How to How to Heal with the Power of Scalar Energy with Tom Paladino on The Healers Café with Manon Bolliger

In this episode of The Healers Café, Manon Bolliger (facilitator and retired naturopath with 30+ years of practice) speaks with Tom Paladino who is a Holistic Medical Expert, Scientist, Inventor & Humanitarian.



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Tom Paladino 05:00

It powers the universe. It’s the energy that we know that for defined it, it’s the energy of the sun and the stars. Ever look at a photograph of the Milky Way Galaxy, and look at those stars, billions upon billions of stars. What provides the power? It’s divine power. That’s what I’m speaking of the power of the star, the energy of the star, why is that important? If we can tap into Star Power, will have free energy, we will no longer have an energy crisis

Tom Paladino

Now, the key is, it’s free, it will never be in short order. It’s an unlimited supply of energy. And this, to be quite frank, this is why it’s really been stifled and why my discoveries have not been promulgated. Because the powers that be realized that I have a free energy instrument, energy like a satellite to anybody in the world or any, any animal and provide quantum healing. This, this breaks the medical model, this is a new model in the making.

Tom Paladino 14:28

I work just with the energy field and the person because what I understand a photograph of a person is their bio located version. So instead of having people come to my lab instrument, their photograph is their body double, or their mind double or their soul double. This is what I’ve discovered a photograph carries the identical information as a biological person. 


Tom Paladino is a scalar energy researcher based in Florida. Scalar energy is the fundamental life force found everywhere in the world, space and universe. It originates from the sun and stars. Chi, prana, OM, mana, life force, pyramid energy or zero-point energy are synonymous terms for scalar energy.
Tom theorized that all energy in the universe initiates as scalar energy; and that the sun of our solar system and the stars of the universe are the points of origin, “the storehouses,” for scalar energy. He further theorized that scalar energy is instructive energy, as the entire universe is instructed by this Divine Essence. Subsequently, all spiritual, cognitive, emotional and physical action in the universe is initiated and maintained by scalar energy instructions. Scalar energy provides order in the universe.

Core purpose/passion: Tom is passionate about healing/helping humanity.

Tom Paladino is on a personal mission to make a difference in the world by providing people with the education and tools to restore optimal health & enhance their quality of life. Scalar Energy or Scalar Light; works with the Quantum Field;the consciousness of the Universe; to activate the body’;s own innate healing ability.

Tom’s technology works through a person’s photograph and has the power to break down the molecular bonds of over 400,000 pathogens, bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and much more in the body. He has programs for anti-aging, hormones & nutrition & to name a few, and Scalar Energy also helps with balancing chakras, removing toxins, deepening spirituality, improving cognitive function & overall wellbeing. Scalar Energy also works for pets, animals & plants.


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Manon Bolliger 00:39

So hello, and welcome to the Healers Cafe. And today I have with me Tom Paladino. He’s a scalar energy researcher based in Florida. And scalar energy is the fundamental life force found everywhere in the world universe. It originates from the sun and the stars. Whether you call it chi, prana, or mana, lifeforce, pyramid energy, or zero point energy are synonymous terms for scalar energy. And rather than continuing to read a little bit more about your bio, I really invite you, first of all, welcome you to this conversation. And I invite you to continue sharing a little bit of about this and actually, before you start, I’m sorry, I’d like you to tell me what started you on this journey.


Tom Paladino 01:41

I was intrigued by Nikola Tesla. The great scientists Nikola Tesla. When I was a youngster, I was reading about Tesla who knew that he had a better way. Technology serves us. Technologies our servant. And Tesla was responsible for bringing us the electrical niche. And he’s going to be known as the forefather mentally of scalar energy bringing us to the scalar age, which is a better…a superior type of energy was tested.


Manon Bolliger 02:18

Okay, has been attempted, but by the people who have tried to put this forward ended up with sort of a rough history or rough ending. So, what excites you or brings you as a person wanting to put this forward?


Tom Paladino 02:41

You’re right, this is a spiritual battle. If you can see over my shoulder God is always watching over me. So, I have the support supernatural help and that’s why this is going to …


succeed this time. I realized that this the technology like this technology will change the world, but it is also a threat I’m not naive, it’s a threat to the powers that be. So, I rely upon the aid and the protection of Jesus and Mary, and this will have its day embrace this divine energy.


