How to Tap into Your Energy for Health with Hilary Crowley, on The Healers Café with Dr M (Manon Bolliger), ND

In this episode of The Healers Café, Dr. Manon Bolliger ND, talks to Hilary Crowley who discovered her interest in the healing arts as the grandchild of three doctors & has studied with leaders in energy medicine and medical intuition.


Highlights from today’s episode include:

Hilary Crowley 10:56

To be honest, and to show honesty, and honesty beyond the point where you’re trying to make yourself sound smarter than you are or more knowledgeable or you want to hold the authority in the room. Well, when you’re on is sometimes you have to say beautiful things like “I don’t know”. Groundbreaking words, like” let’s look into it.”

Hilary Crowley 15:29

As I’m listening to clarity, boundaries, balance, it certainly keeps all of the noise of what is my relationship to you. Are you approving of me? Are you all the ego stuff? It’s like, well, it doesn’t really matter, if you approve of me, or I know where I stand with you unconditionally. It also carries forth with integrity. Afterwards, that integrity would be another word because I’m an energy worker

Hilary Crowley

But intuition for me is the body is always healing itself. And sometimes it needs help because sometimes we don’t have to do it alone. So, intuition is in me listening inward to the inner intelligence of the person who’s decided to share this in the room with me

About Hilary Crowley

Hilary Crowley is the author of The Power of Energy Medicine: Your Natural Prescription for Resilient Health; Skyhorse/Simon & Schuster 2021. She discovered her interest in the healing arts as the grandchild of three doctors. In her early career, she worked at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, and Exeter Hospital. Since 1995, she has studied with leaders in energy medicine and medical intuition.

In 2008, Hilary opened her office as a Natural Health Intuitive at the integrative & general family medical center, Whole Life Health Care in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. With clients referred by surgeons, nurses, physicians, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and other holistic medical practitioners, Hilary uses energy medicine techniques to identify root issues of disease and stress.

Hilary’s hands-on work involves balancing and interpreting the subtle energy field of the human body to bring wellness and authentic health to her clients.

She teaches on topics of energy medicine and health throughout the United States.

Hilary is a graduate of Syracuse University and lives with her husband and two sons in New Hampshire.

Core purpose/passion: To continue doing what I'm doing. To get the message to the healthcare world, that if we can take back the instinctive connection between patient and health provider, that energy of care, sharing, and the love of the healing arts, this would revolutionize the conversation around how we heal and how the healthcare system can restore the heart and soul of itself.

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Welcome to the Healers Cafe. Conversations of health and healing with Dr. M (Manon Bolliger), ND.

Manon Bolliger 00:02

Welcome to the Healers Cafe. Today I have with me, Hilary Crowley, she is the author, of The Power of Energy Medicine, Your Natural Prescription for Resilient Health. And she discovered her interest in the healing arts as the grandchild of three doctors. In her early career, she worked at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Exeter hospital. And since 1995, she has studied with leaders in energy medicine and medical intuition, including ,Miriam Wolf, as well. So anyway, I’m really excited to have this conversation with you. So welcome.


Hilary Crowley 01:10

Thank you, I’m really excited to be here. I love talking everything about natural healing and the way we can improve our immune system naturally. I’m really excited to talk about, everything that brings us interests that brings us into this big international community of health and healing.


Manon Bolliger 01:29

It’s really our time to be visible. And there’s lots that is happening all around us. And I think I’ve been in practice for 30 years myself, and I realized, as I’m sort of retiring on some level, I feel like it’s the beginning of the real work that needs to be done in this world. So, I had a very good feeling when you were showing up today.


Hilary Crowley 02:02

Thank you, I love talking about this. It’s actually a very private work we do right with a one …


on one, the healing and then it’s really fun to be in the teacher role and be teaching. I know you’ve just done a beautiful job teaching and spreading information. But I still feel I don’t know about you, but I still feel like it’s nice to just talk shop, you know, it’s nice.


