How to Strengthen Your Immunity with Prof Dr. George Grant PhD, on The Healers Café with Dr M (Manon Bolliger), ND

In this episode of The Healers Café, Dr. Manon Bolliger ND, talks Professor Dr. George Grant, Ph.D. U of T. 1995 who is known as The Caring Doctor, is considered the Canadian authority in Integrative/Functional Medicine and a toxicologist  a microbiologist & epidemiologist and a global wellness ambassador. Prof. Dr. George Grant is an expert in biofeedback, stress, anti aging and natural pain management..


Highlights from today’s episode include:

Dr Grant

I do personally believe that everything we do is the food that we eat, the food we do not eat, and the food that is eating us. Because some people don’t even understand that they’re not eating real food. 90% of the stuff in the supermarkets today. It’s all sad. It’s really like, all of the junk food that we see in the boxes and cans and in the shelves, artificial colors, and flavors and all of this stuff. It’s not real food. It’s really something resemble food. So, I recommend for people to go and eat real food. Because let your food be thy medicine and your medicine be thy food

Dr Grant

To tell you the truth, when I put this post on my website, I recommend it take between 8000 to 10,000, vitamin D3, between 3000 to 5000, vitamin C milligrams, and 80 milligrams of zinc every single day. I did not have any publications to justify that. It was based on 40 plus years of experience. But guess what Dr. Manon last month, there was 4800 publications in reference medical journals to show what I recommended two years ago was absolutely valid development, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc to boost the immune system

Dr Grant

I’m sorry, this is not the biggest pandemic we’re living in the biggest pandemic we’re living in is diabetes, obesity, I call it dieobesity. It’s hypertension that people are taking drugs for the rest of their lives. And heart problems, which is the number one leading cause of death. And these are the biggest pandemic here our lifestyle has to change. Because we eat the standard American diet sad, SAD, or the standard Canadian diet SCT. Those are the diets that cause problems.

About Dr Grant

Professor Dr. George Grant, Ph.D. U of T. 1995 who is known as The Caring Doctor, is considered the Canadian authority in Integrative/Functional Medicine and a global wellness ambassador. Prof. Dr. George Grant is an expert in biofeedback, stress, anti-aging and natural pain management. He helped clients at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto recover from clogged arteries as well as 10,000 clients worldwide.

He is the founder & CEO of the Academy of Wellness.

Dr. Grant enjoys a stellar academic and a fascinating career in research. He is a scientist, professor, chemist, toxicologist, nutritionist, biofeedback, stress management and a pain specialist. Dr Grant worked as a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, FDA and CDC as well as in private practice.

Dr. George Grant has helped 11 Fortune 500 companies, 11 nonprofit organizations and 11 Olympic athletes in Canada, USA along with 10,000 clients worldwide. He has over 250 published articles, 400 papers reviews, hundreds of conference presentations, book reviews and 13 bestselling books including a Guinness world record holder with 126 gifted co-authors.

Live, Love, Laugh, Let Go & Leave a Legacy.

Prof. Dr. George Grant, Ph.D., is known as The Caring Prof. He is considered the Canadian authority in Biofeedback, Nutrition, Stress and Canada Wellness Ambassador.

Prof. Grant is an award, bestselling celebrity author of 23 books, 5 patents including the natural patented & published Robust Prostate Formula, 250 published papers, 375 papers reviews, hundreds of conference presentations and he is a senior editor of 10 scientific journals. Co-authored books with Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracey, Les Brown and hundreds of other celebrity bestselling authors.

He pioneered the research on Beta Endorphins 1981 at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sask.; Organized the first Fibromyalgia Conference in Ottawa, ON. Canada with Health Canada 1998; Developed the first Fibromyalgia Bio marker 2,3 DPG, Organized and presented at the International Pain Conference in Chicago, IL., 2015; with Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins & Harvard. He has helped several fortune 500 companies worldwide; non-profit organizations; and top Olympic Athletes across Canada & USA. First Scientist to correlate Type 3 diabetes with Dementia 25 years ago.  

Prof. Dr. George Grant, Ph.D. believes that Prevention is better than Intervention, Self Care & self Love is better than Crisis Care and Meditation is better than Medications. We care, serve and educate NOT medicate, operate, radiate nor vaccinate.

