How To Find The Answers Already In You with Inis Žiga on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (Deregistered naturopathic physician with 30 years of experience in health), talks with Inis Žiga an intuitive and energetic healer and a bringer of knowledge of various healing and self-healing techniques and remembering who we really are.

Highlights from today’s episode include:

Ines Žiga 
My experience with you is that you really allow the client or the person that you’re assisting or facilitating the transformation

Ines Žiga 

I just want people to understand that we are not hopeless. You know. So we can do a lot on ourselves. Only when we get to kind of understanding who we really are

Ines Žiga 

I found muscle testing so that we can dive in our body and ask our body everything that we want.


I knew from the age of 9 that I wanted to become a veterinarian and only help animals, so I graduated from Veterinary High School. During the first 3 months of college, my father and sister suddenly lost their jobs, so I decided to postpone college for a year and look for a job.

So, life took me into the hospitality, hotel, and self-entrepreneurial waters and into working with people, which was obviously the purpose, as through this work I had to be focused and in contact with people while before I only wanted to focus on treatment and assistance to animals. Now with this knowledge, I can help both, people and animals.

For the last 25 years, I have been doing research work on myself, discovering who we really are, and raising people’s awareness.



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Welcome to the Healers Cafe. Conversations of health and healing with Manon Bolliger (Deregistered with 30 years of experience in health).


Manon Bolliger  00:18

So welcome to The Healers Café, today I have with me a very special person, Inis Žiga. And she’s an intuitive and energetic healer. She actually started as on her path to becoming a veterinarian. We met in a very unusual way, maybe, or maybe life is full of coincidences that are not. But I was interested in finding out more about Theda healing. So I signed up to this conference. And I looked at all the speakers and, and it was like, I want to know more about this person. So I followed my hunch, we met we talked for three and a half hours, and this is, you know, from Slovenia strange hours. And, and very, very generously, she offered to answer the questions I had about Sita healing and, and go well beyond that actually into her own work, which she has also developed. And soon we’ll be creating a training on and, and I had a burning problem at that time, because I was doing a detox and things were coming up. And, and so I said, it’s just do not have anything, I can give you an example. So you know, I wasn’t, I was assuming everything’s all part of this. And she started her work. And the one evidence symptom that I somehow attributed to other things, she went right in it and released it. And I’m still now I think it’s about a week ago, absolutely without symptoms, whereas I had this symptom for about a week to 10 days. So it was like, it was definitely present and staying with me. But anyway, I just wanted to first of all, thank you so much for that incredible session I have and well, from here, let’s go with my first question. Um, so you’re in veterinarian school. And then what happened? What, what? How did that? Yeah, how did you become who you are now?


Inis Žiga  02:40

Hi, Manon, on the photo pills. Thank you that you contacted me. I’m really honored to be here and speak with you. So yeah, thank you very much that we can share and spread the truth all around the world. And, of course, more information. So I don’t know, life happens, you know, all I want to do to help the animals. That was my goal. No. But life happens. So I stopped my study, I was thinking that I will stop my study for just one year, but I’m still here. Not finished college. But they finished a little different medicine stuff. So it’s a healing. Thinks and I get I mean, go the knowledge who are who we really are, how we can help ourselves and of course, chatters. And yeah, that’s the briefly. Okay.


Ines Žiga  03:56

So, yeah, so one of the things that that really came out of my experience with you is that you really allow the client or the person that you’re assisting or facilitating the transformation to count on their own knowledge on their own not knowledge as intellectual knowledge as in thoughts or that type of thing. But what I guess I call intuitive knowing or Supra conscious connection to themselves. And so, I found that fascinating that rather than you coming up with answers for me, or suggestions, because you know, the secret part of me I wanted somebody with a crystal ball What’s going on? You know, and I think on some level, you know, maybe it’s not normal, but I think it’s normal you want you want to know, you want to be told you want somebody who has greater powers than you, or a greater insight or something like that to give you the answers. And what you really reflected back. And my experience was that Jean, and I teach this right, so it’s not that I don’t agree with you. But you know, he’ll or heal yourself, right? You’re always in the position of somebody, if you open yourself to it, to really bring you through that process where you go, yes. Okay. It really is me. It is my greater connection to, to what, let’s talk about what connection to what, what is this voice we hear? What do you think is going on?