Manon Bolliger 02:24

Well, that’s why we call it conversations about health and healing, right. It’s like, basically what’s happening, you know, day to day and what is life like? But I want to ask you first, I mean, that might be a dead giveaway, no pun intended, but three, three grandparents, that are doctors?


Hilary Crowley 02:44

Actually, all deceased because they’re all born, I think 1899, 1900, and 1900. My grandfather, I think my grandmother was like, a few months older than my grandfather. So yes, I have…there was a husband and wife. And those are my mother’s parents, and they were in a general practice together. And then my father’s dad was a surgeon. And it could be that they all met and knew each other because they’re from the same area in New England town here in the United States So, lots of doctors in the family, nurses, physicians, nurses, assistant surgeons, I mean, so I grew up, you know, and it’s funny, it’s actually, if you go beyond the obvious, it’s a funny little thing. It gives me the sense of the best kind of privilege, because I’m like…you’re not throwing me off…your being…a doctor. Like, I gonna go have some mashed potatoes, doctors this evening, you know, your head of surgery. I know…………… And so, it kind of gave me permission to feel that familiar. That familiar, right?


Manon Bolliger 04:17

But familiar as in could be authoritative, but not necessarily, somebody that you would listen to without a grain of salt.


Hilary Crowley 04:36

I’m a little bit sassier than that. So, like, I don’t take to authority in general. So especially not if they’re like, you know, familiar with you or work at the same hospital that you know, I just, I have respect. There’s respect absolutely. Sure. Yeah. But that’s different than, oh, I can’t possibly think of another I can’t possibly imagine that there could be another solution that you’ve given me. And more. So, I’ve actually seen the humanity that doesn’t always show up in a room. And so, I know the humanity I’m really worried about this patient or I lost the patient. Or I’m exhausted and I have three surgeries tonight……………… my uncle had our red phone, literally a red phone next to his bed, because up until he was in his late 50s, he chose to be the emergency room on call doctor for the city hospital. Well, that was his joy. And that was his pleasure. And I bet he, I mean, fortunately, I was never under his knife, but he had an excellent reputation. But I also had seen him swimming in the swimming pool at 5:30 in the afternoon, and all of us were very tired when we went to bed it admit, you know, 11:30 at night, and when that phone rang at 2am, I knew he just been asleep, a half an hour before he was doing. So, I know their humanity, too. And that allows me to feel more at home with this deep in utter need for really understanding how the body heals. Really understand it, because I do believe that they’re just as curious.


Hilary Crowley 06:23

One of my stories is I was sent to…well, I have several…there’s one in my book, but the one I’m going to quote is not in the book, but it’s almost verbatim. Probably because the sentiment is so widespread. I was explaining to a doctor who I was going to help who had a pretty sick, advanced illness to say the least, and was sent to me through a friend. And I was explaining to him about why it’s a good idea, even though he works for a hospital. He’s surrounded by doctors, and he still needs to go to the likes of me, right? Or at least that was what my like, oh, how can I make him feel better about seeing me, although he called me, he was recommended to me and he followed up on the recommendation, but I still wanted to make him feel better. So, I said, just so you know. I honored the practice of this and I under the practice of that. But I feel strongly about the energy, we all have a lifeforce energy and intelligent life force energy, as you say so eloquently, we how do we know the energy activates our inner knowing of how to heal. And I went on a little bit like that, out of that of that. And he said to me, he said, if anybody ever says to you, in the medical field, that energy and healing and the body’s natural intelligence doesn’t matter. This is a top doc in Boston. They’re either lying to you, or they don’t have enough experience. Let’s start to see, wait a minute, my dream is actually to start talking to the doctors because they’re the ones, you know, scooping the ice cream. They’re the ones that are like, help me I can’t, I can’t only do this, I can’t only consume this all day. So, I’m a big believer that integration is just a conversation that’s needs to get started and continued.


