How to Connect with Angels & Expand Your Love with Michael Andre Ford on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks to Michael Andre Ford about removing the Veil so people have a direct experience meeting, hearing, feeling and seeing Angels and other loving figures.


Highlights from today’s episode include:

Michael Andre Ford my big message is, this is just about more love in the moment, if I’m going to postulate on something big…love is the fabric of the universe, relax, people like less thinking less the rat race, pump the brakes on that, and I don’t mean all the time, you’re still gonna think a ton.

Michael Andre Ford You can see whatever this looks like to you and say the color out loud, but then hold your own finger up and see the light coming off your finger against the blue skies, fantastic or shut off TV. That’ll make your colors pop. But watch what happens if you play your favorite song or symphony and dance a little you let go more. There’s always further growth and expansion available.

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Michael Andre Ford positivity itself is total abundance. And my opinion on this is you have this incredible, it’s like the Hoover Dam with love trapped behind the Hoover Dam, except it’s so much bigger than that. And it’s the most sparkly rainbow light for water ever, like out of a Disney film. And so, you have more connection to the universe, your higher self by the way, you can see your soul…eyes open.


Michael André Ford is an Angel Intuitive based in San Antonio, TX, who helps people meet, hear see Angels, Guides and other loving figures, including passed-over loved ones and pets.

Michael connects you to yourself and the Universe without a barrier.

As Michael moves energy, you transition out of thinking and into your heart where All is possible. There, you hear, feel and see the beautiful beings that are here to support you on your present journey.

There is healing as well. Allow, Ask & Receive. There are no limits.

Michael believes that the greatest form of human compassion is to empower people to listen for their own answers to their life questions.

Michael’s professional background in the past was as a public relations professional in NYC. He graduated from Middlebury College and Phillips Academy Andover.

He’s been running for 40 years and loves bodyboarding in the ocean.

Core purpose/ passion : My core mission is to help people let go and meet, hear and see Angels. Everyone can meet and get to know their own Angels too! There are plenty of unconditional love figures who are also here to help out.

This is about taking your skills to the next level. About getting answers for any topic you wish. About Healing. About opening your Heart more.

Find out who you are, what your purpose in life is, and what steps to take to get there.


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So, when I share with you that LISTENING to Your body is a game changer in the healing process, I am speaking from expertise and direct experience”.

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Manon Bolliger 00:04

So welcome to the Healers Cafe. And today I have with me Michael Andre Ford. And he’s an angel intuitive based in Santa Antonio, Texas, who helps people meet, here, see, and see angels guides and other loving figures, including passed over loved ones, and pets. And Michael connects you to yourself and the universe without a barrier. Now, there’s a lot more to share. But since we did have the opportunity to talk, gosh, was that three, four months ago, my world has changed. I can tell you that much. And your insights and what you shared about connecting to these energies, you know, it’s so true. My mum passed away like three, three weeks ago now. And I told her, you know, just before you go give me a sign, like something that I like, that I can not have a doubt about. It was like, she knows I don’t like noise. And she started swirling this, this little hive thing, you know that, you know, to protect wasps from coming. There was not one piece of wind, there wasn’t a thing going on, not a leaf blowing. And I turned to the corner, and I’m like, what? And then I go, oh there you are. And then off it went. And we had a full connection. And it was amazing. Anyway, so long introduction, welcome. And I really look forward to finding out more about what you do. And for people who don’t know about you, please introduce yourself more. Let’s take this.


Michael Andre Ford 02:34

Sure. Well, it’s good to see you again Manon. And it’s a pleasure to be back on. I just help people relax enough to do what they’ve already got naturally within them. And we know it through work, relationships, athletics, or just when we were in a kid and could climb that tree. It’s a basic form of letting go. It’s so simple. You’d never believe if you’re an audience member out there that you’re fully capable of just basic listening, basic hearing, basic feeling and basic seeing and yes, angels being of light. Unconditional Love figures, figures from India, Native American chiefs, your relatives on the angel part first. These are all unconditional love figures who simply exist in and …


around you. Whether you want to view it as the universe, multi-dimensional, totally here but not here to interfere. Only if you’d like some extra help, you can have actually totally detailed answers get hugs, and again, see with your eyes open.


