Emotional Pain & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
with Sharon Smith on The Healers Café with Dr. Manon Bolliger, ND

In this episode of The Healers Café, Dr. Manon chats with Sharon Smith about emotional and physical pain, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping, a life-changing book “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol Kuhn Truman, and so much more. Sharon is a delight to listen to so be sure to watch today!

Highlights from today’s episode include:

At 4:28 – The list that changed Sharon’s life
At 11:45 – A treatment for Sciatica
14:44 – Tapping to treat Disappointment

What I’ve discovered is that pain is a finely calibrated information system in the body. It’s here to help us not harm us and is trying to communicate something important and things about our body and our lives. The problem has been that we do our best to ignore it, work around it or medicate it. We haven’t been open to listening to pain because we haven’t had the tools to hear it clearly. “

EFT proposes that when you have one of the big three so-called negative emotions, fear, anger, grief, it can cause a short in your wiring that results in pain disease. But when you physically access your wiring yourself with your own hands, you don’t have to do anything or buy equipment.


About Sharon Smith

I’ve been in the business of helping people release pain since 2005. What I’ve discovered is that pain is actually a finely calibrated information system in the body. It’s here to help us not harm us and is trying to communicate some important things about our bodies and our lives. The problem has been that we do our best to ignore it, work around it or medicate it. We haven’t been open to listening to pain because we haven’t had the “tools” to hear it clearly. I’m here to change people’s perspective about pain and I’ve developed a proven system that allows us to both access the information while also releasing the pain quickly and effectively.

Core purpose / passion: | I want to work with large groups of people helping them to release both physical and emotional pain while achieving higher consciousness. I have a goal of reaching one million people by 2022 with my work.

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Dr. Manon is a Naturopathic Doctor, the Founder of Bowen College, an International Speaker, she did a TEDx talk “Your Body is Smarter Than You Think. Why Aren’t You Listening?”  in Jan 2021, and is the author of Amazon best-selling books “What Patient’s Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask”. & “A Healer in Every Household”

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Speaker 1:                          00:03                    Welcome to the Healer’s Cafe conversations on health and healing.

Dr Manon:                          00:17                    Welcome to the Healer’s Café, and today I have with me Sharon Smith and I’m really excited to be interviewing her because basically we are in the same field of helping people with pain. So let me read a little bit about her bio. I’ll do that right now.

                                                                           “So, I’ve been in the business of helping people release pain since 2005. What I’ve discovered is that pain is a finely calibrated information system in the body. It’s here to help us not harm us and is trying to communicate something important and things about our body and our lives. The problem has been that we do our best to ignore it, work around it or medicate it. We haven’t been open to listening to pain because we haven’t had the tools to hear it clearly. “

                                                                           And so, Sharon’s purpose is “I’m here to change people’s perspective about pain and I’ve developed a proven system that allows us to both access the information also releasing the pain effectively.” I am thrilled to be interviewing you, but how did you come about noticing that this is something you…I don’t know, I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but that this is your path.

Sharon Smith:                    01:57                    Oh, I didn’t want to do this at all. This would have been like one of the last things. I didn’t even like sick people. It was true. I had simply suffered with lower back and hip pain since my late teens. And my twenties, I added migraines, chronic migraines into the mix and I tried everything. I went to doctors, I had acupuncture, chiropractic and a lot of things did help, but only for a little while and nothing was a permanent fix. And so fast forward through all of that mess to 2002, I had a husband, two little kids. We’d just built a house. I was working, I was under a lot of pressure. I was 45 at the time, and in perfect health, regular yoga practice, I just was fine, and I kept having all this pain and one day I leaned over to put a cup in the dishwasher, and I could not straighten up and it was awful.


I was in bed for a solid week and you know, I didn’t want to think that emotions played any part in this. That was, I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t, I just wasn’t interested in that. And what I did do during that weekend laid there, I made myself a promise that I was going to figure out why this was happening to me and I was going to get it fixed. I was going to find a way to fix it so it didn’t happen anymore. And I should also interject, this isn’t on my side, but I’m just going to tell you because as us and all these other people too, of course, I’m also a practicing psychic clairvoyant, a medium and I didn’t want to do that either. That was no fun as a kid. But during that week, I laid there, whacked out on muscle relaxers and painkillers.