Manon Bolliger 08:28

I actually come from a bit of a family of doctors too. But my uncle who has passed away, he was the twin brother of my, mum. And he, before passing away, I have him actually on video because I said I really want to have your words on this so that I can share it in a way that other people in health care. And he was a thoracic surgeon, and that was sort of his specialty. And he would go visit his patients to see how they recovered. And this is an in Europe in Belgium. And I said so of all the things you’ve learned in it, you know, all the specialties and everything else, what is the most important thing you’ve learned in medicine? And he said, to love my patients. And I was like, wow, that’s, you know, it’s just a whole other thing because you see, this anesthesia, this knife, this intensity of all of that type of work, and you know, you don’t know if they’re going to come out of it. And for that to be the most important thing. I just it always struck me as like, wow. And you know, in my profession, we’re naturopathic physicians. So, we’re supposed to be much more holistic and understand this the force of nature, and our innate ability to heal. And yeah, it’s very funny I see not the elders in our practice, but I see kind of a shifting away from that in wanting to be the worst form of green allopath’s, like the those who haven’t had the experience of really helping a person live and get through something and overcome even chronic diseases, which is not the specialty about allopathy, you know, which is why it’s wonderful if they all work together with people who have other aspects to help, but to just understand that phenomena is so, so huge, you know, so, anyway, well, that was a conversation tangent.


Hilary Crowley 10:56

But you took my breath away. I was in New York last weekend teaching a class about intuition, actually. And one of the really important parts of intuition is this one-on-one work and being honest, to be I’m getting back to your uncle. To be honest, and to show honesty, and honesty beyond the point where you’re trying to make yourself sound smarter than you are or more knowledgeable or you want to hold the authority in the room. Well, when you’re on is sometimes you have to say beautiful things like “I don’t know”. Groundbreaking words, like” let’s look into it.” Anyway, anyway. So were talking about boundaries and how important it is to have good boundaries with …………. In my case, I don’t call them patients because I’m not medically trained. I’m a working energy healer. So, I have clients, right. And my students were a little surprised when I said, and now I’m surprised that I said, Actually, the best boundary you can ever hold in a space is to love because every other apparent boundary is filled with is filled with conditions. Know, your uncle is a smart, beautiful soul. And I’m so glad you got that on recording. Because if I just know that I, let’s say we’re in session, and I just say I know I love you unconditionally. Do you see how everything else falls away? I see your essence. I want the best for you. If you follow like, I’m really into the Four Agreements right now as a teaching tool. It falls right into the Four Agreements. I don’t take anything personally. You’re doing your best. I’m not making any assumptions. And, and I’m being impeccable with what I’m intending to be here, which is love, which is what heals us. And it’s not that all the different definitions of love heals us, but your uncle was right. That if we ask for love, and then we just become vessels. And I see that with allopathic doctors in their best form, right? They just want to participate in activating the body to heal itself.


Manon Bolliger 13:45

Yeah, but the question also comes up when people do work, and they say, you know, do I need to get more energy work? Typically, but do I need to protect myself? And I’ve often said, Actually, no, just give love. Because that is the thing, but you don’t need it. And if you think of the model of this idea that something negative could in invade us, as if, as if it really could without our, our allowing it. And it’s like, if you’re very conscious about what you let in your body, then you actually have agency over your body. I know there’s a few laws that are questioning that recently. That’s one of my pet peeves is like no, you know, we were careful about what we eat and what we put in our gut and our, you know, our flora and everything else and then it’s like We have to be super conscious about what we let in. But if we’re in treatment with somebody else, if we are giving out an energy of love, I really think that that has massive……. And I don’t want to call it protection because it doesn’t feel like we need protection. If we’re in that……. I don’t know if this is making any sense.


