Restore Optimal Health with Scalar Energy with Tom Paladino, on The Healers Café with Dr M (Manon Bolliger), ND

In this episode of The Healers Café, Dr. Manon Bolliger ND, talks to Tom Paladino who is a scalar energy researcher who wants to heal the world for the benefit of people.


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Tom Paladino 05:43

I believe that scalar energy actually potentiates any type of homeopathic reagent if you will. Yeah. So, this now will, if you will lift the veil of and will no longer have this mystery that surrounds homeopathy. It really is scalar energy and action. And this, to me, this is so exciting, that we finally can explain the universe. And we finally have a handle on these matters, so to speak, homeopathy really is a function of scalar energy.

Tom Paladino 07:10

In other words, before you have a physical body, you have to have instructions. If science ever considered the fact that there are seven chakras, and it’s my consideration that those chakras are empowered, or instructed by scalar energy, then we have those seven points of instruction in our body. And those seven scalar energy vortices give the body their information that they need.

Tom Paladino

So scalar light is much more than just the intelligence of the universe, it sustains everything. Without scalar light. We wouldn’t have a heartbeat without scalar light we would not have brainwaves. Without scalar light, the universe would be pure chaos in an instant, in an instant. So, I would say that that’s the fundament of the universe, scalar light, that’s the information system of the universe. And I have the ability to control that energy by way of a device

About Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino is a scalar energy researcher based in Florida. Scalar energy is the fundamental life force found everywhere in the world, space, and universe. It originates from the sun and stars. Chi, prana, OM, mana, life force, pyramid energy, or zero-point energy are synonymous terms for scalar energy.

He theorized that all energy in the universe initiates as scalar energy; and that the sun of our solar system and the stars of the universe are the points of origin, “the storehouses,” for scalar energy. He further theorized that scalar energy is instructive energy, as the entire universe is instructed by this Divine Essence. Subsequently, all spiritual, cognitive, emotional, and physical activity in the universe is initiated and maintained by scalar energy instructions. Scalar energy provides order in the universe.

CORE PASSION/PURPOSE:  I want to heal the world for the glory of God and the benefit of people.  There must be meaningful progress to heal mankind of disease.  Scalar Light is the answer for many Spiritual, mental-emotional and physical diseases.  I believe it will be necessary to treat most of the people in the world free of charge with Scalar Light.  Hence, I envision a worldwide, free healing ministry for billions of people.

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Welcome to the Healers Cafe. Conversations of health and healing with Dr. M (Manon Bolliger), ND.

Dr. Manon 00:18

So welcome to the Healers Cafe. And today I have with me, Tom Paladino. And we’re going to have a very interesting discussion on scalar energy, which he’s going to share with you. And he’s theorized that all this energy in the universe initiates as scalar energy, and that it’s what provides order in the universe. And he was inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla, which gave him the pursuit into the scalar light healing. And for over 50 years, he has researched and pursued the goal of duplicating the work of Nikola Tesla. And his vision is a worldwide, free healing ministry for billions of people. So well, welcome to this interview. And I want to ask you what started you first and foremost in this journey.


Tom Paladino 01:28

Thank you for the introduction. Thank you for the invite. You know, as a child, I had a vivid memory and I still have a vivid memory. And maybe we should say that this driving impulse that I had, as a youngster, I’m fulfilling it now. And it’s, it’s a lifelong passion that I have to bring to the world, this alternative energy, this alternative method of power generation scalar energy. It’s zero-point energy. So, it’s been a, if you will, my lifelong passion to do so. And I’m happy to say that it’s been a career that’s been worthwhile.


