep behind the wheel. Yeah, not a good thing. Not a good thing. So you want to be consciously, positively proactive? Not, like, unconsciously negatively reactive?


Manon Bolliger  31:08

Right. Yeah.


Dr Mark Mincolla  31:10

It is very, it is a choice. And there has to be, like I said, You’re cultivating one or the other. And if you’re unconsciously cultivating the negative, you’re gonna have a deep hole, you’re gonna be in your face off in a really deep, dark hole. So you need to be aware of the fact that you’re cultivating at all times, just know what you’re building, know what you’re creating, know what you’re good at. you’re constructing with your birthing.


Manon Bolliger  31:35

Yeah, I think that’s a, that’s really a deep principle is that the idea that we have a choice. And, and we’re not really educated to believe that we actually have choice.


Dr Mark Mincolla  31:51

When I say, the only…we’re not inclined to, we’re not inclined to believe we deserve to have a choice.


Manon Bolliger  31:56

Yes, that’s right.


Dr Mark Mincolla  31:57

I always say that the only mortal sin there is, in my mind, is self contempt.


Manon Bolliger  32:03

Right. Yeah. Yeah.


Dr Mark Mincolla  32:06

That starts the process of conscious living. You can’t be a conscious literate if you’re stuck in self content. That’s crazy.


Manon Bolliger  32:14

Okay, our time is coming short. There’s another question I had from. I’m just going to quote from your book here. So you say everything we think, say and do results either as karma, and then in brackets negative consequences of our actions or as Musha, Moksha. Sorry, liberation from suffering. Can you comment further on that?


Dr Mark Mincolla  32:49

This is perfectly aligned with what we just said. If you’re reacting negatively, you’re going to produce karma. If you’re proactive, consciously, you’re going to produce Moksha. So karma is the cumulative result. A lot of disempowered decision making and, and negative unconscious resulting negative unconscious results, I should say. So negative unconscious results are going to produce like if I if I say I’m going to keep eating sugar, I should I know I shouldn’t eat sugar, but to have events need sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, I’m gonna have rotten rotten teeth, I go to the dentist. So the carpet is right there, I’m choosing the wrong the wrong decision. And I’m creating compromise that’s gonna create pain and suffering. Or I can say, Look, I’m going to be disciplined, I’m not going to eat sugar anymore. Eat more fruit now I’m going to have one suffer the same, the same outcome, I have a much healthier outcome. So by doing that repeatedly, and becoming good at that, I become more inclined to not be ruled by my karma not to create not to accumulate a karma was accumulated more Dharma, positive stuff, more dharma. And the more Dharma I can accumulate from rights decisions, right choices, with the Buddhists call re living, I like that term, right living. So if you if you engage in right living, you end up with more Dharma, which leads you to liberation, emotional.


Manon Bolliger  34:22

Okay. And one more question for you. You have a muscle. I’ve forgotten the way you…it’s not muscle testing, but it’s your own way of doing this. Can you…okay, okay. Yeah. So that’s a way of people to connect, what their body’s actually saying towards whatever it is supplemental vitamin of food, a way of sort of checking in, if it resonates,


Dr Mark Mincolla  34:52

You know, what’s really neat about it, it actually fits into the conversation as well because it helps us to tap into the kind of the conscious truth so to speak. We can estimate whether this should happen to that seven should I eat Should I not eat wheat, whatever the case may be. I think when we actually muscle test it, your field, your bio field is telling your truth for you, your biofield is explaining that is dialoguing with you saying that it’s not good, or sugar is not good, or whatever the case may be. You can test anything. And I think in the testing process, you’re actually validating your higher consciousness, your consciousness comes up to say, I don’t mind my higher consciousness. I shouldn’t eat your sugar blood tests. I really shouldn’t. That’s right. So it validates the process.


Manon Bolliger  35:40

Yeah, and I think too, it brings you into an active presence. By checking you’re checking this. Yeah, so no, that’s…yeah, I think that’s a very another very good tool. All right. So any last words that you would like to…about your movie? I didn’t realize it. So it’s out already?


Dr Mark Mincolla  36:03

Yes, it’s just released in June 26. If people are interested in the film, they can actually go to the website,, pretty simple. In the book is The Way Miracles That Come You can contact Amazon simple. It’s in a lot of other chains, too. It’s in the chain bookstores. But my advice is this, my words of wisdom would be this. Go to the nearest mirror. Looking at the core of your eyes, and feel the essence of your soul. And start renewing your connection with yourself. But a newfound thought that you are eternal. That your peace, your light, your love, no limitations. Your magnificent human being. I think it’s just important to encourage people to inspire people to tap into it and to feel it and to grow it and to grow a love, love relationship with it. For more beauty. Beautiful.


Manon Bolliger  37:15

Well, thank you very much for spending time with us.


Dr Mark Mincolla  37:19

Dr. Manon thank you so much for having me.


Manon Bolliger  37:21

I really appreciate this.


Dr Mark Mincolla  37:23

Thank you.


Dr M (Manon Bolliger), ND

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