Prof. Dr. Grant worked as a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, FDA and CDC as well as in private practice. Prof. Dr. Grant has helped 10,000 clients & students worldwide to achieve Total Wellness by focusing on healthy lifestyle. Education is Better than Medications; Operations. Prevention is Better than Intervention. Prof. Grant helps his 10,000 clients live healthy to 111+++ Dr. Grant spoke to 2.2 Millions viewers in 100 countries at the virtual Turning point 2020 WONM Conference in October 2020.

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Sick Care: Focus on Intervention, Reactive, Crisis Care, Allopathic medicine, Medications, Surgeries. Side Effects/Complications.

We Care, Serve and Educate. We Do Not Medicate, Operate, Irradiate & Vaccinate or Irritate. Focus on your ABC [Attitude/Belief/Commitment] & PMS [Physical/Mental/Spiritual Health] 

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Welcome to the Healers Cafe. Conversations of health and healing with Dr. M (Manon Bolliger), ND.

Manon Bolliger 00:18

So welcome to the Healers Cafe. And today I’m super excited because I have professor Dr. George Grant with me. And let me just tell you a little bit about him. He got his PhD at UFT in 1995. He is known as the caring doctor, and I can certainly vouch for that. Is considered the Canadian authority of integrative functional medicine and a global wellness ambassador. Professor, Dr. George Grant is an expert in biofeedback, stress, anti-aging, and natural pain management. He helped clients at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto recover from clogged arteries, as well as 10,000 clients worldwide. And I have had the pleasure of working with him. And also, well, clogged arteries. Let me tell you, this is definitely one of the biggest issues that we’re starting to see currently in this non pandemic. So, welcome.


Dr. Grant 01:30

Thank you so much, Dr. Manon. Really appreciate the invitation. Thank you.


Manon Bolliger 01:35

So well, let’s…I’m gonna ask you the question that I asked absolutely everybody, just kind of a background of how did you get drawn into this type of medicine and give me a little bit your background, I know you’ve done time research.


Dr. Grant 01:57

Okay. Before I start, I just want to make a disclaimer. I did work for Health Canada, and the FDA and the CDC for over 10 years. And none of the stuff that I’m talking today with Dr. Manon, is endorsed by any way, shape or form by Health Canada, the FDA or the CDC, or USDA or FTC. It’s my personal opinion. I just want to make sure that this is crystal clear. We’re not diagnosing or treating anybody. Yes, I do have three doctorate degrees. Yes, I have three masters. Yes, I published 250 papers, 20 books. But everything we’re going to discuss today is about my own personal experience. And I’m going to answer that question now. At 18 years young Dr. Manon, my mother passed away at age 41. So, at age 18, I was orphaned. No mom. And dad passed away after that, I have never seen my grandparents from both sides. So that puts a lot of pressure on me at age 18 either have to become a victim, or to become a victor to find out what could I have done to help my mom and my dad to reverse the heart disease, their diabetes, their health problems, and all of the blood pressure and medication that they’ve been taken and all of this stuff. So, I started to search and research. And after 55 years, I’m 70 right now, I know I look younger, thanks Dr. Manon.


Manon Bolliger 03:14

I was going to say you didn’t even give me a chance.


Dr. Grant 03:18

I feel younger, even though my genes are really bad from both parents and grandparents, even four or five generations down. I’m at 71 healthy, I don’t have any medications. I do not do any of this stuff. So, this is what compelled me to answer your questions to study integrative medicine, functional medicine, and lifestyle medicine. I do personally believe that everything we …


