The Alternative Health Detective & The Healing Pendulum: The Healers Café with Dr. Manon & Kym Helena De Boer

Highlights from today’s episode include:
At 4:04 – (Starts at 3:56)The Emotion Code: how our emotions & traumas plays a huge role in our health & wellness.
At 8:20 – A combination of four sciences: Ancient Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, Magnetic Therapy, & Quantum Physics
At 8:49 – Tapping into the Subconscious Mind, the “Google” of the Body
At 11:01 – How Kym-Helena healed Dr. Manon’s cat using the Healing Pendulum (or start at 12:00)
At 13:50 – Dr. Manon’s cat
At 14:47 – Snowbell the Cat’s health concerns are addressed using Kym’s healing pendulum
At 16:45 – The Mind Maps
At 27:30 – Intolerance to Meat

Kym De Boer: 08:20

it is a combination of ancient Chinese medicine, kinesiology, which is muscle testing, magnetic therapy, and our bodies are magnetic. The earth is magnetic and also quantum physics. So basically a combination of those four sciences and what happens is is you tap into or connect with the subconscious mind and you ask the subconscious is what I call

Kym De Boer: 08:56

The Google of the body and ask it, because it knows everything that you’ve ever done in your life and everything you’ve ever said and beyond. 

Kym De Boer: 09:53

Anxiety comes up a lot for people. That’s one of those emotions that we all have a lot of anxiety. So that could come up and, and you know, it could be a misalignment in the body or an Organ or something. It could be the liver, right? It could be an Orgon because the liver if it has an imbalance, it’s gonna give you headaches. So it’s a combination of things and you can find out everything, but you can also release a lot of what you find by using magnets. Then the governing Meridian up your back or the of the body governing meridian which really in acupuncture, it goes from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tailbone. So if you move magnets in any of those within that area with an intention of releasing that emotion, it will release or any other imbalance.


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Dr. Manon is a Naturopathic Doctor, the Founder of Bowen College, an International Speaker with an upcoming TEDx talk in May 2020, and the author of the Amazon best-selling book “What Patient’s Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask.” Watch for her next book, due out in 2020.


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Kym Helena De Boer, The Alternative Health Detective specializing in the Emotion Code and Body Code Healing modalities with a certification in Health Coaching from The Health Coaching Institute. She is also a #1 best selling author in Healthy Living the secrets to natural health and wellness. In her private practice, Kym Helena works with people globally who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, toxicity and trauma to transform their health, so they can gain more energy, have more peace and live pain-free. Changing your mindset around illness and disease is key to improving your health and assisting your body to heal.


Helping people release their emotional baggage and past traumas to help them heal is awesome! The underlying cause of most of our “issues” are due to trapped emotions and past traumas that are interfering with our health and wellness. Connecting with the subconscious mind or what I call the “Google of the Body” taps into the body to find out what is really going on, what the underlying causes are and what remedy is best for you.



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 Dr Manon: 00:03

 Welcome to the healers cafe conversations on health and healing with Dr Manon.

 Dr Manon: 00:18

 So welcome to the healers cafe. And today I’m talking with Kym Helena De Boer and let me tell you a little bit about her,I’m really excited to do this interview. I’ve known her for a little while but didn’t realize all the pretty magical insights she has in health and healing. So what her training is, she’s known as a alternative health detective specializing in the emotional code and body code healing modalities with a certification in health coaching from the health coaching Institute. She’s also the number one bestseller selling author of healthy living, the secrets to natural health and wellness. And in her private practice at Kym Helena works with people globally who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, toxicity and trauma to transform their health so that they can gain more energy, have more peace, and live pain free. So changing your mindset around illness and disease is key to improving your health and assisting your body to heal. So we definitely share a lot in common as far as what is possible for people. So I really want to welcome you and please feel free to add anything else about that.

 Kym De Boer: 01:51

Thank you Dr Manon for having me today I’m excited to be here and yes, I just think it’s so important that we take responsibility for our health. And that’s my main mission is to, you know, educate and, and just help people understand that that we’re responsible for our own health, but it’s not something that’s outside of us. It’s something that is within us. And if we listen, my big thing is listening to the body, right? Listening to your body and it’s giving you signals at all times and just to listen and be aware of what’s actually going on. And when there are imbalances to find a way to rebalance, I guess that,

Dr Manon: 02:46  

so what brought you on this path? When did you know that this is what you’d be doing

Kym De Boer: 02:53

well, you know, it came to me as, as a bit of a surprise.