Manon Bolliger 03:20

Okay, so was it just your nature that of curiosity and research and or was there you know, people you were trying to help or heal or yourself or what came through I always find that this tends to be something personal that really moves people and that’s why they’re not going to stop.


Tom Paladino 03:46

And hard on the humanitarian and hard…I’m very altruistic, I believe that the world is a good place. And I believe that we can make this world a better place. And I, I really resonate with Tessa, a great mind, but a great humanitarian. Many times, you don’t find that. That was the perfect combination is really in my, in my estimation, one of the greatest scientists of all time. So, what’s the point of science? It’s two alphas. It’s not…it’s not meant to in any way to intimidate. It’s not meant to give anybody a competitive edge. The point of science discovery is to promote mankind to promote humanity. That’s what I want to do. That’s my intention. I’m gonna keep at that in mind, I will succeed because I will avoid the pitfalls of money, power, persuasion, political intrigue. I want nothing to do with that.


Manon Bolliger 04:54

So, tell us a little bit more what scalar energy is, how does it work? Anything you can educate us on.


Tom Paladino 05:00

It powers the universe. It’s the energy that we know that for defined it, it’s the energy of the sun and the stars. Ever look at a photograph of the Milky Way Galaxy, and look at those stars, billions upon billions of stars. What provides the power? It’s divine power. That’s what I’m speaking of the power of the star, the energy of the star, why is that important? If we can tap into Star Power, will have free energy, we will no longer have an energy crisis. So, this is something that I wanted to introduce to mankind a new way of living with free energy.


Manon Bolliger 05:50

Okay, so, so well. I mean, there’s other energies that are potentially I say, potentially, because sometimes creating and like the windmills, you know, cast environment, tons of problems. Plus, there’s so many, you know, it sounds like you rob from Peter to pay Paul. And I don’t I don’t English is my second language. But metaphors always get jumbled. And then there’s solar energy, which sounds like we’re, you know, we’re getting there. So. So, how does this get? How does this work? Like, can you simplify into it? How, how do you see that people can…I mean, outside of politics, and all of them fighting and the clear reason why it hasn’t been available to us because there’s much money to be had, by, you know, by continuing to use systems that are either broken or actually impacting the Earth negatively, right?


Tom Paladino 07:02

What am I getting at Scalar energy is the energy of the stars and Tesla learn how to tap into to harness this star power. In other words, there is no power plant. The power plant is the stars, all you have to do is capture the power in the stars. And that’s what I’m doing in my laboratory. On a miniature scale, I have a small miniature stock. What do I mean by that I can send integral my instrument works like a satellite. And I can deliver this free energy easily without a grid system. So, I have a free energy system that sends free quantum healing to people anywhere in the world. Now, the key is, it’s free, it will never be in short order. It’s an unlimited supply of energy. And this, to be quite frank, this is why it’s really been stifled and why my discoveries have not been promulgated. Because the powers that be realized that I have a free energy instrument, energy like a satellite to anybody in the world or any, any animal and provide quantum healing. This, this breaks the medical model, this is a new model in the making.


Manon Bolliger 08:22

So, a that, well, we will win. There is no other way. But once we win, how, how does that all happen? How do people…I mean, there’s, there’s lots of healing necessary and needed in this world for sure. And there’s lots of I mean, are the group of people who listen to this or are part of the I don’t call it I call it healers cafe, but every healer knows that they’re just conduits they’re not. It’s always us individually doing our own healing. So just to be clear that we’re on the same page. But so how does this get shared or, propagated or distributed? Or how does that what’s your vision