do is the food that we eat, the food we do not eat, and the food that is eating us. Because some people don’t even understand that they’re not eating real food. 90% of the stuff in the supermarkets today. It’s all sad. It’s really like, all of the junk food that we see in the boxes and cans and in the shelves, artificial colors, and flavors and all of this stuff. It’s not real food. It’s really something resemble food. So, I recommend for people to go and eat real food. Because let your food be thy medicine and your medicine be thy food. That’s what I believe in. So, I think if mom and dad follow that rule, they will be still around today. But they did not they had very bad habits in eating and when I was younger I for the same habits. I was adding three teaspoon of sugar in my tea and coffee, which is not supposed to be done this way. And now I learned not use sugar but use stevia and start to learn about the connection between diet and disease. Is there a real connection? And the answer is absolutely yes. Now if somebody want to disagree with me, they want to arm wrestle me on this. I’m willing to do that. It doesn’t matter what kind of qualification they have. It doesn’t matter how long they have been studying because I’ve been there, I’ve been doing that. I worked with Johns Hopkins Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Medical School, at the International Bank offices in Chicago in the year 2015. I’ve done extensive work in my career. You know what Dr. Manon? I wish I know what I know today at age 18, which is almost impossible for a teenager to know all of the stuff that accumulated in the past, you know, 40 plus years. But had I known how to prevent diabetes, hypertension, and heart problems. My mom and dad and I did not see my grandparents you could have been alive today. So, it’s there’s a connection between diet and disease. Yes. So, in our model here, Dr. Manon, we care, we serve we educate, we do not medicate, would not operate, we do not irradiate, we do not vaccinate, and we do not irritate. This is really my model here. Because we use devices like the one, I did for you. It’s called the AO mobile scan this device here detect and correct things by frequency. It’s a wonderful one of those latest devices that are used. And I’ve been using biofeedback devices for almost like 40 plus years. This is the one I use now. very successfully because I can use on zoom. Like we never met in person, you’re in British Columbia, I’m in Toronto. Like it takes about four and a half hours to fly. I lived in Vancouver for 10 years. Without flying, I can just do this through either a phone or through zoom visually. And that’s what the device allow me to detect and correct frequency. So, to answer your question, what is my passion about this is to help people to understand what is the real cause of these situations, I help them to wean themselves off gradually, of blood pressure medications, diabetes medications, yes, I had 10,000 clients, that was actually five years ago, as we speak today, in the year 2021. My total clientele all over the world is over 20,000 clients across Canada, across the US, across the Caribbean countries and Europe, 20,000 clients, we’re helping them.


Manon Bolliger 07:06

I really, I definitely want to use our time, because I think you have lots of options to for, there are so many people. And this is you know, shown in VAERS, though, because of the incredible censorship, we can’t even post official documents anymore, even if they’re, you know, 100th of the likelihood of severe problems that are coming from, and I would rather call them injections, because it’s a different principle then vaccines, I don’t believe that they actually are that. And it’s literally injecting a spike protein into the body and the spike protein is the toxin. And unlike the literature, you know, that they said it would all stay in the deltoid, and it would be gone in 48 hours, all things that they couldn’t know. And now with biopsies, they’ve seen that it actually has gone to many organs, and it’s deeply affecting the circulation. And therefore, that’s why we’re seeing all these clots, we’re seeing strokes, we’re seeing, you know, heart attacks, we’re seeing all of these, you know, terrible effects. So, without going into whether you did it or you didn’t because, I mean, there was a fear campaign, that was the biggest virus, you know, telling people that they should do and protect themselves from something that was 99.97 whatever, large number, you know, actually not deadly. But now we have people who are who are busy who are, you know, they just want to get on with their life. They’re told that, you know, they won’t see their grandparents or an aunt that has cancer or they’re told all these things, and they don’t have time to research. The news doesn’t cover anything, but to say it is safe bla bla bla, which we know it’s not what can they do? If they’ve already taken it, and they’re aware that they better do something to help themselves?