Hilary Crowley 15:29

I don’t disagree with protection. It’s not a bad. It’s not it’s actually good. As I’m listening to clarity, boundaries, balance, it certainly keeps all of the noise of what is my relationship to you. Are you approving of me? Are you all the ego stuff? It’s like, well, it doesn’t really matter, if you approve of me, or I know where I stand with you unconditionally. It also carries forth with integrity. Afterwards, that integrity would be another word because I’m an energy worker….. I know your art because I’ve studied your work and you’re an energy worker. So, you have to have that integrity of highest and best. Otherwise, if we are talking to the nonverbal part of the body, which you are more fluent in than I am in terms of what that language is for the non-verbal. Or maybe we just fluent in slightly different languages. The nonverbal part of the body can hear us if our intentions are not in integrity. So, all of that is wildly helpful for the for the ones that were healing, because I would imagine if I was out of my integrity, I would actually certainly hope that the person I’m working on is say, not you Not today, I can’t, I don’t, I’m not ready to……….. with new clients that they need time to, to build trust. So I just have a, you know, that that piece of that peace of love, you know that that it’s a form of protection, but I but we don’t need the protection, it’s that it’s, it’s that you hope that you go to somebody who is doing their self-care, so that, that, you know, that would be us that we’d be doing enough self-care that that we could drop into that very easily. And authentically.


Manon Bolliger 17:36

So, what to you is, is intuitive work? What is it that you do? How does it? What does it feel like? What is it?


Hilary Crowley 17:50

It’s pretty amazing. And as I’m talking about my book, this power of energy medicine, I think it’s actually…………….. and you’ll appreciate this more than most, I really like to talk about what it isn’t. Okay, it is not diagnostic. It is not diagnostic. And it is not I’m overriding of the mind, and the wisdom of somebody else’s energy of their own body. So, it’s not diagnostic, and it’s not intrusive. Okay although sometimes …….experience can be like, wow, how did you come up with that Hillary? I never thought of that. I said, well, I was on your left hip, you know, or I was on your so I hands on healer, who I float a few inches above the body of where my colleagues are, or even rest very gently, like a cranial sacral I do not I have been a patient of Bowen work. I love Bowen work. And my colleagues, I have three colleagues that I adore, who all do Bowen work. So, I’m familiar with the Bowen work. But so, I actually probably can feel similar to what you feel with the body work that you do, I just translated in such a way that I get pulled like a magnet. I mean, we’ll probably talk talking the same language because different people come to this different ways. And here we are, we get to be the students and the teachers of our generation of this. But intuition for me is the body is always healing itself. And sometimes it needs help because sometimes we don’t have to do it alone. So, intuition is in me listening inward to the inner intelligence of the person who’s decided to share this in the room with me. I once had a woman who I was not at all in session with we were out to lunch together. And she knew what I did for work. And she said to me, Hilary, can you tell what’s going on with me right now? And She was, she was having an affair. And I had no idea. I had no idea. I don’t even know why she brought it up. And, um, and I was like, No, no, no. And she said, Tell me more. And I said, I’m sitting here, I’m thinking about the soup in front of me. And I’m thinking about the view outside, and I’m thinking about how happy I am to be with you. So, there was absolutely no permission for me, even because I need to be at lunch, and I want to have a good time. And I had my child with me, I wasn’t, you know, there is no permission to be intuitive. And I think more importantly, why I’m bringing that story up is that intuition involves permission. Always. And, you know, if you’re ever, you know, feeling like I have some information on that person, and it’s, you know, then that’s also what it is not.


Manon Bolliger 20:50

Yes. That’s very well said, I think that’s because it’s like a channel that you tap into, with permission. Because otherwise, you can’t tap into anything. If there’s nothing,


Hilary Crowley 21:17

 I love how everybody in the healing world has the potential to be more intuitive, so surgeons, I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but like, a surgeon isn’t going to cut somebody open, if they’re not sure that that body is going to heal it back. There isn’t like a special glue. I mean, I know there’s glue, there’s staples, there’s tape and everything. But that’s just to nudge the body. surgeons, I think are one of the potentially one of the most holistic minded people in the world, not because of what they do during surgery, but they believe deeply, maybe even more than, you know, the average holistic person, that body is going to heal itself back. Otherwise, they would never put an incision into the body. In theory, think about that. Never thought of it that way. But yeah, cuz I mean, I, it happens all the time, I was with a dear friend of mine who had a C section, you wouldn’t believe how quickly that skin healed. They didn’t open the body with the idea that would never be closed, but they know darn well, they’re not the ones who close up that body closes up the body.


