From Abuse, Trauma, and Trafficking to Healing the Soul – Kendra Dahlstrom on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger, FCAH, CBHT (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks with Kendra Dahlstrom about her journey through unrealized trauma to healing body, mind, and soul.



Highlights from today’s episode include:

Kendra Dahlstrom 

Because I will say that, you know, 85 to 90% of people that tend to end up in trafficking systems have been molested and abused and tend to be victims of sexual harassment. And so, it’s just this snowball effect of where you start to think, okay, is, is it a product of my past? Or is there something bigger going on here.


Kendra Dahlstrom 

You know, it’s very common of any kind of abuse, it doesn’t have to be trafficking, or it doesn’t have to be sexual abuse, just any kind of abuse is that you’re not seen, and you’re not heard. And that has been my story.

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Kendra Dahlstrom

So, I feel like that’s a huge component to healing because a lot of times, there’s things we need to hear from others on the other side, or even confirmation of things that have happened in our lives that sometimes I’ll see that we didn’t even know we needed confirmation, but just getting that confirmation can be really healing.  


Kendra helps professional women who feel spiritually disconnected shine their light brighter. Their lifestyle transforms into one of peace and empowerment through deep divine connection. They discover this through a clear pathway I help them design to live in true alignment with their highest purpose and potential.

Kendra is the founder of SoulStar Awakening, a spiritual platform developed to help support busy working women to reconnect with divine love, their higher self, and inner wisdom through deep yet practical, bite-size rituals and healing treatments proven to brighten their light. Kendra is a Human Design Manifestor and spiritual master healer, which drives her passion for spiritual connectedness and ability to catalyze healing in others.

Kendra Dahlstrom has been a successful leader in corporate for over 23 years, supporting her clients to stay connected to their wisdom, grounded in their strength, and creative in their pursuits of what aligns with their highest purpose and self. Kendra’s Soul Star Awakening has been a gift to the consciousness movement but was born out of severe trauma and suffering. She is a survivor of sex trafficking, ritual abuse, narcissistic abuse, and the hands of corrupt leadership. Her emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual healing took nearly three decades, and her learnings from her long suffering now inform her unique approach. Her mission is to support women in releasing their long-suffering through connection with God and self to experience true spiritual sovereignty.

She speaks worldwide about how to awaken and activate the Soul Star chakra, which is the key she believes; to ignite healing within.

Core purpose/passion: My mission is to support women in releasing their long-suffering through connection with God and self to experience true spiritual sovereignty.  I do this by helping professional women who feel spiritually disconnected shine their light brighter. Their lifestyle transforms into one of peace and empowerment through deep divine connection, and they discover this through a clear pathway I help them to design to live in true alignment with their highest purpose and potential.

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As a recently De-Registered board-certified naturopathic physician & in practice since 1992, I’ve seen an average of 150 patients per week and have helped people ranging from rural farmers in Nova Scotia to stressed out CEOs in Toronto to tri-athletes here in Vancouver.

My resolve to educate, empower and engage people to take charge of their own health is evident in my best-selling books:  ‘What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask: The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship’ and ‘A Healer in Every Household: Simple Solutions for Stress’.  I also teach BowenFirst™ Therapy through Bowen College and hold transformational workshops to achieve these goals.

So, when I share with you that LISTENING to Your body is a game changer in the healing process, I am speaking from expertise and direct experience”.

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Manon Bolliger  00:13

Manon Bolliger  00:13

So, welcome to the Healers Café and today I have with me Kendra Dahlstrom. And her practice is Soul Star Awakening. So, I’m gonna ask you a few questions about that. But basically, you help professional woman who feel disconnected from their soul’s purpose, to shine their light brighter. So, their lifestyle might be peaceful and empowering through divine connection. And I think that’s the goal. And you use a bunch of different energy healing techniques like Reiki, like quantum touch, light therapy, coaching, spiritual intelligence, somatics, and intuitive guidance. So, while I just want to welcome you, and let’s start with soul star awakening, so what is what does that mean? And why did you pick that means?


