Understanding Reiki and Crystals for Healing Mind, Body, and Soul with Viola Murrone

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger, FCAH, RBHT (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks with Viola Murrone about her journey to health through Reiki and which crystals to use daily for optimal health.

Highlights from today’s episode include:

Viola Murrone 

To me what Reiki is, is a way to connect your soul to the universal energy and heal your body through it. And the thing I have seen happening to me and to many of my clients are so beautiful, always.

Viola Murrone 

But so each crystal has a different vibration, a different frequency, according to the frequency you’re trying to achieve, or according to the frequency of specific chakras that you have in your body, you’re going to use some crystals.


– – – – –

Viola Murrone  10:08

Tourmaline can be many colors but that one really grounds you. The black one it’s really good for example to help people with autoimmune diseases. So it really helps because it works on the grounding but it also works on letting go of what no longer serves you


Viola is a health and life coach and crystal reiki master who add the crystal healing power and the reiki healing technique to deep health and life coaching paths.

Affectionately dubbed Virgo Queen because of her endless search of “proves“ and relentless desire to always know more, Viola is certified in Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Tera Mai Reiki as well as Crystal Reiki, Crystal Healing and Drowsing. Viola is also certified in health and life coaching, art that she mixes with the spiritual healing part and she highly believe in holistic methods.

Exposed to reiki for the first time at the age of 9, her battle with chronic illness and life’s hard events brought her back to reiki in 2015, year she was certified for the first time. Through reiki, crystal healing and embracing a healthier lifestyle she learned how to work with her own energy and heal herself.
The healing was so profound that she left her career in the high fashion world and now is a practicing intuitive holistic life, health coach and crystal reiki master.

Core purpose/passion: I like to say that I want to light up the world one woman at a time.

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As a recently De-Registered board-certified naturopathic physician & in practice since 1992, I’ve seen an average of 150 patients per week and have helped people ranging from rural farmers in Nova Scotia to stressed out CEOs in Toronto to tri-athletes here in Vancouver.

My resolve to educate, empower and engage people to take charge of their own health is evident in my best-selling books:  ‘What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask: The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship’ and ‘A Healer in Every Household: Simple Solutions for Stress’.  I also teach BowenFirst™ Therapy through Bowen College and hold transformational workshops to achieve these goals.

So, when I share with you that LISTENING to Your body is a game changer in the healing process, I am speaking from expertise and direct experience”.

Mission: A Healer in Every Household!

For more great information to go to her weekly blog:  http://bowencollege.com/blog

For tips on health & healing go to: https://www.drmanonbolliger.com/tips



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* De-Registered, revoked & retired naturopathic physician after 30 years of practice in healthcare. Now resourceful & resolved to share with you all the tools to take care of your health & vitality!


Introduction  00:00

Welcome to the Healers Café. The number one show for medical practitioners and holistic healers, to have heart to heart conversations about their day to day lives, while sharing their expertise for improving your health and wellness.

Manon Bolliger  00:20

So welcome to the Healers Café. And today I have with me, Viola Murrone. And we’re going to be talking about health and life coaching, which is what she does, and particularly about Crystal Reiki Healing. So I wanted to welcome you to this podcast and why don’t we start with my usual question, how did you get involved in this? What started all this for you?


Viola Murrone  00:52

Okay, well, first of all, thank you very much for having me. It’s a pleasure. And it’s always an honor to have people giving their time to you know, to know a little bit more about me and the subjects I you know, I deal with. And to answer your question, I’m going to try to make the long story short, because it’s a very long story.


Manon Bolliger  01:12



Viola Murrone  01:14

They always. I started let’s say as a child, I will I’ve been raised you know, with, you know, knowing about teas and spices and things like this. And when I was nine years old, my mom already brought me to a Reiki healer, because I’ve been feeling really sick and I got cured. Fast forward to when I was 26 years old. Life kicks in you know, I’m Italian I moved to London I became an adult so I was working and you know, stressing out and everything. And I started having a really intense chronic fatigue and chronic gastritis at least is what they told me that it was chronic. It took me nine years to heal it. I was living in London, I went to doctors there. I went to doctors in Italy. Then I moved to Brazil. I went to doctors there. And suddenly a friend of mine said to me, why don’t you go to my Reiki healer? And I was like, Oh, why didn’t …


I think of it? You know, my mom, she brought me when I was nine. Okay, I’m going.