Ines Žiga  06:03

Ah, I need to go a little bit backwards, you know, because we are …


things happens to me. No. So I had a really unusual life going on, I had a vision from the future, what will happens and that things happens, and it was horrible things, you know, so I don’t want to see it. Also, I hear I was in contact with the ghost, I feel the ghost, I see them. And that also scares me. And I had a huge amount of injuries in my life, you know, I hear for car accident, between everything else, you know, guns, knives, injuries, I can explain everything. So all my life, I was injured, my body was really hard. I had almost 40 years or daily migraines. All the time, I was searching how to help myself, what is going on with my life? I need answers to know to understand at first meaning, you know, so a search all the time. And about 25 I was 25 I think I meet one amazing energy healer here in Slovenia. And so that’s this is the, I think the part when I start to more dive in, in the energy medicine to try to understand and connect the dots, you know, so 25 years I’m in this topic, I’m searching the answers and also all the time I was trying to consume all this information, see what is inside already. So I can be more clearly with everything. So yeah, that was my path a little bit. And because I want to help myself and of course, so when I had the knowledge that they understand that we are from the one source, your brothers and sisters from the same source, you know, I just want to relieve all these two and information to work. I just want to help everybody to understand that we are much more than just the physical body you know, that we are made amount of energy, and we can heal ourselves, we can heal each other, you know. I just want people to understand that we are not hopeless. You know. So we can do a lot on ourselves. Only when we get to kind of understanding who we really are. So the knowledge is


Manon Bolliger  09:09

Yeah, so can you expand? I mean, because I have people watching this show that are very open. And I have people that are going Yeah, source What do you mean? Like what are we talking about? Now maybe religious people who have a religion will understand the name or what source is because they’ve named it by different names depending on what your religion is. It’s it’s kind of like a god but there’s many people who don’t who are more like spiritually inclined and would not want to be identified with a religion per se because they’ve either fought it in their life or they’ve you know, been had issues because of you know, these these institutions. But they’re sort of going what is source? What is source? So what is source? What? How do you explain that to people? In, in your words? How do you connect to it? And then you know that let’s say you’re one of these scientists kind of people and you’re like, Okay, there’s no such thing. It’s, we are physical. Yes, we’re physical mental, that’s getting more popular now that we have emotions, and that, but what is bigger than that?


Ines Žiga  10:32

Mmm hmm. I think it’s a source, it’s quite hard to explain, even to him, even to me, you know, because nobody said clearly, or we already said clearly, but we just cannot accept that this can be possible, because in my mind, I see a bright light, a huge amount of brightness and energy. So when I realize that I’m there, I feel it clearly huge amount of energy. So it’s not possible for me to stay calm, you know, I start to shake myself, it’s a huge amount. And then I understand that it’s something more than me, you know, it needs something more than just my body. And also, you know, when you hear some voices in your head, which is not my mind, but some voices in your head, when you see some vision in the future, it’s clearly that it’s something more just just this life. It’s clearly but I also struggled to know, like, you start with religion, you know, I also struggled with the people how to explain that it’s something more that we just need to dive in such information, because they say no, this is some spirituality. Now, this is alternative, I just want the other side of medicine, I don’t want to hear anything about alternative medicine, you know, or this is not from the god or something like that. So I struggled with the people, you know, because they just don’t want to open their mind and accepted that it’s much much more is going on. So I also searching how to explain the people without speak about religion, or how, without speaking, I don’t know, with that religions words. And it also relieves me that it’s, maybe it’s easier to explain the people. Because everybody know, that even the worst things is happened. We still held one voice inside of us. And if we can describe this voice, probably it will be hope. Probably the name is Hope. So this is some kind of energy that still is beyond us and drive us that we hope that things will be better that things will can change. So my description is maybe the world in the energy of the hope that we have it inside of us.