Kym De Boer: 02:56

I had my own health issues most of my life. I had a severe tailbone injury when I was eight that pushed my tailbone in and up, buckled my spine, cut off all my air circulation in my legs for about four years before I found out what was going on. So through that I was always looking for, you know, way that that got resolved or somewhat resolved was my mother took me to a massage therapist and she found out what was wrong because the doctors were not finding out. There’s nothing wrong with you. [Right. That a whole thing. And there’s nothing wrong with you, but there is, So I was always looking for something that would help me get out of pain even just for a day. And six years ago I was sent a webinar, by Dr. Bradley Nelson, I had never heard of him, but I went, okay, well, you know, let’s check this out.

Kym De Boer: 04:03

And, he was talking about the emotion code and how our emotions and traumas really pay a huge, huge play, a huge part in in our health or wellness, our emotional wellness, our physical wellness, our mental wellness. And, but what got me mostly from the webinar was that it works so well with animals. And I had a cat that had adopted me and he had some issues. So I went ok if this works for him. I’ll try it on him first So that’s what I did and it helped him immensely. And so I went, okay you know, worked on myself and I got my one day without pain and I just went, you know what, I have to do this. I have to help myself also, wouldn’t you? Like, so you were eight a massage therapist discovered what was actually that it was actually something physical.

Dr Manon: 05:06

You weren’t making all the stuff up it all wasn’t in your head. But did it get fixed then?

Kym De Boer: 05:16

Not really. I mean, I went to chiropractors and massage therapists and everything, but I was still in pain. You know what, I know that if I had not been introduced to a massage therapist when I was 12, I wouldn’t be walking today. Right. So that got me into, you know, learning more about alternative health practices and not really and just, you know, trusting my body more on what it needed and but I mean, back then we didn’t have these modalities

Kym De Boer: 06:02

That were out there and available to us. And the internet that we’re not on the internet so that we can get connected to that. So, yeah. So that’s how it all started. And I just, you know, I said I have to do this. And so got my certification was in the emotion code in the body code and two years later I quit my job, so I to do this full time. Yeah.

Dr Manon: 06:27

And so,and with this work, have you been able , to be out of pain now?

Kym De Boer: 06:35

Yes. Yes, I have. I mean, we all have, you know, our bodies go through different changes and everything, but I got my one day without pain and more for sure. Yeah.

Dr Manon: 06:47

Okay. And then I’m just gonna ask all kinds of questions because it’s a, it’s an area that fascinates me because of course I, you know, I do Bowenfirst therapy, so I work with pain.

Dr Manon: 07:01

I work with trauma as well, that’s in the body. And I know that, life is more, and people’s journeys to healing come many different ways and there’s many different insights that often come from what we’re not aware of. Right. So yeah. So, and some things feel as if they’re very structural and that really need to be shifted not so much by, by the types of body work that move things, but that allow the body to move things, you know? And to me Bowen Firsttherapy is that type of work and it signals the body, Hey, it’s safe to move. Go ahead and put yourself back into, into place, you know, but with this work and I wanna find out more and I’m sure you know all the people listening to this show would be need more information or so please feel free.

Kym De Boer: 08:04

How does it work? We can take one of them at a time maybe. And how does it impact whether it’s, you know, through your story, how it helped or anybody else? No names, obviously. Yeah, exactly. Well basically it is a combination of ancient Chinese medicine, kinesiology, which is muscle testing, magnetic therapy, and our bodies are magnetic. The earth is magnetic and also quantum physics. So basically a combination of those four sciences and what happens is is you tap into or connect with the subconscious mind and you ask the subconscious is what I call

Kym De Boer: 08:56

The Google of the body and ask it, because it knows everything that you’ve ever done in your life and everything you’ve ever said and beyond. And if you believe in past lives, preconception, it goes way, way, way back. And it’s like a universal intelligence, but it knows everything that’s going on in your body and it also knows how to fix it. So it’s just about asking questions. You know, tapping into the subconscious and asking. So if you’re experiencing headaches, what is the underlying cause of your headaches? And it’s going to be more than one thing, as you probably well know. It’s not just one thing. It’s going to be a combination of probably about eight to 10 different things from, something that happened to you when you were three years old. It could be, you know, say you had……