Dr. Manon 02:13

Hmm. Okay, so why don’t you share a little bit for people who have never heard of, which is still possible, about scalar energy? What was it that drew you what is it that fascinated you? And what do you see that can happen because of it,


Tom Paladino 02:33

There was a great scientist, Nikola Tesla. And Tesla discovered this energy, he called it radiant energy. Again, some people today call it chi or prana, or zero-point energy. And it was fascinating what this man Nikola Tesla could achieve with scalar energy, just incredible the results that he could achieve. And I knew, I knew, as a youngster that what he was doing, held such great promise to mankind. And I would read, and I would devour any literature, I could on this great inventor, Nikola Tesla. And I said, someday I’m going to follow in his footsteps. And today, I believe in some capacity, I’m following in his footsteps. And, again, this is such a technology that’s going to grip the world someday. This is free energy, it’s the energy of the stars. And once the world realizes that we’ll have a new way of living, it’ll be a road filled with …


scalar energy technology, it’s going to change mankind.


Dr. Manon 03:44

So how does one tap into or connect to or give us a little bit more how this works?


Tom Paladino 03:57

Again, this is the initial energy of the universe, the energy of the stars. Now, you can tap into this and it’s easy to do so. Everybody who can think and can express themselves by some type of cognitive thought it’s always been my consideration that a brainwave is a scalar wave. Okay, scalar energy carries information. Well, that’s what a brainwave is it carries information. So, we’re really into this point of metaphysics if you will. It’s a massless energy, but it’s filled with information. So that’s what we’re working with the information or the matrix of the universe. I’ve been fortunate enough to develop instruments that can control scalar energy that can broadcast this information. So, if you don’t have an instrument, that’s okay. Everybody has a mind, and the human mind will control and broadcast scalar energy.


Dr. Manon 04:57

So how would you compare it? For example or explain the differences between. So, like, I’m sure you’ve heard about, like homeopathic medicine, for example. And there, it’s nano, not nano particle, sorry, that’s the wrong subject entirely. It’s tiny doses that are not even, their past Avogadro’s number, right. And they’re so tiny. And yet, when you take a remedy that is your match, in other words, that really like cures then it activates what we call our innate, vital force to heal.


Tom Paladino 05:43

Yes, I believe that the animating force of homeopathy is scalar energy. I believe that scalar energy actually potentiates any type of homeopathic reagent if you will. Yeah. So, this now will, if you will lift the veil of and will no longer have this mystery that surrounds homeopathy. It really is scalar energy and action. And this, to me, this is so exciting, that we finally can explain the universe. And we finally have a handle on these matters, so to speak, homeopathy really is a function of scalar energy.


Dr. Manon 06:26

Okay. Yeah, no, that’s…I had, I was wondering how you would see them linked, but it makes sense to me. And it’s the same with I also teach bodywork called Bowen therapy, which the points are very much on meridian lines, but it works with the fascial matrix, which is, again, you know, communicating right through the body surrounds all our organs and connects, you know, everything together. And sometimes I look at it and I go, okay, well, I know my physiology. I know my anatomy. I’ve done dissection. How, are we getting what we’re getting?


Tom Paladino 07:10

Exactly, no, I don’t mean to in any way to negate the medical arts, but there’s something much more of a fine, that gives that the animating force, which is scalar energy. In other words, before you have a physical body, you have to have instructions. If science ever considered the fact that there are seven chakras, and it’s my consideration that those chakras are empowered, or instructed by scalar energy, then we have those seven points of instruction in our body. And those seven scalar energy vortices give the body their information that they need. So, this really, this now is starting to come full circle, and we now can understand the physiology of the body, right? Sure, there’s something much more subtle to it. It’s that metaphysical concept, it’s that information that gives it its life. I’ve often thought that the circadian rhythm, our heartbeat, what gives us heartbeat? To me in my in my consideration, it has to be scalar instructions. In other words, what is it what’s telling our heart to beat? It has to be some type of information. And the only information that I can think of is scalar information.


Dr. Manon 08:27

So, it’s, it’s really the energy that animates the processes from which then we make deductions, but it’s the source kind of in that sense.