You know, it makes me think when you’re saying it this time. You know, hanaman, who, who was the physician who pretty well, through his research figured out homeopathy, that’s basically how it was named, like curing like, and he talked about a vital force that animates us. Yeah. And animate is a word that actually is luminous right to animators, it’s to bring to life but it has in it the the concept of of, of light itself, not just life. And and a lot of the healing because this is 209 plus years ago, they didn’t even have the level of sophistication in dissection of what we have understanding physiology. But, and he was a physician. So this is this wasn’t taboo, weird stuff. It didn’t become weird until the Flexner Report that basically was a, you know, a connection with a pharmaceutical lead alternatives, so to speak at that time, but when it was still about helping people and it was really based in that, that’s the term vital, you know, Vital Source. And, and, and in his relationship with with his patients, he could see whether the frequency of the vital force, which would dictate the intensity of the the homeopathic remedies he would give, because if you gave too strong for people with low vitality, it would sort of extinguish their vital force. So he was always matching with something that is very hard to pinpoint what that is. But when you’re in practice, because I’ve used homeopathy, you know, many times in the last 30 years, and it’s a fabulous modality, you learn sort of an instinct, as a doctor, what, what can they take what’s right, and what changes before the symptomatology is the vitality. And people will say, I have a sense of, well being, I have a sense of something, and then you see the sleep improves the energy, and then the physical symptoms, and then the name diseases and whatever else, right. But it starts with something like that. And, and I thinking that when people connect to that, you know, when I had very, you know, on the brink of several chronic diseases that, you know, could have led to death, I mean, to stage four cancers, one of them, there was a sense of, this is not my time. Now, that was beyond just being told that no one could tell me that, in fact, they were telling me if I don’t comply by the treatments, I will leave my three children and how dare I, and what a terrible mother and blah, blah, blah. So it wasn’t the the the influence of the medical system, but it was an inner knowing it’s not my time. And so I was thinking, maybe that is part of it. Is that vitality that? I don’t know, I just thought of it now, as we’re speaking. I’ll put it out there and see what happens with that thought, but what do you what do you think of that is that a way of connecting to source or whatever one wants to call it


Ines Žiga  17:42

now, my understanding that we are really from one pure energy source and my explanation, and my feeling is that this is pure love, you know, when you love somebody with unconditional pure love, everything is right, everything is growing, you know, but here humanity I see that we are also in the opposite side and this is the fear. So, to my searching guy, and I found that we had a huge amount of problem with the thoughts, the negative thoughts and also the stuck negative feelings inside of us, you know, that we had problems with Tality problems, health problems, mental problems, you know, in so when I found the way muscle testing, you know, muscle testing, technique, if I can technique, and I found muscle testing so that we can dive in our body and ask our body everything that we want. And when I was realized that all memories was inside of us in our cells, whatever was going on in this life or in the past lives, you know, so that we have this inflammation in our body so and I can ask myself with muscle testing and the body will relieves me the right answer. That was huge relieving for me because this is the tools that bring the strength back to us.


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Inis Žiga  20:51

My body what is going on with me and my body knows, it’s really knows, and it’s tell me, then I can focus on the problem that I have it so that I can release it really quickly, you know? So that was my breakthrough also. So I really love to muscle testing as the body and and I also really love to teach the people, how can I ask themselves, you know, I didn’t do anything on you, you know, I was I want you to do everything on your ask yourself, to see it, to feel it and to release it. And so I think that this is the necessary knowledge also that people need to teach themselves. Ask themselves not to try to find the answer from outside. But we know that we everything here already inside. But


Manon Bolliger  21:53

so but how do you explain and you know, I? I’m a skeptic of everything. And I love skeptics. Okay. Now, in this case, I, you know, I’m not skeptical about this, because I’ve had experiences with you. But I also teach this, I believe this. So for me, that’s not difficult anymore. But it wasn’t always true. Right that at one point, it was like, how is that possible that the body knows? Like, how and how do you? How do you explain that? How do you explain that the body? holds? I mean, I call it superconscious. But how does the body hold this information? Which is also generational? Right? Because many of our patterns are generational. Yeah. And so how do we? How do we do a skeptic person? What would you tell them to do? So that you have a sense that this? This might be helpful to them? I mean, if they want to help themselves, but how do you explain this? Memory? Yeah, I mean, that it actually, truthfully has a memory that it really does.


Ines Žiga  23:16

You know, it’s hard to explain to people, if they don’t want to listen, no, you can just speak I don’t know how many days hours, people will just blow them up. And doesn’t matter what you said. But when you ask the person are you willing to try it? Yeah, no, I think its main key try. And then we will speak. Because once when people try it and see on their own, they’re much much more open to any continue revealing of information, you know, to higher understanding who you really are, you know, because how to expand somebody that we had lives before. But this is not the only life that we have it and probably we will have it more lives if we choose so, so how to explain somebody who don’t believe in this kind of stuff. But once they just fall by themselves in the past life and see it legally and feel it inside their body. Then they know