Kendra Dahlstrom  01:15

Well, it’s actually a recent sort of rebranding for me. And it’s largely because when I started to go through my own journey, I felt that I would have periods of time where I’d plateau. And then once I really started exploring what the soul star chakra represents, and what it is, as I was doing my Reiki, training and healing myself, I found that to me was sort of the gateway that flooded open that allowed for my healing to just really accelerate. And I believe in part that it’s because it’s our connection to our inherent wisdom, which is the knowledge and wisdom we’re born with true connection to divine love, and how we’re a reflection of that. And then last but not least, you know, just our connection to, to our purpose and our higher self as sort of that that imprint that we’re always striving to, to replicate here on Earth. And so, once I was able to really build a relationship with my higher self, and really accept that I am of divine love, and explore what this relationship looks like, and how I want to be more of divine love in my relationships with others, and how I react to things here in my earthly presence. I just found that my own healing just …


accelerated threefold. And so, I thought, if I’m going to niche, I want to focus there. Because as I work with women every day in the corporate world, the one thing I hear over and over again, is, I don’t even know who my higher self is. And I’d like to. I don’t even know how to stop and slow down and ask myself for my own wisdom. And I forget how to do that, or I need to do that more often. And then the third piece was around divine love and just really living in that place of non-judgment and love and acceptance. Which I believe is the path to all healing. So yeah.


Manon Bolliger  03:13

So, now so what, let’s go back one step. What are you? What was What compelled you to go down this healing journey? What? You know, because people say, what, what do we need to heal? And so what did…


Kendra Dahlstrom  03:33

That’s a loaded question. Well, I’m a big believer in all the tools, right, and sort of I tried all the different tools to see what would work. Let me take a step back and say, so my journey started when I was about 13. And I started realizing that I was just drawn to self-help books, and I was reading The Four Agreements, and you know, some of the old old books and I found myself just diving into those. I now have since learned over the years of my journey and personal development, and then which led into leadership development and integrating into my corporate job and my workplace and executive coaching and now spiritual coaching and sort of all these things, that it was a natural part of my process to become more spiritually attuned and to become, I don’t even really like the word enlightened so much, because I feel like it kind of casts a shadow of judgment. But for me to just become more spiritually attuned into who I am, who I want to be. And I’ve always been a very empathetic, intuitive person. So, it was a natural path for me. I will say that over the last several years as I’ve tried to work through my childhood traumas of cyclical cycles of narcissistic abuse as well as sexual abuse, other trafficking, trauma and whatnot. I didn’t really know what those things were until the last few years soon as I started to become more aware, as the pandemic came upon us about trafficking, my own awareness was opened to wow. Like the acceptance and acknowledgement that I had been trafficked in a variety of different ways throughout my life into my 20s. And that I really needed to go deeper into my own healing, I felt like I had already done so much work. But as we all know, it’s kind of like an onion. And you think you’ve done the work, there’s more, and I really just needed to commit to healing because I realized that a lot of stuff was being brought up that was impacting my relationship with myself, my ability to love myself, my relationship with my husband and my kids. And I just truly believe that when we heal ourselves, we heal the world and the people around us.


Manon Bolliger  05:53

So can you explain a little bit like I know, from a clinical perspective, when I, you know, have had patients come to realization that they’ve gone through horrific things, whether it’s, you know, sexual abuse, but trafficking or, or even, you know, ritual,


Kendra Dahlstrom  06:23

Satanic ritual abuse,


Manon Bolliger  06:24

Satanic ritual abuse, and, you know, I know what, when I started my practice, I had no idea that such atrocities existed in this world, you know, I, I thought I was listening to stories that were too unbelievable to be true. And so, I you know, but I listened. I mean, that’s part of, you know, what I believe is, is important, because if there’s safety to share, it’s part of the healing process. But what I also kind of recognized is that people don’t always know that this is what has happened to them. Like there’s such humongous mind control. And I don’t know if you could sort of expand on that from your, your experience, because mine is more like second hand through people telling me this.