Tom Paladino 09:16

To let the audience in on it we work with people with a scalar energy instrument, biota, persons forcefield, their quantum field on a photograph in other words, I could work with one photograph a day, or I could work with hundreds of photographs per day. So, in order to scale this up, you don’t need factories, you don’t need offices, people email me photographs. Now today, my laboratory, I work with people around the world today in my laboratory, I work with half a million photographs. Happily, because I’m working with non-government organizations Christian organization, school organizations, I work with half a million photographs today. So, what is my coin? I don’t need a factory. I don’t need a grid system. I don’t need somebody to rubber stamp this enterprise. I can deliver scanner energy anywhere in the world to a quantum field by way of email photographed by way of a person’s photograph. So, it is scalable. And it’s it is a reality today. We’re, we’re living the dream, so to speak. How do we increase awareness? Well, thank you, doctor for what you’re doing. It’s by speaking about it. And thank you for this this opportunity. This is how we get this message out or by some type of email blast. To be quite frank, the media giants do not help me they ignore me. And I think we realize why because they’re part of the Cabal. So, it’s a grassroots movement, nothing can impede a photograph, I place a photograph of a person inside the instrument, the instrument works like a satellite will pick up the signal of a person, just like the signal or the cell phone, and I can deliver a signal to a cell phone or photograph. They’re both analogous operation. So, my photograph represents the signal, skin energy signal. And I can send a signal to anybody in the world by whatever photograph.


Manon Bolliger 09:54

Wow. Okay, so I’m just going to address some of the people who might be listening and start by, you know, saying, like, how much do we really understand about a cell phone? Because, you know, we take it for granted that we have a cell phone and we can connect, you know, across the globe. And yeah, and if you ask a person, how does a cell phone actually work? I would probably say, 90%, wouldn’t know how to answer this. So, I’m just going to contextualize what you’re saying, which sounds like, well, we’re using that technology, because, again, technology in and of itself is not a problem. It’s whose hands is it in. And we have learned so many great things, and are capable of all this international communication, which has also brought good things as well as it has brought in, you know, globalism, but find that it’s, it’s yet one more stretch to see that it’s a picture that is receiving and giving information. So could you expand, you know, and people have been hearing about homeopathy which they loot nothingness that changes. So, I’m not really talking to those who are not open that mean, everyone here at least must be somewhat skeptical and open. But I love skeptics myself. So, tell us more.


Tom Paladino 13:13

Sure. Well, what I’m doing is essence energetic, homeopathy. Now, with homeopathy, you, you have a tension, you have some type of solution reagent, and you have the identical or the, if you will, something analogous to a disease pattern. I want you to consider that statement. In light of the fact when I work with a person’s photograph, if I wanted to eradicate say the herpes virus, I would take a photograph of the herpes virus. This is a magnified photograph the herpes virus, and I would place it in the vicinity of my photograph. So, there’s an energetic sharing of information with the herpes virus and the person. Now by way of analogy, you could have a reagent that would ship with it biological person. Well, I don’t work with people I work with forcefield. So, the forcefield of herpes interacts with the forcefield of my photograph. And by working with the identical problem, or the identical, pathogenic injured herpes, I can identify the herpes virus and then eradicate it in my forcefield. So, in many ways, this is analogous somewhat similar to homeopathy.


Manon Bolliger 14:27

Okay, let me question you this way. So, with homeopathy. We don’t treat disease per se. Because the foundation or belief is that not that it comes from the outside but it’s the internal terrain or the disequilibrium that allows whether you call it leaky gut and monitor number whatever. The point is that we manifest at, and some sort of disequilibrium and our symptoms are, are very individualized. So, in other words, let’s say five people get the flu, from a homeopathic perspective, you’re going to have five different manifestations of the so called flu, because it’ll depart your biology, your mental state, your all of those things, right? Your predispositions. So do you actually need to visualize an external thing for this to work, or you can just work with the energy field of the person


Tom Paladino 14:28

I work just with the energy field and the person because what I understand a photograph of a person is their bio located version. So instead of having people come to my lab instrument, their photograph is their body double, or their mind double or their soul double. This is what I’ve discovered a photograph carries the identical information as a biological person. I never worked with bilott I never worked with living organisms, I only work with photographs that carry that capture the same essence the same signals as a biological specimen.


Manon Bolliger 16:22

Okay, that that makes. Yeah, that’s it, the next leap sort of in science, because I, I believe that that is closer to the truth of what systems like homeopathy understand, as opposed to, you know, playing the anti-war, you know, anti-depressant and anti-anxiolytic. And, you know, whatever, like the allopathic model, which is all about identifying and then suppressing the expression, and not about actually the person and rebuilding and manifesting the best energy for healing within ourselves, right. So, when you’re using scalar energy, does it work with the principle or the law of nature of self-directed? In other words, the body just knows what to do. So, I want you to do this.