Manon Bolliger 03:37

Yeah, interesting. It’s so…because the first time I heard you, I knew a bit what you were talking about. But it just came, you know, flooding in.


Michael Andre Ford 03:49

And what’s nice about this is it’s really off the hook, I would say 99.9% of the way because if two people own it individually, and then they’re comfortable still. Not running for the hills not having too much transformation or letting go and crying too much. They can do it together so they can get joint answers, joint hugs, a wish there’s a million ways to get a hug. Just picture when we say hey, maybe there are no limits in life, this is really no limits. So, what will you allow for? Colorblind people have seen color some stuffs written so you know, if your situation is such it may be that that’s not gonna change, but the way that you handle it, the way you feel it, or the way you get to approach it in the future that may shift. You can ask for any level of like detail and answers. I think the record is nine hours by an Australian 48 pages of answers. I just checked in every two hours. And I have photos of angels that are a great way to get you started. But you later as soon as you calm down about this concept, you can look out your window, you know, maybe it’s a football field away. Or maybe it’s a tennis court away or maybe it’s in your living room if you’re really bold, but you get to see dull on with or without wings, and so on. So, it’s lots of little baby steps to get a person just comfortable in their own skin. And this is the important part. The bigger thing is Plato’s cave, we all have a lot of thinking, a lot of knowledge we’ve built up as adults, tons of what we know, it’s almost like a overfull garage. And we need to do a little cleaning. I’m not saying you have to clean the garage. I’m not saying it to get rid of anything. In fact, I just help you pause, long enough to hear, feel and see and everything’s gonna come right back, including that overfilled garage. So, you’re not really letting go of anything, you’re just taking a timeout from all the rat race, the thinking, moving too fast, to really breathe, smile. That’s why I love athletics, you’re in the zone. Or if you’re a painter or a musician, you just know what it’s like to go for a good walk, a good swim, that’s all this is, is being in the moment long enough to let figures that already exists outside of your bubble of light that’s you, to come in and let them just do their job. And it’s more accessible than ever, and anyone can do this.


Manon Bolliger 06:11

So, give us like…pretend I know nothing about this part, because I’m sure some people listening are going what on earth are they talking about? So where does this start? How did this start for you? How did you come across this? You know what, what’s the?


Michael Andre Ford 06:29

While I talk about it, I’m going to mention my website early just because if you go to www dot Michael mi ch AE el Andre, like the champagne Ford, like the trucker car, you can actually see photos of angel on the angels on the website, but also Audrey Hepburn’s photo. A historical photo. So, while we’re talking while I’m giving you just a touch a history, put your handout and either here or here or both. Clear out of what you know, being your heart, feel the vibe off the computer screen. And you can ask for a historical photo to wink, smile, nod or even the balls of light, or the silhouette of my guardian angel an orange photo that’ll move. If you want to flower smell, ask for it. If you’re really bold, and you’re already intuitive, or just a great athlete in the zone all the time. You’re that professional volleyball player. Take what you know from that field that industry and apply it to the moment now and ask for a floral smell that beach in Maui. You can even feel the wind in your hair. I’m not kidding when I say there are no limits. But sure. I’m 54 I’m from the East Coast of the United States originally. I did Wall Street for a few years jumped into public relations for a very successful 18 years in New York City. And I couldn’t…I was a very happy guy. I always have looked younger than what my age was I lost my job in New York when I was 24 on Wall Street because I look so young. I’ve always been super enthusiastic; I’d say enthusiasms my one word that would probably describe me. It doesn’t mean I’m super bright. I taught myself calculus, I think in ninth grade, but it takes me a while on the on the uptake on this whole spiritual stuff. But long story short, it was a layoff an hour’s notice 72 of us big billion-dollar law firm, the Lehman crisis, all that stuff. And I was a global publicist, it just meant I put people on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, New York Times CNN back when the media was normal. I did 1100 media interviews in a single year, I had staff outside agencies, all this other stuff. But it was my chance to go to Austin, Texas where I had a home. I’ve been going back and forth for a couple years. And I moved in and started to have a lot of little stuff happen. I started grabbing a camera as a security blanket and I snapped a ton of photos, daytime, nighttime indoors outdoors, but none of my details is going to help anybody with their own setup in life, their own situation, their own life story. So, I’ll shorten it a little I used to hand the camera to folks, and they could snap photos of balls of light and so on. And I’ve got photos of fairies, Plato. So, check that on the website, you’ll see Plato’s face. In the photo, you’ll see the silhouette of a fairy, but they could just see with their own eyes pretty quickly. And you can see in a graduated way. If it’s 50 little baby steps. I show people their light or auras on their hand in India they do it this way. But you could see your aura on your dog or on your arm or your finger. And if two people learn to do it, they can see the flow of light between them. So like ballerinas on a stage or bandmates playing in a rock band. They could see their harmony together when they’re getting along. And so, you can see multiple colors and colors beyond human definition. Also, on a lot of shows this year and I think I might have done this for you on your last time we were on. I blew sage smoke, or I blow sage smoke.


