Emotional Healing and Breaking Trauma Patterns Through Autonomic Nervous System Regulation

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger, FCAH, RBHT (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks with Teresa Ford about how to release stored trauma and shares her wisdom with special guest Tony to help him release his pain.

Highlights from today’s episode include:

Teresa Ford

so when you have emotionally immature parents, and they’re unavailable to nurture you, we perceive an awful lot that isn’t true as children and those little pieces of us get fragmented and stunted in their development and left in the past.

Manon Bolliger

But it’s that we acted how we needed to, so we did the right thing, then, but it’s just not appropriate right now. You know, and then it’s much easier to let it go rather than think that we’re broken, and we have to be fixed, you know, right.


– – – – –

Teresa Ford

You know, when you came into the world, you were nothing but light and love, you took your first breath, and everybody cheered, because you were alive. And that is where our value lies. We don’t have to do more or less than just breathe and that’s what makes us valuable.


I am an accidentalpreneur, a transformational empowerment coach for women, a mother to 5 grown children, step-mom to 3 grown bonus kids, and Grammy to 15 grandchildren. I love to create abstract paintings, spend time in nature fishing, camping, playing ball golf and disc golf, and bike on either our tandem mountain bike or our road bike with my husband. They say wherever your relationship is going, it’ll get there twice as fast on a tandem?

Core purpose/passion: It’s important that women understand the impact their healing will have on the generations that follow. Even if our children are grown, they are still watching, and we are mentors to them much longer than we ever will be in our mothering years. We must give them an example to which they can turn to know a better way.

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Introduction  00:00

Welcome to the Healers Café. The number one show for medical practitioners and holistic healers, to have heart to heart conversations about their day to day lives, while sharing their expertise for improving your health and wellness.

Manon Bolliger  00:22

So, welcome to the Healers Café. And today I have with me Teresa Ford. Now she practices emotional healing and breaking trauma pattern cycles through autonomic nervous system regulation. And, I love this she calls herself an accidental, no accidentalpreneur, a transformational empowerment coach for women. She’s also a mother of five grown children, a stepmom to three grown bonus kids and grandma to 15 grandchildren. Wow, I think I will leave it at that and just really welcome you to our show. And well, let’s explore a little bit what it is you do and and then I think I have a little plan for us.


Teresa Ford  01:17

Thank you Manon. I’m excited about this. This is, you know, helping people understand how they work and the experiences that they have, and how it all falls into line in to helping them wake up to their true purpose, which is the healing right finding more light in their life. I just never get tired of talking about it.


Manon Bolliger  01:39

No, no, that’s true. It’s like, it is one of the most exciting things I think, to how people kind of get their own aha moments where everything becomes possible, right? Yeah, so what would you say…what stands out about your practice? I think maybe you want to describe a little bit I was going to have you actually do a mini session with my partner, because he’s suffering in tremendous pain. And if you’re comfortable with that, then people could actually see the work at least. But is there any context that you would want to set up first a little bit so people understand what it is you’re doing? What your expectations are? How this works.


Teresa Ford  02:39

Yeah. Yeah. Well, from the very beginning of my life, I was born to the perfect parents to figure out what not to do in my life. Because they were emotionally unavailable. My mom described herself as a three year old sucking on a potato because she was born in the Great Depression, right. So they had they didn’t have much the family was codependent My grandfather was an alcoholic, my grandmother feigned ill, so that she could keep herself safe from her husband. And no one was there to nurture the children. So that was handed down to us. You know, that was the mentality and the energy for which my mom was trying to raise a …


