How to Release Trauma by Tapping into Your Past with Jacqui Hoitingh on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (Deregistered naturopathic physician with 30 years of experience in health), speaks with Jacqui Hoitingh about body alignment & energy clearing

Highlights from today’s episode include:

Jacqui Hoitingh

You know, we’re not getting well. And that’s because we haven’t released that pattern or release that trauma, or whatever it may be. So, I did work with my pendulum, and basically, I connect with my higher self. And then I asked permission to connect with the client’s higher self. And they’ll tell me anything, they’ll tell me everything, because they want to help the person obviously. So, I just have to ask the right questions.


Jacqui Hoitingh 08:35

The pendulum yeah, there’s 50 charts that I can find out what needs attention, you know, some it could be ancestral stuff that’s holding you back. It could be like the chakras it could be it could be anything, you know, your life path.

Jacqui Hoitingh

I make people aware of what the programs are, what they’re playing over, and over and over. Because when we find something, I get them to look back, you know, as a similar emotion played out over your life, and they’re like, yeah, it’s in different circumstances, but it’s the same thing. So, once they have awareness, they have power. Once they know what their programs are, they can decide to change it.


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Manon Bolliger 00:42

So welcome to the Healers Cafe. And today I have with me Jacqui Hoitingh, and we have very similar passions and backgrounds. So, I’m really looking forward to see another insight into all of this work. So, she helps people out of pain, both physical pain and emotional pain. And she has done Chris Duncan’s work magnetic mind coach, she’s done kinesiology, pendulum work, and is a Bowen therapist and instructor. So, I would love to know, first of all, welcome. To know, first for you, how did this all start? When did you kind of know that you were gonna go into this type of work? And what did you know? And what did you discover? And how did you end up having such a…it seems like, it could be from an outside perspective. You know, you’re doing some physical work, you’re doing some emotional work, like, how does it all fit together for you? So, I know it’s two questions. I’m just curious, but let’s start out how it started for you. How did all this journey begin?


Jacqui Hoitingh 01:58

No problem. And thank you for the invite to come and speak on your podcast. Um, how did this journey begin? It began many moons ago, I started I think I did some energy work, a few different little therapies. And then in 1998, I began doing Bowen. And that kind of, I felt like yeah, I want to be a therapist, I want to do this, I love the work, I love the results. So, I did that for a few years. But then I some people just don’t get well and you’re like what’s going on, it must be it must be their diet, they’re not eating well enough to enable their body to heal. So that led me down to health, kinesiology, muscle testing. And the idea was that I would just go and do the muscle testing for a food allergies, etc. So, that I could help people with that type of thing, you know, boost their health in general, so their body could heal. So, I started doing what we call HK, health kinesiology. And that has, it’s a bit like it’s a bit like my pendulum workers because we go into all aspects traumas and like there’s the food side of it, there’s little, everything really is covered with muscle testing, because your body knows what’s going on and can tell you if you ask the right questions. So, I did that, and I got hooked on it. I didn’t finish all the core so only intended doing one module and ended up doing five. And then after a time, it’s like everybody, especially Bowen, if you don’t keep practicing, you’ll lose your confidence. So, I wasn’t muscle testing consistently enough. So, I kind of lost confidence with my muscle testing. And I ended up buying a quantum scale machine which basically did the same thing for me. I don’t know if biofeedback machines. So about one of these 10,000 pounds, we’re talking about 15-20 years ago. And you put headband, you know, ankle straps etc. wristbands and you tested the top 100 stresses in the body. So, I used it as a body MOT you know, you take your car for an MOT Well, this was your body MOT. So, what would you need to clean up in your lifestyle to get you healthier was basically how I used it. The machine could do far more than I could make it do. But so, I did that for the time. So, I’ve always been interested but with that machine as well it would come up with a lot of the emotions that were holding …


things in place. So, and how I would do that would be it would show up with the back remedies or the Australian flower essences. So, you know, and then you would, you know, I would use my intuition, or I would use my pendulum then do they need to take that actual remedy or whatever. So that kind of opened up the whole emotional background. And then, where did I go from there? A few years ago, I went to learn pendulum work gets called superconscious and there’s 50 charts. And because I was like, well, there’s the emotions that are not being realized in the body that holds those patterns. You know, we’re not getting well. And that’s because we haven’t released that pattern or release that trauma, or whatever it may be. So, I did work with my pendulum, and basically, I connect with my higher self. And then I asked permission to connect with the client’s higher self. And they’ll tell me anything, they’ll tell me everything, because they want to help the person obviously. So, I just have to ask the right questions. So, I’ve got a master chart, and it will, you know, is it this chart or that chart? Is this one, right? Okay. What do they really need right now? And it would lead me on to that chart. And then so from there, I would write okay, that’s one chart number 40. So have a look there. And that will really get down to the nitty gritty of what was holding them back. And the fears that are holding the pattern in place. And the fears are the programs that they run all the time.