Sharon Smith:                    03:51                    I’m blaming the drugs for it. I said, okay, I’ll do what you want me to do. Just show me what you want me to do. I give up, I surrender, I give up, I’ll do it. And I started looking, and this was the end of 2002 and I had known about EFT, emotional freedom techniques, or as I just call it, tapping. I’d known about that for a while, a year or so from Joe Mercola’s wonderful natural health newsletter. And I thought, yeah, it’s kind of interesting, but I don’t know what you’d ever do with that. It just, it didn’t click with me. And one day I went to have a massage with a friend of mine and she said, ‘Oh my God, you have to see this list’. And it was in the back of a book called Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, and You’re Not in Your Head by Carol Countryman. And it’s a list for those of you listening. It’s a wonderful book. I recommend it to everyone. There is a list in the back of over 200 ailments and illnesses and their probable underlying emotional causes. The next 60 seconds after I looked at that changed my life. And as soon as I saw it, I knew immediately that that’s what you say when you tap pain. And it was a whole download of information that came in. I could see immediately the pain is supposed to be a guide and a map that it’s not here to hurt us. It’s here to talk to us, to tell us what we’re holding onto that we shouldn’t be and that’s it. We’ve completely misjudged what it is. And I could see all the ways to help this. And I started working the same day. So that was that. That’s how I started. I got certified, Gary Craig came to Denver, which is not far from me and I maybe six months later I applied for his master’s boot camp and they said, ‘Yeah, we’ll take you. You seem to have enough hours. And I thought yes, and truly never looked back.

Dr Manon:                                                        Wow. How long ago was that?

Sharon Smith:                                                  2005 was when I began to practice.

Dr Manon:                                                        You’ve been doing this now like 15 or 16 years, right?

Sharon Smith:                    06:01                    I’m actually very young. Yeah, I’ve been doing it a long time. So that’s, that’s my story. And it’s a good one. And people are always very…I get it when they don’t want to look at emotional stuff as being a trigger for physical symptoms. I didn’t want to either. But guess what guys?

Dr Manon:                                                        How did it even cross your mind that, Oh, maybe it’s emotional?

Sharon Smith:                                                  It didn’t until I saw the list. So yeah, that was when it all clicked in my mind and I just immediately understood that I was looking at it completely wrong and it was emotional stuff. And I’m fine now. So, and my students, same thing and you can use it for everything. You know, it’s one of those things, I like to explain it simply because it’s, it is a complimentary thing.

Sharon Smith:                    07:18                    It’s a modality and it does look ridiculous. You’re going to take two fingers and you’re going to tap some acupuncture points on your body while you talk out loud and yell. We’re going to look silly doing that. But here’s how it works. We’re electrical in nature and we know this. If we’ve ever had any kg, they’re measuring the electrical output of your heart. And this electrical charge runs through our bodies and it runs along our acupuncture meridians in great force, measurable force by the way. And what EFT proposes? Well, and since you’re talking about acupuncture, that’s been around a lot of centuries, I believe that those meridians are an actual schematic of our physical wiring. We’re wired just like the motherboard in a computer. And EFT proposes that when you have one of the big three so-called negative emotions, fear, anger, grief, it can cause a short in your wiring that results in pain disease. But when you physically access your wiring yourself with your own hands, you don’t have to do anything or buy equipment. All you have to do is this. And tap and talk and you can repair that. You can request it repair in that short in your wiring, which results in no more pain.

Dr Manon:                                                        No, no, no, that’s great. That’s great. So some of my viewers will be you know, obviously completely interested, but I tend to always attract skeptics.

Dr Manon:                          08:57                    Because I’m a skeptic, I’m a skeptic of everything. Life has decided to teach me about that and opened me up to possibilities. I would’ve limited myself had I not exposed myself to them. So go figure. So, what kind of, give me like a true, maybe like a spectrum of things. So, somebody with a, I don’t know, like a slipped disc for example.

 Sharon Smith:                                                 Which is basically what they said I had.