Manon Bolliger 22:36

You raise a good point. Because when you’re……. just look at drug peddlers. Some types of doctors, it’s like, they don’t even do physical exams anymore. They just write prescriptions, you know. And with that, you can’t see what happens. Really, you don’t know, you’re adding cocktails to your own, you know, internal pharmacy, but like, how do you even tell what’s really going on and all that, you know, it’s like, you don’t have the pleasure of really witnessing the power of the body. Whereas I guess with an incision, you do you see that? .


Hilary Crowley 23:22

It must be amazing for them. And I wish they talk more about it, because it must be amazing to be like, I’m actually doing this to a human body, and I’m relying on her or him, the person I’m working on, to be able to heal this up, you know, I’m going to stitch this back in or I’m going to remove this or seal this off. And then the middle the middle world, that sometimes they integrate with and sometimes I don’t integrate with our though, is the world of trial and error. And, you know, that can be problematic, right? When you’re just trying something and seeing how the body responds. And you have to have a really, a lot of compassion or no compassion to just say, go see what happens and call me you know, in three weeks.


Manon Bolliger 24:16

 Reminds me slightly of certain things that are going now.


Hilary Crowley 24:21

Well, if we can go back in history to not too long ago, like, around, ……….do you have St. Patrick’s Day up there? Yeah. Yeah, so a lot of a lot of Irish people here. So that was like a little joke about I miss you guys. I’d really like to go up and visit. That’s a story for another way back when I used to visit Canada, I remember that it was it was around St. Patrick’s Day. that that little, that little thing that happened, actually wasn’t about pharmaceuticals at all, was it? I had clients who were ready to give birth that the Hospitals said, please give birth at home, I’m like, this is new. Please give birth at home. I had people who were sick, they said, you know what, actually, that’s an elective situation, you’re okay. Um, there were a really, really important set of months, I would say it went on for three or four months, were suddenly those of us who believed in the body’s natural ability to heal, were, where it was at. Tell me what you know about vitamins. Tell me what you know about nutrition. Tell me what you know about energy work.


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Hilary Crowley 26:41

And I’m, I’m not going to forget that moment, just because a new moment is having its day. because I don’t think the rest of us will forget it either, that we were whatever the” rest of us means.” But as everything, you know, settles on to the next chapter because I do believe in next chapter is coming. I just believe a next chapter is coming in terms of kind of balance,…………………. because of the work you do, the body needs balance, and the collective, the collective, we tend to go towards balance. But I just want to remind us that we needed natural healing for the first four months of this pandemic.


Manon Bolliger 27:31

It’s interesting from your perspective, because if you’re in a so called licensed professional, which we are as, as licensed naturopathic physicians, we actually have to completely abdicate all our knowledge.'” We, actually had to not use anything we know'”, because we weren’t allowed to say, in any outward way that we can prevent, that we can even deal with, or help people who had this syndrome. We weren’t, we were just like, totally unable to, to deal with that.


Hilary Crowley 28:22

I can offer my I would say condolences or just my sympathy like I’m, remembering I would post things and that would be coupled with to find out real information go to this site right here. But it didn’t it didn’t take my post down.


Manon Bolliger 28:44

Many, like, not just the natural health care industry license. It was also many medical doctors who had some solutions that were just not the,” one” that we were all supposed to blindly go for as we’re part of an experiment there were lots of options …..that were censored literally mean I just think that I had hoped when this began that it would be the moment where that where people would look at their health and go wow, people that are not doing well have comorbidities now is our chance to really look at our health, you know, the body, the mind, the spirit but all of it and, and then as lockdowns happen, and I know in the states it was a little different in different places in Canada, too. I mean, Ontario, is was under the most brutal lockdown that I think outside of North Korea, that’s about it. I mean, it was unbelievable and well, California I think had a pretty it bad too, you can’t go to the beach, you can’t go out you can’t, you know, natural vitamin D, all of these things that were, were counter intuitive to health and me saying this, in fact, my license got suspended anyways. But you can’t see these things. It was it was actually shocking to me. And what happened to is a lot of people started realizing that there’s, really something else going on here. So, I think we got there, but not in the way that I have thought it would be so simple. You know, there’s so many things The world is going to listen, we’re going to have be able to really show people how natural things work. But anyway, it wasn’t done that way. It just happened. Another bit. Now, I think a lot of people are asking many more deep questions. So, I’m excited to see, you know, what will happen? I don’t know how you’re feeling but all this .