second family, she had two and then remarried and had us three, and her own misperceptions of her worth, are projected onto me as a girl, a female. And so when you have emotionally immature parents, and they’re unavailable to nurture you, we perceive an awful lot that isn’t true as children and those little pieces of us get fragmented and stunted in their development and left in the past. But that’s a combination of the handbook that we take out into our life with us. And this handbook is not full of truth. It’s just full of stories that we developed in a state of dysregulation in our nervous system. Our nervous system was really rattled, and we were doing all kinds of things to survive. You know, we were fawning, I’ll be whatever you need me to be, so that I don’t get in trouble. You know, we were freezing like, Whoa, I don’t have any plan for what my mom’s throwing at me right now in the emotional chaos, or fight or flight is like, you know, am I going to over defend myself or am I going to run away? And that was the whole premise of, of living and surviving my childhood. So when I got out in the world, my handbook or the subconscious story that was conditioned upon me to believe was, I’m gonna try really hard all the time to be loved, but it would never be enough. And that is the story that I can point to throughout my whole life. As as you know, my trauma following me around until I actually had these moments. And then they were just moments in my life that I was able to say, wait a minute, I have one shot at being a mother. And I have an opportunity to break that pattern, or continue the pattern of codependency and childhood trauma. And then when I didn’t mean to get a career, but I was pushed out of the nest in ’08 to go get a job after not having a job for 15 years, and I had to fake a resume and go get a job, my nervous system was shattered, like it was, I was not in a good space. So that was the accidentalprenuer part. Right, and then that, that just opened up all kinds of doors. Now, what I didn’t know is that you could actually regulate your nervous system and have a much better experience being forced into something that you didn’t know you were going to have to do. And, there’s a much easier path to face the uncertainty of your future, right. But all my life experiences have culminated into this place of actually healing my childhood wounds and re parenting the inner child here. And that is the experience that I take into helping others remove trapped emotions and energetically shift the patterns of their childhood wounding, which can actually be from generations ago, that just got handed down through the DNA, you know, it’s just been the only energy that has followed you all the way through, right. So, and then our bodies are telling us all the time with dis-ease, not disease, it may not manifest this disease, but dis-ease a pain here a little problem there. And that dis-ease in the body turns into disease, because it’s those are the places in our body that hold darkness. Right it’s the absence of light, which were made.


Manon Bolliger  02:41

Well put. Yeah, I was thinking to, you know, as I was hearing, you speak about all the the sort of this baggage that we’re holding from the past. I think, too, that there’s often a big misconception that it has to be fixed, or that it was wrong, or that it needs to be changed, you know, hence, the endless therapy kind of, you know, but I think was much more popular before then now, I think much of this has been updated, upgrading my understanding of healing. But it’s that we acted how we needed to, so we did the right thing, then, but it’s just not appropriate right now. You know, and then it’s much easier to let it go rather than think that we’re broken, and we have to be fixed, you know, right.


Teresa Ford  08:11

There, there is a beautiful way of looking at this in that your body, your nervous system, right, it starts with a thought it triggers the the nervous system. And that sends out all these neurotransmitters in our body, telling us if this is a safe situation or not, and whatever we’re going through right now may have a flavoring a sense or a hint of something that wasn’t safe when we were children. And we weren’t able to process the adult world we were trying to navigate, because we didn’t have anyone to nurture us and help us through the big emotions we were having. And so we, you know, get activated now about what wasn’t safe then. But learning to teach yourself that you are safe. Nobody can actually impose their will on you without your permission. And so, you know, even things like taking offence at someone’s intonation, you know, it’s a sense of our, from our childhood that we’re making unsafe now, right? In that moment, we can actually say, Oh, I feel that yucky gut soup. That’s what I call it, yucky gut soup, it’s more than one negative emotion all in a little recipe in your body. And, and we can say okay, but this is not then. Right. And we can see that now, but it’s not. It’s not it’s not consciously understood, right? Because it’s not really talk therapy anymore. It’s felt sense in the body and our body is trying to get our attention.


Manon Bolliger  09:50

Right, right. Exactly. Yeah, no, it’s a different way of coming to terms but it’s with the body. It’s like Now, you know, when they talk about manifestation, it’s not the vision, it’s really the feeling, right? So, I think there is overall a shift in how we see healing. So why after reading a little bit about your past and all that I was very well, it’s very spontaneous as well. Yeah. So my give you a little bit about my partner, do you want to come maybe. And then I’ll have him or you just talk to him, but just so that people know. So he, in December, he developed shingles. And, and it was very short, you know, it was just on the neck, we didn’t even know what it was to start with. And it was done in five days, you know, prescribed a homeopathic remedy, because it was obvious what it was, and then it seemed to be okay, for a short while, and then it developed into this intense neuralgia. And, we don’t do too well, with, you know, pharmaceuticals, though, we feel like he actually took one for a little while with zero effect, just negative impact. But then remedies only lasted for a short time, completely different than my experience. And we did a little bit of like, what could this be else because there’s not an obvious emotion that, you know, it’s quite hidden. Now, there is a bit of a history. So at one point, the year he was set a flame in England by his brother, while they were playing, but the brother was like, 16. So you know, it’s kind of a dangerous game to play with your brother 10 years younger. But anyway, but he was hospitalized and all that. And so, it’s the same year, could be all of this that came up as a trauma. So I looked at it like, Okay, well, that could be the trauma that is coming up for healing now. Right? Because I mean, the body creates the symptoms for us to pay attention to. Anyway, we paid attention to that, that was two months ago, we’re on month five, and he’s taking a turn for the worse. And everyone who knows me knows that I’ve been seeking everything and everything to try and figure out how to help him. So I’ll have you maybe come in Tony. And then Teresa, if you could demonstrate through the work you do and the intuition, everything that oh, we normally functional therapist and then people will get a sense of the work you do. And also just want to let people know that you also are available to see people online. So we’ll give all the contacts after you want to come in I’m going to move out of the picture here.