Dr Manon:                                                        Okay. So, tell literally a real-life situation if you don’t mind sharing your story, your statement. I mean I think the points are the same if I’m not mistaken. Pretty well people do the same.

Sharon Smith:                    09:49                    Yeah. And there’s no bad way to tap. I don’t think it’s anything you can mess up. If you forget a point, it’s not a big deal, it will still help you. But what you have to do, and this is my free thing, it’s my freebie on my website.

Dr Manon:                          10:02                    Oh, is that something at the end that maybe I could share?

Sharon Smith:                    10:05                    Absolutely. My free stuff. I’ve got lots of great free stuff, but some of it they have to subscribe to get.

Speaker 3:                          10:15                    In this culture, in Western culture, when someone comes to me with lower back pain about 75% of the time, I know that it’s going to involve a fear having to do with money, zero to do with whether or not you have enough money to pay your bills. It’s simply a fear and I had that in spades. I grew up with it. We always had plenty of money, but I had that active. The other thing it can be about 25% of the time is the hurtful relationship. And I had, all of it going on a lot of times. It’s a combination of those things. When we go in and literally you can do this with my, one of my free videos I have. If you’ve got lower back pain, please go to my site, go see me on YouTube, do this. You will feel a difference in about a minute or two. You just will it because it’s so effective. But you have to talk about the emotional stuff first. You’ve got to go in and get quiet and I usually let the student go have a look at what’s there. It’s a guided visualization. That’s the first free thing that you get when you subscribe to me. I take you through that. Then you get, as if that wasn’t already pretty good. I give them a video following that. That takes them through how to tap to release what they just saw. So, it’s a good duo.

Dr Manon:                          11:36                    Okay, so do so let, let’s do it if you don’t mind cause I’m all about experience.

Sharon Smith:                                                  Do you have pain? What have you got?

Dr Manon:                                                        I don’t actually have anything. Sorry about that. Well then let’s take sciatica because I have somebody quite in mind currently that I’m not able to see, but at this very moment and I’m not seeing patients, but this is a friend of mine and he has a protruded disc on the right side between L1 and L5. And he was in excruciating pain. So, I’m like going with that. So, what’s the next step? Well then he knows nothing and, okay, well what would you put me through? I’ll pretend to be him

Sharon Smith:                    12:38                    First. I would have you close your eyes and hold the breath and go in and look at that area of your body where you have the pain and it’s really get to that pain step. Go and look at it. Because sometimes people have things going on there that don’t quite fit into the common profile of what I would expect. And it can be specific. So I want them to go look at what they have there and it involves getting quiet. You may see color, shape, texture. Could see somebody’s face. I don’t get to be in charge of what anyone sees. And the next thing I’m going to have you do is just ask in your mind, whoever I’m working with, asks what emotions are there? And its amazing how body parts are chatting, you know, if they always go ‘Oh, it says it’s angry’ or, ‘Oh, I see my mother there’. I mean it just, there’s always something, always something. And then I have them look at it and say, okay, what would this area of your body look like if it was completely free of pain and perfectly happy? And they’ll come up with, they’ll describe how that’s going to look. And then I have them open their eyes and then we begin tapping and working with those emotions, what they just saw on display.

Dr Manon:                          14:01                    So I’ll just go for an emotion. I’m making this up. I feel disappointed.

Sharon Smith:                    14:11                    Okay. I want to do something with you personally though. Are you disappointed in something? Is there something that makes you angry? Nope. You’re smiling too much to have much of that.

Dr Manon:                          14:24                    I know. No, I know it’s, I’ve done a lot of work. I’m trying to think what I could do, how to, check into, which is like…

Sharon Smith:                                                  What the heck? Let’s do it, disappointment is a good thing. Let’s just start here on the outside of that.

Dr Manon:                                                        Let’s just do it. It’s fine. I can get into disappointment.

Sharon Smith:                    14:47                    All right, let’s just work with the outside of the hand. For those of you listening, this is completely bilateral. You can tap either hand, either side on the most, you can tap both hands. There is no way to do this wrong. So just start gently tapping on the outer fleshy part, like the karate chop point on your hand. And for those of you who are watching good for you, it’s going to be a lot easier.