Hilary Crowley 31:11

I’m excited to see what kicks up a conversation and I’m it’s a crisis within a crisis within a crisis. You know, and, and what is going to keep the conversation going are going to be conversations like this? And can I just also say, I’m really sorry that you lost your license, because I can see how that’s our suspended or? Yeah. So, you know, what I guess I want to want to ask you, um, is it’s been shocking for all of us in many ways. So maybe I want to ask you because I bet that was big. And I know you have a lot of listeners who love you and say, how are you dealing with your shock.


Manon Bolliger 31:58

 I was shocked first, like, shocked as in what on earth could be wrong with telling people not to be in fear, and to trust everything they knew about their bodies, and to add the things that would help your general immune system, I did not know then\ that you can’t use the word immune, that you can’t relate anything to that C word and it’s not cancer. You know, and so yeah, I think I was like, This cant be for real, like, it’s not, it’s not for real, you know, so I was trying to like,……… oh, maybe I misunderstood it, I read it over many times. And then I realized that there are issues that I care about, in in ways that are bigger than just the one on one, which I love. But there are societal issues. And I realize that as an elder, it’s my time it’s my time to, to speak out for all of those who have, you know, young families and are doing this great work, but can’t really financially in no way can, can take that risk. It’s just too big for them. And they’re greatly needed. And so, I saw it as like, a sign Wow. Okay. This is, this is good. And I will be free, you know, out of the, out of the constraints of I mean, I know who I am. And, and I actually don’t, I don’t really need all these constructions of degrees and this and that. You know, I mean, yes to do certain things you do you do need it I understand, like you don’t do surgery if you’re not a surgeon, but I mean, there’s education and then there’s law and yeah, I think we have to look at things in a in a much bigger way. So, I’m I actually feel free


Hilary Crowley 34:08

Whoo. I like that because you see it so well. We need the free voices to freely speak and share your wisdom you know, that we need the wise ones to share their wisdom no matter what. Yeah….. to have such a beautiful energy about you as an energy worker, I have to you know, you have this beautiful energy about you which is very confident, confident at a time of turmoil. And as I said about the second chapter, it coming like the third chapter, another chapter coming is that what once the once the collective memory of this starts to settle, there are going to be a lot of voices one voice at a time. That’s going to say You know, I need, you know, I need to understand how the body heals, we want to understand, what did we just go through, and then that’s gonna be a whole nother healing, which is back in where I’m in a general practice. Yes, we were talking about masks, and we’re talking about, um, just you know how we’re going to handle the next stage of coming back to the new normal, or the post pandemic normal or just getting out of this stage. And, um, it was brought to our attention that and I actually like this, it came from one of the founding of members, we need to allow people to start getting their voice back, everybody is so scared and withdrawn right now. And the voice in her case, I think she was referring to like, feeling safe to go to the grocery store, feeling things that never really concerned me. But there are other people who are very, very scared. And I really heard what you said, when you wanted to speak up about not having fear. We know what fear does to the bar, it goes right into the body, goes right into the body. And if that’s the one thing that you know, I do for the next decade, which is to release fear, and trauma from the body, and stay good at keeping trauma out of my body. Or if it does come in, because it will, I will have things that will traumatize me that I that I don’t let it you know, interrupt my ability to be connected to that intuitive wisdom.