Tom Paladino 08:41

It is the source; it is the source. And hopefully now we’re going to see that we’ll have a marriage of thought here. Well, we’re no longer going to have this. This what I would consider a thinking that is no longer cohesive. What I’m trying to do is show that the cohesive denominator in the universe is scalar energy. Because it all starts with light with energy. So scalar energy is a common denominator we’ve all been looking for.


Dr. Manon 09:12

Yeah, it makes sense. It’s actually I was thinking, not that long ago, it was in January, I did a TEDx talk, where is it, Las Vegas, I’m from Canada. It takes me a moment to figure out where that place with all these casinos and stuff. I did a talk there, where I was talking about the French philosopher Descartes, right, who had made this deal with the government, right, and the church because they wanted to analyze the body and actually look at the parts as if that was going to give more instruction to everything. And, and so they sort of made a deal. Well, the church would get the soul and the spirit, and the medical professionals and the state would get the body to study its parts. And from that time, we’ve sort of further dissected the body into smaller parts, we have specialists for every single body part. And, we have missed the whole. Lost in the parks.


Tom Paladino 10:25

Yeah, exactly.


Dr. Manon 10:27

You know, we have systems. Sure. But what runs the systems, you know? So, no, it’s fascinating. And then there’s okay, again, I’m probably politically incorrect, but that’s okay. So, I mean, I understand spiritual ism, I have more issues with seriously organized religions. Just because I have the same problem with most of these seriously organized groups, whether it’s governments or whether, you know, in the end, it all starts, you think good, but it ends up being really control. And I’m very much for the empowerment of people. And I have seen in my practice over 30 years now, more and more that the connection to and I put it all in one big thing, spiritualism. What is that? And what’s the link for you? Between scalar energy and spiritualism? And is there one and what is it?


Tom Paladino 11:36

There is, I have a belief that there is a creator a god? And I believe God animates the universe through scalar energy? So, you know, if you could think in those terms that there is a creator, and how does he act? How does this creator work? Well, scalar energy is his paintbrush, so to speak. And that’s really to me that’s quite appropriate. And I’ll tell you why. It’s an infinite energy, it’s everywhere. it’s clean, it’s pure, it’s from the stars. It’s an internal energy. What do I mean? It never dies, there’s no entropy. So, if the Creator is going to create an energy, would it not be pure, clean, perpetual energy? Would it not carry instructions? Yeah, that sounds like scalar energy. So regardless of your background if you remember I considered scalar energy chi or prana. Many people in the Asian culture can resonate with that, that’s what it is. Now, if you’re from Western society, maybe you call it zero-point energy or the matrix or maybe you call it scalar energy. But regardless of the term, there is an animating force in the universe it’s not electricity. Those animating forces chi, prana, scalar energy, zero-point energy. And this really drives the universe I’m convinced that scalar energy is the fundament of the universe.


Dr. Manon 13:11

So okay, but how we experience it as people as I mean, especially in healing and so I’m curious how you see this so I tell people well, you’re so beautifully made, you were never deficient of you might be deficient of some nutrients or substrates to make all things go well because our soils are lacking things and there’s lots of poisonous substances in the world now you know, glycol phosphate so many things going on. So yes, we may have to compensate but we are essentially beautifully made. And when we heal, as long as you give the body what it needs, as nutrient base, and remedy it can be acupuncture can be many Bowen therapy, many things that can help it. Your body knows what to do with us because we have innate healing. So that innate ability of the body to self-organize into a healing way that it decides how to do it on its own. It’s not like the practitioner like volunteered to do this. In this order, please. It doesn’t work like that. The body goes, okay. I’m going to deal with this purse that next like it just does it in a certain order and, but it feels like it’s self-animated.


Tom Paladino 14:50

Yes, precisely, precisely. When I work with my scalar energy instruments, I simply let them download or impart them. This energy, this light to people. And by the way, I want to underscore this when I work with people, I work with people remotely by way of a photograph. My instrument, people email me a photograph, and I will actually place a photograph inside the instrument. So, this is how these instruments work by way of photographs. Now, what am I, what do I mean by that? It’s purely an information system. Once you tap into the scalar energy forcefield it’s an information system. And I work with everybody by way of an email photograph, only giving further credence to the notion that this is nonphysical, and in some type of an information field. That is universal.