Dr Manon:                          15:12                    I’m really disappointed. Really disappointed. Okay. And how, how important is it to feel the emotion as you’re saying it? Does it matter?

Sharon Smith:                    15:29                    Sort of, it’s going to work either way. It really doesn’t matter whether you think it’s going to work or whether you’re got it conjured up. It’s nice to quantify it. I would say okay, rate your disappointment from zero to 10 with 10 being overwhelming.

Dr Manon:                          15:44                    I’m going to pick something cause you can always pick things, right? Okay. So I’m going to, but I’m also going to pick a situation where that could be an experience. So let’s go for a six. Okay. Something you’re actually really disappointed about. Yeah. I had to conjure it up because I wasn’t thinking about it and it’s not.

Sharon Smith:                                                  But you’ve got a six.

Dr Manon:                                                        Yeah, no. And I think about what I could be feeling if I focused on it, which I don’t because that’s not how I live my universe. I would say six.

Sharon Smith:                                                  Okay. Let’s just go there. I’m really disappointed.

Dr Manon:                                                        I’m really disappointed

Sharon Smith:                                                  And I haven’t wanted to look at it

Dr Manon:                                                        And I haven’t wanted to look at it,

Sharon Smith:                                                  But I choose to be okay anyway,

Dr Manon:                                                        But it’s just okay anyway.

Sharon Smith:                                                  And I completely love and accept myself

Dr Manon:                                                        And I completely love and accept myself.

Sharon Smith:                                                  Even though I’m really disappointed and I haven’t wanted to think about it or feel it,

Dr Manon:                                                        Even though I’m really disappointed and I haven’t wanted to look into it or feel it, think about it or feel it,

Sharon Smith:                                                  I know it’s still there.

Dr Manon:                                                        I know it’s still there

Sharon Smith:                                                  And I choose to be okay anyway

Dr Manon:                                                        And I choose to be okay anyway

Sharon Smith:                                                  Because I completely love and accept myself

Dr Manon:                                                        Because I completely love and accept myself.

Sharon Smith:                    17:08                    Okay. Now for those of you watching and listening that what we just did is the setup just like pulling up a file on your computer when you want to make a change. That’s what we just did is display the file in our computer, which is our brain. Now we’re going to begin to make changes to the file,

Sharon Smith:                    17:25                    Go to the top of the head, all this disappointment,

Dr Manon:                                                        All this disappointment.

Sharon Smith:                                                  If I let myself think about it,

Dr Manon:                                                        If I let myself think about it

Sharon Smith:                                                  And now the eyebrow point, it would feel really crappy.

Dr Manon:                                                        It would feel really crappy.

Sharon Smith:                                                  It would mess up my whole universe.

Dr Manon:                                                        It would mess up my whole universe to feel that.

Sharon Smith:                                                  So, I just have ignored it

Dr Manon:                                                        So, I’ve just ignored it,

Sharon Smith:                                                  But I allow myself to remember,

Dr Manon:                                                        But I allow myself to remember

Sharon Smith:                                                  That I did experience it,

Dr Manon:                                                        But I did experience it

Sharon Smith:                                                  And so, I know it’s a part of my vibration,

Dr Manon:                                                        So, I know it’s a part of my vibration,

Sharon Smith:                                                  But I’m open to letting it go now,

Dr Manon:                                                        But I’m open to letting it go. Now.

Dr Manon:                          18:21                    What if this disappointment had more to do and where is this point here?

Sharon Smith:                                                  Oh, I’m sorry. This is collarbones take your whole, it’s easier to just take your whole hand and tap the whole upper part of your chest and collarbones. There you go. What if this disappointment, I felt, what if this disappointment I felt had more to do with my expectations, had more to do with my expectations than with someone else. Really letting me down. Then with somebody else really letting me down. Okay. Now underneath the arm, this is about four inches below your armpit on either side. Okay. What if this was just a lesson for me?

Dr Manon:                                                        What if this was just a lesson for me

Sharon Smith:                                                  In how to learn to let go of disappointment

Dr Manon:                                                        In how to learn to let go of disappointment

Sharon Smith:                                                  Now back to the top of the head and I’m letting go of it now

Dr Manon:                                                        And I’m letting it go, letting go of it now

Sharon Smith:                                                  Because I conveniently waited holding onto it

Dr Manon:                                                        Because I conveniently waited holding onto it

Sharon Smith:                                                  Until Sharon was here, until Sharon was here.

