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Karen Egoff

Karen Egoff

To Heal from Loss, We Need to Grieve with Karen Egoff on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger, FCAH, RBHT (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) chats with Karen Egoff, about the negative side effects of holding onto someone or something we have lost.

Highlights from today’s episode include:

Karen Egoff 

So, I now am at ease with the loss of my friend, life will go on or whatever, you know, something like this. And then I get them to breathe slowly and start really reconnecting to, it’s okay, you can talk to him in spirit, or still write him a letter or whatever you need to do. Because if you didn’t get to say goodbye, that letter is kind of important.


Karen Egoff 

It’s tough to lose friends, it’s tough to lose the family that we love. But I do believe that they’re in a good place. They’re doing their next job. It’s just a transition.

– – – – –

Karen Egoff 

But the getting back to grief. So, we all need to grieve because if we’re holding on, we’re going to be stressed and will be just hunched over. So, letting go learning to breathe and open up.


Karen Egoff is an internationally respected Reiki Master, Teacher, and Practitioner. In addition to the incredible Healing Energy she manifests through Reiki, she is also a very accomplished and soulful Cranial-Sacral Practitioner, a technique she incorporates into most of her Client’s Reiki Sessions. She is a dedicated and supportive lady who believes natural, spiritual lifestyles that incorporate simple Healing Techniques help us prevent and heal virtually anything, as well as maintain our overall wellbeing.

In addition to Karen’s Energy Work, she has been Teaching and Practicing Yoga and Meditation for 25+ Years. As well as working with healing modalities, she loves to teach about Dowsing, and work with Earth Energies. Karen loves to assist people with her Unique Workshops such as Grief Relief and Heart’s Desire.

Karen has a strong worldwide online following for many of her services. Since the onset of the Pandemic, she has endeavoured to keep her clients healthy and connected by expanding her services online, to include Yoga, Reiki, Meditation and more.

As we bare witness to how quickly our world is changing in chaotic and alarming ways, the need to continue to take time for our own physical and mental wellbeing and spiritual growth is more important than ever.

Core purpose/passion: Passison….happy, creative, joyful communities.
Teaching the youth and women that  feeling and being treated with respect schools having people like myself teaching classes like Good Grief relief; 1 of the main teachers for this class  was John James from L.A.California. Creator always changes things up, to suit the audience. When I teach, and do public speaking, yoga classes etc. It is not always the way I think it will go. No, i channel much of my work. It flows through me, I cannot deny, with a bit of A.D.D, years of cleaning this up, many courses I appreciate divine guidance. It gives me strength to assist with creating and Connecting communities. I love teaching retreats. Love them.   I love teaching in Canada and internationally.

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As a recently De-Registered board-certified naturopathic physician & in practice since 1992, I’ve seen an average of 150 patients per week and have helped people ranging from rural farmers in Nova Scotia to stressed out CEOs in Toronto to tri-athletes here in Vancouver.

My resolve to educate, empower and engage people to take charge of their own health is evident in my best-selling books:  ‘What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask: The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship’ and ‘A Healer in Every Household: Simple Solutions for Stress’.  I also teach BowenFirst™ Therapy through Bowen College and hold transformational workshops to achieve these goals.

So, when I share with you that LISTENING to Your body is a game changer in the healing process, I am speaking from expertise and direct experience”.

Mission: A Healer in Every Household!

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Introduction  00:00

Welcome to the Healers Café. The number one show for medical practitioners and holistic healers, to have heart to heart conversations about their day to day lives, while sharing their expertise for improving your health and wellness.


Manon Bolliger  00:20

So hello, and welcome to the Healers Café. And today I have with me, Karen Egoff. And she’s an internationally respected Reiki master, she’s a teacher, she’s a practitioner, as well, she has, she does cranial sacral practitioner, and currently is doing a lot of online healing, different techniques available to her which she’ll go into more detail. And especially on grief for you have actually, I’m looking for the name of your workshop on grief, Good Grief Relief just kind of a spunky title for a pretty serious thing. But you know, grief is a huge part of what so many people are going through right now. So, thank you for coming to discuss this a little bit more about your background, and then how you got involved in and doing the work you’re currently doing.