Manon Bolliger 06:49

Unconscious basically


Jacqui Hoitingh 06:51

Yeah, unconscious. Yeah. And when you say to them, the words they’re like, oh, my goodness, they know it just resonates with them. They know it’s there. Yeah. So that kind of led me in the pendulum work that led me into then looking at…I first did…the lady who did who taught Chris Duncan, the record she calls it, think what she calls it now. Let’s map. I can’t remember what she calls. Basically, we reprogramming the events, taking the emotion, or we do that many things, I forget what they all are now. Going back to the original event and detaching the emotions from the event allows people to move forward, and I make them aware of what their patterns are. Because, you know, they know it’s theirs when you see it, but they weren’t really aware of it before that. So, you know, I mean, that whenever you see it, you know, oh my god a gut feeling but the all sudden, you see their face thinking, Oh my God, how did she find that? And sometimes you dig up?


Manon Bolliger 08:22

Yes. Sorry, I’m interrupting you. But just to get. So, when you’re talking about the pages you go to, is that the part of the 50 patterns that you’re talking about through the pendulum?


Jacqui Hoitingh 08:35

The pendulum yeah, there’s 50 charts that I can find out what needs attention, you know, some it could be ancestral stuff that’s holding you back. It could be like the chakras it could be it could be anything, you know, your life path.


Manon Bolliger 08:57

It’s a done for you Kinesiology.


Jacqui Hoitingh 08:59

Yes, it is it’s using a pendulum and standoff.


Manon Bolliger 09:03

But also, the charts, right? The charts have already been thought through.


Jacqui Hoitingh 09:10



Manon Bolliger 09:11

Right. Whereas as a therapist, you’re in the room with this person. And then it’s what comes to your superconscious. Yes. And what you know, they’re able and willing to potentially feel safe, to allow you to tap into. But that’s kind of so you could say you’re zeroing in but on the other hand, the other one is more like an investigative work. You’re sort of


Jacqui Hoitingh 09:39

It is yeah/ But your higher self will only allow me to have access to what you’re capable of dealing with.


Manon Bolliger 09:50

Correct. Yes.


Jacqui Hoitingh 09:52

You know, I won’t get any information that you’re not…sometimes you dig up stuff and you’re there. And you see them, and you know, what is it? And it’s like, I thought I’d buried that so deep that you know, but it’s like, well, you must be ready to look at it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t come.


Manon Bolliger 10:10

Otherwise, it wouldn’t come up at all.


Jacqui Hoitingh 10:11

It wouldn’t come up. Your higher self knows.


Manon Bolliger 10:14

Yeah. And you used to do Bowen therapy. And one of the big things that I do, too, when I was originally taught it, it was very much taught as a physical therapy. I mean it is a physical therapy, don’t get me wrong. But or it’s done on the physique of the body.


Jacqui Hoitingh 10:36

That’s correct. Yes.


Manon Bolliger 10:38

What I would be curious with you, because after practicing for, you know, for many years, I started realizing that all my work in trauma, in perception, intuition, and homeopathy, which is another way of having a million states, not a million, but at least 5000 different states, you start to perceive that behind some of the pains, there’s an entire agreement, maybe a hidden agreement of patterns, of ancestral stuff, of emotions, whatever it is, right? So, I started doing Bowen, with the expectation, in a sense that the person would release the emotions and the necessary information for me to go deeper with Bowen therapy. So, I’m just curious how, because you’ve been in practice, like 27 years or something, right, since you’ve done all this? And is that about right from your


Jacqui Hoitingh 11:44

1998? Around about I started yeah, it’s quite a while. That’s what 24 years? Yeah. So, while so while


Manon Bolliger 11:55

Close enough. Anyway, but the thing is, how have you seen this interplay? And was there anything on that level, in your I mean, in your…