Sharon Smith:                    19:33                    Having so much fun letting this go

Dr Manon:                                                        Because we’re having so much fun letting this go.

Sharon Smith:                                                  I allow myself to see the lesson and teaching in this experience.

Dr Manon:                                                        I allow myself to see the lesson and teaching in this experience

Sharon Smith:                                                  And to know that this disappointment served a purpose in my life

Dr Manon:                                                        And to know that this disappointment served a purpose in my life

Sharon Smith:                                                  And now that I’ve learned from that, I can let it go

Dr Manon:                                                        And now that I’ve learned from that, I can let it go.

Sharon Smith:                                                  It’s perfectly safe for me to let it go.

Dr Manon:                                                        It’s perfectly safe for me to let it go.

Sharon Smith:                                                  I completely love and accept myself.

Dr Manon:                                                        I completely love and accept myself right now.

Sharon Smith:                                                  I want you to hold your wrist points. For those of you listening, it’s top and bottom and I want you to breathe into your nose and blow it out and say peace.

Dr Manon:                                                        Peace. Can you show me the risk points that let go a little higher just to make sure that we’re just top in the bottom?

Sharon Smith:                                                  Okay. I’ve watched someone demonstrating, you know, there are a lot of different EFT groups and factions and I loved adding this in and saying peace at end. So, I added it

Sharon Smith:                    20:48                    Into my practice.

Dr Manon:                                                        So, like would it be on like pericardium six or the heart Meridian or where?

Sharon Smith:                                                  I don’t know. It’s right here. You’ll have to tell me where that is. Right.

Dr Manon:                                                        Okay. I know where it is on this side. This one, I’m not sure.

Sharon Smith:                                                  It’s okay either way. Just get close. It’ll work, I promise. Okay, good. Okay. All right. Yeah. Now I want you to tune in and see, you still can conjure up any disappointment about that.

Dr Manon:                          21:29                    You’re actually less, Oh yeah. It is less, I would say. Yeah. I don’t even know that I feel it actually,

Sharon Smith:                                                  if you still got that in there, I’ll eat my hat

Dr Manon:                          21:50                    Unfortunately, I’ll be completely honest with you. No, but I don’t so, but this is interesting cause it’s not it’s not something I literally tried to figure something out, but that if I didn’t live my life, how I see my life, I could focus on, but I don’t focus on it. But, still, it’s not like I’m suppressing it or anything. And not consciously, but I could come up with something Right. So, that could also be, I mean, it’s good to do this for things that you may not think has had an impact because there was a shift.

Sharon Smith:                    22:30                    Yeah. And actually, for those of you who are looking at this Manon’s face kind of relaxed when we got about halfway through that you, your features relaxed. I’ve been doing this a long time. We can quit now, but I continued and finished out. It’s like we’re done. Now I want to say something to all of you watching. This is an important thing when you are, for life, but especially when you are using tapping as a tool or maybe even acupuncture. You know how everybody tells you to stay hydrated. Does anybody ever quite really tell you why? Not really?

Sharon Smith:                    23:18                    Here’s my take on it. We know we’re electrical in nature and when you go out to start your car in the morning, if your battery’s low on fluid, what happens? Nothing much. Yeah, your car won’t start because that battery cannot carry an electrical charge. This charge that flows through our bodies is carried on water. And when people are tapping with my videos or on their own I tell this to everybody. I work with, anyone I can get my hands on. If you’re tapping, especially with me and you are not getting an immediate result. And I mean like in a minute or two, my stuff works fast I’m the microwave of feeling better. Go drink six ounces of water and come back and do it again. It’s that big a deal.

Dr Manon:                          24:01                    I would concur with that too because the work I do with a Bowen First therapy, it’s a, so it’s a body work we use Meridian lines, which is similar in that way, but also fascia lines are very much synchronous with Meridian lines. And if the fascia is not hydrated, no communication goes through our lymphatic system, nothing actually circulates. And that’s a super important aspect of it.

