How to Transform the Wounded Healer with Mike Marschhausen on The Healers Café with Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND

In this episode of The Healers Café, Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND, chats with Mike Marschhausen a holistic health coach, intuitive healer, empath, and highly sensitive person, years after his deployment to Afghanistan as a United States army in infantry

Highlights from today’s episode include:

Mike Marschhausen (22:49):

Of course you have to come through a place where you realize you don’t need to be fixed and you’ll get a lot more healing in that way. But you know, it’s, that’s something that you really have to go through even just like intellectually, it isn’t going to cut it.

Mike Marschhausen (23:06):

You still have this, this feeling of, well, I have to just, if I could just fix this, then, you know, then that’ll happen. And that’s definitely been a driving force for me through, through everything, through all the healing and through my curiosity and my passion and the discipline. And so this is, one of the positive sides to the wounded healer, not necessarily the shadow side is that it drives my curiosity. It draws my passion it just drives me wanting to be better wanting to learn more healing modalities.


Mike Marschhausen (24:35):

I’ve done healing around this, I’ve also a kind of an image that comes up, whether this is just an actual past life or whether this is just you know mental imagery to, to teach the lesson is as a monk who He, wants to serve God so, so much, but from such a place of fear, and he’s so afraid to do anything wrong through because he doesn’t want to be judged by God, or judged to be unholy. So is so afraid to do really anything. And, you know, it definitely doesn’t want to touch money, doesn’t want any type of intimate relationships.


Mike Marschhausen (25:22):

So this just keeps you from living your life, it keeps you to stay small and you know, and this is like this idea that so many healers and empaths have, right? Like that’s what it means to be Holy. And so with that came up, we had to work around, this is ,I’d rather be whole than Holy, so we should never seek to be Holy beccause that’s not even like a real thing.


Mike Marschhausen (35:24):

I see empath as a vortex and so I think all the empaths collectively are serving as like the vortex is for the collective consciousness, right.

About Mike Marchhausen

Mike Marschhausen is the co-founder of Mike & Suzie Health and Wellness and the podcast co-host of The Mike & Suzie Show. He helps ambitious men live energetic, healthy lives in order to achieve their full human potential. He focuses on holistically integrating all aspects of life for well-rounded health and happiness.

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Dr. Manon is a Naturopathic Doctor, the Founder of Bowen College, an International Speaker with an upcoming TEDx talk in May 2020, and the author of the Amazon best-selling book “What Patient’s Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask.” Watch for her next book, due out in 2020.


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TRANSCRIPT Dr Manon (00:02): Hello, and welcome to The Healers Cafe today. I have the pleasure of having an interview with Mike Marschhausen and he’s, a holistic health coach, intuitive healer, empath, and highly sensitive person, years after his deployment to Afghanistan as a United States army in infantry, he found out he was suffering from PTSD, using all that he had learned about health and healing prior to his diagnosis. He began diving even deeper into his healing journey to successfully heal. And I’m not going to read any further from your bio, welcome. Tell us a little bit, whether it’s that journey or your initial journey, how did you find yourself in the healing field? Mike Marschhausen (00:58): Thank you so much for having me here, Dr Manon and there are two main significant awakening points that I had , the first one was………. So the second one was definitely more like the spiritual awakening you might say, but this was, I can definitely say very spiritual. So the first awakening was this feeling that I had for the first time of I’m not stuck the way I am and that, I always kind of, I felt I had a lot of brain fog and the didn’t ever really feel very like smart or confident and, with poor focus and it just kind of like thought that’s how I was. And I was studying nutrition at the time in undergrad. And it was just, you know, starting to get more into just, not just what I was being taught there, but, learning other things too some stuff about like gut health. Mike Marschhausen (01:50): And i decided to do like a paleo diet, just try it out, i was hearing some stuff about it and not for weight loss this was after Afghanistan too. And I had put on a lot of muscle there. So i was a pretty big fit dude, but definitely wouldn’t say I was the healthiest. And then after that, I had all these symptoms just like went away and the brain fog and all this stuff. And I was just like, wait, what just happened? Like I had so much energy all throughout the day, like, you know, from when I woke up to when I went to sleep and it was just like, what is going on? my brain was sharper and, i was like getting, doing better on tests. Mike Marschhausen (02:27): And so that was the, first like, Whoa, like I’m not stuck the way I am. I can do something and, you know, to change, to have a different outcome in my life. So that was the first kind of awakening. And then that led down to …

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