Kendra Dahlstrom  07:20

Yeah, absolutely. So, you’re right. There’s a lot of gaslighting, right, and part of the whole mind control, whether it’s monarch or you know, otherwise, is all about, you know, trying to push down, you know, the person that’s been victimized to that they’re crazy, or they’re imagining this or whatever. And so, that’s a lot of what takes place. And so how I honestly came to recognize it was I was applying to be a volunteer for Operation Underground Railroad locally, I just felt really drawn to the cause. And now, now I kind of know why, but really, like drawn like, like, I couldn’t not do this. And so, I went to go apply and as part of their process, I think it’s a really great protocol they have in place they have you take a…watch a video so that you can understand what trafficking is and identify it and explain it because you’re going to be part of this cause and mission. And so, as I was watching the video, I had to stop it about four times because I thought I was an evolvement and my whole body I mean get the chills talking about it, but my whole body started shaking. And I kept having this thought like, oh my gosh, I’ve been trafficked. No, no, no, no, no, just keep watching your so imaginative Kendra. And I knew that I had had a lot of series of molestation like so many I probably can’t count. And I know that I’d been raped several times, but I just honestly, it stinks to say it this way. But I honestly thought I just had bad luck or made some really bad decisions. I honestly just sort of put all it on me. And while I totally as a coach of course I believe in accountability and you know, taking ownership of things at the same time. There are certain things that we…that we can’t control, right that happened to us. And so, I really just lived my whole life like I’m 48 now 49. Like I lived 45 years thinking like I just had like bad luck. And I just had to pull my bootstraps up and make the best of it. And then as I went through this video I realized like oh wow trafficking really isn’t as overt as it sometimes we think it is like it like you know we see the movies and TV shows and that’s absolutely accurate. But there’s different kinds of trafficking and it’s not always you know, being locked in a cage and put in a truck and carried over state lines, and then you know left there locked. It can be as you know, I say simple but you know, as covert as you know, you think you’re you know on a date with somebody, and after a few weeks, they tape you, you know, and you don’t know about it, and then they sell that tape or that your pictures are taken pf you with your clothes off, and then they’re sold, and you don’t know that that’s, you know, being done until after the fact. A lot of you know, just different types of scenarios, it could even be that you’re put up at a party and, you know, and you think your just there at a party, and then you realize that somebody paid for you to be there, and then someone comes up to you and, you know, assumes that you’re going to be going home with them. And, and so you have to work your way out of some of these situations. And I just thought it was like weirdos or, you know, bad, bad choices to go hang out with the wrong people. And then I started putting two and two together. And it makes it even more convoluted. Because I will say that, you know, 85 to 90% of people that tend to end up in trafficking systems have been molested and abused and tend to be victims of sexual harassment. And so, it’s just this snowball effect of where you start to think, okay, is, is it a product of my past? Or is there something bigger going on here. And so, it really opened my eyes to seeing my life through a whole new light. And when I started to look that maybe just maybe things were connected. And that maybe there was actually, you know, not to be paranoid, but maybe a little bit more of a system in place that I’ve gone in and out of over a few years. Actually, things in my life that made no sense suddenly made a lot of sense. And I could, you know, I get the chills talking about I could feel it in my body. And as you say, the body doesn’t lie. And so that’s how I stumbled upon this. And then that’s when I realized that I was dealing with a whole new level of evil, and things that I kind of could remember what I was taught where we, you know, like recurring dreams and things, but I just kind of blew off that I felt like there was a whole new element of things that I didn’t even really remember out of, because of my own body’s protection that I needed to delve into to heal. And then that’s when sort of the second layer came through, which was, in my conversations with God, who, you know, I talk to was that I didn’t really need to remember everything to heal, that he would still provide that for me. And so that’s when I really started studying different modalities because I was determined to heal.


Manon Bolliger  12:28

Yeah, I mean, it’s quite…it’s an unbelievable journey, because it’s like, you’re in part the victim. But with the gaslighting you’re responsible for this, because it’s your fault. You know, it’s one part of the element, but it’s not really your fault, because you’re in an integrator system. You know, literally mind control and organization. And it’s just, like, psychologically, the steps to come to terms with this are sorry…stop the dinging. Give me one second, I put, Do Not Disturb just a second here. I don’t know how much more do not disturb I cannot disturb you know.


Kendra Dahlstrom  13:20

I will tell you not to scare you. But from an energetic level, whenever I am talking about this, there always tends to be disruptions. I’m not…I’m not making you paranoid, it doesn’t mean somebody’s listening. But I do think energetically for me, it’s always just confirmation that there are forces that don’t want this talked about.


Manon Bolliger  13:41

Yeah. Oh, I think yeah, I would agree by just seeing a little bit as things are trying to come out, you know, how much censorship there is. And, and I think it’s timely now, given the movie that’s coming out in July. But what’s the title of it again?


Kendra Dahlstrom  14:02

Sound of Freedom


Manon Bolliger  14:03

Sound of Freedom


Kendra Dahlstrom  14:04

With Jim Caviezel, and I know, they’ve been trying to get it out for a year. And I’ve been following that and preparing myself.