Karen Egoff  01:26

Sure. So yes, with a little bit about myself, then I started in teaching yoga. 33 years ago. I was quite young, a prodigy. And with the yoga, I just kept adding classes, I would take human behavior development classes, I would learn nutrition and how it worked in the body. And I took a fitness instructor course at the YMCA of Canada. So, I could become a really more knowledgeable on how the body works. And together by 2004, I decided to become a Reiki practitioner and it kept growing. And then I would go to events, and I was able to read people’s minds. And when I was in a spiritual setting where people were open, and I’d say I’ve got a message for you, I got a message for you. And they said, where did you learn? I’m like, really, it’s just downloads I get all the time. But when I was young, no one really cared, they didn’t really want to hear and reading people’s minds wasn’t really in our religion back then. Right? So doesn’t matter what culture you’re from. I love all cultures, as long as it’s of the light, any religion, anything that spiritual as long as people respect each other. That’s my number one crusade is …


Manon Bolliger  02:52

Oh, absolutely. I think that’s, it’s just it’s like good communications, you know, you, you don’t have to be the same. You just have to have equal respect for different ways. That’s it, you know, so?


Karen Egoff  03:06



Manon Bolliger  03:09

Yeah, so well, let’s, let’s jump in, because we really only have half an hour. And since you’re doing online therapy, basically, what is…what was the calling to do grief? How did that happen? Yeah, what’s going on for you to do that with a bit of a sense of humor it sounds like?


Karen Egoff  03:37

A little bit of humor, I think more…I like to get people’s attention. And it’s like, let’s get the relief of the emotional issue. So, I do good grief workshops for a group, or I just do emotional releases, and energy healing to raise people’s vibrations so that they are in a better place you can receive when you’re open, but if you close all the doors, and multiple doors are shut, then I can’t help anyone like that. But as soon as they say Karen, I’ve got some grief in my shoulder I feel or I’ve got some sadness in you know, in my arm or in my foot. I just, it’s always hurting. Well, yeah, you’ve stored emotions, all pain is stored undealt with emotions. So really, I’m an emotional healer, so that the physical body and the soulful spirit can all be in harmony and live together as one. And in a heart centered community is my goal is to build more and more of those types of communities. It all starts with one person and one family making a decision. And then he tells, and she tells and so on and so on. So, working with emotions, like it’s so easy to bring energy wherever you are in the world. Here’s an example I had someone across the planet, and this person had trouble in the heart center. And I found water around the heart. And my guidance said, we need to get that out of there. And that was removed with a hose in the emotion field. Long story short, this person was so much better. And knew five years later, when it builds up again, I know who to call, Karen will help me with this grief emotion that stuck and have not dealt with it again. So, he does his emotional work, and we release it, and that person gets better. I’ve had other people that had energy lines running through their bed. So, I also am aware of what’s happened in the room. This is years ago, I took the picture, another person, and I sit Oh, I doubt I doubt as well with my pendulum. And I doubt that he had said, Yes. I doubt that he had a ley line running through his bed. And I said, Do you want me to ask God to move if we can move that and earth? And he said, Yeah, so I asked Gaia Mother Earth, and I asked Father Mother God, and they said, Yeah, we can move it to the outside of the wall of his building. So, we did. And now he sleeps.


Manon Bolliger  06:22

So, do you the way that you? I mean, you obviously download the information that’s available in the universe. But how do you see the room? Or how do you see that? Is that just like, you go there? Like, can you break down the process to how that happens?