Kym De Boer: 09:53

Anxiety comes up a lot for people. That’s one of those emotions that we all have a lot of anxiety. So that could come up and, and you know, it could be a misalignment in the body or an Organ or something. It could be the liver, right? It could be an Organ because the liver if it has an imbalance, it’s gonna give you headaches. So it’s a combination of things and you can find out everything, but you can also release a lot of what you find by using magnets. Then the governing Meridian up your back or the of the body governing meridian which really in acupuncture, it goes from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tailbone. So if you move magnets in any of those within that area with an intention of releasing that emotion, it will release or any other imbalance.

Dr Manon: 10:56

so again with your cat, just because there’s some people going, Oh yeah, yeah, sure, sure. But let’s say your cat, how do we know what traumas, what past lives, what intention, how did you deal with your cat?

Kym De Boer: 11:18

Again, I tapped into his subconscious and the animals have the same emotions and they have the same traumas that humans do. And I just, you know, the same way with the body code or the emotion code. You have certain charts with certain emotions. The body code actually has mind maps. It’s an app that’s 280, but I think it’s around 280 mind maps within this app. And then through muscle testing or for me, I use a pendulum. I use pendulum here it is to get my answers so it’s like muscle testing only. I use pendulums. So yes and no answers. So I asked yes or no questions to get the answers and it guides me through these mind maps to find out what is actually wrong, what imbalances. So for my cat, it led me to his dental meridians, so to his teeth and he was having an issue walking his back hip was, you know, we had trouble going up and downstairs and, jumping up on things and just was having a really hard time. He also had emotional stuff as well. But what,the body code led me to was his dental meridians. And he his canines, which were both broken off at the bottom. So it led me to an imbalance in these teeth that were caused by a physical trauma. So whatever happened to him, I don’t know, but it broke them off at the bottom. So by releasing these the physical trauma from him breaking off his teeth using the magnets within 15 minutes, he was fine.that’s when I said, okay, I have to do it.Dr Manon: 13:10 Is this work you need to be with a person or you can do it even long distance.

Kym De Boer: 13:20

Long distance. Yeah. Yeah. I have a lot of clients in California and New York and, and I, it can be done over the phone. That’s where the quantum physics comes in. It can be performed over the phone or Skype or zoom or even just getting permission to connect. So I work with a lot of children. I have an experiment for you. Sure. Yes,

Dr Manon: 13:52

Yeah. Okay. So my daughter, l that’s why I was a little delayed, just came back from the vet and, and we have this, our cat has this thing going on with the eye and the typical thing that usually said, Oh, we don’t know. We don’t know what it is. We’d never seen this before. And so there’s choices. we could do steroids, you know, because that’s what they usually do. Painkillers, but she couldn’t assess whether there was pain or not. And anyway, of course I didn’t plan this because none of this was happening before.Are you up to doing this?Like showing how this works. Okay. Well then she decided to jump right on me, so I’ll take that as a, positive I’m just gonna pick her up here

Dr Manon: 14:47

Anyway, she’s a little big child now because she went to the vet.Dr Manon: 14:52 She’s never been since she was young. because she’s healthy. Yes. But she has a eye that is all red and we don’t know what it is and it’s not something typical. Okay.i i Assume that you need to see her more probably or ……

Kym De Boer: 15:10

no I’m good because I’m going to tap. What’s her name? Snowbell Snowbell I’m just going to ask to be proxy for snowbell and so can I be proxy for snowbell? Now when the pendulum goes in a circle then it’s a yes. Okay. When it goes back and forth like this, it’s a no Okay. So I can ask this question. I’m gonna pull up my, you won’t be able to see that though. I’m gonna ask if the, is it the right eye? Is it the right eye? It is, yeah. Yeah. I’m getting a yes on that, just wanted to make sure I was wondering who had to answer first. The pendulum or me.. Yeah. It’s amazing. No, that’s the right eye Are there some trapped emotions that are causing me a balance in her right eye and I’m getting a no. So I’m gonna pull up my charts here. My, I can get that to come up and I’m going to go through my mind maps. I don’t know. Can I share that