Dr. Grant 09:29

That’s a great question, Dr. Manon because in the year 2000 when I was at Health Canada, I was actually in charge of all of the quarantine and all of the stuff that for SARS, or Coronavirus at that time, the 2000 almost like my goodness, that is almost like 20-21 years ago now, and I was in charge of every cruise port and every airport across Canada and none of what I’m seeing now is getting endorsed by Health Canada or the FDA or the CDC but I tell you something we found only one case of Norwalk virus in one of the cruise ship resolve in 24 hours and one hemorrhagic fever in one of the Pearson airport in Toronto that resolved within 24 hours after quarantine, no lockdown at that time. And at that time some drug companies tried to make. Basically, they call it gene therapy or vaccine, you want to call it whatever you want to call it. It did fail the animal trials. Now I’m a toxicologist licensed in Canada and the US. I’m also a microbiologist. I’m an epidemiologist. If your clients would like to check me out, go to the And look at my Bio. And everything I’m seeing is evidence based. Everything I’m seeing is scientifically valid and proof. The proof is there in the pudding. I was never been censored by either Facebook or LinkedIn because they know my credentials, and they know my qualifications. So, if they want to censor Dr. Tenpenny, or my friend, Dr. Booter, or some other doctors, this is their choice. But I have not been censored so far. If you look at my website Academy of I published something in January 20. In the year 2020, former Health Canada FDA, CDC, Sr consultant recommendations to overcome COVID-19 I have it their date stamped. To tell you the truth, when I put this post on my website, I recommend it take between 8000 to 10,000, vitamin D3, between 3000 to 5000, vitamin C milligrams, and 80 milligrams of zinc every single day. I did not have any publications to justify that. It was based on 40 plus years of experience. But guess what Dr. Manon last month, there was 4800 publications in reference medical journals to show what I recommended two years ago was absolutely valid development, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc to boost the immune system. I don’t see many like, I know you’re a very prominent natural doctor, which I do admire you and I worked with you. And you talk to the people both boosting immune system, how to improve the immune health improve your thymus to make your healthy T cells and NK cells. And this is what we need. We need vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, of course, we need vitamin A, and we need all of the other minerals like magnesium and potassium. But these are the key thing, the three things that are actually published on my blog, which you can go and look at it.


Manon Bolliger 12:25

But you know, it’s funny when you say that. So, I in March 2020. I actually also let people know I said, look, we don’t know what this is, right? So, but it’s you know, if it’s a virus or whatever, all we need to do is booster our own immune system. And I actually said pretty well the same thing because that’s what we do. And I got a letter suspending my license. Also, what happens here, and I think people need to know that is we have an official gag order, as do Canadian doctors as well. So, we are really not allowed to say that I had no idea I got back from Mexico, you know, I had, you know, I had no idea that we were going to be actually, you know, gagged for wanting to do preventative work, which is the foundation of our work as naturopathic doctors, right?