Manon Bolliger 36:41

It’s funny. It’s making me remember this morning, what you’re saying, because a big part of my practice has been trauma and releasing fear. But what was so clear to me this morning, is releasing betrayal. I just had this huge wave of like, it’s almost, you know, seeing it come, people feeling betrayed, deeply betrayed. I mean, there’s so much, you know, family stuff going on, and differences. And, you know, and I’m all for people choosing what they want that part, I have no issues and respecting people’s choices, once they choose whether it’s informed choice or not, is maybe more my pet peeve do, you know, are people really getting everything they need to make that informed choice? I don’t think so not in not the way the marketing has been, and not the pressure, there’s been a lot of pressure, I think, at least in Canada, a lot of core cores and things that go against it, the ability to make an informed choice. But what I see happening is people who might now start looking at this more, more carefully, and feel an incredible betrayal. You know, that’s what I just see that I just feel it right through me. So, I’m going to study that a little bit for myself, because, yeah, it’s such a strong feeling.


Hilary Crowley 38:28

Yeah, and that sense of authority? And who has authority over us? And ultimately, can I go back to the example of the childbirth? I mean, I told two stories of childbirth. Now. I think about it today. One was recent, C section, emergency c section. And the other was early, when the pandemic first hit. And the woman was told, you’re not even really supposed to come into the hospital, we’d like you to do this birth on your own. And, you know, that’s a time where that woman’s body is responsible, and you listen to the body. And that’s the beginning of life. Yeah. So that’s how the body works and knows how to get life. We’re all here. As of today, as far as I know, on the planet. We’re all here because we were born. I mean, really, we’re time dating because you know, something coming from that soon. As far as I know, we were all born so we all are here because we survived that experience. I’m respect to those who didn’t, and a lot didn’t. So, I’m so why from that moment on, do we start ripping away the abilities you know, to, to, you know, to heal and so in fact, in case anyone’s wondering like what you said see Like, yeah, well, they wouldn’t have cut her open if they didn’t know she was going to be able to heal back. Right. So, it’s this healing, laying on top of healing. Yeah. And I love the idea of just a nice kind of wakeup call for Wait a minute. Wait a minute, my body can heal. And that’s gonna be people might not get there in this lifetime. But you know, I hope more than more than most Well, I know, I know. I’m stumbling over my words. But we’re, you know, we’re still in the middle of all this. We’re still in the I asked you how the shock was, and like, what am I? How’s my shock word? We’re still in the we’re still in inside of it. I mean, don’t you feel that?


Manon Bolliger 40:48

We’re not done with the shock…… it’s gonna be interesting. I mean, I honestly have never in my life wanted to be as wrong as I do now. And at the same time, I’m thinking, gosh, everyone knows me as the optimist , I can’t help it. I see things always optimistically. And I just think, realistically, I don’t even see it as optimism to me, it just seems like Well, of course. And, and I do think there’s gonna be something that will help to make sense of everything that’s happening, and will happen, or, you know, hopefully not, but I can’t see, I just can’t I, I don’t have the paradigm to not see what I see……


Hilary Crowley 41:52

Except that you do have the paradigm that the body heals. I’m not saying this to make you feel better or worse, but that we are highly adaptive and highly intelligent. And I know, I’m surprised all the time by how the human body but also animals, if I work with animals, persevere under the worst circumstances, so I know what you’re talking about. And I know what you and I are talking about, but as I tap in intuitively, I feel like we also want to introduce that. You know, you don’t mess with the human body. Yeah, no, I agree. I agree, I usually get the last laugh. In one way or the other. And, and it would make sense that on a conscious level, I wouldn’t be able to, like access it per se. But um, you know, the corrections that we’ll see. And I do have a doctor, I know who was one of the first people who did get an injection, but also is the strongest advocate for not getting it choice. And I said, how are you remedying this? He said, I know what I’m gonna do. He said, I’ll have to take care of it. So. So we’re there’s a, where there’s an ailment, there’s a remedy.