Karen Egoff  06:42

So, first of all, I mean, one thing permission, if I get a yes, I can work with their body, mind and spirit for their highest good, then we can continue. I’ve had up time when I’ve been pushed back. And I’ve had to ask them to say it out loud three times, and then I’ll come forward. If I push back, I don’t go anywhere. Then I feel I see I hear, and I smell everything in the third field that I’ve been asked to witness. And if I say, oh, I can smell there’s something going on here. I can actually smell inside their body what’s going on? So, say they’ve got stomach aches. And they haven’t even told me I’ll say, what’s wrong with your stomach or digestion? And they’ll say, oh, yeah, I do have that. And I’m like, well, I see or smell or I’m told, look at the stomach area, they need to eat less wheat and dairy, say. And then do the clearing, but they have the homework. So, I also have a nutrition 101. I’ve taken courses, over 30 years of quite a few. And it’s my sideline. I’m not allowed to go too far into that field. But I have taken some really good courses. So yeah, so I add in the nutritional value, and I say, here’s some suggestions so that you can have a better life for your stomach. You know, I’ll suggest some protease amylase, things like this sometimes a supplement to build it back up. But if they’re gonna go right into the wheat and dairy again, well, then we’re gonna have issues.


Manon Bolliger  08:21

Right. Yeah, it will repeat itself. Yeah. And so, with. I mean, there’s always been grief at one point or another in life, but we’re in a tsunami of grief at this point in time. I think that’s about right. You know, I was thinking like, the people, because I’ll give you what I see and you tell me what if you feel the same way, if there’s more. I feel like there’s people that don’t know what’s going on. You know, they don’t know. But they have that little hunch. That is their intuition that they’re not used to connecting with that is letting them know that something’s wrong. And so, there’s a grief that comes with this because it’s not an expansive energy, it’s a restrictive energy, right. Then you feel like something could go wrong, or there’s something not quite right. So, they’re, they’re unsettled, right. And I would say that’s the one extreme of the…it’s hard to call it grief, but it really looks like grief when you start analyzing it. And then there’s the people right on the other spectrum that have lost loved ones. And they’re completely conscious that it’s because of the bioweapon and they either those people knew, or they didn’t know or there was a fallout, or they were heard they were not heard. There’s the whole like level of, you know, I I told you so or, you know, why didn’t you listen? Or for the non-acknowledged, right? Oh, no, no, this is my time to have you know, myocarditis not because it’s popular, but these are the drop-dead syndromes now you know. You know, so a lot of unacknowledged meant, which is also a big form of grief for some people, right? So, yeah, so how do you…how do you work with that? And how, who comes to see you mostly? Like, who are you attracting? Or who do you work with, or?


Karen Egoff  10:42

It’s all ages. Now, anybody from 30s up, I mainly deal with women, but we also…gentlemen come to. So, it’s, it’s changing everything shifting. But when someone has grief in an area, I will work on the energy and use my Reiki master, which can travel around the globe. And in my hands, I’ll visualize them sitting in front of me or they actually are on screen. So, I imagined them there. And we go down and now feel the cold areas, or the heat, or I’ll feel the energy resistance, as you said, and I’ll say, well, listen, I’m feeling something, you know, in your ribcage or your left side, whatever. And I’ll work on that. And I’ll say, let me just check on the motions. And I have an emotional chart that I’ll check through. If it doesn’t come quickly. And I’ll say does anything come to you. And if they say yes, I’m feeling grief, okay, great. Or, you know, I’m getting over the loss of my loved one or a friend. And I’ll say, I know, that’s a lot of us. And it happens like weekly around here lately. So, I’ll ask to take that and bless it and send it to love and light change into sparkly light, and then give them a phrase that pays. So instead, we’ll think of some positive word and say, Okay, I want you to repeat and add this. So, I now am at ease with the loss of my friend, life will go on or whatever, you know, something like this. And then I get them to breathe slowly and start really reconnecting to, it’s okay, you can talk to him in spirit, or still write him a letter or whatever you need to do. Because if you didn’t get to say goodbye, that letter is kind of important. And maybe even say it to a friend that would understand or to myself, and I’ll listen and let that go. So sometimes people say goodbye through me, because I’m a good connector, and sometimes that person will come through, and they’ll smile, or they’ll say something, the person will be like, oh, yeah, that’s a tear lots of tears, I let them let go, because I’m safe, I don’t know their friend, and I totally impartial, I just want to see them. And then all of a sudden, they can breathe, their rib feels better, I’ll tell them to have a salt bath after or if they don’t have a tub, even in the shower with a little salt. And just say, I’m letting go, it happened, I’m going to move through this with God’s grace or whatever works for them.