Dr. Grant 13:29

Well Dr. Manon you’re not the only one. I’ve written 20 books, one of them. It’s called the holistic health book. It was written by one of the top Canadian doctors in Toronto. His name is Dr. Akbar Khan. He’s one of my colleagues is one of my, you know, basically done research together. He published something. He’s a cancer doctor, and he published something in the refereed medical journal that he used something called DC therapy for cancer bachlor acetate and ensure efficacy of over 90%. Now, as you know, chemotherapy has only efficacy of 5% or less, and toxicity of 95%. By the way, I’m a toxicologist and everything I’m seeing is evidence base. If you want to argue with me if you want to arm wrestle me, Go ahead. And then the doctor got a letter from CMA to see that you cannot recommend this even though it shows efficacy in your published paper. You have to recommend chemotherapy. radiotherapy because you’re an MD. And right now, his licensed is in question. I am his expert witness in court. I would love to face any lawyer from CMA. I’m going to display with them my qualifications. And then I want to arm wrestle with them to the dr. Akbar Khan back into his seat to helping people reverse cancer at 90% success rate, not 5% toxicity rate. You’re not the only one who has been censored you’re only one who was punished. But okay, we have a bigger issue here that all of the stuff that is published now, if it does not favor, any big pharma, I have no axe to grind against big pharma. I actually did work for the generic pharmaceutical company for One year, I developed a drug or a vaccine for it’s called flutamide. for prostate cancer, I developed another drugs with some other major companies, no axe to grind, everything works with the top doctors in the country. And I have no axe to grind against physicians or big pharma at all. And you know me well, since my work at Health Canada, the FDA, and the CDC. But what I do not like Dr. Manon is this, is give somebody blood pressure medication for the rest of their lives to see going to take this. So, when I help somebody in three to four months to reduce their dependency on hypertensive medications, diabetes medications, like I’m trying to educate them about Metformin, which can cause cancer. So, I don’t Metformin is not the answer for your diabetes, the lifestyle is the answer. Now, have I committed any scientific mistake here by telling him that because lifestyle medicine, I’m not sure whether you know this or not, it’s active board certification. Now in the US, you become lifestyle medicine doctor, it can get for years, and it can get board certified. And so, it’s integrated mess. I work with the top Imperial medicine doctors in the world of Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic. If you doubt, integrative medicine, I am FM lM, then you need to really revisit my website Academy of And think about what you’re resisting here. Because we’re trying to help people to understand if something has 99.7% success rate and recovery, like any flu. So, we can say COVID-19 is basically a common flu, okay, it’s not what some people die from the COVID. Because of preexisting conditions, we know that somebody died from a motorcycle accident in highway 41. In Toronto. He tested them for their COVID-19. And it was positive. And in his death certificate, he died, not from the motorcycle accidents. He died from the COVID-19. Now I’m telling you something Now, listen to me, please. When the doctor sign death certificate that has COVID-19 positive they get $5000 to $10,000 extra. Have we traded our integrity to put for somebody died for a motorcycle accident? And if the police said he died in a motorcycle, why would you take a nose swab from somebody who’s dead to show that he’s COVID-19 to get that $10,000 from the government. And we have people dying from preexisting condition like diabetes, or hypertension or heart disease, elderly people, and the COVID-19. So, all of the statistic now produced by CDC, I’m going to tell you right now is flawed. If you don’t believe me, go to VAERS, the adverse drug reactions from the CDC. And it’s not properly reported. Because preexisting condition the death rate from COVID is still under point .3% worldwide. But when we have death rate exceeding that, because of the faulty RT PCR test, which the inventor itself said that it cannot be used for diagnosis based on the cycle rate, which is the amplification rate of this test. Everybody will be false positive. So please, if you really study toxicology, pharmacology, and if you study epidemiology and microbiology like I did, and then he tells me that RT PCR test is accurate. Let’s have a face-to-face discussion on Dr. Manon show here. And I’ll open my cards, you open your cards, and let’s just have an open discussion, friendly discussion. I don’t fight I don’t if I do everything scientifically, by the way, I was a scientist before became a doctor. I have a PhD first I’m going to become IMD and the DHS


Manon Bolliger 18:27

You definitely have all the qualifications, but and the truth is that there are many qualified experts that are, you know, saying parts and pieces of everything you’re saying and that are being completely censored. And if you don’t know about Rumble, and BitChute, and yeah, and brighten and I learned so much. I did not know you can’t google anything anymore. Nothing. Mercola who’s always been you know; he’s had to censor all of his things. It’s terrible. But what I’d like to switch to because I’m an optimist, and this is horrible situation that we’re in. There are people who have taken it in good faith because they believe in the government, they believe authority and they believe in it. Well, I see what’s interesting to the way this was rolled out. Many of the doctors you didn’t even have to you did not always get a chance to ask your doctor you just go to whatever clinic and even get it done. And you know, and in the states, you go to a Walmart or wherever, you know. So informed consent was absolutely missing because…so anyway, but I’m bringing up things I don’t like that’s all there what I want our solutions. So, I wonder what can we do if a person has had one Got two shots. And, you know, before they even consider boosters, what can they do?


Dr. Grant 20:08

My recommendations Dr. Manon is this, the first step, go to Academy of And then they’re going to see the device called AO mobile scan there. In this device we detect and correct frequency like I’ve done with you, from your 12 seconds voice, we’re going to get voiceprint. And guess what this device have documented. You can see here; I hope you can see this clearly in the screen. Yeah, it has vaccination detox, it has virus detox. It has all of this stuff done through two minutes of frequency to neutralize the side effect of all of the mRNA vaccines, and all of the thrombo embolism from AstraZeneca. And, and Johnson and Johnson at cause clotting.