Tom Paladino 17:25

Yes. Why do I say that and sonically, its energy is fundamental. So, energy light, is self-directed. And it can never make a mistake. We’re working with a fundamental force and nature of light energy. Light never makes mistakes. And when I’m working with scalar energy, it does have some inbuilt capacity to heal. Far beyond human reason, I firmly believe scalar energy is divine energy. It’s not a flow of electrons. It’s the it’s the essence it’s the consciousness of the universe.


Manon Bolliger 18:02

Okay, so not then. Are you are you saying like, it’s, it’s like Photon energy? Okay. Very good. Yeah. Okay. Okay, that that makes more sense even okay. Let me think. Okay. Well, I know eventually, I won’t be on YouTube. So, I’m not too worried anymore. I have now a Rumble channel. So, I’m okay, asking questions, just let’s be aware of the censorship going on. So, I’m, I might spell a few words and things like that. But it’s funny for I’ve been, though I had my license pulled for freedom of speech and things like this. But how do I put this properly? I mean, there’s been so many people that have been injured by, you know, this therapeutics, third stage experiment that we’re in which is finishing soon, I think at the end of January and etc., we’re will get the final results. And thank God to the whatever Supreme Court that allows us to get the results, you know, in time, not in 75 years of what’s happening. But is this you know, I’ve self not that I’m currently practicing, because I can’t at this moment. But does the body…is it capable of healing things that even infringe on our DNA by reverse transcriptase? Because my question was as you know when they said It only goes in the deltoid, which is a ridiculous concept anyway, you know, and we’ve seen the back and forth, you know, almost every statements been negated at some point a little later and, and everything that these conspiracy theorists said, is just basically six months later the truth. So, I am curious, and this is something I’m not quite getting intellectually…can this energy know that these…


Tom Paladino 18:08

No, it’s not. It’s pure essence. Adjuvants?


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Manon Bolliger 21:17

Adjuvants and the self-replicating spike


Tom Paladino 21:30

Yes, because it’s God’s energy. It’s God’s intelligence and what I’ve, what I’ve started to do, if I, if I can take a photograph and identify a virus, or herpes virus, I’ve now taken photographs of the spike protein, I’ve now taken photographs of graphene oxide. And now I’m addressing those attributes. And I agree with you, I concur. This, this vaccination program was experimental. There was no track record. There’s no track record. It’s a new virus with a new vaccine, there is no history, it’s a new concept. So, anybody who would offer the statement that it’s proven, it’s false. It’s an it’s a brand new product without any track record without any history. So now I’m starting to look at the adjuvants used in various vaccines as being harmful chemicals, contaminants and we’re gonna have to treat them out. Yes


Manon Bolliger 21:32

And that it really doesn’t belong in our body. Okay, and so, but the principle of it using scaler. Basically, it knows, it knows it doesn’t belong just the same way it would know that a parasite, like that one should have would also be unwelcome.


Tom Paladino 23:01

I’ll give you a for instance, my predecessor, a man by the name of Hieronymus was working on farm fields, we had scalar energy instruments and the instruments would automatically break down pesticides and herbicides used in farm fields, he did not have to program. The sun energy would automatically disassemble, eradicate the molecular stripped chemicals, pesticides. Now, if that’s the case, for farm field, it’s going to be the case for a person or name.


Manon Bolliger 23:29

Yeah, and glyco phosphates and all of it


Tom Paladino 23:32

Right. Precisely.


