How To Treat Cancer Naturally with Sylvie Beljanski on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) with Sylvie Beljanski about nonprofit, whose working towards curing cancer the natural way.


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Sylvie Beljanski 14:49

I think we have to be relentless. We have to keep speaking. Keep publishing, keep being there for all the people who want to learn about their own health and take it as they want to learn about how to take care of themselves, what is available to them naturally.

Sylvie Beljanski

So here we have a natural product which is going to help preserve bone marrow to do its own work without toxicity and therefore it means all the families of white blood cells are going to be created without any imbalance without growth factor and so on.

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Sylvie Beljanski

So, when you have something that really really works, it finds its way one way or another. It is at some point recognized and therefore, never give up because it will eventually be recognized by good people with an open mind that will recognize the value of the science and give it a chance.


Sylvie Beljanski, a French lawyer by trade, is a health advocate for holistic medicine, public speaker, internationally known author and entrepreneur. She is the Founder and Executive Vice President of The Beljanski Foundation, whose mission is to research natural approaches to cancer. She is also the CEO of Maison Beljanski, an international dietary supplement company.

Ms. Beljanski is the award winning author of "Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure". This book has helped propel Ms. Beljanski to be a sought-after speaker at health and wellness conferences globally, where she has educated thousands of people about scientific breakthroughs in the field of integrative medicine.

Core purpose/passion: The Beljanski Foundation’s mission is to sponsor research programs with various natural extracts recognized by Dr. Mirko Beljanski for their anticancer properties. Research has entailed programs on prostate cancer at Columbia University, including advanced prostate cancer that no longer responds to chemotherapy, as well as ovarian and pancreatic cancers at Kansas University Medical Center. All of these studies were completed using the same botanical extracts. They have been reported to be effective on both males and females and have also exhibited great synergy with a variety of chemotherapies. Research studies have proven that these same extracts are also effective against cancer stem cells, those cells deemed to be responsible for cancer relapse and metastasis. Passionate does not do justice for how driven I am to share the message about the effects and possibility for the extracts to save people’s lives. Cancer researchers are all pursuing different goals. Some want to have something approved by the FDA, some want to milk an old patent into a new one and provide a new life to an old, ineffective molecule, and some simply want to cure people. All of these goals are very different and it is difficult to imagine that they could work together. However, since a number of prestigious universities have published their results with several Beljanski extracts, I have seen increased interest from researchers at other institutions and I would love to see The Beljanski Foundation establish new partnerships across the board. There is still so much research to be done.

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Manon Bolliger 00:42

So, welcome to the Healers Cafe, and today I have with me Sylvie Beljanski. She’s a French lawyer by trade, is a health advocate for holistic medicine, public speaker, internationally known author and entrepreneur, and she’s the founder and Executive Vice President of the Beljanski Foundation, whose mission is to research natural approaches to cancer. I think I’ll leave it with that. This is very exciting to interview you. Also, because many of the people I interview are healthcare practitioners and holistic practitioners, but without lawyers and without people fighting to have the right to have alternatives that work…it’s a difficult world we’re in. Maybe the last two years have helped because people are realizing that maybe it’s we’re not presented with everything, you know, that we should be. So, I’m looking at it very optimistically.


Sylvie Beljanski 02:04

Yeah, it’s nice to be optimistic. In one way, yes. A lot of people realize that there was something wrong. And they understood that there was some kind of censorship that they were not aware of about before. But at the same time, there is so much censorship that’s really came to everything integrative medicine, not just COVID, but just every single integrative medicine. Which is, I mean, kind of dangerous and I think it is more important what you are doing, giving a place, a space for people to speak is more important than ever. So, thank you very much for having me today.


Manon Bolliger 02:53

Oh, great. Okay, well, listen, I want to first ask you, your personal journey, not on how you became a doctor, but how you became an advocate and then literally, an avocat in French because I know you speak French. How did that journey?


Sylvie Beljanski 03:14

Yeah, I am not…I am not a doctor. No, I am not a doctor.


Manon Bolliger 03:19

No, I know, but I’m just saying normally it’s like I ask that question. But here you’re an avocat, advocate in English. It’s to advocate right. It’s the same word, French is avocat, which is a lawyer right. So, tell us about that journey and what made you choose Holistic Health as your main focus.