Manon Bolliger  13:20

And do you like you know, like, in Mexico, for example, today’s the second of November, which is the celebration of the dead, you know, lots of you know, you bring sort of to the altar, all the foods that they that your family members who have died, loved and things like that as a sort of an acknowledgment. But a fundamental belief that they have is that you only die when it’s your time. And I found that very interesting, because I was talking to some of the families that have had relatives in Acapulco than just got devastated. And it’s like, they’re saying that not everyone died. You know, and it’s like, a profound belief that those who died if, if they were not to die it or need to die at this moment, they wouldn’t have been right there. And that so I thought how Yeah, it’s interesting, because it’s, I’m working with that thought, you know, is it can it serve, you know, does it feel right? You know, and in some cultures, that is maybe the right way to look at it, it works, you know. But I don’t know like, do you have you found other kind of theories that are it’s almost like a philosophy of looking at life and death that are really reassuring that you know that most people kind of go it’s okay or is it the fact that they connect with them? That That veil is transparent enough that they know they got that connection? Like, what is it that works in our in our culture, put it that way? t


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Karen Egoff  16:31

Well, for not everybody, because a lot of their dead, they get very, you know, it’s done. I believe their soul does go on and that they’re either needed to help the planet still because they can still hover and do work and help the loved ones around them that they knew in person. Or from a past life if you can go there now, in that way. So, I feel the energies that shift off, which it’s tough when a lot of people go at once. But yes, I believe there is soul contracts. And there’s reasons for everything. Not that I understand them all or like them all. I lost a dear friend from years ago, and he was exact same age as me. We were three weeks apart. Ricky and I still miss him, even though it’s been six years now. But I realize he travels with me. So, he’s still my companion friend, like a best friend. He’s like a companion traveler. He doesn’t need a seat on the airplane. But when I get there, people say who’s that guy with you? That spirit? And I go, Oh, that’s Ricky. Okay. Hi, Ricky. And so, people will acknowledge that I travel with a friend. So, I’m never alone. And I say you take care of me; you make sure everything’s fine. And he does he makes I just have to ask, and he and he does. So, yes. Do people believe that there’s not everybody will believe this. But um, yeah, I can ask the spirit guide to stand behind me and help me during. If I want someone to pick up my name, I’ll say wait. And then the minister will say, All right, I see your native guide. I’ll let him speak. I’ll pick you next. So, I know it’s real, because she didn’t know me. I was randomly picked in an audience because my native guide is tall, and he was waving like crazy. So, when we leave, there’s a lot of purposes, sometimes people will come back, and they’ll come into someone else’s body and embody them. And I know a lady that’s done it and she’s amazing. Sometimes they have to talk the soul into it. But that person says, Hey, I’ve got a light, I gotta carry her through this changing times. So, I believe our purpose is either above or on earth. Or sometimes we walk into a new body or walk in, or some of us are reborn, to experience whatever we need to experience on this planet. It’s tough to lose friends, it’s tough to lose the family that we love. But I do believe that they’re in a good place. They’re doing their next job. It’s just a transition. Because on Earth, we’re not supposed to be all about money. It’s the only planet that’s kind of messed up that way we got too much into, you know, industry and forgot about, you know, taking care of each other. It’s all in harmony. It really is.


