How to Realize You Always Had the Power to Heal with Jacquie Nemor on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (Deregistered naturopath with 30+ years of experience in health) speaks with Jacquie Nemor about how self-love is the highest frequency of healing. By releasing the emotional blockages and old patterns that are causing the dis-ease, you are able to become your best and most magnificent self..

Highlights from today’s episode include:

Jacquie Nemor 21:01

Now, if we weren’t supposed to be here. If you’re not, you know, if you’re hitting your head against a wall in your job, you’re not supposed to be there. Life is really very simple. Everything is at ease, when you’re at ease with yourself. Everything flows, and when you stay in the present, everything flows, you don’t have to work at anything. Just happens. We’re energy. That’s all we are, which is energetic, and a human form, and then human vessel. That’s it.

Jacquie Nemor 22:10

I think everything comes from strong organs inside everything is as above, so below, as inside, so outside, if you think negative things are gonna come to you negative things. If you believe you’re gonna be healthy, and well, and you have your internal, the internal organs have to be strong.

Jacquie Nemor 24:18

if you’re depressed and stay with it, don’t fight it. It’s here to be brought up, to get rid of and leave it will leave on its own. But give it a couple of days even besides the 90 seconds you recognize it in 90 seconds. But yeah, we may take a couple of days to leave but it’s gonna leave.


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Manon Bolliger 00:43

So welcome to the Healers Cafe. And today I have with me, Jackie Nemor, and she’s a native Californian. Academically she has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and behavioral science. She has a Master of Science in healthcare administration, and she has worked all kinds of different careers including being a caregiver and patient advocate. She has an eclectic field of study for over 40 years ranging from cosmic universal energies to ascendant masters and lightworkers, Oculus, the metaphysics practices of ancient civilization and native culture to modern day medicine and alternative healing techniques, including the relationship between emotional thoughts and the disease process. So, welcome.


Jacquie Nemor 01:39

Thank you for my invitation to be with you for this half hour or so.


Manon Bolliger 01:45

Yeah, I love these conversations, because we have an eclectic group of people listening. And I believe that healing is an inside job. And yet, when we meet people along our paths at the exact right moment that we meet them, that they usually have something, some skills, something to share. And I just feel like if more people knew all of these possibilities and put it within their field of possibilities, there’ll be more likely to meet ways and people that can help accelerate their healing journey. So that’s basically, in the nutshell, why I invited you and everybody else that comes here. So, I think it’s time for people to really take charge of their health. So, with that, welcome. And my first question to you is, what led you brought you along on this journey yourself?


Jacquie Nemor 02:59

Well, I’ve always been interested, my father was a pharmacist, so of course, I grew up to be a pharmacist, and I had a year of pharmacy school at USC. But I met my husband at that time. So that was my degree, not in pharmacy. And a friend of mine always said, it’s a good thing that you didn’t graduate because you would have not wanted to fill prescriptions, but just tell everybody about homeopathic remedies and other alternative medicines. So, I think I’ve always had that inkling that there are alternative methods, and I’ve done acupuncture, gone to an acupuncturist for 30. Some years, I’ve had psychic healers that I’ve known for 35 years. So, I’ve always been in that inkling. I remember, at 16, I was hypnotized, and I thought, oh my God, I’ve got to be a hypnotist. And so that kind of led me on the path. But in 1980, I took my first Tarot class with tarot card reading. And so that was 40 years ago, plus, and then I just developed into Native American healing. I did the lightworkers, usually on the Mayan side of lightworkers. And what’s so interesting, and then the 1980s I thought that would be my business. I was gonna be a healer, I was gonna be a tarot reader, but 30 years later, for me to really develop the healing. And my boyfriend became very ill, in 2007-2008. And so, I became a 24 hour caregiver, but I use all my healing. I mean, we did every single practice you can think of, and he lasted, I shouldn’t say lasted, he lived 10 years longer than he possibly could have without with just Western medicine. You have to do all kinds of medicine, when you …


have disease. And again, I believe that disease is emotional. And I believe that disease takes 30 years to really come into fruition to really show itself. Even with accidents, it’s not an accident. There’s something in your mindset that caused that to happen, hopefully for your better good. So that’s really basically my thinking. And I believe that we can all heal ourselves and which is what we do. As long as we stay positive and laugh, laugh is really truly the world’s best medicine.


Manon Bolliger 05:23

Yep, I agree.


Jacquie Nemor 05:24

Stay positive.


Manon Bolliger 05:25

Many people in my clinic said, like, why is everyone laughing so much? It’s like contagious.


Jacquie Nemor 05:34

It is. It really is.


Manon Bolliger 05:38

Well, actually, that’s not true. There’s many contagious things like negative energy is contagious, like in a state of being


Jacquie Nemor 05:47

Yes, we kind of see that now how fear has taken over for the last two years, if not more, because it’s been underneath at all. And fear, I think is the most detrimental thing you can do to your body, mind and soul. You’ve got to be in a positive light. Have to be.