Manon Bolliger  24:35

then there’s no way Yeah, you see, it’s funny. It reminds me in my in my practice I I believe to be sorry, I’m going to get some water that, you know, you learn so much from your patients, right? Because I had patients come in and they were a little bit you know, wondering if I would judge them because as a naturopathic physician And that, you know, it’s it’s science just because we choose to do natural solutions, we can also give drugs. But most of us practice as naturally as we can in solutions, but we’re still ScienceBase we’re still medically trained. So when they would say they would hesitant, Li say, you know, yes, I think in my past life, and, you know, I would stay very open and listen, but I didn’t know, for 100% sure that this could be true, right? I had no, I mean, I did when I then went into the my own journey I understood, but you know, I would write it down and go, Okay, well, they seem to know, and then once we address this, somehow, things changed. And, and one time I went to, to Ireland, and it was like, everything about it had changed for me, like, I was like, I was transported back to a time I even had Gaelic words coming out of me, was like, it was incredible. Like, there was no fooling me then about what I’m going through. Like, there’s no way that I secretly learned Gilligan between this experience, you know, there was no way on earth. Right. So, but it was interesting. It was like, not to judge. I mean, I because I didn’t judge my patients. I just said, Okay, that’s their, that’s their reality. I don’t know what to make of it. Because I, you know, I didn’t have an absolute sign. But I think when you stay open, you see more, right? Like, your perception actually opens, right? Because we only perceive a tiny piece of what’s actually out there. So anyway, that blew my mind. And then after that, it was like, Wow, I’m in a whole other understanding of the world. Right? Yeah. So maybe you’re right, maybe it’s through the openness of the the possibility, I think, yeah, you have to start with some level of non judgement.


Ines Žiga  27:21

Yeah, I agree. Totally. No, because you know, that we can ask to the muscle testing, we can ask the body on the different ways, right. But I teach people I love to teach people how to ask themselves by standing by the own, you know, right. That’s that then that can assume that I do something, or some more pressure on them, you know? So they are standing by their own. And they just asked themselves, yes or no. And I said, just let let to feel your body, what energy you will feel it, feel it the energy and just let your body to follow this energy. So you need to tell people, allow yourself to feel it, this higher power this something more that we are and just follow? Then when they start to follow, they say, Whoa, what’s that? What is going on? You know, perception is changed immediately. And everybody said, okay, okay, I want to ask a little bit more curiosity. And then, of course, it’s easy to teach people to continue. What can they do to relieve the problem inside of cells? And what can I do? What can sorry? My English?


Manon Bolliger  29:02

No, no, I think it’s clearly I’m getting it.


Ines Žiga  29:08

Sometimes, yeah, I forgot some English word. So yeah, I hope that everybody will understand me. But yeah, I think that I said,



So, to change the subject. We don’t have too much time left. But we’re, we’re in a very, maybe not surprising, but in a difficult time for many people right now in this world. Because we’ve, you know, there’s so much conflict that has been created from the, I would say from the outside I think that conflict is, is planned in the sense that you know, it’s conquer and divide. It’s an old technique used since forever and we’re creating new conquers and new division. So what is your what is your sense of what? Because a lot of healers are, are aware of these times and feel that they were born at this time for a reason there’s they will have a role to play there is something that can be done even if it doesn’t seem obvious. at all moments. Have you got a strategy for yourself or strategy that you would like to share? Yeah, with anyone listening, and this could be practitioners, but it could be for anyone. I mean, in the end, we’re all the same.


Ines Žiga  30:48

So we are speaking about this particular time that is going on,



right? Yeah, I think this because it’s current, right. Everyone’s I mean, not only is the news talking about it endlessly, until they shift into weather, and environmental stuff, whatever. But that’s gonna be another one of these interesting divisive ways of looking at something like that, but I would say, yeah, the right now it’s quite, it’s what’s happening. So, and a lot of people, you know, have had terrible secondary effects. They’re not being you know, we’re not finding out because there’s incredible censorship. And there’s tremendous coercion and pressure. So people, you know, people can feel it, they don’t feel it’s right, there are still people who think this is great. And, you know, the government’s are all 100% Good. There’s no question here. But it’s not the opinion of many scientists, many doctors and many, you know, many people right? So when you start to realize that there’s something going on that’s feels extremely dark, it doesn’t feel positive and lighten you know, healing energy, well, what do you what do you do as a person in order to get through this