Manon Bolliger  19:35

No, I think I think that the place how subtle you are with it also is reassuring to even the clients that come see you, you know they because not everyone’s willing to share their point of view mostly because the hasn’t been decided or they haven’t committed to allowing it you know. Like I’m looking, I always felt that there was a thin veil. And I, when I was very young, like, I could really, I could feel energies around me all the time. And, and I played with them, you know, move this do that, like, show me that you’re there, you know, testing them, you know. And then I went on a period where I am like, I It’s as if it was a blow to my person, an incident that happened, but so deep that I lost all sense of intuition. I, I was broken, completely broken. And then they took me about 10 years to regain this, you know, to trust the intuition to go okay, now, and to know that it’s intuition and not, you know, wishful thinking or, you know, whatever, whatever. All the other invasive species of thoughts.


Karen Egoff  20:56

Yeah, they happen.


Manon Bolliger  20:59

And, yeah, so it’s been an interesting process. And my mom passed away not that long ago. And it’s very interesting. I am, I’ve, I feel her like she’s around always. And her nature was not joking. But she had a funny sense of humor at times. What’s left of our connection is the humor, which was the best part. I mean, the world issues that were more challenging, of which I learned a lot. But you know, it’s very interesting. It’s like, I, I, I can feel that, oh, she’s there, or she’s moved this, you know, and then it’s like, oh, right okay, I wasn’t paying attention to you. And, and so it feels very, very funny. Because a year ago, I would not have expected this. You know, I had no idea that it could be that close. You know, so it’s very, it’s, anyway, I suppose it’s good timing, given what’s going on now. But it’s encouraging, you know, to know that it’s possible. I think that just to know that it’s not completely fictive this whole idea.


Karen Egoff  22:13

No, and there’s, there’s certain areas of the world that people’s spirits are drawn to, to help support. Also, as you know, there’s energies that need to shift. And they can help. There’s a grid above us and a grid on Earth. And I also am a great worker, as I mentioned, with the ley lines, l e y. And, and when I connect the upper and lower, so when things are happening, like right now, like, over in Jerusalem, it’s not a very happy place right now. So instead of just sometimes I’ll be sad, and I’ll cry and then divine will say, hey, let’s do something about this, you know, get the sad out, and let’s move so I have to touch up moving forward. So, then I’ll connect, and I’ll send them all the bodies and people in souls that have gone that day week, whatever’s resistance have been holding, I send them out to the grid, and I say, Here’s your support system. These are the Light Beings who are going to help you through this. And their souls go there. I send them by the 100 Some days.


Manon Bolliger  22:22

Right. Wow. Yeah. Yeah.


Karen Egoff  23:26

It’s true, but it’s weird. If I say it, I go, yeah. But the getting back to grief. So, we all need to grieve because if we’re holding on, we’re going to be stressed and will be just hunched over. So, letting go learning to breathe and open up. I also teach yoga with a chair proper yoga standing, online, because it’s easier. And I teach people just to really open up and then shift out of the shoulders like stretch. Roll out the stress while you’re sitting just for two minutes, and then roll back. And then okay, what do we need to do? And I’ll take people through a course of I was teaching that Good Grief Relief before 2020 happened. And we were teaching people how to go through the process of grieving so that it helps you move forward, not hold you back. Society is not really teaching us the solutions. They’re just saying this is the platter what you have. No, let’s take the platter bit by bit apart. And those are the platter of emotions and let’s deal with them and start new methods of Being Well.


Manon Bolliger  24:38

Yeah, because you can certainly turn grieving into suffering. You know, and that’s…yeah.


Karen Egoff  24:47

Suffering becomes unease and unease becomes dis-ease if it’s in the wrong body, wrong amount of time. We all have underlying negatives, so everybody has like so for me, you know, I’ve certain things that I’ve had to work on. So, let’s just say type a person has stress and they’ve got issues in their, in their circulation. Well, if you take different bad things into your body, that circulation is going to slow down quicker than with someone else. Another person has diabetes, so they gotta watch you know, insulin and what they eat during the day. So, we have to, don’t give more food to the bad thing that’s going on in your body. Let go of emotion and then start proper diet. It really changes it all up.