Manon Bolliger  02:20

Wow. Yeah.


Viola Murrone  02:22

And, and the lady said to me, I’m not meant to heal you. You’re meant to heal yourself. I’m gonna do a course at some point. And I’ll let you know you come to do the course. So I started this course. And in three months, my uncurable chronic gastritis was gone.


Manon Bolliger  02:44



Viola Murrone  02:44

To me was incredible, because nine years that I went to the hospital several times just because of the pain couldn’t bear them. It was just like a new life like having my life back again. I remember, like, someone would ask me how you feeling? And in my head was like, bad. I’m feeling very bad. I don’t have another answer for you. Um, I was working for Chanel at the time. And I had a beautiful job and I love them it’s an amazing brand. I had like, you know, a nice environment that I was working I was happy with. And I had this feeling though that I wanted to leave everything to do what I’m actually doing now. In Brazil, they say one thing that I’ve learned there, they say that you learn through love or through pain. And then suddenly, within nine months, I’ve had a miscarriage. I lost my grandfather. I lost my father very suddenly. And they offered a job in New York to my husband. So I was like you know what, this is a painful and very big wake up call to do what I want. Within these few months crystal start coming up really intensely. I’ve done a crystal, a crystal healing course, a crystal Reiki course like they the crystals and Reiki I think they saved me. They kept me alive. They kept me sane. I had I already had a child and then I got pregnant with my second child when I was moving to New York. And I thought I want a better mom for them and a better world for them. So we moved to New York I said to my husband I’m done. I’m not going back to corporate. I’m gonna try to make…to make it work. What I really want to do so I did a health and life coaching course. Because I wanted a certification here at the end of the day. I’m a Virgo I like Like earthly things. I like to prove things you know, I like we’ve got information, notion and everything which sometimes it’s hard to give when you know you work with crystals and Reiki but not as hard as people think. So I started working and I didn’t want to work with Reiki, I was scared of working with Reiki. So advertising my coaching. And people were coming for the Reiki and I was like, wait, wait, there’s like some miscommunication in between.


Manon Bolliger  05:33



Viola Murrone  05:35

So that’s a bit like shortening shortening up the story.


Manon Bolliger  05:40

So I mean, I would imagine most listeners here know what Reiki is. But could you give your version of what it is and what it does and how it works? And who it helps.


Viola Murrone  05:57

Easy, like the easiest thing is an alternative way of using energy to heal the body through universal energy. It has been created around 100 years ago, not that long, in Japan, and it has a beautiful story. Whoever is interested, they can DM me or you know, check it online. It’s a really nice story. To me what Reiki is, is a way to connect your soul to the universal energy and heal your body through it. And the thing I have seen happening to me and to many of my clients are so beautiful, always. It’s, there’s no you know, when they take the take the medicines, they’re like, there’s the How would you call them in English? You know, something bad can happen to you, you know, you take a painkiller, but side effects, you can have…there’s no side effects, right? That’s the beautiful. Sometimes you can feel like for example, I’ve had one of my clients that she came and she regularly suffered of sinus infection. First time we’ve done Reiki right after she’s had like, probably the worst sinus infection of her life. But I remember her telling me it didn’t feel like her regular sinus infection. It almost felt like a cleaning.


Manon Bolliger  07:26

Well, it sounds like detox. Yeah, I mean, in it at all true healing modalities when the body, you know, it’s an opportunity to cleanse and detox, right. If it’s been stimulated correctly, you know, whereas drugs, you can predict the side effects, right? Plus, they create things you don’t have.