Jacqui Hoitingh 12:06

Our intention goes out, and when we will, you know, when we are working, we attract to us the kind of clients that need our expertise, I believe, yes. And you won’t attract the people who are not wanting to…They only want to fix my bad back, or, you know, they are…they don’t want to go any deeper, they just want a physical body. So, I believe that we always attract who we, you know, the people we give the best service to, and who resonate with what we have to offer. And, you know, my work has gone deeper and deeper over the years and years ago, it was probably more on the physical side. And then that frustration of you know, why are some people not getting well, some people are getting great results, and other people what’s happening. And that was on that search, and then you know, over time realize right, it’s the emotions, that’s what’s so then dug deeper and deeper and all these different things. And I also do a sort of forgiveness thing, do a little prayer thing while there, I give them a magic wand to go back and change everything. And while they’re doing that, I do this little prayer which releases lots of stuff for them.


Manon Bolliger 13:30

Is that the Hawaiian…?


Jacqui Hoitingh 13:32

No, it’s not ponopono I have done I have looked at them. No, it isn’t that one but it’s a different one. But there’s all different ones for all different things. So, it depends what they come up with. But yeah, it’s very interesting and you know, the people that you attract to you now want what you’ve got to offer, and I think I believe


Manon Bolliger 13:58

Yeah, I think that’s true. I mean, I my practice was predominantly men which is unusual, but they just want in and then out you know, out and get but that’s fine. That did good for the reputation. But then I found that the and there was of course men with trauma, but there were more women willing and able to open up the trauma and want it healed, you know, or at least expose it so we can see what could happen with it. But in your in your practice and how do you how do you work with like with Bowen therapy and your other like, how give us sort of like, an example of a person no names, please. But you know, a case kind of like


Jacqui Hoitingh 14:12

X Men


Manon Bolliger 15:01

A case right. Before we get to the men, how I dealt with the men who weren’t looking at things, I would use my pendulum and I would find out what flower essence. And they would, I would read out what the flower essence was about. And I would say if that sounds like you, it might be a good to go and buy a bottle of that and take that that’s how I kind of dealt with the men that weren’t ready to speak to you. Because they don’t, they don’t tell you anything. When I’m working, I don’t need to know an awful lot of…I just need to know that they can think what the thing is. And then we can try. And really if I’ve got more information, I can dig a little bit deeper, but I don’t need it. So, a case let me think. Right, I can think of one and she did…and I really didn’t know what I was doing at the time. Because I was very new to all the recording work at that time. So, she was an experiment. And it was during COVID, so it was online. She had had distant Bowen from me before. So, she I think it was her hormones the previous time. Yeah, it was it was a hormonal problem. But this time she wanted, she had an impacted bowel. And she was in agony. She was a yoga teacher, so you know, it was really kind of holding her back and her work. So, she I don’t think she’ll be listening to. But no one knows who she could be.


Jacqui Hoitingh 16:40

No, no, no one knows. So anyway, she actually wouldn’t mind actually. So, she was coming for a distant Bowen. So, I said, well, I’ve just learned this new thing. Do you want to try it? And yeah, why not, you know, up for anything like she’s into energy work, so it wasn’t a problem.


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Jacqui Hoitingh 17:40

So, we talked about what happened, when did this impacted bowel start and was there anything that led up to it at all? I can’t remember how we got to it. But it was actually her father had died. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t the fact that he died. It was before that she had tried to do this quick. And then she had a family conflict. And her two, the father had remarried, and the two newer sisters were given all the rights for the will and all this sort of stuff. And she had a brother who had died but had left two teenage kids. And she had asked the father, you know, what about leaving something in your will for the two teenagers, you know, his grandchildren. And when he died, he’d actually taken her third and then thirded it to give to these teenagers and it just told her up she was so hard and all the things that you know, she wasn’t she wasn’t executive she wasn’t she was excluded. She was made to feel really. So anyway, we did all this I read, coded all this heart and trauma and emotion that had and then did some Bowen, I did some of the advanced work. And the next day she was like Wow, I feel so much lighter. I feel like a whole week’s just gone off but I’ve still not pood so when I was out walking, I got this idea I can’t remember what I had to do something else and then that was actually she’s had no problem ever since. Her bowel released and went back to normal.


Manon Bolliger 19:31

To do was on what on what level?