Manon Bolliger 09:44

Oh, that’s right.


Michael Andre Ford 09:44

Yeah, from San Antonio. I’ve done this to Germany. I’ve done this to New Zealand podcasts, to Brisbane, Australia podcast hosts were wonderful, but their reactions were the best. They’re like oh my god, I smell it. So, you can smell sage and I think that’s just reinforcing the concept that there really is no two time and space, in one sense. In another, we have to pay the bills, I’m late for work. And you know, we’re running around always, you know, a lack of this lack of that, I’m going to be happy when. So, my big message is, this is just about more love in the moment, if I’m going to postulate on something big…love is the fabric of the universe, relax, people like less thinking less the rat race, pump the brakes on that, and I don’t mean all the time, you’re still gonna think a ton. But like an hour and a half a day, two hours a day is the max according to angels. So, if you’re going to do an extra yoga class, go for an extra walk, take a longer shower, sing more, hug more. And maybe the best example is, if you’ve got pets and loved ones around you all the time, how often are you telling them you love them? It’s far easier for all of us to forget that and to be occupied and to be on one of these or watching TV or not paying attention to the moment. And to kind of keep our heads in the sand. That’s really what this is about is, can you remember to remember if you remember when you remember, and that’s just to be in the present moment to relax, you have so much here. Whichever way you roll, you have a unique life path, that the second you’re just willing to let go of the ego, the thinking, the structure a little bit more. That’s when you’ll see everything unfold for you. So, it’s wonderful that there are photos of angels you can see full on you can have any answers. You can get hugs; you can get healing. There’s one person who’s been able to walk with full on figures. And you can see angels in human form, I’ll mention that. I’ve had clients to the next day after a session, you just have to put yourself out there, so you don’t you don’t need me at all right now just ask angels to get in there and surprise you the next three weeks. It’ll be that funky stranger holding the door open to the shop with sparkly eyes who says what you were just thinking yesterday or this morning, and you get a little scrambled. When you turn, they’re gone. And you can’t explain that either. But you feel good. And three days later, you’re still thinking about it. So, I’m just saying it’s more than we’re going to be able to grasp today in the show. It’s more than any audience members going to be able to allow for, but poke around on the website because there’s videos, I’ve got a couple of those videos where I light the sage, I blow the sage. My only suggestion is in my only bit of structure is the equivalent of American Boy Scout Girl Scout pledge. Just to help you out to set your intent silently so you don’t get caught at the supermarket next week doing this say hey, angels get me out of my head into my heart make this nice helped me smell feel see, whatever it is we’re talking about helped me relax on this whole topic. Amen. Rock’n’roll, thank you. Om ROM. Whichever way you roll, it’s gotta be your way. You’ve got to own it. And I’m just telling you know you’re gonna think that anything we’re talking about are photos of angels, or just the concept of seeing angels, Buddha, Mary, Jesus, Muhammad, Tikhon Han anybody, you’re going to think that’s a big deal. But think about how you walked across the room, how you flip the light switch, how you took a shower, how you fell asleep two nights ago and was the best sleep ever. That’s letting go. And that’s the level of difficulty here. You already are…this is going to sound a little fluffy. But you’re already a complete miracle of energy as you are right now. And the job of ego and being an adult and when we learned way too much since we were kids when we were happy happy, is to kind of convolute that a little and there’s some dynamics there. You know, Eckhart Tolle is great for that. Byron Katie is great for that. There are a lot of experts that will help you out here to get to here. I’m the next guy who helps you then tap what you already got unleashing your inner Jedi.