Sylvie Beljanski 03:44

So I grew up in a family of scientists, my father, later Dr. Amico Beljanski was a marine biologist in molecular chemistry. And he was working at …


Pasteur Institute and the CNRS, which was the French equivalent of NIH. And he found a number of compounds…natural compounds that helped a lot of people with cancer. And growing up, I saw a lot of people getting better thanks to my parents’ products. But I also understood very quickly that that was not at all for me that I was not going to…I said I was not going to be involved in that when I grew up. I don’t want to have anything to do with those sick people that were coming in evading the house, night and day. And it’s not for me, I’m going to law school. And what happened is that my father’s products ultimately helped former president François Mitterrand, who had a case of advanced prostate cancer, became official at the beginning of his second term. The terms were seven years at the time. And it had been a secret kept a secret during the first term. But that’s the beginning of the second term, he was so sick that they had to get a surgeon who said that the cancer had prescribed everywhere, and that there was no way it was going to finish his second term and the country should prepare for early elections. But François Mitterrand is a French story, you know. So, François Mitterrand let me stress warn you about a good doctor who had very good results with post with prostate cancer, thanks to my father’s products, and Mitterrand started to get the products. And as we know, he was able to finish his second term. So that was really good for the President. But a number of very powerful people linked to being big pharma, linked to the French government, were absolutely infuriated to see that some natural products could do better than what they had, you know, envision than predicted with all the drugs they have. So, a few months after François Mitterrand have finally passed away, so sent a SWAT team, to this toy, my father’s laboratories, they came with helicopters dogs, machine guns, you name it, I mean, it’s a big circus to, to put an end to what was the only independent Cancer Research Laboratory in France at the time.


Manon Bolliger 06:54



Sylvie Beljanski 06:56

And my father became extremely sick. I mean, conditions of his arrest, were extremely suspicious things were not…they did not follow the book. I mean, it was…we believe he was actually radiated. And he passed away some months, few months after the arrest. And I made a promise to my father to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights, which we did. We won. A unanimous decision Beljanski against France. But I felt that that was not enough. What was actually the most important for my father, and for my father’s legacy, was not so much the legal case, it was not a lawyer, he did not really care about that. What really mattered to him says that the work of his life. I mean, what he has the products or discoveries, continue. And that’s why I started this non for profit organization here in New York City, the Beljanski Foundation, which is a 501C3, and I started some partnerships with a number of American prestigious entities, we’re very lucky to be able to work with Columbia University of Cancers, University Medical Center, we had a clinical trial with Cancer Treatment Centers of America, to continue the research, confirm my father’s work, and go beyond. And since I’m very proud to say that now we have been working with all those entities, we have had one, if not two, peer reviewed papers published over a year. And everything now is available on the website of the Beljanski foundation. So that’s, in a way, so like, my father is now no longer with us, but the legacy is still living and continues to help a lot of people.


Manon Bolliger 09:12

And I mean, in the end, you know, anyone who discovers something that works, that’s what they want. They want to help more people. So, I understand completely how you ended up with the legal aspect without it being the primary motivator. But so, I mean, you know, we’ve heard about the witch hunts. And it’s kind of the same thing, many incredible researchers have come up, you know, with solutions that have helped whether it’s astroglia cancers of the brain, I forget his name. I think it’s Babinski or something who was persecuted for 35 years. There are, it seems like there is It’s not an open market where the good of the person is the first priority.


Sylvie Beljanski 10:07

It’s not. It’s not.


Manon Bolliger 10:09

So, can you give that a little bit?


Sylvie Beljanski 10:11

Yeah, why, you know, in one cent Yes, there is a very good sentence in English, it’s follow the money. And Big Pharma is an industry, they are only looking at molecules that they can patent, everything that is not invented there, and is not patentable is of no interest to them. But if it takes a share of their market, they are going to be fierce and try to protect the market. And if it means destroying other things, so be it.


Manon Bolliger 10:54

Yeah, I mean, you know, that’s my conclusion to its follow the money. And it’s not a fair playing field, because obviously, with the media being bought, they’re not going to talk about you know, any alternatives that are not chemotherapy. Because, you know, they’re…



You are lucky they don’t speak about it, because the one’s that speak about it, it is to poopoo it to discredit it, to dispute discredit the research, discredit the man, discredit everything. What are your thoughts is that actually there is nothing like there is no bad publicity. And a lot of people are smarter than what media thinks. And they say, Well, you know, if they have so much discredited, there must be something behind it of value.