Dr. Manon 15:50

So that’s interesting. Because when you’re looking at a picture, or this scalar, is it a device or what’s the right word device? Or instruments?


Tom Paladino 16:02

Device, that’s fine. Sure.


Dr. Manon 16:03

Instrument, or what?


Tom Paladino 16:05

Device or instrument. Either works.


Dr. Manon 16:08

The thing that works. So, it picks up the information it needs?


Tom Paladino 16:16



Dr. Manon 16:17

And then the person whose picture it is, starts to experience the changes.


Tom Paladino 16:26

That’s correct. That’s correct. So, this is a force field, this is a forcefield that we can find upon a photograph. And the instrument immediately ascertains a person’s forcefield.


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Tom Paladino 17:45

They’re scalar energy force field. And that’s what to me, that’s what’s so profound. So, there’s no human interpretation on my part. The energy is the animating force. In other words, if this is God’s energy, I’m not going to tell God how to govern the universe.


Dr. Manon 18:07

And then the reason you call, I’m not against God or a God, but I’m just trying to understand how it fits in from within to the idea that there’s still somebody that’s in charge of all of this, like, how did how does that?


Tom Paladino 18:26

I would say, so, there has to be. In other words, if we have a universe, the universe had to be created. Okay? there always has to be a cause before that cause, so to speak, and the first cause has to be God, as far as I’m concerned. So, we have a created universe, from an uncreated God, if you will. So, I look at the universe and I’m saying, what is again, what are the underpinnings of this universe, and its scalar light. Scalar light gives life to everything. Without scalar life, there would not be any order scalar life get its order out of chaos. So scalar light is much more than just the intelligence of the universe, it sustains everything. Without scalar light. We wouldn’t have a heartbeat without scalar light we would not have brainwaves. Without scalar light, the universe would be pure chaos in an instant, in an instant. So, I would say that that’s the fundament of the universe, scalar light, that’s the information system of the universe. And I have the ability to control that energy by way of a device.


Dr. Manon 19:42

And so, what does the device look like?


Tom Paladino 19:47

Their custom-built instruments. If I if I laid that on a table would be about seven feet long and close to 150 pounds in weight and if they are really engineering feats of, if you will.


Dr. Manon 20:02

Wow. Incredible. So, then, and so how does it work? Let’s say if I want it to how do people need a diagnosis or they come with…okay, go ahead.


Tom Paladino 20:15

That’s the beauty of it. And again, I don’t mean to cut you short, I don’t diagnose, the energy diagnosis. Yeah, people will email me a photograph, I only work with email photographs. And I actually placed that photograph inside the instrument. And then the instrument accesses their forcefield, or their information field, and I’m able to break down microbes or balanced the seven chakras with this instrument. I’m able to balance the brainwaves if the instrument is also shown the ability to assemble nutrients. And again, I do all of this. And by way of this forcefield, this information forcefield found on a photograph of a person or an animal. So, this, I know this sounds futuristic, but this is a new science scalar energy is not electrical science. So, we’re now venturing into this new realm of scalar energy research. And it is groundbreaking, it’s quite different.


Dr. Manon 21:15

And so, I mean, this sounds a ridiculous question. Because if somebody asked me, I would say, well, it depends. I’m going to ask you this silly question. So, if a person let’s say they feel they have whatever, a few things going on, and they don’t need to tell you this. And of course, it depends what they have going on. But how quickly, and how do they know things are shifting?


Tom Paladino 21:47

Everybody’s different. And usually, within a week or two people feel different. Usually. The fact that I never meet people, just consider, I work with people by way of their photograph, I rarely meet any of them. So, I have to take their feedback, and I have to accept their feedback. I would say the greater majority of people feel better after I’ve worked with their photograph. But it really relies upon their response and their testimony. And I cannot, I cannot speak for them, obviously, because I’ve never met them. And obviously because there’s no physical interaction. So, it has to I have to rely upon their word-of-mouth testimony.