Manon Bolliger 13:40

I like the way you put that. It’s funny, I actually totally see that I was I was saying that how Eckhart Tolle gets translated practically by Byron, Katie. And you’re the next level. Once you go, Okay, fine. I know what mind does, right? But it’s connecting to, to the heart and to really to our energy field, you know, which is so important in healing and so little talked about.


Michael Andre Ford 14:16

And you can put a handout and feel an angel hold your hand, so I’m not going to ever suggest the complex stuff right off the bat. I just think smelling sage is a great first step. Hold your finger up like an American lighter or a Canadian lighter. You can see whatever this looks like to you and say the color out loud, but then hold your own finger up and see the light coming off your finger against the blue skies, fantastic or shut off TV. That’ll make your colors pop. But watch what happens if you play your favorite song or symphony and dance a little you let go more. There’s always further growth and expansion available. And so, try not to rest on your laurels. If you do see a few colors. Then go on vacation memory and see how many extra colors. When you let go further you flow more, or the further you let go, the more you flow.


Manon Bolliger 15:10

Yeah. So, I have a question that has come up for me since our last chat, which I don’t remember if I asked, I don’t think so because I don’t recall the answer, but the mind can play games. Again, this has to do with healing, right? So, there’s many like 3D things to do. Let’s say, you know, now that the news has finally broken out that maybe there wasn’t too much health stuff with, you know, these, this last two years, these medicines that they gave so many people. Now, there’s a lot of people that are freaking out going, Oh, my goodness, how do I heal from this? And there are some biological things to do, of course, right. Like, you know, make sure you’re getting vitamin D. And, well anyway I can’t, you know, sat, I can’t really say all these things because it’s individual and anyways, I’m no longer a doctor, so I don’t prescribe this. So, everyone has to find their route. But I become really aware more than ever, that the need to understand our, our DNA, as much more powerful than what I thought it was.


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Manon Bolliger 17:17

And even every cell in our body more powerful than, you know, I knew that something allowed us to heal. You know, it’s some alignments something. It’s not just, you know, what we eat and what we think and there’s more to it. You know, I could tell that and if you look at, you know, Chinese medicine with meridians or fascial work with fascial lines, and we can feel physically blockages. But there’s so much more that is possible here. I don’t know if you have something to say about that, because we live in the same world on some level.