Manon Bolliger 11:53

Yeah, I think, you know, they call it the Great Awakening what’s happening now, and in some ways, I feel very optimistic, because my father who has passed away, but he used to always say, it’s a pendulum, you know, and if you push too far, and you, you make it so obvious, that it’s follow the money trail, you know, experts that are paid, but not elected, you know, if we create this world, that we somehow have allowed, because we haven’t stayed on guard and actually said, No, this is not acceptable, right? Then it allows the sleeping people, to kind of go, oh, maybe there’s something to it. First, they’re all you know, hypocrites. They’re conspiracy theorists. They’re whatever, you know, I’ve been called the witch I’ve been called you know, as being a naturopath, which in Canada is a recognized profession. You know, we have proper exams, all that but because we do natural things, there’s a bias against it, you know, and I do feel times are like, we’ve been unbelievably kept quiet under the mandates because our overlords are the non-elected health people that know nothing about prevention. Don’t care about people, you know, it’s all about products right.


Sylvie Beljanski 13:27

They’re not interested in prevention, so doesn’t matter if they know anything. So, I’m just not going there.


Manon Bolliger 13:35

And though we’ve had a lot of policing in the sense of our own, you know, governing bodies, clamping down on our freedom of speech, in order to, you know, to be good to these unelected officials, at least this is what’s happening in Canada. People are upset, you know, patients are upset. They’re saying they’re starting to say, like, wait a minute here, I got better. I had this. I had that; you know. So, I think there’s kind of a momentum now of people, you know, wanting to know the truth, so I do think it’s turning but what is your…


Sylvie Beljanski 14:18

I certainly hope so. I am a little bit more cautious than you seem to be maybe because my family and myself have been through so much, I mean, but I really hope that you are right, and that things are going to get better.


Manon Bolliger 14:42

So, what do you think would help that? What do you think that?


Sylvie Beljanski 14:49

I think we have to be relentless. We have to keep speaking. Keep publishing, keep being there for all the people who want to learn about their own health and take it as they want to learn about how to take care of themselves, what is available to them naturally. Yes.


Manon Bolliger 15:16

So, in your foundation, you…I don’t know what if you have a name for it, but you actually have information on approaches that your father used for cancer, right that people get.


Sylvie Beljanski 15:33

Yes. So, so what we what we have been doing at the Beljanski Foundation, we have been studying systematically, each ingredient, and he really perfected five ingredients, which are very, very easy to understand. And we studied them at different stages of efficiency. For example, he has two ingredients called Pal park. Coming from South America, three from South America, and overview of Romito. Yeah, it does preserve pin three, extract, an overview of omega, which is coming from Africa. And those two plant extracts have anti-cancer properties. And we were able to show that they are working on different kinds of cancer. Forget about cancer of the breast cancer, prostate cancer, no, it works at the level of the DNA, right? It is specific of the DNA of destabilized cancerous cells, okay? And it doesn’t touch healthy cells, no sort of full selectivity of action, which means no toxicity, no side effect. So, we were able to confirm that we were able to consume the synergy of action with different chemo therapies, like gemcitabine, carboplatin, we were able to work that it has an anti-inflammatory benefit.



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Sylvie Beljanski

Synergy again, we see chemotherapies. And also it works, we’ve seen it that it’s still working on advanced cancer, like an advanced prostate cancers that do not respond anymore to hormonal therapy. So all also we got all those publications. Then we went on to study the activity of those extracts on cancer stem cells. That’s very important because chemotherapy doesn’t work on cancer stem cells, and that’s why we have some metastases and relapse. So was extracts Pal park and other geometria were shown to work to be efficient and destroy cancer stem cells or via cancer stem cells, pancreatic cancer stem cells, both in vivo and in vitro and in vivo. There is also little fragments of RNA, which is specific of the DNA of the bone marrow and helps the bone marrow to create white blood cells and platelets. This is very, very important, because when people are undergoing chemotherapy, their white blood cells, including platelets are destroyed by chemotherapy. So here we have a natural product which is going to help preserve bone marrow to do its own work without toxicity and therefore it means all the families of white blood cells are going to be created without any imbalance without growth factor and so on. Just and it’s not doing also too many white blood cells and platelets you don’t want to have too many. Just those which are here are just the right number and they are well activated.