Jacqui Hoitingh 19:35



Manon Bolliger 19:37

On what level was the thing that you needed to do? Like what?


Jacqui Hoitingh 19:40

What I did was I recoded it. I did the magnetic main type of stuff. What I did was I went back to the original event well went back to that and then we went further back because they’re all these are often related to childhood things that we still hold on to and might have been teenage with her. I can’t remember to be honest, it’s a while ago, a long time. But we went way back there was another emotion that was the same emotion that her father had made her feel, you know, when she was a teenager, she’s now 40 or 45. So that you know, the whole cycle, we just keep over playing them over and over again. So, until you’re made aware, so I feel that’s my job. I make people aware of what the programs are, what they’re playing over, and over and over. Because when we find something, I get them to look back, you know, as a similar emotion played out over your life, and they’re like, yeah, it’s in different circumstances, but it’s the same thing. So, once they have awareness, they have power. Once they know what their programs are, they can decide to change it. So that’s what I feel my job is now. And the other thing I do is I’ve got a club that I run on a Sunday, and I’ve got some magical women in there. And we all set our intentions, our goals for the week, we all have big goals where we’re aiming for in a year or whatever. So, we know where we’re going. And every Sunday we sit right we do a training, you know, something on mindset or whatever, then we write out our goals. Like that’s the big goal this week, we need to take steps towards that what are we what do we need to do, but it’s not only work it’s your spiritual your creativity, your relationships, all the balance. So, we look at all areas and right what are we going to what steps are we going to do to balance all that out? And so, we do that and then we do a meditation and then we chat for ages after? Because we’re all they’re all really supportive and loving of each other. It’s so great. That’s so great. I love my club.


Manon Bolliger 22:04

And is this an international group or it’s in Holland?


Jacqui Hoitingh 22:08

There’s two in Belgium and in Holland and then someone else in Belgium, America, the UK there’s quite a few in the UK. That’s kind of the main ones because you know, there’s quite a lot of Bowen people in my world and a few are therapists. They tend to be therapists that all holistic, but they want to use their spirituality and their you know, to create the life that they want really.


Manon Bolliger 22:47

So, are you are you kind of doing a part of the Recode in creating the life you want?


Jacqui Hoitingh 22:56

Sometimes I’m doing that but a lot of them will you wait clouds like setting the intention and to the end result of and doing that sort of stuff? So, but the thing with people with goals and manifesting is they don’t do it consistently. That’s the whole way. That’s why they don’t create the you know, they create small things, but the big things never come because they never stick at it long enough.


Manon Bolliger 23:25

Yeah, or it’s very, or it’s too mind lead.


Jacqui Hoitingh 23:29

Yeah, yeah. They’re not worthy of having. We keep we keep that vibe high. So, they know that they’re, they’re worthy of having we hold each other up.


Manon Bolliger 23:43

What a wonderful thing that this. This is so great. And I’m assuming it like everyone leads at one point or it’s, or there’s a leader or you’re the leader.


Jacqui Hoitingh 23:56

I am yeah, there’s not that many in it. And I do it for me as well because I stay on track with my goals. And the ladies that are in it are just magical. They’re wonderful. I couldn’t ask for a nicer bunch of friends because that’s what it’s like.


Manon Bolliger 24:12

Exactly. Yeah.


Jacqui Hoitingh 24:14

Mothering Sunday was last week weekend, and I was at a party, and I said right I’m only doing half an hour ladies and you can chat after an hour and a quarter there. I’m thinking it’s much more fun here than it is in the party. It’s supposed to be work but it’s not.


Manon Bolliger 24:30

Yeah. But it’s you know, it’s interesting. I’m sure it’s there’s similar movements in in Europe but in in Canada with everything that’s gone on there’s you know, there’s quite a bit of a parallel societies being created and like asra clinics, there’s where people are, we’re what we have been doing naturally, is actually See what people are wanting and seeking. But the infrastructure for support amongst the practitioners is so important, you know, to have available. So, I love your model, I’m either gonna jump on or create my own over here.


Jacqui Hoitingh 25:19

Yeah, why not?


Manon Bolliger 25:20

It’s great.


Jacqui Hoitingh 25:21

Well, you can come and come and join us. And anybody that’s watching here, or you know, can all…I usually say to anyone who’s interested, come and join us free for one week. And then they also get seven days free with it, you know, if they sign up to get another seven days free, I’ve got all my trainings in there. There’s all there’s a couple of recodes, there’s different trainings on self-taught all the ways to try and build yourself, your self-worth and everything up. And then all the replays from the last six months or so.