Ines Žiga  32:19

mmm hmm what to say to touch more souls or people you know, I think that main thing that they want to say the human kingdom brothers and sisters, that we are much much more that we are really think that we are we have a huge amount of energy, we can heal ourselves and we can heal each other. So, we really need to understand that we are more than body or then disease, we are really much much more we have pure essence pure energy, pure love, once we understand that, the fear is gone immediately. So, everything what is based on fear is just gone because now I understand that that I can do something by myself, I don’t need some somebody to show me or tell me what I need to do to help. But I now I know that I will rebuild my body and I can rebuild the bodies around me you know, to the others how we know we see that they just want to deliver derive all humanity only on the fear basic right? We are deriving only on the fear, but when we are in the fear, we know that we shut our immune system totally you know. So we can think rationally we we can do nothing rationally. So we are just collapsing. Like the Yeah, we need to bring this energy back. So we need to understand the first of all, we need all information, not just one way information, not just one way information. We need all information to see the both sides and to decide what is the best for me right now. All humanity is driven on the fear and they want to reverse on the fear, you know, yeah, know that we know that we can do much Much more and better, huh?



Yeah, yeah. And I think too, you know, as, as some people are now, I forget the term they’re using. But they’re, they’re regretting some of the decisions that they did in haste or that they did in fear or that they did early, when it was very one sided. I mean, now, if you go on, oh, Telo gram, and oh, many, many, you know, yeah, a bit, shoot many, you can start seeing uncensored news for the time being anyway. So, you know, you can start to get the information, but then people are really in fear, again, they’re in fear for what they took. And so for me, I want to avoid people going into fear of that and realize that we can, we are, it’s, I mean, they say clinically, now, it’s 18 months, to get rid of the actual spike protein itself, it takes about that long to clear it. So people who have maybe taken two doses, they’ve just added a bit longer. But if that is all you’ve done, at this point, I really feel that that’s one level that we can do detoxes, we can do all that. But there’s also really going into love not going into fear and realizing that our body, like you say, is so much more than just the biology of us, you know, and I think that’s the the shift that that yeah, that that is that we’re invited to see on a, on a large level, for those who choose to see it. I mean, others will just collapse and fear or possibly become so toxic that they, their bodies break down, but those who say, Okay, enough now, thank you for the message. Thank you for this journey. I have just realized there’s more. And, and they go into love. And to the beauty of our bodies. I think there’s there is tremendous hope.


Ines Žiga  37:26

Yeah, I think also because I think it was February 21 When I was also thinking, oh my god, what will what will be happened with all these people who already took the job, you know, so that will put a lot of mounts of changes in human’s body. And that it will be not possible to get rid of it. But the socks, show me the stocks, it’s huge. And they just show me that it will be possible with energy. It can be possible. And but its main key, it’s our attention what we want to accomplish. So it was just shown to me that when I said okay, I had the problem with this pipe things in my body, I don’t want to have it anymore. Can you please source help me? So it was shown that a huge amount of energy is going where my attention is, right? Show me the cells inside of cells. It’s something that it’s not meant to be in our human body. So the this energy was just deleted immediately because this is not from the pure source. It was deleted and left the body without foreign things in it. So when that happened, I was relieved because the source show me that we can help the people you know, we can really helped them only when we understand what we need to do. Right. But in I don’t know how many months was this? Six months before?


Manon Bolliger  39:44

More or less? Yeah, close.


Ines Žiga  39:48

It was clearly to me that this knowledge we will wait until the people be prepared to release This from their body, the people will need to know and understand what is going on. Before before they want to get rid of this,



right? Yeah, I can I can see that.


Ines Žiga  40:15

We are six months before. Yeah,



yeah. Anyway, we were really past our time. But I’m sure the subject will intrigue a lot of people. That’s my half an hour. But thank you so much for for joining me and, and giving hope. There is hope. Yeah,


Ines Žiga  40:33

there’s always hope. And there is there is also the truth, you know, and the higher power and the fire knowledge. So we need just to search. Yeah. And to allow ourselves to see it. Yeah. Yeah, that is there. So thank you, man on thank you for this interview. And I hope that people will see information and that that information will give them the hope that yeah, we can change ourselves. We can change our health and protection and of humanity. We can change the world for the better place for everybody. That we are deserving. Yeah. Thank you.


Manon Bolliger (Deregistered with 30 years of experience in health)

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