Commercial Break 21:02

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Dr. Grant 22:04

So, by doing this one year, it’s very simple to normalize that if they had the first shot when the second shot, actually be talking about doing a third booster shot for the variant Delta variant. Okay, well, last week, there was a cruise ship. All of this stuff has been vaccinated, all of the passengers by law has to be vaccinated, and they have 15 cases of COVID can explain that to me, I’m only I only have three doctors, three masters, three bachelors, I only published 250 papers. Now they told us this is safe. Oh, really saves an analyst very short, safe. Now, you’ve done human clinical trials, the show is safe. No, it’s going to be complete by 2023. So, the FDA approval Fast Track approval from the FDA to approve it fast track because of this serious pandemic that we’re living in. I’m sorry, this is not the biggest pandemic we’re living in the biggest pandemic we’re living in is diabetes, obesity, I call it dieobesity. It’s hypertension that people are taking drugs for the rest of their lives. And heart problems, which is the number one leading cause of death. And these are the biggest pandemic here our lifestyle has to change. Because we eat the standard American diet sad, SAD, or the standard Canadian diet SCT. Those are the diets that cause problems. Those are the diet that because if somebody has taken the vaccination and they wonder, they go to Academy of I have a calendar, a website to look in on my calendar. And then I just mentioned Dr. Manon, I’ll do this for them for two and a half minutes. And then I’ll help them to detoxify the body from either the virus or the vaccination or both. And this device here is able to actually do a voice analysis, like I’ve done for you vital analysis of the CBC blood test, and also comprehensive analysis equivalent to the basically the CAT scan that scan MRI, with 95% accuracy and reproducibility. Okay. So, this is what we can do here.


Manon Bolliger 23:57

So, this mechanism, and I didn’t know that you could do that with this because we haven’t talked recently, we’ve both been super busy. But now that I’m just gonna answer the variant question in a minute, but what Oh, actually, I will tie them because they the studies now from Israel. And I think it’s called sayseashell. The island, which are the most vaccinated amounts have the most cases of the so-called variants. And, again, I’m not going to go into all the mechanisms of why people get sicker, but as we’re going to come to the fall and winter is going to be the usual you know coronas in the usual flus and the usual whatever, they are they are more primed to get sick, not protected and we’re seeing that all ready, you know, in countries that are ahead of us this schedule wise, but my question is, so if the immune system is compromised, when you’re doing you’re dealing with everything with frequency that is your, so you’re not suggesting to that they also ….take vitamin D do the usual course.


Dr. Grant 25:27

Of course! 100%. This is just like, basically to get the body going, Yeah, to restore the thymus health, which makes T cells NK cells, but taking the vitamin D and vitamin C and, and zinc every day. This is essential along with this 100%. And the reason that we have something like they call it now, the fourth phase, that’s coming in September, October, because we get less sunshine, we get less vitamin D. And even in this hour, there are parts of the world that below the equator, they have dark skin, they have too much melanin pigment, they cannot absorb vitamin D from the sun. So, they have to physically take vitamin D. Now and doctors you don’t want you know what I know, you know this, why doctors recommend 400 to 800 iu and we need 5000 to 10,000 iu. This is a therapeutic dose. And some doctors called me, and he said, how can you recommend a toxic dose to my client 10000? I said, I’m a toxicologist. I don’t in the faculty of pharmacy and medicine for undergraduate and graduate level. And I told him to go to vitamin D To see the toxic dose of vitamin D, and there’s no toxicity, I can send you the information if you want. And he looked at it, and looked at my website, and he called me back after two hours. My apologies, Dr. Grant. You’re right, there is no toxic dose for vitamin D. And I’m gonna start myself to take 5000 10,000 as you recommended, somebody is a physician open minded, but some people are like this. But if we learn the medical school is 800, 800 does not do anything for anybody. If exposed to the sun for about two hours, you get a ton of vitamin D. So why do you bother to get vitamin D anyway, so but 8000 to 10,000 is therapeutic dose to prevent not just COVID any virus coxsackievirus , any bacteria, it will protect you against any virus or bacteria or fungus. That’s what I recommend.


Manon Bolliger 27:18

Now, as far as the impact. So, one of the impacts of this spike protein is that it goes into the microcirculation. And, and clogs areas all over. But in the cadaver studies that they’ve done, they’ve seen that it does cross the blood brain barrier.


Dr. Grant 27:38

It does, it does. Proven.


Manon Bolliger 27:41

Yeah. And also, one of the concerns I have is the ovaries. And, and then it also the testes for male infertility. So exactly. Both. So is that something that you…because this I mean, the only research you can do is as we speak, it’s concurrent. Right? Have you been able to put I don’t know hundreds of people, or I don’t know how many people you’ve been able to help at this stage? And are you doing research on this too.