Manon Bolliger 23:35

Hmm. Okay. Wow, this is very exciting. So, do you have of the many people that half a million people you’re treating or treating but facilitating this study? Or have you got before and afters. Do you have…


Tom Paladino 23:57



Manon Bolliger 23:57

So, there’s an unquestioning possibility that people can heal from all of this


Tom Paladino 24:01

Correct, correct. For instance, my website has 1000s of testimonies. Some people claim that they had herpes after my PSA or have test results. Before and after test was before they were confirmed have a herpes virus after the skin energy session. There’s no viral load. It’s gone, it’s disappeared. Herpes is undetectable. And this is not once or twice. This is hundreds of times with people around the world that really, I would say a cross section a true cross section of humanity. So, I’m not in any way isolating one particular group or one particular illness. It’s we’re on to something gigantic. I will claim that skin energy can break down. If you can photograph micro, you can destroy it. If you can photograph a German microbe scale mg will break down molecular bonds


Manon Bolliger 25:06

Now what about inciting repair? So if you look at the, I guess, somewhat recently, the recent statistics of the UK where those who got boosted once and even worse, those boosted twice, have a significantly diminished immune system at this point, which means not only are they more apt to catch a COR virus, but that they also they don’t have their defenses, which is why we are seeing 1000 folds increases in cancers of all types. We’re seeing vaccine induced AIDS. And I’m sure they’re starting to talk about small, not smallpox, whatever, the monkey pox, whatever they’re all impacts of the actual injury impact of these therapies, it’s hard to call them therapeutic agents, even though it all started with trying to get out a cancer curing thing, and then putting it publicly testing it. Because they wouldn’t never people would never accept to do that, you know, as a first off, if they knew that this was what it was. But anyway, side point, but so can you see the reversing of this lack of immunity? Because I’ve been looking at, you know, research saying that it’s still 18 months later, it’s still in use, some people have absolutely no symptoms. So, they think they’re fine. They’re done. You know, I don’t know. I mean, there’s so many different mechanisms of injury, but the one that really troubling immune function loss.


Tom Paladino 27:15

It’s too early to tell, I claim that I can break down any age any infectious agent or chemical. I do not claim that I can restore tissue. I can’t I don’t know how to do that. I think it’s possible. I do concur with you, and I know this from an even a position of mysticism. I know a number of mystics and all of those mystics have been told by God that there will be long standing complications because of the vaccination program. People do not realize how harmful how contaminated some of these adjuvants are, how some of these vaccines are just filled with a harmful adjuvants.


Manon Bolliger 28:01

Ya for sure, I feel more like those can be taken care of, right? If they can be identified. And the graphene oxide or no, it’s not graphene oxide, what is the hydrogel? Yeah, hydrogen? No, but it’s graphene, hydro oxide, I think it is the guy in Germany, which was suddenly found his death after he shared that information. I forget what it was what he said it was actually, but it’s basically can be made significantly worse and alive and affect the oxygen molecules between cells with 5g. Is that something that you have?


Tom Paladino 28:02

And I’ve heard that and that is valid, that 5g has served to further impair our system if 5g is going to be harmful enough, but it seems to interface with the vaccination program and to cause further damage. So, the evidence is mounting. And it’s against 5g use in administration. And I think we’re going to see how it’s a perfect storm with the new 5g infrastructure with our vaccines. We will see a weakened immune system because of those two working in tandem.


Manon Bolliger 29:46

And what I have because I’ve just started looking into that a little bit more, but it looks like it interferes with the oxygen, literally the oxygen molecules. Oh, and that seems to be the mechanism so by making it the oxygen molecules not functioning as they would doing what they normally do through our lungs and our heart and, you know, doing what they’re supposed to do. It causes C O V I D type symptoms, that unless people are starting to put two and two together, that the claim is that this was also what happened in in Hunan. That it…that they turned on the 5g in massive amounts. And that’s why people suddenly dropped, it wasn’t because of so called SARS Cove 2 it was actually the five G elements, then, you know, so I’m trying to follow, and this is not my strength of or have knowledge. But again, I’m interested in overall mechanism and how things work. So, if, and I’m definitely starting to suspect 5g as being part of this whole picture.


Tom Paladino 31:12

Yes, it is.


Manon Bolliger 31:14

Yeah, so how scaler or does scaler? Or is there any protection on that level.