Manon Bolliger 43:23

And it’s my belief, right. But that’s where, you know, you see the mind, at work, creating beliefs. And there’s that unknown of what, how it will manifest still, you know, and I can see that I can see the gap. You know, I’m also looking at the things I don’t know, like, I understand the heart frequency, and I understand the power of that. And I’m looking at, okay, is that will that be the force strong enough? You know, is will that shift the, the magnetic energy around like, why wouldn’t it? You know, so I just don’t know how so it’s a time where I even I am not pessimistic I’m still not I just, I’m not on that edge where I just feel I feel that that pain and I’m just allowing it because I don’t I don’t know. I’m not all of the knowing our theories right now. internally. I think there’s gonna be phases to this. So, I’m, it’s more like okay. The beginning as we started our interview, we’re at the beginning of this this in a very intense voyage,


Hilary Crowley 44:51

And you’re such a healer We both are. And, you know, we have people walk in the door and you know, that the healing …….you don’t know how it’s gonna go? Right? You have this? Well, maybe we are coming full circle where you just not Yeah, I get it’s not pessimism. It’s not optimism but it’s saying I’m just going to keep doing what I do, which is to love on the situation. Yeah, control what I can control. Understand what I can’t control. And then also I think there’s a there’s a lot of room for there we have an actress down in there’s this actress is unreal it’s unrelated to this. So, but she’s named Susan Sarandon and she was doing something unrelated to healthcare, it has something to do with social justice. And she was in an interview, and it said, you know, how did you get into this? And she said, well, I, as an actress, I started to study the human condition. And by studying the human condition, I became very fast fascinated by, you know, what’s right or what’s wrong. And so, we’re, we’re not actresses, per se, but we studied the human condition for a living. And so you become a part of the movement of any justice, any injustice that you see. Exactly. You have to speak up. And so that comes naturally in the healing archetype as well. But what if, what if we also loved on it? You know, the last chapter in my book, there’s a, I don’t know, can I do a spoiler alert? I think it’s a good one.


Manon Bolliger 46:31

Yeah, go for it. And we actually were, we should also wrap up. So make that your perfect…….


Hilary Crowley 46:39

So, the last chapter in my book, I introduced a new character who knows you haven’t met before. And he is a beautiful soul who had been seeing me for cancer for about a year. And he was doing really well, with his treatments. And I believe he was I know; he was working with naturopathic, and he was also working with Dana Farber down in Boston. And he was also working with me the energy healer, right. So, he’s doing a good job. He’s putting a good team around him. And he walked in, he walked in, and he said, I really want a special appointment this time. And I said, how so? And he said, I just feel like I don’t understand. Love. In the big picture. He actually called it God didn’t even quite say it that way. He said, I’m familiar. The name of the chapter is called beanstalk. And he says, I’m familiar with this idea that there’s some big guy in the sky. It’s like, it’s like the kid climbs the beanstalk and it’s like, a big mean giant in the sky. And I said, okay, and he said, I know I’ve got to sort that out. There’s something I need more, I need more. And, and I said, well, I can certainly see how you could get confused based on like, the stories and the messages. And I don’t know what his dogma or religious background was. But that fairy tale seemed about right. Like, there’s this big guy in the sky that punishes you if you go for the golden egg. I mean, it’s not even so it’s a good fairy tale. You know, it’s good teaching story for the kids. And, um, or not good. It’s just a story, for whatever reason, it’s a story and maybe not good or bad. Not good. Not bad justice. And so, I said, Oh, yes. But that’s not a story about love and unconditional love, and how the body heals and how you know, and he said, I really want to know more about that, and said, let’s get let’s get doing some body work. And so, he got on the therapeutic table. And as soon as we started working as if some beautiful Spirit had been eavesdropping on us, the whole room shifted. And I felt something that was more powerful than usual, to say the least. And I asked him if he felt that he said, I do and I said, what is it he said, It’s love everything in capital letters that make notes for my clients at the end of this particular day. There are no notes except the block letters love everything. And, um, he wrote me a note he was clear from the cancer. So that doesn’t make sense. But it doesn’t need to. Yeah, I think that’s, that’s kind of a funny way to leave it in the middle of everything, but we’re keep stirring the pot.


Manon Bolliger 49:23

Exactly. Yeah.


Manon Bolliger 49:27

Well, Hillary, it was wonderful talking with you, and finding out more about you and I’ve really enjoyed myself.


Hilary Crowley 49:36

Yeah, I loved it as well. Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it.

Dr M (Manon Bolliger), ND

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