Dr. Grant 28:17

I helped 10 dozens of people in the past month only Dr. Manon and I’ve seen some ladies in their young life, they have irregular period, the period becomes either profuse bleeding, right? So, it’s something to do, like who have taken the acid why you’re 30 Why would you do a vaccine anyway, but they took it, I’m not gonna argue with that. So, we did the work with the AO mobile scan will give them the vitamin D and the C and zinc. But now I found a bleeding for women. And problem with male fertility, as you mentioned, couple unable to basically conceive a baby. And then we found lots of clotting. And this is what we’ve seen now is just the tip of the iceberg because this is the acute symptoms. We have not seen the chronic symptom which will appear in about two to three years when the actual vaccine is going to be approved by the FDA by the year 2023. Officially, but by the way, I’m not sure we know this or not the FDA said we will not approve this by the year 2023. Because the study, the preliminary study showed that it cannot be 100% safe, but we approved for emergency purposes only. So, this is not going to be approved in two years from now, why people are rolling their arms and taking the shot and the drug company don’t have any liability, zero liability.


Manon Bolliger 29:29

Now, yeah, I heard that too. But what I understood is that they’re not going to approve it. Also, because the testing has been botched. In other words, the placebo group for ethical humane reasons were all given this. So, then we don’t actually have anything to follow with and there’s a lot more that has come out from the original testing, which was only a very tiny, short period. That there’s actually a lot of, you know, prior ASMS and causing, you know, neurological diseases and all kinds of other. Yeah. Okay. So that’s okay. I’m glad to hear it from you directly that that’s what your, you’ve seen too. So what? So, if, if somebody is listening to this, which there will be, and they’re like, oh my god, you know, I thought I was protecting myself. We’re not right.


Dr. Grant 30:33

100% the best way documented is to go to Academy of And click on wellness IQ is 10 questions to show you, or anyone else. This score is supposed to be over 75% if you’re healthy. Could you believe me, if I tell you my 20,000 clients have an average score of 55%? 55%. All of them are shallow breather, all of them are dehydrated, drink more soda and coffee than water. I said your body is made from 70% plus water. If you drink coffee or soda, you’re going to be dehydrated. And if you do not do belly breathing, going to be part of the gonna have headache, you’re gonna have snoring at night, you can have sleep apnea, because oxygen is so important. So, if we go to the wellness IQ at Academy of, if the email me the results and just mentioned Dr. Manon, you know, interview, I will do everything I can for them at no cost. And I’ll spend the whole hour with them to do this at no cost. Okay, this is my contribution because I do not want to see any teenager at age 18. Losing their mom and dad because lifestyle issues. That’s what killed my mom and dad, bypass did not work. The stent did not work. And I know you quoted me for the for the study that I had, the guy was 99% clogged arteries, taking 28 medications to bypass two stents. I’m not saying that I’m better than any cardiologist they’re the cardiologists do whatever they wanted to learn from the four years of medical degree, and then three years becoming an intern, becoming a specialist as a cardiologist, but that’s what they knew to do at 28 months, and due to bypass and to stents. And the guy still have to record the arrhythmia. And it didn’t, he was sent to hospice to die. Nine months improvement his lifestyle 50% open, no meds, no bypass, no stents, you’ll be happy to hear Dr. Manon, he’s still alive today. He was 79 then today, his 101 is still alive. This is the this is the reason we do what we do. We help people to live to 101 and beyond. This The reason we do what we do here, and I know you have the same passion and the same mission that I do have. And that’s why I’d love to work with somebody like you who is knowledgeable. And you should be awarded the Nobel Prize not to be banned or censored by any way, shape, or form. Because you’re telling the truth. And I made a disclaimer initially that this is not endorsed by Health Canada or the FDA and the CDC. If somebody want to come and chop my head off, or accuse me of having conflict of interest, well, then I do not have any cough. I feel like I’m sharing the things that I know personally to be true. The truth, and the science will override any other political argument.