Kym De Boer: 16:27

Screen? Oh yeah, you can. You can. So those are the mind maps. So I’m going to go through now and find out is there an underlying cause for this imbalance in your right eye and that, see I’m getting a big yes. And is it on the left hand side of the chart and it’s actually taking us into pathogens, left hand side. And it’s taking us into mold, which is kind of like a fungus, right? So now do you have a mold infection? Now it’s not saying that it is a mold infection. I’m getting a no on that. So that’s where the detective comes in sometimes when you got to go, why are we here? So it’s not a mold infection. Is it an emotional mold? No, because we already asked that. So let’s just go a little bit further. So it is a mold and is there an underlying cause for this mold? So let’s just go back left hand side of the chart. It seemed energy’s left side of the chart. I’m getting posttraumatic, but now I’m getting that there is some inflammation.

Kym De Boer: 18:12

So the mold is what’s happening. It’s like a mold in the eye and it’s due to inflammation. Now is there an underlying cause with the inflammation? Let’s see if we can go a little bit deeper. And is it on the left hand side of the chart and incident? Energy, circuits and systems. Now we’re going into toxins, lefthand side and look where it’s going. Dental toxicity

Kym De Boer: 18:39

Interesting. So then we have a dental toxicity chart or a dental chart. We’re going into the teeth. So is it a particular tooth that we need to look at? Yes. And is it on the left hand side of the chart? Is it on the top left and is it tooth number one, two, three? I’m getting that. It’s tooth number four. I need my glasses for this. So the right to upper second bicuspid and it’s connected to the right lung, the right side of the large intestine, and it’s a thymus. And cause all these teeth, the meridians connect and it’s the right shoulder, elbow, hand, foot, and big toe. Does she have any, does she have any discomfort on the right side of her body at all? Do you know? Not that I can see though. Oops. Though she is getting like matted hair, which means that not as agile to be able to clean it, which sometimes is a sign of, yeah, arthritis is coming or, yeah, or something like that. So let’s just carry on. And that was an underlying cause for the imbalance in that tooth. And that is a yes. So let’s find out what the imbalance left-hand side of the chart. And it’s not an energy’s. We’re going to circuits and systems and we’re going to the acupuncture systems and we’re going to one of the eight extra ordinary meridians. Left-hand side, is it yang Hillheel? Again, heel yang linking. It is the yin linking Meridian. .

Kym De Boer: 20:23

And that goes actually from the throat. You can see from the picture and it goes all the way down, but there’s something going on in that Meridian. So is it blocked? Yes. And is it on the left hand side of the body? It is on the right hand side of the body that it’s blocked. And is there an underlying cause for this blockage and there is getting a yes. And is it go back to this truck, left hand side of the chart. And as it energies, we’re going back into circuits and systems lefthand decided due to an Organ, an imbalance and an Organ left-hand side. Is it top three? Is it heart? And we’re going actually into the kidneys.

Kym De Boer: 21:07

And how old is she? She’s 13. Okay. So that could make a lot of sense. Because it will cause swelling in the face or whatever, if there’s something going on with the kidneys. And she does have swelling underneath now, which wasn’t visible to me, but to the vet Yeah. Okay. So let’s just find out. So her kidneys are really not happy. See the movement on that. It’s like really not happy. Now is there an underlying cause for this imbalance in the kidneys? Yes. And it’s not emotional. So are we going to go into the organs? We’re going come back into the urinary system. A lefthand side. Now it’s taking us back to the kidneys for some reason. And there’s a reason for this. I just don’t always know what it is. These two kidneys an underlying cause for the imbalance in the kidneys. now is it the left kidney? It’s actually the right kidney, not the left kidney is fine. It’s the right kidney. Maybe I need it to be more specific. Now is the right kidney happy? No underlying cause for this. Yes. And it is going into the kidney emotions more than one emotion. Yes. The first one, is it on the Left 10 side of the chart. Yes. And is it blaming dread and it’s fear? No. Fear is definitely a kidney emotion. All of these emotions are kidney emotions. Yeah. So fear. Do we need to know more about this? No, we don’t. Can we clear this fear now? Yes. So the way that I do that when I’m doing remote sessions is I actually roll it over my head because I’m in the energy. Here we go. So as I’m doing this, a clearing on her. Wow. And that has been released. Now is there another trapped emotion we need to release left hand side? Is it blaming? Dread. Fear in its horror. I’m getting horror. I need to know more about this. Yes. Did it occur before the age of 10? Before the age of five, before the age was an age four, three, two, it happened. Something happened at age one that created the emotion of horror for her. Do we need to know anymore? No. Can remember these now? Yes. Like you say, three or four rolls, we’ll release it. And that has been released. Now is there another trapped emotion? Yes. Left hand side conflict. Creative insecurity. It’s terror. Kym De Boer: 23:46 Wow. I wonder what she went through. Yeah. So let’s see where that occurred. Did it occur before the age of 10 before the age of five, four, three. Also age one. So did you, did you have her as a kitten?