Manon Bolliger 19:51

But it sounds to me very much like the principle you know of having good friendly bacteria in your gut, so that you don’t get sick. Right?


Sylvie Beljanski 20:05

Exactly. But instead of having to transfer, you’re adding your gut, getting the nutrients and making proper elemental it needs, you give right away exactly what it needs to support a bone marrow.


Manon Bolliger 20:23

Right. Yeah. And I mean, the advantage of that, too, I think is I mean, one, it’s the direct impact. But it also relies on the body’s intelligence, it sounds like, of knowing what it needs to do what it has to do. Right.


Sylvie Beljanski 20:41



Manon Bolliger 20:41

Yeah. And I think that’s the concept. Most people, they’re waiting for the cancer to manifest, and then the tumor to grow or whatever. And then they say, Oh, I have a problem. But you know, we constantly have cancer cells that come and go, and if we are in, you know, in optimal health, and we have a working immune system, then we’re in a much better position to deal with all that and, you know.


Sylvie Beljanski 21:15

Normally is a body is producing decentralized cancer cells on a daily basis, but our immune system is able to recognize them and eliminate them. What is the beauty of those products that my father discovered is that they, if your immune system is missing some cancerous cells, then the palpi and human material is going to spot so cells and eliminate them? The way a body should do it.


Manon Bolliger 21:51

So, I wonder, I mean, the work is already plentiful. But I’m curious, because in this time period, with the experimental jabs that have been, we’re still in the experiment at this stage. There’s clinicians everywhere saying that there’s a massive, like 1000 fold increase in cancer. And have you noticed that to be true? Are you in a situation to see that?


Sylvie Beljanski 22:24

Well, even you know, before the pandemic, there was stats, well, I mean, the forecast was going to an increase of the number of cancer because we are living in a in a world which is more and more polluted. The foods that we are eating is very often junk food, filled with pesticides, hormones, and also things that little by little produce a destabilization of the DNA and induce cancer. But we can consider that jab indeed, a manipulation of our immune system, that’s a definition of any vaccine is adding another layer of what our bodies have to deal with the disruption compared to the normal state of health and homeostasis. So, because we have this massive additional disruption, we are going at a greater rate towards the destabilized state and therefore towards cancer.


Manon Bolliger 23:42

Yeah. And also, because in the actual immune system, the natural innate immune system is being so disrupted that it can’t seem to fight the way it used to. And I think that’s what I’ve heard from immunologist, I’m not an immunologist. But I think that a product like an approach, like what your foundation and your father created, makes sense because it’s working at the same level, but it’s giving the body what it’s missing.


Sylvie Beljanski 24:21

Absolutely and it can be taken you know, preventively.


Manon Bolliger 24:24

That’s what I was wondering.


Sylvie Beljanski 24:25

It can be taken once you are diagnosed alone or together with chemo therapies, and it can be taken after once you have been told you are cancer free, but you have still have that, it is somewhere in you. It creates a lot of anxiety and takes a lot of time for the body to fully recover anywhere.


Manon Bolliger 24:58

So how available is that because one of the things that, you know, I’ve noticed is that when a good product works, and you can’t make…pharmaceutical companies can’t make money, they go to great extents to make it unavailable unprescribable, and uncreatable. You know, like that. So, are you experiencing any of those?


Sylvie Beljanski 25:29

That’s exactly what the French government did. And after, at the time they arrested my father, they also seized everything in France, there was no more product available, including for himself. And I received phone calls of people saying, Are you going to make the products because we are going to die here? And I was like, don’t die, don’t die, please don’t die. Let me think about it, I promise I’m going to find a way. So, the first thing you know, because of my maybe my legal background, the first thing I did back in 97, was to notify the FDA of those ingredients as new dietary ingredient. So that was filed with the FDA in 97. And after that, I did my best, since that I’ve had to notify the FDA to make the products available as dietary supplements. And so products have been, I mean, available on the market and as dietary supplements, and also completely independently of Maison Beljanski, who is offering the products, there is the Beljanski Foundation, doing the research. But if you go onto Beljanski Foundation website, you will not find any product to buy. And if you go on the mis adventures key website, you will not find any claim, because that’s the law. And I intend to aspects.