Manon Bolliger  14:12

Yeah, yeah. And the sad part too, I mean, sort of people have fallen for the idea that, Oh, this is all a conspiracy. You know, and it’s like, the freedom movement. Basically, people who want freedom on all levels usually want to take responsibility of things and, you know, the children. And this extends to, you know, to women, as well. And, of course, boys, they’re all part of this, but, you know, we have to stand up for them because, you know, they’re too young. You know, it’s not about responsibility or not responsibility. It’s like, you know, this is organized crime, and it’s traded by our, you know, the people we trust, basically, you know.


Kendra Dahlstrom  15:07

That makes you know, if I’m a little emotional, they just it in that rings true for me because I will tell you and I’m hoping this speaks to someone in your audience because, you know, I, every healer I know got into the work because they needed to do their own healing. So, I think we can all say we’re on this level playing field in terms of healing and, and what’s needed and just that if we heal ourselves, we can heal those around us and a lot of us that our healers have seen and witnessed the magic of that right with their own friends and family. And I think as we all band together in this movement, and just for each other, it’s just, it’s really powerful. And so, I’m very moved by that. I will tell you a story in my life, and I’m sure rings true to a lot in your audiences that. You know, it’s very common of any kind of abuse, it doesn’t have to be trafficking, or it doesn’t have to be sexual abuse, just any kind of abuse is that you’re not seen, and you’re not heard. And that has been my story. And I’ve just seen, you know, even karmically like how that just, you know, for those of you that believe in past lives, I’ve gone back and done some past life. And like, I have been a satanic ritual abuse survivor since Jesus’s times, like this has been going on for a long time. And so, I believe this is the lifetime for me to, to cut that to stop that. And there’s no coincidence that it’s this time when all this is coming out and, and everything’s going on in our world. And so, I just want to share with your audience that the pattern of not being seen and heard is so common, and they use that against you, right, that’s part of the gaslighting process. And so now is the time, you know, hopefully my story, I mean, gives people courage just to maybe start asking questions and to not doubt themselves and to trust their higher self and their wisdom, because, and that’s why I’m so connected to that soul star chakra is, that’s where I really started to lean into my truth and what I know is true, and what my body knows is true. And, you know, I’d like people to believe me, but if they don’t, you know, that’s not my problem, you know, and, and, and just to really lean into that, because I think there’s a lot more of us out there than, than we think there are. Yeah.


Manon Bolliger  17:31

So how did you get to know your truth? Because I mean, gaslighting can be unbelievably destabilizing, right? Because, you know, it’s, I mean, you could probably talk about it a lot more. But it’s no, it’s also that it really makes you doubt yourself.


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Manon Bolliger  19:03

Like on a deep level, but it feels as if it’s thoughts, right? It’s still you’re in the domain of thoughts. And then if you latch on to this, their story about oh, no, no, it’s all in your head, which is usually kind of the statement. No, that didn’t happen. You’re projecting this or you’re whatever, you know, it if you attach meaning to the story they give you then it’ll affect you emotionally very deeply too, because none of this is yours, right? So it’s like you have to kind of bypass this circuitry and know how to intuitively know the truth yourself. Right? And so how, how do you do that or how do you help your, your clients know their truth? Like get behind that.


Kendra Dahlstrom  20:07

Great question. Well, it took years for me to figure it out. But for me, it was a feeling I get in my body when I my knowing I call it right, like I knew something, and I could feel it in my body. And so, for me, it was just an exercise of asking myself questions and knowing is this true or not true. And feeling that in my body and getting, you know, a sense of what that means, I think also a lot of journaling. I actually had been in touch with Kathy. I’m blanking on her last name. But anyway, she is a PTSD survivor from the Reagan administration. And so, I had been in touch with her because she wrote a book and so she had recommended just writing things down. And then when you don’t say anything out loud, just write it down, and then go back and visit it every month. And if it still feels true in your body, then you know, it’s true. If it dissolves over time, then you know, it’s probably some sort of replaced memory, which sometimes these three letter agencies can do or a, like a projection of memory, which, you know, because you can have vivid imagination, so you want to always keep that into account. But you also want to honor that, you know, this could be true. And so, I played with that. And that really helped me, what I do now for my clients, and what my app helps to do is really what I believe is just connecting to, to grounding, and then also through connection through your higher self and your wisdom is really tuning into what does it feel like to be connected to my wisdom, and the wisdom will never lie. So literally, in a matter of three to five minutes, you can ask yourself a question, and you will feel in your body if it’s true. You won’t know how its true details all the time, or why it’s true, or you know why you even think it’s true, you will just know if it’s true. And then what I found through my practice, and I’d love to know, if you found the same in yours is that over time, as you’re ready to accept that, the truth will come out, and you’ll start to get more and more, whether it’s images in your head, or just words in your mouth, or knowing you’ll start to…the onion peels back and you’ll start to learn more about that, and why it’s true. But in the beginning, you won’t know all the details. And I think that’s where we kind of go wrong is we’re creative and curious beings. And so, we want to know immediately, like, is this true? And I want to know all the details, and I want to see the timeline. And I want to see evidence and all that. And that may not all happen. At first. It’s sort of like the, you know, AA programs, like first you have to actually accept inside of yourself and you’re knowing that, oh, this is actually true. Does that make sense?