Tony  10:32

So let’s sit there right?


Manon Bolliger  13:11

Maybe here I’m just going to move the chair.


Tony  13:19

Hi Teresa.


Teresa Ford  13:20

Hi, Tony, how are ya?


Tony  13:22

Oh I thought you were gonna ask that terrible question.


Teresa Ford  13:29

So tell me a little bit in your childhood which parent did you have to work the hardest at getting their approval or their validation?


Tony  13:45

Off the head I’d probably say my dad really more than my mom.


Teresa Ford  13:50

And what did you have to become for your, for your dad to notice you and maybe give you some positive feedback?


Tony  13:57

You know, I gotta be honest, I feel like I had a really blessed childhood. And one thing I feel that my parents that they never pushed me at all like it was do what you want to do, maybe to the extreme that it was like I could have done with a bit more encouragement you know. But no, I’ve been looking at this and really I feel like I’ve had very blessed childhood I don’t…I don’t feel animosity or…


Teresa Ford  14:23

You know, what’s funny about that is that we, when we’re that blessed, we will find a way to harbor ill will towards ourselves, such as guilt, like what did I do to deserve this great life? Right we will find a way to tap into the shadow. Right so there’s the shadow is our doubt and our fear. And then our job is to become the Alchemist and turn that doubt and fear into light and love. You know, when you came into the world, you were nothing but light and love, you took your first breath, and everybody cheered, because you were alive. And that is where our value lies. We don’t have to do more or less than just breathe and that’s what makes us valuable. But when you looking at maybe the contrast of everybody else around you, so and so struggled so and so didn’t have a good relationship, so and so had hardships, you know, somebody got ill, and they didn’t deserve such hardships as that. And you, and I’m just gonna let you tell me.


Tony  15:37



Teresa Ford  15:38

You may have been like, do you consider yourself an empath?


Tony  15:43

Yeah, I’m pretty sure.


Teresa Ford  15:44

Very emotionally intelligent.


Tony  15:47

I never used to until I was with Manon, but now I think I’d probably am. Yeah.


Teresa Ford  15:51

Yeah. And so when you’re an empath, like that, you might have seen all these hardships around you. And there’s nobody more Savior like than a child. And what they do is I see your suffering, and I don’t want you to suffer. So I will suffer in your behalf, even though we can’t really take on the actual situation that they are experiencing. We do internalize it. And then we take that suffering on and then it doesn’t come out until there is a point in our lives where it manifests, because your body’s like, I don’t want to hold on to all this suffering anymore. So you may not have been given parents who caused your suffering. Right. But you may have been around people in the family and it could have been one of your parents, actually, that was suffering. So was that the case with you?


Tony  15:52

Um not so much but just what you’re saying. I think like recently, over the last three years, I’ve been really triggered. You know, I’ve certainly been triggered with this child trafficking. Sometimes I…like I’m going through this pain, and I’m like, I will, it could be worse, you know, it could be in some child under the ground being tortured, you know. And that’s the way I kind of compensate for it. But I think there’s some discrepancy there, you know, that I’m possibly holding on to something and, I’m very visual as well. And, ya know, yeah, I’m very angry at what’s being here in all this. I just find it so hard to actually accept. I’m pretty damn angry as well. Yeah.