Viola Murrone  07:50

Yes, yes, that’s the thing like you know, besides the fact in the meaning that you don’t create problems that you don’t have you. Whatever you have the way your body does it. Because we all perceive in a different way. Maybe someone has more like irritable bowel, someone sinus infection, lower back pain, you know, we have a different way. And the crystals, they really bring Reiki to the next level.


Manon Bolliger  08:19

So how so like?


Viola Murrone  08:22

Crystals, they work basically crystal, they have a vibration. So it’s all energy. So when people say that is very woowoo. It’s not very woowoo I can talk about energy himself. But so each crystal has a different vibration, a different frequency, according to the frequency you’re trying to achieve, or according to the frequency of specific chakras that you have in your body, you’re going to use some crystals. There are crystals that are more generic. Like for example, if we think of an amethyst, most people know what an amethyst is, is that purpley crystal that we see most of the time. And Amethyst is very, let’s say, versatile, although it really vibrates with higher frequency of the third eye and the higher chakras, so it’s way more spiritual. While if you work with a black Tourmaline, which is a beautiful crystal, whoever is not watching Google it or a finding in a crystal store because it’s gorgeous has these lines, and the energy really goes through these lines as well. It’s more earthy, it’s more grounding. So it’s an energy that keeps you in the here and now together with the energy of the Reiki that really brings your body to a healthy vibration. Your healthy vibration. And it’s it’s incredible. It’s amazing.


Manon Bolliger  10:00

So and that’s what did you call that one the black one?


Viola Murrone  10:05

It is a black Tourmaline.


Manon Bolliger  10:07

Tourmaline, okay.


Viola Murrone  10:08

Tourmaline can be many colors but that one really grounds you. The black one it’s really good for example to help people with autoimmune diseases. So it really helps because it works on the grounding but it also works on letting go of what no longer serves you. Oftentimes when you have autoimmune diseases is because you’ll have all their pains all that I’ve seen that you’ll have an episode with someone talking about all traumas that they cause an amazing an amazing episode by the way. So it does your older pains they bring pain to your body now even if they happen long ago and this is Crystal that can really help release and let go of things that you learn. That said let’s try to move on because even suffering for the sake of suffering, it’s too heavy for any human being.


Manon Bolliger  11:09

Yeah. So you would incorporate so you would put some crystals in the space or the?


Viola Murrone  11:20

It depends I do it in person and because I started doing COVID I’m mostly do from distance tell you about the distance later on let me tell you about the in person first. So if you were in person you would lay down and I would position the crystals on your body according to the chakra so for example on the top of your head if you’re laying down I’m gonna you know put it on the on the bed close to your bed I would put something like rainbow Moonstone or maybe a crystal quartz or a how light you know something that connects with that one and then you know on the third eye you know we talked about Amethyst I could do that and this gazillion of crystals you can pick for any chakra you’ll get 1-2-3 or more crystals per chakra. So you really I have people sometimes that they’re like oh my god, there’s the crystal was really hot or that Crystal was really heavy. So you know when a particularly side of your body really felt it and was really needing it and was taking the energy and funnily enough oftentimes when I finished the Reiki maybe I’d be like, Oh, I was really feeling my hands shaking, I don’t know next to your root chakra. And then they like oh, the crystal that was next to my root chakra felt really hot felt, you know, really energetic or whatever.


Manon Bolliger  12:54

Yeah, I’ve never had a session with gems or stones. I’ve had Reiki but not the combination. You know, but I walked into shops and it’s overwhelming the energy field that’s there. I totally, you know, feel it, but it’s essential. I mean, obviously it makes sense to use it therapeutically. So can you run through what gems are for water or just I don’t know if that’s what you would do or?