Manon Bolliger  22:58

Yeah, no, no, I think I think it does. And I think, you know, if you’re under the age of two, you may never actually find the proof because your brain doesn’t, didn’t know how to compute that anyways, at the time, right? So, you know, so you can’t always have all of the evidence, but it’s, it’s your, your system of evidence in your body. Right. So, I mean, there’s different ways. What I’ve seen with, you know, with my patients is that, if I could teach them to trust their body, that they could then reference their body and listen to their body. And the body would tell them yes or no, because I found it harder to, to I mean, I relate to wisdom or to, you know, to your higher self, it actually means something to me. But it’s not always something that people relate to, because it can be confused as a thought, because I actually say you have a download of thoughts. Well where did they download from?


Kendra Dahlstrom  24:08

your absolutely read the body will never lie. So that’s a great place to start.


Manon Bolliger  24:11

The body just has that, you know, so


Kendra Dahlstrom  24:14

Like, going back to my, you know, when I was watching the video, I thought I was gonna vomit a few times out when my body’s way of saying something is being stirred up here. And there’s, and I, you know, there’s a truth here, right? Something’s resonating and a very deep level for you. And you, you have a choice in that moment to decide if you want to look at why or not. And so, I completely agree, I think the body’s a great place to start. And, you know, for me, I remember a few several five, six years ago, I was going through, like a regression therapy, and so you’re somewhat conscious, but your kind of just out of it. And so, he said, make a list of every trauma, you remember. And so, the list was really long. It was several pages, and I started remembering things I’ve even forgot about, right? And so, he said, Don’t worry about if you think it’s true, let’s just do this. And what was really interesting is as he went through each one in the healing process, I remember kind of being out of it, but I remember my body shaking. Like I literally had like a, an electric zing reaction to letting that energy go right and breaking those chords or breaking that energy. And so, for me, I was like, oh, you know, even little things that I didn’t think were a big deal. I was like, Okay, that was true. Right? That’s true for me.


Manon Bolliger  25:34

Yeah, and I think that is also how you build this sense that you’re, what were the words either what I related to was misunderstood, but you used two other words, which were.


Kendra Dahlstrom  25:47

Unseen and unheard,


Manon Bolliger  25:48

Unseen and unheard, yes. That when you can see yourself, it also bridges that, that essential, pain and discord unseen and unheard. Because now you, you know what’s true within you. Right? It’s like, your, your world becomes more complete, because basically, it’s been, you know, squashed or discombobulated, or whatever, whatever’s happened to you. But when once you can trust yourself, you also heal that, that trigger, right, which is, becomes a trigger later, if you don’t know why you have this, like, why, why is it you always feel unseen? Well, it’s been, you know, it’s been repeated patterns, right?


Kendra Dahlstrom  26:40

Right. And then it gives you an opportunity to bring their soul fragments back together, which has been huge for me. And then now, you start to, you know, once you get to this process, you start to see how it’s impacting your life. And, and, like, even in my job, you know, sometimes, or when I was in corporate, like, there’d be situations that would be coming up that were kind of like, reminiscent of like, old patterns. And what was interesting is, instead of dealing with it, same way, I would deal with it in a totally different way. So, for instance, like one manager, I remember having this conversation, where I kind of knew it was done. And instead of just doing like, the safe thing, I said, you know, with all due respect, I’m a healer, and I don’t know that you’ll ever understand me and understand that, and I don’t expect you to, it’s completely okay for you not, you know, not to, but my job is to help heal this organization. And that’s the perspective I’m coming from. And he was just floored, like, he didn’t even know what to say. And he’s just like, oh, okay, you know, whereas in the past, I would have just sort of played along with this corporate game. So, I only share that hopefully as inspiration for people listening to this, that are still trying to work through that and, and the power that can really come from the healing and then seeing yourself for who you are, and then living those values is pretty astronomical.