Manon Bolliger 25:59

So, do you have a link to this that we could add to?


Jacqui Hoitingh 26:02

Sure, do you want me to put it in the chat?


Manon Bolliger 26:05

Yeah. Or send it out when we’re done.


Jacqui Hoitingh 26:07

I’ll send it then just in case I make a mistake or something.


Manon Bolliger 26:10

Yeah. Yeah, cause they don’t see the chat.


Jacqui Hoitingh 26:14

Oh yeah. Well, of course, no.


Manon Bolliger 26:18

I want to make sure that they get it and I get it. So very interesting. Okay. So, what has been the most surprising aspect of your journey in…I guess I will call it the healing arts in general,


Jacqui Hoitingh 26:37

Surprising. I’m not sure what you mean by surprising.


Manon Bolliger 26:43

Something you wouldn’t expect or like a turning point that you did not. Anticipate? I mean, it like surprising that yeah, but it wasn’t, you know how things unfold? Right? And then there’s something that really, you did not expect to see learn? And maybe not right. Like, I’ve noticed a lot of people have something that surprises them and that caused them to go into, you know, either a specialty or into a focus or


Jacqui Hoitingh 27:20

Not…I suppose the biggest shock was becoming a Bowen therapist because I actually was sitting in the course, without a clue what Bowen was, I had no experience of it whatsoever. But I followed my intuition. My intuition told me to go, so I did. And I’m like, I have no idea whether if this is what it does, you know, what is it? You know, is it massage? What, what is it? What’s Bowen therapy? I’d been to health, a health fair. And there was a few instructors and students telling people what it was. And I was just, I was like a magnet. I was just drawn to it. And I was like, Wow, what’s this? So, I put myself down for a taster. And it was absolute rubbish. I had a student, and I was sitting, and I don’t think she knew what she was doing. And I was like, what a load of rubbish. I was so drawn to this. And this is very disappointing. But I took all the paperwork away, and then it popped up. Like, I went, see that and dug everything out the drawer. And then I made a phone call to someone in London, you know, I was in Scotland and phoned someone in London. And he said, well, I didn’t have any training before I you know, I didn’t have any medical training before I became an instructor either. And, you know, so we spoke about it a bit. And on my autonomic nervous system, I have no idea what that is. So, I left it at that. And then what the instructor who was running the course called me, very, very good, marketing wise. So, he talked me into doing it, and I went along and paid my money in sitting in the class, and I had no idea what it was, but I was meant to be a Bowen therapist. And I was meant to teach because I love teaching, absolutely adore. And I run the intuition and Bowen together, and I’ve got from Ozzy and Ellaine, I’ve got CPD hours on that as well, which is great. Good.


Manon Bolliger 29:34

So, I got to share my story because it’s so funny that somebody…so I showed up at Ozzy and Elaine’s workshop, yeah. Because I had an intuition I should go and I had no idea and I had just graduated from my, you know, full on four years naturopathic training, but I had Chiropractic and Massage and I didn’t like any of them. And I wanted some sort of touch therapy that was like homeopathy less is more, etc., etc. And so, I sat there for two hours wondering, what am I doing here because there was still no clue, you know? And then Ozzy said, oh, this is like, physical homeopathy and I went, Ah, that’s it. That’s why I’m here, you know, despite like, in that, you know, it was way back, right? So, the classes were rather disorganized, and I’m naturally dyslexic. So it’s trying to figure out their books written upside down, you know, and all the stuff that it was just such a crazy experience, but I persisted because I got it I got why I was there, you know, and then well, I’ve never looked back and that’s like 30 years ago.


Jacqui Hoitingh 31:00

You gotta listen to your intuition. Yeah. Every time every time


Manon Bolliger 31:06

Yeah. Well, listen, our time is up, and it was lovely getting to know you and what you do and make sure you send that link so that I can put that up.


Jacqui Hoitingh 31:19

I will send the link and all your people are welcome to pop in and just come and have a look and the love, the love the energy and the vibe, anybody. If anybody’s interested, they can take it on.


Manon Bolliger 31:36

Okay, bye


Jacqui Hoitingh 31:37

Here’s my number okay bye now.


ENDING: 41:33

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