Manon Bolliger 27:09

Right, yeah, you can, but you can’t prescribe it. Because you’re not that you’re not in that position, apparently, but then so how do people manage to get that if they choose that they want this, you know, I mean, I know, lots of people right now that have that have cancer, that either don’t want to do chemo again, because they already did it and nearly killed them. Or they just won’t do it because they’ve read more about it and they want to do other things. So, they’re, you know, they’re going to Mexico, they’re going to places that are much more open to helping people first, right? And so, what do people do if they’re in in North America or in Europe right now if they want to be able to try this protocol?


Sylvie Beljanski 28:09

Oh, okay, so the products are available on the website of maisonbeljanski just in one word, But we highly recommend people to get professional advice.


Manon Bolliger 28:25

Of course.


Sylvie Beljanski 28:26

You know, just to know what they should take. So, we have a list also of health professionals and depending on their area, we can put them in touch with a health professional, who knows about the products we help also number of health professionals to get acquainted with these three search and source products by having some health coach sessions just for health professionals. And we create like that a community of people who are aware of the research and may be able to provide the proper protocols.


Manon Bolliger 29:15

Okay, well, that sounds like a very well needed product and, and service, you know, that can truly help people. So, we only have like about five more minutes together. What else would you like to share about either the foundation this work, or case studies? What would you like to share?


Sylvie Beljanski 29:40

So let me let me get…


Manon Bolliger 29:43

Your book.


Sylvie Beljanski 29:44

Yes. So if we put up more information about more information about the story, about the research about the foundation, everything is in the book and the book is an easy read. I mean, I’m not again, I’m not a I’m not a doctor, everybody can understand. And it’s a book. It’s like a novel, because there is always a story about my father in it, and how it’s all started all over again, out of nowhere, here in the States. And so, it’s really like a thriller. It’s a true story. And it explains everything. So, it gives your souls information you may need or want to get a step further and learn more about the stopwatch.


Manon Bolliger 30:40

Great, okay, well, that’s, that’s perfect. Because it really is a time where people are taking their health more in their own hands. You know, and I myself, because I no longer practice at this stage, because my license became in question for raising issues about things. First, do no harm was my predominant belief. So, I just, I had my limitations on what I can stand. But one of the things I’m doing now is really educating the public, you know, people to realize that one, they have many of the answers themselves, because their bodies are so amazing. And there are so many resources of people that have done work, you don’t have to recreate every wheel, you know, there’s already fantastic work that we just don’t get to hear about, but it’s available, you know, so if people start searching there’s no reason to give up hope, you know, and I just thought maybe one of the stories that you’ve heard, either through your dad because you’re not a clinician, or have you heard, like, something that you want to share maybe as a as encouragement of what’s possible.


Sylvie Beljanski 32:11

So first, I mean, the first time I had you know, a US Doctor, come to learn about what we are doing. It was because after my father’s passing, I organized a symposium here in New York City, invited all the French doctors to see me just to let them know that I was dedicated with carrying on with this project. And I had a handful of American doctors who came, and one of them Dr. Michael Schachter went, listened very attentively, he had never heard anything like that, really. But he was really impressed by what the French doctors had to say, despite the ongoing translation. And he had a desperate case of pancreatic patients with pancreatic cancer, I said, you know, the poor guy at this stage. I’m going to try with him. And I mean, against all odds again, the patient did so well that Dr. Michael Schachter was then eager to provide the products to other patients. And then a few years later, he gave a lecture at the American College of Integrative Medicine, in front of all of his colleagues, about my father and my father’s research. So, when you have something that really really works, it finds its way one way or another. It is at some point recognized and therefore, never give up because it will eventually be recognized by good people with an open mind that will recognize the value of the science and give it a chance.


Manon Bolliger 34:18

I think I’m gonna leave it with these inspiring words. And it was real pleasure to get to speak to you and learn this history and be able to share them with your foundation and all this work is about.


Sylvie Beljanski 34:33

Thank you so very much. Thank you, Manon.


Manon Bolliger 34:36

In Francois. Merci Beaucoup.


Sylvie Beljanski 34:40

Merci Ah Vue


ENDING: 41:33

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