Manon Bolliger  28:09

Yeah, and I think too, it’s, you know, like you say, trauma usually, is what brings healers into…it’s the wounded healer, and then you kind of journey and when you come the other side, and now you can help people. But I think it’s really a call out to this whole conversation to people who maybe haven’t identified themselves as potential healers, but if they start this journey, and dare to speak, and, you know, share like this, there’s such deep, deep, deep corruption, but we are, we are many, and our voices are needed, you know, for those who cannot speak.


Kendra Dahlstrom  28:56

Absolutely. Well, and I believe we’re all healers. I mean, whether it’s whether or not somebody choose to do it or not, is up to them, but I believe we’re all healers, and that if you start to look at the human body, and what we can do, and you know, aside from sort of all these lies that have been told us for years and years, if we start to look at how to live life a little differently, and maybe not follow the food pyramid, and maybe do some other things, you start to realize that like our bodies are pretty magical. And Tesla was on to something, and I think that we are all capable of healing. And so, I think, you know, and I believe that, you know, that what we go through in life is something we sort of sign up for and as awful as it may be, that those can be turned into gifts to help others and so just because you know, my experience is different than someone else out there. I want to encourage you that is different or benign as it may seem. It’s not there’s people out there that need you with your unique experience to help heal them and whether you do it as a profession or just a hobby, you know, something that’s surface work on the side, whatever it may be. It’s all needed.


Manon Bolliger  30:08

For sure. So just what, what are the, maybe one or two things that you found the most shocking in your discovery of, you know, what you didn’t realize, like, what sort of, you know, like…


Kendra Dahlstrom  30:30

So, I’ll start with one that’s like more scientific. So, it’s the power of light. I’ve always loved sunlight, I’ve always known light, I’ve always felt more comfortable in light, I’ve always felt relaxed by it. And people are saying, Oh, don’t go on the sun, and you know, all these things, then I came across, you know, sort of biotherapy it’s like, basically bio photon therapy. And it’s kind of like a red ultraviolet light, but it’s actually a patented version of a different lights put together, this gentleman had basically put together after a trauma and, and he realized, oh, my gosh, there’s gotta be a better way to do this. And so, this light has been very impactful on me and my health, my family, I do I use it on my dogs, I use it on my kids. I mean, literally, within a day or two, it’s like, any sickness, anything just goes away, because what it does is it works with the quantum level in terms of going through biopharmaceuticals and taking that photon imprint of what’s in the vial, and taking at a quantum energy level, just immediately into your body into the blood vessels. And so, this has had a lot of studies done on it. And so, I found that was just like, you know, not only just the power of what’s available to us naturally, but like that, the innovations that can be taken from, you know, what God and nature have given us. And then also, people like Tesla have done that, to just really, really change our world and our health system completely. So those are the things that have been really, you know, quite phenomenal. I think in terms of my learning about like, on a darker side about human trafficking, I it’s much more prevalent than any of us think, you know, there’s like, it’s like a one in seven people have been trafficked. So, whether you know, it or not one in seven people you’ve come in contact with have been in some capacity. It’s a dark web. And that, you know, as a child, I didn’t think much of it. But now, when they say that, okay, a child can be sold several times a day and make continuous profit versus drugs just being used once and then it’s gone. There’s truth in that, you know. And, and so, we have to band together because this is, you know, not only just evil, but it it’s a spiritual battle. And I also just think that, you know, there’s oftentimes in I don’t want to make this dramatic, Manon but there’s times where, like, you know, I often wonder, like, what, how am I even still alive? You know, because, you know, I had one or two times of thinking about suicide. And, you know, luckily, I didn’t even get close, I just kind of thought about it seriously, and like, you know, had a bottle in my hand or something, but didn’t, you know, do anything. And, you know, I dabbled in drug use for a little bit in my 20s, which was crazy, because I was like, this clean-cut fitness person. And then it was like, I just didn’t know how else to cope at that point in time. Luckily, completely, you know, reverse that as I gotten in my 30s. But like, you know, it’s, I’ve had people tell me, they’re like, it’s a wonder you’re not homeless? Or like walking the streets? Like, how is it that, you know, you came here and so not everyone’s as lucky as me. Yet, there’s, I think a lot of people like me out there, too. So, I guess, I don’t know, I think my message is just that there’s a lot more out there than I think we’re aware of, and it’s pretty dark and heavy. And so, whatever we can each do to just help, you know, the collective consciousness and just love each other, the better you know, and that doesn’t. And when I say love, I don’t mean always being nice, you know, to a fault. I mean, it means clear is kindness, being honest, is kindness, accountability and ownerships, kindness, it doesn’t mean you know, be a doormat.