Dr Manon: 23:59

Yeah. i got her when she was 10 weeks or eight weeks maybe. Yeah. Now something happened to her when she was one. Do you know, you may remember anything? Definitely. There’s four and terror. Yeah. That sounds intense. I didn’t think I’d remember that. I’m just trying to think. Well, I don’t know how old she was. I remember that somebody came with their puppy dog. I was, you know what came to me was, there a dog? Yeah. She went like, she didn’t like that dog and it was, yeah, she became hugely protective And now we have a, a new dog.

Dr Manon: 24:55

My daughter has a, a puppy. Oh. And this, you know, like, yeah, she had a little bit of red. It didn’t seem, but now it looks like it’s like almost like a growth or something, you know, invading, but you know, she hisses up at the dog more. Oh, this has brought up all this stuff for her. Yeah, I can see. Yeah, I’m getting angel bumps. So it’s true. But that’s how it works with humans, right? It’s like, yeah, this is a great demonstration. Other than I’m thrilled if we can help we’ll see if there’s something else here. Like I was saying earlier, there’s more than one thing that creates all of this as a combination. Yeah. now is there another trapped emotion? No. So her right kidney is now happy. Okay. And those were just those, you know, those emotions that were creating that unhappiness.

Kym De Boer: 25:52

So that’s really good does she still have inflammation. Now I’m getting the inflammation. I’m getting a no. Okay. So her Meridian is happy, is going back. And does she have a mold? Whatever that mold was that was coming up as a mold, I’m getting a no. So that was huge. Now let’s just see, is there anything else that’s contributing to this? Some imbalance in her eye or of her eye? Yes. Left hand side of the chart and we are going into energies lefthand side of the chart, addictive part energy allergy and intolerance. Now it’s going into food intolerances. Okay. So and it’s sort of a gluten grain thing. Do you know if her food has grain?

Dr Manon

No, I actually just got that checked. But I don’t like, you know, I want to be for sure it says just a chicken and I think chicken fish or something. But I was going to look for the fine print, but I need glasses that was my next one to double double check. Okay. So she’s not lactose intolerant but she is intolerant to gluten. When she’s intolerant to grains, she’s intolerant to corn. Okay. So any nuts, any, she’s actually intolerant to some meat. So is she, and she’s intolerant to chicken. Oh huh. Now did this, I think start to happen just after you changed her food? Nope. No, cause we’ve had this food for most of her life. Oh really? Okay. So she’s showing that she has an intolerance to chicken right now.

Kym De Boer: 27:50

And sometimes what happens, and it’s the same in humans, is when we eat the same thing over and over and over again, our body actually creates an imbalance to it. Yeah. So I would just change her food. That will help. What I’ve noticed with people too is sometimes their intolerance comes up because it’s like, it’s what, you know, it’s like their cup is full, they can’t take more. Right. And it’s like they may not have been, but now it’s like their body saying no, stop even can take a couple of weeks just of not eating that particular food. Like an intolerance is not forever. Not like, Oh, all right. Yeah. So it might be okay. Yeah. Like you say, if it comes full like no more or just, you know eliminate those foods, whatever they are for, you know, it can only be just for a couple of weeks or a week or something.