Manon Bolliger 06:05

You made an interesting comment. My memory just got it and then lost it. But you said if something like if that is not if that is meant but opening the door to that, in that the accident could be good for you? Or not? Oh, can you expand a little bit on what you meant by that?


Jacquie Nemor 06:31

Absolutely. You don’t know what the big universal picture is? Why was this caused? What do you have to look at about yourself? Basically, I’ll just take for instance, with Ed, who is my boyfriend, he was 20, we would we weren’t together for 25 years, 15 years, or basically the last 11 years of his life is when he was very, very, very ill a very rare disease one in a million people have. And I truly believe it all had to do with loving himself, accepting love giving out love. And the day he passed away in the hospital, I think it just felt like he finally made the circle like complete circle around people came in to say goodbye, he was able to not quite say goodbye he was in a state of morphine injection so that he didn’t have feel the pain because he fell a few days before. And there was no way that he would ever recover. So, it was his way and my way of having everybody come to say goodbye, and the love you could feel in that room, I truly, truly believe that it was all meant to be. He made the complete circle of giving love and receiving love. I truly, truly believe that. And in regards to like 30 years. I can give you an example. My father, he was wounded in World War Two, he had shrapnel he was in the hospital for four years. Before I was born, of course, and 30 years later, to the date, I believe he developed cancer. For myself 30 years, and in 1980s, I was taking classes and this woman said to me, oh my god, there’s a green orb that just went into your head. 30 years later, and 2014 I had cancer in my head, exact place where that orb went into. So, I really do believe that things were meant to happen. And that’s all for the better. Because I want to develop my healing practice as I do…as I have now, if it weren’t for Ed and I will not be the person I am today without going through all their life experiences I have gone through. So yes, I do believe that things were meant to be.


Manon Bolliger 08:55

So how do you make peace with or if that’s an option, with, again, I can’t I’m not free to use certain words, nor is the rest of the universe. But for those who did not want to experiment, you know, with their immune systems and just decided to trust that they have natural immunity and, you know, big companies try big things but if they haven’t, you know, if all they had were animal studies that showed that animals died, but they really didn’t bother to do much more and that people were the ones to be tested on. And now that’s coming out, you know, as clear as light except the media is distracted currently by other events because they don’t want to talk about all the people that are currently suffering that haven’t died or haven’t died yet. But you listen to many doctors, and then they’re, you know, it’s grim. It’s grim, what might ensue, you know, how people will be impacted those that aren’t already impacted? And I think it was a UK study, it’s like one in 800, you know, who already experiencing problems? So how do you make peace with that on what level? Well, how do you work with that? I mean, to me, this is the most. It’s such a difficult point. And I just thought, you know, any inspiration on that is really helpful.


Jacquie Nemor 10:38

For me, it’s very simple. I believe we are reincarnated, I believe we’re here for lessons, I believe that we contract when we come in, and we contract when we leave. And I just think that all of this that’s going on now, again, the fear has really come up tremendously. And the people who have left, it was basically truly their decision became before they came down to earth, because we have to get rid of the old energy, we are now into a new phase. We are coming into the Aquarian Age, we may not ever see it, because it’s still gonna take like two or three years to go forward. But we are at the beginning, we are the lightworkers. We are the people here to transition, otherwise, we would not be here at this time. And I believe that people who are leaving and have left don’t have the high enough frequency to get the new energy in, you’ve got to get rid of the old before the new can come in. And again, we contracted before we came down to this earth. I know that can be a little airy fairy. But I truly, truly do believe that we pick our parents when they pick our children, or we pick everything and whether…yes, there are different paths to get where our destiny supposed to be. But, and that’s choice, but it’s still going to take us to where we’re supposed to end up on the date we’re supposed to end up.


Manon Bolliger 12:09

Hmm, interesting. Yeah. So, in that sense, you can’t fight that part. That just is what it is.


Jacquie Nemor 12:18

It is what it is exactly what do they say? So let it be. So, it is what it is.


Manon Bolliger 12:23

And so, then there’s people who are who have already passed. I mean, according to the insurance companies that I think it’s 40% increase in mortality rates, so they’re getting worried that’s how the information is coming out.


Jacquie Nemor 12:38

And fear, let’s get out of the fear. There’s enough for everybody. Everybody can have anything they want. But get out of the fear together. Let it come in.