Dr. Manon 22:31

So, what about you know, because I was sort of nicknamed Dr. Possibility, because many people came in with chronic, incurable diseases, right? And, you know, I’m not going to say, I’ve never seen such a thing I’m not. So, I mean, there are some genetic situations where it seems like, okay, these things, these features don’t change, but many of the ones we call chronic, and irreversible, are not. And not just by the work that many of us can do. But they’re just not. People heal all kinds of ways. And so, if a person had MS or neurological diseases, which, you know, are probably going to be on the increase. Would this be a…have you seen that turnaround?


Tom Paladino 23:38

In some, in some, I can’t give a blanket statement. But yes, in some, I’ve seen some people who come to us in the early stages of Lyme disease or the early stages of say, Alzheimer’s, and we can help them. And one of the reasons is because we can repair the chakras and we can also eliminate the microbes, many of those microbes, once they get to pass the blood brain barrier will cause neurological impairment. So, I cannot I’ve not learned how to regenerate tissue with these instruments. But I can eradicate microbes, viruses, bacteria, fungi from the body. I can balance the chakras and many times that is what’s needed in the early stages of the disease even chronic disease. Now again, to use the extreme some people have such neurological impairment that we see that their brain cells have deteriorated. I cannot regenerate brain cells.


Dr. Manon 24:43

Yeah, so but things that cross the blood brain barrier. I mean, there’s they should still be I still treatable, no?


Tom Paladino 24:54

Yes, they are.


Dr. Manon 24:54

Yeah, okay. Okay. I was going to say good; I would make sense that they…


Tom Paladino 24:59

When I work with this energy, it floods the body so to speak, you’re treated from head to toe. And we’ve actually had some people submit MRI scans in which we could see spiraceats in their brain. After our sessions, there are no spiraceats.


Dr. Manon 25:17

Okay, interesting. Yeah. No, it’s fascinating. I mean, it, it makes intuitive sense to me what you’re saying? Yeah, so I haven’t. Yeah, I have not witnessed this or had any experience with that. I might be interested.


Tom Paladino 25:36

It’s it is groundbreaking to say the least. So, these are custom built instruments. I don’t know of anybody else in the world that’s doing this. So, these are unique instruments. Hence, my approach is unique.


Dr. Manon 25:48

Right. Right. And how long have you been, I’ve been studying it obviously, for years, but how long have you been doing the treatments or seeing…


Tom Paladino 26:01

I’ve been able to develop these instruments and have mastery over them, I would say over the past 25 years, and then my expertise every year increases with this type of energy. So, for the past 25 years, I’ve been using the instruments. And so, I’m very comfortable. Now with using these instruments. I have a track record, so to speak, and it works after 25 years, I think I know what I’m doing. I think I have a good understanding as to what I’m doing.


Dr. Manon 26:31

And do you find that people need to come back often? Or does it set like, again, in the practice I do, yes, there are follow ups. But I do find that once the body kind of knows how to go forward. Like in homeopathy you repeat with relapses. So yes, but at one point, it looks like it just knows what to do and you don’t need to do anything. And same with Bowen therapy.


Tom Paladino 27:02

With some people. That’s true, and especially those who are scrupulous about their diet, and scrupulous about their health, and you’re really prudent and you eat well. And you follow the rubrics of sound health, once so to speak, scalar energy reprograms, you, some people don’t need to come back to me, some people are on that road, that self-directed road. And as long as you don’t deviate from those norms, yes, some people some people can live a life without the need of scalar energy intervention.


Dr. Manon 27:38

Right. And when you say that the roots are the basis of solid I forgotten exactly the word to use, but solid foundations are foodwise. Given how many completely different positionings available for people, what do you see as the foundations?


Tom Paladino 28:02

For nutrition?