Kym De Boer: 28:43

And then you can go back to eating and again, just not as intensely. Right. in moderation. Yeah. So I mean, as you know, our bodies change all the time. I mean daily, hourly and totally know it can change. So so that’s part of, of you know, what’s going on with her. Is there something else that we need do, this is a big yes. Lefthand side pathogens missile. Now it is going into nutrition and lifestyle. Lefthand side pH and balance. It’s going into food, terms of nutrients. And I’m getting that she needs some nutrients. Let’s find out what she needs more than one. It’s one nutrient. And is it in column a? So I have a chart here on my even row knowing, you know what it is? It’s vitamin a. Oh she needs vitamin a

Kym De Boer: 29:42

And that makes sense interesting. . So that will also help, does she need any other nutrients? No. So it’s just vitamin a so that, you know, put it in her food or however you can. Yeah, I’ll do that for her and that will help her skin, her skin and everything Yeah. And is there another underlying cause for the imbalance in her eye on getting a no? Do you need any medications? Do you need any, I’m getting a no. Interesting.

Dr Manon: 30:20

Oh well I’m so going to follow up, you know. No. And let, let everyone know because this is really exciting., when I was doing homeopathy, which is also considered, you know, like what on Earth!!!!how can you, and yet I was seeing unbelievable miracles. Literally, I don’t know what else to call them because they can’t be done any other way. And it’s like, you know, it’s, I say, well look, it works on this. I was in Nova Scotia, works on my goats if it works on my goats.

Dr Manon: 31:02

You know, and it works on your kids and they’re not like having, you know, they’re not having an issue. They don’t need to over believe. They just think it’s like some, you know, placebo sugar pill. Right. So it’s interesting. You know, what else our bodies can tell us that we don’t you know, that some are resistant to finding out about, well, you know, that’s true. I like that there are a lot of people that don’t want to know what’s really going on or they don’t want to believe;Simple. So simple, right? And that’s interesting. Yeah. Well this is exciting because I mean everyone will know about it. And it’s interesting that, you know, the dog came up at age one. Yeah. You know, the first thing that came into mind, I was gonna ask you like wasn’t there a dog incident?

Kym De Boer: 32:00

Yeah. And to have the puppy come in now and just bringing up you know, bringing up all those emotions, right? So that’s the kind of the retriggering of the old trauma, which otherwise lies dormant. You know, and, and kidney energy is, shock and fear and all of those things, you know, from my understanding as a naturopathic physician, it’s like, Oh, that’s, you know, that’s interesting. It makes sense. You know? And then here you get also what else? So the food, you know, I thought, Oh, maybe I should go raw with her and, but you don’t know. Right. So here, you know, so one thing that

Kym De Boer: 32:39

Showed up is mold, right? So does that mean that by addressing all of this, like one thought I had a, maybe it’s a, you know, cause cancers can be mold. Yes. Based on your small lung as well. So like, could it just be, the body is creating this and now we’re getting to seeing why it’s linked. And then just like, I’ve noticed, you know, cancers come and cancers go they don’t necessarily hang around forever. Right there, you know, whereas our minds, they go, I’ve got this and it’ll never leave me in a, I’ll need to get an excised and I’ll have to, you know, all these very invasive things when really it’s fluid, right? Yeah. I mean a cancer really. I mean, one thing we don’t want to do is own it. Like I have cancer right. Or anything arthritis.

Kym De Boer: 33:40

Like I just go, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You just have, you have a bit of inflammation in your body. You don’t have arthritis. You don’t have all of these labeled things. Because as soon as you say that you’ve got something, then you pretty much have, it’s yours, right? It’s yours. You’re owning it. And so that’s why I went, you know, in my bio is about the mindset and, you know changing your mindset around illness and disease. It’s just an imbalance in the body, right? And a lot of it is from the traumas and the emotional baggage that we’re carrying around from. It could be from when you were in the womb, it could be inherited emotions, you know, but really when you get down to it, I’d say 99.9%, as I’m going through all, there’s an imbalance in the liver due to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Kym De Boer: 34:32

It will always goes to emotions or trauma. So when you release the energy, because they get into your cellular intelligence, they get into yourself and create a rogue cell or a damage cell. And you know, as we know about cells, it’s like damage cells just produce more damage cells. They can’t then create a healthy cell. So that’s where the cancers come in, where on these cells are just replicating and they, they’re damaged and the immune system isn’t strong enough or whatever to to get them out of the body. Yeah, yeah, definitely. So, I mean, it can be so easy to, you know, what is the underlying cause of, of, you know, this imbalance in your body and find out, release those emotions and traumas and, and you know, maybe your body needs some nutrients or some foods or something, you know, to help it get through or, or homeopathy, homeopathy, you know, or something to help the body, right? Yeah. Talks and stuff. Yeah. I think