Teresa Ford  17:34

It’s unacceptable, and it makes you angry. Your body is manifesting that this is unacceptable. And I am so angry about it. But as an empath, there’s a high likelihood that you don’t allow yourself to feel and express the anger on the level, it needs to come out of your body. Right? So there’s suffering that is also being retained, that if you suffer, maybe these children won’t suffer as badly. Now, tell me how that sits with you.


Tony  18:07

Yeah, there’s a possibility. I think there’s definitely a connection with that, I think. Yeah, like I said, I’ve always been like, I would have somebody worse off than you, or you can deal with that. And it’s like, it could be worse, you know, so I’m sure there’s a better way of dealing with it, but it’s my kind of way of dealing with it. And then when I think of how bad it is, for other people, you know, that doesn’t make me feel any better either it’s like, Oh, God. Yeah.


Teresa Ford  18:40

So, so we kind of have to, we have to find balance there in the mind, right? The brain is saying, I can’t really stand that these people are suffering and I don’t understand the suffering of these little children that deserve love and nurturing. Right. And the imbalance is that you can do anything about it holding on to the emotions. But that is the savior complex, right? That is your attempt at doing something about it in the world.


Tony  19:16



Teresa Ford  19:19

So we have to do something with it. So tell me a little bit about your belief systems it like do you what are your spiritual beliefs?


Tony  19:29

Um, like on the human level, I like for me very strongly as I feel there needs to be justice here. And it’s not defends. It’s justice. And I feel that very strongly, you know, it’s, yeah, sure I’d go out and like to get these perpetrators but it’s not that hey, this has got to be our people. You know, the truth. The truth and justice are very strong for me. Yeah. So I forget what your question was exactly.


Teresa Ford  20:04

Your spiritual beliefs like Do you believe in God? Or like, in the universe? I want to be able to use your language?


Tony  20:10

Oh, yeah. So I’ve got very strong beliefs and not necessarily the word God because I feel that it’s been over used. But certainly, there’s a whole bigger picture here. And I feel it energetically. And it’s, you know, you just look at a plant and it grows, it dies next year, it comes up. I mean, it’s, you know, it doesn’t take a lot of common sense to see that we’re, we’re way bigger than, you know, just this human body.


Teresa Ford  20:38

Yes. So we are, we become an energetic match. So we are energy, that’s what helps plants grow. And that’s the cycle of life and, you know, breath is into, is into the body. And then, and we’re here until we’re not and then our spirit leaves the body. And that’s like there’s a cycle going on.


Tony  20:57

Yeah. yeah. No. Carry on. Really, this? Yeah.


Teresa Ford  21:03

So energetically, we want to do something about the pain we see in the world. And a passive way of doing our part is holding on to the pain and the suffering within ourselves. Instead of giving it back to the one the universe that knows all that can handle what to do with this because we actually don’t know what to do with it.


Commercial Break  21:33

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Teresa Ford  22:42

We can’t control other people. And we all have our free agency. Right and the way we use our free agency, it can be for good or for evil. Right? And so there’s people out there doing bad things to sweet little innocent people. But if we think that we are doing something productive by internalizing the pain, hoping that it won’t affect other people as greatly. We’re actually doing the exact opposite of our intention to do something about it. Because as long as you’re sick, you can’t do much. Right.


Tony  23:20

So its all unconscious, obviously, oh.


Teresa Ford  23:23

Yes, yes, yes. Because you didn’t consciously say, Well, I’m going to become sick so that these people, you know, don’t suffer that subconsciously, your sweet and innocent spirit recognize the pain of other sweet and innocent spirits. And so you’re, you’re just absorbing that in that pain and energy subconsciously, not even realizing what a sponge you are. Right. And so when you take that beautiful quality of who you are, and you do visual imagery, right, you’re a visual person. And if you can take the imagery and you just pull the pain out, and you put it in a beautiful silk cloth. Just picture taking this big, ugly ball of pain out of your body and placing it in this beautiful silk cloth and wrapping it up. And that is your offering by giving the pain away because you are of no use to anybody when you’re in pain. Right your power is not to be in pain, your power is to actually put more light into the world. That’s where your power lies. So if you can give this bundle of yuck the yucky gut soup is now bundled up beautifully and you can give it to the universe. You can give it to that the power that creates and give it back. Its like this is not mine and I’m so sorry that I kept it for this long that it actually manifested in pain and suffering, that I became the epitome of what I imagine other people are experiencing. I can just give that back. It’s not mine.