Viola Murrone  13:28

It really depends there are some what I would always say is to talk to someone there are some gems that are general like for example I always say to people like to keep a Selenite. I will keep Selenite. Selenite brings light like the Amethyst is a high vibrational crystals so they don’t need maintenance. What does this mean crystals in general because they go from vibration imagine that you’re sitting on a metal bench. And you’re you know you’re tapping a little bit with your hand on the bench and the bench start vibrating. Now someone else sits and it’s you know, a heavier person. So the vibration gonna lower. So you need to start tapping a little bit harder. This is what happened with the crystals the vibration keeps on going but then when you use them sometimes the heaviness of the emotion or you know the lack of working on the chakra can really soak them down. So you want to people say clean them. I really don’t think you need to clean a crystal like it gets dirty. I like to say fine tune them. So when you fine tune them you would put them on Selenite or you would put them on an amethyst because they don’t need this. They are high vibrational crystals. Having said that, I always say that even strong women they want to be pampered every now and then. So when there’s a full moon I put out all my crystals, even my high vibrational ones. I think they deserve it.


Manon Bolliger  15:19

I’ve heard of many of my friends do that.


Viola Murrone  15:23

Do you do Moon water?


Manon Bolliger  15:26

I don’t, no. Not not because of any reason just because I haven’t.


Viola Murrone  15:32

I love doing the moon water I put the water outside when there’s a full moon and the panning on the full moon then I will pick some crystals. And I will put them around the…


Manon Bolliger  15:44

The bowl or like?


Viola Murrone  15:45

Around, yes, around the bowl or the jug, whatever you’ve been using. And then I just leave it there, the whole time.


Manon Bolliger  15:55

Mm. Well, I was given this by one of the guests that I interviewed and it’s all like beautiful stones and inside the white one I don’t know what it’s called. But…


Viola Murrone  16:09

I think its a rainbow moonstone or an opal. I have no glasses and from the videos.


Manon Bolliger  16:16

Yeah, it’s hard to


Viola Murrone  16:18

I would say its a raionbow moonstone.


Manon Bolliger  16:19

I can take it off.


Viola Murrone  16:22

Does it look like this?


Manon Bolliger  16:25

Maybe Yeah.


Viola Murrone  16:27

Yes, absolutely. Its a rainbow moonstone.


Manon Bolliger  16:29

Yeah. And it just like it lights up the entire room.


Viola Murrone  16:36

Absolutely. Because it mimics somehow the energy of the mopn.


Manon Bolliger  16:42

Yeah, I have to find his name. Just to tell him how great it is.


Viola Murrone  16:50

No, no, those crystal they’re really, really helpful.


Manon Bolliger  16:55

I feel very good with it.


Viola Murrone  16:57

Even when you don’t know andthat’s something to be careful with when we buy crystal jewelry.


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Viola Murrone  18:15

Which is something that drives me absolutely insane when I see people wearing on their neck like dark crystals like a black or a dark gray or a red crystal they’re not ideal on how you’re chakra.


Manon Bolliger  18:30

Yeah, I see. Interesting.


Viola Murrone  18:31

Not very good for you on how you checks unless you’re doing shadow work. But in that case you don’t want to do it on your own you’re gonna have a healer or friend that is a healer you know someone that is following you and is helping you and you’re not gonna do that on your own. I am a healer I do these but when I do it for me, I do it with someone else as well. So that’s really important. I go I go crazy. I’m like, Oh my God, I want to talk to this jeweler. Don’t do this.


Manon Bolliger  19:01

Well, I mean Okay, but let’s So explain that because I mean there might be jewelers listening, you know.


Viola Murrone  19:07

Hopefully hopefully Listen to me, send me a message.


Manon Bolliger  19:11

So you were saying with crystals.


Viola Murrone  19:13

With crystal. When you make jewelry or when you buy jewelry, it’s really important to be intentional. Dark crystals like black like dark gray, like red, orange as well. They’re very very beneficial for lower chakras. You want to use them you can use them on a on a bracelet or an anklet.


Manon Bolliger  19:38

What about like Amber which is a protective one?


Viola Murrone  19:43

Amber is different for people. Amber, if you want to be honest, is not really a crystal is a fossilized resin


Manon Bolliger  19:50

Right, true.