Sharon Smith:                    24:35                    I agree. fascia is a big thing and sometimes I do tapping to release like if you’re having pain, I do it and we go through all the systems. We go through bones, joints, muscle nerves, facia, connective tissue, blood and fluids and release out of each of those things. And that’s pretty beneficial too. We’re doing that after we’re clearing out some emotional stuff. It just depends on the person I’m working with. Really useful.

Dr Manon:                          25:03                    Because I’m not completely new to EFT, it’s not something that I put in my practice or that I’m practicing. But I’ve experimented a little bit with it. One of the things that I found interesting though is that you picked up that not only that I said the whatever disappointments, you also said, I forget what it is exactly because things slip immediately. Do you have anything from memory? There’s a story there for sure.

Sharon Smith:                    25:49                    I do. Actually. I have a video to increase neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. I’ve seen some really bizarre, remarkable stuff from that.

Dr Manon:                          26:02                    Oh great. Okay. Well we might be back on the air because I bet you I’m not the only person with this issue. But what I was saying though is I noticed that you picked up added parts to it, which you decided not to address until now or so. How do we create or is that part of what you teach? How you create the sentences that feel right? Like, what’s the art of, of doing that?

Sharon Smith:                    26:35                    I’m a good listener. You, totally told me what you needed. I am able to listen. I am able to listen because I will tell you here publicly again, Oh my gosh, I’m out of the closet. I’m also a practicing psychic, clairvoyant and medium and I do use my ability. I am not wandering around saying, ‘Oh tell Aunt Judy I. Love her’. It’s like no, it’s only useful for me in terms of working with people. But I will sometimes I listen with all of me, working and when I record a video, I see that person in front of me and it may be a thousand persons, but I see that person in front of me and I connect with them and I go through it doing the work as I would one-on-one with, with you watching. So, they’re always fresh and its people feel like I am working one on one with them and they’re right, I am.

Dr Manon:                          27:41                    I definitely picked that up with your work and I think that’s one of the biggest skills as a practitioner is the ability to really listen. You know, like it’s sure you have the agenda, which is the EFT. That’s like the kind of like that’s how, but if you don’t get the piece, I think it affects the methodology at least. I don’t know if that’s your experience or not. Cause you, you’ve only got the experience of view, but you are, you are training other people. I understand, right?

Sharon Smith:                    28:19                    No, I’m not, I don’t know how, I mean they can go get certified in EFT somewhere, but I use a lot of techniques that are not a EFT in one-on-one work. I have a process that is proprietary for DNA release. We actually go in and remove a lot of, you know, we inherit stuff from our parents that they never intended for us to get. They say, well, I’ve got this bad back. I got it from my parents. Everybody in my family has a bad back. Well I’m going to say no. There’s probably nothing wrong with your back. What happens is that you inherited the problems that cause you to be afraid or have hurtful stuff. And that’s where you tend to short out in your wiring. You really have a good back. I promise your back is really good and it supported you beautifully through a lot of things and mine had too, but you just, you kind of have to look at it a little different.

Dr Manon:                          29:24                    So going back, so your experience, cause it’s a physical thing which you suddenly realize, you opened up to the possibility that there was some emotional component. How did you get to the emotion? Like, cause some people, you know I believe that ourselves have the emotional, mental, the belief that the genetic aspect that can be turned on and off and the physicality of it. So it’s like, it’s all there. So of course it’s all there. But some people say, well, I slipped, or I sneezed, and my back went out. It’s like an emotion, you know? So how do you deal with that?

Sharon Smith:                    30:14                    It is, it actually is for me there is no such thing as an accident when someone said, well, I fell and hurt myself on the ice. So that’s not an emotional thing and I’m going to sit there and talk to them for just a couple of minutes and we’re going to go back to what happened, what was going on in their lives before they slipped and fell and hurt themselves. And there’s always a clear connection there. There is. They had just had a fight with their husband or they had an ongoing thing. Your mother was in the hospital dying always, there is something like that and they just stopped themselves. When you have a big accident like that, that is you stop yourself from moving to get your attention.

Dr Manon:                          30:58                    Do you get your own attention?

Sharon Smith:                    31:00                    Yes. To get your attention. You physically, your higher self stops you physically.