Tony  25:16

You think the universe wants it or what?


Teresa Ford  25:19

The universe knows what to do with it, it’s smarter than we are, like, we don’t know how to like create humans, we don’t, we don’t know how to do that it just happens. So we have to give it back to the universe that is much smarter than us. So it’s not a matter whether the universe wants that the universe is just love. It is the essence of love. And that love is what creates. Right, and so the universe created you, you’re just a bundle of love. But if we, if we take this pain and put it inside of us, not intentionally, but it just happened. And here’s how this works is you’re light and love when you’re born. But we take the pain of the world and we start putting it in it detracts from the light. And now we have a lot of darkness. And that darkness takes up space in our body. And it’ll manifest like there’s 30 trapped emotions associated with the skin. So shingles is manifested on the skin, it’s a nervous system issue, but it’s manifested on the skin and in the skin. There’s 30 possible trapped emotions associated with that. And so, to clear the skin, you’ve got to let go of at least you know one of those 30 possible trapped emotions. So as you’re giving these trapped emotions back, it’s like I’m sorry, they’re not mine. Have you ever heard of the Hawaiian prayer ho’oponopono?


Tony  26:54

Yeah. I have.


Teresa Ford  26:56



Tony  26:57



Teresa Ford  26:58

I like to bookend it, because the the highest vibrational words in the human language are Thank you. I love you.


Tony  27:06



Teresa Ford  27:07

So when you are talking to yourself, that inner self that has the capacity to take on other people’s pain for them. You talk to that inner child it’s the child that did this, your inner child is the sweetest, most compassionate person. And, and he needs to be reminded, thank you for holding this, but it’s not yours. I love you. Because that is the essence from which you are created. And then you add in. I’m sorry. Because I didn’t mean for you to carry this burden. It’s not yours. Please forgive me.


Tony  27:50



Teresa Ford  27:51

Because the biggest sin of all is to carry around darkness in us because it disallows us from putting light into the world. Because if we’re sick, we’re not doing anything in the Light World. We’re just on the couch, feeling crappy. Right. And then I like to bookend it with Thank you, I love you. So thank you, I love you. I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. And you do this to every cell if you can picture, like if you’re looking through a microscope, and you can picture your DNA, and everything that makes up your chromosomes and the cellular structure in your body. That’s where it’s being held. It’s manifested through your ear, it’s manifested through your skin, it’s manifesting through your nervous system. But it started on the cellular level of I want to help humanity. And I feel helpless to change what’s going on. And so your work is to let it go. It’s not yours to carry, it doesn’t mean it’s not yours to involve yourself and do something about it, do fundraisers or start an organization or the things that are in you to do, but you can’t do it until you start feeling better. Right? And so you may have had thoughts and I’m just going to put this out there and you can tell me if it’s true. You may have had thoughts of starting an organization or doing something about the trafficking and you put it off and you put it off and you didn’t start it and you delayed and then next thing you know you’re sick or anything like that happen.


Tony  29:26

Well, I’m more likely the only way I’d help is buying a gun and going out there and shooting somebody.


Teresa Ford  29:33

Clearly that’s not gonna work.


Tony  29:35

No I know. That’s more my process actually. Yeah, sure. I’ve got quite a bit of anger over it as well and and a little bit powerless. Powerless.


Teresa Ford  29:52

And powerlessness is a trapped emotion. Yeah. I see you breathing through the pain.


Tony  29:59



Teresa Ford  30:00

Yeah, powerlessness is a trapped emotion and it’s held in the body. So for you to not feel powerless, you need to find constructive ways to put that anger and that the magnitude of which you feel that you’re here to help these children. You’re here to help those who suffer. But you must put it in a constructive way, because that is how you put light into the collective of us all. But being angry…what’s that?


Tony  30:34

Rather than getting a rifle, you know or something probably is more constructive what you’re saying?


Teresa Ford  30:40

Yead, because you’re here to be constructive. That is why you have a soft and tender heart. That is why you feel such great compassion and empathy is because you’re here to put light into the world to be constructive to open up ways in which this human trafficking can be contained and diminished, and that it’s not affecting other children. You know, so your creativity has been stifled your ability to think outside the box in bigger ways, because getting a gun is not the option. It really isn’t. It’s not who you are, you’re not a destructive person.