Manon Bolliger  25:44

So what is the hardest part? For you with a grieving person? Like


Karen Egoff  25:52

The hardest part? Well, A, just admitting that they can feel it somewhere in their body, and just them stopping the rest of the world and saying, Okay, this is your time. Let’s breathe. Let’s really come inside and just say, and then I will feel for what we’re, it’s going on, but I’ll say you tell me because I don’t want to feed you everything. But if you want me to say at all I will. But I want you to pick and they’ll say yeah, I feel this. And I may have already wrote it down and said, that’s exactly what I had. You know, like, wow, that’s, it’s magical to them. And like, Okay, well, I can see that you understand me. And just letting them talk. A lot of people like, oh, no, you’re supposed to be over it. Ah, no, we all have grieving times. And just letting them be real. Yeah, the emotion I am feeling is this and I feel sad. Because I see their face wherever I go all the familiar parks or restaurants. And yeah, listen, listening to them and letting them open up, then it all happens once they trust and believe.


Manon Bolliger  27:03

Right, right. Yeah. And, you know, those stages that are associated to grieving by Elisabeth Kubler Ross. You know, is that something that you have seem to replicate to be your experience true?


Karen Egoff  27:24

The denial, the anger? Yes. In my course, I have pictures of cats and the angry dial this you know, oh, the stages until acceptance happens. They have to get, and I’ll say, get a pill. Get angry at the pill. It’s okay. You’re allowed to get angry? Oh, really? Yes, I’m giving you permission. Right. As a teacher and speaker of 30 years in this field of wellness, I get that we have repressed way too much for way too long. So, permission is number one. Letting go.


Manon Bolliger  28:05

So, Karen, we’re like, almost at the end. It was very spontaneous. But is there anything that you wanted to share that I haven’t asked you or that we may have missed that you feel is important for people to know?


Karen Egoff  28:19

Well, if they go to my site, mysoulbalance. On my latest blog, I have something around box patches or super patches by box. So, it’s my soul bounce dot super If they’ve got grief, and they can’t always see me or in between, you put a patch on for 24 hours. And the amount of energy you receive from this patch. I put the peace patch on when I was totally stressed from so many things happening. I did teach a class of Reiki all day, I put the patch on an hour later, I was so calm, everything was smooth. And it stayed until the next day at 9am. And it really kept going for me. But for 24 hours I was calm. So, for people that need a band aid, you actually put a bandage battery on your arm, and the patch or for sleeping, there’s REM these are things we need tools, and this is a neural non med, no drugs, neuro patch that your body reads from just a patch with a neural imprint. It’s absolutely fantastic. So, I encourage…


Manon Bolliger  28:21

So, the neural imprint is like a allowing for imbalance or it’s done with hormones or it’s what’s how’s it made it?


Karen Egoff  29:41

It’s human performance technology. You can look my site. It is so amazing. I do this super Or sorry. It’s box as well boxes on a drop down on My product area on my main page, and you go to the box site, it does have a bit about Super patch, and then the blog has it too. But where are the neural socks, which has an imprint to gives me no pain in my feet. And I can walk so much further. And I feel great. So, it’s sending us signals to the nervous system like the neurons get, and the brain works.


Manon Bolliger  30:25

I’m going to try that. I have sensitive feet. I may try that.


Karen Egoff  30:31

Yeah, it’s a life changer. I’ve been in sports all my life. And yes, I definitely have hurt my feet too many times. And finally, you get to an age where you’re like, I gotta do something. And in my 50s, I started wearing the socks, and I won’t, I became a distributor. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t believe the patch would work. But you know what, I sat there going, I just felt like someone just gave me a calming medication, but there’s no meds!


Manon Bolliger  30:59

Wow, I mean, I’m a big believer in natural, you know, and that our body is set to heal. And I think we’re also at the verge of rediscovering a whole bunch of things in life that can really help us if we’re open, you know, so. Yeah. Anyway, so Karen, thank you so much for spending the time having this relaxed and open discussion.


Karen Egoff  31:26

I loved it and thank you very much.


ENDING: 41:33

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