Dr Manon: 35:38

Too, that, you know, if we looked at it more like, I mean, people who are a little bit disappointed with conventional medicine, you know, and yet they not like, Oh, come on this voodoo crazy stuff, you know? Sure. Right. Yeah. Like the thing is it just look at it like it assists, it helps. It gives you just a bit more information. How much harm could a bit more information or a little more clearing of something do, right. Like, you know, like, why not, you know, what is the, what’s the resistance we have to that? And I think that’s really worth looking at. You know, I think it’s fear of the unknown.

Kym De Boer: 36:25

It’s an invisible force, right? It’s invisible. And so yeah, I’m always, you know, for me getting people, it’s like you’re moving your arm move and it’s like, no, I’m not right. But it’s just being open. And you don’t even have to believe right. But just being open to the possibilities. Yeah. And it can change your life. Yeah. So, so people who have issues with pendulums, cause I’ve come across them. Do you have any other way of or any way that you use that allows people to see, to read their own body that way? I do teach the sway test. Yes. Okay. Right. So that’s, and especially for grounding like, or for I, you know, I think part of that by taking control of your own health is to understand your body and to ask your body questions and use this sway test. because a lot of people are not really comfortable with muscle testing. Right. because, but the sway test is so simple and you can feel it. I mean even I have my clients, you know, I said try it, try the pendulum and ask it a question and see what number comes up.

Kym De Boer: 37:55

But it can be a little more challenging. But this sway test is a great way to you know, to ask your body questions. So like, yes, no, yes and no questions. Right? So like, yes, it’s like leaning you lean forward. No. Is you lean back and then as you ask yourself the question, you sort of see where your body goes. Yeah. Naturally. Naturally. Yeah. Starting with your name, unless you’re misnamed. My name is, my name is my name is Manon that’s no, and as you practice that more, I mean, you know,

Kym De Boer: 38:36

I can be walking down the aisle at the grocery store asking if something’s good for me and I’m like, Whoa, cause your body moves so much now.Dr Manon: 38:48 Yeah. Cause I mean you can Oh look at us. She’s come by. We’ll see. We’ll see what that means. Yeah. So, so just, I’m sorry to finish that loop, but how long would it take? Obviously change the food. We get vitamin a. How long would you expect a change from your experience? Cause I, you know, I have zero experience …..

Kym De Boer: 39:11

it just depends. There might be something else that comes up as well, but I would start with that. You know, with Jackson, my cat it was within 15 minutes. It was different, but it was more of a pain thing where you’ve got, you know, if you’ve got inflammation and stuff, it could take a little bit longer, but hard to say how long, but you know, I think just a few days you might see some improvements. Yeah, we’ll change the food or it can take a few days and she might feel a little calmer around the puppy maybe from releasing the horror all that stuff. So, yeah, that’s the one that’s just the layer, you know, that was a, just a, an example, you know?

Kym De Boer: 40:04

Yeah, no, absolutely. Yeah. But I mean, that’s, you know, it’s, it’s interesting, I have found too that when it’s, when it’s acute, right, there’s usually something that ignites it. And I mean, this is kind of perfect because it’s something from the past, which is typically what happens, right? Yeah. And then yeah, and then it becomes all for the body Very interesting. So I know we’re going to almost run out of time here, but have we or have you explained the difference between the body code and what’s the other?

Dr Manon: 41:03

So what’s the difference between the body code and the emotional code?

Kym De Boer: 41:08

Okay. So the emotion code, we’re just dealing with the emotions and the body code goes much, much deeper. So, you know, I can just ask the question, say, Oh, is there a trapped emotion, which I did first with your kitty cat. And it was you know, are there any trapped emotions that are causing this issue? So you can do it that way. But to go much deeper is, you know, to go into food tolerance is to go into nutrition, to go into misalignments. And so it just goes much, much deeper. And I mean, it goes into your brain, every vessel in your brain, every, you know, your nervous system, your muscular system, like it goes so deep. Yeah. Thanks very much. And we’ll be in touch. Okay. Thanks so much. Let me know how, how are your kitty cats doing? Yeah, I will definitely .Thanks

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