Tom Paladino 31:24

I will say this, after experiencing two years of a pandemic, I will say that my family was very healthy while on scalar. I live in the state of Florida, I never had to worry about catching COVID and if I did, I work out on a daily basis, and I can eradicate. So, from my point for myself. I never been sick. And I didn’t take extraordinary measures during the pandemic. I live in Florida, we are really not asked to mask up and wash your hands. I’m building so I’m not saying I was Cavalier, but my family and friends, we were not laid up in the hospital. Secondly, I do claim that I can look at any photograph of any COVID-19 and understand its structure and disassemble the quantum field of any virus, including COVID-19. Now, where does this leave us now that we’re out of this pandemic, but the real damage, once again will be attributed to these contaminated vaccines. And only time will tell how, to what extent the road is contaminated.


Manon Bolliger 32:50

But what about specifically the 5g? Because I’ve been watching in certain countries in Africa, South America where they’ve been tearing down these towers, because they seem to be aware that there’s some like you’re saying there’s definitely a link does scalar energy does it have a role to play in the protection or in the dealing with this other energy?


Tom Paladino 33:22

5g is an assault to our biological system. I cannot offset a 5g tower in an industrial park or in in some town, but I can realign our brain chakras in some way that it’s not a direct blocking of 5g on the tower. But it’s an it’s a recalibration of our brainwaves. And our seven chakras I do claim, and I’ve seen that with many people, myself included, that my daily chakra balancing does help people now. Can I make that claim about 5g yet? No, because 5g is so new. And I just I don’t have the track record. I will freely express what I’ve accomplished. But if something is still theoretical, I’m gonna make it clear. It’s theoretical.


Manon Bolliger 34:15

Absolutely. No, I’m stretching you in every direction possible.


Tom Paladino 34:19

Which is fine. Which is fine, but I predict 5g is going to cause many problems. There’s just too much radiation. I’m not I’ve never been a fan of electromagnetic energy. I’m a fan of skin and the skin energy does not adversely affect our biology.


Manon Bolliger 34:41

Yeah. But the thing is if the forces of good can get this out fast enough that that people see it, would there be a an alternative called 5g energy with you know, which can be like I mean, I’m shocked at how people just go well, great, I’ll have faster Wi Fi, like no consideration about the impact on their health, you know, and, you know, and we’ve seen that even with hydro lines, you know, in, I forget, where there was Peru or they had studies on, you know, if you’re very close and under certain, don’t get me telling you that a clear increase in cancer for young children. Right. And, you know, and research is coming out. I mean, it’s such a difficult world, because even research now is so clearly corrupted, you know, the journals and all that they’re not, it’s not like the place of truth or something.


Tom Paladino 35:51

You’re right, there’s just too many, too many bribes. So, this is my take on 5g. The mounting evidence is that it is harmful and will continue to show itself to produce a myriad of health issues. I cannot offset a 5g tower, but with my scalar engagement, I can rebalance the brainwaves in the chakras. And in some way, that’s going to be a palliative measure.


Manon Bolliger 36:18

Yeah, okay. But that’s good, because then we know who who’s going to be able to a big picture person, I just need to see how we’re going to see it because I’m really a manifester, and a visualizer. And I, I see a beautiful world, and when I see incredible things coming into life. And, scalar is one of them. I mean, it has to be, you know, so anyway, our time is almost at the end. And I wanted you to also let people know you’re offer for people, and I just want to let everyone know that your bio, your full bio, your website, all the details will be listed. And I just want to thank you so much for giving us your time


Tom Paladino 37:05

Well thank you for being so bold and speaking out on behalf of the people I know that’s proven to be a very difficult situation for you. But in the long run, you’ll be considered one of the heroes that stood up for the truth and stood up for the truth. You know, we have to speak our mind. And the truth must be spoken. And I feel sorry for humanity once again. There were many lies during this pandemic. Some of those lies came from government and big business. And, I don’t and the people were not properly represented. I stand by that statement. 100%. So, let’s, let’s end this on a positive note. I offer 15 days of free session, anybody in the world you’re going to email us your photograph, perhaps your kids, your pet if you want 15 days of free session in which we will balance your chakras, we will deliver nutrients and eradicate microbes. The website is Keep in mind this is an energetic process. You don’t work with people we work with your force field on the photograph.


Manon Bolliger 38:16

Great, well thank you for that super generous offer. And yeah, I look forward to following up with you. Maybe in a year from now to see what has happened and will definitely stay in touch.


ENDING: 41:33

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