Dr. Manon 28:03

Yeah. When you say if people don’t deviate from some good foundations.


Tom Paladino 28:10

I think many people really have to embrace a plant-based diet. I tried to. Please do not ever eat any junk food it to me, it’s so simple. My wife and I are very scrupulous. I think that’s one of the big drawbacks today in society, especially in Western society. You know, we’re surrounded by fast food and convenient food, don’t eat that. It’s a temptation. It’s junk, it’s not going to do any good for your body. Every meal, every time you put something in your mouth. It has to be filled with nutrition; it has to be a nutrient rich food. That’s the key. That’s the key. I’m not saying that you have to go to a distant land to find an exotic herb. No, no. But sound health starts with food. You have to eat natural foods. And in Western society, you cannot eat junk food, plain and simple.


Dr. Manon 29:10

Yeah, that’s kind of the basis I tell my patients too because the rest is like, what can they absorb? And that’s all things that could be worked through. But there’s such a high level of allergies now. And it’s getting worse and worse. And are you seeing something that explains that, but you can pick up through the work?


Tom Paladino 29:36

From my work I think a lot of that has to do with genetically modified food. A lot of that has to do with the pollution that we experience. And there is there is evidence that is now forthcoming that sometimes when people are over vaccinated, that that can produce allergic reactions. So, it’s our environment, you know, we will live in a polluted environment. And thank God, I don’t have any allergic reaction. To me, what is an allergy? It’s the body that that has misinterpreted some type of information or it’s a poison in the body that the body is trying to get rid of. In other words, why is it? Why is it that some people are allergic to certain foods? I’m not allergic to anything. So, to me, that’s misinformation. If you’re allergic to a certain type of food, that to me that your body should not have such an adverse, or perhaps an autoimmune response. So, some allergies are miscommunication, or it’s an informational disease. It’s an informational disease. And in some cases, I’ve been with scalar energy with my proper information, been able to reverse food allergies, food allergies, because I simply reload or reprogram the body and the body says, well, no, I’m not allergic to that food, that food is not considered to be harmful. Though, in some cases, an allergy is a misinterpretation. It’s the faulty information. And a chakra balancing with scalar energy can change that faulty information.


Dr. Manon 31:26

Yeah, yeah, I guess I’ve been seeing it more like your cup is full. And so, if you’re adding things that aren’t, you know, like you say, like fast foods, if you have anything that puts you off, or oils, you know, that are vegetable oils, that this kind of stuff that can cause so many havocs, or sugars or things like that, your cup is full, so then you’re going to be more reactive to more things. And if you sort of go back to basics and clean things, many things seem to go back in alignment, you know, so yeah, very interesting. Well, any last things you would like? I mean, our times already up, I can’t believe it.


Tom Paladino 32:13

I admire your career, and I admire your, your discipline. And I thank you for teaching people, these principles of health. You know, you go back to nature, you go back to the basics, and many people will be healthy. And that’s, I’ve always been an advocate that nutrition is so important. So, I thank you for what you’re doing. And we need more people like you, Dr. To hold up that standard, so good for you.


Dr. Manon 32:45

While it’s being corroded. I’ve got to say, at this point, it’s, especially in the last couple of years with what’s been going on here. There’s immense pressure as well on all healthcare practitioners and doctors, and the word prevention is just not part of the options we have for people. And we’re extremely stifled right now. So, like all other professionals, so we have a big gag order. So, we can’t say basic things that really could help people. You know, that’s the, it’s the truth. So yeah, I’m definitely hoping that our boards and our associations find the vocation of becoming a naturopathic physician worth preserving, because I agree with you. I think the roots and the foundation of an integral medicine that looks at food, yes, but also everything else about a person, their beliefs, their thoughts, their economic status, their social status, everything. All of this is part of us, you know, and I think it’s really important to look at the world that way. So, thank you.


Dr. Manon 34:05

All right. Well, thank you for joining me.


Tom Paladino 34:08

Thank you.


Dr Manon  31:28

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