Manon Bolliger  34:36

No, exactly. I live in Canada and kindness is kind of one of those things here which can lead to the door mat. Sure, will do anything for you and take anything you say. Anyway, no, but no, I think that’s a very important message that you’re leaving with us with its our time is, is up.


Kendra Dahlstrom  35:02

Yeah, so quick


Manon Bolliger  35:04

Real quick, but I would love to do a follow up with you maybe after the film comes out and when in the next, you know, maybe three, four months when I don’t think there’s any holding back what has meant it would be? Yeah, it would be very interesting to see how just on the personal level, what it’s like to go through, but also, it’s definitely stomping the unseen in a big way, knows when people are…have to confront this reality. Because it’s of us one way or another, you know, this, we have allowed it into our, into our spheres, somehow, even unconsciously. So, it’s to be able to heal that at the deepest level so that this might be the end of it, for humankind would be a very exciting thought.


Kendra Dahlstrom  36:05

Yeah, I completely agree. And I would love to talk with you again. Thanks for having me. And, and again, you know, I think that’s the whole purpose of me launching my app was just, this is the way that I felt like I could contribute. I have been doing sort of, you know, deep one on one coaching for so long, I thought, I need to do something that I don’t even really care if I make money. I just need to get to the masses. But it needs to be…not that anything’s wrong with calm or balanced or any of those other apps out there. I don’t want this to be taken that way. It just, it needs to be something a little more unique and different. And it’s


Manon Bolliger  36:40

What is the app exactly because we didn’t talk about?


Kendra Dahlstrom  36:42

Yeah, so really quick. So, it’s basically it’s deep healing. So, it’s visuals, but it’s deep healing through Healing frequencies. And then as I’m recording and doing those frequencies, I actually do Reiki, so I do distance Reiki and I basically infuse it into the, into the different healings that I’ve done for detox. You know, there’s like a cellular detox and regeneration, there’s, you know, relaxation, there’s higher self and awakening or meeting your higher self. So, I sort of have different ones targeted different things. It’s just launching. So, every month, I’m going to be adding new content, and there’s free content. And then there’s also you know, a paid subscription for people who want to take it to the next level and be part of like a weekly Q&A with me or get like personalized healings or do those kinds of things. But it’s really just all centered around deep healings. And some, there’s some of that’s done through meditation, some of it’s done just through sound, with the Reiki energy behind it. I’m also exploring and playing with, like, if I add the bio photon into it, it works better direct, but I there has been some success doing over zoom. So, I’m kind of playing with like, Okay, if I infuse it actually into the visual as the person’s Is there anything that is coming out on the other side, so we’re still kind of playing with that. But you know, the purpose around it is really focusing on divine love higher self and in a inner wisdom and just how do we dial in those three areas. And it doesn’t mean we don’t care about the other chakras, it just means, like those, you know, sort of are where we’re focusing. And I think with my background on in trauma and whatnot, I’ve at least been told from my, my, my clients that I’m able to hold a pretty deep space for that. And because of my background, and remote viewing, and just my abilities, from a, I guess, an intuitive standpoint, that’s something that’s kind of offered to people who want to do more of like the in person, you know, group zoom, community side of it is, like, you know, I do sort of get messages and so I just share them as appropriate. So, I feel like that’s a huge component to healing because a lot of times, there’s things we need to hear from others on the other side, or even confirmation of things that have happened in our lives that sometimes I’ll see that we didn’t even know we needed confirmation, but just getting that confirmation can be really healing.


Manon Bolliger  39:25

Right. Well, thank you again.


Kendra Dahlstrom  39:27

Thank you.


Manon Bolliger  39:28

Yep. Bye.

ENDING: 41:33

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