Tony  31:21

Not overly, no.


Teresa Ford  31:24

No. But it is the desire to help and feeling helpless will cause us to go down the rabbit hole of anger, and, you know, finding ways to end it right now. But again, that’s the nervous system, right? It doesn’t actually need help right this second. But if you’re tapping, and you’re helping that inner child calm down and feel safe in this moment, then you will actually open up opportunities for your creativity come up with constructive ways to start a movement or an organization or come up with a safety device or something to help children and help parents keep their children safe. And that will change the world. Like your ability to move the world is limitless when you’re healthy. But anger is not going to help you get there.


Tony  32:23

No, no. Okay. Great. No, I do really appreciate that. And what was the big thing that stuck with me something? Oh, quite a bit. Yeah. You know, I don’t really think of myself as a sort of overly compassionate person, but I think I am actually, or I do care.


Teresa Ford  32:48

You absolutely are.


Tony  32:51

So, you know, I feel like almost embarrassed about it. I come from quite a rough background and a different area. And if my friends were looking at thi video, the guy’s lost his emotions.


Teresa Ford  33:06

Something’s off. What’s the matter with him, actually, but But again, I mean, we talked in the beginning about your conditioning, right? It was this is how you are a man in the world or your conditioning was, we don’t show our emotions or whenever your conditioning was, it went against your true nature to accept all that you are. And all that you are is a very compassionate, kind and loving human being, because that’s how you showed up in the world was light and love. And you took your first breath, and everybody cheered and you smiled, and then the everybody else smiled back at you, and you were just cute as could be. And to learn how to accept that embodying your true energies, is to have your rough and tumble side that you really are familiar with and embody the other half of you, which is in all of us, which is light and love. And to have that compassion. It doesn’t make us soft, it actually is our greatest strength. Yeah, and to do something about that, the creativity in order to help other people woo that that takes a lot of courage. So there’s strength and there’s courage in that empathic and compassionate side of you that when you embrace that, and you’re like, it’s me, folks. It has been all along I’m just now figuring it out and that is okay. But it is you that needs to embrace it, and it doesn’t matter what other people think of you. It actually matters what you think of you.


Tony  34:48

Okay, I don’t know where to go with that. So I’m going to sit with that or lie with it


Teresa Ford  34:53

It takes time to evolve right? This illness this pain is been your Best Friend, because you would not even be having this conversation to turn this around. Like we’re trying to turn the puzzle and do a Rubik’s Cube thing, you know, and change the way we thought about what it means to be a man in the world, and what it means to be a humanitarian in the world and what it means to ease the suffering in a compassionate but constructive way. Yeah, you’re just turning that Rubik’s Cube until you get all the colors on the same side, and then you’ll be in alignment. That alignment is you feel the relief of the struggle that you have felt about what’s happening in the world. Relief is the sign that you are in alignment with the light and love you are. Yeah.


Tony  35:48

Yeah, it’s funny, I just had to like, one thing is I’ve been trying to deal with this is one I’ve done something wrong, you know, and there’s some retribution. And the other thing is that there’s some big learning curve here. You know, they’re quite different. But they’ve both 50-50 I would say.


Teresa Ford  36:07

Yes, absolutely.


Tony  36:09

I should probably swing to the learning curve. Really.


Teresa Ford  36:12

It is, it is. It’s waking you up to your potential to actually impact the world. And, and it is the legacy you leave. This is your path. And it’s it cannot, it can’t happen sooner than it’s happening. So right now is the perfect time for it to happen. Because you’re in a place of listening. You’re in a place of I’ll do anything to to get rid of the pain.


Tony  36:37



Teresa Ford  36:37

Which nothing promotes change faster than wanting to get out of the pain. And the pain is this empathy that you carry for everybody else. So get rid of that. Let yourself be healthy. And then it’s time to get busy being constructive.


Tony  36:59

Okay, thank you so much.


Teresa Ford  37:01

All right. Thank you, Tony.


Tony  37:03

Thank you.


Teresa Ford  37:04

Okay, take care.


Manon Bolliger  37:05

Yeah, no, thanks. That was very insightful, too. And I was gonna say to when you were saying the rubrix cube, you know, in the description of the pain he has it as twisting and stabbing are both, you know, very graphic. And they’re also typical of fascial pain, right? When people describe pain, they do so differently if it’s a fascial pain, which is always linked to an emotional component.