Manon Bolliger 33:09

I so agree with you. And that’s why for me, it’s Yes, you must be informed. We can’t just take anything just for granted. Do your homework. But once you find enough evidence, it becomes the truth. It’s like there are enough people that are saying the same thing that don’t make extra money for it. In fact, their whole lives goes to shambles. And many of the people in Canada and in the states and everywhere in the world but have stood out to share the truth with their patients because the thing is we take an oath to first do no harm.


Dr. Grant 33:54

Yes, do no harm. This is the Hippocratic oath. But okay, let me ask you a question. If somebody any physician recommending Celebrex, which is Cox two inhibitor, same as Vioxx, which was banned? Do they tell their clients that Celebrex Cox two inhibitor can actually cause heart attack like Vioxx, they don’t? Do the tell patient that Metformin for diabetes, which is FDA warned, that can cause cancer, you tell them that? No, they don’t. This is doing harm. I’m sorry, I have no axe to grind against physician because I do work with them. I publish books with them, and I do all of this work with them. But when they do not disclose all of this stuff here, then they are doing harm. I’m sorry, you’re doing harm. And that is what the point is, you and I, we have complete disclosure we have like an open book, we practice. Let your food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. We don’t say anything more than what we can tell our clients to reduce their dependency on medication by improving the lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong with that. If any physician or any scientists disagree that lifestyle is so important, then you know what they should go Back to school and learned lifestyle medicine and become board certified in the US. I hope in Canada, they will have the same rule here. But we’re still in the process. In fact, ambition of course, as we speak right now, for the world organization of natural medicine, to imply that we need doctors to be integrated integrative medicine before they actually become an give the first prescription. Because we have to integrate allopathic medicine am with by mF MLM. And that would be the best, you know, marriage of all of the four modalities years together. And that’s what I’m actually teaching, I would invite you to come and join us tonight, I’m actually teaching some doctoral students tonight, seven to 9pm. Eastern time, I would love to come and share your story and share what we just talked about in the past half an hour. Because those doctors, students would love to see somebody like me who have the same question like, you Dr. Manon, you’ll be so excited to hear you. And most of them like 80% of them are women, like you said, find more with you. Because when I talk about the period of what does this guy know about the period, he does not have a period. But when you talk about the period, then you know what I mean?


Manon Bolliger 36:05

Okay, well, very good. I think we’re actually at our time, I just, I’m just, I guess I want to end also just with the idea that you know, that truth wins.


Dr. Grant 36:21



Manon Bolliger 36:21

And that all the corruption and the paying and the way the financial system works, and the incentives, and all of this, people should look for this because it exists. It’s it is how our system works. And I feel like when all of this gets discovered, and come to light, because it will come to light, it’s already clear, there are many, many amazing lawyers fighting this on all grounds. So, I really want to acknowledge, you know, all of them and all the doctors who have and scientists who have spoken the truth, but it will come out. And I also want that the people who got caught in this with their eyes closed or no time or whatever, I mean, yes, their excuses, we ultimately are all responsible of what we put through our body. So, I you know, want to make that clear. I’m not making tons of excuses for them. But it is also the time where we’ve had the most concerted propaganda and unified single voice in our media and highest censorship that we’ve had in ages and well certainly in my lifestyle, but in a lifetime, but certainly from others it seems that way. So, I don’t want anyone to feel like they made a terrible mistake. Don’t go there. Just go forward. Here are things that can be done, and I love, and I want to thank you for that if they call you or connect with you go to your website that you will do an assessment and trust the scan that that can make such a difference. I really, really want to thank you so much for that time.


Dr. Grant 38:16

And remember, it’s the secret to living healthy, and happy is self-love. I always actually mentioned something subtle. Love, learn, let go laugh because laughter is the best medicine and then leave a legacy. You know if we all of us did this, whether you’re a naturopath, whether you’re allopathic, whether you’re an osteopath, whether you’re a psychopath, it doesn’t matter.


Manon Bolliger 38:43

(Laughing) Psychopath, hopefully their legacies will be gone.


Dr. Grant 38:51

Laughter is the best medicine!


Manon Bolliger 38:54

Thank you very much.


Dr. Grant 38:56

Thank you, Dr. Manon.


Dr M (Manon Bolliger), ND

Thank you for joining us. For more information, go to