Sharon Smith:                    31:08                    And, and we’ve all had that, you know toes. I mean I’ve done it before; you know, you’re walking to the house and all of a sudden you stub your toe and you’re jumping around and talking dirty and swearing and I pay a lot more attention to that than most people because I know that toes have to do with worrying too much about the details of the future. And you know, as you stub your toe and go, Oh crap. Okay. I’m obsessing about it. And the next thing I do is I’m going to tap as soon as my toe quits hurting and I’m jumping around, I’m going to tap and I’m going to let go of obsessing about those details.

Dr Manon:                          31:52                    Okay. So, the kind of the, the list of knowing what are like, that toes means obsessing about the future, for example, and all that, where, where is that generating?

Sharon Smith:                    32:07                    Again, and I, I use it, I have so much of it because I’ve worked with it so many years. But I use a couple of lists and I refer people to them all the time. The first one is in Feelings Buried Alive, Never Die by Carol Countryman. The second list is in, You Can Heal Your Body by Louise Hay and there is some crossover in the lists. Some things are not on one or on the other and there are some little different aspects of it. But both of those are invaluable. It’s hard when you’re tapping for yourself to always get quiet and get in touch with what you’re feeling. That’s why go to a practitioner or working with a video is very useful.

Dr Manon:                          32:45                    Right. Okay. And so, with a video, how do you do that? You press pause and then go to the next stage or It seems like I can see working with a practitioner and I can see kind of trying to download it as best as you can, but how do you do that with a video? What do you mean?

Sharon Smith:                    33:06                    Well, when I start, for instance, with my video for knee pain and I actually have a package of work that’s been my most popular bizarrely enough for knee pain. And what I found knees can be a lot of different things. Not wanting to be flexible, but what I really found the energy with that working with clients was that it was the feeling of not liking being bossed around. Now, nobody enjoys being bossed around, but if it really, really annoys you, that’s where you tend to stick it is in your knees. And like on a basketball team, you know, if you’ve got a coach yelling at kids, some of them are just fine with it. They’re like, okay, whatever. But some of them won’t be fine with it. And the next thing you know, they’ve got knee issues. And I’ve seen that just, countless times it’s, it’s an individual thing.

Sharon Smith:                    33:56                    But what we do is, and I don’t work with kids, but what we do is with adults, we go in and we’re going to start off and we’re going to tap and we’re going to say, ‘Oh, I really hate being bossed around. you got to do this video with me. You’ll love it. I hate it in my knees’. I have literally had this guy came to me and he was recovering from having knee replacement. He was a long-time friend and I said, ‘you know’, we were sitting there waiting room and I said, ‘you know, I did this thing. How much flexibility do you have there after that?’ And he said, ‘Oh, I’m going to PT and it’s not very flexible’. And he kind of showed me and I said, ‘well, I do this thing. You want to see if it’ll help them a little bit. You can, you’re going to look, are you willing to look silly for about 60 seconds?’ He’s like, sure. So we tapped and said exactly some of the things that are in that video, 60 seconds, I am not exaggerating. And I said, ‘okay, move’. And he had increased his range of motion 100% in 60 seconds following knee replacement.

Sharon Smith:                    34:58                    He was like, how’d you do that? Oh, and I do have to say that when, when people say, how did you do that? Or call me a healer, I do not bill myself as that. I’m not even a coach. I’m, more of a relentless cheerleader than anything, I think.

Dr Manon:                                                        And that’s the word I’ve used for myself. You know, it’s like I’m witnessing the incredible capacity of the body to want to heal. And that’s it. And in some ways, yeah, you may be the conduit using a little system or another, you know?

Sharon Smith:                    35:38                    It’s through me, not by me and the person who is recovering and releasing the stuff is the person doing the healing and then I, and they say, really, I’m doing it myself. It’s like, yes, you are. I, I’m actually getting paid for doing nothing.