Michael Andre Ford 17:58

Sure. I love punting to angels, which is ask your questions, get your answers. And I don’t do just one figure, I do three so that they all weigh in and you get a bit of triangulation. Now, the first few reactions I had in terms of what came up immediately was hey, where you put your focus is where you put your focus. The most safe thing I can say. So, positivity itself is total abundance. And my opinion on this is you have this incredible, it’s like the Hoover Dam with love trapped behind the Hoover Dam, except it’s so much bigger than that. And it’s the most sparkly rainbow light for water ever, like out of a Disney film. And so, you have more connection to the universe, your higher self by the way, you can see your soul…eyes open. But when you do align, that’s when you sparkle, that’s when you blush, that’s when you have energy, that’s when the neighbor from five doors down walks over to say hi, or someone crosses the street, or we’re in New York, and they’re really tough there. They don’t normally wave hi or say hi. But something happens when you’ve let go and you’re connected. That you are just flowing your presence speaks volumes that goes 50 feet out, or 20 meters out instead of the usual 10. And people subconsciously react to that and smile and say hi to you. So, what I’m going to focus on is let’s go beyond situations and words. Because those will constantly come up and challenge us. It doesn’t mean you can’t do your research or determine this or determine that. But remember that the happiness, the flow, the connection to the divine, the connection to universal love can happen without any external conditions at all, which means at any given moment. And we’re back to that whole oh my gosh, I could have told my dog I loved her or him and hug them when I walked in the door from work, but I was on one of these and I’ll get to the dog and then you forget. And that’s almost the way we go through life is head looking down at an iPad or with our career dominating, even athletics which we’re supposed to enjoy. We get lost. We think there’s a slump. And that goes full circle. So, on any given topic, I’m going to encourage people to get out there and hug a tree, go for a walk, swim, touch water, how can you be unhappy touching water…go for the swim. Yes, in the falls, go on the vacation. But every moment is the vacation. And so, the more you let go, the more you connect to all. And really, it’s letting go of thought forms to go with your natural organic heart flow just 10% extra a week. Actually, it’s seven and a half percent. But hey, it sounds like this is a lot. But I hopefully make it easy. But anybody you don’t need me just go to the website, find a photo you’re comfortable with read around a little bit, maybe read some video testimonials, there’s 90 testimonials up, listen to the vibe. And when you kind of are like okay, maybe I can do this. Give it a go. But give yourself a full break. Get out of what you know drop to your heart, just as you would before you’re like, I love athletics. So, to perform, you’ve got to be able to drop to your heart. Same thing with painting, singing. When you get into a shower, are you analyzing if each little hole in the shower head is functioning properly? Probably not. You just turn on the shower, have a great shower. Maybe you’re letting your thoughts run through you, but a lot less than you normally would. You have to let go at some point in a hot Shower.


Manon Bolliger 21:27

So, you think that’s really bringing that to the forefront, actually, consciously creating the space and time is…I mean it’s part of the solution because without it doesn’t, it’s not going to happen, right? Because you’re distracting yourself with, with everything else.


Michael Andre Ford 21:49

Seth from the 1970s. That new age figure, you know, light being, I think is Jane Roberts who kind of kick this whole thing off, talked about how it’s not going to be found through externals, but through your heart through the world you knew or know and into a greater reality. And I love that expression you can meet stuff you can meet other light beings in Silver Surfer like form. I know a lot of the light being community feels like it’s more of a chandelier with pinpoints of light. But they’ll give you a name you can see full on more like a super Silver Surfer figure. But the other thing is, love more, allow more you can be happy in this very moment for no reason at all. That constantly is going to be my refrain because it challenges there’s a but coming. But what about COVID? But what about this, but what about Russia, Ukraine? Everyone’s good where they are right now in this exact moment. And it’s allowing for I’m not saying you can’t go join an army fight for a cause or defend yourself or anything like that. But allow more love more. Think a little less, smile more, think less, breathe more. You would be shocked at how much we’re underwater if it’s an iceberg. If the happy heart shining flow here is only actually like two hours a week. The rest is subconscious unconscious. Unconsciousness is just thinking and what we know when we reject stuff, stress, fear, worry, reacting. And a lot of our opinions and what’s really funny is half of our opinions change, whether it’s a decade from now, or two weeks later, it’s a little bit of Christmas Carol. We all remember Scrooge only one way and that’s the beginning of the book or the or the movie the Disney film is he’s a jerk. He’s the number one jerk around. He’s only concerned about one thing. He’s dental floss for his life flow. But we forget that by the end of the book, which is only like 79 pages later. He is the biggest joy bringer, still does great business. Let’s plug business, it’s okay to do your thing. But you can have your cake eat it to smile more and every cake you deliver if you own the bakery, equals a smile for someone else and there’s no calories with these cakes. So, what I’m trying to say is back to Christmas Carol, he’s the biggest joy bringer. He’s got the sizzle going on in his presence and he’s connected. And he’s let go of all the judging the thinking, the meanness the maychaunt.