Viola Murrone  19:52

And it has different hues so it’s not like a dark orange. It’s a brownish, brownish yellow. And this actually is really good. Both my kids, they wear the little necklace, since they’re babies, like one is four, and the other one is turning eight soon. And I always leave it on their neck still nowadays, it’s for protection. It’s really good. They talk about teething. But really Amber, thank you for bringing it up, because I love Amber. And I love talking about it. It’s really good for bones for pain in your bones in general. So that’s why they talk about the teething. But kids, they have growing pains as well in their bones. So it’s really important and even people that have arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, you know, problem with joints and bones in a necklace or a bracelet with Amber is really good. And it’s great for immune system as well.


Manon Bolliger  20:54

Right, right.


Viola Murrone  20:56

So that Yes. Now, for the other ones, they particularly the black, and dark gray and red, the black and dark gray, they help you with the shadow work. So you don’t want to have them on your chest and on your neck. The red ones sometimes that can make you more aggressive. And so like, for example, when I…one of the first things when my crystal healer master told me when we spoke about crystals, it was like never the red on the heart.


Manon Bolliger  21:27

Interesting, yeah.


Viola Murrone  21:30

Leave it far, ideally from the heart.


Manon Bolliger  21:35

Interesting. Yeah. I mean, it’s not like logical in some way. But it makes some sense. You know, it’s funny, I’ve been when I was traveling in Europe. So two years ago, time was gone into a vacuum for me, but I have a ring that is Ruby. And I’ve been wanting to find a necklace like that. But it’s funny every time I’ve tried one or, you know, I’ve not been, it’s just not felt right. So I didn’t buy one and I wanted to because you know, sometimes when you travel and you go to certain places, you can get much, much better, you know, prices than the markup.


Viola Murrone  22:31

I think probably because you’re very sensitive. When you put it on your chest or on your neck, you realize that there wasn’t the kind of energy you wanted there.  And it’s fine because your hand normally is lowering probably.


Manon Bolliger  22:44

Exactly, yeah.


Viola Murrone  22:45

So its saying hey it a problem. Even I sometimes I say to people that tumbled stone, you can put it in your pocket, not in the bra.


Manon Bolliger  22:53

Right, right. Yeah.


Viola Murrone  22:53

It follows if you have you know, a blue one a pink one, a green one. Yes, that’s on the bra is fine. I stopped putting crystals in my bra because I forget about them. But it’s and what I wanted to tell you also because I just mentioned it and maybe people stay with a curiosity is the distance. Because many people that like how do you do distant Reiki and send the energy you know far. And when I spoke with a friend of mine that was asking me about this, we were in Italy and his mom does Reiki so he’s really used to Reiki but not distant Reiki we were talking about and I was like, oh my God, it sounds like on the telephone. We’re on the phone with someone, you really have to pay attention. Because you have to wait for someone to finish talking before you start talking. You know, you pay more attention both you know on both sides. And it’s like it feels that it because I oftentimes I told him I feel like it works even better from distance. And it was like maybe because people pay more attention. I started so when I’ve done my first course they…actually second level course of Reiki you learn how to do distant Reiki I told you already I’m a Virgo and I really identify myself with that sign. It’s more like it’s distance. I can’t touch it. I can’t prove it. It feels funny. I never did it. When I moved from Brazil to New York. Some of the girls I used to do Reiki on in Brazil. They were like, Oh, we still want it. And I was like you know what? Let’s try it out. We’re friends. I wasn’t charging them anyway, so I was like, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. We’ve tried it’s not going to hurt you anyway.


Manon Bolliger  23:12



Viola Murrone  23:16

So I’ve had a notepad which I have lost in my last move anyway. I had this little notepad and I was writing down the name of the person the day that why they were doing the Reiki the crystals I was using and everything specifically. And I have to say that the, because at the end, I will tell them what I was feeling what I you know, if I saw any colors anything specific and they would tell me about their experience and turn a believer, like they say. So, it’s amazing.