Manon Bolliger 12:50

So, people who are starting to recognize that they are possibly suffering from immune diseases at this point, or that, you know, they’ve been told, or they’ve read, you know, because a lot of people are starting to read what, you know, many of us warned ages ago. Don’t do it because they’re, you know, we don’t know, but there’s enough reason to suspect right? So, if they feel like they’re walking around with two thirds of an immune system, do you feel that if they are out of fear, and if…like, can the body receive things? In this case, it may have been taught a toxic input, you know, there’s lots of other toxic inputs as well, but if they can manage their state, and I don’t know, maybe learn something from this transaction, do you think that they can, with all of your experience in helping people with all the different therapies and to have on healing? Can they overcome that?


Jacquie Nemor 14:09



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Jacquie Nemor 14:51

In my mind, but they have to believe they have to believe they can heal themselves. We are…they are actually healing them, so we all heal ourselves. I’m just a vessel. I don’t do the healing. You never did the healing?


Manon Bolliger 15:04

Totally. Yeah,


Jacquie Nemor 15:05

No, no.


Manon Bolliger 15:07

What does it take to heal? Like is so my question is, so I know people who are in absolute still denial of that anything, you know, no that headaches not related at all I always have, you know, I it’s not true but blah, blah, blah. So, they, they’re not either they’re literally not putting two and two together. Or they’re putting two and two together, but their ego just won’t allow it or whatever the story is, but can they secretly heal within? Or do they really have to say on some level oh my gosh, what do I need to do with this?


Jacquie Nemor 15:49

Of course, they can heal with them, but they haven’t get back to the belief system. And many people believe, oh, my mother had it. My grandmother had it. My grandfather had it, I’m gonna have it. No, no, no, that is not true. You can end that with yourself. But you have to believe it. You have to believe it. You know, let’s get we get we have I forget what the number is. 7 trillion cells that change weekly. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be ill, none. None whatsoever. It’s all again, emotional, mental, in my opinion.


Manon Bolliger 16:27

So, in other words, what’s the level of consciousness? Because, you know, the funny thing is you have MDs that don’t have…they have massive experience in their field of knowledge. But they don’t have the breadth of it. Well, they have no experience with healing actually.


Jacquie Nemor 16:49

Absolutely. Right. Now, that’s actually right.


Manon Bolliger 16:52

That’s the problem.


Jacquie Nemor 16:52

Because their technical. They’re not letting the technical that’s all it is. You have so much more involved, you need the emotional part involved. Again, you have to believe you’re gonna be well.


Manon Bolliger 17:05



Jacquie Nemor 17:06

As long as you picture yourself, well, you’re gonna be well, but if you keep saying, oh, I can’t do this, I can’t walk. I know, this shouldn’t have happened to me stop.


Manon Bolliger 17:16

Yeah, or saying things like, repeating what these scientists say? Well, you know, they found this protein in the ovaries, they found it in the marrow, they found that therefore, it means right and miss a very defined sort of genetic, or, you know, there’s processes one could explain why infertility is so high because there’s infertility and miscarriages has gone up.t


Jacquie Nemor 17:47

Yes, but maybe their body first of all, the body wasn’t strong enough at that time to accept having carrying a child. And again, back to my belief system. Reincarnation, the children that are coming in, may just test you to see if they can even be held in a human body. You know, we’re all energy, we’re all energetics. Again, they come in, they go out. I don’t believe the human form takes place until the day of birth. You know, they maybe they came in a week before or something. But abortions, things like that. It’s okay. Because you’re these beings are column beings, and their energy from where we all come from, which is another galaxy, another universe, another where ever come into the human form, to learn lessons, these are lessons they have to even start before the bond to see if they can hold being in a human physical body. You know, I just…


Manon Bolliger 18:51

Yeah, so as another as you’re not in the least bit pessimistic based on the actual research, which is being hidden, but nonetheless quite impactful. start waking up, they’re going, oh, my God, like, I’ve just poisoned myself, but I’m very worried about, like, not sharing that with some people because they’ll take it, like, go into fear. And the thing is, it’s not…information doesn’t become anything, unless you make it become something. So, it’s like, yeah, it could do these things. But if we can work on ourselves on our self-love or self-care, our energy, then it doesn’t matter. It’s like the epigenetics thing is like it’s bigger than them.


Jacquie Nemor 19:42

And the new beings coming into the earth now, are so beyond you and I, you know, coming in because they don’t understand it. There’s gonna be so much more compassion, so much more understanding. That’s why so many people have left now. They don’t have that they didn’t have it. It’s the light, it’s a lighter, light workers or light beings or whatever you want to call it. That’s why we’re here now to change that energy. You know, we’re like the first generation coming in with it. And the other ones behind us, you know, you have the indigo children, I don’t know what they’re calling the new ones coming in now, but they’re going to be so much more advanced, so much more power, compassion, and they’re going to understand what illness really is. It’s kind of a time for you to get to know yourself. And to heal from all that.