Dr Manon:                          35:54                    That’s funny. That’s the kind of dialogue that runs around in my clinic too. And I don’t know if you are familiar but with my work, but we barely touch people and we let them integrate and they lay on the table and they think that it’s like, what on earth is she doing? And I say, not much. You’re doing it. And because we allow for that space where people go into intro susception they’re actually shifting what’s going on inside their own, their own body. Right? So, there’s so many different ways of, no pun intended, tapping into this field of endless possibility that our bodies represent, you know? And so, I, love finding out different things from me. It is because in my belief and I’m just curious about yours, but it’s like, it’s also your alignment is something that resonates, you know, it’s like somewhere in there, you know, it’s got to feel right. The practitioner’s going to resonate. There’s some real elements that make it your moment at this moment.

Sharon Smith:                    37:12                    Well, and I, I want to go back to another thing because what you’re talking about is the thing that I teach as well. And I don’t know if anyone else is saying it quite this way, but are you familiar this, we’re going to talk about water again for just a moment. Are you familiar with Massaro Emotos work such as in water? Okay. Basically he was a researcher there. She’s Japanese and they set out to photograph water crystals and what they found was that when they spoke to water, it actually changed the formation of the crystals, and what they said made a difference. If they said nice stuff, the crystals formed and were beautiful and symmetrical. If they said, I hate you, the crystals would be broken when they photograph them. And it’s a whole long thing. There’s a series of books, I recommend them, but when there were a huge percentage of water and yes, okay, so this charge that flows through our bodies is electrical and I think it has every drop of water it’s ever been on the planet is still here. It’s been in other people. It’s been in dinosaurs and plants in the ocean and this charge that flows through our body I think gets called different things depending on the culture we live in. If you’re in Asia, it’s called chi in India, it’s Prana. In our culture I believe it’s our spirit and water is required to animate it. Every culture in the world has instructions handed down to give thanks before eating and drinking. What if this has nothing to do with religion, but what if it has everything to do with requesting a molecular change in the water that you are about to consume to suit your particular physiology?

Dr Manon:                          38:54                    Yeah, that’s brilliant actually. But I think it makes complete sense because you know, we create meaning we give things meaning and what if that was the meaning we wanted to imbue in the experience. Even intending that or seeing it that way would change everything and changes everything anyways.

Sharon Smith:                    39:22                    You can’t unknow it. So it’s a whole bunch of people and you’re stuck with it. You can’t unknow it.

Dr Manon:                          39:29                    Totally. Okay. Well, so gosh, time has gone so fast. Is there anything…

Sharon Smith:                    39:39                    Where do they go to get my free stuff ?

Dr Manon:                                                        Let’s do that. And then also let’s see. I’m sure I had a specific question

Dr Manon:                          39:47                    For you really. Probably did. Okay, well there’s the memory piece. No, I did write it down, but no, I think we’ve covered it actually. It’s like your feeling towards the word healer and we’ve, you’ve already ……

Sharon Smith:                    40:04                    I had just, I’m just not, I’m not that.

Dr Manon:                                                        So, what made you be okay with Healers Cafe?

Sharon Smith:                                                  Oh, I just loved you immediately. You could call it what you wanted. I was still in.

Dr Manon:                          40:20                    I had a lot of doubts about that name, but so many people said that’s what you should call it. because that is what people think first and then……

Sharon Smith:                    40:31                    Necessary to it’s necessary to say that. So I think it’s an okay name. I think we’ll get flashcards for it.

Dr Manon:                          40:41                    Great. Okay. So what your gift is and how people can get it and it will be on the web.

Sharon Smith:                    40:48                    It will be, and I will send you the link to my website so you can do it with your promotional stuff. And I also will send you, just because, my neurogenesis and neuroplasticity video just because I think you’ll like it. Okay. So my website is a, just the letter, apainplan.com. That’s one place. And if you click on any of the buttons that say, tell me more, help me with my pain, anything on that homepage, it’s going to take you to where you subscribe. And then you immediately get access to those two wonderful free videos. And you also get my, every other week I send out a blog, and I always do it in video, and you can always unsubscribe if you don’t like it. But I talk about everything. You know, I talk about cats, I talk about…and we always do some tapping. Oh, there’s always tapping in every one of them. So, it’s fun stuff.

Dr Manon:                                                        Okay. Well, thank you so much for being on the show and till we meet again.

Sharon Smith:                                                  Yes. Thank you so much for having me. Manon. Bless You.


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