Manon Bolliger  25:18

So, I went through something similar because I, I teach, and I have a college called Bowen College. And it’s a physical therapy. Right. So you know, you actually touch people. And and then same thing, you know, yeah, I moved. And I did two things, I created videos, so people could actually learn to do it for themselves, the basic work that reboots. But I also did it long distance. And I had the same thing. I said, Okay, I’ll wait till I have somebody come into the clinic. And I’ll do it at the same time. And some moves will be, of course, different. You know, and those all visualized, and I’ll spend the time that it feels that way. And, you know, I had no expectations, and, you know, thinking wouldn’t work. But again, to my surprise it did you know, and, and once I needed, there was nobody to help me. And I really needed to have a Bowen therapy session. So one of my colleagues was in California, and I just said, Can we do this, you know, and he goes, Oh, yeah, just lay down. And you know, and it was an it was, like, incredible, I could feel my whole body going through the process. And so I also switched very much my understanding of how energy works, you know, and it’s like, you know, we have these telephones like, how does that work? You know, it’s like, I don’t know, I can’t explain that either.


Viola Murrone  27:00

Actually, I often say similar to what you said, when I say the opposite was like, I can understand how energy works from far I cannot understand how the computer is happening. You know what we’re doing now. This is real magic for me.


Manon Bolliger  27:13

That’s a good angle. Good. So tell me we have like, oh my gosh, we’re actually out of time. We’re so why don’t we just conclude with maybe one like last statement or something you want to share with people and how they can get ahold of you.


Viola Murrone  27:31

Okay, you can get ahold of me on Instagram, at feelandheal.me and I’m gonna give you like my idea. First of all, my idea is to light up the world one woman at a time because I think women once we can take off some of the weight that we have. And we can use our light we can light up the whole neighborhood. And in my business is called Feel and Heal because women we don’t have the time to stop and feel and if we don’t have the time to stop and feel we don’t have the time to heal. And sometimes crystals that can be very useful or coaching or you know, a moment that where you can stop. So if you can reach out to me or any other healer and you know go every now and then have your feel and heal moment go for it. If you cannot take a crystal that can help you do that. And if I can actually I would suggest two. I would suggest one high energy crystal so could be a clear quartz because usually is the easiest is the easiest, no is the most versatile. It’s very versatile. So one of that and and emmatight. So emmatight is very grounding. Sometimes when we stop when we meditate we relaxed we fly away, right? So if we are in a body is because our mission is here in the here and now. So once we’ve had our moment of relaxation of feeling and slowly healing that we have to come back to our body. So you would hold both hands, both hands, sorry, the clear quartz and you can meditate and relax and breathe whatever is the methodology that you like the most. And once you’re done, you put the crystal down and you use your non dominant hand to hold the hematite and your dominant hand to touch the floor. This is gonna help you ground and bring this healing to your body as well not only on your soul.


Manon Bolliger  29:47

So the non dominant hand becomes the grounding hand.


Viola Murrone  29:53

The non dominant hand is the one you receive.


Manon Bolliger  29:57

Ah, okay


Viola Murrone  29:58

So, you put the hematite in the non dominant hand because you’re going to receive the benefits of grounding.


Manon Bolliger  30:05

Of grounding. Okay.


Viola Murrone  30:06

The dominant hand is the one where you give. So you touch the ground and be like, you know like those poles that receive the lightning that’s going to be your lightning poll you know the overcharge of energy out your body.


Manon Bolliger  30:27

Okay, interesting. I’ll have to try them. Okay. I was gonna say viola but it’s actually viola in French for there it is. Okay, so thank you very much. And, and then oh, yeah, and you have a website right? You said.


Viola Murrone  30:47

I have a website as well is www.feelandheal.me.


Manon Bolliger  30:53

Okay. Perfect.


Viola Murrone  30:56

[email protected] I want people to remember that they can heal through feeling.


Manon Bolliger  31:01

Exactly. Okay, well, thanks very much.


Viola Murrone  31:05

Thank you.


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* De-Registered, revoked & retired naturopathic physician, after 30 years of practice in healthcare. Now resourceful & resolved to share with you all the tools to take care of your health & vitality!