Manon Bolliger 20:33

Yeah, no, I think it’s very, I mean, I resonate with what you’re saying. But it’s very powerful. I’ve asked this question to many people, in these interviews, and it’s interesting, the level of belief that we all share. Like, it’s interesting, where it starts and where it ends, and what we create, literally.


Jacquie Nemor 21:01

And we wouldn’t be here. Now, if we weren’t supposed to be here. If you’re not, you know, if you’re hitting your head against a wall in your job, you’re not supposed to be there. Life is really very simple. Everything is at ease, when you’re at ease with yourself. Everything flows, and when you stay in the present, everything flows, you don’t have to work at anything. Just happens. We’re energy. That’s all we are, which is energetic, and a human form, and then human vessel. That’s it.


Manon Bolliger 21:36

So, I took you on my journey, but there are plenty of other questions that would sort of highlight a little bit your experience and your journey with this whole healing process. Is there something that you want to share or whether it’s a person’s experience or someone you’ve, you know, you’ve witnessed or insights about healing, or any of the modalities that you’ve used? How it interrelates.


Jacquie Nemor 22:10

I think everything comes from strong organs inside everything is as above, so below, as inside, so outside, if you think negative things are gonna come to you negative things. If you believe you’re gonna be healthy, and well, and you have your internal, the internal organs have to be strong. I truly believe in acupuncture for that, because they base it on yin and yang, and balance. You can diet you can eat certain foods, but if your mind says, oh my god, I can’t eat that. Oh, my goodness, I can’t eat this. It’s not good for me. Well, what’s going to happen? It’s not gonna be good for you. Oh, I’m Fat. Oh, I’m this oh I’m that. Well, guess what shows up. You’re fat. You’re this or you’re that? Oh, I just made a rhyme. But you have to stay in the present. You have to be in the present. You have to live your life in a high frequency of laughter. You know, you’re feeling down, start to laugh, it changes your energy, it changes your frequency. And just know, you’re here to learn. That’s it. We’re here to learn. So, we can all be healthy, there’s no reason not to be. Stay in that positive frame. Don’t let the negative energies come at you. Put up blocks every day, say please put up protection to whoever your guides your sources, the universe, please protect me and be like Teflon, let that anger let the frustration let the fear just float off of you. So, you can be well and happy.


Manon Bolliger 23:52

Yeah, what I found is I tell people, when an emotion rises, as long as you don’t attach a story to it, which is what I call then a feeling. But if you just have the emotion, and you let it do its thing, and you be very careful not to attach to it can’t really last more than 90 seconds.


Jacquie Nemor 24:18

Exactly. And if you’re depressed and stay with it, don’t fight it. It’s here to be brought up, to get rid of and leave it will leave on its own. But give it a couple of days even besides the 90 seconds you recognize it in 90 seconds. But yeah, we may take a couple of days to leave but it’s gonna leave. You know, stop fighting everything. Just be and be present. Not in the future, not in the past. You can’t change any of that. And the only thing you can be is in the present moment and then everything flows easily with ease with Grace and Ease.


Manon Bolliger 25:02

Yeah, like, I agree.


Jacquie Nemor 25:05

I just so glad we’re on the same. We’re on the same pathway.


Manon Bolliger 25:10

So, of many modalities that you’ve used, is there one that a person who was just interested in starting looking at things I mean, or is it just that it’s gonna it’ll just come to you anyways?


Jacquie Nemor 25:25

It will just come when the when you’re ready, the teacher appears.


Manon Bolliger 25:30

Yeah, okay. Yeah.


Jacquie Nemor 25:32

You know, a book will jump out at you or fall off a shelf. Something will definitely lead you or you hear it twice or three times. Not the universe is saying, like, get this.


Manon Bolliger 25:43

Yeah. So, I have a three time rule.


Jacquie Nemor 25:47

I have usually the two time okay. I make a call two times. They’re not they’re not supposed to happen.


Manon Bolliger 25:54

Okay, that’s interesting. I guess that’s an internal rule mechanism, right? Or is there some universal thing?


Jacquie Nemor 26:01

I think there’s some universal thing everything happens in threes. Three is a powerful number. 369. Yep. So yeah. I think that’s what the universe is based on. One of the many numbers.


Manon Bolliger 26:16

Yeah. Anyway, Jackie, so we have like, two more minutes.


Jacquie Nemor 26:22

Oh, we do. Wow. It went so fast.


Manon Bolliger 26:26

When are we gonna start?


Jacquie Nemor 26:32

Well, we’re ending on a fabulous note. We’re laughing we’re having a great time. We got out a lot of information.


Manon Bolliger 26:39

Actually. We did. Yeah.


Jacquie Nemor 26:40

Yeah. And what more can we ask for?


Manon Bolliger 26:42

Yeah. Okay, good. Well, I’m happy.


Jacquie Nemor 26:46

Me too. Me too. It’s been a wonderful pleasure.


ENDING: 41:33

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