Manon Bolliger 24:12

Okay, I’m asking different questions completely


Michael Andre Ford 24:15



Manon Bolliger 24:16

Okay, and they’re related potentially. So, my background I was so called raised Catholic, but it was like, not really, you know, it’s like when you know that you’re, your parents are doing the right thing, but they don’t have that connection, the way that it’s been prescribed. They have a connection, but it just not quite in this sort of the walls or the confines of the belief systems of organized religion, which, you know, I’m fine with and again, you know, it doesn’t matter to me if people are or aren’t. It doesn’t change my happiness. But I’ve heard so many people saying that what we’re seeing now is a…it’s a battle between evil and good. And do you have a…like, for me, this is new information. And yeah, it’s you know, you can see some of these demonic posturing’s and stuff. And I’m like, you know, I really…I guess, I’ve believed that there is no evil, you know, that or that we are both. I mean, we’re all one as in, there’s a totality that, you know, a bit like, what’s her name? Hicks. There has to be some…how does she put it, she puts it so well, there has to be contrast for you to see one, you must see that there is the other so I can I understand that you wouldn’t see the light if there wasn’t darkness, etc. But do you…do you have a comment on that? Because a lot of people are saying that, whether they’re religious or just spiritual, that this is what the battles about.


Michael Andre Ford 26:14

Well, I love it. And you had me when as soon as you said that I had a quote for you, I’m going to back up and just say, Mary exists, she’s love. And if everybody had her faith and trust, there would be no more need for fear or worry. Three Native American chiefs told me that like back in 2014, or something like that, Jesus’s around, Mohammed. Buddha, I’m not endorsing any religion, any one way of working out, you know, organizational stuff and everything else but and I’ve seen negativity with my own eyes, darkness, shadows, whatever you want to call it moving around energy. Again, it’s where you put your focus what you’ll allow for. If you’re, I think Eckhart Tolle handles it very well. It’s like the drug battle in America. The more you oppose something, the more you’re actually spending your energy and subconsciously attracting it. The universe doesn’t really hear no or not. So, where you are a little bit of Abraham Hicks here, Esther Hicks. But I had a great quote from Jesus. And I’m not trying to say make it sound religious here, but you can meet figures from India, you can meet Seneca, Plato, Marcus Aurelius, I don’t think those are really religious, that’s just Ancient Greece. But he said, compassion is here for all. A person need only be open to receive. A new consciousness emerges. Details are not so important. Love is love. So, it’s that pumping the brakes. I think if we are ever at a point I mean, mankind. These are the eternal questions you can meet Abraham a volt Angel, fatherly grandfatherly energy on everyone’s team. But these are the questions that are eternal what it is to be mankind or humanity. And it is part of mankind’s path to pump the brakes a little on thinking and allow our consciousness simply to expand our own personal growth. It’s our soul’s evolution, even though it happens over lifetimes, you can accelerate it. And I love that, and angels can alter your path, I’m gonna throw two sticks of dynamite into the water, I’m sorry, fish. But you can accelerate your soul’s growth on this journey. And they can alter your path a little bit. Now, if you’ve got a specific disease setup. Oftentimes, that can be written because you signed up to like experience that. Now that doesn’t mean some of the symptoms or some of the ways it goes down can’t be addressed. Or you can have your perspective, I’m getting stressed on that. You can have your perspective shifted on it a little. So, you’re more at ease in the moment is the best I can do. But you can get any level of help. So, with these questions, ask Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Joy and Angel, the very first one people meet. Audrey Hepburn asked these questions, and I would ask it 30 times, because there’s no ending for the number of answers on the same question and how much flavor you get. I have to say it a different way. I have asked what is compassion for a lot of times, not just 20 times, but like hundreds of times, and I have so many beautiful definitions of compassion. And it just seems like every time you give them a piece of blank canvas, they paint even a better answer. So, it’s just unbelievable how we tend to operate by issue external situations and English, words, structure. And yet, yes, get all your answers physically, normally and write as fast as you can till the ink runs out in the pen. But you can also get vibed like a symphony of light. 