Teresa Ford  37:45

Yeah. Yeah, that is where the trapped emotions lie its in the fascia.


Manon Bolliger  37:53

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So and, and I think I like the way that you do the I can never pronounce it. The Hawaiian. Ho, no.


Teresa Ford  38:04

I know its ho’oponopono.


Manon Bolliger  38:07

We’ve been doing it to to each other, you know, in the sense of what is because he’s the kind of person if I have if I injured my knee. And then I’m like, Okay, where’s the pain? Oh, he’s got it. He’s like, he can take it literally away.


Teresa Ford  38:25

Oh, my goodness.


Manon Bolliger  38:26

I know. So talking about an empath, anyway.


Teresa Ford  38:29

Yeah, he doesn’t even know half of his gift. It’s coming.


Manon Bolliger  38:36

Exactly, exactly. And so it was quite funny that we Yeah, so we’ve been doing this, and going, you know, I’m interconnected to this journey. So it’s also saying, you know, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. There is a dance in any relationship at which, you know, healing is, I mean, I always say healing is easy. But the circumstances can be complex.


Teresa Ford  39:10

Because there’s an energetic exchange and oftentimes when we meet someone, we have a matching energy that could be a positive energy or could be a negative energy, or a little of both, right. And our partners are our greatest teachers.


Manon Bolliger  39:24

Yes, always.


Teresa Ford  39:24

Yes. Oh, it’s so it’s it’s just so fascinating to just kind of pull back the curtain and take a look at what energies you share. Right What energies you each have that supports one another too. But yeah, he has some he has many, many gifts and you’re you’re getting to be a witness to his gifts coming to life. And that’s what pain does is it puts us on our back so we we have to pay attention.


Manon Bolliger  39:56

Exactly. Yeah. Yeah, no. So in you’re in the way that you do therapy. So we’ve witnessed it and thank you very much for demonstrating it.  So there’s like bringing to reminding the person bringing to consciousness, what might be one emotion might be harboring is sort of explaining the context. But then the work itself is I mean, are you…is the consciousness the thing alone?


Teresa Ford  40:06

Oh you’re welcome. No, no, because it’s not talk therapy, right, we can understand it logically. There’s something in our subconscious awareness, it’s held in the body. And we may not understand, you know, we don’t have a memory of it, or we don’t know where it attached itself to us, but we kept it, because we thought we would need to hold on to it for some reason.


Manon Bolliger  40:53

Then the work that you would let say, recommend your clients after this, I mean, to, I guess, to first of all experience, what you both just did here, to re experience and to talk to every cell to what you explained.


Teresa Ford  41:16

Yeah, well, I was just gonna say that when, when it’s one on one with my clients, I do energetic testing. So I do muscle testing, to get the right emotions and and then we look at the actual, you know, we look at the story behind it, we look at our perceptions about us, anything that we’ve recollected, but we also just let the body tell us because the body knows the problem. And we know it knows why we’re holding on to the illness or the disease or the you know, the dysfunction. And then we can muscle test for the exact trapped emotions in the location or the in the symptoms of what we’re feeling.


Manon Bolliger  41:57

Yeah. Yeah. Great. Well, anyway, that was, I hope people got something out of that. I certainly did. Witnessing, you know, how this happens, and what the interaction is, and in really, how simple you know, it is right like I’m not saying to necessarily find the emotion is simple. But you know, the process of healing once you’re committed to it, it’s a doable process.


Teresa Ford  42:26

It very much is, it is really, it is our greatest work, because when you remove darkness from the body, those trapped emotions or yucky feelings and whatever we want to call them. It frees us and our soul craves freedom. We want to be free to do what we’re here to do, and we can’t do it if we’re ill.


Manon Bolliger  42:48

Exactly. So, Teresa, thank you so much. And where can people find you? We’ll put you know that with the show notes, but is there a website or how do people get to work with you?


Teresa Ford  43:02

Yeah. My website is teresaford.life. So Teresa, no H. And, or they can email me TeresaFordCoaching@Gmail, or I’m on Instagram. TeresaFord.Coaching.


Manon Bolliger  43:20

Okay, great. Well, thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and your time with us and we’ll keep you posted.


Teresa Ford  43:28

Thank you Manon.


Manon Bolliger  43:29



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