30,000 words in a very short three minutes, two minutes and let it unpack over time and no way will it fry your brain. And you can go the quantum physics crowd. They’re trying to force the door open. That’s not quite the way they think it is. If they would just allow and chill out the Mehdi crowd the SETI crowd if they want to meet Light Beings fantastic. They would hop to it immediately you could get all your answers. Scientific crowd oh my god meet Einstein. Tick not Han the Buddhist crowd I’ve I love Um, some of the Tibetan Buddhist lineage folks, whether they’re American or other countries, they’ve been fantastic. Same thing with some of the folks who’ve spent a lot of time at ashrams in India, you know, very trained so you can meet shriek halashuar, Sai Baba, Krishna, Ganesh, Lakshmi, and so on. But at the end of the day, it’s opening openness. Now is always the occasion. I love those expressions that came from Shogun Trungpa Rinpoche, I finally learned how to say that right? I’ve been saying Rinpoch for 10 years, I’ve been mispronouncing it, you know, so this is all organic. At my end, I’ll mispronounce everybody’s name and every bit of terminology. And I think that’s nice. I hit the landmines, whether it’s the Catholic Stuff, the Protestant stuff, the Buddhist stuff, there’s 3000, like miny schools in there, but at the end of the day, a person can only want to get so many answers. They’re only going to make it three, five hours will max you out. Nine hours was incredible that day, so you can get all your answers. And guess what, three, four months later, it’ll change again, you’re gonna want all your answers again. I think more importantly, one hug is worth 100 questions. Can you look at a photo go to my website, clear out drop to your heart, do something do loosey goosey shake your hips, shake your shoulder sing something that makes you laugh every time or put on your highest vibe song and dance with your dog. Then look at the photo. Ask for a hug feel a hug 1 million ways to feel a hug. The first time because you’re kind of scared. It’ll be a single goosebump. The second time a woosh down the back yummy in the tummy. Asked for the best floral smell lavender in the room. Honeysuckle. Tell angels to make it nice as if you walked into your favorite sushi restaurant, and you personally know the chef and have a big bank account. You just yell make it nice, and Roger or Susan makes it nice. Who needs a menu? And in a way, I think we wrapped up that topic again. Love is all. And the details are important. I’m not saying don’t do the details but try to keep it in balance so that you first did a lot of loving. Are you telling your dog when you see your dog every single time? Are you snuggling him? No. We have things to do and tasks we get buried. And sometimes for years at a time.


Manon Bolliger 32:11

Well, Michael, with that, like, I just say what would you like to end this on? But I feel like this is such a perfect end to this conversation.


Michael Andre Ford 32:22

Sure. Right after we spoke in the spring, my little listening to angels book, it’s I’d love to say it’s mine. I saw balls of light as I was typing in 2014. It’s 48 pages, but I swear it’s really like 25 pages and it’s 15-minute read. These are electronic pages. It’s at Amazon. And their profile is just forward slash author forward slash angels. But it’s $4.99. And it’s super short written by angels with photos of angels. Gorgeous. I have a couple sample pages on my website. So, it’s written by angels.


Manon Bolliger 32:58



Michael Andre Ford 33:00

It’s very gentle, very easy.


Manon Bolliger 33:03

It’s also on your like, if you look up your website, you’ll have a link to that too. Yeah. Okay. Very good. Well, anyway, lovely speaking with you again and thank you.


Michael Andre Ford 33:13

Well, thanks for everybody’s patience but no limits may really be no limits. You have to find your way to laugh shake your head at all this and once you’re done with me, kick me out of the way. Think about all the ways you already let go. That’s for the listener.



ENDING: 41:33

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